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VOLUME LIV.-No. 46. 
Prlee, 10 Cant*. 




Wi55 CKppcr'5 


STlfiE FOLK and Some tjincs OTHERS 


Marie Booth Riisaell, who, aa leading 
woman for Robert Mantell, adds Immensely 
to the success of the atar, contributed, a few 
days ago, two Stetson anecdotes to the al- 
ready large collection concerning this the- 
atrical manager's unique personality. 

Stetson'* well known ambition was always 
lo hnve bis productions the best, the biggest, 
no matter what ll cost. If rivals came out 
with something a little ahead of what he 
was doing. It didn't take him long to get out 
something else quite beyond their attempts. 

The productions ut tbe rival theatre, op- 
posite the Globe, were a continual spur to 
Stetson's ambition. During a certain holiday 
season which Alias Russell recalls, tbe pro- 
duction was to be made on a most magnifi- 
cent acale, so as to outshine the production 
of the »ame character across the street 
Transformation *Dd other gorgeous acenes 
to the number of sixteen were ordered, and 
Stcteon'B scenic artist was glren fall awing, 
with bo curtailing of expense to hamper bis 

The time came for a rehearsal of this 
part of tbe production, and Stetson, with 
the whole company and a coterie of crltlca, 
sat out feont, as tbe wonderful pieces of 
stage mechanism and scenery were set up, 
shifted and struck. Aa the last piece of 
spectacular handiwork was disposed of, the 
artist, who had been given oartt blanche for 
lis construction, advanced from the wings 
towards the front of the stage. 

"How Is It?" he said, addreislng the big 
manager, who si.111 sat In contemplative 

"It's all right as far as It goes," said 

"As far as It goes !" repeated tbe disap- 
pointed artist, who had expected unstinted 
praise for his work.- "How much further 
could I go?" 

"There ain't no snow scene !" replied the 
. "tiuoio scene I'" gasped the artist, "of 
course not. All the scenes of this production 
lay In tbe tropic*, and had to be tropical in 
character, of course." 

"Oh, -!" exclaimed Stetson, "what's 

the use of a spectacular production without 
n h big snow scene — Icebergs, Polar bean. 
Icicles, ships being wrecked on the Icebergs, 
and all that." 

"But tola la a trap " began the 

scenery builder. 

"Look here, yuung man," Interrupted tbe 
manager, "you've got Just three days before 
tbe opening to tlx things up. I know what 

1 want, and I'm the one that pays for what 
lie wants. You Just gut to work and build 
tbe handsomest tropical snow scene ever 
shown on any stage !" 


MUs Russell's second Stetson story re- 
called the time when the literary preBs agent 
{at this period omnipresent) first cams to 
he known. ' This special form of theatrical 
advertising was employed by few at that 
time, and being the latest and most proper 
thing. Manager Stetson, of course, added U 
to his regime of theatrical tactics. 

To clever Lewis Sharp was entrusted this 
position, and at that time bright adver- 
tising and the name Sharp were synonymous 
terms. ' Sharp's clever pen work was evi- 
denced everywhere, and sometimes his name 
appeared somewhat to overshadow that of 
the Globe's proprietor. Tbe letter's notice 
of the fact wus shown by an amusing In- 

On matinee days the sldewulk In front of 
tbe thentre was adorned by a big while and 
gold, two aided, standing Blgn, bearing the 
notice, "Usual Mntlnce. 2.1IS o'clock." Dur- 
ing the production of an unusually long 
play It was thought best to begin the matinee 
earlier, and so thnt tbe general public should 
be apprised of this fact, Sharp had another 
sign painted, which rend, "Matinee To-day, 

2 Sharp." 

"Look hero ." exclaimed Stetson, whose 
eye, a few minutes Inter, caught sight of the 
nnnouncement In front of the theatre, then 
turning to one of his staff who stood near 
by, added: 

' "I wont you to hurry back and get the 
painter to change thnt sign. There's gcttlug 
to he altogether too muth Sluirp around this 
place. M11 1 hi w>, £ Sharp?" repeated he, 
deeply under hla breath- "Von just get that 
painter to put 011 that hoard, 'Matinee To-day 
at 2, Btcttunl' " 

Hubert Mantell recalls an Incident of his 
early youth which, at that time, convinced 
him that ministers of the goBpel were not all 
Much godly folk as he had been taught to 

This great nctor was born In n Scottish 
town, called Irvine, in Ayershlre. When he 
was about six years at nge his father moved 
the family to Belfast, Ireland. A tew years 
Inter, as ■ boy of twelve, he mcoropnuled 
the' elder Manlell back to Scotland on a 
visit to the old home at Irvine. Ills father. 
who was a strictly religious man. took the 
youngster with him on the Sabbath to the 
old kirk where he hud fur bo many years 
listened weekly to the preaching. 

To tbe great disappointment of Ms nt ell's 
father, the pulpit on this dny was occupied 
by a visiting minister, as the resident clergy* 
man had been called elsewhere. As soon, 
however, ns the big. stalwart, seven-foot 
preacher began to pour forth his eloquence 
In expounding tho text of the dny, the elder 
Mantell forgot hla disappointment and lis- 
tened eagerly. So pleased wag he that at 
the end of the services he approached tbe 

orator-preacher with the Intention of thank- 
ing him for tbe pleasure received. 

"You save in a graod sermon/' said 
Mantell senior, "and I want to thank you 
personally for It." 

"Why, toon," deprecatlngly replied the 
minister, "my preaching to Hay was nothing I 
You ought to hear me when I'm half drunk!" 

So many stories concerning tbe early Ufa 
of William A. Brady are extant, that another, 
vouched for by Mr, Donagbey to be the 
real truth (to the exclusion of tbe others), 
is now repeated. The one, purporting bis 
start In life as a vendor of peanuts, la par- 
tially true, for, as train-boy, be worked 
part of bis passage to the California coast, 
where be went Into tbe* profession, putting 
his forceful foot on the lowest round of the 
theatrical ladder. 

Many of tbe stories placing his origin as 
extremely lowly, are to be doubted, as tbe 
elder Brady was one of the clever writers 
of hla time, and) an authority In his especial 
line of literary work — that pertaining to 
Catholic publications. 

Contrary to the wishes and Intention of 
tbe family. Brady, in hla early youth, took 
It Into bis head to be the arbiter of bis own 
fate and the carver of bis own fortunes, in 
pursuance of which be decided to go West 
to California, lie lad to get there the best 
way he could, and the peanut-selling was 
but an episode of his march to subsequent 
money and fame. 

Young Brady's ambition waa to be a great 
actor, and he had made Ms way behind the 
scenes at every opportunity, thus acquiring 
at least a sight of the Inside of the things 
for which bis youug heart yearned. On 
arriving In San Francisco he Immediately 
applied for a theatrical position. When 
asked by Hartley Campbell what he could do, 
lie managed to Imply that he could play 
parts of all sorts, and as the big manager 
needed Just such a person to fill the place 
of the »ne who was 111 and out of the cast, 
llrody was engaged at *7C per week. 

Max Freeman, who had Just arrived from 
tbe East to manage the stage for Campbell, 
»aw the boy In conversation with his chief, 
and upon Inquiring what be waa doing there, 
was Informed that he waa tbe new man just 
engaged to fill Blank's place, whereupon 
Campbell was Informed that the young 
fellow was only a peanut vendor aboard 
the train that bad brought them both to the 
coast. Of course, on his arrival for duty 
tbe next day, Brady was called to account, 
and accused of deception regarding his stand- 
ing In the theatrical profession. His 1 earnest 
defense of hla action and bis quick wit, 
together with the expression of bis youthful 
enthusiasm, prevailed with the manager 
tlnnlly, and Instead of $75 per week, be was 
engaged as call boy at $7.00. But be always 
"had It In" for that clever actor and stage 
director, Freeman, who had "given him 
away" to Campbell, and, as he believed, lost 
him a good Job. 

However, be. with extraordinary quick- 
ness, acquired so much knowledge of the 
stage that he was soon made' assistant man- 
ager, and on some occasions, when Freeman 
was HI, he took tbe whole work upon hla 
young shoulders, with the assurance and 
authority of a veteran In the work. 

It wsa good gran tiding for Brady there, 
for be ?nme In contact with tbe heat and 
greatest In the business at the very start of 
bis theatrical career, 

Marie llllngton will resume their old parts, 
it Is proposed to follow "The Bondman" 
with "Tbe Prodigal Hon," the orlglnsl run 
of which was also cut short by pantomime 

Charles Wynflhani recently Inter- 
viewed on the subject of hla retirement from 
the stage. He said: "When 1 do flnsllv re- 
tire from tbe atage I shall not herald It 
with a farewell performance. We are some- 
times blamed for breaking our word aboat 
retiring, but the reatlessness that ofttlmes 
comes with Inactivity drives us back. I 
think, however, that the time has come when 
I may think of taking a long bolldsy, but 
although that will not be before next Octo- 
ber, 1 shall not defer It beyond two years. 
Of plans 1 have none. I will not In this 
matter of leaving tbe atage. lock the door 
and throw away tbe key. 1 will not make 
myself a prisoner. Next year I shall do one 
new play, probably at Easter, and revive 
some old favorites. After thst 1 can speak 
more definitely. Rehearsing a new play Is 
to me no labor. It Is less exacting, strange 
as It may seem to you. than appearing In 
public. I love It. My pleasure in that work 
la so great that I have often rehearsed a 
piece in which I have no direct Interest. 
The developments of Idea ond characer are 
pleasant to follow them In order. When I 
retire fron tbe stage I may at least have 
that resource." 

Delia Mason, a well known musical comedy 
performer, who was seen In America a few 
yearn ago In "Th-» Three Little Maids," has 
jitat been married to Mr. Wyourd, a wealthy 
young Brazilian. Tapers from Calcutta an- 
nounce tbe successful production there of 
"llnBles." Claude King Is playing tbe title 
role. "The 8bul»m!te' T will shortly be pro- 
duced In Russia,'' at the Theatre Lltteraire 
et Artlstlahe, In St. Petersburg. 

The fourteenth anniversary of tbe Palace 


kiiom r>ta otvx correspondent. 

Clipper Bureau, 

4H Crsnhoarne St., 

Leicester square, 

London, W. C. 
Dec. 15. 

After n fortnight's run,. "Julie Bon Bon" 
was played for the last time at the Waldorf 
last Saturday night. Mr. Mann, Miss Lip- 
man and other members of the cast sailed 
for home on Wednesday. .1 understand 
the show hns closed for tbe season. Be- 
fore leaving, Mr. Mann, in oh Interview, 
Bold: "We are both very sorry to go, for 
we have made dear friends. We think that 
some of those who came to tbe Aral night 
performance were unnecessarily unkind. 1 
ndmlt that tbe representation was not as 
good as It has been, but on tbe first 
night we had a cold, unresponsive audience. 
We might as well have been playing to a stone 
wall. 1 think people forget that a captious 
audience kills the actor's art. We will try 
again, however. We have determined to 
come back hero. We think it Is In our power 
to Interest you, and T promise you that we 
will at least make an honest try." 

David Blsphnni produced, nt the Prince of 
Wales, on Wednesday, a new light romantic 
opera, "The "Vicar of Wakelleld, founded on 
Goldsmith's novel. The lyrics were written 
by Laurence Ilottsannn, nnd the music com- 

fioscd by Lisa Lehmann, and tbe cast was 
teaded by Mr. lilsplmm and Isabel Jay. Tbe 
first performance met with tbe approval of 
n largo nnd select audience, and the patron- 
nge since the opening night hns been, very 

Rehearsals are well underway for tbe new 
I'.dnn May' ahow, "Nelly Neal." and Joe 
Coyne, who, by the way, Is to be the Juve- 
nile lead, hna been in London for the past 
week. In addition to Miss May and Mr. 
Coyne the following players nre In the cast: 
R Dagaall, Herbert Spnrllng. Gerald Klrby, 
A. T. Oulllfer. Henry Warren, J. J. Dallas. 
llobb llarwood, Akennan Jdny, Frank Walsh, 
Kitty Gordon, Mollle Lowell. Mary Brougb, 
Gertrude Lester, Jane May, Gertrude Thorn- 
ton and Gerty Latch ford. Mr. Frohman 
hopes to have the production ready by tbe 
end of the month. 
After April IS the Adelphl will be occu- 

riied by the Berlin "Komlsche Oper," meaa- 
ng a German company, for the presenta- 
tion of light opera, whose latest success has 
been made In Offenbach's "Lea Contea 
D'ilohTmanii." They hope to fill their six 
weeks* London season with this show. The 
manager. Ilaus tlregor, brings with him about 
one hundred, principals and chorus. 

Early In (ha New Year Ellen Terry will 
sail for New York to fulfill her contract with 
Mr. Frohmaii. Miss Terry li due to open at 
the Empire, New "York, on Jan. 28. 

When "The Bondman," which recently 
closed n successful season at Drury Lane, 
Is revived by Otto Stuart, at tbe Adelphl, 
on Jan. B, several new faces sill be seen 
In the cast. Neither Fatrlck Campbell nor 
Henry Alnley will be available for the Adel- 
phl production, and the place of Henry Ala- 
ley, who Is to succeed Gerald du Maurler 
as Unfiles, at the Comedy, will be taken by 
Walter Ha mpden. Frank Cooper, Henr.c 
Neville, Lionel Urough, AuiUd Melford and 

P. RICHARDS (Caricaturist). 

Eighteen months ago, Tua New York 
Cui'i'KR started Us "funny page," constat- 
ing of a comic review of tbe weekly attrac- 
tions, and secured for this purpose the ex- 
clusive services of P. Richards, the moat con* 
versant cartoon-lst la the theatrical profes- 
sion that could be obtained. 

This new departure of Tub Clipper was 
considerably commented upon, as heretofore 
no theatrical paper had ever attempted to 
publish more than an occasional halftone of 
the foremost members of the profession, and 
the entailed expense waa such that there 
seemed little chance of Its bringing adequate 

Within a comparatively short time after 
Its first appearance, this page attained a 
popularity which by far exceeded all expec- 
tations, and Tub Clipper is receiving com- 
plimentary letters by every mail from con- 
temporaries, tbe profession and tbe general 
public. Tbe main reason for the success of 
The Cmpi'er cartoons lies In the fact that 
besides their highly artistic merit, perfect 
fairness and Independence from tbe advertis- 
ing columns have been strictly adhered to, 
and. as tbe veteran showman, J. Austin 
Fynes, expresses himself in a recent letter : 
"The touch of caricature Is kindly and the 
work la distinguished by Its fine humor with- 
out taint of aarcasm — well worthy of Rich- 
ards' clever pencil." 

Commencing with this Issue -there will be 
an additional feature Inaugurated in connec- 
tion with this page by adopting the old and 
ever popular figure of "Patsy Bolivar," ac- 
companied by Mr. Richards* original creation, 
"Clip and Flip" (bis grotesque animal as- 
sistants), which hare been part of hla trade- 
mark for the past sixteen years. 

Mr. Richards, through Patsy Bolivar, 
will review plays plctorlally, exploit many 
of Patsy's adventures ana mishaps, and 
interview theatrical celebrities on behalf of 
this nnper, and we trust that his funny Bay- 
ing* anil grotesque antics will tend to make 
the humorous page even more Interesting 
than before. 

The New York Clipper has also decided 
to start Patsy Bolivar on an extended Euro- 
pean tour next April, visiting all of tbe large 
cities and sending In bis views and expe- 
riences from week to week, which will un- 
doubtedly furnish unlimited material for Mr, 
Richards' humorous pen. 

was celebrated on Tuesday last, and tbe 
packed house saw one of the best shows 
seen In this city In many a day. Among 
ibose who appeared were: Michael Hreham, 
Gordon Brooks Trio, Cavatll, Cblrgwin, Hay- 
den Coffin, Margaret Cooper, Kate Cutler, 
Alexandria Dflgmar, D'Arc's Marionettes, 
tinlatoh, Nelson Jackson, Johnson and Dean, 
Alfred Leatcr, Alice Lloyd. Herbert Lloyd, 
Clarice Mcyne, tbe McNaughtons. Les Mo* 
Irsso, Victoria, Monks, Henry Neville, the 
Palace Girls, Alice Pierce, Arthur Playfnir, 
Arthur Trlnce, Nell Itlchardson, Little Ticfa, 
PrlnceBB Trlxlc and soma new bioscope pic- 
tures. The performance began at seven- 
thirty, and the final curtain was lowered 
shortly after twelve. 

Newell nod Ntblo, who lately returned 
from South Africa, have been very fortunate 
In securing Immediate booking. They open 
nt the Moss ft Stoii house In Birmingham on 
Uondav next. They also bad an offer for 
the Ba'rrnstord house In tbe same town, but 
decided on the house mentioned. 

A mysterious purchaser, whose Identity 
still remains unknown, yesterday purchased 
tbe Lyeeum Theatre for £119,500. The sale 
took place at tbe Mart, Tokenbouse Yard, 
where for the second time the theatre was 
put up at auction. Tbe auctioneer, Broug- 
ham Glasipr, spoke .it length on the possibil- 
ities and value of tbe place, but, although 
lie casually referred to the theatre's "great 
and glorious past." he never once mentioned 
the name of Irving. The first bid was of 
C IOO.OOO. Then tbe bidding rose by £5,000 
to (115,000. and then by thousands to 
Lllit.MO. One more bid of £500 followed, 
and at £110,r»0O cbe hammer fell. The auc- 
tioneer refused to divulge the name of the 
purchaser, aiming that it was to remain a 
secret at present 

The question of the hour In the local mu- 
sic hall world Is the dispute between Walter 
'ribbons and the Variety Artists' Federation. 
The Federation has asked for a general re- 
vision of Mr. Gibbons' contracts, which are 
complained of as Ming unfair and unduly 
onerous. In thU demand tbe general sec- 

retary and executive of the federation are 
now strengthened by a unanimous resolution, 
passed at a mass meeting of tbe performers 
held st tbe Horns, KennTngton, last Bandar 
night. Mr. Gibbons announced that he will 
close the Hippodrome, Brixton, to-nlgbt. The 
closing of tbe house will probably involve 
serious legal difficulties. 

Hill and Whltaker canceled their engage- 
ment at the Pavilion s week ago because of 
the Illness of Whltaker. They left Imme- 
diately for tbe States. They return to Eng- 
land earlv la tbe New Year, opening at the 
Argyle, Birkenhead, on Jan. 7. 

Chris Richards, after a successful season 
Id America, where, T believe, he bad offers 
to remain until further orders, is playing the 
Pavilion, where bis methods as a comedian 
are greatly appreciated. 

Daisy Mayer has been seriously 111 for 
the pant month. She Is recovering rapidly, 
and hopes to resume her work In a fort- 
nlght's time. _^ ^_^_ 

Uandeoilk and minsfrcl. 

SKERis Wilkes and Coupart sslted. Dec. 
22, for a ten weeks' tour of West indies 
Inlands, with the Flying Jordans Co. Billlg a 
seals and the Jordans are also members of 
the company. .... t „ 

J auks MiHRON writes: "Frank Mitchell, 
of the team of Mitchell and Marron, was 
stricken with apoplexy Sunday evening, Pec. 
16, at the close of our week's engagement at 
Percy Williams' Orpbeum Theatre, Boston, 
Mass., and he is st the Emergency Hospital, 
Boston, in a serious condition." 

Jons E. (tiiken reports that he la making 
good with Ills new act, "The Tramp's Dream.' 

Ema Ar;a has scored a great success In 
the new revue at the Folles Bergeres. Paris. 
The revue was produced Friday night, Dec. 
14, and a large representation from the 
American colony was present to applaud 
Miss Ang. Sbe played her role entirely In 
French, and afterward Introduced French 
versions of some of the character songs with 
which sbe has been Identified here. 

Mas. Hash? Belmont Is convalescing at 
the Lylog-In Hospital, New York, from an 
attack of peritonitis. __ . _ 

Columbus. O.. Note. — A Christmas Day 
show was given to the Inmates of the Ohio 
Penitentiary. A nuriber of tbe "McFod- 
den'n Flats'' Co. were on the programme. In- 
troducing the leading specialties, songs, 
dances, etc, thnt hsve made "McFaddea's 
Mats" onp of tbe best farce comedies on the 
road. John Price. Dollie Theobold, Lillian 
Beach, Nellie St. Clair, Lillian Dana and a 
number of other members of tbe company 
volunteered. _ 

Mamie Dins, of Courtney and Dunn, 
mourns the loss of ber mother, who died 
Dec. 19. at Philadelphia. The team waa 
compelled to cancel all engagements. 

Job 0. Brownr, cornettiest, writes: "The 
following may Interest many of Brother 
Tom's friends and Clipper readers: 'Whist- 
ling Tom Browne Is dangerously HI with heart 
cud lung trouble at St. John's Hospital, 
Yonkers, SL 1*. His recovery is extremely 
doubtful. He Is tenderly cared for by his 
wife (Bva Westcott), also Yonkers* brother 


A Mabshalltown, la., paper states that 
T. Nelson Downs, known as the "King of 
Kolni," has purchased the Bijou Theatre, In 
that city. 

Hebi'KBt, "Tbe Frog Man," writes that be 
gave five hundred performances and traveled 
23,238 miles with the Sells-Floto Shows this 
season, closing at Chihuahua, Mexico, Dee. 

Arris an illness of several weeks, Mrs. 
Winnie Ehor has fully recovered, and will 
appear soon with her husband, In vaudeville. 

Hughes and Brown played the Lenox Ly- 
ceum, New York, Dec. 14, alBo tbe West End 
Theatre, on Sunday, Dec 23. 

Shields and kdgkrs write: "We have 
lust finished a most successful tour over the 
Kohl & Castle and Inter-State circuits, and 
are now on our way West, for the Orpbeum 

Euoinb Hbnbt, "The Minstrel Boy," has 
returned Eairt, after two years tn tbe West, 
and la visiting bis mother at Hyde Park, 
Mass., previous to opening bis Eastern book- 

ItOBT. C. Boyd, of Boyd and Quill, writes : 
"Last Sunday we took Terley'a place at the 
Haymarket Theatre. He was obliged to leave 
to make the jump to open In Mew Orleans. 
La. Our new act, 'A Little Card,' by Hamil- 
ton Coleman, was pronounced a nig success, 
and In consequence are booked to open on tbe 
Orpbeum circuit Jan. 0." 

Eddib Leslie and Mu.k. Carrie opened 
Jan. 7, for thirty weeks, over the Sullivan 
A: Conaldlne circuit, making their third con- 
secutive trip on that circuit. Eddie Leslie 
opens at the Palace, London, Eng., In Aug- 
ust, 1907. 

Tub Musical Johnstons closed at the 
Hansa Theatre, Hamburg, Ger., a successful 
tour of the European continent, and returned 
to America last week. They open on the 
Keith circuit at Boston, Jan. 14, for eighteen 
weeks, and then go back to Europe for thirty- 
one weeks on the Moss & Stoll tour and a re- 
turn engagement at tbe Alhambra, London. 

DonoTiir Drew (Mrs. Al. Johnston) will 
open Jan. 7, at the Majestic Theatre, Chi- 
cago, for a twenty-two weeks' tour. She has 
juBt returned from a European trip. 

Brunin sailed for Europe Dec. 20, after 
a successful toar of the circuits. 

Kduard Waldmann, who last Spring and 
Summer appeared through tbe West, in his 
condensed version of "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. 
lKde," and then played a few weeks through 
the middle States, iu "The Merchant of Ve- 
nice." has returned to New York to play 
the targe vaudeville bouses of the East, with 
his company, la "Jekyll and Hyde," and a 
condensed version of "Faust" 

Don and Dot Fobd, "Handcuff King and 

Sueen," have Just finished five weeks In New 
ngland. At Concord and Plttsfleld, Mr. 
Ford writes that he escaped from packing 
boxes made of one Inch lumber, while bound 
with steel straps. Week of Dec. 24, the 
Fords joined the Fenbcrg Stock Co., as tbe 
special feature, et Lynn, Mess. 

John A. Leslie, formerly of Leland and 
Leslie, lrlab comedians, has joined hands 
with Frank W. Leahry. The team will be 
known as Leslie and Leahy, 

Notes fhoji Hemikht Swift's Minstrels. 
—The Swift Bros, joined at Centrerllle, 
Mlsa. The show la doing big business In 
the South, and will soon be In Texas for 
eight weeks. Our parade Is a big feature. 
We wear red silk raglans and red silk bats, 
the band Is under the leadership of Prof. 
Clarence Causey, and tbe orchestra Is under 
the leadership of Prof. Billy MahalL Tai 
CLtrt'Eit (ten copies) cornea every week, and 
the boys think of old Broadway and long for 
the season to close. We will Bhortly jump for 
New York. List of company Includes : Her- 
bert Swift, Percv Swift, Burnet Swift. U. 
(1. Butler, Hoytt Causey, Nat Lelgon, Fred 
Bron, Lee Tolcr. Ben McNeil. Grover Splner. 
Percy Lelgon. Sam L'mberger, Carl O'Nll, 
Clarence Causey, Phil Reed. Barney Johns, 
Billy Mnhnlt. P. H. McPhewon. Philip An- 
dres, Geo. Cnlvln, J. D. Wllkson, Moyse 
Kahn, Bert Walker. 

Major O' Is now In his fifteenth 
week on tbe Coneldlne k Sullivan circuit, and 
reports meeting with success. 

KuMitsn Balk, tenor singer, for years con- 
nected with Vogel's and Al. Q. Field's Min- 
strels, joins the Electric Comedy Four next 
peason. Tbe latter are booked solid for two 

ToiiKh uuFFAT.0, who Is making a decided 
hit with the Kentuckv Belles Ob., on the 
Empire Burlesque Wheel, will go out with 
the same company next year, making bis 
third reason with It. He Is also booked for 
all Summer at tbe parks In the East, 

World of flayers. 

Gxoicr N. Abhstbono, sob of lime. Nellie 
Melba, was married In London, Rag, on Dec. 
18, to Ruby Otway, daughter of Colonel 
Otway. _ 

Tub "Da. Jkkyll and Mb. Hidg" Co., 
under the manngement of Talbott A Land, 
opened the Harrlsburg Oper* House Dec. 
20, with the following cast: Or. Jekyll, Her- 
man Strlcklln; Dr. Canyon. Joan Beltcber ■ 
Utt?rson, Emery Land ; Vicar, Chas. Phil- 
lips; Alice. Bessie lleltcher; Pool, Cecil Mc- 
Kinney I Mewcotne, Hyc Land; Biddy, Lola 
Rice; Mc Sweeny, Hoy Land; Jimmy, Gus 
Talbott. Executive staff: Emery Lftba, man- 
ager: G. B. Talbott, secretary; Herman 
Strlcklln, master of props: Chas. Phillips. 
*tage manager ; i\, E. Smltb, advance repre- 

HtftRY HOLIIAN, Who IS With "EtulM Off 

the rurf" Co., writes: 'I mnde such a hit at 
Cauidcn, N, 4., Dec. 3-3, that Mr. Taylor 
manager <if the theatre, engaged me to re- 
turn for week of Dec. 17, as a special fftt- 
ure of a vaudeville bill for that week. The 
company laid off that week." 

Following ta the complete roster of tna 
Chas. K. ChampUn Stock Co.: Chss. K. 
ChampllD, manager ; Jim Keyer, business 
manager; Dan Chsmplln. treasurer; Carl 
Btockdale, Harry McKee, Jack Hardy, Harry 
Starr. Arthur Griffin, Henry Oebler, Will 
Lester, Joe Lester, Chas. Okly, A. Peper, 0. 
Peper, Jack McKee, Frank McCoy, Lulu Mor- 
rison, Clara Byere, Alma Rutherford, Kate 
Manden and Marie Warneld 

Notes fboh tub Bob Fitzsixhons Co.— 
We have had anTexcellent season thus far, 
with few exceptions the 8. R. O. sign 
being used nightly. The cast Is practically 
tbe same as at the opening of the season, 
Sept. G, and includes : Bob Fltzalmmons, 
Julia Glfford (Mrs. Bob Fltzslmmons), Mr. 
and Mrs. Chas. V. Greene. Mr. and Mrs 
Harry Knight, Rose Evans, Amelia Hainan 
Kate Wilson, Frank Holland, Edward Beck, 
Lon Sears. Morgan ti. Head. Edward Lock- 
ette and Willi* Xlngaley. J. C. Matthews 
Is manager, end li. .L. Hamilton Is In ad- 
vance. -• ' ^ , 

John \y. Rbhal'Sbr, orchestra leader, has 
joined tbe "levers and Lunatics" Co, 

Notes rapw whitman's Comedians. — The 
show is doing a pig business through Okla- 
homa, Indian Territory and Texas. The com- 
pany, numbering sixteen people, with band 
and orchea trt, ft featuring Velma Whitman. 
Roster : Jack' Roselelgh, proprietor sod mana- 
ger ; Velma Whitman, treasurer ; Horace 

urpby, band mnater; Lester La Grange, 
rops ; Franklin Hall, stage carpenter ; Harry 

itttle, advance representative; Chas. Cary, 

Henry Stern, Boy Davis, Wilt Conklln, Clar- 
ence Musselman, Jess Zlnk, Robt. Hunbert, 
Henry Pong, Francis Field and Blanch Har- 
riott. We open wth a three act farce comedy, 
entitled "The Mysterious Model," and are 
playing three night stands only. 

WiLLAjr) R0BKR.TS0.N is In bla twentieth 
week piaylng characters with tbe Knicker- 
bocker Stock Co.. supporting the Sisters 
McConnell and Billy Walsh. 

Swbrlt-Shipuan Koteb. — Roselle Knott, 
In "The Duchess of Devonshire," pleased 
Canadian audiences so much that a return 
date wns played at Toronto within twenty- 
one days, to capacity audiences, and the one 
night Btand with Canadians guaranteed the 
attraction for a second visit. This la dis- 
tinctly unusual, and proves the value of the 
vehicle Miss Knott's manager, Ernest Ship- 
man, has selected for ber for next coming 
Geason. During the second week of "The 
Duchesj of Devonshire" engagement In To- 
ronto, Miss Knott and the company called 
Mr. Shlpman, the general manager of the 
Sweely-shipman Co.'s attractions, behind 
the scenes, and presented him with an Alaska 
sabel fur Hoed overcoat, in token of their 
appreciation of bis untiring efforts on behalf 
of "The Duchess of Devonshire" Co. 

Notes fboh "The Bubolas and the 
Waif" Co., Shaw & Gallagher's.— Our com- 
pany was never In better condition, and the 
piece makes good to the last line. North 
Dakota 1b certainly tbe limit on railroad ac- 
commodations^ — many trains twenty-four to 
thlrty-slx hours late, and branches tied op 
for a week it a time. We lost two nights 
In six weeks, and got satisfactory money, 
which helps some. Marie Young Is the talk 
of the territory, and good as "North Dakota 
wheat in tbe mill." That's what they tell 

Harxy La Mack, In advance of the "Uncle 
Josh Spruceby" Co. (Western), writes: "We 
are doing a nice business. During tbe floods 
tn Washington we were the only company 
tbat didn't lose a night. With the 'dope suit' 
and long bandied brush, and paper under my 
arm, taking boat rides, we managed to make 
all towns. The Western country Is great for 
business, but sn agent must be able to post 
paper In case of a flood or landslide." 


who have been featured in "Peaceful Valley" 
this season, cloeed with tbat company In Oil 
City, Dec. 0. Next season they are to be 
featured with George Verbeck'a production 
of "Near the Throne," 

Noras roou the Americans. — We are In 
our eighteenth week, and the show sets a 
new standard In eacb city we play. With 
special scenery and light effects, such plays 
as "The Msn o'Wars Man," "The Voice of 
Nature." "Trinity Chimes," "Romance of 
Oklahoma," "Satan's Imp," "A Game of 
Hearts*' and "East Lynne" cannot fall to 
please, when presented by such a capable 
cast as the Americans present Our prin- 
cipal leads have been strengthened by the 
addition of Thomas B. Alexander and Maud 
Ulalr. Our roster Includes : Arthur E. 
Herbat, manager: Arthur Seedbnm, agent; 
Henry Testa, Jack Warburton, Prince El- 
wood, Kaston ErnBt, Thos. B. Alexander. 
Otis Arbuckle. Franklin Howland, Edward 
Arthur, Jim Hobbs, Julius Olnhauser, Maud 
Blair, Ethel Townsend, Nancy Boyer and 
Madeline Hartford. At Clinton, 111., Dec. 
12, our comedian. Jack Warburton, was pre- 
sented with a handsome watch' charm by tbe 
Eagles of that city. 

^.Kiily Walsh, who has been starring 
under the management of Uoyt & Levey, will 
close his engagement with tbat Arm, and 
will open Jan. 10, under the management of 
W. A. Tulley, In the title part of 'TThe King 
of Tramps/ Mr. Walsh will be surrounded 
by a capable company. Including a band and 
orchestra. The tour Is booked solid, and a 
prosperous season Is anticipated. 

"Paniianolk 1'irns," Geo. McManus' mu- 
sical comedy, has be^n purchased by William 
Garen, manager of liavlln's Theatre. St. 
Louis, tor many years. The piece will be 
ready for presentation next year, and Mr, 
Garen will endeavor to open the season at 
liavlln's with the play. A new hook, am 
gome music, will h? written for the v' ■■'-- 
before It takes tbe road. Mr. Garen state* 
that while the play will be original In every 
respect, the general atmosphere will be « 
little on the order of "McFadden's Flats. 
The new play will be booked by Stair st 
Ilavlln, Abe Levy, now with Williams at". 
Walker, is a partner with Mr. Garen In hi" 
new venture. Mr. Levy will look. after the 
business Interests of the play, Mr. Garen act- 
lag la the capacity of general manager. 

Harbv T. Winshan, who was connect etj 
with the firm of Spears & Meek, and part o. 
the season as manoger of "The Irish rawn | 
brokers 1 ' Co.. has retired from the latter, and 
Is now with A. H. Woods* forces, as mana- 
ger of one of bis attractions. 

Frank Field*™, having recovered from n 11 
recent Illness, has Joined the Mamie Flemlnr 
company. . 

Asranuembnts have been completed oy 
which Kyrle Bellew will be the atar la Hart- 
ley Manners' comedy, "A Marriage of Rea- 
son," which Klaw k Erlanger will produce 
(be latter part of January* 




im ' '■■■ f.~ 


. ... jg 


-' : - "Jff\ 

■ £ . . 


IFfflSir B0UTOB 

m*kes hie initial bar to fbe Clipper readers &nd" 


7. He reaches the height of hit ambition by 
obtaining an engagement on the staff of the 
New York Clipper and forms the acquaintance 
of Clip and Flip who get clotely attached to him . 

8. But now Patsy cuts the tale (tall* short 
and trusts to meet you every week In the col- 
umns of the Old Reliable. 

CUtnftM, i!ii>7, liy I'. Hk'tirth. 



January 5. 


C'RiEETINCS:-"rhe Harry Von: Tilzer Music Publishing vComf)any wishesf 
you have given us during the past season. We have: done our best to please 1 
always tried to ;give, you''." the best goods;pbtainable and; judging by the number/ 
we "will continue to hand you out the: same good goods we have been- "givi tigs 

E E G R E AX, B I Gk 

..VON ril,/.K1t'S-]tr»r» 1 ,V> 



mm hit 


«J HARRY VON TILZER MUSIC CO., 37 West 28th Street, New Yo 


C o^- p^t'O a?d e n. 7 IjO n'don. 



Onr specialty ta TtUae for yoor Eon«y 
at ob* bftlf ttaa prlee otbar* ask Ar 
U»© uraa goodi. P.rfect aatUftaeticn 
BaB«Dt«»d or yonr tnonif bftth, On 
roc«lpt of 11.00 deposit WO Will B»d 

• CO.] 

■mbJMt to •i»ralnBtioM 

Remember the Name 
and the Place. 






Every Bonier Guarantied, 

Each Bonier Good for Oyer 1,000 Boon. 


M. KIRCHBERQER a CO.. L c.nte.e mil Ml Agiato, 

4ft Park PIuw, If >w York. 





Ouarintoftd Five. Vmmrm. 
Ml SIXTH AVI., pjM raj St., N. Y. 



O. A. VAYIXI* WBDIK WORMS, M I. Randolph St., 0010100; Ulrr.tttb IL, H«W TOBX. 

Write tor Not Catalogue. 


BQllderauA Sellers of Baggage for 40 years. Cor prof esslonal trunks are lighter, stronger and 
cheaper ttuo any on tie market. Ten yeara' guarantee given, send for complete catalog. 
™^ WSBlxta A¥t.,oor.Mth8t., New Tort. 



lend tor How Theatrical Catalogue, lsath kboio mfo. co. , mi b>.»j, n. y. t near sprint si 




Foot Inch Barrel, 
Triple Nickel Flnlih.. 

This HOPKINS & ALLEN lam. 

mer pattern revolver la . marked favor- 
ite with acton on account of lta graceful 
appearance and tbe fact that It NEVER 
SPOILS A SCENE. Tbe hammer strik- 
ing tile empty cartridge for business In strong 
scenes, mar be beard all over tbe botise^-AND 
TION!— Automatic Action, Rebounding Safety 
Hammer (never reaches drinK pin except when tired). Bar- 
rel and Prameof Drop Forged steel (ruga tensile strength) 
triple nickeled, hard checkered rubber handle, 4 Inch 
COMPLETE SATISFACTION GUARANTEED, If notfoond In nearest Btore. Mention tallbre wanted. 6 Inch 
barrel 60 eta. extra; e loch barrel II extra; ? Inch barrel 60 eta. less; Blued Finish 40 cts. extra. Pearl 

ELS B ' ndl ,' a "**£"• HOPKINS i ALLEN Alias CO., The.trle.1, NORWICH, CONS. 
K.volv.rl. Largest Firearm Manufacturers In tbe World. Property Hen Write Da 


3a Calibre, 9 and 6 ghats. 

3S Calibre. S Skate. 


WANT, Fin t class musical act to double 
piano and single tarn, moving picture man 
with machine and Alias, pianist, lady or 
gent, to double stage. Other good acts, 
write. Salaries must be low. No tickets, long 
season. W. J. BRADLEY, Gallup, N.M. Will 
purchase Nclson-Ctaas films If price right. 



Will lease Cor an? camber of yean or sell outright. 
Will be-r Inspection. If you moan business, write. 
Population 8,000. t*. C.noo. Address' 
T. ft, CHAMBERS. Qharleaton, Ills. 

"Tell It To Me" 


For sale on all trains and news stands, or by 

■UU, He. Address EZRA KENDALL, 
8 Oadwoil Ave.. Mayfloid Helghta. Cleveland, 0. 


DESCRIPTION. From Government Auction. 
No matter what yon want In that line 1 can 
supply It, New or second hand. Send for 
catalogue. B. B. ABRAHAMS, 

333 Sooth St., Philadelphia, Pa. 




Writ, for Price Li it 

Several Fine Hotel Cars for rent. Steel wheelet 
and ail furnished. Address 

■MB MollAHON. Wellington Hotel, Chicago. 

m . at r Aaaaa a n . 

ATTORNEY. 8D3 Broadway. New York C'it. 



One of tbe Handsomest Arcades la tbe south. 
Guaranteed a money maker. Write at once. 

J. H. 


67S Fourth Ave., LooTavlUe, Ky. 






Should write 

CHA8. OUlNEas, Bay City, Texas, 


Seating Capacity. 000. Electric Lights. 



For first cis'B responsible work. Stock. Studio, 
Road or Contract. 20 years' experience. 
LOUIS davis. Greenwood Ave. and 14th St , 

Nastiriiie, Tenn. 


„. and 
_ All dramatic 
papers sold and malted. Catalogue free. cuas. 
MACDOyALD. 68 Washington St.. Chicago. HI. 


Doing big business. $&oo. Olty of 21,000. Good 
reasons for selling. Address 
BOX 323. Cumberland, Md. 


Break your lump coming East or West: stop off at 
Cumberland, lid. Good versatile people always 
In demand. SAVOY THKATItK, CHAS. RAY, Mgr. 

Try BARRY GRAY, of Phila., 


BARRY PRAY, 701 Vine St- Phl'a., Pa. 


For Piano, Band 'and Orchestra, w. H. NELSON, 
ta Weat ssm street. New York. 


Experimenting with new and un- 
tried Dentrifices is dangerous. 
Keep to SOZODONT, a stand- 
ard for sixty years. Called "The 
Honest Dentifrice" because, in all 
that time no effort has been spared 
to produce a Dentifrice the teeth 
require. It purines while it 


CATALOGUE, 2Bc ; SUP. CATAL., 5c. No" 
free. Only N. EL Agent for afanatma. 10c 
W. D. I.JCHOY. ins Conrt St.. Boston. ■■•» 




January 5. 




j.--', : > 

you all a Happy New Year. We also wish to thank you for the valuable/, aid 
you and we are glad to know that you have appreciated our efforts. We have 
of singers using our songs, we think we have succeeded. ; This coming year 

you in the past; and h.we take this opportunity -of call ihg your attention to these 


ad VoS TKLZKIl'S llr 


'.to thU jiong 

■ It's- tho c.Ht«t, iircttle*t, J moat original jl~tLt» lonjf »Y«r pal>ll»h'rd.. Tli» Wind t 

inn ^orrjA'w'MTicK'li KiaiiT,«.o»t ii 

jr-ouR hits. 

HO wnoAifl COMING lit TO-NIGHT, 111! «f 


HARRY VON TILZER MUSIC CH., 37 West 28th Street, New « 


OoTCat ''Oirdil, Ltndtn, 

tuns tvt'i-k with friends |n.'n\ gnwM-Htf j i 
the Wiiul.ior. Hi* Is li line tenor, 


t int'iiiiiuti, — Tbi' Ywlctfde bos been one 
of nwijU-'kublu Thespian prosperity. Several 
housa* have turned people away. The Christ- 
mas -outpourings were tremendous, und sit 
every, theatre Santa Onus was In evidence. 
Virginia 1 famed, entertained her company nt 
:i Christmas dinner on the stage of the 
Lyric, between tbe performamces of "Cam lite" 
and '."The Love Tetter." Every member of the 
Forepaugb Stock Co. was remembered by the 
Mauser*; Fish. ■ At the Standard the Cracker-. 
lack^ -iiad u Christmas tree on the stage after 
the -night /performance, and Manager Leonl 
was Krhrhrlngle, .with bis wife. Ruby Leonl, 
as the good fairy who helped. Manager 
Charlijs .B. ■ Arnod. acted as muster ot cere* 
muqjee- ; '{here was holiday cbecr. at every 
other -hoiiae In town. 

: Git4N ! u"t»r^iiA. IIoghr (Harry ItBlnforth St 
Juluj.jj'*lfuvliii, managers). — Klchnrd Mans- 
iieldDee. 81, in "Veer Ovnt." Purine tbe 
wrt-k> , JB>a,u -BruniineJ" and "Dr. JekylT nod 
Mr. -Hvde" 1 will be presented. "Madam 
icrfjy,' 1 M the- ClirlBtniu* attraction, proved 
mo^f' '■''• acceptable. . Mme. Szamoxy, Bona 
vivlenne and Florence East on alternated in 
Urn role of Cho-Cho-Snn Carl Gantvoort, a 
cliicluriutl boy, made lib; local debut as 
siinTnTjeiw'" nt ■ the mid-week luutlnee, Tbe 
'■Imnis'ivus excellent, and Hip orchestra ade- 
'I'ldtf, rliislMsa was good, Itobert B. Man- 
ictl next week. 

L'yjiii: ' (Hciick's Opera House Co. & Lee 
'Miuhprr. 'director*). — "Tbe Hose of the AI- 
liiirnuni" ISO. The t-iigageincnt of Virginia 
Ilarueij «n successful.' "The Love LeTler" 
vrsKXmtn, with the star In tbu role of. Mme. 
'tcvllllou. und Vi'llaru (.'ourteituy at) the n» 
bund, •"'jf.'auillk'" was glvnn one matinee pre- 
ec-jiiajluu. "The Light Kternal" next week. 

Wttl.xtjT Stukkt (M. (.'. Anderson & Henry 
M.'JSIuclcr, maaaeers). — Kellnr. Ibe magician, 
"0 'una .week. The engagement of Nat M. 
Wills; In "The I.ucky Dog." met with pro- 
nounced arjccesK. Among the bright ones In 
his; «U|)pjir£ were diaries W. Udell. Joseph 
ligifcntou, Mac Unrrlsoii and Delia Stacey. 
■"re^aa-' f next; week. 

.foidinic (George F. Fish & Luelhl Fore- 
luiugli-l'Tsh. Manager* l. — "Sweet Kitty Bel- 
lulr»"aO'aud. week, bv tbe Forepaugh Stock 
Co.... after- n week of magnificent business 
wltU'""Tlie Sign uf the Cross." llersrhcl 
.MgyaJI' was the Marcus and Ida Adair the 
MotiTr of the excellent cunt. David Kdwln 
mad*" i-8 forceful Nero, and Jennie KIM son a 
aneSMmftUt. "Sherlock Holmes" neit week. 

Ai.uamuiiv iM. (;. Andersnn & Henry M. 
/leulor; omnagers). — Dorothy Kenton, the 
tilrT-'wltli, tbe Banjo: Mra. Laogtry and 
tonipany, -In- "Between Midnight and tbe 
Llglif;'* Ned Kve and Sli GINh, Inclitdlus 
t||c 1{eh|. KlMtei'H : llrotliers UJimm. Three 
UocCH.-Miirtliil mid Mux Millan, Jlullou T'rlo, 
Mux IlfloWbrundt imd Arthur Denilng are 
all ' cNu'Dcc. . 30. Luat week'K bill wum a 
real Bantu* Cmm treat, and 1>iim1iipk« waa 

SME^.W advpjil nt "Little Life" the 1111- 
uManu.of tbtieleplinut- world, created a Hen- 
nat [bo* '.'/Sally Owl was welcomed homo 
■^Itll.^ter' oubbaud. John C. Illi-e, und their 
actn '"All the World hVM n Jimr" 
waa.a'tir'tMiiy minute laugh. Kdltb Helenc 
<vat>- (.tinipflMcJ to rvapond to many eucore^. 
iuMh'ir'C-'imiatuiti girl, la the Hketrb team 
of Wugg*m& McDonougb, was. glad to be 
houte.Jdui'log Chrlstmaa week, and their 
sketch* ■ "flood N'ews," was pleasing. 

Ilti/cKfs Oper\ Housi; (Heuck, Fenneasy 
k Htair,-mnnugers>.— "Wild Nell, the Child 
of-tbe "jRegtbjent,". with Vivien Fresrott In a 
typlcfll'prutiey role. 30 and week. "Abys- 
n«ili,"?wtth WllliaoiK aud Walker, proved a 
*ple0did 'vi-htclo for (bone colored atiirs. Ada 
jcctoQ-Wttlkcr, . ns . Miriam, and It. Henri 
Kjanc'v-jHS .Menellk. were uromlnenl In Ihe 
lt"*ijrfi7j:fittii.Twtilcti iillmrted laryc uudluucev. 
"-icrDVo'lire'L'aL'iUe" next v.eeL. 

Lvcki.ji I HeiKk, Stall* & Kenneaay. mnnn- 
gers). — "When tbe World Sleeps" HO and 
week. "A Midnight F'scape" went well last 
week, Harry Sedley was cast as Joe Mendel. 
and Delia Knight was Ihe heroine. Frank T. 
Charlton and Camilla Crane were so vil- 
la InotiH they were rewarded with rigorous 
biases. "Itobody'K Claim" next week. 

Standard (C. U Arnold, manager). — The 
TrunH-Atlantles 3D and week. Bob Blanches- 
tei-'s CrackeijaekM. with Bob Vnn Oaten, dkl 
a nice business. Itentz-Snntley Co. next week. 

PEbFLH'a (liubert Heuck. manager). — The 
Nlgbtlagales, with the (Jans-Herman- fight 
pictures, 81 and week. Ijiut week, the, Tiger 
Miles, with Charmbn as an added atlrqet'on, 
scored heavily, and drew large crow'da. 
Broadivay Gtrla next week. 

Muhic Hall. — "Alice la Wondcrlaqd" li 
to be givca Jan. *i, 5. A splendid audience 
filled the house Christmas night, to hear the 
Mav Festival cboruH sing r "t*he Mesalah." 
with Ihe Symphony Orchestra, led by Frank 
Van der Stucken. The soloists were': Viola 
Watcrliouse. Mm. Taylor Jones, Eton Wil- 
liams and Herbert Wlthcrapoon. Adolpb Stu- 
dermnnn presided at tbe great organ, Lillian 
Tvler riogstedt was the pianist, and t>'erdl 
Weiss the trumpeter. 

Fh>nixH0N : H WKhK IlobSB (W. Canfleld. 
inanngei). — Announcement la made that tbla 
bouse will op^n Dec. 110. as a vaudeville the- 
atre, booked by tbe Independent and West- 
ern Association circuit of Chicago. The ad- 
mission will he 10 and 20 cents, and box 
seats :W cents. Dally 10 cent matlneca are 
to be given. The house will be conducted for 
the Managers l-'lsh, under their unexpired 
I cane. 

Gossip ok tub LoitRY. — lidward H. An- 
thony, trriuurcr of the Olympic under tbe 
Ityau reglnir. In Ulllng a slinllur rule at the 

Lyric, In Cleveland Theodore Mllchcll, 

drnmsilc editor of The tinquircr, Is at Tus- 

con. Ariz., for Ills health J. llermnn 

Tliuuian la now "doing" theatricals for The 

fintinirtr. The Times-Stay' it dramatic 

man. "L. J. H.," has roude good so emphat- 
ically that nls acrerds arc now given dis- 
tinctive promlnerce by the use o( nla name, 

Lew Ilillhouse. as a tailpiece. Charles 

1. Doran'ri Cvtu ttihiti Jleiattt Ik one of the 
brightest lcleus In the press ugentry Bne Cin- 
cinnati «r anv other city ever saw 

Ftorence Easlon n-as suffering from a severe 
cold; and was compelled to give way t<> 
Itt-na Vlvicnne at the Christmas ulgtit per- 
formance of "Madam Butterfly." ..... .Ed, 

I". R, Byan (brother of John J. Bynn), Dud- 
ley <\ onirjiiit. Thomas II. Pur by. HcnrytJ. 
Schulte and Charles C 'i*aylor Iworporatcd 
the Orplicvm Tlicatre Co. ut Columbus, O., 
Dec. i!fl. with p. capital Btnok of *aS.«>(Kh 
Mr. Ryan h reliceut, and wilt Dot talk about 
the plans vt thrt Incorporators. 

CutuDibiia.— At the CrciU Southern ( In, 
Sander*, rniiniigcn liulldx Varcsl. with Mmc. 
.MwlJffiku'M Cm., In "Aljn-lrf-ih," pleased fairly 
good bouses l>r»-. -T>. II. B. Irving, in "The 
SrtlN," dner fairly well 'M. "The Vlrglulan" 
•tun. I, Amrlla Rlngbitoi 4. 5. 

SirunKftT IV. O Miller, managari. — "On 
1'iirulo" fiiiertalned g«xid bouses t)e<r. 844M. 
Vaugban tilnser imd t-"a%*e Courtney Ifonner- 
ly leading ludy «t the Lmplrc Ktock .Co.. abd 
ti Idiu] fiivnrltM 4-nlcrtnlntd a turp' house. 
In "Prime Karl;" 'il. Joseph and AVra. Jef- 
ferson, In "Plnyinc the Game,'' drew well, 
Jfl, *JO. Virginia Ilarued ::i-Jun 2. '. 

High Snu;ir tPbas. W. Harper, mana- 
ger '■. — "Mcl-'adden's Flals" entbuied m- 
pai-lly liousex !►«.• y4-2(i. "Iaxpt^ ml Uinn- 
l !*■■*" pleased lurge h.iusen UT-^II. 

KKiTlt'a «W. \V. Pl M W. manacerj. — .Bill 
fur Ihw opening week proved a well balanced 
our. nm plfased lurjM audiences. Tlw- bill 
Included: Nw,in and Hamlvirrl. M^'ehan's 
irnln»-i| iIia's. I'lir.iinnlun. I hf Wills lAimil.v. 
World i uud Klut; t'ju,-' thu litarl' uud 'Vlultt 

Allen Co., tbe t-'our Mclvlus, and the klneto- 
grapb. Itlll for week of 11 : Paul HjMidoiil. 
Kllnore SisterH, lledrlx and Prcscott, Mulllu 
and L'orclll. Simmons and White, Maey ami 
Hall, anil's onlntuls. 

Notks. — With the opening of the New 
Fiiiiluiiiks Theatre, at Sprlngtleld, O., whleli 
!k operated by the Valentine Co., tw.o C<>- 
Iiiinbus boys vl- 111 be In charge. Clarence 
Miller, for tb<* punt h*: vera I HeasnUK irensiirer 
oi 1 the Vlclurla, ,u liayton. Is to be the resi- 
dent manager, and .'en" Neff, fordcrly treas- 
urer of the Oreat Northern, will lie treasurer. 

Niirlntcfleid. — At tbe Fairbanks (L. M. 
Koda. gcnerul manager) "Hen Hur" pluycd 
to capavity business l)ec. 24-2i>. "The vlr- 
plnlan" 'M and week. "The Old Homestead'* 
Jan. 1, Amelia Bingham .1, "Little Johnny 
JoneB" 7, "Madam Butterfly" ]0. 

t; it av n (Gabriel Sacbs, manager). — 
"Johnny Wise" played to good attendance 
Ti. "A ■Thoroughbred- Tramp" pleased good 
a nd it! n (-■<'.* LV>. "Prince Karl" 211, Jos. and 
Wm: Jeflfprson li". "A Country Jay" I'D, 
"Bnat lAvnne" Jan. 1. 

'Lvcnv>r (Bi C, Kelly, inanigen. — "They 
Want Me," by the Castle Bqunre Block Co.. 
was tlic attraction 24 and wtek. with spc- 
clnlMcs by Klhvuod and Maggie Henlon, 
rjorotliy C'otten, Atditon and Kurt, Itnbj- AhIi- 
tou. Mite. lie Loruin and the I> Armo^. 

Oni'iiiiiM Hinn Hun, nwoiigcr). — Hill for 
week o^ «1 Includes: The MuhkIcb. Hwaync 
and I'uwoi's. Jeanre find KUsworth, Murle 
Stiuivden. ( ieo, Morphr and llhmtruied songs 
and pictures. 

Notes. — The r-'alrbmikH Is u new and thor- 
oughly up "to date house In every respect. 
The seating capacity Is 1.000. the stage 
■i;j.\Ui). and Uo feel In ln>lglit. Oncrnl mnn- 
nger. L. M. Bodn ; iraldcnt nuinuger, Clarence 
Miller : treasurer, Jeff Nell : advertising, J. 
.1. Iii.nevan: stage manager, .Ins, Garrett; 
musical director, Clarence Lu^crly. 

TnuiiuMiowu ,- -At the Quad (Joe Helm- 
giin, manuger) "The Lion and the Mouse" 
gave excellent performances 24, 36, to big 
bouses, giving sutlsfai'tlon. Wni. V. Mong, 
In "The Cluy Baker." drew fair 1!7, !"R. 
"Uncle Tom's Cabin" drew well "JO. "LlUIo 
Juhiiav .Tones" Jan. 1. "The College Widow" 
4. Al. C. Hold's Minstrels 5, "Madam But- 
terfly" 8. 

PAiiK (Will rieslitm. manager)-. — Mary 
Mannerlng, In "UlorlouM Betsy/' filled the 
house Bee. 2t*. Marlon Deshon turned many 
nwny at the evening performance. Thepluy 
gave excellent HUtlsfnctlou. "On Parole" 
dime 27, -i» bit; retuniK. and delighted the 
audience. II. It. Irving. In "Tim Bells." 20; 
mnvlug pictures ::<>, Mary Kmcraou Sun. 1, 
"Ttin tlholr Hing?r'' 2. "'Ihe Tourlsls" 4. T*. 

KtnTW.— -MIhm Bowlcy, with "The Lion 
unit Ihe Mouse" t\»„ and Mi try Muunei'lng 
were fiun<|tielled by lo«ul friends und ac- 
<iuiihitiiui-cs during their engagement In Hie 

Hty. i. Clyde Rigor, ope of the Nhu- 

herts' rained reprfsentutlvca, spent Cbrht- 
inns with tils puretits here. 

l.Jfdi*. Ar the Valentine (Otto Kllrnc, 
manager), tJi'- bill we. 80 aid week: "A 
Night tn KiuIIhIi Vuiidevllle." the Baarfun 
Qimiieiic, Wilis Kauily. Joseplilno Osssmun 
and picks, imd l-'ortune and Davis. 

Lyceum (K. H. Kelsey, mnnngen. — "Wben 
Knighthood Wan In l-'lower," with (Jmci 
Merrltt. a Toledo girl, In the title role, was 
a good ntlractlon, und drew splendid busi- 
ness. "Lovers mid Lunatics" '10- Jan. 'I. 

K^ipiiu; (Abe Shapiro, manager).— Vanity 
Fair Co., l>«c. U't and week, did well. Tbe 
Great Bphinan Show «IO and week. 

Itlinr's (.In-; Pcsrlstlnc, inoiiHgrr). — "Vo- 
IkmI.v's Clulm, - ' 20-22. and "The (ivpsv Girl," 
2:1-2'!. Imd V"fl itulr»nug". "Mii''uddvo's , 

nuu-"^M'y,"A iuuuigut Cscipo" mJBem 

Zi4iH'»vlll<> — At the Wcllei- Theatre I.T. 
H. lOugland, -iiianuger) Al. (1, f-'leld'a .Min- 
strels. Dec, 25, bad big business. "The Old 
Homestead" Imd fair attendance. "Tin* Muyor 
of Toklo" '21, Chester De Vonde Co. 31 mid 

I'uiNcnsK (.1, C. Kelly, manager).-- Hill fur 
ivi'i-k of 24 Included Floyd Murk. Mckhoii, 
YVnlli'r" ami Messon, and Loin Cotton. , 



St. l'aul. -At tbe Mfltropulltun Opera 
House 1 [,. N. rlcott, mauagt-r) " 'Way Down 
Knit" had tiir to very gu»d biiMlDcss week 
or Tine. 2ft. Ben Kendall week of no. In 
"Swell Hlcgunt .Tone*;" Mildred Holland 
Jan. fl-uy-*Tlii- County Chnlrmiiii" 10-12. 
Christmas shopping hurt busluess at all th.- 
thcatrcH: Manager L. N. Scott returned 
f mm New York 25, am) upon his arrival was 
presented with a bouillon set of Hnvlland 
ehlna of 1 elegant design, by the employes of 
(lie bouse. 

Ommikum (Miirtln Beck, general mnriugct'). 
— Utislness rulerl very good week of Dec. 2il. 
Hill for woi'k of no : Kiomet Devuy and com- 
puny. Violet Hale, Howard's comedy ponies 
und di'gx, -biuics Cullen, Fred Watson and 
Morrlscy Hlsin-s, Mareenn, Nevurro and Mu* 
recna, and Hears, nsslstcd by Kdytlio Mno 

(>RANh (Tbfo, L. IIiivH, mnniiuerl. — Harry 
Clay lllaticy. In "Tho Boy Jlehlnd the Gun. 
hud very good business Christina* week. 
Hilly B. Van week of 110. "The I'll" week of 
Jan. II. Fire was dlscovernd on the third 
floor of tbe thenire, ulglit of Dec. '1'i, during 
the evening performance, but the coolni'ss of 
thove In cluirgi- of the theatre prevented nny 
panic. The audience wns> Inrnrmnl from the 
stage that tin* pecrorm unci* was at an end, 
and begun to file from the tlieiitre. The clang 
of the iin 1 hells gave ati lukllug of the trim 
state of attnlrs, and created u ripple of ex. 
cllcnient, which was ijulcklv checked, and the 
audience made its exit without a panic. The 
lire atarted ] D nn. work room of a tailoring 
establishment In Hie building, but tho Are de- 
partment , soon extinguished tbe flames. N'o 
particular dumage was done to the theatre 
proper, and Nunduy'.i performance was given 
as usual, nnd the rest of the wee"*. 

HrAn (J. C. Van ttuo, manager). — Cun- 
ning, the Jail breaker, mid the War Show 
Qjtn hud very good business week of 211. 
Week of :io, ibn Chumpngno Girls. London 
Gaiety Girls m'tt week. 

l'KtcCK'H I Cba rles FrereW, uannger). — 
Business was fair week Of 24. The following 
wax the .'hill, all of whom will bold over; 
Tlu'lma W&vne, Julia Bunnell. Lolrta Leverc, 
llrasle Timor, Munile Daniels. VVllllnin and 
llenlcv. virgiiilii Haydcn. 1(. W. Hiiiley und 
tlic 'liinon Sisters. Virginia Hnyden made a 

.iliiiiiriiiMillH.--Ai/ijiivjifcirotiolitiii) flperu 

lloil&i* IL. \. Hcolt. nlaiiAger) " 'Way lioivli 
Must" lice. ;i<) nii(Cw*rk. ( |jxri| Kendull. In 
"Wwi'll Klegniii -Jonvs.") plnyed to full* 
houses 2.". and wtmk. Mildred Holland Jan. 
1141. "Tlic CnuulV . Clialffililll" I.P;I2. 

But 11* Di'KiA Ihttut: cl');eo,'L. Iluys, mun- 
ngiji'i. — for lice. .i'lKujid jveck, Hurry ('lav 
Ilfiiiicy, In "Tho. KulifjHt tlic linn. 
"Arizona" ruum to.'vety gouil business, hint 
week. Next wuek, ''"'I'ltwynn I'oHllcs.',* 

Oiii*iii:i-m ( Mitrtlh,' '.Hcflt, general intiiui- 
fert. — Hill for Dec.' BO-uiuL wet-k : l-jmnlre 
t.'liy > Unrig He, I'otrlfc ; imiC cumriiltiy, hit a 
liini/iil Trinine, l-luiruh''- 1'uiker. Muzn/. mill 
Miizcttc, Aqiiu Cliuiiilief, und l.'oro mid Wil- 
son. Ituulrursj* fut'ifiBHiul week was up to 
tin- iihiihI bdlhlay nfnndurd. 

Lvi'iiuu II. C. Hpedi*^, tupuager). — Prow- 
lov Ktiick Co. HO and: week, In "Out of Llm 
Fnld." Tltlrt suni 1 . 1 iioirjimny,,2'l nnd week. In 
"'Poo Miip.'h Joliiiittm'/'-iHT vury.well. "Bar 

I'lUJl J'Tli't: ll)C". llH'il ■ WCeli. 1 

l.r.iionit; i.iuiiii Kllloti, .D)nniig('r». — Iiitl 
for ::t and week :.-Alblni'and' company, l-'tlicl 
limic. VVlIt Hurl,. Tbnu! Mus']iieriu Hlstcrs. 
Irene Mill", and niurJuh .plt'tlircs. IIusIkcs-i 
was very good 2inmp' wack.' 

DnifKl f.W. A. KlnjH'r, iiipiiiigert.— nnltl- 
inure lieaiillcs IiO npA wfftlt Parisian Uellcn, 
T.\ mill w.H'k, did it'uod bbolpcs.<<. Htar Hacff 
ttlrltj next week. , "' ■ 

ill. In her baritone singing. Tim stuff ut (lis 
bOWM will be'Cluirles Frerck, pruprlelur und 
maiisger ; '.ieorge Otterbacb, assistant, mana- 
ger: Jauii's {''..Robertson, stuge uiunugcr, and' 
May Wilson, musical director. 

winiimob NoiKi/rr (Hmlth H. Hall, muna- 
gffri.— Business was very big week uf 24. 

K-iipimi (Ham Kluk, manager).-- Business 
wn:t gO(»d w<;ek of 2-1. New peo|ilu for week 
f f ill : Tho Lawrences. May fjomln, iJenrridf 
tycslle and Mr. and Mrs. Oiile. All tlic otliera 
hf/ld ofpr. wni* the excitpiion of (lie ttmjkeye 
Trio. The employes preaenlcd Manngcr Sum 
CI uk wiib 11 line Inrge eusy rocking chair 
Cbristmns eve. and be. In turn, remembered 
each with upproprlate gifts. 

SI*jnrios.-- t *Bert f Herbert) Vurmun. for- 
merly of J^dcgur and Varnum, ucrobstlc 
coniedlauvV died from heart failure In tbla 
city Dec. 1/i, nnd was burled In Oakland 
Cemetery by the local lodge of Kagles. He 
was IsMt engaged with the Cash Carnival Co.. 
uf this city, ploying ihe smaller towns of tins 
State unit * surrounding Ivrrllory, utui 1 per- 

niilulli. M tho, Lveotiju (C. A. Mnrsn«8k> 
inn na^er 1 Adelul(h- > '*l'h , urjiton, for Iwo pi*r- 
fonuiiiK'cw. ('brim-nuts Ijtoyj iiri'd vfry mi-II. 
Hit new play. "Tile (llil Crom Oui Yood'-r," 
scori'd heavily, pf(M.-Kk||iiu>r hud a Ini'g'r 
tiudleiicii 17. "Tlic 'I'shC Mall" Jim. I. '"v 
Mmt Uivc" :t. 'The Alan 011 tin- Dux" 8. 0. 
Anna Km Fay hail y«ry,,gpoil Tiuuku for Ml* 
week. • • ■ ' 

.MKlliot'ifMTAM (Vf." H. Liuigslreet, miins- 
gcri.— Tin* Hultliiiui'i! 'lloitdMiis drew- fulr 
hiisiiKiMs 2,'I and wen'k. The Slur Show (llrls. 
wlili .fall Breaker t?tiinjlng''k^tlie top tiotclniL-. 
SO HSU Week.. '..'• 1 • 1 1 • « 

Itr.fiMf (Jim Mslllilnnjitufinilgifr).— Bliahiess 
bus been large. wltu'gj'od"sfliiwK. 

Wi:s4i-i VMtUI.Mk. 

wii.'i-iiii M — At '-the court (ft, H. Knw- 
heim. iwtaatXfl *"l'l|ij-Ohr llotnostemi," ittv. 
2.'». had grMitl rettlras, KWccnei- Duvles. In 
"The Player Maid;" , 21), hired well. '"TV; 
Arrival of lvltty , *.2K,;yo, ; Al..tJ..H , !eld"s Mlo- 
slrelH Jan. 1. f . '- 

HicAMt <Jj*i;ua \ht\'nn f-Clms. A. Felnlnr, 
miinngi'.r 1, — "A Titp'tiCHgypt" hurl dig re- 
litniM Ilec 24-2'>. 1 '.The- Master WurktiiHii" 
•27-2D, "The lleiuily I'lti-.tut*" iil-Jun. 2, "Tho 
Miij'tn* of l.inigiiiuud" -)•", .'* 

fir jiu: ( ''in ml Nphjoii. luMnugfiri. — t'euplo 
for werk f»l Dm, ifCt-Mlh'' ■Currlnu's trained 
hem'*!, Tom lluycs,'- LuDiiord'tllid Bustedo, Do 
MtHD and <:0Ni|'iinr,- *if(f'Hii:*ipitf log pictures 

Casti.k III. *VV.. Hoa»t*-i/ piuiuiger). --'Ibn 
sioi-k ctitiipmiy, lit . tjTefr*; tdlls of "lit a 
Wuisiiii'h I'ower" tfdii' "Ji'Kst", J11 tii<*i'." 'gacr 
goisl sulhrnclltiii. to good 1 rol-iil'lis. Hll In for 
week nt 31. "D,tfa /I'ihfW" nnd "Ijiirlo 
Duulid, tbe I'liiuier D'-lei'th"*." 
gi£*g — ■ 

V(0RMO\^. . 

niion. — At; Uic-'-.-StroDg Theatre 
Uruiit. nrutnageiM) Lome Klywyn 
of Her. ,'2;L, did,- well. Lawrence 

'-•rwefj l.hC l»Hl tluir lit Aunka. M'lun . > li'Ml Iv 

'CbttUi/ dtdtb. .. .T'juy West -uptut Ctii Icl- of tlitatttb. 

'Calm & r 

Co.. wi-fk .. 

D'Or<ay. In "The t'mbawiy, lliill," ;n ; Marka 
Brort., No. I Co., Jail. .tf'ioF.'tfti days. , 
; <■> t L — 

Bi'kmt IliJOM.'lilivo'koaii'd' thft nnwlUcatrn 
at Wfiterlon.' In.', for 4ljl''i'iu of veitro,- and 
h nin Ijc mUcil-.tu'tlu.'ll'M^IIHoulj circuit. 




JAtftJifeY 5. 


" i n 




BpiTontAL and Buaryasa MAmata. 

8ATCEPAT. JAHtJABY 5, 1907. 


Adrettlacmests— (2.B0 per Inch, ilnjle col- 


AdTcrtlnmrati let with border, 10 p*r 
cent, extra. 


One j«r, In advance, M ; ill montrm, $2 ; 
tliri-e mnnlbi, fl. Por.ljn postage tun. 
Single roplM will be lent, postpaid, on re- 
ceipt of 10 cents. 

Oar Terms are Cash. 
•i'hE CUM Is Ismied eterj Wednesday 
morning. '1'be list tour (advertising) pages 
U'J TO PRESS on Saturday at 11 a. m, and 
the other pages on moxday and TUESDAY. 
The Forms Closing- Promptly* Tues- 
day nt 10 o'clock A. M. 
Please remit by express, money order, check, 
P. O. order or registered letter. All cash en- 
closed wl tli letter Is at ttie rlak of sender. 
Address All Communications to 

IT West 28tb Street, New York. 
Registered Oasis Address, "Aothormj." 


of The CLiri'Eit Is located at Room 604, 
AFhland Block, CMcago, John T. Prince Jr., 
manager and correspondent, where advertise- 
ments and subscriptions are received nt our 
regular rates. 


Located at 48 Cronbourne St.. London, W. C, 
Juim U. Carney, manager and 'correspondent, 
where &dr«rtlHi>a»nta and subscriptions are 
received at our regular rates. 

'This can bb obtiinid, wbolb- 
BA1.B and SBTAIL, at our agents, Brentaco's 
uews depot, B7 Avenue de 1'Opera, Paris, 
France: W. LUIeathnl, Frederick Strasae 
101 (Terminus Hotel), Berlin, K, W., Ger- 
manj; Diamond News Co., 97 Prado, Ha- 
vana: Manila Booh and Stationery Co., 128 
Uacolta. Manila, P. 1. : Albert A Bon, 137- 
131) King Si., Sydney, Australia. 

only out- edition, nnd that Is dated 
from New York, 


if a Replies by Mall or Teiegmpi.. 


CUPPER Post Omen. All lbtthbs will 



P. 0., Dunkirk.— We bav* uo knowledge 
of the present whereabouts of the party. Ad- 
dress a. letter In i-tue of this office, and we 
nil! advertise It tn Tin. CLir-niR letter Hat. 

C. U., »prlngn«ld, 

J. A; M-, Boston, 
w; S. O,, Hemlngton, 
O it. l '., Duttt, and 

'J. 1. (J., Posiou, — sue answer to F. 0., 

' C. B. B., Xew York.— The Jolly Grass 
Widows plnyed nt -'Miner's -Bowery Theatre, 
for the last time, .an season, April 2-7, lOOtt. 

12, W., I^ancaster, — 1. We do not know 
which whs the originator. 2. HoutHnl Is the 
proper one -to answer your query. 3. inquire 
uf the stage manager or property man of a 
theatre in your city. 

It. "A. 8., Pittsburg. — We have no Idea 
where such' a list can bo obtained. 

N. K., Xew York. — Our advice Is that you 
continue at school until you finish your edu- 

J. W, L, DaosvlUe. — We never answer 
fineries relating to the private life of any 

Q, II. J)., Pittsburg.— Address Chas. Froh- 
rnnu, F.tuplre Theatre Building, N'ew York 

I* A. It., ttoibury.— Cnhn's Guide, pnb- 
IMietl by Julius Cahn, Umpire Theatre Build- 
ing. Now Vork Clly. 


S., Kftslo.— If yu-t were playing under 
"house" or "club" rules we can not decide 
tli-' tiuestlon. According to all standard rules, 
A do, 1 * not lone Ms hand. 

J. K.' C, Iln'tchlnsiin.— -A 'Hush beats iliree 
of :i kind, However, as A .iporied the pot 
in 1 i lie cuse In (picatlm., lie must hav* split 
n ff Blfir a (aw Up tin- w one card), and dolus no, 
he sIiaiiJiI hnvo declared himself and laid the 
iwtnl to <me. side where lie could pr.nhii'e It: on 
(he show of hiindt. Failure ti> cither declare 
himself or lo show hi* dlsciirdert curd bars 
him from (he pot, urd he loses all he put in 
tlU' pot. The lii'Kt iK'rit inuul wins, 

IV R Writ., Atlanta. — While the bund 
would usually he good for more than one 
uuliil, there U not ii sure point in It. 

I.. 1). I., Klitdlny.— The build of Q's 
could not be luiltt to any other. The player 
putting on the four xpot hud uo right to do 


It. A. ^V., Monmouth. — Whenever straljrlits 
:ire played, nnv straight flinh Is better tliaii 
any four nf a kind. ■ 


Ci. T, II.. Johnstown.— 1. John I.. Sul- 
livan defeated Juke Kllmlii fur the i'Uaui- 
liluushli) of the world July R, IKRtv, nt itlcli- 
Imrg, MIks. 2. .Inmes .1. Corbett won the 
title by defeatlntt Sulllvuu, Sept. 7. 1 801', 
M Xew OrlcimK. Lit. M. ItolMTt 1'ltKslm- 
tnons. In turn, -won the title by defeatltiji 
t'urbetti and James J. .letTrlcs brcniue clmuv 
pton hy rtefentlng l-'ltgwlmiuotts. 




1'iirtlHiul, — At the JciYersuli {>[. J. iiar- 
flty. vesiilcut uiuujpcii ntteiuUiice, Dec. '-'-I- 
2l», was excellent, the Aduni Utwd Stork t'o. 
■lifer lug n very niirncilve repertory, with 
Hiiecloluvs h.v: ftr.nity SIIihuoiis. Bessie 
Overton. Dm Mnlloy. and .letveU'ri Manikins. 
Viola Allen. |»rescot;: "t*yiiibrllnr>** ;:i. .inn. l, 
Maude I lllliunti Stock Oft. L'-sY 

IVniTi.ANH (J. K Moore. insiiAKer). — 
lUiokcd ;n nnd week: The Ksi.urdiloa I'our. 
SMyinuur ami Hill. Alexia and Sohell. Itolnnd 
W'rst and company, Avion t'omeily Tour, and 
ntlior acts. 

N'tiTKs,— "l'lte t slant? Hub nuil T.llln Ormond 
ppp-'nr In the Kills <iiurse nt t'lty Hall, Jim. 
^ Meltm nnd concept rompony s:i. 


JteiitV llAitr send* news from Australia 
Unit he Is tourliig Hio world. 

Western Bnrenn(i 

of the \cw York Clipper. 
Iloom 1.IH. An. i limit Block, Chlcatzo. 

9-intn Claus'ltfl' faded into obscurity tor 
naoiher year, and many tnousands are hap- 
pier for Bis -visit, not the least among these 
eolng ili'! tttefltre managers, who reaped 
generous t'eworda Inst week. A careful can- 
\ns of the down town theatres Christmas 
nla-lit allowed that the majority were entirely 
*old ou: before the rise of the curtain, and 
the others put up the "house cold out" sign 
shortly after. The matinee performance* 
were all of good she, aud in some Instances 
the house was sold out. The only house not 
giving a Christmas matinee was the Illinois, 
where Krttii SchelV is appeoring. The houaeB 
la the outlying districts were packed to the 
doors, and nil the arcades and catch-penny 
theatres were obliged to turn awny nickels. 
Wednesday business, assumed more nearly 
It? nor am I proportions, and will probably 
stay there until New year's eve. Already 
several bouses, report everything Rold out 
.'or that iJociiHlon, with heavy advance Rale 
for the two performances of P<ew Y' ear's liny. 
Tho woniher on C'hrlstmsH T>ay was almost 
too pleastint to permit of the business ex- 
pected nt the matinees, as the air was brac- 
ing, with hardly n cloud in the sky, and 
the walking was fine. The threatened snow 
dlil not appear, nor In there any Indication 
nf anything hut nn "open Xew Vcnr's Day." 
The Western Bureau remained open nil day. 
nnd several people dropped in to pay their 
respects to Tut: Old Rcliable. William Gil- 
lette presents "Clarice," nt Powers', Dec. 31. 
Otis Skinner, In "The Duel," opens Monday, 
31, replacing .Tames K. Hncbctt and company 
nt the Grant!. "Dora" Ik the new hill at the 
Xew, on the same date. James J. Corbetr, 
In "The Ihirgiar and the I.itdy," comes to the 
Great .Northern. "The Girl with the Green 
Eyes" Is the etock hill at the Chicago Opera 
UiMiee, and the <tber down town fhentres 
make no change this week. At the combi- 
nation nnd burlesque theatres the usuai 
weekly change occurs. 

Iixinoib TunATnB (Will I. Davis, mana- 
ger). — Krlu! Scheff returned to her own 
Inst Monday night, in "Mile. Modiste,*' play- 
ing to a capacity louse, and turning many 
rt way Christmas Day. The company is an 
excellent one. 'and the old favorites, William 
Pmett<?, Claude Gllllngwater and others, were 
Riven a hearty reception. Xo matinee was 

Siren Christmas. The engagement will end 
no. .'i. and there Is every reason to think 
that there will , he n .succession of sold out 
houscn during the term. Ethel Rarrvtnore 
follows 7, In "Captain Jinks," for two weekv, 
and will be succeeded by Henry "W. Savage's 
production of "Madame Butterfly." 

rowEits' TitnATRK (Harry .1. Powers, man- 
ager).— Henrietta Crosmaa. in "AU-bf-a-ftud- 
cten Peggy," closed 2t). a successful engage- 
ment. William Gillette, In "Clarice," opens 

tlAttiiiCK Thkatri: (Herbert C. Duce, man- 
ager). — "The Social ..whirl," which. In Its 
original form, and known as "The Winning 
(HA," received its premier In this el ly" over 
a. year ago. .came, back . In Its new iindim- 
proved gam. opcplng. to ,good lnuises.' -Sun- 
day. Dec. 'J.'I, mid . packing them Christ inus 
night. -Some, of the memhersof the 'New 
.York cast are still -. with It, and -Kllxabeth 
'Price, Charles J. Boss and Fred Bond were 
given warm welcomes. The engagement will 
terminal'.'. Jnii: 12,aud will be followed by 
"The .Tourists." openlng-13. .- *** 

''' - (.'olokial Tht.atbk . ( George i W. Lederer, 
-nannger);~"Thc Grand ifogal", continues to 
draw 'Hue h mi set, and its duration of mel- 
ody will, only be .terminated by the forth- 
r6mlbg engagenient of Richard Carle. In "The 
Spring Chicken." who is due shortly. The 
house was completely sold out for New Year's 
eve nearly two weeks ago, 'and representa- 
tive Geo. II. Woods *has been obliged to re- 
turn many mall orders for seats on that 

Hti'pebAiCer Theatre (R. R. nermeyer, 
manager). — "The Flower Girl," though In the 
holght of its popularity, must resign its 
>j nailers Jan. »"• ns Lena Ashwell is booked 
for the week of 7. in "Mrs. Dane's Defense," 
She will bo .supported by Guy Standing. The 
Christmas business at the bouse was im- 
mense, nnd the beautiful Bongs were applaud- 
ed to the echo, It was one of the most time- 
ly enfertalnmenta In the list. 

McVtcKen'M Tiiratiis (George C. Warren, 
manager), — "In Old Kentucky never seems 
to wear out Its welcome, which, at the open- 
ing of the engagement, was a most hearty 
one. and the good old comedy drama was 
well presented. Jan. ."> will see the last of 
It for this seancn, and Kellar will open 0, 
for a week, to bo followed In turn by Jessie 
BiiBley, In "The Bishop's Carriage," for two 

Grani. Oruiu Hotrsi: (Harry Askln, man- 
ager).— James K. Hnckett closed bis four 
weeks' engagement. In "The Walls of Jeri- 
cho," -Dec. 20, having played to steadily in- 
creasing business. Beside the star, Mr. Glass- 
ford and May Blayney came In for special 
commendation from all quarters for their 
excellent Impersonations. Otis Sklaner, In 
"The Duel," will open a two -weeks' stay 31, 
being supported by Keith Wattemna. 

Git n.\T NoicriiEKS Tm.ATiu: (Fred C Eberts, 
mnrniKet). — "Hup" Ward. In "Not Yet, But 
Soon. ' hod a vehicle which pleased the 
hn nit ues of the house last week, nnd "Hap" 
was his merry sel(- throughout. The business 
was line. James J. Corbet t, In "The -Burglar 
Hint the Lady." 30, and the week doubtless 
will he a lilg one. "Arlxomi" follows. 

Ni:w TmiATio; (Sam P. Gersou, monnger). 
—"Sweet Lavender" was lit most lustiinces 
well played, and the hnslnesK for the holiday 
week wan very good. "Dora." a literal trans- 
lation for the original innnuserlpt of Vic- 
tories Sardou, will ho presented :u, for two 
weeks. Thin play is more famlllnv to us 
under the guise, of "Diplomacy.'" 

Chicago Opbha llousi: (11. D. Hunt, mnn- 
agei'L — Firm an a ruck seems to be the 
excellent company which Manager Hunt has 
nsKcmhled, nnd Bessie llarrlsculc Is proving 
liorself n worthy little iietress in stock work. 
"All the Comforts of Home" delighted ca- 
pacity houses- Christmas week, and tiro work 
nf Wllllaiu Bramwell. .Tnhn Daly Murphy, 
Herbert Ltreuon. Bcnsle BarrUcale, Helen 
Itelmer and Klcnitor Gordon was I'spcclnllv 
eoninicndalile. "The Girl With Hie t'lreen 
llyes" opens 30. It is of n different tjrna 
from the usual offer lug here, arid tho cxperl- 
meut seems to have met with favor, judging 
from the sale. 

L\ H.uu: Tiik-vtuk (Mort II. Singer, man- 
ager >.-— "Tin' Time, the Place nnd the Olrl." 
has leapeil past the secoud century mark, 
with u long run stilt In view, and everv pros- 
iiL'ct of heating -all records for local rims. 
The boom is nold out at every performance. 
Xew liushicss juiil songs arc continually being 
tuterpolifted. so that n second visit Is always 
well worth the lime spent. 

Itirsit TBMi't.t: TiiiiArin; (I'.llzahetli Rcho- 
Is-r. iniiiiHger..' — The crowds wblcli gathered 
here last week ut tested to both the merit of 
the .vmpaiiy and the lino product km made of 
"Wl»en KnlglithiHul Was in Flower," which 
was then sien for the first time In this house, 
Kxcellcut acting by William Kowe. George 
Karven and others, made tho entertainment 
« very enjoyable one. "Peaceful Valley" is 
the offering for stew Year's week, ami should 
receive good patronage. For week of 7, "A 
Contented Wonmii." 

Ivrcu.VATlONAt TllS*TM (Kills P. (Jltck- 
maii. mntingcr,.*-- Last week was n banner 
one at this honse. opening ;M with thcJcw- 
i*h "Hainict," played by request. "The flol- 
ilen Wedding" Christmas nmtluee aud night. 
'■The Wnndering Ji-w" 20. "The Homuniilim 
Jew" 27, "Satan In Paradise" ii,H-:m, Com- 
inemlii^ 31. mill for the week, "The Gvpsv 
Baron," su-jiuss" opera, will be circa, Vita 


| SO N*w Ones Jast Oat, g&c. Sach. I 
I, Acts, Mttnolog*. List] 
J for Uc. Stump. No Postals. 

International VauavlllB Supply Co 



the full strength of the company. This is 
only another means of showiag the versa- 
tility of this really tine company. 

jfcMMLM Tiii.'atur (Jos. Bransky, man- 
ager). — "The Two Orphans" drew fine houses 
last week, and the ulterritte weeps and smiles 
were welcomed be the audiences in a very 
demonstrative mn'nner. That old atand-by. 
"i-'aiist,'* Is the current attracllon, and every 
indication points to thj fact thai the resi- 
dents of t lint section of the city have not 
.Ired of the world-famous piny. Next week, 
•"Hast Lynne." 

I'i-oplk's TiiRATim (Joseph Pilgrim, man- 
ager). — "The Dairy Farm, with all Its' ac- 
cessories nnd thrilling scenes, together with 
the warm farmhouse and nigged outdoor 
views, was warmly greeted n't this stock 
house ns a Christmas attraction. "The 
Lady of Lyons" Is the current hill, and the 
unfortunate lovers of Bulwcr'H sterling 
drama Kliould bring out the patrons In large 
numbers. Next week, "Hnzel KIrke." 

Pbkix Theatpb (Kobert T. Motts, mana- 
ger!. — -"Count -of No-Account" Is now In its 
third w.-'ck. Tiw husluess is big, and the 
patrons like the offering in every wny, for 
trjey are full of the essence of darker humor, 
nnd Uk* performers heera to take life as a 
huge jnk". Will Marlon Cook Is directing 
■.be rehenrsalB of the new offering. 

Howard's Tiieatb.: (Lorln J. noward, 
manoger). — "A Millionaire Tramp" did a 
very good business during Christmas week, 
and Is followed this ween by "Through Fire 
and Water," which has a number of thrills 
to interest the audience. 

Calumet Titratbi:. South Chicago (John 
T. Connors, manager). — "The Man from 
Mexico" Is n jolly offering at any time, and 
last week It brought a lot of laughs to add 
to the Christmas cheer, nnd was played by 
ihc stock company. "Lost Ktver" Is the. 
current bill, and the Booster play wlB prob- 
ably prove of great Interest. Next week, 
"Dora Thome" 

Mablowk Tkkatrr, Rngel wood.— The Mar- 
lowe Stock Co. gave "Too 'Much Johnson" 
during ChrlstinaK week, and the large mi- 

■ clleuce laughed heartily as the lies were rap- 
idly (old, nnd as rapidly added to the con- 
fualoa. The sttmctlon. week of 31, is "The 
Village Postmaster."' 

Majestic Tiiea-ihk (Lyman B. Olover, 
manager), — Tho business done Christmas 
week was most gratifying, and the big bonne 
resounded with applause. The bill for week 
of 31 ■ Includes : Anna Bva Fav, Junle Mc- 
Cree and company, the Five Saivaggis, Beau- 
mont and Wayne, the Aribos. Itlee and Cadv. 
Johnny Johns, WIKon. Bros., Xoblette and 
Marshall, Lindsay's dogs and monkevs, Blos- 
som -.Robinson. Bcahan Sisters, the Columbia 
Serenade rs, and thekinodrome. 
;. Or.vMPic Theatiie (Ah? .Incolrs. maaager). 
— The Kadctte Orchestra headed a gi*eat bill 
liisi week which drew capaoltv houses nearly 
all the week. ,The bill week of. 31 Inclildes: 
The Three Sisters Camaras, McMahon's Min- 
strel Maids. James Thdrnton, -Norton and 
Mcholsoo,- WaterbUry. Bros, and Tennv, 31c- 
Mabon aadChappelle,' Flood Bros, and com- 
pany, Connolly and Klein, Bert and Bertha 
urant. Espe-Bros., Loa and Kay Durbvelle. 
Thompson Sisters, George and Libby Du'nree, 
andthe kioodrome. 

Haymahket Thbatbk (William P. New- 
Idrk, manager).— This West side house did 
excellent business last week, and offers a 
floe bill week of 31. Including: Waiter Jones 
and Mabel Hlte. Clifton Crawford, De Haven 
and Parker. Nat Haines, O Kobe Japs, Allan 
Shaw, the Two Cartmelis, Howard and Ruth- 
erford, Moos. I,a Gette, Davis , and. David, 
Fox and Pox, the HIrschhoras, Paragon 
Comedy Four, Beatrice Carmen, and the kluo- 

Acaup.mi (William Roche, manager).— "A 
Woman of Fire" did well laat week. "A 
Millionaire's Revenge" opens 30, for week. 
Nest week, Lottie Williams, In "My Toiu- 
Boy Olrl." ' 

Bijou Theatre (William Roche, mana- 
ger). — "The James Boys in Missouri" drew 
large holiday audiences last week, and the 
many exciting situations brought forth storms 
of applause. "Bertha, the Sewing Machine 
Olrl, ' Is the attraction New Year's week, and 
will probably do well. 'The Man of Her 
Choice," one of last season's products, will 
have a beating Jan. (1 and week. 

Cort'iiBi's thkathb (Weber Bros., man- 
agers).— "A Millionaire's Revenge" did well 
last week, and the company was competent. 
"Sky Parm" is the current attraction, and 
the simple, rustic play should meet with 
good attendance. "A Woman of FJre" Is 
the underline. 

CniTBRioN Theatre (John B. Itogan, 
mnnager). — "Bertha, the Sewing Machine 
Girl," was the Chrlstmns week attraction. 
"A Woman of Klre" opened 30, and will 
probably do well. "Custer's Last Fight" 

Ai.itAMnnA Theatre (James II. Brown, 
manager).— "$10,000 ltewsrd" did n good 
business Inst, week, uad the big scenes 
brought forth greaL applause, Joe Sunt ley, 
In "Hilly, the kid," opens 30, and everything 
seems to warrant a big week, as the «lnr Ik 
a favorite here. -When Ihc World Sleeps'* 
Jan. 6. 

Stau Theatre (James L. Lederer, mana- 
ger). — The bill here is a good one ns usual, 
and this house Is tusking rapid strides 
tuvvardri a deserving popularity. Those seen 
Include: 'Brrlanna Oilberl. sonbrette; Mal- 
colm nnd Sbevette, comic acrobats *, Lew 
Leover, tenor: Bovlnce nnd Craig, eccentric 
blackface dnncem: the Arcnrls Trkt. kulfe 
throwers: the Byronx, musical 3longollnns; 
Chrlsnum'fl Drass Druid and Ihc Utnroscope. 

Ku son's Tin:vnti: (Sid J. Rnaon. mnna- 

freri- — "Porty-live Second.-* from Clark Street 
iridgc" 1s the en tea line Which this enter- 
prUlug mnnugee has adopted, and It. bears 
good results. The Pnrlidnu Widows nppeured 
last week, in "Tnttl-Frutll," nnd presented 
a good oMn. The llrenter New York Stars 
oiwn MH, with neirlj everything sold out for 
New Year's. The luirlrMpte. is good, the cntn- 
1«ny Is strong, ami the olio includes mutj 
feature ads, prlnilrmi ninong which Is Murv- 
land Tyson and iter Pony Bnllet. Others 
are: Hitch Bios., Busch-Ue Vert Trio, C«ln, 
Hume and Hoey, atul others. Thkathe (John A. Fenoessv, mali- 
nger). — The London Gaiety Girls dill a great 
liiiNlnes* Inst week, mid mi Christmas mnny 
wsra turned away. 'Cswy's Vacation." by 
Pat While, hi which Ihc comedian played 
the lead, opened the show, and giive tots of 
opportunity tor hm work. "Skld-Do-De-O." 
nuother of Pat White's contributions, closed 
the bill, and was «f milllclent merit to get 

■ lo| .jf laumJaa, 'J'be olio included: tratlln 
nnd Young, In rung mul dance: Wnshbmn 
ami Austin, "two uf n kind;" the 1'nmous 
Cpaldeniown Zaruldas. Lewis and Orrcn, In 
eomed.v and sung, and the MiuJcal Bella, a 
clever musical Bet The Hlulto Itoundcrs 
open OH. with all sttnietlve offering. Wat- 
son's l.urlpsiitiers toUow, 

TufM'AiiKiin TttfMTtu: (I. M. Wclugartcn, 
manager). — Hyde's Blue lUMmn Girls, direct 
fi'uiu 'Conquests on tin; Narth side, held 
sway 'vera last week t«i audiences which 
tested tht» eapnchy at overv performance. 
'I he ParlsWn Widows follow, 30. and prom, 
ise to reueat the MWticiH of the former week, 
tflilclt they did on the North side. .Mana- 
ger Ed. Rush was In town last week, 
strengthening the shew, nnd added the cele- 
brated Kuropcaa aensatlosal act, Stuorlta 

La Sola, assisted by Sesor Garcia, In a 
clever alory told in pantomime, entitled "La 
Danse de la Bcvenge." Thi Lid Lifters fol- 

WosDERLASU (G. B. Mills, manager).— 
The children, and even the grown up chil- 
dren,' had a great time here last week, when 
the midget Snnta ClanB made* periodical ap- 
pearances, coming down the chimney In tr.e 
curio hall. with presents for. the little ones. 
They seemed to enjoy hearing bis deep, bass 
voice, and couldn't understand bow such a 
"little chap" could have such "a big voice." 
The attractions, both in the curio nail end 
the theatre, are continual! v being changed, 
aud (lie bouse Is one of the most popular 
la the city. 

LoxDox Dike Mcreim (Wm. J. Sweeney, 
manager). — Christmas boomed the business 
In tfalfl place, and the crowds made merry 
with ell the curious things on view. The 
following are is the curio hall: Zelton, 
sword swoliower : Irene, bag puncher; Mungo. 
X'lln prince: carsello. one woman band, and 
Veno, magician, la the theatre : Madge Mart- 
ley, Alice Hart, Clare Keating, and the Mid- 
way dancers. 

Clabk RTKtcr Mcsr.t'M (T. Ranklne, man- 
nger).— Many Improvements have been made 
la this famous old museum In the last few 
weeks, principal among which was the clear- 
ing out of the lobby, which has been painted 
and redecorated, and new curios placed there, 
so that the entrance has a much more at- 
tractive appearance. This week there are 
many changes In the attractions,, both la 
The theatre and la the eurlo halls, and while 
some of the older features remain, these are 
confined to those which have a steady draw- 
ing power. The list of attractions is not 
available as 1 write. 

Apt&buatii. — Cot. C. W, Roberts, former- 
Iv manager of "A Boyal Slave" Co., for 
Gordon t Bennet, was a Clipper Bureau 
caller Dec 21, while on his way to New- 
York, to assume the management of the Cor- 
don & Bennett atiractions, with heodquarterji 
In that city. Just before leaving the West- 
ern company, In Portland, Ore., the colonel 
was called upon the stage, and was present- 
ed with a very handsome gold watca, upon 
which was Inscribed oa the inside back- 
cover : "Presented to our manaper. Cot. W. 
v. Roberts, by the members of 'A Royal 
Slave' Co., a token of high t?sttem ..-vi 
valued friendship. Cortlnnd, Ore.. Nov. 7. 

HHrtl." The employees of the Great 

Northern Theatre will give a masquerade 
boll oa New Year's eve. . . ."Yank" Newell 

was la town -'7, looking after fhe iaterests 
of his several niiractluns, which are playlns 
la this territory, and which, be tells me, nre 
doing nicely. .... .Two hundred and twenty 

employees -of the Oliver Typewriter Co. were 
guests of the directors of the company at a 
theatre party, at the Garrleb, L'8, ro witness 
"The Soclnl Whirl." Charles J. Ross? wrote 
ji short sketch which was introduced in the 

second act. for their special benetlt 

Kobert Lowe, of the Bush Temple Stock Co., 
sustained a painful injury, 20, during a per- 
formance or "When Knighthood Was In 
Plover,'' when, during a duel, fought with 
George Par ten, the rapier held bv tue latter, 
slipped, cuttlhir Mr. Lowe's Index fllnger to 
the bone. There was considerable excite- 
ment In the audience, which was allayed, 
and when the wound was dressed, 31 tv linre 
went -on with the performance.. . .. .. . 

Students of the St. -Ignatius College (School 
of -.Awing Department) :gave very creditable 
performances j3T.;38, at --Powers', of "If. 1 
Were; King;," Daniel Ub* Lord, appearing ns 
Villon.- and Thomas P.i O'Conner as Loals 
XI. Prederlck Carr superintended 

ddction .John B.Hogan, manager of 

the Criterion' Theatre, was presented with a 
handsome gold watch on Christmas Day, by 

the. employes and. staff of the theatre 

Lincoln .1. Carter, according to custom, went 
down town last week in his touring car, ac- 
companied by Mr. Hogan, and bought al»ut 
S5uu worth of presents, and one hundred and 
eighty turkeys, which he distributed to the 
worthy poor In the district about his theatre. 
The scene about the big touring car, as it 
went f'om street to street, with the generous 
hearted manager and his assistant In It, and 
followed by hundreds of children and grown- 
ups, was a sight to warm the hearts of all. 
....'. .The ventilating system of the Garrlck 
has recently been completely overhauled, and 
with the Improvements made, the nit* is 
changed and - purified every ten minutes. 
The employes of the Trocadero The- 
atre care Manager Weingarten a hand- 
some library lamp ns a token of their es- 
teem, on Christmas Day The annual 

mask carnival of the theatre employes oc- 
curred 1M>, In the Coliseum Annex.. .".-.Leon 
Wnehner's company of German players will 
give "The Bride of Sdessina" at a mntlnee 

nerform'unre at Powers', Jan. 7 

Donald Robertson, tbe'welf kuowa nctor, Is 
the director of the dramatic art department 
of the Cosmopolitan School of Music nnd 
Dramatic Art, in the Auditorium Building. 

Chas. A, Bird, formerly manager of 

the liarrk-k Theatre, and now assistant gen- 
eral manager of the Shubert enterprises, is 
In the city, looking after their various prop- 
erties Che road company of -"fhe Time, 

Hie Pin co and the Girl" .opened to two ca- 
pacity houses In .Toilet, III.. Christmas Day, 
and hundreds were unable to gain admission. 
Arthur I*eagon made n great big bit, nnd en- 
tire company ama very iatlsfartory. The 
season Is well hooked, and there is everv 
reason to believe thai the road company will 
lie as successful as the one now In Chicago. 

. . 111 •-' following companies laid off bert; 

the week before Christmas: Prank Daniels, 

l-rlntf unci "The hoclnl Whirl." 

Che star Theatre Is sending nut sachet pow- 
der In envelopes, as n meraenio of the holi- 
day season, mul the Clii*j'i;» Kurenti re- 
eclved one, with the compliments of the sen- 

•**"» The Yale Glee, Banjo mul Mando- 

liu Hubs piryetl and snug to n tremendous 

house Dec. $| Pnsquellnu De Vi»e. u 

young Italian nctrcss, will be seen at the 
Alhnnibi-,1 next inonlli, ns the Is starring lu 
"When the World Sleeps.". .... .Mrs. James 

A. Heme has been engnged to since the pro- 
ductions nt the New Theatre, but it Is an- 
nounced that Victor Mnpes will remain 

I-dwnrd Frolhorgor.a well known Chicago 
newspaper man, has boon uppointcd iires^ 
represent ntlve of "The Wnlls of Jericho" 
........ Bennett's Dramntlc Exchange has 

mm Ihesp engneements recentlv: P. Q Mr- 
l*eau. with "Prince Karl;" Margaret Kav- 
moud, with North Bros.; Alvrih Slmms, 
Snnijiel irles and Mr. and Mrs. Albert 
Hrtghinn. with the Aihtnis Stock Co.,Tam«n 
b hi.: iTtink Jnbln nnd Corn Lnndls, with 
"Ouster Brown;" Burl list llollcnbeck, wttit 
1 osf- ('oghlsn; Geo A p. Johnwm, nenrv 
Uiesterileld otid Win Burnett, with Chicago 
Oiie-rn U«af Stock Co. ; Butler MaudevuFe, 
w t' ,»\ Il 1i'" fo1 ' n w '*»w: M Geo. Lionel 
with "The Bronco Buster;" Chaw. O. Wolfe 
iinilAl.Mnrdn wllh "That Little Swede:" 
\V A. Data, \ intent McCarthy and Kdwln 
Dor ng, with Uobert Wayne. -ami J. B s t , 
\rnln, In stock, in EvanfiVllIe; II. E. Ma'c- 
nus nnd wife, with "Sweet Clover" Co..' and 
Mntlldn Mnrtf. with the Russell Brothers 

- Henry KuhkcI: bns decided lo eelcet 

by liopulur vnti; two of thcoperns lo be given 
during i In* run of the Snn Carlos Opera Co 
ut the Auditorium. Postal enrds will be 
nineed !n the proRrnnimes of the Thoiutis Or- 
theMin, and pat rubs Will be renuestc-d to 
shritify their eholrc In wtltliig i>u lite card 
nnd thru mull it .Manager John A. 

[■eiuirssy Oi; nl I'M file report fctcntlv c ! rtu- 
laietl -Hint application had been made for a 
receiver for the Polly Tbostre The 

^P, ft, \r ,0 ! , I K? t *. a , lua * alfl ^ nt fonditloa of 
Die aloKsinlt Chrlstuins night, and on 27, 
before crowded homes. Genevieve Clark 
V Ihwn wis the soprano, chrlstlue Miller, 
etmtrnlto; John B. Miller, tenor, nud Wll' 
llam Harper, has?. Harrison M. Wilde con- 
dueled, nnd Arthur Dunham presided at the 

organ The hm-lsel •gtiarlette will give a 

chamber coacert la Music -Hail Jan. 8... 

Walter Damrosch and his New York Svin. 
pHony Orchestra will give a performaoce at 

Hympacnv Hall Jan. y.. "Delrdre" 

Michael Eiposlto'a cantata, will be glvta for 
the flrst time In America at Orchestra Hail 
Peb. .1. under the direction of toe '.-<<.,' 

Choral Society Mme. Olga SamarofT wni 

give a piano recital Snnday afternoon, ,r T , 

lil George Hamlin, who will return in 

January from a. trip abroad, will give ■ 

recital at "Sluslc Hall, '£7 The Boston 

Symphony Orchestra of ninety-eight plect* 
Dr. Karl Muck, conductor, will tmke Its ; -,'. 
pearance at the Auditorium Jan. 30..,. 
Lthel Gllkey -was a Clifpeh Bureau caller 

24 Helen Harrington joined, ibe ,i Zjj-." 

Co. last week, at short notice, to play Alice 
Bad word comes that she Is meeting wlni 

great fluccers Al. Kranz.- a member of 

Sara Bernard's company, in "The Hicb Mr 
Hofgenhelmer," sends me his photograph 
wit a a Merry Christmas; also a verv ornat^ 
calendar for the ensuing year, done In wat*>r 
colors by nimself. Besides being a clever 
actor, Mr. Kranz has done considerable paint- 
lag In water colors, several of which hang 

upon the wails of the Western Bureau 

Other Christmas greetings came from Helen 
Harrington. Herbert II. Winched and Waller 
ji. Hoi'o. of Lottie Williams' company, in 
"My Tom-Boy Girl ;" from Charlie Prlnc* 
and from Lucille Spinney, leading ladv of 
the Clayton Legge Stock Co., Worcester, 

Mass Frank C. Payne, agent for llearr 

W. Savage'R "iladame Butterfly" Co., passed 
through bere 14. on his way to in? 
coast, and left much billing matter for 
the engagement at tbe Illinois, Jan. srj. 
Car No. 1 nnd car No. 'J, went through last 
week, and the blllers already have tbelr 

hands full Mary Elisabeth Forbes, 

who has been playing a small part In "Tiu> 
Walls of Jericho.' played Lady Westerbr. 
17. with one rehearsal, and wis so meats* 
ful that she will play the part during tho 

rest of tbe tonr Howard C. Hickman. 

formerly of the forces ot the Bush Temple, 
Is now a member of the Chicago Opera ILm* 
Stock Co., and appeared for the first time 
with that company la "All the Comforts of 

Home." Nearly all the Chicago paper* 

had mention of the Christmas performance 
which Tdny Pastor gives annually to tbe 
stage children, and it la surprising to> kaot.- 
how many people know, or know of, the 
"Dean of Vaudeville," so far f rom ' the scene. 
of- bis triuraobs and good deeds. ... .."The 

Golden Butterfly" Is the title of Kellar's 
new mystery, which be will Introduce to 

chlcagoaus next week, at McVIcker's 

James K. Hackett proposes to give the c!tr 
tbree bronze tablets, to commemorate the 
city's early thentrlcsl enterprises. One will 
be placed on the building at 15 Market 
Street marking the site of the flrst the- 
atrical performance- ever given in Chicago; 
another on tbe old Rlalto. Building, 8 Dear- 
horn Street, will show where Joseph Jeffer- 
son n.-ade his first appearance, the building 
then being known as the Rlalto Theatre. The 
third tablet will be placed at $4 Randolph, 
where the first thealre ever built In the rftv. 
was dedicated to the public. Juae 2S. 18t7. 
The Actors' Protective Union has se- 
cured an Illinois charter, with headquarters 
at- l,i."> Randolph Street. .. . Clipper Bureau 
callers Included: Frank Sehweck, W. V. 
Petty, Frank Hilton. Prank Cirtoll, of "The 
Beauty Doctor" Co.: Frank Fordham. L. J. 
Raich. Stltb and Htltn, S. A. RJcardo nnd 
Billy Beard ., ... „ J 

.- * ' »» j . ; .' ... 


. Boston. — The principal new bills for week 
of Dec 31. are: -E. II. Sothem and Julia 
Marlowe, in repertory, at tbe Boston: John 
Drew. In "His Hdus'e in Order," at the Mol- 
lis Street, and Kyrle Bellew, in "Brigadier 
Gerard," at the Park. Attractions to coa- 
tlnoe are: Bertha Kallch, In "The Kreuner 
Sonata," at the Majestic; George M. Cohan, 
in" "George Washington Jr.." at the Colon- 
ial, and "Coming Thro' the Rye," at tbe Tre- 
rnont. Krnest lloean. In "Rufus Itastus." at 
the Globe, and "The Volunteer Organist," at 
the Grand Opera House, are tbe popular 
priced offerings. The umial weekly change of 
bill Is .made at the 'stock, vaudeville and 
burlesque houses. All amusement places re 
ported bnslness nt top notch during Christ- 
mas week. 
. Boston (Lawrence McCnrty, manager). — 
Monday evening, 31, marks the opening of 
the annual fortnights' engagement of B. H- 
Sothem and Julia Marlowe. . The repertory 
for the first week Includes: "John tbe Bsp 
tlst," "Jeanne 0' Arc,'' ."Romeo and Juliet.'' 
'The Sunken Bell" and "Ha-mler." "Mr* 
Wlggs of the Cabbage Patch" closed twu 
weeks of satisfactory business ^D. 

IL' 8THKKT (Isaac B. Rich, managfr). 
— Joan Drew gives "His House ha Order" :tl, 
then l>eglnnlng a two weeks' engagement. Hi' 
follows Viola Allen, who enjoyed good Iwsl- 
ness, la '•Cymbellnc," during tbe past fort- 

Park (Chns. Prohman, Rich it Harris 
managers). — Kyrle Bellew, la "Brigadier 
tlerard," 31 aad week. Clara Bloodgo^d* 
fortnight, in "The Truth," resulted in ex- 
cellent financial returns. Lulu Closer.' In 
"Th? Aero Club," Jan. 7. 

Majestic (A. 1+ Wilbur, manager).— TkH 
is the second and llnal week of Berths 
Kaltcli, la "The Krentzer Sonata." A very 
favorable rrlrlcal verdict was liacked by line 
liuj:lne*s during the past week. Jaine* f- 
Powers. In "The Blue Moon." will follow. 

Colonial (Chas., Itlch &. HarrK 
r-"-gerst. — George M. Cohin scored a d' p ; 
elded snecesa In "George Washington Jr.. 
L-. .vt-est, nnd wilt eoniinue this week, u* 
will be followed, 7, by Henry B. Irving aw 
Dorothea Balrd. 

Tkkmonv Una. B, Bchoeffel, manigerl.— 
"Coming Thro" ibo Rye" proreil an exclieiu 
fiitractlou during the past fortnight, it 
wl'l remain until 5, 

fliAiat: (Stnlr, Wilbur & Klcolal. rnana- 
gcrst;— The Xew Tear's nttnii-llon Is Krnest 
lU\K*u, m "ItufiiM Rastus." During the 
nasi week "Pniilnsmn" pleased me.nieo 
nouses. Grace Cameron, fa "LIU le l»oii> 
DlniplV* next. 

GtjUKA OrERA IIot.Ki: (Geo. W. Mcgw- 
mnnager).— "The Volunteer Organisl" iiiw 
week, following a wvck uf fine business tor 
"The Confessions of a Wife." Next week, 
"Chlnamwn Charlie." _ . , 

Casti.i; Siji'ahk f Boston Stage Society, 
mnungersi.— "Twelfth Mght" la the offeiiuj, 
of the bouse stock tills week. "Sberiorn 
Uolnit-B" was finely presented. to big IKEW" 
last week. "Leah Klesclinu'' 7-12. _ 

lluoi: (John Cmlg. innnnger).— "Jack no. 
Jill & Co." will remain the bill during tie; 
current week, having- attracted excellent 
crouds last week. "A Poor llclution is '■■ 

Bownoix Soiauk (O. K. IsOtbrop. nisns- 
per.)— "Goldllelds of Nevada" Is the »t« 
Yoar's offering. H follnweil "Kidnapped I" 
New York." which attracted great through 
"(^ttystiurg'' nest week. , ,„„ 

Kkitii's (B. P, Keith, manager).— Mastf 
Gabriel and companv bead the bill this week. 
Newcomer* are : Unman 1 Octette and we 
Girl with the tin ton, Klfsmtira Japanese 
Troniie, Soiu Walsoii'rt Fiinnyarit. ,t I rtriei'- 
llavcn and Eftle Lnwrclice. Tnylor Ilol»i<f>. 
tbe l'lcnuays. Fields and Wollcy. the Kit 
tons. Ifslley nnd Mrrhnn. Ksrtt's u«fe 
'Wise Mike;" Brooks and Vedder. Alvln -;"" 1 
KftdneJ*. and hew motion pictures. Duruw 
Christmas week the tMqb»:tt» packed. 

OrtriiBPM (Tercv Williams, maahter).-^ 
Charles Warder, in "At the Ttlephour 
heads the excellent hulldav bill. Other sirofl*- 
carde are Kllie Fay, Coran, Grace sSSSt 
and company. Sydney Grant, Toy Hol.a"; 1 ; 
Kddle Mack. Herlterfs dogs, new ritiigrrpp 1 ' 
views aod others. Big crowds wlltresscd ■■■ 
e'ltertnlnraent last week. . 

HnwAnn (Jav Hunt, business manneerj-: 
Opening Dec. ;il : Mr. and Mrs. Gene Hughe," 
Famous Faust Family, Iloss and^bewls, im 

' J-A-»JJABY ; 5. 



IT IS, somEXHiraG rVEW 


_* vonijs by 

Harvey Ya 

Send .Recent Programme lor Prof, copy 


jutT err 

c huh us 




ALL Tlin flOVH «.\H'TK IIKR 



L*bakans, Bertie' Kbwler, Wise and Milton, 
Cbaa. H. Mackle, Butler HaVHaud nnd com- 
pity. Brattle; add Draft Anna Golde, toe 
Clevelaodb, PranJts' and FrankB. the How- 
ard-cope, and the burlewiuers, hi the song 
carnival, "Koine thing Doing.'' S. R O. last 

ifALACR (C. H. Watdron. manager). — Rose 
Fydeil a Loadon. Belles this week, following 
Hobfc's Knickerbocker!, who gave a first class 
show, to At bou.$es, last week. 

CuxuubU ill. N. Farren, rtjanoger). — Tbe 
Pay Foster Co. this week, The olio names: 
Resale Phllllpa, the McCfill Trio, the Famous 
Nelson .Comlques. Alsace and Lorraine, and 
the Great" Carroll. The Empire Burlesquera 
stood people up last week. 

lA-ccvii (G. H. Batcheller, manager).— 
Hlce A Barton's Big Gaiety Co. week;. of 31. 
Al. Beeves and his capsule company pre- 
seated One entertainment to capacity busi- 
ness last 'Week. 

Austin * Stonc'b Mi skim (A. B. Wliltc, 
mauager). — In curio hall, second and final 
week.: Nulla and India, ferocious lions; 
Gulltnette, equilibrist; Count Victor Baalle, 
vegetable king': Signer Mczottl. physical cul- 
ture marvel ; Topps Band; TlU's Marionettes 
npd Ttlxia. pnake queen. In the theatre, 
Minstrel Maids. Introducing: Violet Dale, 
Ida 'Campbell.. Clara. Steele, Alice Berwick. 
Casslc .Vlolu Crawford, Minnie 
Burke. Qilfi Musette, ITrank Cook, Lew Bene- 
dict, Boli.ttesinond, J'lrk McG rev/,. Harry 
McUrevy. nnd extra specialties by SIcKcever 
nnd Sundry. Christy Tiros., Mildred Ulsa, All- 
ston and Grieves and moving picture*. Im- 
mense btwinesu last week. '• - 

NiCKEtoi«o.N (W. H. Wolffe, manager*. — 
In curio hall ill and, week:; Prof, Kartell. 
physical culture exponent : Drako's dogs and 
sheep, nilchern, cartoonist, and the Two 
Teroai, second - sight exhibitions Stage 
show: Blanche Savoy, Sadie Melrose, Goldle 
Hutch. Sadie Prescott, Mil Learned, Alice 
Helrinott. May Lincoln and' Anger uud Thl- 
batilt. Business line. 

^".u-Kti's Mtrscti'M (L. It. Walker, mana- 
ger). — In cnrlo hall : John Mi-Hale, pool ex- 
pert : Martha Wagenfubrer. "Maid of Niag- 
ara;" Prof. Lyneh'B" Punch and Judy, and 
the trained roon&pys. Nina SearV* Stiver 
Star Burlertniew furnish the stage entertain- 
ment. Big crowds were in evidence lust 

CO)flt*UK (W. J. Alteu. manager). — Pic- 
lure features for week of 111 are: "Married 
for Millions." "Sived by a Melon," "A Skat- 
ing Lesson." .and ."The Telescope,*" lllus* 
tested aong aolojsts are: John Eeasley, Harry 
Downing, Thomas Bullock, Frank Cuban, 
Grace Hordauat, May Vincent and Lillian 
Morgan. Instrumental and other numbers 
are. "furnished by Harry Kussell, B. K. Haw- 
kins, Helen CJiialey-, W. O. Johnson and Henry 
Des Rlverles. Toe bouse was taxed to its 
utmost capacity during Christmas week. 

Notes, — Sunday concert bills, D»c. 30: 
A'(/f«r«— Cameron and Flanagan, O-lilett's 
dggs and monkeys, BIrner Tenley. Crane Bn>B„ 
Cooper and Ilobtcsou, Prof. Alllnel, Seymour 
and HiiL Mr. nod Mrs. Cnl Stewart, and the 
klcetograbb. JtotcdoiH Square — Samoi« Arab*. 
W.J. MeDermott. Whitman Sisters and Willie 
ItublDsoh, ibe Hoopers, Bryant and Savllle, 
McKeevur and Sandry, Mochou, Dan Began, 
and Butler Ilavlland. Oroftcu-w— Henry Lee, 
Henri French. Amerlcua Comedy Four, Three 
Meers, Zlarari Troupe, Johnson and llardy, 
Arroin Bros., and Dolly Day's dogs.' tfjrtn- 
pftonv Hall — BoBton Symphony Orchestra 
i>enbion fund concert. . ..Mme. Nordlca will 
give a song recital In Symphony Hull on 

Saturday afternoon, o Dr. Nqwell Dwlgbt 

Illllls ■ wll I'lect'Urc on Kuskln, at the sec- 
ond- entertainment' In .the Boston Lyceum 

..course,. at •Ttemont Temple, on Dec, 31. • 

Work hasalrekdv commenced on the new 
theatre to be erected at tbe corner of Beach 
ond Washington Streets. M. H. Mark, pro- 
prietor of the' Conaique. Is at the head of the 
enterprise,- and moving pictures and lilua- 

tratetl 'soogs wlllhcthc attraction The 

local theatrical managers liare . formed an 
association, with officers as follows: Presi- 
dent. John B. Hetioeffcl: vice president, A. h- 
Wilbur;, 'treasurer, T. B. Lothian; secretary, 
Ifc.-K.- Dslanrt; directors. Harry N. Farren, 
Cbas. J. lUch. E- D.:Jimlth, D. L. .ftoblnsan. 
lAwrence McCarthy. John B. Schoeffel and 
Lt F. Delahd ...... W. J. Alien, manager of 

the Comlque. was presented with a Slorrla 
chair and a smoking set by the employes of 
that house, on Christmas. 

YrVrra. Behncke 

&VALE ^USI..; PUB. CO.we^ 

horn, manager).— The Benaett-Moalton Stack 
Co. played to good business week of 24. 
Vlillntn A. Dillon Co.. opening 31, for the 
week, .wjtli Nance O'N'ell nppcaring Jan. 2. 

Note.— The . Ljnn members of the Stage 
Workers" t'nlon, celebrated Its anniversary 
New. Vear'a eve, with a banquet and euter- 

Sprlnfffleld.~At tbe Court Square (D. 
O. aUaiufe, mandgerj Monde Adams, In "Poter 
I'an," Dec. 21. 22. "The Vnnderbllt Cup." 
!fl, went with n whirl, which gave three 

Booked week of 31 : Wnrd and Currnn. llnyes 
mid JohMon, Meredith SUtei-d. Ik-unluts, 
Lewis urd llennlngs, CIIQord and Burke, 
Nora Keety, Nettle Kelly and moving pic- 

Norn.— J, Fred Lees, the genial manacer 
of the Colonial Theatre, was presented wuh 
n coM watch on Christmas tmy by the nt- 
tuclies. of tbe theatre. 


Taunton. — At the Taunton Theatre (Cuhu 
A Cross, managers) the Avery Strong Co., 

-. „.. ___ . with flrat class specialties and ■ selected list 

fair slzfd audiences only time for laughter. f ,,i Iy - dia we Ii. West's Jubilee Minstrels 
Male .Junta was vtuy aufcessful. William j« n 5 

Collier, In "Caught in the Main," 27, pleased. *-— 

Wallace Eddlngeh a local favorite, came in 
for a "large Bhare of the applause. Grace 
Cameron 2ft, Elhel Barrymore 20, "His 
Honor, the . Nayor," Jan, 1, Lulu Glaaer C, 
(Jcorge M. Conan 7, 8, Annie Russell V, 
"Coming Thro' the ltye" 12. 

Nfisun (Oed. 11. Miller, manager), — Two 


The 'tourists Dee. 23." ltlchard Golden 
was as entertalnlug as ever. "Taps" 26, 
with John K. Kellei-d. The Sbuberte' latest 
production, '•the Mimic and the Maid," 27, 
pleased. Lena Aaliwell 28, 29, Dan kyan's 
Stock Co. 31, Indefinite. "The Bella" this 

Pou's CCrordon. Wrlgliter, resident mana- 

fer). — Billed week of Dec. 31; Fred Karno's 
larly Birds, Dofacrty Sisters, Maddon, Flu- 
mtritk and company. Paul Barnes. I'rof. Du 
ltots. Metropolitan Ojiera Trio, Bawls and 
Von Kaufman, nnd clectrograph. 

UiLitoaE (/, T. Damon, manager). — "The 
Cowboy Girl," Dec. 20-22, pleased the pat- 
rons. Harry Bryant's Extravaganza Co.. 24- 
26. ' met with decided approval. "Dora 
Thorne" 27-2!). Al. Ueeves r Co. 31-Jnn. 2, 
Wee J: Barton's Gaiety Co. 7-l». 

New Year's Dorsoa.— John «;. Fee Is with 
the "2aza" company, now playing in tbe 

South <ieo. S. Ilnn.scomb, buslneMii mnn- 

ager of thn Clara Turner Co,, spent Sunday 
with bis family here. '23. .... .Clara Blood- 
good's engagement for Dec. ;il, at the Court 
Square Tneatre. was canceled on account of 
Miss Bioodgood's Illness All t lie com- 
panies In this city Chrlatmas enjoyed little 
informal affairs, at which presents were ex- 
changed, 11 ml many presents from home were 

hroushv to ' the . various people M .. - 

iflnnis Bros left liiMt Monday for Sarntogu, 
N. Y., to rejoin the (Juy Bros. Minstrels. 
after a short time spent ut their liumc here. 

C.vai so < Kilns * Koi-nlc. managers 1.— ■ 
Hob Munchester'i* Night Owls, hi two lively 
Hklts. "'Hie Mlllluitnhe ItarbSuc" uud Tin' 
Devil's Klicbniitment," week ut 31. Tlu> Umo 
Hill Tolly Co. lnul twelve big nudlfiices In ut- 
tenilance Inst week, ltwblc'a KtilcherlHiekci's 7. 

TGocvOnno (Fred Wlllwm, mannger). — 
Williams' Imperials niv liere ill. The Cherry 
Blossoms bloomed on cnptulty houses at nil 
performances Inst week. The Merry Mnliltnx 

Klkvuntii Stjikkt Oi'Hua Hoi'hi: (Frank 
Duuioni, mnnnger). — The llrKt part, with 
Frank Duinonl ns Interlocutor, and Vic 
Richards and Hiifrhey Dougherty na end men, 
Is always the popular feature of the hill at 
this house. The programme for New Year's 
week ulso Includes thi> burlesques. "Itaplil 
Transit. Nit." "Itooscvvll's Trip in Pnnaiun" 
and ."Music Mashed Iter." IliiKluess continues 

Kin'tii asp Auni Mrsiiiu i'P. V. llop- 
l:in>i. niiuiager). — Hunrikui, the uniih-ss and 
legless innu, wuh a strong drawing card 
Chrlalmn* week In the curio hall, and la 
continued for Mils week. In nililltlnti to iho 
niffurds, .luiiimry Jacob*, (luntet Itoyd uiiij 
11. II. Sotdeiif. in the tbimtre (be vaitde- 
provides (hat tickets muHt have the price or viile bill is bended by lllclinnl Hiinilln, Hurry 

* h. Ilnnsoii nnd I.uliln's fiocogroph. 

NiiTKB.— The Kuiplrn Thcntre, hi Prank- 
ford, a suburb nf this city. rco|>cncil 24, 
uruler the nmiinKCUieul of J. I*. McCoy, 11 
local huslness innu. Big linuses wro.lii fit- 
tendance last week tu wltnens the bill, which 
UtrilMlktl 'Ibf llarlcin IIhim. Iltib nail Ilerllm 
Hyde, nnd Tlllv Snnltny. The Cnslnn, Tnica ■ 
dew, Lyceum and I'.ljou will give extra p«r- 
forinniu'cs on Now Year's eve. beginning ut 
midnight. Thin In an old lueal cuAloui, nnd 
■he houses nre Invnrlnbly ennviled. The 
'I'honrrlcii Mr-chnnh'ftl AsHoclnlhm gives Its 
nnnunl hcitclH at the ('bpslntit Street Then- 
ire on Iha aflariHsna at Jan. 2o. Nixon A 
Zimmerman have tendered the uie of I be 
theatre, and tulnut will be furnished from 
nil (he attractions pitiylny In town Hint 
week. The cinnmlttc In charge rtnislwis of: 
Albert Curdttcr. Clinrles It. Kprague unci 
f.'hui-leH II. Levi'Ing. A nenl sum wuh renl- 

1'hllad«>lphl*. — The ordinance providing 
against the scalping of theatre tlckcta was 
to have come, up before councils last week, 
but for some reason It was not reported from 
the committee on police. It Is no** said that 
tbe ordinance will have some drastic features 
attached to It. the principal one being the 
forfeiture of tbe license of any house that 
does hot comply with the new law. which 
provides (bat tickets mime have the price or 
admission printed on them, and rauBt only 
be sold ut tbe theatre Itself. Christmas 
week brought thousands of viM-ir*- '■ '"TJ 
and all the playhouses were well patronized. 
For New Year's wetk all the uowu town 
houses have holdover nurr>-it;riK. Wll* ' '■' 
exception of iho Lyric, where Lew Fields 
gives "About Town' as UicjiI prt-u-t'it-. 

Lyuic (Messrs. Shubert, tnanngersj. — Lew 
Fields, In tils big production of "About 
Town," has Its first local view Dec. 31, for 
a Hires weeka" stay. Severnl memlwrs of 
bis supporting company, which Includes Peter 
V. DalU.T. Blanche Btng, George Bebun, bdim 
Wallace Hopper and Harry Fisher, have not 
lieen aeen here for several seasons, Binoche 
Bates. In "The Girl of the Golden West,' 
departed SO, after u fortnight ot excellent 
business. . 

Oarbick (Frunk Howe Jr.. manager).— 
'The Squnw Man" bus uchlev-ed wide pomi- 

whs bestowed by the press und public In the 
spirited acting of Wm. Fuvcrahnin and an 
excellent supporting company. The engage- 
ment !» for three weeks, ending Jan. U. 
•The Man from Now" follows. 

Chestnut (Nixon & Zimmerman, mnua- 
«•«).— Llillan Bunnell, in her latest play, 
•The Bdttertly," received cordial greet inus 
by line houses, last week. The comedy has 

and the Maid" was given at the Academy many bright lines and gives the Btar good 

of. Music, Northampton, Mass.. 23. Tbe play, opportunities. The supporting ^ company 

the bouk of which In by. Allen Lowe, and 

score or'- A.. Baldwin Slosne. nutnifers among 

its members Will C. Manderrllle, Maurice 

Itarcv. Alice Kraft Bentson, Elsie La Rue 

and Dorothy- Russell Antoinette Si-n- 

moWska-Adanidwsba. the pianist, will give 

a recital at the IHgh School Hall Jan. 7. 

.- ..Jig. A I 
larlty and attracted big houses. Much nralse txeil by n heiiellt given by Bliinebi- Bnten. nl 

" (he Lyric, i»n Dec. 2M, In aid of SI, I.uki 

Darin*-; next Summer they will play vaude- 
ville dates ..... .The premier of 'The Mimic 

llolyuke. — At the Opera House (JflioeM 
H. 0*Conr.eJl, tnanager) "Qulncy Adams 
Sawver" .(William H. O'Neill, manager), 
which company has been rehearsing nt tie 
Opera House, gave ltd. Initial performance 
CnrlatmaB Day.' and continued at this house 
for the rest of the week. The company, 
which gave .general satisfaction. Is a welt 
Dulanced one. and the cast lit as follows: 
Qulncy Adams Sawyer, Wellington A. Plai- 
ter.; &klel Petteneill. George o. Lockwood : 
Obadlali Stront. C. Colton White; Arthur 
.Hastings, 'ISdwin GangmaSter : Hiram Max- 
well, . A. . CTietter Taylor; Deacon Mason, 
Lawrence Jenkins ; Abner Stiles. B. Benja- 
min Johnson; Benonl Hill, Fred Colby; Sam 
HUl.Mnri: Dvser: Bob Wood. William Kelly ; 
Jim Cobb, Henry Snider; Bill Cobb, George 
Hendrlckson ; Llndv Putnam. Grace Bayley ; 
Alice Petteneill, Florlene Farr; Mrs. PuL- 
Eileen .IV Seymour; Mandy. Skinner 

headed by Eugene Ormonde, adds .to the sue- „ ^W biislneps was up to the S. It 

cpsb of the performance. The engagement „t --■- « ■■»■■ — '• .-■-.• - 

ends Jan. C. Hattie " Williams, lu *"lbo 
Little Cherub" 7. 

Broad (Nixon ft Zimmerman, msnuirois). 
— K. S. Wlllaril, la a delightful portrayal of 
Colonel Newcimbe. In '^Tlic Newconibes. 
drew large and appreciative houses last week. 
The Becond week of the engagement, begin- 
ning 3), wilt be devoted to "The Middleman. 
"The Proieusor't: Love Story." "A Pair of 
Spectacle-*" and ."The Man Who Wm. >. 
S. Goodwin, In "The Genius," 7. 


k Zimmerman, managers).— "The Lion nnd 
the Mouse" begun. 31. Its llfth and final 
week. Last week business showed no nhote- 
ment over the previous weeks. George M. 
Cohan, In "George Washington Jr.," Jan. 7. 
Walntt (Frank Howe Jr.. uianager).— 
Clmuncey Olcott, In "Blleen Aathore, sang 
with all his old time sweetness,. lo crowded 
house*, lost week. This is the thirteenth 
consecutive year that Mr. Olcott has been 

the Christmas and New Yeur's attraction at mnlntnlntiig, owning, lousing nod operutlng 
this house. ISmuia Curua, In "Too Near theutres. 

Home," 7. 

PABK tF. V: 

—■'As tfe Sdw,' 

Nlxon-Nirdllnger, mitnagorl. 
which has been drawing big 

Alinonn, — At tho Kloventh. Avenuo (1. 
C. Mlslilnr. manager) the Kentucky Belles 

Holly Hallls: lluldv Mason. Dorothy Pem- l»ouaes, enters. Ita tlilnl asd (innt week uec. p u yc ^ t o big ivturns Dec. 24. "Qulney 
broke; Tilly James, Vlah Walters ; Samantha lt._ *'TM Jntl BsjjMir Wft «. M g _ 11 AJniu, Hitwycr"_ iHd capacltjr l» l .?. ,r,0 1t - 1 *- 

Fall River.— At the- Savoy ( W. F. Mnson, 
resident manager) "On Dangerous Ground," 
Dec. 24-2«, played to good returas N "The 
Girl from the Sunny South." 27, pleased. 
Georgo Monroe, In "Die Time of Your Life'. 
28. 20. found favor. "Happy Hooligan" 31- 
Jan. 2; Little Egypt Bnrlesquers 3. Nanco 
O'NcIl -1. 5, "Bertha, the Sewing Machine 
Girl," 7!i: "Coming Thro' Ihe Bye" 10, 
Viola Allen 12." ■ ... , „ 

AcAi»K«r or Mckii: (\\. V. Mason, resi- 
dent manager).— Clara Turner Stock Co., 
Dec 24-2H, played to good business, and 
gave great. satisfaction. Feaberg. Stock Co. 
31 und week. Myrklc-llarder Stack Co. next 

SirevDT's (Ch»s. K. Cook, manager).— 
Wm.-J. O'Hearn. In his new production, "A 
Itumapce of Ktllamey." proved, to be the 
]*anner drawing card of the keason last week, 
business being to capacity all week. Al. JL 
Weston and company. In "The New Reporter, 
and Ten Brooke -Lambert Trio ulso .scored 
heavily. Week of Dec. 31: Vassar Girls, 
Harry Thomson. Fran* Ba wl and company, 
Ihillen and Hayes, Daly and Devon*. Msjlvtta 
and Thomss, Dennis and MurLefl, and camera* 
graph. ■ , 

Boston* (Chap. Scolessinger. rnanBgcr).r- , 
Week ol 31 : Dollle Cilfford's Binle-qners, 
with (be following olio; Forbes and Forbes, 
Oorge Morgan. May Waldron. the Murraye, 
Dollld Cilffd^d, James Thurston, 'and Boston- 

' NtctwEiADtsoN'. — Big business ruled last 
week. Current : ■ Rom ftmrth. Vervaline and 
BoWn-oa.- Bill Hurfdlg, Ruth Clarke, and 
NIckeli-coTc. I 

ii mm t ' 

i.viiii. — At the Lvnn Theatre (Frank G. 
Harrison, uiaflag»r) the Fenberg Stock Co.. 
Faatern. concluoW a two weeks', engagement 
here Dec. :»!>. playlcg to good bunlness. The 
Frankle Carpenter Co.. Jere Ondy. mana- 
ger, 31 And -week : Averr Strong Co. 7-12, 
except S. when Viola Allen appears. 

'AtrniTOBiEJt (llarry Katies, manager). 4 — 
BUI this week: Miirnoy. Nichols and com- 

-ioy. Banks. Drarelie Duo. Joe Hatdbana. 
..orm dtid BerthR Glesson. Ccnkle** and Mc- 
Brlde. tbe Be Cbantel .Sisters, the Attolso 
Brothers, and the vltugrnph. 

"Oglf (Cbas. W. Bheafe. manager).— Cur- 
rent htrractlnos: MIK Foltdtix and, W. A. 
Itohme. Fagan and klerrlara. George Morton.. 
Mae Fischer. OeiU'ude and Bobert Day, and 
Sbetfe's tooviag pictures. ^ 

— XttEirsc, 8UGX (Geo, IX. Chect. 

Green. Ida Marie Rogers; Mm Crowley, Lit 
Han Hheldop. White ; Mrs. Hawkins. Frances 
Breeze. . C. II. I'routv, general reiu'esenta- 
tivo; George S. Lockwood, stage manag-er. 
"His Honor, the Mayor," Dec. Ill ; "The Em- 
bassy Ball". Jan. & Vlula Allen 14, "Coming 
Thro' the lire" 15. 

EiiriRB (T. F. Murray, manager). — "Hap- 
py Hooligan's Trip Around the World." Dec. 
24-26. pleased good business. The cast In- 
cluded: Jack-Lyle, Tom White. Frett Read. 
George K. Wright, Violet Stile.v, Jennette 
Mozar." Charles J. Newton, Robert Young, 
ThdraflH Savage, Frank Maekey, George Beccli, 
J. J. Wallace, Krania Webber, Estello Wal- 
dron, Fanny Roble, Maude Scribaer, Blanche 

Giuxn Opeka House (G. A. AVegcfarth, 
manager). — "The Wizard m Oz." .'II. for the 
first time at popular hoUKCH. "Bedford's 
Hope" drew good bouses lust week. Audrcw 
Mack. In "Armh-Na-Pogue," 7. 

Cin.'itD (.Miller 'A Kaufman, managera). — 
"The ICyc Witness" comes 31, Jan. n. Jo- 
seph F. Hortix. in "Our Friend Fritz, was 
cordially received last week by cnpneiiy 
houses at every performance. The vocal ef- 
forts of the star Is s pleasing feature of the | Mwinrm wn „ ,),„„, iVPt . k - f u Jin(] ou 
production. Ihe supporting compuny. whkii chrlBlmn!) mm> wotT luni0 ] nwny m bll{ll 
Fneludcs several members of the oil lore- poP / orinnnccB , * Thn ljm ,„,. ^.^ * of !n | n . 
paugh stock, shnred honors with the Htai. ;.i ut j eK: Th( , s- av aj» fJIrK Nliu Allen nnd 

"Under HouThoro Skies next. mi i-roniinny, Cotiners uud AJdretl, Murray K. 

Illl, the Ilold-ns, Paul HtephenH, Lllllun. Lt 

■The Ninety nnd Nine" Co. 2«. "The Mayor 
of Ijitiglibind" 27, "A Itnce for Lire'" 2S, 
"Hello. Bill," 21); "Girls Will Be Girls" '11, 
Km Tanguny .Inn. I, the Alcnxur Bcaiit|i>s 
•'t, Bthel Iinrrymore, hi "('notnln Jinks." I ; 
Florence Bindley. In "The (Jlrl and the flnrn. 
bier," ."; "As Ve How" 7, "The Master Work- 
man" !►. High School Girls 10, Heluia Her- 
oin n 11, Howe's pictures 12. 
Lvhic (L, B. Cool, manager).— A record 

pKOfLK's (P. G. Nixon-NIrdliugcr, inana- 

... 'manager. Rose Sydell 1 . 
played to good bUHlnens 27-20. "Confessions 
of a Wife 7 * *li-Jnn. 2, Bachelor Clnb-Hur- 
lesnuers .1-5, "Thorns and Orange Blossoms" 
7-0, the World Beaters 10.12. 

""Lowell. — At. the Lowell Opera 'House 
(Calm ft Grant, managers) Frankle Carpen- 
ter Stock Co. did a good business all last 
week, except Dec. 2H. when KlSle Jnnlfl. In 
"'the Vanuerbllt Cup," drew a full house. 
Nance (t'Nell SL Jan. 1. Geo. \Y. Munroe 2, 
f'race Cameron Oiieni Cv. 4, Viola- Allen. In 
"'ymbellne," ". : "CumhiL _ 

AoAnrttv 'Of Hnm (R. -T. Murphy. man> 
ager)".— Severln Be 9MB KliK.-k <'o. played 
In R. B. O. all last week. In "The Silver 
KIPx." "Lights of Other Days" this week, 

iK-m.v way's (J. I. Shannon, manager). — 
Bill weok of Dee. Ml : The Klght Zlngnrt 
Troinjo. Dom Ronea. Johnson nod Hardy, 
six Siunolx. Han Hutringtoii. Whitman 8ln- 
tern, Willie Robinson, the Garners and the 
vltagraph, " * 

Boston (J. If. Tebbttts, monneer). — Tlie 
Gaiety Girls Bnrln-oue Co., leaded by Cbas. 
Irving, and a so'id olio, turned people away 
last week. BUI this week; Tbe Gaiety Olrls 
Burlestiue Stock Co., with the foltowlnar nllo ; 
Clins. and f*1.ira Irving. Rates and Ernclt, 
Bella Ulll and Ada LcmHrc.. 

WMnubt'a 'I-. B. Walker. manRger),— 
NIoh Searles Burlesqnr* 'Co. plnved to R. R. 
O. nil Tast week. Current: Nellie Hartford's ,, 
All Star "Burlewiue Co.. wltb the followlog —-"t." 1 
olio: Catfery tma Grant, the Great Salvalf. mjfti 
Blanche T-oring. Annie .Wolff, new Illustrated 
songs And moving pTemrea. 

FTfiQ«V -" fl * wurlc '" n11 finished, and tho dnciu-utors 

U L' ., tx M KMv mnnmrcrl — Cbss urc working stradlly, nnd iho houan la ex- 

NagTOtAtt 4 J-J-.Jqg^B^J-^g-g' nented to oiien not later than Jan. 11. Tin) 

ileVuln r, wc* n of 8 ar Off a «^lon Lx the opsylng U "Be n Hur." 

Wom B l- r 7 B " ,ud I h ° U8C8 ' " A MWtad N»rrlslo«„.-_At .he Grand Opera II„,. N , 

HauV'h "(John W Hurt, uianager).— /''•'"«• , M - K*iu<hwell. manager 1 Chs-mcey 

Selmn Herman, In "gueeti of ihe Convicts." Or-oll pleswd lib* Ims ntmi Iiee. 22. "On.tha 

roraes ill- 1-ntronu turned out In big nutti- ggg S! HS 1 *^! " l,i H ', K - °;'. ,ff( ' p, ,'. r ; 

ban last week to witness "Her First False Jjrmo ires, >.»■>**•«■ "^nff Dletti^ «ft 

Lawrence. — At the Opera. House (Julius 
A.'. manager) tbe Mvikto'IIni-dor Co. 
drew grAM lntslnesH week of Pec. 24, etecpt 
2". when Hw Janls. ln,"The Vnnilerbflt 
C|iu." playtil t*» a large ami appreciative . 

audience., Slvpnrd's moving pictures dfow vier and Charles Fan-el 
good houses 30- Averr Strong Co. week of 31, 

Blcp." Harry I). Curey, In "Montana," fol 


I'obei'AU oil's (MIII-t A Ksufman. inaiiH 

. rw ). — JeHKlc Bony telle, one of the old stoil 
favorites of this house, appears us the Htar 
In "Trooper Blllln" week of II. "A Wife's 
Secret" was enjoved by line houses last 
week. Billy Clifford. In "The Jolly Baron," 
Jan. 7. 

Stand inn (Dnrcy k Speck, innnngrra). — 
"Faiit Life In New York" will occupy Ihe at- 
tention* of the stock the current week. Over- 
flowing 'houses wit 1 1 Mill "Her First nUN 
Step" 24-2U. "No Wedding Bells for Her" 

Keith's (II. T. Jordan, manager). — 
lioudlni. la bis third and final week. 31, 
continues as the hlg feature In the bill. In 
addition to Mr. and Mrs. Gardner Cran<\ 
Tom F-Mwnrds. James J, Morton. HuefDr 
Joly, Eleanor Dsrcl. Tom Moore, the Pelets, 
Cuwan and Raymond, Zfska and Klsg, ihe 
HaggetHPnu, and the klnetogrnph. Crowds, 
thronged the house at all performances last 

(Geo. W. Rife, manager). — Dream- 
land Burlesi-uers ai. The Twentieth Century 
Mnlds showed to crowded bouses last week. 
Tbe Americans next. 

LYcel'm (Joan 0. Jermon. manager).—- 
Sam Serlbner's Gay Mnsqueraders are lure 
Ml, with vaudeville numbers famished by: 
.In mat tind Lucy Cooper, the WutittnHon 
Trust, Cnrtin and Blossom, I^na Lft I'-mi- 

Irwin's M>tj«:n- 

gooil LnxIniwH 2U. Mny Irwin had ciipnclty 
2H. "The Volunleer Orgnnlsl" 20, "The Wain- 
lug Bell" Jan. 1, "The LIHIe Outcast'' 2, 
Y..M. C. A. eour*!' :t, "The Girl from Broad- 
way" ( re hi ru engagement) 4, "Side Trucked" 
5, Irene Meyers Stock 7-12. 

Niitkk. — Chns. M. Heullnvell, '.lie genial 
muiiager of tlm Grnnd Operii IIoiiko here, Is 
held In high "stt^m by the attaches of Ihs 
li-Hiee, ns wiiR mnnifesteil on Chi'lHlinas, 
when Ii- was m Med Into the green rouin of 
iho theatre on 1111 apparently nrgont mutter, 
lb: uiih aiirprlsed to Had tlm entire ntra rf as- 
scmbled. Willi Klroy Wllllrinm 1 diamni \r 
t-rltlt* of The liaffff IfernUl), who nnswcreil 
Mr. Hfuitbweli's query with r few wellspfikon 
remurkn, and presented him, on belinlf of 
the theatre «(:iff. wllh a lino silk umbrella 

and n gold fminlaln jmn Fred A 111m, 

et-manager of Ihe Grtmd Opera IIoiikc, whs 
in town on Christmas Day, renewing old 

■ I, 1 — .1 H »■ 1 . 1 — — 

C'nriH-ndntc. — At tbe Grnnd Opera llounj 
'George >V. Lowdcr, innnngerj "The Mttla 
OntrUst," Dec. 25. ciitne m good business. 
"Tbe Eye Witness." 27. drew n full hoosii, 
The Bowery Burlesquers. SB, did good bnsl- 
neai. "Tno Proiid to Beg." 2ft, had n lull 
hou»e. "The Gingerbread Slan" 31, "(>n 'the 
llildpe nfMlflnlBhf" .Ifltl, 1. "Hlinple Simon 
Simple'' .'!. week of 7. Manila Ftcuimlug and 
company. In repertnn-. 

Family (!•". L.- llialr, manager). — Week 
if.. Dec. 24 : Ilugbi't '«nd Golden, Vnlvpno 

Al, Iluihuer. In llltMtrated songo; Rose and 
Cose, nnd kltwtogrnpb. ' ■ 

• '■ ■ 

Sfntntoii, — At the Lyceum. (A. J, Duffy, 
in.-innger) "IMIT !■ Prtlfl I PoUfll!" Jan. I, 
"Simple Slnmn Simple" 5. The American 
viiiU'niph. Dec. 2H, plcnsed n fjooii ' sUed 
hoitse. "The Gingerbread Man," 110, had u, 
goml hmise. 

Acaiikmi' (A. J. Duffy, mnaager)-— ",The 
I'biinlmj Arrow" .'ll-Jnn. 2. "A DaaJMHUe 
I'haiice'' :i-.V "How Baxter Hutted In/'.Dmf. 
^7-l'H. drew well pleased I-ouses. 

ft'r.i it i G. NeUup Tee'ta, inaDflger) .—The 
ltohtmliut Liurlowiuci'H week of HI. The* Jolly 
i;Ii1h Ilitrh-fHuicrs, week of 24, came to large 
home.'*. . 

F.1M11.V ill. Ii. Huilth, .malinger).,— Week 
of ill ; Tnl;ii7nnn Japiiiicae Troup*. \ Kmu* 
HhndeH, Three Splllev. Sfiislcut niTiBtiPrs; Mr. 
mid Mm. W. W\ ti'Brlen. Viola and Kngel, 
and 'Mamie Ilnrnlsh, IhiNlneps eantlnuca good. 

\Vlll.«.i.-Biii-rc.-..\i ihe.'.NMbiit (II. A. 
Brown, in.iimgcn Kthd llarrymore. Christ- 
limn Day, drew huge mmm. Al. Leach fol- 
lowed, 11 nd gave a plea slug perforumnce. 
"The Free ljinre" 20. "The Broadway 'Girl" 
.Ian. I. "Sliniilc Slimm Slmnle" 4, Dlgby 
Bell r>. . 

CiiA\n oi'Biw Hoi'mk til. A. Iiniwn, ,mnn- 
ager).— "How Hnxter lluiti-d In" nnd Daniel 
Sully, In- "Tin' .Match Maker," gave; good 
pcrforma-tres in Inrjre InniNe-t, dividing last 
wi'i'k. "A Despcijitr Ooiuce" Hoc. 21, 'Si, 
"The riunilng Arrow" .Inn. -I, ft. 

\Vi]iiii]o«|M>ri.~ -Al the Lycoming Opera 
lloimo (L. .1. l-'lsk. manager) "The Unwrit- 
ten Lhw" met wtih good retKim pcr n , 22. 
Bar) Ihirgrn Stuck Co. did hlg UiiHlncaa ^4 
and week. "Gntes of I'amdlii?- Ill, Al. II. 
Wilson. In "Mats In the AftuL" Jnn, I; 
"Our New Minister" :t. "Gltiawrbrpnd Man" 
4, Howe's plr'Tirc* C: Kirk HroWn Htd'ck Co. 
7 nnd week, 

Noti;. — Fred' M. Lnmnde opeum) the. nr- 
indi< of IiIh new Knnilly Tlu-iiire M, to his 
buRlncsK, *i tut recently piirehiuird a plot of 
ground adjoining. ii)i'ni whlrli he will build 
a largo mller .Blintlng pnvlllon. 

lliu rUltiirn. — At the Lyceum Tli.'iilre 
(M. Ui-ls, iiiuuiiger) May ll win ployed lo big 
business Dec 2o, mid Al Leech nnd the Liiree 
Koselnuls closed the week lo nulls large at- 
leiidnncc. "Our New Minister" Jan. 1, Dtgby 
Hell 4. "The (ilrl from Brondwny" X 

Oi'Kfta IIwaK (M. Hols. Manager), — "The 
Klmiilng Arrow" wna Hie Christmas iiitriic- 
llon nnd btiHlness was up to the S. It, (}. 
fltnuilnril. "The Ninety and Nino" Co. rinsed 
Ihe week. 27-20. lo big business. Tlie AL 
bnui'jra Stock Co. Is announced for 31 nnd 

Notrs. — The inenilKrs of "The Flaming 
Arrow" Co. were tendered a dinner by Mali- 
nger Charles A. Selloli. on the Stags, flftff 
tin 1 evening iierforinnnee. ClirlstimiK Day. It 
wuh an elaborate nffnlr, gifts were exelm ngi'il 

nnd evervbodv had nn enfoynble time 

M'cmljers of May Irwin's Co. had llielr Christ- 
tnaFf dinner In New York City 38.; . . . Aim- 
ploy en of the local theatres presented Malin- 
ger Joseph Frnnk with several iilccim of fur- 
niture on Christmas Day Aisle Dnvecs, 

of this city, bat Joined "The ulngprbreiid 

Man" company Notice Is given (hut nn 

application will be made to the Governor of 
Pennsylvnnln on Jnn. 10. by Snmuel F, Nlrd- 
linger, Frederick G. Nlrdllnger and Louis 10. 
Wood, for n charter' to be known 11s "Tho 
itciH Circuit," the chntneter ami object of 
which Is for the ptirjsise of estiibllKhlug, 

V»rk.— Al Hie York Opcm House (II. C. 
I'cnl/.. manager) the Miirrav-Mtiek«>y Mlork 
Co. ii ll Ifli'go hiiNlneHs, with' well pleased 
iiiidli'i'..i'H. I im., 21-20. "The Volnntngr Or- 
gunlsl" Jan. 1. "A Niglil In ,lnne v ' 2, KUiel 
Burrymori' 3. I»nu Sully 4. "Ills Honor, tlm 
Mayor," fi; "Tlie War C»rrespolidcii,t'* 7. 

I'AUi.oii ( VVni. H. l-yl''. iiiniiilgct-), — For 
ChrlKtinns a Kti-oug bill was presehleu, to Mg 

• • ■ ■ 

.l»liiiHtiMvu.— At tho Cunihrls f If... V. 
Si'lierer. niuunger) "The Nlueiy .nnd Nine" 
iHd ii gifiit business Dee. 2"t. The ' Ken- 
tucky t'.i'llcH hud koulI biiHluesH, two perform- 
■nem. 2"1, "The Mayor of Liuighlfind" gnvo 
I wo excellent performances 2S- "Qiilncy 
A'daiiiH Suwyer" Innt n vel-y good houpu' Lli, 
Tin* Toiaiu.v SlH-iirer Co. Jnn, 1-4, KUiel 
Itnrrytaori! fl. 

Mrt«Soii.~At the Able Opera House (V>*. 
K. netwlllcr. iniimitteri the H-inna Hunting 
('»., Dee. W-2H, played to good ' bii«iiie«B, 
Mlhel Bnrrymurc, In ."Allce-Bfi-Ry-'tlH'-I'ln'," 
^fi. wuh greeted by n Inrgo imdloiic"p. "Tttuck 

■ -ngb - 

Thorn" Xnn. 1, IHgby Bell. 2, in '"Hie Kducn* 
" "A Night In Town" 4, 
Murs" S, lllxnnivt'dlirs 

Hon of Mr. I'lnp.". "A Night In Town" 4, 
"A Message fro'" 


WiiHiiiiiKtou.—Af the New NnlJonnl (W. 
II. Hanlpy. nuinngur) ilif* week, Hlchunl 
Cnilc. In "Tho Spring Chicken." Lust week 
"I'bo I'rlnci' or India plnyed (0 good busi- 
ness. K. S. Wlllnrd. In repertory, * 

CtiLiiMiiM 1 Liickfitt. A Dwyei 1 , managers).— 
This ivebk, Hnrry Btiluer, In "Tho Man (rum 
Now/ Last wecfe Kyrle llellevr, In "Brigadier 
Gerard,"- had fair bushier. Cluiumi'y Oltott, 
In ''Kllcen Asihore," next. 

Muica (I* Stoddard Taylor, mniiager).— 
This week, Kddle Foy, In "Tha Karl and. Iho 
Girl," Last week "The Hose of llie T Alhinn. 
bra" had good sized houses. Henry B. Dixie, 
lu "Tlie Mail on the Box." nsxt. 

Acapbmv nf Music i.L \V, Lyons, matin. 

fer). — This woek, "The Ninety and Nlnb." 
,nst week "No Mother In Guide Iter" 'hall a 
fine following. "Big lleiirted Jim" nort 
week. a ; 

Majtsth: (O. L. Klsler, manituer). — 'I'll Is 
weiik, Billy H. CIlfTftrd, In "A Jolly Baron." 
Last wo"k "The War Correspondent" playod 
to Tulr houses Al. II, Wilson next. • 

Lvcwrrw (Hiigene Kerimn, nmnngftr).— This 
wi-sk, Kenlucky nsMi-H. IjihI week tho Mejrry 
Mnldens plnyed to excellent business. Alcazar 
Beauties ih-m. 

Ciuhk'n (Miss 11, Wlimlfred Ho Wilt, niiin- 
ngcr),— This week: The Crickets, Qnlgley 
Bros., 'Flint (Juurtolte, l/iidell and (Jroilch, 
Four Diinliiirs, Stona Kelfe and her pony, 
Austin Walsh, find the vltftgroph. Capacity 
audiences rtileii Ust wc.ek. '• 



Providence. --Al the I'rovfdenro Ojjera 
House .(Felix It. VVemli'lHchdefer, tunniiflftrl 
Lena Aaliwell uud company, In "The Hindu- 
tulle" nrtrl "Mrx. Darin's Befeiiw," divided, 
week of Dec. 24. with John Kellerd, In "Tujis" 
and "Ilrtiniet," both comimnles playing, to 
goyd Ijimtncss. "Mrs. Wlgg« of the Cnb- 
Imgc Pati'h," HI nnd week. Burlbu Kallch, 
In "Moiinn Vaiitm," ne^t week. , 

K.^ii'Jiu: (HpIHJ A NnthoiiHon, mflnngers). 
— "Around, the Clock." 24-29, Wtt« prpiiourv'ed 
one of (he best tiMrneHons of the season nr 
Mils house. "At tan World's Mercy" 31 krul 
wei'k. "Fncl" 'I'oiu'm Cnhju" next week, 

Kmtii'n (Clms. Luvenherg,, ninn'agcrr-— 
The bill week' of .'II |h iieuded by llsiry 
Tale's Co., In "Fishing." Others oro;. Kva 
WllllnmH and Jon Tucker, In "fHtlniiy's Ufl- 
tur*) {'* the \yesNRlyM. I,ce Tung l-'oo, tli* 
l-'llzgll»bop-McCoy THo, All If id's 'monkeys, 
Hiifi Qulliluti nnd Keller Mack. Dalwv [Mi* 
ninnt, ihe He Vnyv Sisters, Kenny and llol- 
lls, Kellny nnd •Moi-kaii. Mr. mid Mrs, Cnl 
Stewart, und .F0I111 and Her) hn Hh'h. • ' 

Iwrg-aMt ft* II. Custln, mimsKor). — Tlie 
Twentieth Century Molds followed, .31. the 
Fay roster Company, tlie nltrurtbui 24-20. 

WKHTinsMTB» (Geo. |l. Hut iholjcr. niaoa- 
ger). — Rico, & I'arlon's'Gnlcty O. waa tho 
Chrlslma* week attruction, '1*1 ie City Sports 
HI and week. 

Newport Opera Home 
miiunccrs) die William 

ood houses 30- Avery Strong Co. week of 31, tics gave a spirited show, to blc hnsim-aa, itrMl^M, i/i'ny Heurnn .und colnpaoy, - tho, 
C910.VUL "Xff r«U hKS, oaiiosc.-).— laht week. like & Barton/a Co. ntjt. Zluumuaus, la "A icjuncrtuwo Lccttuc.;" 

V«--.v|iiirl. — At the 

(Cuhn ft Cross Co., 

A. Dlllou Co, liuil frilr i-i'itini« |1«C. 'J-P-Jl. 
"The Vnmt-ihllt Cin>" 20. .\tyrltl"tlardrr jf'o. 
Jlt-Jun, 2. Nniic O'Neli :i A it Inn* T. Sim- 
mons, 11. Nmmhiii l»>y, is a member uf Jtlia 
WlUluui A. Dillon Co 




WANNA." May those who 

don't know her, getacquainted 
soon. She's the prettiest and 
nicest girl since 'BLUE BELL' 
and is the rage of New York 
at present. You can get her 
in any key to suit your voice, 
also as an intermezzo for your 
dumb act. You'll find her at 


125 W. 37th St., New York. 




We write Mtulo to your words. Introduce ud 
wpolarUe. Bend in MRS; T^ 
POPOTiAB WUHIC PUB. CO. [tuc), ■■lt«fll*,Ha. 5Bl>««*bnrnHt..Chlr«*-. 


SI. Loulat, — At the Century (1\ Short, 
raiiDBgor) "The Straight Itoad," the new 
iHtcJi comedy, ttiis presented for thn Urnt 
time on any stage hint week, and scored a 
decided auccesa. Blanche Walsh, for whom 
ibe plsv van written, did most convincing 
work ah Moll O'llara. The piny treats or 
the romance and redemption of & girl of the 
Hlumi — not tin evil girl, lmt one placed In 
mi .evil environment. In the supporting com- 
pnnv wrre Dorothy Don', Louise CloBacr, 
Charles Dnlton. Howard llstnlirook, Geo. l<\ 
Piunercst asd- others. "The College Widow" 
this, week. The enst Include* Itohert Kelly. 
Louise ItuttelU Otis. Turner. J. Berwford 
llolllB, EBtella Dale, fietule Toner and Wilson 

OAniucK (Dan 0, Plfthell, .manager). — "The 
Mimic Master,", with- David Warfleld, wan 
Manager KlsheH'e offering Christina* week. 
Mr. Warfleld'a ]ie rsonal ebnrm endeared hlin 
to St. Louis long ago. Ills supporting com- 
pany wan splendid, and lucluded Antoinette 
Perry, Marie Bates. W. Q, Rlcciardl, Lou la 
Veraude and Leon lCoblmar. Mary Mnnner- 
Ing, In "morions Betsy/' (bis week. The 
JoitoraoDH next week. 

Olympic (P. .flnort, manager). — The Rogers 
Brother* last week. Miss Stenley was seen 
In the role essayed by Corliine last year. 
Winifred lining, the new tenor, made n de- 
lightful Impression. William H. Crane and 
liTllB Jeffreys, in "She Stoops to Conquer," 
this .week. Oeerge Glddcn, Fannin Addison 
1'Ut, Margaret Dale and others are In the 
Mtwert "Madame Butterfly" next week. 

Uiund (John Q. aheehey, manager). — 
Kellar, aaslsted by Paul Valadon, oleased 
large oudienrea last week. Mr. Vnladon'H 
clever work makes hht) a valuable addition 
to the company. George Sidney thin week. 

iMi'Kimi, (D. 13. KusHell, miinnger).— "8kv 
1'iimi," lost week, pleased linineuaely. Freak 
Hart well nnd Mnrh> Uolnnd headed the 
• Hpiibie eoinpiiny. Lottie Wllllama, In "My 
Tom-Unv r;irl," this week. 

IUvms'h i. Win. Oiireu, manager).— "The 
Oantbler from tin* Weat" tilled llnvlln'.s to 
'ivei'ilowiiii? iill last week: Oowboyt. and In- 
tilniia were In evidence. "$10,000 Itewnrd" 
this week. . . 

Opeon— -"TJnaer IClnnigeR Kind" ("Our 
Only Child"), 1 n iww German comedy, was 
well presented at the Odeon. by the German 
Stock Co.. * last ' Sunday. Frlta -Breeae nnd- 
Victoria Markliaia were seen In ibo loading 
roles. Louise i'ollranu and Jennette Diipkih. 
alno jrnve « good .account of tliernaelvea.- "Dle- 
NpiueukoeiilgJn" next attraction. 

HxiKUAitn. —i Siun Devem popular, here 
was seen la«t week, with bis own eompnuy. 
In two.fiirces, "Tho Hebrew King" nnd "FUB 
by the SenabeMT." The cant Included: Alice 
Nclirotie, Ueorge MeFnrlnnd, Eddie Mack nnd 
Minnie Elliot. The rnudevllle proginmine 
ronslaled <»f ncta by (IratrvtlU* and Mnek. 
Winifred Stewnrt. Andy Lewis, Three Mason 
Mint cm, McKnrlnnd unit Murrey, mill the Two 
S<'li rodon. Minn, New VorkJr. Co. (IiIh week. 

i.ayrtv 10. 'f, .Crawford, mnnnger), — The 
(•renter New York Stars, hi "A ltommitlr 
Mnrrlnge," pleured ln*t week. A splondld 
••oiupoiiy, bended by Maryland Tvaon, pre- 
sented the comedy. Specialties by Hume, 
Cain nnd Hoey, Hucli flro titers, the Dusch- 
l>ovorc Trio and new motion pictures com- 
pleted the hill. The Lid Lifters this week. 

GUn (II. G.Jtlce. manager).— The usual 
vaudeville hill was presented last week, and 
ucla by 'the following pleased; Lulu Dessell- 
mini, Illustrated norma ; the Dolaols, the La 
'lliorps, Ned Norton, tbo Jolly Prices and 
new moving pictures. Tin 1 Hpeond floor nt- 
inn'ilom were: Miliar Itrothers nnd "Tours 
Through America" and "The San FranctBco 
UkMhttet,*' Business is excellent. 

CoLit,it]JU-- (AHddleton k Tnte, managers). 
— The lieiidltner this week Is cTiurming SInrv 
Norman, In "Masks nnd Facca." Otbcra 
contributing 'are ■ Cnirlotta, Collins and Hart, 
Jack Gardner, Le Itrun Grand Opera Trio, 
Lucy and Lucter, Zazella and Vernon, Bafay- 
ctte n docs ano the Iilnodrome. 

Ci.Yun KlrcH was In the cltv lust week to 
wltncRs tlio first porformance.of "The Straight 
Itond," his latest comedy, nnd was the guest 
of Howard Blossom, 



WM. TELL HOUSE, Howard and Somerset. 
8ts., Boaton. Vicinity of all vaudeville tbeatrea' 
About to week. EM1LV BANKWABT, Prop. 

Wabash A Madison, OlilOAGC, 
o. o. VAughan, Prop, -strictly 

vuiiiiiib'iiuw American Plan, ta-u Angle; 

|M2 donlde. Vanuciua pwtronage Invited. 

* «*.a» ajl.u ah, nb-ii* p.. n ( n, x., ni. aeiui's, 
toad, ol MMlo, Dewey. Booms Ma, T«o» »i, 
I MP diy; to <8 week. W.D.BANNHUg.Prop. 

PALACE IIOTKL, 101 N. Clark St,, OhlCftgo. 
curopean, W.eo per week: with private bath, r 
mrklsh Bath, too. H. B. HUMPHrtKY, Prop, 


and ai references for stamp. Samples (No. a) 
Parodjaad 6 Gaga. lOo.; aFirodles, itCags, asc. 
tIARYK. P. THAVER, 21S0 Uroad St., Ptov., R; I. 

FOR BALK-Hfcndcmr Act, Trunk Mystery, 
Seoond Bight Act, Spirit Cabinet, Black Arc Out- 
fit, Leg Irons, Galatea, Aga, Magician's Outfit 
and too other bargains. Circulars for STAMP. 

UKO. A. IIK'K, 4 Under wool (St., An hum, N. V, 

amusement resorts In the Southwest, and w!ll 
contnln a large and handsome theatre. 
» -' ■'■' -■ 

Sednlln — At the Sew Sedalln (Ceo: F. 
Oiendorf, rannngerl "At the Old Cross 
ltonds" Dee. 23. Mildred Holland, In "A 
I'uradlse of Lies," ur», played to good attend- 
anee. "Alice lu Wonderland" 27. "Tlie 
HqUQW Mil" 28, tlie Hniirt Ket 30, "A Col- 
lege Itfly" Jnu. J, Kindt Crook Jr. Co. ;i, 
"li; llnnnened In fiordhmd" 0. 'The Awaken- 
ing »f Air. Hpp" I':. 

Woon'H ( Dr. II. W. Wood, manager). — 
Tho Ruth Grey Co. opened week of 23, to 
J'nlr buslneBH. "Mnrkid for Life" Jan. ' 1, 
Hie JclTorson.4, In "Playing the Gnmo," 5. 

Ncwinirt fticu-H. — 'At the Aendemy ,of 
Itnak (G. R. A. Hooker, manager) "The Pax- 
Hlon Play." I>ec. 22, did well. ThomaH Jet- 
ferson, 24, In "Fill) Van Winkle," did fair 
business. "It'fl.All Your, t^ault," 25, mati- 
nee nun" nittht, cftme to goml bnalnesn.--.HHck 
1'nttl, matlneo and night 20, plnved-ta the 
eniinolfy, "The Man. from Now, 27, had 
splendid buninoafi: "Buster Brown''-Jnn..'2- 
■-,,.■■ M»»# i ■■ ■ " 

.KENTVCKV. - ?•' . 

LoiiiHviiio. — At Macauley's (John T. Ma- 
rnuicy. mnnngiiri Amelia Blnglinm wait seen 
here Liee. 24-2(1. lu "The Lilac -itootn," play- 
ing tu Matlsfnctory Inmlnenx. Mm.'. Htdenn 
.Mod.|enkn presented "Macheth," 27, before a 
Hue uotise. itlrliurd iMunslleld, 20, gave a fhie 
perfoTmnnee of "I'eer Oynt," to a-Tfrowfleil 
house. "Itogei-s Bros, In Ireland" :il, J,«u. L 
"The trnmrv" 2. Ken Greet Players B>A9g J 

Masonic (Chtis. A. Hhnw, manairer)",— "In 
New York Town" hist week proven u drafw* 
Ing card. "Texas'* Dec. at and week. , 

avejuir (Chfts. A. Hhnw, manineT).— 
"When the World Bleeps." week of 211, drew 
large booses, nnd pleased. For week of 30, 
"AcroHH the Pacific," - <■ i ' 

ItiTCKiNoiiAM (Whnllcn BroR., managers). 
— The Nightingales attracted crowded houses 
nnd stive a pleasing performance we,ek of23. 
Jtroiuiwn.v on let v Girls SO aM-wwEC i 

IIoi'kinh' (\\ m. Heichmnn, nmnager).— • 
I'or weuk of 00: Hal Davis ntld Inoi . Mac- 
imley, Bjrren and Lnngdnn, Chnrll**\"Ca8e, 
yiiuiinoto Troupe, Prank and Bob,.Le Koy 
una Wooilford, Ida O'Day nnd the klnodrome. 

Notkg. — Lillian y haw, one of tbt*o<ttrflc- 
tlons at Hopkins' Theatre last wwk, was 
called to her home lu New York, Dee. 24, 
by a telegram announcing that b«r,fintber 
was at the point of death. Manflg$t**llelch- 
inna Immediately engaged George Stewart, 
wbo weul on Christmas Day, and scored big. 

Pud ue ah.— At. the Kentucky (J 


Sprinarfl«ld,~.\t the Baldwin <GeoT01eu- 
dorf ,' mBnazer) "Bed Keathor" played to S. 
It. O. Dec. 24. Walker Whiteside 25, "The 
Village Vagabond" 28, "Tho Squnw Man" 2fl, 
Arthur Dunn Jnu. l. ''Little Jack Horner" r>. 

LTRIC (K. L. Doling, innnagcr). — This 
house opened to packed houses 24, with fol- 
lowing attractions: Little Ogo. Kerns, Dp- 
vulde nnd Y&lm, Strickland, Vred nnd Mne 
Wmldcii, rnstellat «u<l iintl, and the Holo- 

NoTr.— work wna commenced on the new 
Centrnl Park, wblrh will be one of the nnest 

Boherts. manager) Richard Mausflc|(l played 
"Ltenu Brummel" Dee. 24, to splendid busi- 
ness. Paul Gllinore. 27, hnd good dHisiQesB. 
as did "A Bunch of Keys," 28. "The, Country 
Editor" 20, Win. James, In "Romeo nnd 
Juliet," Jan. 1: "The Umpire" 3. Mme. Mod- 
jeska 4, "The Ip?e of Spice" r>, "Tlieiierl *pd 
tho Ilnndli" 8, "The Beauty and the Beast" 


Ww. Aft Lai'OINt. lununger of the opert 
house nt Watcrbury. Cl„ has lentnnl the opera 
house nt Milton, Yt. Milton Is said by 
many manager to bo the best show town of 
Hi population In New Kuglami, 



Is the title' of the latest Blogrnph 
production, By the pictures Is told 
a thrilling story of rough life" on a 
■torm-buflfctted coast. The beeper 
and his pretty daughter have faith- 
fully tended the tights, and the old 
man, In his many years of service, 
baa accumulated a little store of 
money against his declining years. 
On; a wild night robbers effect on 
entrance to the lighthouse, murder 
tbe keeper and steal bis savings. 
The girl gives the alarm to n near- 
by life snvlog station, and with the 
assUtinee of the girl's lover, a young 
seaman, the thieves are overtaken, 
and, after a fight, captured. All of 
the out-or-door scenes were taken 
In die vicinity, of one of the most 
historic" lights on the New' England 





The Screaming Comedy Bit of (he Hew 

SKY-SCRAPERS • .- 610ft. 

Tbe Litest New Torts Srasatloq. 
WANTED, A NURSE - ■ 798(1. 
DOG DETECTIVE - ■ . 592ft! 
THE PAYMASTER - r ■ • 612lt 

CHrllST - -2,164ft. 

flUtistrated Booklet). 

SPECIAL: - The Hit of All Hits. - CAUMONT'S 


The "Dianfeen Blattreis" Is Everywliere Caneededl to Be Ihe Biggest Comedy Sucress Slnri> *<Th*» Lost cintid" and "Per* 
sonal." Is Packing nickelodeons to the Doofa All Over the Co un try, If Von Hs,\en , t Had It, Demand It «r Your Rental 
Bureau Without a Day's Delay. 



C. 14th 

KLSllfB OPTIOAI* CO., Chlcaato* . 

spKiiiAL arc LLI*<* * 


U6 W. BROADWAY, fcge Amfltlie, v.L 


Send -IQ conts for samplcfl. JOHN .OORDOK. 
N. W.- corner stii and Walnut, Philadelphia, Pa 

AT 1/1BKBT¥, SCOTT HALX, ; ■Black 'Fttcit 
and Dutch fllnginjrand Danclna Comedian. Play 
piano, B.F. comedy in acts. Add. 


P. S.— Regards to all frtendH. ■ - 

and wife. Theatre, hotel, etc. South preferred. 
Piunn Tuner. Both Teach Z.A.Pratt.OaK 1IH1.W.Y 

VENTRU.OQDIBM TADGUT. For terms sddreaH 
Prof, Llngerman. T06 N. ath St., Pbiladelnhla. Pa. 


or any tnatrument or number of Uutrtimeiitft. 
eonM.wt)Tda and mualo, iketchea. etc. send stamp. 
(JfLAS, t. LEWIS. 439 Rlohmond Ht., OlnolnnaU, O. 


'Copyri stited), 8 diQTerent books, loo. All klnda act. 
MORPlf BT'S SCHOOL, 837 N. 13th St.. PhJla., Pa. 

lai>y PlanlBt Wanted Tor Orcbestra in Vaude- 
ville house. Must be experienced and A. P. of M. 
Helen Loulae Eaton, loo Hudson Ave., Albany. W-Y. 

RIK.nt with responsible Co. Am after expcilence, 
Good, appearance; amateur. If yon have at y 
tiiintr to offer would like to hear from you. . 

GODFREY BCRK,(H7 N. Poplar at., FoalpTla, 0, 

H. ii. iikattie, lawyer. Oonfldentlal cased 
_ apeolalty. Judementa and deoreea obtained 

Sromptly. No notoriety Oounael free. 200 Clark 
t„ Chicago. j 

wakteii, AGENT— Legitimate aubHtltutu 
for slot maohiaes, patonted. Sells at Bight for $1, 
Partlculara, Q18HA COMPANY, Anderson, ind 

tJAius. sllKhtly naed, Write for reduced Mai. 
JAS. IfoOOSKER, in N, Kljrhth St.. Phils.. 

ranney mat>er. OTHERS, CHEAP. SLOAN 
NOVELTY CO., Station h. Philadelphia, Pa. . •. 


Front 'and Rack Bending, each trick illustrated. 
aSc. Morphot'aBchoo), 937 N. 18th St,, Pblta,. Pa. 

VOR SALE— Bargain; Roving Picture Ma- 
clilne. almoqtnew,coat$90, with electric liiirner, 
rheohiar. and new Lnbln projeefng lens: no cou- 
deuaen. Flrat one wbo Hondo no getu it all. . No 
lime to dicker* Send m*mp for 11*1, or bargains. 
Thoa. L. Finn, lloonk'k FaliH, K. Y. 




Light Oomedv,Juvehllea HeavleH, T nVeDi:ea t Char. 
One piece preferred. Add. 

U JACKSON ST., Akron, Ohio. 



For JOHN ii. SPARKS' SHOW. Other Musicians 
write. Addre&A o, u. COOPER, Douglat-, (J». 

nitLHH CH TO -'Hi 

Kitchen, dtblng, Btato rooma; ecjiiipped for 20 
people; for mlnrrel or comedy uo. will rem 
» l*.h or without aervices. Have Yankee Coined v. 
with Papor. Address ^PDLLHAN," 

<Oare Edwards), ill West Alit St., N. Y. 

WANTED, A Big Musical Comedy or Big Drama 

For Stage HaErtV Bene tit, Belvidere, Illinois, Tor 
Feb. 12. Wa always play to capacity with a (Irs; 

1>ia7, AddrefB 

BLUER BARKER, Stage Carpenter. 

Wanted, Fall Acting Company SStj 

. jlphtor, 
opening Jan. It;, '07. Can plnoe agent and ama- 
ipur pianist. Uing soamiti. Salary must, he low. 
Co. phtb expenses. State psrilonlara. /E1QLER 
h BUrWr, -■ 


Of reliable mnke only are- sold here. We 
uou't buy rubliish nnder any couditlonB, 
liente fee have none for «nie. 


When voir buy a new ^nacalnc from -u», 
tell us what size picture -von want at a 
certain distance, and you'll -get it without 
extra coat. We'll fit any machine with a 
genuine French Motion. Picture Lens, whether 
short; roedlfini, or long distance. No extra 
charge here.' Others ask you to psy more. 
Don't do It, come here unci get "juat what 
you wont" for a fair: price, and, above ell, 
you arc decently treated. .Some of our 
friends who Have visited- Philadelphia will 
uiuiti-htuiiu this, nnd Bpread the Information. 





lidison's .Machines always In stock. 

uior.nAPiT, mrEtrbT. vitagraph, 


Only first clues goods sold. 
DBPTi K. HSBD GOODS.. ,;p|!PT. K., 

Kdlsou's Universal, latest model, complete 
■Wj new, 'and * reel of film,, complete. 

Kd'laon's Hxhibltlon, latest model, «ipav 
Pjetc and new, nnd a. reel of film, iomplele,: 

Opilgrnph.'-Nn. 3, wi|h 1,000- feet of film! 
complete, $90.o0. • ; * 

Reels, the Corrugated hind. 10-ln„ at 7B«I- 
each, or *H.Q0-per doi. 1 . ■ V . 

SPE(:tAh: \\v have, Juke wlihdmwii 
twnty.four reole from road ehowa. and will 
tloseout the entire lot for $«00.00; or, 
twelve- reels, $4(t».0D; or, six reels, S2fir>.0O; 
or, oni reel, : f 45.00. No.- Dedlera. ..... 

A .BOlendld Htereoptlcon for $1S.OO, U 
coud uh now: one for 317.50, with M-alae 
leus. and one for $25.00, ou a eet of tele- 
scope legs. - ,. . ■ i 

?] °JJ Optlgrnpli, No. 3 head, with Lenii 

We carry ovorythlng, from a bottle of 
cement to the flueat machlaes and Alms, the 
inrjroat stock In tblB city,- excepting nooc. 

Oxylltho Model B outfits and compound, 
limes, ether, ocnicnt, carbons, gelatine, cable, 
asbestos, wire, awltchcs. fuses, special ma- 
ciitne oil. screens, stereopticon alldes, con- 
ucnaers, lamps of all kinds, rheoatats of nuy 
voltage, nnd ncccssorleB. In gene rot. 

mum BiBfiAiiMREAltlBGAIJS. 


. 838 Spruce Street, 

Long Distance Phone. . '■ . 


Cxporlenand Annt. 

ONI! NiniiT oa RRi'inmigR. . 
nARnr.BKi.Tz, T»yiornii».-ni. . 

:;;n South qneeu, llamluon, Qat. 

Art Pictures iFreBch- Secrets 

»:. OT. HORN, OWe»t ,19th St., KewVorV. 




■■l l.EADH and HBAVIB8 

Madeiene Goodwin 


One piece preferred. Adttre« 

I1BN. DEI... BumiSOTON. \T. 



Address * ' 

EDGAR C. MADGER, Wgr., Po I fa t o w n , F n 


For Vandevllle Theatre, In city near Clilcaito. 
Maui be a (rood presa man anil tlmronably fu 
miliar with vandevllle. Bute full pflrtlciiiar-f, 
with references, in flrBt letter. 
_ M..C, OI.irpKR OKFICE. 

Great Western frintiDg Co., 


stnesr^tangers ana PoereTH tor Dramatic Com- 

Einloj, uncus. Minstrel, win Went, HoHm Binn, 
loytnir Plcturen, Etc. Send toro.talogoe or Blow 
printing of all kinds. .. 


II»Tl,a and Ohaa-aoUn 


llMvlva ant U Hn«l.,.-.~ 

Invtto.oirBrs from one piece, sibcie. or .Isl ulass 
rep, Addreaa M. S uoumink, Ipawlcli, Ma^«. 


Mr, "Jack" Fowler, 


Versatile. Magnificent wardrotte. Stock, Rep. or 
one night, ao Jnmp too far for M oompanv. 
I" ■•"•' Address .NORTH HBND, NEBR. 



Ten to lv.enty.flvo weeks' engagemeDt to those 
u'lto make good. Salary must be low. .Addrcs 

Boxltoi, Bradford. Pa. 


BAS0 MI.ANOjNO, chair bai.anoinb Ajn 

8II.F.N0E AND FtTN. Aildrean . 
PJjgjjERBOfjM. mt Bnena Vlaia 8U. Newatk. 0. 

FOR sale: 

RdlRoc moving nlctnre oatflt, coniplete; lllnia. 
slides, trunk, etc., $2'^S. Also est of ST atiimluuiu 
"Mm«iHndfrui>k,$lH>. AddroRflS.H.DDCHANANr 
aoa-Ko. Avon St., Bookford, III. 

Trick tijclwt At" liberty. 

R^Brt Dnlcycllat would rlk** ro,.tipar from any 
reBpi.nilt '- - 
or fire. 

respi-nilbie company at onoe. ' Addreaa. by in*' 1 
OTUblb'JVCareor CI-IPPERi 

' «; : 




: , . .UtfLDEN OATK til.RANIXGS. . 

' gjKotal {Mipafcn ii> The New VokkOmfmi. 

■.-<?»K"K»'il<ctllC0, Dec. 31 At tlic Orcater 

SBiSl"' T"W«.'.»r1aiili» Bandar matinee, 

. Mnt , .nclr. "Wonto Crlslo;" second,' "The 
Voice, ot.tio ■Mlibty.V.' 

]>»?!«.— Tblg T< the second week of Kolb 
•Od-'Dlll nod company, la "Banker* and 

Brokers." .... 

'^is'that.:— mils la 'tlie second' week- or tile 

■ J,arrobaraT Orand Itallnrt- Opera Co. Kcper- 
te» for the meek t>: "La Bobeme," "Paint,"' 

"KKOlctto" ntlil."ll TrOTalorc.' 

™V ,I ■2i u , ,, ■^^' ^ S ll, '' tie ■•woftil week of 
'Tne Christian." 

, ■.9npJlBil>tT(.nt' the-Cbutcs):— Huoitaj,' 30 
(matinee), began the second anil last week 
SSe!i Orphcum lload Show. Kdouln and 
Hda/afda < and-- Mile Emilia. Itoao take the 
ifaeen -of .Claude- nnd Tinny Usher and 
'yama and Mclntyre. 



UaMfleoille Route Cist, 

'3tii!P "■V.*! ■"■>*«, "P '•» M»rix UN 
'"?'*"_." .'.'.'•. ""'•"•" *• "*•«« « "•« 
ol wilerllle boolclnifa, To in.are la. 
akrtion I ID. tall deimr.m.m tk« aan 

«llkt.tlir«treorp.rk ( a. well «. <k. 

Acker 'fc' Collins, "Manhattan, Norfolk. Va.., 31- 
-iJtin.ifti' ' i * (• ■ ' 

Adorns..** White, CMcago, 31-Jan. 5; Orpheum, 
. bsWofll. .III,. .7-1S. 

Adelmsnn, Mr. .ft Mrs. Jos., Albatnbre, N. X. 0., 

. •JtC-Jia.-Cj .• v - 

Adelyn,: Vaudeville, Ft. Madison,, la., 31-Jan. 6; 
■ SlJ0u..DcKnltvllL;-7-12. . , . . . ■/ 

Adams A. Hack,.. Harlem :0. H.,.. K. Y. €., Si- 
s' Jan. 5. ■ i - , , 
. AMM »VIlrew,-Tcnipli>, Detroit. 31-Jan. sU- 

AdomM-Taylor, Empire, Dm Moines,.. Is.,; 31* 

■ .fHh./aj-Bljaii.'.MacolB, Neb., -.7-12. 
Amn,: Chafl., SprlilgflelO. Maija., Jan . 2 ; Albany, 

■ TN.MTC.S-r^.-BJJou. Reading. Pa.', 7*1?. „ r 
A a ton & Grieves. A. A 8., IJoston. 31 Jan. 3. 

A le'll. .-Jlaller A OK, Wilmington. -Del., Sl-Jin. 
r>6 r 'Cl»!ater, Pa., 7-12. .■■ - . -. .. ■-... # , - 
V-tltf Bw»... Ilnwllon,. Pa., 31-Jao. .0. * 

uanarlas, The, Orplieiiu,, Kanaaa City, .Mo., ,11- 

MMgVS- i i. . ■.-!.,' 

pig ft Kenny. Keith's, Hoeton, 31-Jan. C- 
^(■luH'.t*^ Miliar, Empire Tout, England, 31- 

ii&'.-Dalton; .Gaiety. ' Pittsburg, 31-Jan. 5 ; 
..-.IW, Indianapolis, i-ia: . . .-, • 

UtMltHlta A>Cw, Lytic, .Altrxma, Pa.; 31-Jao,*5. 
tjilbl'* Co., Unique, Mlnn^poih*. 31-Jan. 3. 
--tMkWrt.lPl'i Button; .1l-Jan. 6. ./ 

AlUtoji A 'Grieves, A. ft'S., -Boston, 31-Jan. 5. 
. mm SchHTt. Portland/ Me.., 31-Jan. 5. ' .' 
AtWllf-A', Novelty, Stockton, Cal., 31-J*a. 

,'8;iNoteltj/K*enno;7-12.- - - ■ ■■■■ i. ' *: . ' 
Artona-A Lt Bralit, Bijou, Kankikee, 111., 31* 

' *'<*), Hippodrome," London, England,- 31* 

^Newsboys! Quartette, Lyric, Cleveland. 

(V?VunipeUrit.(4) 1 0. H., Clinton, Mass., 

/ft Peters,- Dominion, ■ Winnipeg*. Obd., 31* 

Y., 31-Jan. 5, 
Norfolk, Va,, 31- 

Auitaais, Kcltb's, Culaiubus, 0.,,31- 

■ •'Jtll, ■ ■). 1 : • ■ - 

AtNm ■Couteily Four, 1'ortland. Me., 31-Jan.' 5. 
ArUnjrOn.Oouifdy l-ouc Kinpirc. PiteRou, N.J., 
TifSnW-VtjtRP*"-. Hoboken, 7-12; . * '. ■' 
SuBStm & llplMton, Hatbawiy's', New Bedford, 

-Mals;"3lJ«i..-0;. ' * . ■ - ■ • 

Arrna.' 1-es. Majeatlc, Chicago, 31-Jan. G; Go- 
■'luffiBli, St. LoulH. 7-12.' ■'■• 

ArSBtaA Burlte, Acddeiny, Hawblll, Mata., 31* 

Attffi* Bros., 1 Auditorium/ Lynn, Uatis., 31-Jan. 0. 

\k\mf fc* Martlne.' Cbicago Mus.-' Uall, Havana, 
'^ilM,' l 3I-Jnii. 12. • . ' ' • . ' . " 

Atlflfl.cii ( -.Gfu. B.*, Uljon. Bo Balk, 111- 31-Jan. 
'SFwijefltlc. 1* Salle,. 7-12. . i " ,■ , 

AwMrTpeb..- A: Co.. .Krapfre, Palereon, N, J., ol- 
■TiiIiL $ : Kniplre,- Ilotwkm. 7;lS. .*,-.. ■ 

MdP^ ^ ' r -''r* 11 *'' • l '**"'*7. tafayette, ind., 

' AuitiHa, -ToMlniE. Lyric, Altoona.'ra., 31-Jan. 5; 
lliyWi* -ClOTclBnil. 7-12- ' 

Jfnon A (Jollies, Amstcnlim, 
4pJKlt , « A 

A'tSlW* .Tnc'Orwt; Lyrlc.Terre.Hatite.-Ind., 31- 
'WvS^Oal-ty. SprlngflelJ. 111., 7-12. .. .. i 
A«tt-"*'PcBr),'- Family. N. Y. C. ^1-Jan.. 5. ■ . 

4t0lWAMiMc»l «l), Orplieum, Salt Lake City, 

A^nWIart.: Hark-in p. H.. N.J. C. Sl^aa/ft. 

BkSilp, piiirtette, ..Valentlae,,. Toledo,. O,!, <J1- 

lijifV,' .-UmiIc %\ . Uljon uuakegou Mlcb 31 

Ba«*&\ft: Flckctt' 0. H.. Portland, 'Mc.. : 2-B; 

rJafrliton 71" ' " ' '■ '• ■■-' 

MtWr7EdfcnTe;.Oriioeu«. Mlpnekpolla; 3Waa.'5. 
ifijw-.iV Garfield,' NoVelty, Toptka, Kail,, 31- 

aaWfl W'ijrteiit.'-Boiiioii, Lowell. .MiBB./ai-jan. ;5. 
HKkldj;s.,CoflBatpoftY >.Rtf St, N. *Y/0., .81- 
vJ^'T K. ft" P. Jcraey Oltr. N. J.. .7-M. . 
- H*jffi[ft-I^*ina/,KflnBarC|ty,Mo.. 31-Jk-J. 5. 
WaMivKthelj (Jnfflue, MIuiicfijwHi*, 81-Jan^ 5. 
1^,'^^kyr Boil Ton, .'Syra'eoBfe,.. N., 3f i 3t- 

K*M&t»*- 'tW. -Mtb'B.' Pblla.,' 31-JOD/-3.* '■ 
B(nift7LaV , «?lle'Trciil]c, Bijou; EVHrtHTiite; lud., 
™wi#(n' ^ WJoii, "Duburiiie, Ia.,'7-12. ' ■ • -' 
IjanUKSHaaeJIc Duo, -Auditorium, Lynn, . Maas., 

pinXB'taiicasler Co.,' Proctor's, Newark,' :.N...f., 

ut«r*VrH!»tVer9,''K.-> : l?.; ' Jcrw-', Olty, .N. J., 

rSaSsW Poll's. Sprliigflcld, Maes.. -ol-Jin. 5. 

!LK *Mr. &• ftk -I'tedetKfk.'-fitftlB Street. Pc- 

j, JUi. -SliJan. 5. , .,.,...'.'. '*■-, V- 

■tialnit -'A/ U'uyiie, Majestic, Obleago, Sl-Jan. rf. 

" gin- JJroB.VBB«i*8t.. N. Y.' C.>81-Jan. fc_ 

Si'Klwood'i Maggie," Bijou, Canton, -O., -11- 

.i! fi: . , .:. ...... . ..'..,.' 

,B-.SlBtem. ! Majestic. Clilcngo. 81-Jau.. 6. j 
In/ HaQiaway , », Brocktou, Mass:. Dl« 

''aXtreotf, BBtk Street, «iilj 0.. 3l-Jnu. -0. 
-% Tlic.-t'alnlly^Haielton. Pa:. 31- Jnn, 3. 
j 'Xbfc Bijou. Qijlnry,* 111., 31-Jan. 5. 
jng"*Bw^.. jUniou eHouare, M.-.x. O.. 31-Jan. 
-BiRKetthV, Bo-ton, 7-ia ' - • . 

BnMMfTt Laura, 1 tia-roy,- Huoilltou. (Jan.. ,31-Jan.ri. 
^SjC.Haswan. 5tk ATfe^.N.-y. C. K.l-'Jitp; G ; 
Fry''* Beirvj-'Oolunibla, St. Loilla. Jaw. 7-12. 
rtlA hrtl 'Muaivt, Gaiety.* Siirlngfleld, * 111,, 31- 

"JirfilHi AUIirii*. S Co.. "Irwin's. Ooskea, Ind., 
^Jdnl B ;'-* Crystal , Aiuteraon,' 7-12. ■-. t ■ 
fll Ilro-'.. v. ::H.', - Berlin. 'N..1L, 8-Jan. 3; O. 
.■■iBlddi'Jorrt.iMc., 7-12. . Li ' - * I 
.vHfifct, l^«-i A. * S., Bnnton,;,3)-Jan. fi. ^ 
iWw.l>Ol!'*l--*S-.'' < 'S'-< , -- ' ;ir ' I-rfbiMpolia, 31- 
-JgffttSj Hopkins', I^uhvllle, T-12. -. . .. 

Bruno A Uua*ell, Orphean, St. PauL liltin., Ju. 

'"' MS, 

BracnartJ, Wile., Bijou, Superior, Vila,, 31- Jan. 5; 

' ■Bijou. Winnipeg, 1 * Can., Tie. 

Bradford*), The, 0. 11.,. Cheater, Pa., 31-Jan. 5; 

■EMlon, -7»12. ■ ■ • -• ■ 

Bi-lftri Brdi.,- Grind. Henloy. England, Jan. lt- 

•46; UlppodrooM, llutt, 21-20, -■ 
SflHO A Verifier, Keltu'i.- Boston. -31 -Jan. 9. 
Brtwn Broi.-ft Kealeyv afayeatle, Uadimm, Wll., 
■ Jjll-Jan. 6; Harriet. BorllDgton. Ifc 712. 
Braljley ft-Da>i*, Howard, Bofloa, Sl-Jao. I; 

vA.-A S„ Bf*totl„7-lS. , . • ■ 
Brlttoua, 'Ibe, "Albamdra. Paris, France,' Jan. I- 

Brodko ' * \J(ang!te,' Waterloo, ■ loi,' Sl-Jan. i : 
...Beloir. .Wis., 7-12. ... ,■ 

T.frtfki 4 Itetbolfli,- 'Qothanf, Bktn.. IMlaV B. 
llrritrn. Harris A Browu, l^ruriire. Hobokfu, N. ]., 

BnihRt Trio, float on, -Lowell. Mis*.. 31-Jin. S. 
Brdrik*, JcaTiuc.* Twnple, Ft. Wayne, Lad., 31- 
, Jan. 3, . ■ ' 

BVexrer,* Oscar, -Acne, Norfolk. Va.,- 31-Jan. 3.' 
Brown, Harry A,i' Main St., Peoria, III., 31-Jan. 
■ v '5r Pnmlly. l>aTehi»rt,-la:,'7-12. • 

Bm^ninc Arthur,' Orpbeum, Newark, o„ 31- 

• Jan. (T • 

Brown, Harry. H. A B.,'Bkln.. 31-Jan. It. 
Brown A Wlimot,* Idea, Fond dy Lao, Wla„ 31- 

, Jan, 3. . . 

KuAcli, Jolmftle Jr. ft Co., Itobliiaoii O. H-, Ctn- 

-ch.uati, :n-JiitL. :. . 
Burko A Urllne, Novelty, LeadTllIe, CoL, 31- 

Jan. 5. ... . , . 

Btirjia. Morris ft Co.. Hatltaway'o, New Bedford, 

Mois., 81-Jau. B| Hatbaway'M, I^well, 7-12. 
Burkliarti 0., I'aniilr. York, Pa., 31-Jan. 5: 

' HIJou. FaifBirer; thai, 7-12: 
Burke A Dcmiwey, .Empire, Hobobco, N. J., 31- 

-■Jnn. 6.' i * Jt 

Bufton ft Brooks, Hopkins', Loulfivllle, Ky., Jan. 

Buckeye Trio. Bijou,* 1 Lincoln, Neb., 31-Jas; B; Ly- 

rl«, Sioux City, Ia„ 7-12. . 
BuJWorth ft Wells, Crystal, Logangport, Ind., Si- 

,"Jan. 5; Crystal.* Frankfort. 7-12. 
Biiekley'a Cog*., Crystal. Milwaukee, 31-Jan. 5. 
Buc«leya, Noatcat. -Paster's. N. Y. C, 31-Jan. 

B;Emplrc,"Paterflon, N. J.,*. 7-12. * 
Lurip.«, "l'lje, Jteltb'a. Cleveland. 31-Jan. 5. 
Byron A Langdon, Hopkltut', LoulaTille, oi-Jan. 
' ,«V; O. 0. 'IL.-IrdlanapollH. 7-12. 
Byera ft Hermann, PoII'm. New -HaTen.'Conn.,' 31- 
1 Jan. 3 ; ' Poll's, ' Worcester, " 7-12." 

CarlTn! ft OUo, Keeuey'a. ,Bkln., 31-Jari. 3. 

Catnaras Kluterf,* Olympic, 'Chicago. '31-Jan. S. 

Carlo: ta. Coltuuula. St. . Louin. 31-Jan. 0.. 

Carroll; Kettle, Colonral,"Xa*wrenoe, * Mass., 31- 
. Jan. ;■ Poll's, . Worcester, ,7-12. 

Carters; - The: rarally, * Lafayette, Ind., 8l-Jen. 
B: Lyric, Danville. III.. '7-12. 

Carrtownlf Sistera. Armory, Blngliaoton, N. T„ 
31-Jan. 8. * * 

Carroll A Baker, 58th Street, N. Y; C, 31-Jan. 5. 

Cirrnen, Beatrice. Haymarket, Chicago, 31-Taa. 3. 

Curhrrry ft Nellaon, Wallace, Idaho. 31-Jan. 21. 

Carrieron ft Flanagan, Proctor'e. Newark, N. J., 

. 31-Jan. B; Kdtfi's, Pblla., 7-12. 

Carrten Troupe, CookO. H.. Rochaster, N. T., 31- 
Janr. 0; Shea'a. Buffalo. 7-12. ■ • 

Casper & Claek, . Hippodrome, Pittsburg, 31-Jan. 

'r>;- Gaiety. Wheeling, W. Va.. 7-12. " 

Campbell A Jotituon, Sbumaoo. Frankfort, Aus- 
tria, 'Jan. 1'31. 

Catltnloe, Alcldc, Alhatubra, N. Y. C, Ql-JaD. 5. 

Camnbella..Thc, LyrlcClereland, Jan. 7-12; Ala- 
vardo.* Buy City, Mich., 14-1>. n 

Camllle Trio, Mail. . Street. Portia. .111.,' 31-Jan. 3. 

Cdnipbell's, Bluilcal, Crystal, Detroit. 31-Jan, 6. 

Carrliio, Mile,. A Benrs, Bijou, Wheeling, W. Va., 

* :tt-Jun, B iOrpbPUtn, ManBdeld. O., 7-12. 
CartoiellR (2).Haymarkct. ChltSgo, 31-Jan. 6. . 
Carlisle's Arilaule. Gotham. Bklb., 31Jan. a, 
(JarB.oii A Wlllard, K. A' P., Jersey Olty, N. J., 

■Jkn: 7-12. ■ - ■ 
Gai>tdn Kr<A;, Kifiey's. Bkth.,- 31-Jao, D. 
Car-rolltgu A Klodgeit. OranU, Belliucbam, Wash., 

31-3an: BtGrnnd.' Tncoma, 7-12. 
Caite,. Charlie,* Jlo|iklnB', I*ufBTllle, Ky., 31 -Jan.. 5. 
Carlcton, Al.,' ishea'a. BufTnio. N. Y., 31-Jan. 3; 

Sbea'a, Toronto, Can., 7;1S. 
Chndln; BcdJ. A Co., Alhambra, N. Y. C, 31- 

Jan: 3. 
Chllderi... Grace, and Dos, Atlantic Garden, N. Y. 

O;.-3l-Janjr0. ■ 
Ckerry Blitera, People's, St.. Joseph, Mo., 31- 

■Jnii. ■ 5. ■ • • 
Chandler, Anna; Orpbeum. Mihneapolls. 31-Jan. 6. 
Cha'd^lck Trio, Paator'a, N. T. C, 31: Jan. 3. 
CI.inkD.fl. O.- H., Indianapolis, 31-Jan. 3. 
Christy. Bros., A. AH,. Boston, 31 -Jail.' tp 
CLW, ■ Oreiit,- ■ Empire, - Den Moines, la., 31- 

r Jan. G. „. ... . 

Clermoiilos, Tue, - Grand, GhBgow, Scot, 31- 
' Jifn. 20. ' 

Clifford ft Ortb, Star. Elgin, 111., 31-Jan. G; 

CliIengo,'7-12. * 

Clark, .■ Harry -Corson,- Koielly,,Bklu., Itl-Jau. G, 
Clayton, Vua, & Co., . Umpire, HobokCD, K.' J., 

31-Jan. 5j 
Clarke, Georglna, Orpbeum, Kansas City, Mo.. 

'.IMud. 3; Unit * LiEr City, U., 7-12. 
Cltrelaml. Glablc ft 'Mnrlon, Ho*ord, Boston, 31- 

'Jan. B. • 

Cation; Lola,' Star, Donora, Pa., 31-Jan. '3; Star, 

MoneBueQ^.7/12. ■"'-• ..■..* 
QpMftl A Aldred.-.Lyjrlc, Altoona, Pa., 31-Jan. 6. 
Coakley & Mcltrlde, Auditorium, Lynn, Mass., 31- 

lJuii.i S..I ,- s, ■-■■. ,*-■,■ -•. 

Cook A MadiBon, 38th Street, N. Y. 0., 31-Jnn. A, 
Conn*&CoHMd,. WDeellog; .W. Va., fr 31-Jan. 0: 

Columbus, 0., 7-12. 
Cdok.ft '-Sylflar 23d' Street; N. V.-C. 31-Jan. 3. 
Columbian Sereuadcrs, Majestic,* Chicago, 31-Jan. 

Cotjirn,' Blily.iO. H., Zanesflllo, 6., 31-Jan. S; 

Co*nii.&!rU/n»]id, KoithV. Pblla. ;'. Sl-Jan. 3. 
C'oWjwr, Jlffunle. Norwich,." Conn.,' 31-Jan. 3: 

>»4»^Up«*L' 'T-1S.'. ■ ™ i ,.^, , . .• - .' 
Coi|Aty Clibltl- The, Keenoy's, Bklo..'81-Jan. 3. 
Confirm. A Lawvence, Bijou, J Jackson, Mich,, 31- 

Jan:>5. — C? « ■•' ' "n. ■ ■ . • 

Coirrtcll.v. BqkIi, 0. U.,- Horrutlrurg, . Pa., 31- 

[Mil, ..i'..,- ' . .' ... .'*' i-. < ... ■ ■ 
Coli" and Colenoa. Lyric, Joplin, Mo., Jan. 7-12. 
Colllus ft Hart. Columbia. HtVLoolB,' 31-Jan.' 3; 

vMJryraurttel.. ChlctiRO, 7-12.1- --■ • 
Cole & ClemeiiR. Olympic,, So. Bend, Ind., 31-Jas. 

-U'; ( BlJou.VArylei-80b,-7-l2. " ■ • 

Coghlnn, - Bose ft Co., 23d - Street, N. Y. ft, 31- 

•Jnn. 5. ' ■ • • . * '-' ■ ■■". 
Cook. -Fronk; U.*ft S..'- Boston: 31-Jab: 3. 
Cormu, OrphSuin, Bflatcn,' 31-Jan.' 3. ' 
Cdlorila! sentttte. Ye. New Dcdford, Mibs., 31- 
Jatt. C ; Vlcrotln,' N. V. C. 7:i2. 

De, Camo, Chis., ft Dog, Orphcum. New Orivajni, 
Sl-Jan. fir Orpbeum, Kanaaa City, 14-10. 

pa-Paje SLattra, KelU's, ProvhlenoN R. L, 31- 
Jan. 5; Colonial, Lawnnea, Haaa., 7-12. 

-Delanoro A Darrell,- Nobles O. H., Tlffln, <J., 31- 
Jan. 5. 4 

-Peltorelli ft Gllatando, 8th Ave., N. Y. C. 31- 
Jan. 5. 

■ Uesnls A Mar tell, Bbeody's, Fall Blver, Mass, 

ai-Jan. 3. r 

W Haren - ft Parker, Uayiuarket, Cklcaeo. 31- 
• Jan. i. . 
De Biila. Count, ft Iko., Kniplre, Paterson, N, J„ 

-31-Jirt. 5. 
Oe Onro A McDonald, Trocadero. Pblla., 31- 
• ; Jan. .3, . 

■Dc Vuti) ft Curtis, Unlnue, Loa Angclca, Cal., 31- 
Jan. 3. 

-Demanlr»-ft Bull, Family. Poltavlllr, Pa.. 31 Jan. 

■ '&; -Family. Ilatelton* 7-12. ■ - 

De Moiileort.Tlir. Bijou, Ktreator, HI., 31-Jan. 

3; Uitlajup, Danville, 7-12. 
! Del^A-FirOiie, ' Mnjeatlc, Rhrereiiort, La., 31-Jan. 
S; : Ljt1c, Mobile. 7-12. 

Deane, Sydney, A Co., Union Square. -V. Y. 0., 

31-Jan' 3. 
Delano, Star. Mtmensen, Pa., 31-Jan. 3; Gem, 

.MonongaMa City. 7-12. 
Do *Jr<itr Trio. ■ BI Jon, Torre Haul?, lud., 31-Jan. 

-'5; Marvin, l'lnrllny, O.. 7-12. 
JJe'Ooe, Harry, Bljun, Kalamarno, Weir., 31-Jan. 

■5:- HIJou. IjuiHlop. 7-1" 
jMnkjL. Arlhur. Coluinl.„, 

0:' liniiictn.-', lAiulM-rllte. 7-12. 
De Verne I Van. Crystal, Sr. Joe. Mo.. 31-Jan. ft. 
Ue iloiih ft Valors, U. O. II., Bangor, Me., 31- 
Jan. 6. > > 
Dixon Broa.,-G. O. 1].. Grand Baplds, Mlrti., 31- 

Jan. 3; Crystal, Milwaukee, 7-12. 
Dlvon,- Jim (i., Metropolitan, Dulutli, Minn., 

31-Jan. ."-; Dewey, Minneapolis, 7-12. 
Dlkon ft Fields. Bijou, Decatur, 111., 31-Jnn. 3; 

Bijou, DnnvlUe, HI., 7-12. 
Dlstoo. .Madeline, Star. Wnuoslia, Wis., 31-Jnn. 

. .*■;. Dowliiig'a. l/>gnnsport, Ind., Ml.'. 
Dtettc -k ■ Morltt, 0. II. , Lawrence, Mats., ,11- 

Jan/ 0. 
Downey -A WillanI, Crystal, Detroit, Kl-Jan. B, 
Donah (3). ISmnln.'. Hoboken, N. J., »1-Jan. .1, 
Dorncii A Buseoll, Empire. Hoboken, N. J., 31- 

Jau. 3. 
Dow; Btnma. Palace, Liverpool, Rootlaud, Jan. 

7-19, Empire, Wolverbaplon, 21-23. 
Doyle A Gtuugcr, Crystal, Frankfort, Intl., 31- 

Jbu. 3. 
Doyle, Pataj*. Keeney'u, New Britain, Conn., 31- 
Jan.* B. 

Dombey, Edith, ft Co., Main Street, Peoria, III., 
■31-Jan. 3. * ' 

Drew, Mr. A Mrs. Sidney, Orphcum, Utlca, N. Y„ 
&l ; Jan., &. 

Dmsler, Marie, Cohmlsl, N. Y. C, 31 Jan. S. 

Durbyelle, Loa A Fay, Olympic, Chicago, 31- 
■Jan.- 5, ■' 

Du Bols. Great, Family,. Mahoney CltJ, Pa., 81- 
J-an. 3; Family, akatnokln. 7-12. 

Diioirmt. Daisy. Keith's. Providence. 31-Jan, B. 

Du Sola, Prof., Pull's, Springfield, Miss., 31- 

- Jab. t>. 

Duproe. Geo. A Llbby, Olympic, Cblctgo, 31- 

- J an. 5. 

Dunbars. Casting <i), Chase's, Washington, D. 

C, 31-Jan. 5. ■ 
DuOln-Ucdcay Troupe, H. ft j., Bklo., 31-Jan. 5. 
Durand Trio. Sbea'a, Toronto, Can., 31-Jan. 3. 
Karl ft Wilson, Lyric. Mobile. Ala.. 31-Jao. 3. 
Kariy £ Late, 'Bijou. Racine. Wis., 31-Jao. &. 
Earl ft Barllett, Orphcum, Amsterdam, N. Y., 31- 
• Jan.. 5 ■ 

Ebert. .Franz, ft Co., Shccdy's, Fall Hirer, Miss., 
■ 3*1 -Jan. B. 
Eckel A Warner. Blruilugbom, Ala., 31-Jan. 0; 

■ New Orleans, 7-12. * 
Kckhoff ft Gordon, Peoria. TIL, 31-Jan. 3. 
lid-ward'*' School Boys A Girls, Orpbeum, Kansas 

Oily, Mo.. 31-Jau. C. ■ •■ ■ 

Edwards, Maude, Laruyclte. Detroit, 31-Jnn. 3. 
Ed^aWa, Tom, Keith's. Pblla,, 31-Jan. B; Mary- 

laml,. Baltimore. 7-12. •'. J. 

Edouln, -Willie, Orphcum, Bkln.. 31-Jan. B. * 
EdvarJx A Vaughn, Bijou, Kalamaaoo, Mich,, 31- 

Jln.' 5. * ^^ 

Edouln A Edwards, Orphcum, San l-'ran., C<l>., 

31-Jan, 3. * 

EdwanlH Davis, ft Co., 5th Are., N. Y. C, 31- 
Jan.' C. 
EliiKire" Slaters. Keith's, Columbus, 0., 31-Jas. 
' C; Valeiitlee, Toleilo, 7-12. 
Piiiolt.ft Nf-ff. Philadelphia,. 8l-Jan. 0. 
Elliott,- Be 'Lair A Elliott, Bijou, Ktlamaeoo, 

Mfch:; 31-Jlin. 3. ' ' 

Etvei'ton. Gieat. Lyric, Cleveland, 31-Jon. 3. 
ElWyri, L6rne ft CO., Montneller, Vt., 31-Jan, S. 
KIbji. Mildred. A... A. 8., Boston, , 31-Jan. 3. 
Ellis. Melville, Temple. Detroit, 31-Joo. S. 
Emerson A. Baldwin,. Poll's. Hertford, Conn., 31- 
' Jin. 3; Poll's, Bridgeport, 7-12. 
Eracrj*. Mnude, Fall. Blver,. Mass., 31-Jan. B ; 

Lawrence. 7-12. 
Euameit, Eugene; Bijou. Dulutb. Stlnn.. 81 Jan. 3. 
Khinei-orH' of Music (1J, Majestic, Chicago, Jan. 

Ein'roetV ft' McNeill, Crystal, Bock Inland, III., 
-31-Jan. -3. . . 
ini'ire City Quartette, Orpbeum, Minneapolis, 

Uajuft ctty 
31 -Jan. 3: 

Connelly k Ktllne. Olympic. Chicago, 31-Jan. 3. 
Godfter-ft -BpMnson. G. -0,-'H.;-8yr 

;;i-j, 1 in. R, r 

Etnoiy'd Dogs. Colonial, N.- Y. C, 31-Jan. G. 
Empire 'Cornedy Four, Amptiioo, BUd„ 31-Jan. 

.3: H- : ft S-, K, Y. C, 7-12. 
Engleion; Nan, A Co., 0. U.. Lewlston. Mo., Al- 

.-Jan. ..3. ■ ■ f* -.- 
TOape Bros., Olympic, Chicago, 31-Jan. 6. 
Ettaeralda, Orpbeum. New Orleans, ' Sl-Jan. 6 ; 

tirpaeum, Kansas Ctty, 14-10. 
ESttcralda . Sisters, Orphcum, Beading. Pa., 31- 

. Jau. S ; Auditorium,' Lynn, Mass.. 7-12. ' 
Evans Sisters' (U). Marguette, 0., 81-JaB. 3. 
F,verhart« Shea's, Toronto, Cnu., 31-Jan. G; 

Temple, Detroit, 7-12. 
Evers. Geo. W.. Majestic, Dallas, Tex., 31-Jao. 

A; 'Majestic, Houiilon, 7-u\ 
Evans-Ttlo, Elkhart, Ind., 31-Jao. 3. 
Itvsns. Ocorge.lJnlon'Square.-N. Y.--0., 31-Jan, 3. 
KM'osltloii Four, Portland, Me., 31-Jau. B. 
Pad-li" OrehcBtrn, 0. O. H., lud I so spoils, 31- 

jJdn.'.S; Columbia. .Cincinnati, 7-12. 
Farrell. Illlly. Moss A Stoll Tour, ICngland, 31- 

June 30. 1007. 
Fay' Slsttra, Lyric.' Parsons, Kau., 31-Jau. 3; 

Muskogee,' I. t.; 7-12, 

Falartlealit • ft ■ Bourne, Gem, Lynn. Mass., 31- 
, Jan. 3. 
Fashion- Plate Trio, Crystal, St. Joseph, Mo., 31- 

.Jan.,5. '.•*.* 
Fagan'A Merrfain.Oem, Lynn. Mats,._ 31-Jao. 3. 

Syracuse, N. Y., 


Hill i* Cryrtal Mllwaukeaj, 31-Jao. £ 

J|»jinariet, . Chicago. 7-1J, 
nalL^Uafllry. S|ar, Metuaba. Wis,. 31-Jau, 3; 
•■•tiliv, Freepbrt, III., .7-12.. - '. 

^-Iliuns-A Bluns, , Alhambra, N, Y. C, 31- 

' John.' Orphcum. UUoa,: N. Y., 31-Jao. ,8. 
'Bill, Crystal, St; Joseph, Mo., 81-Jau. 

•itial, Denver, 7-12 * 

jnfrnBr-r-r.Grand, Jollet, III., 31-Jsu.o; 
,1 Decatur, 7-12." • ' ' ■ ., * 

■A Brums, Keith's, Mancheater, >'. H., 
'3>.-* ' 

Erdvr,, ft. Co., Lafayette, Detroit, 31- 

Olp.pJigT'^r A Mrs., Marlon, Marlon, 0... 31-Jan. 

EpHar,' Donora, Pa.. 7-12.- 
Blwrntu A Hebr. Vuiujue, Sketooyguo. Wis., 31-. 

fc, ft Juno*. Orpbeum. Denver, 01-Jan. 3. 
f! A* Leslie. .Gaiety, Springfield, 111., 31-Jao. 
BllOtf. Qulney, 7-12. * * * 
Tinkey, 'InduMrlnl, Mollne, HI., 31-Jan. 5; 
[Sit, Champaign.* 7-12. 
/The,- Lyric. Altoona. Pi., 31-Jin. 0. 
M. Waltera ft Crooker, G. 0. H., Wstettown, 
f ,. t -*Al-Jan. 3. 
,7/Uay, ft' Polly Girls, Keith's, Cleveland, 31- 

r' 9m,' Bbes'a. Baffaln-, N. T., 31-Jan. 3; 

E»V -Toronto,,. -T-12, 

ftgck.Quartette. Lyrle, 'ferro Bants, Ind,, 31- 

?» 5;.Temp|e, Ft. Wayne,* 7-12. 

ainO'ir, (Jrcat, Savoy, Hamilton, Can., 31- 

'ft^SavlUe; tioiina, ■ Bkla , "-3DJau.' D,- " * 

Corton'i- Comedy Donkoyw, K'. "ft P., Jersey City, 

\\ J., 31iJau. 3. ...'..* 

"Cmcketf, ; The," Chase's, WasUtuglqu, D. C'.,' 31- 

Juii. 5. , .*..■-, " f 

Ci-ouf-lift'IUefinrds. Lyric- Mobile. Ala.. 31-Jan. 5. 
CroWn. Morris -ft Co.,- Procter's, I Afany, N. Y.. 

3l-Jali,'3..i * -' • - ••'-■« » .- ■ 
Crabe,' Mr. ft'Mrs., Garduev, KeltU'l, Pklla.. ol- 

jan.-tt.' -i" ! t • .. ■ '■„ * ,-.•' t ,-: " . 
Crawford, CI If too. Haymarkct, Chicago, 31-Jan. 3. 
Crrfwford A Uardrler;' Crystal, -Detroit. 31-Jan. o. 
'■Creo,'' Dlloh, -Piijufl, • 0.,'- 31-Jan. 3; -'Marlon, 

-Mailou, 7-12.' - '.■■- 

Crane. Bros., II. ft B.. Dklu., 31-Jan. B. 
Cumilngbuiu. Bob A-Dalsy, Weasl'a,' I'eorlt, III., 

31'Jrtn. 3; Crescent,- Chumpalgn,- 7-12.' 
Cutleu, U*. U., Orpbeum,, St.. Paul, Minn., 9h 

rjggtti <0), Musical, G. 0. IL, Pittsburg, 31- 
JJUI*. 5. ' '■•■ .V 

Cunnlngbam A Smith, Star, M uncle, Ind., 31- 
J-ia.-S: New Orpbium, Lima, 0., 7-12. 

Daly 4 O'Brien, O. >H., St, Joe, Mo., 31-Jau. 3, 

Dlvls A David. Haymarket. Chicago. 31-Jan. 3, 

DiVls, Geo, C, Gotham, Bkln., 81-Jan. G. 

Davis -ft Macauley, Hopkins', Loutsvllle, Ky., 31- 
Jun; 3. ■ - .- . . . - 

Da v Ik ft Walker, Shamoklu, Pa., 31-Jao. 5; Al- 
leblown. 7'!2. > • " * 

Day,' I4dmnud,-ft Co., StbAve.,N. y. a, 81- 
■ Jan.' 8. - ■■ - - » - - 

Days, TLc. Gem, Lynn, Mans... 31-Jau. 0. 

Dafuile, Mudge. Parlor, York, Pa., 81-Jau. 3 

Dale. Violet, Orpheum, St. Paul, Minn., M- 
ijrfll. 3. ■-.-.'.: i 

Dancing Daisies, G. O, H.. Plttabarg, 31-Jan. 8. 

Darrell.. Elev:tior, Keith's, Pblla., 31-Jnn. 3. 

DaaWcil,. Aurie, Proctor's, Albany. N. X., 31- 
Jan, 3; C81b St., N. Y. CV, 7-12. 

DSTUm' Bros., Coluoiblu.'CJjeiiitiail. -Ill-Jin, 3. ' 

Daly A Devere, Sbeedy's, Fall Blver, Mass,, 31- 
•Jan.-B.- ■' - i ■ • '•'•■ 

Daly, Arnold A Co., Shea's. Buffalo, 81-Jan. S. 

DePhwnl, Bob, A. AH.. Boston. 8l-J«n. 5. ' 

De Will, Burnn A Torrance, Aluwnbra, London, 

rmii«nd,-3i-reb„ 2. ™ - 

DevoJ, Emroett A Co., Orpbeum,' 8r. Paul, Minn,. 

^I-Jas. Gi ' . ' 

Deveau, Hubert, Bilon, Winnipeg,' Can., 31-Jan, 0, 
Dt*f'Blaser's'D«iis, Puttsvllle, Pa., 31-Jan. 3; A'or- 

rlwlown, 7-lz. , ' | 
Dr- jfirtanlrl! Twin Sislera, AudJIoriluo, LyuU, 
"UU8., M-JthVO, .- v,_^^: .„ 

l''anst'Fariilly,-!loward,- Boston, 3l-Jdu. 3. 
Fur, Anna Kta, Majcutli*. Chicago. 31-Jan. r>. 
Firry. Slajeatte, Hoiiftton. Tex.. 31-Jon. 3| Ms- 
' -feslle, Han Antonio, 7-12. 
FellX. Bsrry. ft Barry, Alhnmbtu. N, Y. C, 31- 

.liin.- B, ■ ' 
FHdri ft Huiikihi, Benuetl's, quebec. Can., 31- 
Jau. .5.. « 
FiKlrer, Mr; ft Mm. Perkins. Acme. Sacrani*iito, 

M-Jfln. 3,'Dell, Oukland, Cal., 7-12. 
Flsk? A McDonough. Evanavllle, Ind,. 31- Jin. o; 
■ BopkW.* Louisville, 7-12. 
I'-lrst, Bariiey. London. N. Y. O. Sl-Jan. B. 
Flisferald-"* Gllday, K. A P., Jersey City, N. J., 

3,1-Jau, 3. - 
Fiivaibbon-sicCoy Trio, Keith's, Prowldenee, 31- 
■'Jan. : -i5. : - 
Fisher, Art. Union H'luare, N. Y. 0„ Sl-Jan. 5. 
lailsy'ft Burke, 0. O. U„ lndlaoSpnlls, 31. 

Jam oV -' 
Kfel'ls-ft Ward, II. ft D.. Bkln., 81-J»n. B. 
Fisher- A Jolitisoii.- .Majesllc, Dallas, Tci,. 31- 

JaD. 3; Mujeatlc, Ilouatun, 7-12, 
Fields ft Wolley, Keith's, Bost&ii, Ul-Jau. B. 
I-'lsclier, Mae, Gem, Lynn, Mass., 81-Jan, 3. 
Florence Sisters (3), Anmoit, ' Mosoow, RoiJla, 

Jnn. 1-31. ■,'.. 

Piemen A Miller, Proctor's, Albany, N. V., 3D 

Jau. 3; Keith's, Boston, 7-12. 
Flood Bros., ft Co., Olympic, Cblcago. 31-Jsa. 3. 
Fotir, Dainty. Bth Ave.. N. Y. C. Sl-Jan. 8. 
Pui-lnnO A -Davis, Keith's, Columbno, 0., 31- 

Jsn. 3. 
Vot. : Msdgu.' Ootbain, Bkln.. 31-Jan. 3. 
Fox A Du Ball, La Sulle. Keokuk, Ja., 31-Jau. 3; 

liarrlt-'lc, Hurliiwlon, 7-12. -■ - 
Foo, Lee Tung, Keith's, Providence, 31-Jao. 5. •, 
Fooiluellu, The Mysterious, Bljon, Belolt, Wla., 

31-Jan. S: Elex-trlc. Waterloo, la., 7-12. 
I'onll Bonl Bros., Atlantic Garden, N. Y. C, 31- 

Jpii. B. 
1'oaU-r. Ed., ft Dog, Keith's, Boston. 31-Jan. 3. 
Forrests. Musical, Majestic, Dallaa, In., 31* 

Tin,- Z-. "■ ' ' • 

Fowler, Bertie. Howard. Boston. 31-Jan. 8. 
Fox A Ward, 11th St, O. H . Phils.. Kl-Jou. C. 
Fox ft Fox, Htiyniarket. Chicago, 31-Jun. G. 
ft-ado A Dare, Keith's, St. Johns, . N. I!., 31- 

Jin, B. 
1'rlVanai. Trlxie. G. 0. H.,' Pittsburg, 31-Juu. 3. 
Fred * A Paul/. Temple, Detroit, Hl-Jsn. 3. 
Frank, Marreloos, . ft Sob, Hopkins', Louisville, 

.*T,,.3Wa». 1>. *... 
Frederick, Uelena, Orpheuut, Lot Angelei, Cal., 




! Only High Class Theatre 

in that City. . . . . ..:,,, 


Xs&gUfsrt of First Olais Dramatics and Musical Attraotloni, fisleot 

Concart Companies, Proiiiinant Xeoturos, Etc., Etc., DsslrLnR to 

play Toltdo. writs or wlro for Open Tims. 

QsnsraL Offloss, 147 West 42d Btreet, New York. 

• on-Ji.ii, 3; Ori'beum. Salt Luke City. Utah, 

Frkjiltumi Bros,. Empire, Ues Molm*. Is-, 31- 

1'canks ft Pranks. Howard. Boston, 31-Jan. 3; 

A. A S., Boston. TIB, 
Kraskel. Funny. Bijou. Oabkoab. Wia.. Bl-Jos. 3. 
"Fulnrlty Wiuuor,^ IL ft B.. Hkln.. ill-Jan. n. 
' Little Boob, Art., 
Tex.. 7-12. 
'Hulngton, Oct., 
31-Jau. 3. 

tlaidiier, Happy Jack, Owlumldn. St. Louis, 31- 
' Jan. It: Olympic, Chicago. 7-12. 
Gardner ft Vincent. Hopkins', Memphis, Touti., 31- 

r uturiiv mnnvr, 11, k d„ i<kiu 
<iajt(ner ft Mnihirni. Majestic. Lift 

3i-Ja;i. : Majeattc, Dallas, Tex, 
Oinlner A Stoddard, Oarilck, Wll 

Gallasher ft lhiri-rtt, Btli Ave., K. Y. C., SI- 

Gabriel, Master. A Co.. Keith's, Boston. 31-Jao, 6. 

Gaston & Green. Kevuey's, 1lkln.. 31-Jao. 3. 

Gasunan. Joseuhluc, ft Ticks, Valentine, Toledo, 
0^7 31-Jan. B. 

Galtlniore, Arthur, Valentine, Toledo, 0., 31- 

Js n - 8. 
.Garners,- The, llalhsweys's, Lowell, Mass., 31- 
Jan. ' 3. 

(rate, Mr. ft llm., Empire, Si. Paul, M1un„ 31- 
Jan, 3. 
.Cartello.BroB., fl. O. II,. Plttahurg, Hi-Jan. 3. 

Gardner Trio. Temple, Ft. Wayne, Ind.. 31-Jan. 

■ 3; G. 0. IL. Gmt-d Itnplds. Mich., 7-12. 

Uailord, Bonnie, Majestic, Chicago, 81-Jan. 8; 
■ llarmarkct, Cblcarto. 7-12. 

Uanoux, The, Kuinire, t'nien-on, N. J., 31-Jan. 
'■ f.j.Bmrlre. Ilohohcn, 7-12. . _, . 

Uajlorft GrarT, Natlmml, Steuben vll Is, ()., 31-Jan. 
5; Howard. UuiithiRtun, Sv. Va., 7-1'J. 

Gardner A llev-re, Mtiestlr. Blrmtnghnm. Ala.. 
'31-Jao. 5; Orphcum, Knnsna City. 7-12. 

Gardiner .Cl-ltdreii (3). I.lttlo Hock. Ark., 31-Jan. 
B; JlnJeKtlc. Dallns, Tex.. 7 : 12. 

Uoirgr. Edwin, fiij-.u, Ray Oily, Mich., 31-Jan. 6; 
Bljotf. Fllnl. 7-12. 

GetM-V.Geo. W„ Lynn, Msss., 31-Jan, B. 

Gerald, Bluslcal, Crystal, Anderson. Ind,, 81-Jan. 

Gilbert's ■ClmiN, Lyric, Cleveland. 31-Jan. B. 

'llllmore A Carroll, Garrlck, Borllngron, la., 81- 

- Jan.- 3: Crystal, Rock Island, 111.. 7-12. 

Gtlroy.' Haynm A MnntKOuierj', Majestic, »ui An- 
tonio. Tci.. 31-Jnn. 3. 

'Jllfoll, Harry, G. O. 11., I'ltlsimrg. 31-Jan. ft. 

rileaiiori, John ft HrMliii, A I-'red lioullhHii. Au- 
ditorium. Lynn. Mun4., 31-Jnn. D. 

f^tlloli,_ Mr. ft Mrs., Bljon, Dubinjue. Is.. 31- 

(loemMti A West, L'ulou Squari-. N. Y. 0.. 31- 
Jan. '3. - . 
fSoldsmlth-ft Hoppe. Calcty. Vkl«.. 31- Jan. 8. 
Cordon A Chacon, Waldinaa's, Ncwnrk, N. J., Jt- 
'■ Jnn, '3;. Krar. Bkln.. 7-13. 
(.Anions. Marvelous, Kraplie, Lewlston. Me., dl- 
-Jan/ 0. /J slTWB 
ilotiier, ft UugUes, Family, Plttatou, Pa., Jl- 


3, ■ 

Golde, Anna, Bownrd, Boston, 31-Jau. B. 
GOrdim, Don ft Mae, Skating Itiuk. Klgln, 111., 31' 

Jan. 0, 
Ge'-rtli ft Doyle, Nutloual, SteubenvlHo, 0., iil* 

Jan, 3. 
Onfio tt Werner, LtHayette, Detroit. 31-Jan.' B, 
Ciranti'Bert A Bertbu, Olympic. Chicago, 31-Jaa. 

GmnT ft Hong, Hnricui 0. IL, N. Y. C. 81- 

UreirrVay, Hy.,'*0. O! II., Grand naplds. Mlcii., 

St- Jam. ■"».,., 
Urccly ft- Ocegory, Bijou. Csnton. 0., T«ll 
tlrav ft Clrnham. Trocadero, Pblln., 31-Jan. 8 ; 
" Kmplre, Providence. B. I., 7-12. 
oiger a Crlspi. Empire, Hoboken, N. J., : n- 
' Jau 8. ■ — ' 

Hammond , Mr. ft Mrs. Ohos. D., Nebraska Oily, 

N«V-> 31-Jau. 3; LwivonworiU, Kau.. 7-12. 
liaridiu ft Nelson. Orphcum, QDiaJia, Neb., 31- 

Jriti.- B; Urpiieuui, Ivausns City, 7-12, 
LJnrrlgnr; Frank A Sadie, La Cramc, Wis., 31- 

Ilaviifs. Al,',' Poll's, lLirtf6rd, Coon., 81-Jan. D; 

Poll's,' New Haven, 7-12. ■ 
Ha'pei, Nat. llsyninrkat, Chicago, 31 Jan. 3, 
Harris BeauregiirtiB ft Co., Knlamano, Ulcb., 81- 

-Jan.- 3. . ■ 
Ilalleii A Fuller, Majestic. Snn Antonio, Tex... 

rfUini. 3: Majestic.* Ft. Worth, 7-12 
Hnrconrt. Frank,. Casino,- PblU., Bl-Jnn. 0; Bi- 
jou, Beading, 7-12,' 
lialgbt/ft Thomas, G. 0. U„ Grand Baplds, 

Mkh.. 3|-Juii. 3. 
Hallpj £ Hayes. Sheedy'H, Kali Hirer, Uass., 31- 

Jsh-'S- ' 
HrtCrLmii. Leo F., Lyieum. Flora, Out., Can., Jtm. 

,3: 0>. H.. Ilniytou. 8-i|. 
Hurt.' Will. -.IJniquo,. MlituesiMlls. 31-Jnn. 3. 
Unify A Median, Keith's. Uoston, 31-Jau. 3. 
Hu rail ten.- Ann, A Co.. M ■*■>*> ik. Houston, Tea., 

31-Juu. 3; Mujeatlc. Han Antonio, 7-12. 
mw'iliome.A Burt,. Olh Ave,, N. Y, C, :«l-7i>n. ■'■. 
Unyee, Ed. O., Cryatal, Friukfort, Ind.. 31-Jan. 
■ ,fti .Crystal, lilwoofl. 7-12. 
Hayjaan ft Franklin, Tunring England, 31-Jon. 12. 
Hardbaa; Joe, Audltnrluut, Lynn, IImsr., .11- 

J*U- 8. 
71r*,t*rly A McKse, Lyric. Clevchiml, 81-Jan. 3. 
Jf.ivlJajuJ, Butlur ft- C»., lljwurd, Boston, 31-Jan. 
' stt'J 

Marcourr, Dub. v. I-ufuyfltc, Dclnilt, 31 -Jan. 5. 
Uarabach.A lUrrls, Uljon. Kcwsrife. III., Ill -Jau. 

3;. CmmMu, niiH-tnlugl'i-i. 7-12. 
lUrrjugHin, Dan J., Empire, Hoboken, N. J.. 

Ill-Tun. 5. 
Heeler -ft Meely, Wnvorly, Edcnlx-urg, Scotland, 
: ;d'Jan, hi Hcuia. Antwerp, Belgium. 18-31. 
lIuruuigH, l,ewl« A' llunnlngs, Cfdonlal. Luwri-ucc. 
i Has-., :;i-.lan, 11 Park, WorcesUr, T-12. 
Heljjn .Children, Princess, Zanesrllle, 0., 31-Jan. 

Ileiadersou A [toss, Kuiplre, Des Moines. la., 81* 

Jail. 3. 
Heath* *v Walsh, idea, Fond du Lsc, Wis., 31- 

Jari. *-},; BJ>,u, Racine. 7-12, ' 

Hrnrr A Fruncls, Keith's. Usuctieslor, N. IL. 31- 

- Jan. 3. - - 

tfsrttert, "Tlw Frog Man," Poll's, Bridgeport. 

. OoUn;,*3l-Jau. 3. 

UvSfb, Tom, Itoynl, Blrmiughasn, Euglsud, 81- 

ftfi 2S-. 
HeCrmsa, Great, Or-'bt-uiu, Bkln., Ill-Jan. 8. 
Usury ft Young, Academy. Blonlgoinery, Ala., -'II- 

Juu. C; Kno-irHli-, Teiiu., 7- 12. 
Hsuoxan Trio, Lnfaeytte, Detroit. Mlcb., Ul-Jsn. 

■■Hi, Gotham, Bkln.. 7-12. 
Herbert's Dogs, Orplicura, Boston, 31-Jan. fi. 
Herbert. Mens., Mujeatlc, Sun Antonio, Tea., ill- 

Jan. 3; MsiVstlc. Ft. Worth, 712. 
Herron, Berile, Empire, HoUikou, NT. J., -Jl- 

- JS6..3. 

Hilt,.. Bella, Boston, Lowell. Mass.. 31-Jan. 3, 
Hlekrdsn Bros., Shea's. BntTnln. N. Y , Ul-Jao, 

5 ;' Slie:i's. Toronto, Can., 1\2. 
BUI, Murruy K., Lyric, Altoona,' Pa., Ul-Jin. 

'ft; Trent, Trenlou, N. J.. 7-13, 
ILi'kt-y A Florence. Orpbeum, Ksnsus City, Mo., 

S3|-Jan. 8. 
IriebhHims, The, BIJou, De> Kslb, 111., fil-Jiu. 3. 
ildebrandt. Max. Coluunhta, Clnclnuutl. ol- 
Jno. 8; Bijou. iSva-jsTiiie. lud., 7-12, 
Holcomb, Curtis A Co., Empire, Patensou, V. J., 

.<Ul-Jan..'0. i .■ ' .• I 

Flolhmil, Zsy, Orphsora, Boston, 31-Jan. B. 
Holrnaii, Al. K. 4 Mumle, Flora, Anutenliua, 

IMtaod. Jan. 1-13. 
Holmes, 'Taylor, KTsltb'*, Boston, 31-Juu. ". - 
Iluinvea ftslolllHtoii, G. 0. it, lleiw, Nov., :,i- 

Jsn. 3. 
Boldawhrlha,- The, Prooioi's, Newsrk, ». J., 31- 
Jan. 3. - i 

Hoeb. Km II A Co.. (1. O, IL, Plttshtirg. Hl-Jnii, .".. 
Ifciwc. Sett, ('ripple' Creek, Goio., :il-Jau. 3; 

c-ii.-'. spuif-K, 7-n. 

Holm**n UiiKt,, Orplieuni. Uenillng. Pa., 31-Jnu. 5; 

tlrplieom, Alleritowti, 7-12. 
riowMril ft Ittillierfvrd, Mujixtlc, Cblctgo, 31 Jin. 

ft; licit li't*. Cleveland, 7-12. 
Ilownrd A Crosby, oi-pbeiiin. St, Paul, Mlnu., M- 

■ !. n ,1. 

HowpII. Ids. l.vrlr. i>velninl, 31-Jan. 3. I 

Ilorton ft La Trlakn. Ccnliiry. Kansss City, ill- 
Jan. B: Mt-imlanl, St, Lulls, 7-12. 

Hos-Mrd A Howard, Orplu-nin, Snn Fran.. CaL, 
31-Jan. 12. 

Hollrtml Trio, Emplrv,' Pn toman, X. J., 31-Jan. .*. 

Howard A North, Ufayelte, Dotrnlt. 31-Jan. .V 

Hoffman-, 'Cycling, Orphenm, Ihn-kforU, ill., itl- 
Jan. 6. 

Hoiidlnl, Uuiry, Keith's, Pklla., Sl-Jau. 3. 

lluston a Dolb---. l.nftiyelte, [>c!r,ilt. 31-Jsu. ft, 

llnea-el Bros.. Clreo I'DbllKmes, Itavaua, Cuba, 
31-Jan. 111. 7- 

Hussy. Mr. ft Mrs. Geo. W., Han-lton, Pa„ 31- 
Jan. B ; Cirl-oiifliilo, 7-1'J. 

Huuhoa. Mr.. A Mvc Gene, Howard, Boston, ui- 
Jan. B. 

Hughes ft Drown. ICmiilre, North Adams, Uasri., 
81-Jan 3, , , 

Huntington, flrnce, ft Ou.. Crystal. St. Jonrph, 
oln., 8I-J«n.*n.' 

Hyde, Hob ft Bertbn. Auditorium. Quebec. Can.. 
.I|-Jan. ft; Bennett's. .Glinka, 7-12. 

Imiicrlid J,i|)uiTo»o Tro-i-ie, Atloullc Oardrii. N. 
Y. (.'., 31-Jau. 0,- 

"Irnmoiisspboiic.". TJae. Unlou Hiiuars, N. if. C. 
31 -Jau. ft: Alloutown. Pn,, T-12. 

luneas A ity-m, Jirffers. Hnglusw. Mich.. 31 -Jan, 3. 

In-lnga, The, Do*- tort. Lowell. Uass.. 31 -Jan. ft. 

irallnn Trio. Columbln. Clnclnuutl. 31-Jau. 3. 

Jai'obiT .Dogs. liiTnntoii. 1'n,, ;il-J«n. 6; Wilkea- 
Ilorrc. 7-14. 

Jagos. Two, IL ft »., Ilblu.. 3 1 -Jan. & 

Jackson Fumlly, Circus Sldull, Unruburg, Ger- 
many. Ill-Jan. 7, 

Jael^sous Cl>, Faulty, Cusl St. Unla. ill.. 31- 
Jnn. 3. , I -. ' ' 

Jawtni. Ilerr, Kcllh's. Altumw, Pn.. Jnn. 7-12.' 

Jennings ft ,h w \\, Murray Hill. N. Y. 0.. 31 • 
Jun. ft) Cs-duo, I'Jllla.. ,712 

Jerom», Fmnout ft Jiromt', Anne. Sncrameiiln, 
Cal.; 31-Jaif. BjNovMty, Fresno. T-12. 

Joiiiilniis A llenfrow. BcnneU's, Otlawn. Can., 31- 
Jau. 3. 

Jerome, Nsl H„ Qlllll. •Knnsos Oil)', Mo., 31- 
Jan. ft; Lyceum. St. Joe, «,-7. 

Jestire ft Ellsworth, Orpbi-tim," S|trIiigBeld, 0., 31- 
Jatti. B, t - i t ■ . . 

JowelFs Mnulkfn-t, C0I011I1U.' N. Y. C. 31-Jan. 3. 

Joliniun. Hsitly, [lutlisway's, Luwrll. Mass., 31- 
Jan. 3, . ■ ' 

Johns, Johnny,- Majestic. Chicago, 31-Jan. ft, 

Jones ft Kirtton, Plttsfleld. Sluss., 31-Jan. 3. 

Jones ft Hsymood, Orptieuni, Mansfield, o., 31- 
Jsn. 0. - ' ' - 

July, Kugene. Keith's, Pliilo.. 31-Jsu. 0. 

Jones ft Hlir, Hd/mirkrt. flhlca'so. 31-Jbd. ft. 

Junior ft llurrs, D. 11.*. Watervllle, Me., 31- 
Jan. 3; 0. IL, AugiiHta, 7-0. 

Kute* Bros.. Family. Dsvfiiport, Is.. 31 Jan. ft, 

Kiuie. I^-onard, ' spi-lngfleM, Mass., Ul-Jio. 3' 
Worcester, 7-13. 

Kniiftiini!.' Mluule, 0. t). II.. Indlauspullit, 31- 
Juu. 3. 

Kiiiirrnilii Ti-ouuf. H'lrtem Q: II. . N. Y. C-. 31 
Jan. 3: K. ft P.. Jersey Glly, N. J.. 7-12. 

Kht'io'm "Knrly Birds, "■ Pull's. SprlngOeld, Mass,, 
31-Jan. 3. 

Kitrti-lli, lUiteiibcrg, Luliizlg, Germany, Jau. l-lll, 

hs nulla, J. F., Illirtion Palace, lluvuna, (Jub-t, 
31-Jiiii. ML ..... 

KelcjvAlfml.-fc Oi>., OfpUi'iim, Kanaus Clly, 3D 
Jan. B: OrpiKuui, Bait Lake CJty. 7-tif. 

iM-efej ft i'enrl, VfidorlaV N. "V; O., 31-Jan, 0, 

henlou. Dorotliy, iVilmtihln, Cluclnniitl, 31-Jan. 

S, llopllflsr, .Uulsvilju.. 7-12. , , • 

Keuuey, llllty, Soolh' (lend. Itld.. HI -J ha. 8, 
Kelly . A Violet It. 'rcmplf, .ItoiroH. Ul-Jun. 3. 
Kelly ft O'Hrleii. SiiHn's, 'Toronto, Can,, 31 Jin. n, 
Kelly ft Ivehty, HMMk. Culnlnbus, O., 31 Jin. 4, 
Kelly A Asliby,, Mots ft Stoll Tour, Knalsud, 

Jan, I -March 81". ' • 
KiN-kly llivy., (Jrjihuiiiii, Xpw Orleans, Jim, 7-12. 
Kelly, Ham A W«, Grand, Tscmh. WaiU,, 31- 
Jan. 3. 
lO-Ough, Thijs. J., 4 Co!. Shea's, Torouto, Uhii,, 

31-Jan. A. . . . 
Keliny ft 'IIolllN.'KeltUV ProrldBiico, It. I„ 31- 

Jan. 3; t^lonlttl, Lawretnv, . Hash., 7-IU. 
Kplfe, SCeliu. CIlMstrs, 'Wusblligloii,' D. O., 31- 

Jan. ft, . . ,- , - 

Klngslcv ft Lowla. ' licilb's, SliilicbustiT. S. IL, 

31-Jan. ft,, 
Klusoiin, The. Novolty, Bk|n.. 31-Jnn. 3, 
Klla-Uuuzul Jnjis, ilr|-bumu, Mluneajwlls, ;il- tun. 

Kllninurn Japs. Keith's, Boston, 31-Juu. 3. 
Klrke. Novrltr.'llklii., 31-Jnii. 3. 
Knight Droit, ft Sawtrlle, Urpheuni, Denver. 31- 

Jan. ft. 
KiHihly IlnM., Ornheiim, Ni>w OrleniiH, Jon. 7-12, 
Kohl, Gun A Barton, IHJuil, Belolt. V/l*„ 31- 

Jqii. ft; UlkM-, Kaiilinkee. 111., 7-12. 
Ktihu-r ft MMrinu, Bijou, Csnton. rj., 31-Jan. B. 
Kratoiis. The, Kottii's, KohMh, Jll-.lmi. 3, 
liri-ture, ''Mures-.. Batiei-vlll-'. if,, 31 Jun, -. 
Kretilki llro--., fU>lltr»; I'liiVHsud, Ill-Jan, .V 
KnrllN ft IliiMso. Grand, Tncnina, Wasfa., 31-Jan. 

B * Ormid. PdrtUhd. <ire„ 7- IK. 
Kuelile. QMS., Pyr-d, Havniui, tttta, 31-FHi. fth, 
Lm Tour Hlslerni' Kmpiro, Pitersvii, N. J., 01- 

.iiiii. ft. 
Ladell ft Crnii'-li, Chmto'H, Washington, D. 0„ 31- 

Jnn. ft. ;..-■* 

Ln Gi-tii-, HaynisrkeL Gfalcsgo, 31-Jao. B. 
Lani:astei*, Tiiin, TomlflB Canada. 81-Jan. B ; 

I'unlug'M. Dpjdngliaiu, WiihIi., 7-12. 
La*by-lh>ire QuItilcHe, Itesdlng, l'ia„ 31-Jan. b; 

Lotnliiri, Gun., 7*12. 
l.n.Twkn. Phil, Paiilages, Portland, it., Jan. 7- 

Lnreen A Crus,-!, JlaJuBlI''. Blrniliigham, Ala., 31 - 
Jan. 5; Msjesllr. l.lUle llwk. Ark., 712. 

Ls Hsie Bros., lip Ion- Sou sre, N. Y. ft. ilLJau, 
ft) K. ft P.. Jrr«ef City. ,ti. J., 7-12. - 

l.arvd'j A Blake, Bstny, Hamilton. Can.. 81-Jau. ft. 

Lawreiit-'.'K, The, Erpulre, Mt. Paul, Minn., 111- 
Jan. 3. .-.,.;. / 

I«fl Clair ft West, MujestUvBlrmliigliam, Ala., Jan, 

Lsngtry. Mrs;, ft) Co., Cidnmhla. Cincinnati, 31- 
Jsn. 3. 

Lakols, Harry. Olympic, So. Bend, Ind., 31-Jin.' 

3: Bijou, AndarsdD, 7.12, ■ 
Lsue A Dowley, Manballin, Norfolk, Vs., Ul- 

Jsn, 0, . ....'. 
Ln Belle Trio, Keith's, Phlla., Ul-Jan. 8; Keith's, 

Providence, R. L. 7-12. 
La viue-Ciinsroii Trio. Nuvtlty. Bklu.. 31-Jan. 8. 
Ls Grols. Pmil, Keehsy's, Bkln., 81-Jan. 0: Oar 

rlek, Wilmington, Del., "-12. 
I^i Vim-. Kd., Ilsiuly, (iaieaburg, III.. 31-Jan, i>] 

Slur, Mollne. 7-1'J, 
Lm Tell Dnm.. Family, PotlMrllle, Pa,, 81 Jan. 

ft; Family. HuHlh-n. 7-12. 
L-ihalninn, The,- Hos/anl, Brxtun. 31-Jaa. fl. 
l.:i Toy Bros., I'ec-plt-'s, Cedar Uaplds, la., 3D 

Jul, 8, I .-. . ' ,■ 
L.nvr.,.11 ft Nsnion, 23d fitiwt, N. Y. C, 81-Jau. 3, 
Lester ft Manning, Shea's, Toronto, Can., 31- 
Jan, B. 
Lc Di>nt, Till* Great, ' Bennett's, Montreal, Can., 

::|-Jku. 8; Kent-HC*. Otbiwit. 7-12. 
lewis A Dehiiore. II. ft H„ Hkln.. 31-Juu, 3. 
lycoii'ird A CohJUi, Cam<U?n, Caunlen, N. J,, Bl- 

Jan, », • v ■ S ,' , . ... 

■1 "■ i 

t sk«iSrt:4«paJvV.-i 


< mffi %rWnr IrdJ&K 



Le Boy. Lillian, Lyric, Altoona, *• Pi;, 31-Jan. 8. 

Leonard A Bnsiedo. BIJou. WkpKf. Va., SI* 

J«n.,0i OrpWun, Wastteia, 0.,'7-«. ^ # _, 

LelRhlon*. <»j,. Orpbeum, .Lo* Angeles, Cal., 31* 

Le Bniti On'od Op*", Columbia, St. Louis, 31- 
Jan, -D. 

Lee, FitihMh.ft Bewle, Star, Honele, lad., 31* 
Jan.- 5; Jrphruro, Lima, ©,. 7*12. 

Leonard & Draw, BIJou, Lincoln. Neb., 31-Jan. 

G:l.raplre. liea Maine*, Ifc, -7-12. • ■: 

Le Boy & Woodford, UopklDj', Loulavllle, 81- 

I^sll«i ftVrt ft Co., Fell's. Bridgeport, Conn., 31- 
Jan, C; Kali's, Lynn, llui, 7-lZ. __ 

Leslie ft Williams, BlJJcii. La Crosse, Wis., 31- 
Jin. 5; Unique, Claire, T-12. 

Leslio ft Ix-aL). Manhattan/ Norfolk, V-., 31* 

■IBD. 0. 

Lenoon, Herbert, Bert, Bijon, Marinette, Wla.. 

ai-Jnn, 6.. '-■-■„ 
r,ee, Henry, Colonial. N, Y. C, 31-Jan. 8. 
Le Mare, Ado, Boston. Lowell, Man>, Bl^J". 0- 
Leslie, Gertrfide, Emplfc, Sf; l'aul, Minn., 31- 

I.e WUt'ft Ashnore, BIJou, Appleton, Wla., 31- 

I>* Clair", Harry, Mohawk, Scbenectadr, N. V„ 
.)1-Jan. G; Armory. Blnguamrton, 7*18. 

I/* Gray, DollJe, Byou, flint, Midi., ;>l-Jaa. 8; 
Bijou, Bay City, 7-12. * 

LfK IMur Singing, Dockefader's, Wilmington, 
Del... SWan. 1. .- ----•■ -, ••• „ 

Lindsay V Dogs ft Monkeys, Majestic, Chicago, 31- 

Llttie,' Irene. Unique, Mlnespolla, "1 Jan. 6. 
Union ft. Lawrence, Savoy, Hamilton, Can., 31* 

Jan. ft. • ■ 

Lteblf, Anna Mae, :BlJo», <ju!ncy, III., 81-Jan. IL 
J.ockbort Slstem, BIJou, Battle Creek, Mlcb., 31- 

Jon. :. ; lIJjoi), Bay City, 7-12. 
Untlon rtemji, Z.ld Street. N. V. C, 31 Jan. 6. 
],o.;le Bros., Pantuges., Belllngliam, Wash., 31- 

Jan. 8. 
I.orinj-, Itlanchc, Walker's, Lowell, Mas*., 31* 

Jan.. f»..- ... ... . 

Uralne, May, Empire, St. Panl. Minn., 31 -Jan. 6. 
i.ov#-joy. Clio*. AL, Empire. Ashtabula Hnrbor, 

0., 81-Jan. 31. 
Lorlmer, Jack, Alhamhra,- K. V, C, 31-Jan. G, 
Lowell ft Lowell, rroctor's. Newark, N. J., 31- 

.fao. 5. 
l/imliaril. Bonnie, Yale'*, Kansas City, Mo., 31- 
Jau, j. _ 
Lukeni (4>, Orpheum. Holt Lake City, Utah, Jan. 

Lucy ft Lacier. Columbia, St. Louis, 31-Jan. 8; 

Oljmplc, Chicago, 7-12. 
Luce ft Luce, Klcialr. Slinmokln. Pa.. 31-Jan. G. 
I.ncRDln Trio, Main Street, I'eorln, III., 31-Jan. 

Lute Jiroi., Gotham, Bkln., 31-Jaa. 8, 

LiiCiia, .limtnlc. Ornrjeum, San Fran., Cal., Jan. 
7*lfi. - - 

I. yon A Carlson, Kmnlre, Dcs MoIrm, la., 31- 
Jan. 0, .« • ■ 

I.VNtpr ft Cooke, BIJou, Marwhalltown, la., 31- 
Jan. 5i P.lcctric, Wnrorloo, 7*12. 

I.vdln ft Alblo, Onihriiiii. Utka. N. T„ 31-Jan. 
.', : SuTor, Unmlltno, Cod., 7-12. 

Mockle, Cbaa. 11., IJuWanl, BOiitou, 31 -J tin. G. 

Masoh-Keeler Co.. Vlcfotlo, N. Y. C„ Ul-Jan r 5. 

Mbcpo ft Fox, Poll'*. Hartford. Conn., 31-Jln. G. 

Mnssles. The, Orplicmc. HiirlniffleM, O.; 31 Jon. 0. 

Mnciln (2).- Orobeuin, Lima, O., 31-Jan. 8; Or- 
pheitro. .Newark, -7-12. . 

Manoto Kanillyr Crystnl, Marlon, Ind., 31-Jan. 
ftf-tifMp, Toledo, O.. 7-12. 

Matk, J-.ddlP. Orpbeura, llontnn, 81-Jnn. 8. 

Mntk & Dogflt.. flarrick, Burlington, la., 31- 
Jon. 8;- People's,' Ce«lnr -Banlda, 7-12. 

Maiaa A Maiette, Orpbeom. Mlnneapolla, 81-Jan. 
■0. * - ''. 

Wn-DelKft Corbley, TJnlnue, Kan Claire, WU,, 
31-Jan. ■ D;. Unique, Silnnrapolls, JJlnn., 7-12. 

Maivlue ft llnjiaa-, dUi-euy'a, t ml luver, Mar,*}., 
UWan'. G.. 

Ma'MlJiierla Waters (111, Unique, Wluneapolla, 31* 

Jan; -3. 
MartJnl ft Mai MHInu, Colnnibla, Cincinnati, 31- 

•Jatt: Cj ■ ..',;' 
Aladiltn, Fllt|fatrlck ft Co,, Poll's, Springfield, 

.Ma**.,' :n -J on. 3. . 
Majestic Trio. Mobawk, Scbenectody, ft, Y., 31* 

Jan. 8; Doric. looter*, .S. Y.C., 7-12. 
Majeiilc QiKriette, Hchlltz Oardei), Milwaukee, 

:il*rwb. ». 
Manaflelri ft Wilbur. Union Square, N. Y. C. 31- 
Jan. 8. ... - . . 
Marco TiTlns, Temple, Detfolt, 31-Jan. G; G. 0. 

11., Syracuse. N. Y. 7-12. 
Mareena, Nevuro ft Ma'reenu. Orplieum. fit. Paul, 

MIOQ., 31-Jan. G.' . . . 
Martinneitie ft Sylvanter, Lyric. Danville, 111., 

;ii-J«h. r.i let. Wayne, Ind-. 7-12 
.Marctll & l.ctipti. Lyric, Lincoln, Neb., 31-Jan. 8. 
.Manna tton Ne^raboya Quartette, Bijou, Muskegon, 
.Mai hew* ft Aabley, Union Square, N. Y. €., 31* 

Jttj. S. - 

MlfU., 31-F«b. 1. 
Marty, Joe. Family, PottsTllle, Pa., 31-Jan. A; 

ram lb 1 , UateltOD, 7-12.. 
Marriott Twfiia, Clrco Bell, Mexico City, Mexico, 

3Wali. .11. 
MnrloTff-Pluulctt Co,. Trent, Trenton, N. J., 31- 

Jflfi. 5. 
Martin ft Croucb, Park, Worcester, Mass., 31* 

Jan. 0. 
Mae A Mac, Oardner, Mass., 81-Jan. 0. Atbol, 

Mndderns, The. Manbnttao, Norfolk, Va„ 31-Jan. 

G.-' . 
Macart's Cogl 4 Monkejn, Victoria, N. Y. C, 31- 

M.-Cuiie ft Oiant. Qatety, Wheel trg. W. Va., 31- 
JnO.Or ajpe'n 0. H„ Kokomo, Inri., 7-12. 

McWtttfe ft Tyson Co., H. ft B., Bkln., 31-Jan. 6. 

McDunongb, Ethel. K. ft P., Jersey City, N. }•• 
31-Jan. G. 

McDonald, Jaa. V.. Lafayette. Detroit, 31-Jan. D. 

McNadtee, Auditorium, Quebec, Can., 31-Jan. G. 

McOieevy, park & Harry, A. ft S., Boaton, 31- 
Jan. G. 

McCqrd.LewIi, ft Co., Harlem 0. IL, N. Y. C, 
3UJan. fi. 

McKlnuou ft Reed, Sloe's, Kokomo, lnd., 31- 
Jan. G. 

McClaln, Billy. Empire Tour, Eng„ 31-Aprll 22. 

McMabon'a Pullman Porter Mnida, 01yni[ilc, Chi- 
cago, 31-Jan. G; 0. O. II., IiKllananolle, 7-13. 

McAIabon A Ofaappelle, Olympic. Chicago. 31-Jan. 
.%:<). O. II., Indlnnnpolla, 7-12 

McCree, Joule, A Co., Majeatle, Chicago. 31- 
Jan. 0. 

McKtilitht, Oriln. Lyric. ClefeUnd. 31-Jan. G, 

McCariby, Mylea, ft Co., Lyric, Mobile. Ala., 31- 
Jan. 5; Howard, Boston, H-1P. 

Mi-ltne ft Poole, 08tli Street, «.- Y. 0., 31-Jan. G. 

MclteeTer ft Saodry, .A. & H., Boaton,' 31-Jan. G. 

Merrltt Staters, Majestic, Houston, Tex., 31-Jan. 
fit MajnUc. Ban Antonio, 712. 

.Mertllt, Kiymonil, Umpire, Los Angeles, Cal., 31- 
Jan. 31. 

Merrlam. Plytng, Decatur, 111., 31-Jan. 0; Free* 
pert, 7*12. 

Mead. Will and Dog, Onvrlck, Wilmington, Del., 
3l-Jnu. 5, 

Metropolitan. Oi»era Trio, Poll's, PprlDgfieM, 
Mate.. 81-Jnn. G. 

Menetekel, OrpUeuw. San Fran., OaL, 31-Jan. fi; 
Orphcttm, Loa Angeles. 7-10, 

Meera (3), NoTclty, Hklu., 31-Jan. G, 

Mi-rkel Slrtera, 3iitt Street, X. Y. C. 31-Jan. ft. 

Mlllinun Trio, Iuhba, Hamburg, Ueruany, Jan. 


Milan! Trio, Orplieum, LMIea. N. Y.. 31-Jsd. C. 
Mlelt'a Dogn, Crystal, Milwaukee, Jan. 7-12; 

Majestic, Madlxon, li-HL 
MitcliellM (3). Keith's, c.'ierolrmi. 31-Jan. G ; (1. 

0. II.. l'ltt*lr.Tk*. 7*12. 
Military Octette. Keith's, noaton, 31-Jan. 6; 

'Colonial. N. V. C. 7-11!. 
Miller ft Edward*. Ilntiiue. Dmwllle, 111., ftl-Jan. 

Bl Bltou, Sti-etilur, TM-.'. 
.. Mllleraliii) SlnterK, Pally, Chicago, Jan. 7-12: 

Star, MUvraakee. 14'1». 
Mills ft Motrin, VictortH, N. Y. C, 31-Jan. 5. 
Morn, L. Jeromi', Aiultlorlnm. 1'iivkerobiirg, W. 

Vo„ M-Jkd. 5; Mayavllle. Kl., 7-12. 
Morton, .1ft*. J., Keith's, I'hlla., .'11-Jan. G. 
Morton, Fred W„ 0. It,, Unirnnier. Pa.. 31-Jan. S. 
Morton. Gfto.-, (lent, Lyiio, Maw.. 31-Jan. G. 
Mowntle l«>, SUea's, BufTulo, X. Y.. 31-Jan, B ; 

Sb>u!i. Toronto, Can., 7-13. 
Uotarts, The, I'ructor'.t. Trey, N. T*. SI -Jan. G. 

MtftoilrL La: 'routine Austral in, 31-Jnn. .11. 
Uajnu It Morris. Atullltirlutn. Quebci;. Cau., 81- 
Mb. . K 
Miir-r-i-t. Urn... f'otmillil. N. Y. «.',. 31-.lun. G. 
Morrlaey ft BlrU, Main Street, Peoria. 111., II- 

Jaa, 0. ' ' 
Mtirtthy ft Nlcttoli, Audltcrlum, Lynn, Masa,, 31- 

Jku. P. 
Mlinihy, Mr. ft Mrs, Mart, Keith's, Cleeelaiid, 

31- Jan. B, 
Murphr, Geo., Ornhiutu, Sprlnafleld, 0.. 31-Jan. B, 
blurpUy ft Ifrsnela. Temple, ]>etnlt. 31-Jau. G; 

r-iok 0. H., Rocbeatee, X. Y., MS. 
Murray. Clayton ft Hnekman, O. H.. Plttslon, 
Pa., a -J an. 6; Moxart, Maooaey city, 742. 

Morray. Elleabetb, K. A P., Jersey City, N. J., 

■ ai-Jnn. t. 
HttsYetrera, Three, It ft S.. N. T. C, 31-Jan. 8. 
Mnllfn ft Oorelll, Keith's, Colnmbtis, 31-Jan. (V; 

O.'.O. n., Byracoae. S. Y., 7-12. 
UiirdU, Lillian, orand, Hamilton, 0., 31-Jan. G; 

Phillips, BlchmonU. .Ind., 7-12/ i 

Nadjr, Mile., Union Bttaj*. l K. Y. C. 3l-Jio. C. 
Nswft, Tom. ftCw., , Colonial, 1 N, Y. C. 81-Jan. G. 
Nacp. Viola; Bijou, I'reeport, 111., 31-Jan. I; Bl- 

7w,,BB<lne, wis.; 7-12. ....-._ 
KaTijo nirlft, Lyric, Altoonit, Pa.,' 31-Jan. G, 
Nrwmen, Horry, Bijou, Flint, Mich,, 31-Jan. 0; 

Bijon. Mmkegon. 7-12. 
BbManl Hunter & NesseD, Union Square, N. Y. O., 

31-Jan. B. 3 

"Night in EDgllsa VaadeTllle," A, Valentine, Yn- 

ledo, 0-. 31-Jan, 6. -, . m . 

"Nlrbilngalea" (&), Paator'a, N. Y. C, 31-Jan. 8. 
Klce Slstere, YorkTlllc. N. Y. O, 14-18. ■■■ 

Norlon ft Nlrbclwn,. Olympic, Chicago, Jan. 7-12. 
Norkton. Mary, Columbia, St. Louis, 31-Jan. 5. 
Nohlclto & Mar*batl, Mnieatlc, Cblcago, 31-Jan. 

G; Halo St., Peoria, ill.. 7-12. 
Norworlli, Jack, O. O. H., Pittsburg, 81-Jan. B..- 
Xobfea, Mltton ft Dolly, Mntlc Mall, Lewlatob, 

Me., JJl-Jan. 0. 
North, Bobby, Colonial. N. Y. C. 81-Jan. G. 
Nik'of Fanvms (3), BIJou. I'igua, U., 31-Jan, •>; 
, Merlon, Marlon. O., 7-12. J\ 

Xngent, Katbrine, Ornbeum, Loa Angeles, Cal., 

-31-Jab. IS. ■ 

Nje, .Xoti, ft bis Olrli, Columbia, Cincinnati, 31- 
, Jrx/.:,G. :.-- - ■' ->..- ■ 

O'Brien. Horel ft Lawrence, Keith's, Boston, 31- 

Jnu, t. 
OreelHrr. Vlctot, Colonial, N. Y. C, 81-Jari. G. 
O'CourKll ft Goldsmith, Parlor, Port Aogflcs, 

Wa»h.. 31-Jan. 10. 
O'Dny, Ida, Hopkins', Loiilflfilte, 31-Jan. 6; 

Kellh's, Cleveland, 7-12. 
OWell ft Klnley, Pastor's, N. Y. C, 7-12; 
Ogdeo, Helen, Bijou,. Knnkakee. 111., 31-Jnn. G ; 

Jonnsoa'a, Waterloo, la., 7-12. 
O'Knbe Japs, .Hnyinarket, Chkngo. 31-Jan. G. 
Olympic. Quartette. Savoy, Hamilton, Cau., 31- 

Jnr.. G: Lafayette, Detroit. 7-12. 
Ollrottl Troubailonrs, 23d Street, S. Y. C, 31- 
Jan. 6. ■ • . . 
O'Meers Slitcri, Proctor's, Newark, N. J., 31- 
Jnn. 3. . j . _ 
O'KeJl. Ton. Crystal. Klkhsrt, Ind., 81-Jan. 5. 
O'Keil'a MlQitrela, Bijou, Winnipeg, Can., 31- 
Jan. G. . « . 
Orpbeum Rood Show, OrnlKUin, Snn Fran., Cal., 

Si-Jan. Q. 
O'Honrke ft Oilllnm, O. IL, Portland, Me., 31- 

Jan. 3. 
Ordway, Laura, Bathawsy's, New Bedford, Mass., 

31- J an. .'.. ' 

Ofcar, Paul. Orphenni, Bkln., 31-Jan. 3; Aluam- 

hra. M. Y. C 7-12., 
OirTey ft Randall, Orplieum, Utlca, N. Y., 31-Jan, 

Ptrhiab Opera Trio, Majestic, Erie, Pa., 31-Jan. 

G ; Lyric, Cleveland, 7-12. 

Pauititn, *.l. O. IL, Memphis. Tenn., 31-Jan. G; 
Orphi'iim, Xeiv Orleana. T-12. 

Paragou Comedy Four, Hayroarket, Chicago, 31- 
Jan. 5. ...... , 

Patrice ft Co., Orpheum, MIrtneapollH, 31-Jan. 3. 

Patty Bros., Ornbenm, Kansas City, 31-Jan. G. 

1'arker, §£. Bijou, Norfolk. Vs., 31-Jan. 0. 

Peeo ft-Wtleiou, Orplieum, Minneapolis. 31-Jan. G; 
Clrpheuan, OniaLn, Neb., 7-12. 

l'pkln 2knia*p«, Orpheum, New Orleans. 31-Jan. 
ft; Hopkins*, LonlsTllle, 14-10. 

Polois, The, fl. O. IL. Pittsburg, Pa., 31-Jan. 
ft; Lyric. Altobiin, 7,-1,2.-. 

Perkins, OHIe, Oem, Lynu, Maas., 31-Jan. ft. 

rnflaxl. K*a, Family, Davenport, la., 31-Jan, C; 
Lyrlc.Xlacoln. Neb., 7-12. . 

Prtera, Pill) ft Nettle, Birmingham, Englann, 31- 
Jan. GSjManchester, 7-12. 

Perry, Frank t... Bijou, Adrian, Mlcb.. 31-Jan. 0. 

Phillips ft: Farlardesu, Vaiidette, Cblcago, 31-Jan. 
5; Wcnderland. ChicflJio,■ 7-HJ. 

PlHclogton, Jolinao'n ft henney, Olympic, So. Bend, 
2nd., '31-Jan. B. ., • ■ 

I'lcitiyTs, Tlie, Keith's, Boston, 31-Jan. S. 

Polk. KoIHiih ft Cameron Slaters, Keith's, Man- 
chester, N. H., 31-Jan. G. 

Totter "4 HorrK Trent, Trenton, N. J., Jan. T- 
lg; laator'a, N. Y. C. 14-10. 

Polly Pickles' Pets, Harlem O. H., N. Y. 0., 31- 
Jan. B. "' 

Priestly. Alma, Valentine, Toledo, O., 31 Jan. S; 
O. O. IL. Pittsburg, 7-12. 

Price ft Mildred, Bijou, Jackson, Mich.. 31-Jan. 0. 

l'rumnin Trio, Lyric, Clet eland, <>., itl-Jan. r>. 

Price, Jinny M.. U. IL. Erie, Ph., Ill-Jan. G. 

Pryors, Tbe, Poll's, Waterbury. Conn., 31-Jau. ft. 

Vrof*anleB, Tlie, Mtmpbl!), Tenn,, 31-Jan. 6; Col- 
umbus. O. 14-10. 

Pureella 4 Orben. firand, Betio.-Ker.. Jan. 7-13. 

qtikji. Mucker ft Nlckersoii. Bennett's. OttQwa. 
Can., SI -Jan. 0; Bennett's. London, 7-12. , 

Quaker City Quartet, Poll's. Worcester, Mas?,. 
.tL-jaa. »; a'oii's, Briugeport, Cvnu., 7-lK. 

Quiiilan ft Hack, 'Keith's, ProTldeoce. H. L, Sl- 
Jan. R: Gib Aw., N. Y. C. 7-12. 

Qatfley- Uros,, Cbait'i, 'WasbiDglon, D. C. 31- 

Rarinota'ft Cirtrly, Victoria, N. Y. C. 814an. 6. 
kaynnad. Mantle, V.noria, N. Y. C . 31-Jan. 3. 
lUiiwv Sisters Qnlety. Indiaoapolli, 31-Jau. 5 , 

SWndawl, Cincinnati, t-12. ■ ■ - ' . 
Randall. Dorothy, G. 0. H., PlHaburg, 3t-Jan. 5. 
RaCnyette'a JJoga, Columbia, .St. Louis, 81-Jan, f>. 
R situs ft Banks, Empreaa,BrUton, EOglantL Jan. 

7-li| Palace, Walthamatow, 14-10 ; Varltic, 

Leeds, 31-20J. King, Cate-iUead, 2B-F«». 2. 
itavuo's. AK, Bulldogs, lltb St. 0. H.. Pblla., 

31-Jan. 14. «... 

Itatnn'a Monkeys. 6th- Arc, N. Y. C. 31-Jan. a. 
Kay, Frvil ft Co., Kmplre, Pateraon, N. J., Ill* 

Jan. Ct Einplre, Holwken, 5-12. . . . 

Ralston. Bobby & Son, Hiitl-away's, Lowell, Mass., 

31-Jan. 6. 
Itawson ft June, AHiambra, N. Y. O,, Sl-.7ao. 6. 
itamzo ft Arno, Kmplre, PlttsSeld, Maia., 31- 

Rado i Bertnan. K. ft P., Jersey Olty, N. J., 31* 
.Jan. B; Keith's. Pblla., 7-12. ; ■ ■• w 

Rawla A Von Kaufman, Poll's, Springfield, Mats., 
31-Jan. G. ' •*■ - m 

Retled & Hodley, Pastor's, N. Y. 0., 81-Jan. B. 

Renos. 4Jreat, Industrial, Mollne. III., 31-Jan. G. 

Renn & Axora, Majestic, Sbreveport, La., 31- 
J no. 0. 

RpdruniO. Julia; Poll's, Hartford, Conn,. 31-Jan. 
.6; PoUS, New Haven, 7*12.- 

Reno, Will ft May, Stur, Monongabeln City, Ta., 

Rptlford ft Winchester, Shea's. Buff nlo, N. Y., SI- 

Jan. fl; Shcn'a. Toronto.- -Can., 7-12. 
Rpld .Bisters, Columbia, Cincinnati, 31-Jan. t>; 

Orpbeiuu, New Orleans,- 7-1-8. ■ ' 
RtaWtfgtMi, Mayme. Shea's, Buffalo, N. Y., 31* 

Jan, tl ; Shea's, Toronto, Con., 7-12. 
Rrvnard, fM, i\, Ornneum, San Fran.. Cal., 31* 

.inn. ft ; Orpheum; Lv-i Angeles', 7-1(1. 
Ilei.ta. Master Charles, Acme, Norfolk, Va., 31- 
Jau. ft, 
Iletley A .Morgan, Keith's, ProTldence, R. L, 31- 
Jnn, ■">. 
Bice & Elmer, Hopklua', Ix>h1stII1p, Ky., 31- 
Jan. 12. 
lUaleja, The. Lyric, Cleroland, 81 -Jan. D. 
lllee & Walters, Qreenwall, New Orleans, 31- 
Jan. G. 
IthiplorH. Tbe. Crystal, St. Joseph. -Mo„ 31 ■Jan. S. 
Itlafto (.otnedy i-'our, Colonial, LaTrrence, Mis*., 

Jan. 21-2". 
Richards. Tbe Grent, Bennett's, Ottawa, Cnn., 

at-Jxta. It, 
II lee ft : OaAYj Mrjcstle, Chicago, Rl-Jan. B. 
RiclL Duo. I'ntlur, York, Pn., 31- Jan. ft; 12oth 

Street, N. Y; C, 7-12. ■ . _ 

Ithitius (4 1, Orpheum. Nev Orleans, 31-Jan. ft; 

OTtitiPi'in, Omalia. 7-12. 
lli.rinlrtfs tat, Mlluu, Adrian, Mich., 31-Jan. 6; 

.RUM. Ann Arbdr. f-11. 
Itlee. Dms., Laiii-«t*ler, Pa., 31-Jan. G. 
Itleh, Jrdm ft Hcillia, Keith's, Pro*/lilence, R. I., 

Itl-Tan.- ft. 
RMihiwrti. Piirniwtle ft Wood, Atlantic OnrJcn, 

N. Y, C„ SI Jail. G. 
Iloektrny ft Conway, Bijon. Decatur, III.. 31-Jnn. 

3: Onlely. SprliVuneld, 7-12. 
ltonil. Three, Columbia, Cincinnati, 31-Jau, Gi 

ETaiiHTllte, Ind.. 7-13. 
rtoaa - Sinters.- Yale'K. KntmnR Cliy. Mo.. ai-Jaa. r.. 
Roberta ft Itnlaton, Kmplie, Aahtflbitla. O., 31- 
Jau. r<: Orand. I'lr.illay. 7-U>. 
ltoclfe, K<t„ ltijoti, Norfolk. Y«„ 31-Jan. ft. 
KoberlB. Ilayt--) ft Huberts. Orpheum, I'tlCi, N. 

Y„ Bi-Jan. G, . 

Rovnl Muslrnl l-'lre. Keith's. Cletelaiid. ai-Jan, B, 
Ruefiirea. The. .Majestic, Mudlson. Wis., 81-Jin. 

'til (lalety, Cnlexlmrg, 111., 7-12. 
Hoe* ft Lewie,- .-Howard, Ttoatou, 3l>Jan. 6. 
Hours, Dora, Uatbaway'e. Lowell, Masa., 31-Jan. 

Itontniios (Sl. ltftNie*rer. N. Y..- 31-Jan.- G,. 
RoblntOD, Blossom, Majestic, Cblcago, 31-Jan, 6; 

Utyftal, Milwaukee. T*12. 
noa»ra ft Doel.*. Poll's, llartfonl. Oonn., 31-Jan. 

G, i'oii's. Springfield, Masa., T-12. 
Hockey ft Bent, Ketney's, Bkln., 31-Jin. ft. 
ItolbliiH. Win.. Atlantic (1 anion. N. Y. (.'., 31- 
Jan. G. 
RoMnson. M*HUe, Ilnthnrray's, Lowell, Mass., 31- 
Jan. 6, 

nooD#yrUsr«», : a. a. «.. PUtaburg, 81-Jan. 3. 
Motuldoa, Xttree, Bijou, Adrian, Mlcb., 31-Jas- 
6; Bijou, Acn Arbor. Mil. ■ . „ ». 
Rose, Julian, KeluV). MaLcbeatef, N. H., 31* 

Roblsata.ft CbUdreaa, Columbia, Cincinnati, 31* 
Jan. ft. 

RnaselL; Poll fc Carrie, Hippodrome, Plttsborg, 
31-.! an. G. - 

Bnaaclla. MmMral, JMjoa, Canton, O.. Jan. 7-12. 

HasacU A Hell. Bijon. Dubuque, la., 31-Jan. ft; 
Dominion, W/nn(pei[,.Can., 7-12.-. . . __ 

Boasell ft Daxlx, Faxolly, PottSTllle, Pa., 31- 

- Jan, 5. _.; 

Eyan ft Richfield, Victoria. N. Y. C, 31-Jan. 5. 

Halvall, Great, Walker's, Lowell, Mass.. ai-Jaa. 

Saunders, Florence, Lyric, Altoona, Pa., 31-Jan. 5. 

Sanderson ft Bowman. Majestic, San Antonio, 
.'Xei., SWan. Gi llnjewtlc, Ft, Worth, 7-12, 

Sareraa, Mile., Lfceuro, 1'LlIa., 31-Jan. ft. 

San tell, Qieat, Uijou, Qnloey, 111., 31-Jan. 9; 
(lalety, Hnrlngfleld, MS . 

SalTaa-gla, The. Majeatic, Chicago, 31-Jan. G. 

Samols (0), Kathawsy'e, Lowell. .Mass., 81-Jan. 5. 

Sanford. l-'lorllla, Bijou, Lincoln. Neb., 31-Jan. ft. 

Sabel, Jot>epblne. Monte Carlo. France, Jan. 1-31 ; 
Touring So. Africa, Peb. 1-Msy 31. 

Prions. G. <>. IL, Pittsburg, 31-Jnn, G. 

fccbei'i*'*. Lout, National. Sao Kran., CaL, 31- 
Jan. S ; Bell, Oakland, 7-12. 

Schlrbart, Anson. Crystal, Detroit. 31-Jan. ft. 

Scnwden, Marie, Orpblntn, Bprlngfleld, 0., 31- 
Jnn. 3, 

Scliileonl's Hiingorlan Band, Orpheum, Bkln., 31- 
Jan. ■ . . -i 

Bcott ft Whaley. Poll's, Woreeater, Mass., 31- 
Jan. G; Poll's, Waterbury, i.'onn., 7-lx". 

Scott, ft Wilson, Poll's, New Haven, Conn., 31- 
Jan. 5; K. ft P.. Jersey City, N. J., 7-12. 

Sean, Orplieum, St. Paul, Minn., 31-Jan. 5; Or- 
pbenm, Mlnneajiolls. 7-12. - 

Seysiovr Rla:ers, Star, llone^aen. Pa., 31-Jan. t,. 

gevmour'* Dcz*. Baebelder, Ida, Kan., 31-Jan. G; 
Springfield. O., 7-12. 

Seymour ft Hill, Portland. Me., 31-Jan. S. 

Serra. Cbaa., Orpheum, Los Angeles, CaL, 31- 
Jan. S. 

SelbjnJ ft GrorlDl, Ottawa, Can., 31-Jan. G; 
Quebec, 7*12. 

Seebach, Liberty, Meridian, Conn., 31-Jan. 5; 
Ho^wnrd, Boston, 7-12. 

Seabrooke, Tboa. Q„ Victoria. ,N. Y. C, ftl-Jan. 5. 

Sfannnons (4),. Bijou, Flint, Mich., 31-Jan. G. 

Shean ft \Yarren,_,T*mple, Detroit, 31-Jaa. G.- 

Sbe'rmin A De Forest. Poll's, Worcester, Mass., 
31-Jan. G ; Poll's, Hartford, Conn., 712. 

Shaw. Allen, Haymarket, Chicago, 31-Jan. G; 
Columbia. St. Louis, 7-12. . 

Sbleldi ft Rogers, Bijon. Decatur, 111., 31-Jan. 0; 
'-Bijou. Dubuque, la.. 7-12. 

Short ft Short v, Orpblntn. Newark, O., 31-Jirj. G. 

SingUig CollpenB (4>, Alliarabra, N. Y. C, 31- 
Jin: i.. 

Singers (4), Chase's, Washington, D. C-, 31- 
3EE 5; O 0. H., Hyraeuse. S. Y:. 7-12. 

Slnliers. Melntyre A Bennett, G. O. II. , Plttabnrg, 
31-Jan. 5. . , ■ 

Simons. Willnrtl, Troctor's, Albany, N. Y., 31* 
rJan.:5; Kelfit'a, Phlla.. 7-12. 

Slnia, Reouble, Parco, N. D-, 31-Jan. 5. 

Simpsons, Musical, SHtoy, Hamilton. Can., 31- 

J:-;:. G. . . , 

Sloan, Blanche ft Co., Keeney's, New Britain, 

Conn., 31-Jan.. \i;. Keeney's. Bkln., 7-12. 
Smith ft Campl>ell, 23d street, N. Y. C, 31-Jan. 5. 
Snalrl ft Keener, Harlem 0. IL. N. Y. C. 31 

Jnn. G; Young's Pier, Atlantic City, N. J., 

■7-42. -. . i 

S.mltn. Mr. ft Jlre. J. .Morrny, Bijoa, Bay City, 

Mlcb., 31-Jan. 3. 
Srititer ft Iti:ckley. Proctor's. Troy, S. Y., 31- 

Js:i. ft ; 23d St.. N. Y. C, .7-12. 
Spencer ' Walter, Crystal. St.. Joseph, Mo., 31- 

.Jan. G. 
Spa>1;ler. Harry, Bijon. Norfolk, Va., 31-Jan, G. 
.'-iileler Butni*es, MusIchI.-. Family, Scrnnton, Pa., 

JllJnn.G: -, , 
Splfsi-1 Bros.' ft Mack. Moss ft Stolt Tour, Kng- 

Iknl, -31-Jan. 31. ■ ■ ■■ 
&ppd(Ien A Ilerson, Stnr, Muncle, Ind., 31-Jan. ft; 

OintfreumyLlroa.Xi.. T-I*m 
Bttnm- 1 4 Thomas, Otjitteutn, Amsterdam, N. Y., 

-.31-Jan. 5. 


Stfifsteton ft Char-ey, Bijou, Kalamatoo, Mlcb., 

31-Jan. G . 
Standi A Leonard, GStb Street, N. Y. C, SI* 

Jan. 0. , -, r. «.■ 

Stanley ft Alleen, Gaiety, Galesborg, HI., 31- 

J:tn. G; Unjestic. Madison, .Wis., 7-12. 
Stelliox. ■ -Vred. Scblitz Garden, Mllwuukee, 31- 

Keb. 28. .,.-.- 

Stuart, Arlbur ft Keeley Sisters, Gaiety, Gales- 

bnrs, 111., 31-Jan. G; Crystal, Rock Island, 

Stiituunan ft Crawford, Grand, Pern, Ind., 31- 

Jqn. G. - 
Stevens ft Keeley. Frankfort. Ind., 31-Jan. o; 

Cryatnl, ICUwood, Ind., T-12. 
Stejrer, Julius A Co., Oi-jheum, Los Angeles, CaL, 

31-Jau. 5 . - . ...... 

Stsrk. Baby Toble. BIJon. Enid. Okla., 31-Jan. 

Gi Lyric, Ft. Smith, Ark., 7-12, 
Btrlcklnnd. E. C, Lyric, Partons, Kan., 31-Jan. b, 
Htune, ileiie, trjk.oi, Detroit. 31-juti. o. 
Stemm A Iv Orange, Majestic, Texarkana, Ark., 

Jan; JVC. 
Stcnbena. Paul, I,yHc, Altoona, Pa., 01-Jaa. G. 
Siantoa ft Sandberg, Unique, Danrille, 111., 31* 

Jin. 3. 
Stevens, Edwin. Union Square, N. Y. C, 31- 

Jin. Q. 
Stewart, Mr. and Mrs. CaL, Keith's, Prorldence, 

31-Jan. 5. ■ - ' 

St. Leon ft . McCuMcfc, People's, I*BTenwortb, 

San.. 31-Jan: 5 ; Yab, Kansas Olty, 7-12. 
K Lew. 68'tb Street, N.Y. C, 31-Jan. ft. 
Saruel ft Ratell, III Jon, Flint. Mlcb., 31-Jan. 6. 
"Sunny South," Ornneum, Bkln., 31-Jan. G. 
Sutton A Sutton, Majestic, Dallas, Tex., 31-Jan, 


Swor ft Westbt-ook, Family, Davenport, la., 31- 
.-Jan. G. 
Sn-cet, Chaa. R., Savoy, Hamilton, Can., Si- 
Sweet, Cbaa. It., Savoy, Hamilton, Can., 313- 
Sivtyoe ft Powers, Orpheum, Sprlngaeld, O., 31- 
Jan. 6. 
Sytaoada. -Lottie West, People's, Cedar Rapid), 

la., 31-Jnn. G: Garrlck, Burlington, 7-12. 
Taylor Twin Staters, Main Street Blnk, Finn 

Bluff. Ark.. Jan. 7-12. 
Tanneblll ft Radclirfe, Elite, Davenport, la., 31- 
Jau. G. 
Taylor ft Folrman, BIJou, Dulutb, Mian., 31- 
Jan. n. 
Tally-Ilw Duo, Broadway. Mlddletowu, O., 31- 
Jan. G; Star, Muncle. Ind., 7-12. 
Temple Quartet, Yale's, Kansas City, Mo., Jan. 

TenleyJ Elmer, 6th Ave., N. Y. ft. 31-Jan. 0. 

Thomson, Man', Siieeily's, Fall Itlver, Mass., 31- 

Ttut Quartette, Victoria, N. Y. ft, 31-Jan. 6. 

Tboupson Slaters, Olynniilc. Chicago, 31-Jan. 5; 
Haymarket, Chicago. 7-12. 

TImtcoer, Eva, Lyric, Cleveland, 31-Jnn. G. 

TsBupar Lcona, Proctor's, Albany, N. Y., 31- 
Jan. 5. 

"Three of a Kind," Colonial. N. Y. C, 31-Jau. 5. 

'J'liotnpson ft Cain, Bennett's, London, Can., 31- 
Jan. 5. .... . ;. . 

1'bolnas ft Payne. Bennett's;, London, Cnn., .11- 
Jan. 5; Bennett's, Ottawa, 7-12.- 

ri)L John ft Lotibm. Llitr, Hock Island, HI., 31- 
Jau. G. Klectrlc, Waterloo, la., 7-12. 

Toys, Musical, .Star. Aurora. 111., 31-Jan, G. 

Ton* * Toiw.y, Clrco Bell, .Mexico City, Mexico, 
31-Jun. ll. 

Travers, Roland. Star. Seattle. WnMi.. 31-Jan. r.. 

rn.lley Car Trio, Kllle, Kock Hns, 111., II* 

- Jan. G. 

Trlxeda A ]toMi<*i>ii, Ktnpiro. Des Moines, In., ;il- 
Jsu. B, 

'Pruliart. Dillon ft Ititrk, Acme, Norfolk, Va., 31- 
Jau. G. • 

'1'rask, (Hmlileii ft Babb, Alvarados Hay City, 
Mich.. 31-Jnn. G; Lyric, Clcvclnnd,- T-12. 

Tioiibiidoiint (:i|, 'temple. Ft. .Wuyne, lad., 31- 
Jau. fl : Lyric. Terre, Haute. 7-12. 

'Trocntl^ro Quuitet. Hopkins', Memphl*, Twin., SI- 
Jin. I 

Titian, 14tar, Muncle, Ind,, 31-Jan. G; Orphlan, 
Lima. u. 7-12. 

Tfsiti ft llronii, Union Square, N. Y. C, 31- 
Jbu. n. . 

I'lifh, Chos., A Co., Olympic, Sotilh Bend, lad., 
31-Jan. ' 

. Toronto. Can., 7-12. 
Tuldla, Harry F.„ BIJou, Grand Forks. N. D.. 31- 

Jna. r>. 

Vail- Hturtdlfonl, Grace, Glli Ave., X. Y. C. 31- 
Yaladoni, The, Touring Caunda. 31-Jan. 20, 
V*«.l Billy. Tufetlo. O,. 3tJin, S : .Colutubits. MI. 
vatkir fllrlx, Siiee*ly's, Fall Itlver, Mias., 31- 
-. Jth. G. *.. ... ■■ -. ■»■ ■ . .. 

Yatotil, Il&lhaway's, New Bedfonl, Haas., 31- 
- Jir, G. 

Wbk Drrthentn. Kaiihas City. Mo.. 31-Jnn. G. 
Yalpoa, T-M, Fernie. Brltlkh Oolutnbla, Jan. "-12. 
\»la. Netta. Orplieum, Bkln,, 31-Jan, 4. 
Vernon, F.dltbe Mae, Orprtcum, St. Paul, Minn., 

- 81- Jan. ft. 

Yerhon, "Hopldm'. Meff.phis, Tenn., Sl*J«n. 0; 

Temrile, IJetrolC 7-12. . ■ •. ■ _ i 

VeSte ft DlnonA WathaUi, Magdebort;, Oet- 

nuany.-Jan. 1-15. - ; _ „-J-_-., 

re«la, Belle, Proctor's, Albany, N. l.j stt»iJ Bfc,* 
Victoria, Mvrtle, ft . Rainbow Duo, Crystal, St. 
"Joseph.' Mo.. 31-Jan. 5.. 
Viola, Otta, 'Mauri Seranton, Pa.. .81-Jan. 7. 
Von Zlcbler. Baroneis, BIJiu, EtaDsvlIle. Ind., 

Vok«, Uarry, ft Margaret Daly ft Co., Keeney'i, 

BkUi., U-Jan. 0. ■ 

Voiia, Harlem, O. H.. %. Y. C..31-Jan._6. 
WBm A Currno. Savoy. Hamilton, Can., 31-Jan. 5. 
>Vaterbury Broa. ft Xenny. Olympic, Cblcago, 31* 

TVatJoV., Hutcbinga ft Edwards, Gotham, Bkln., 

Wasber Bros., Majestic. Grand Rapids. Mlcb., 31- 
Jaa. G: Majestic, Toronto, Can., 7-1J. 

Walsb, May, Lyric, Cleveland, 31-Jan. G; Olym- 
pic, Cincinnati. 7-12. _* 

fntxss. AL, Crystal Logansport, Ind., 31-Jaa. 
6 ; Crystal, -Frankfort. 7-12. „, . 

Warrei., Bdward, G- O. IL, Grand Eopldx, Mich., 
31-Jsn. ft. _. - ; 

Wat ton's Farmyard, Keith's, Boston, 31-Jin. j; 
Colonial. Lawrence. 7-12. . 

Watson, Sam, Keith's, Boston, 31-Jan, G. 

Ward, Cbaa. B„ BIJou. Dubuque, la., 31-Jan. 0. 

Walters ft Prouty. ' llatbaway'a, New Bclfonl, 
Mbsa.,' 31-Jan. 6. _ _ ,, 

Wilali, Austin, Chase's, WishlBgion, D. 0., 31- 

Walhooru ft Whitney, Burlington, Yt.. 31-Jan. 6. 
Warner, Cliarlei. Orpheum, Boaton. 31-Jan. 6. 
Walton. Fred, Temple, Detroit, 31-Jan. 6. 
Watson, Fred A Morrlssey Slsiera, Orpbeum, St. 

Pass, Minn., 31-Jan, G. 
WMdoBstS}. Dominion, Winnipeg, Can,, 31-Jan. *. 
West. John A,, HIJoti, Qubicy, 111., 31-Jan. ft ; 

La Salle. Keokuk. la., 7-12. 
Welch, James ft Cella, Orpheum, Newark, 0., 31- 

Mmml Willie, Keith's^ Clereiand. 81-Jan. G- 
Welch, Hen, G. O. 11. , ItHlluna polls, 31- Jan. 5. 
Wesselys, Tkt, KelJa's. Providence, 31 -Jan. *». 
Weisi ft WelR, Brooklyn, Mlcb., 31-Jan. 0. 
Webb ft Connelly, G. 0. IL, Syracuse, h. Y., 31- 

Wclcb', Joe, Novelty. Bkln., Sl-Jan. 8. 

Whalen ft West, Auditorium, Quebec, Can., 31- 

Jan. 6. 
Wbite, tftoart, ft Co., K. ft r., Jersey Oty, N. 

J.. 31-Jan. "). 
Wharton A Lc Roy, BIJou, Lansing, Mlcb., 31 

Whitman" Sisters, llatbaway'a, Lowell, Mass., 31* 

Whlteiey ft Bell, Family, Lancaster, Pa., 31-Jan. 

Whipple, - Waldo, O. BL, Berlin, N. H., 31-Jan. 
•3; Biddeford, Me.,;7-12. . 

Wilson, LliJtle N., Hajettlc, Ft. Worth, Ter., 
3lJan. a; Majettlt. SbreTeport. La- 7-12. 

Wilson Pro*.. .Majestic, Cblcago, 31-Jan. 5. 

M'Jjgln, Bert. Gaiety, Indianapolis, Jaa. G-7; 
Standard. Cinclniuitl, 7-13. 

Ti'lse ft Milton. Howsrd, Boston, 31-Jan. G. 

Wilerd. Chas.. Maipab; Ottawa, IIL. Jan. 7-12. 

Wllllnms ft Tucker. Keith's, Providence. 31-Jau. j. 

WIImu, Georg?; Proctor's, Newark, N. J.. 31- 
Jaa. 5, 

Wilson, Jnck, ft Co., .Proctor's, Albany, N- Y., 
■ :ll J-oi-, .5. . ; - . . 

Will la Family, Valentine. Toledo, 0., 31-Jno. R. 

Wilson Bros., Majestic. Cblcago, 31-Jan. 5; Bay- 
market. Chicago, 7-12. 

Workl A Kingston, Keith's, Cleveland, 31-Jan. 8; 
G.-O, H.. -Pittsburg. T-12. 

Wood, fleo. H., 23il Street. X. Y. C, 31-Jan, 3. 

Wood, Krani'U, .Majeaiic. Houston. Tex., 31-Jaa. E, 

Wvod Bros., Bennett's, lxmdou, Can., 31-Jan. 5; 
'iBeanc-lt>, Ottawa, 7-12. . 

Wolff, Annie. Walker's. Lowell. Mass., 31-Jan. B, 

Wynn, Bessie, Harlem O. II., N. Y. C. 31-Jan. 3. 

Wyjie'n Dors. Proctor's, Albany, N. Y„ Bl-Jas. '». 

Yeager, Oeorgla, Atlantic Garden, N. Y. C, 31- 
. Jan. a..-. . ^ . .. . .. , 

Young Bnffalo, Lyceum, Washington, D. C„ 31- 
..lyi. 3: Monumental, Baltimore. T-12. 

Yorke Comedy Four, People's, Cincinnati, 31- 
.'Jau. G.-T- 

Youog. Ollie, A Bro.. Ornbenm. Denver. 31-Jan. 6; 
.Orpheum, St. Paul. Minn., 7-12. 

Young, Tot,, McKeeenort,. Pa., Jan. 2. 

Youbg ft Brooks, Orpheum, Utlca, N. Y., 31- 
Janj. 5. 

Yull ft Boyd. Orphean, Kaosns City. Jan. 7-12. 

Zawl ft Vernon Co., Columbia, St. Louts, 31- 
Jan. 0. ■ 

Zanora's, 'Cycling,- Gaiety. PltlBbnrg, Sl-Jao. ft; 
Gaiecy, IntllsnanQlla, 7-12. 

Zanfretta ft Mansfield, G. 0. R., Grand Rapids, 
MICh.. 31-Jan. 5. 

Zlska ft King. Keith'?, Pliila., 31-Jan. 5. 

Zimmerman. Willy, Keith*-. Manchester, N. H., 
31-Jan. 5; 23d St., N. Y. C, 7*12 

Ztngnrl Trotir-e, Hathaway'a, LtM, Mass., 31- 
Jao, ft. 

Zouboiilakis,- Tbe. Lyric. Terre Haute, Ind., 31- 
Jan. 0: Olymiile. Giilengo.' 7-12. 

Zoredie. Fred, Orpbeum, Minneapolis. Jan. 5. 


•Madame Bjtterfly" (Ueary W. Savige. mgr.)— 
Wheeling. W. Va., Jan. '»,' Sprlngaeld, 0., 10, 
Indianapolis: Ind.. 11, 12. 

Marts's Specialty (Al. Marts, mgr. )— Vaaailboro, 
.'.fc. Jan. 2, China 3, Alblco 4, Palermo r.. 

"Milllobalre'R Revenge" (Mittentaal Bros. Amttae. 
Cu> r -mcr!>.) — St. 1 Louis, Mo., Jan. 3-12. 

"Jlndaxae Buttemy" (Ueary w. Savaaje, m«r.)— 
WbeellaR, W. Vs., V. . Springfield, O., 10, In- 
uunapolis. ind., 11, 12. 

"010 llomeatead" (Franklin Tbompson, tngr.) — 
I'lttsburg-, Pa., Jan. 7-17*. 

"Oar Old Kentucky Home'' (Wo. Heywood, mgr.) 
— Pleaaanton, Kan., Jan. 8, Butler, Mo., 0, 
Rich Hill 10, Nevada 11, Seammon, Kan.,. 12. 

Pattoo, W. B. (J. M. Stout, mgr.)— BrowavrDoU. 
l*ex., Jan. 4, Temple .'-. New Bra-mtela 0. San 
Harem % Saft^vllle s, Taylor 0, Marlln M>, 
Bryau 11, Houston 12. 

Primrose. Geo. H., Minstrels (F. J. Dunne, mgr. 1 
— Kanaas City, Mo., Jan, T-12. 

Powell's "Faust Llfeornma" ML Powell, ntgr.) — 
GreenviHe, Ky., 31-Jait. 2, MeHenry 3-G, 

"Pit" (Wn. A. Brady, mgr.)— Lutraque, Ja„ 
Jan. 3 ' ' . -. ■_ .-, j 

"Prince of FUsen" (Henry W. Savage, rear. ) — 
Moblk-, Ala., Jan. 1, Monlromery 5, Blrmlng 
ham 3, Atlanta, Ga.. 4. G, Macon 7. Jroksun- 
vllle, FIi., a, Ravanrab. Oa., 0. Charlestcn. 
8. C. 10, Ahgnita, (la,, 11, Athens 12. . 

"tUt, raff, PoutV B. C. WUluei'-a- (Franklin 
Whitman, mar.) — 3craatoo. Pa., Jan. 1, HlngK- 
too. N. Y., 2, Newburgh 3, Tatenoa, N. J.. 4, 
New Brunswick G. Fllubeth 7, Orange S, Plaln- 
ntld 0, Trenton 10, Wilmington. LhL, 11, An- 
nanolls. Mil., -12. 

"Queen of the B«ckle»'* (C. F. Rhodes, mgr.)— 
Osceola. Mo„ Jan. 2, Windwr 3, Yersalllrs -I, 
Tipton ■">. Sednllp. G, JerTerson City 7. 

Ruwtell, Annie (Wajenhols ft Kemper, mgra.)— 
Troy. K. Y., Jan. 6. ■ ■ 

HotwrtHon, Forl«s, and Gertrude Clllott (Klaw A 
Krlanger, uugra.) — Troy, N. Y., Jan. 4. 

Rollins, Theresa — Fayelte City, Pa., Jan. 2, 
Brownsville 3. Monensen G. 

Scott. Cyril (Walter I. Lawrence, mgr. )— Brook- 
lyn. N. *., 7-12. 

Stewart, May (Cllne ft Robert, mgra.) — faff St. 
I/juis, Ml*--., Jan. 2, Pass Cbrlstisu 3, Tblt«o. 
daux. La., 4, Houmu '. 

Star Comedy— Dexter, N. Y., Jan. 3-5, Lafarge. 
vllle 7-fi. 

Sin Pros.' Clrcui — Rortow, Fbj., Jan. 2. Tamna 
3, 4, Bradentown 5, Plant City 7, WlldwoMl ■», 
Ocala B, Gabnesvllle 10, MacCIenny 11, Lake 
City 12. 

"Sleeping Beauty and t-ie Beast," W. G. Nankt- 
viii's — New Orleans. La., 30-Jan. G. 

•Traitor -to tbe Caar"— Brooklyn. N. Y., 7-12. 

' Tenflerfcot" — Savannah, On., Jan. 2. 

"Uncle Tom's Cabin" (S. McCutcbeon, mgr.) — Ka- 
bok.i. Mo., Jan. G, Memphis 7. . 

Van Dike ft Eaton (P. Mack, mgr.)— NewnrL, 
O.. Jan. 7-12. 

"Vanderbllt Cap" (Jos. M. Galtes, mgr.)— Hot 
Springs, Ark.. Jan. 2. .'....,•- 

"Volunteer Organist'.' (W. W. Newcomer, nngr.) — 
X. Y. City Jan. 7-12. 

Walker Whiteside (A. W. Crost, mgr.)— Hot Ark..' Jan. 3. 

William* and Walker (Jas. D. Barton, ongr.) — 
Pittsburg. Pi., Jan. 7-12. 

Knllack's Theatre. Southern (Dublnsky Bros., 
mars.) — Ccntrevllle, lu.. Jan. 7-9. Albla ,10-12. 

"Womaii in the Ca«e." Von Mitel ft Sumner's 
(I. -Kent Cobn.. mgr.) — Richmond, .Ind.. Jan. I, 
Frankfort 2. F.lwoort 3. New Caslie 4. CoJunibm 
3, Springfield. O.. 7, Marlon S, Gallon 9, Ash- 
land 10. Wooster 11. Balem 12. .. : . 

"Wlfe'a Secret.". -Sneneer ft Abom'i — Brooklyn , 
X. Y.. Jan; 712. 

"When the Harvest Days Are Over"— James- 
town, X. Y., Jan. 2. 

«« » 


Arlmckle. Mnclyn (Joseph l.ttckett, mgr.) — Buf- 
falo, N. Y.. Jan.. 7-12. 

Puller, Harry (Henry \Y. Savage, mgr.)— Balti- 
more, Md„ Jan. 7-12. 

Barrle Slock (I-Mg'r Barrle, mgr.) — Oalnetvllle, 
Tex., 31-Jnn. 0. 

"Rlnck Spider" (Jed Carlton, mgr.) — Sherourn, 
Minn., Jan. 2. IHue ICsrtU 3, Wlnnebugo <Jlly 

4, HVIla 5, Albert Lea 7, Lyle 8. SL AuKg>ir 0, 
Ouage 10, Rleevllle ll. Cresco 12, 

Cams. JCmma— Philadelphia, Pa., Jan. 7-19. 

Cablli. Marie (Daniel V. Arthur, mgr.)— Brook- 
lyn. N. Y. t Jan. 7-12. 

Corbett, James J. (MLttetithal Bros. Amuse, Co., 
nigra.)— Peoria, 111., Jan. u-9, Mollne 10, Du- 
buque. In., II. Albert leu, Minn.. 12. 

Cook ft Harris (B. A. Cook, mgr.) — Canajcbprie, 
X. ,Y., Jan. 5. Fulton 7, Bullaton S)»a 8, Mcbny- 
icirllle 9, Fort Kdwurd 10, WhlteluII 11, Sara- 
topt 12. 

"College Widow," Kastem (Flenry W. S*.»»se. 
mgr.) — Rochester, N. Y., 31-Jan. 6, Buflalo 7- 
12. . 

"College Widow." Western (Henry W. Savage, 
mgr.) — St. Louis, Mo.. .11 -J an. 5, SprlrgDeM, 
111., 0. Terre Haute, Ind., 7, Loqlsrllle. Ky., 

5. 0. Nashville. Tenn., 10, Memphis 11. 12. 
"College Widow,*' Southern (Henry W. Savage, — F.r.Kt Liverpool, 0., Jan. 1, Beaver Fnllb, 
i'.i.. 2, New Caatle 3, Youngstown, 0., 4. iJiia- 
rou. Pa.. 5, Ashtabula. 0.. 7, Akron S. dinton 
(I. Stcubenville 10, Cambridge 11, Sprlnsfield 

"CaseyV Troubles,".. Lombard Bros.* — Eagle Lake, 

Tex., Jan. 3, Seily 4. 
Drew, Carroll— K|ilon. Mo., 31-Jan. 2, Coiecnmp 

3-5, Green Rlilare 7-0. 
1-Meson, llobert (Henry B. Harris, mgr.) — New 

Orlenna. La... 3tl-Jan, n. 
EdwarUes, Paula (C. B. Dllllngbrim, mgr.)— N. Y. 

City Jan. 7, Indennlte., Uuatln (Tbe Klrke La Shelle Co., tngre.) 

— BloomliiRton. 111.. Jan. 4. 
Fischer's Orcheitro — Albion, Mich., Jaa. 2, Char- 
lotte a. Allegnu 4, Knlainaeoo S, tl, Mention 7, 

MarsliNll 8, Kalamaaoo 0, Lanalos 10, KalA* 

muxoo 11-13. 
"Pa*t Mall" (Scott ft Rnynor, mars J — Maadan, 

\. Dok.. Jwn. 10, Dickinson 11, Mile- City, 

.Mont.. 12. 
Guy Maatk (C. W. .Mercer, mgr.)— Bearer Falls, 

(ii 7-12. 
Illtctrock. Rnynioml (Henry W. Savaee, mgr.) — 

Fludtny. <>.. Jan. 3. Lima 4. Mnindeld P. 
IlovMlcrFon, Mmi'lt (Josepli Parent, mgr.)— Fowler, 
, Intl.. 31-Jnn. .".. WlnBekl 712. 
Ilciidctfion Stock (W. J. ft it. H. nenderson, 

ina-rs.)— lledrlck. la.. Itl-Jan. .". \Ylnflelil 7-12. 
Ill Henry's Minstrels— Kulauiaroo, Mich., Jan. 4, 

Marshall 5, Battle Creel: 7, Lansing 8, Jack- 
'■lliinipty Dumpty" (James Bonnelll. mar.) — 

I'urtH. Tenn., Jnn, 3, Murray, Ky.. 3, Clarks- 

vllle. Tenn.. D, Guthrie, Ky., 7, Arlington 8, 

HonklnxTllle 9. 
Irwin, May (Harry Sloan, mgr.)— Brooklyn, N. 

Y.. Jan. 7-12. 
Mamtoa, Joseph nnd Win. W. — Kansas City, Ma, 

»H2. . 
"Jerry from Kerry" (Fatten ft Fletcher, ngjrs.) — 

Bedding. Cat.. Jan. 0. Redblurf 10, Woodlaod 

11. OroTllle-12. ■ 
Katnrtlou. Stock (Kamnbn ft Ketcttira, nttni.) — 

OululflblavlHe. Midi.. aiJnn. B, MIMUtgtotj 7*12. 
■Love Route" (F. Ray Comstock, DgT.)— Buflalo, 

X. Y„ Jan. lift . 
"Little Johnny Jouen" (Colinn ft ilirrls, nigra.) 

*-Sl. , Loula, -. Mo., Jan. U-IM. 
"Iasi hi New York" (I. N. Bronson, rugr.) — 

iJrnml Island, Nebr., Jan. B, Uuidi 3-5. 
"Livew and r/inatlcs" — Oram! lUrtlds, Midi., 

Jan. 3*5. .Inddinarwlli. Ind., 7-9. 
Mndnme ModJeaka (Jniea Uurry, nagr.)— EaMBDl 

City, Mo., Jan. 3-3. 
"McMUge from Mars'* (A. la Rhflmtrou, mgr.) 

— Brooklyn, N. Y., Jan. 7-12. ' 

KnusBs c«y^-At the Willis Wood The- 
atre (Woodward & Burgess Amusement Co., 
managers) last week Mclnty/re and Menth 
plriyed four nights and Christmas matinee 
to good builncBs. "The Ham Tree" was the 
show, ntid tbe. work of the chortiB ivr.a the 
best, seen here this season, while the Indi- 
vidual work of the stars and. W, C. Fields, 
Frederick V. Bowers, David Torreoce an<l 
Belle Uold deserve mention. The latter 
pact of ibe week "The College Widow." -drew 
its accustomed weli pleased, filled houses. 
This week. Francis Wilson, In "The. Moun- 
tain Climber, 1 ' with special matinee New 
Year's Day. Next week, "Ths Marriage of 
Kitty" comes Sunday night, Win. H.- Crane 
and Ellis Jeffreys, In "She Stoops to Con- 
quer," comes Monday. Tuesday and Wed- 
nesday, nnd .Madame Modjeska comes Thurs- 
day, -Friday and Saturday, 

SitCBEhT Theatre (Walter Sanford, man- 
ager). — Last wcJc" Cyril . Scott* la "The 
rrlnce Chnp," gave excellent performances, 
to good business. He was ably assistant Us 
Helen I'liitmai, L'fllth Speare, .ifistina Wuyut'. 
Chan. H. \\e\ln, Krnncla NciUon and Mary 
-Keogh. This week, Mary Hsnnerlng, In 
"Glorious Betsy," snd next week, the Jef- 
fersona, In "Playing the Game." 

Grand Opera Umisi: (Hudson & Judnh. 
mQiicgerp).— Last week, Lteotge Sidney, in 
"ftusy Iz-zy's Vocation,'* had htg iijaiBM 
Carrie Weber was a feature of the wer- 
formance, anrl Matt Kennedy, Ch'as. Lomler, 
JospiiU Kcno and Maud Campbell n-ere all 
good. This wee*, "It .Happened in Nor.d- 
Innd;'* next week, George I'rlmrose's Min- 

(>i:p]ir:i'j[ (Mfirttn Beck, general -mtna- 

fer). — Laat week, business was excellent. 
aplnta, fn licr marvelous mirror dance, was 
thj beadllner. Other good ones on the bill 
were: Galetti's monkcyB, Jkladdox and Mel- 
vin, the Messenger Hoy and the Actress, 
Preston Kendall, In "Across tbe Line;" Au- 
gusta Gloae, In spoken Bongs : [lie Four 
[tarda, gymnasts, and tbe kinodrome. In new 
moving pictures. This week ; Vaswo, Gus 
n&mwmr School Hoys and Girls, Tatty Bros.. 
Hlckey and Nelson, Altred Kelcy and eoro- 
nany, Georglna Clark, Mile. .Alexandra and 
Mons. Heme. 

Gillts.s Thbatrc (C. -j. Rrlgham, mana- 
ger).— Last week "Custer's Last Mgbi" 
proved the sort of a melodrama that mane a 
liP. with the entire house, and, as a rea.ilt, 
iiuslness was good the entire engagemcrii. 
Chas. s. Keanc, Harry Loratne and Little 
Francis Abbott did fine work. This week 
"The Gambler of the West/' Xext week 
Lottie Williams, In ■'The Tom-Boy Girl." 

AuniToitittM (Woodward & Burgess Amuse- 
ment Co., managers). — Last week the Wood- 
ward Stock. Co gave splendid performances of 
■'In the Palace of the Kini*." Gertrude Berke- 
ley, n member of the old stnr:-.- company, raude 
her reappearance, and recelred- un oration. 
ThiR week, "31en and Women'.*' 

Cbntubv Thjuthe (Joseph Doncgan. inn,n- 
ager).— Last week Miss New York Jr. proved 
lo be an excellent burlesque pcrformKiico. 
uud with ,Chas. J. Burkbart us .the prlnelpal 
comedian, the show scored a hit. Tills week 
the Innocent ffnttfi Next week, the Pari- 
sian Holies. 

Majestic TiiEArnR (1*. G. Dayidaon, man- 
n»r>.— Last week the Lid Lifters, wlUi Col- 
llbs nud-La Belle, and Kelly and Bartktt as 
nrliirlnals. drew wpII. This 1 week Gay Morn- 
ing Clones, Next week, the Troeuderos. 

ClipI'eeixos. — Christmas trU royally cele- 
brated by nil the professional people In the 

city last week At the Shubcrt Theatro 

"The Prince Chap" Co. hed-a Cbrlstmas treo 
Jot" the three little girls of the company, and 
at the Grand the '*Bost Itty" Co. also hud 

a gift tree "The Ifnm Tree" Co., with 

Win. Melntyre as Santa Claue, la black face. 

nlso had a green gc-uds stalk ManageH 

Hudwm* judah, nf the Grand, pave their 
nnnual gift of a IlHecn pound turkey and u 
00%da hunches of celery to each married em- 
ploye, while the uoiuari-Jed men roa-lvol 
nresonts.of neckllP!). gloves ahd other wear- 
ing apparel: Joseph Donegan. manager 

of. the Centnry, was Sauta Claus for flie.MI** 
Xfiw York Jr. Co., -n-ho gave Ciias. J. Btirk- 

hart a handsomb truuk At. the. Willi* 

Wood, 0..1I. Buckley. Conway- liecker, Tuco. 
Allen nnd Gcorgr Kenroer guve Uahaftar u. 
n. -Woodward an elestrolk'r and gave Frank 

Woodward a traveling cbbc At tlte Or- 

lihettm Munnger Lehman rave eftcb pf the 
employes a box containing neckties, roulliers, 
suspenders and gloves. Mr. Lehman was 
given a walrus tiifle suit case by tl)t> cm- 
ployes. Wm. R, Winch. usslHtont-mnnnger, 
received a stilt case and smuklrg set from 




t be employ**- M. A. Langc, the leader of 

tec orcnestri, was given a reading lamp, mid 
]■; .W- Bohlberg. M:ngo manager, received a 
M t of draftltif . Instruments The mem- 
ber*' of toe comrJaales (Hayloft at rie Glllls. 
Majestic and Auditorium olio exchanged 
p;c«eBtH. The Theatrical Mechanics* Asso- 
ciation gave a iupper CbThUmns night la 
their ■ rooms. AM toe members of the local 
union, and members of visiting theatrical 
eoDtpables. were Invited. About one hundred 
a ad fifty people were present. 

■ ■■ .I ~ < i i ii - 

M. Jo»epb- — At Tootles (C. U. Phlller, 
maoRiec) "The Squaw Man." Dec. 25. 
nJMs-ta two large audiences. "The College 
WlaoV/' 20, had B. It. O. Mclutyrc and 
Heath* 27. did hie business. George Trim- 
raae'n -Minstrels 28, Francis Wilson 29, "Red 
rentier'* Jan. 1. 

Lyceum (C. V. Phlltey, manager). — 
"ThornK and Orange Blossoms." Dec. 23. 24, 
did well. "The Switchman's Daughter," 25, 
2ft bad good, houses. The Smart Set 27-20, 
"An told In the Hills" SO-Jin. 1. 

Lrrfic (Frank Do Atley, mannger). — The 
(irandle Stock Co. la giving good satisfac- 
tion.: Buslbcss ts big. 

C8V8TAL (Bred Coamau. manager). — Dill 
for week of art-: Bicycle Bill. Walter Spencer, 
Grace ilunt iny-ton.' and company. Fashion 
I'lite- Trio, lUnalers. and Coaman's moving 
pictures. " Business Is Immense. 
. st t — -— 

Mwntreal,— At Ills Majesty *h (II. Q. 
Brooks, limn am rj Lawrence D'Grsay, la The 
Kmbasiey Ball," pleased good nooses week of 
Dec.' 34. "Mr. rUpkloson" -Sl-Jan. 5, "Bea 
llur" W2. 

'Academy av Music (\V niter Ureavts, man- 
ager).— "Tom, Diet and Harry" came to 8. 
Ft 0, Christmas, week. "Around the Clock" 
Dec. ill and week. "Sunday" next week. 

Roxal (II. C. EgertonV manager). — (iood 
attendance- greeted the - New Century ("IrlB 
last week. The Colonial Girls 31 and week. 
The Thoroughbreds next weiek. 

Pbaxcaib (V. \\\ LeClulr, manager).— Al. 
W. Martin's "Uncle Tom's Cabin" played big 
week 24-21H "While Frisco Burns" 31 and 
week. "Why Girls Leave Home" next. 

Deh NouvEAtrris (R. Raveux, manager). 
— The "permanent trench stock co.. In 
''L'Aobe CvijBtactln," came to good attend' 
aiicc last week. "L'Alglon" 31 and week. 

National Fuaxcais (raid Cazeiicuve, 
manager).— The permanent French stock co., 
in "Noel.'' drew big business 24-20. "Kuuhi- 
son t'ruson" 31 and week. 

Bijou (K Belanger, manager). — The per- 
manent French, stock co.. Id "Lea Bousslg- 
ncula," drew good bouses week of 24. 

NTWEH.-r— Fred W. Le Clair, the represen- 
tative or!' tine J- B. Sparrow Amusement Co-, 
at the Theatre I'mncals, la this city, was 
the recipient of a locket on Christmas ere, 
presented by the stuff from the "front of 

the, liottHS." Al. W. Martin gave his 

company their '.Christmas .dinner- on Christ- 
mas afternoon, which was appreciated by 
the memhersand their guests, which Includ- 
ed: Joo Wall, treasurer; J. McEnroe; ad- 
vertising agent ill the house, and others. 

Al. lllch. manager of "Tom. D.lek and 

Harry," gave the company n drive and din- 
ner after ' the performance on Wcdnesdny 
evening, 26. 

— ■ — .i a. : ■ * 

Saint iVplin.— At the Opera House (A. O, 
Skinner, manager) the Robinson Opera Co. 
opened a two weeks' engagement rec. 24. 
"-IrL" to good 
I perform n nee. 
in, Jack' Hen- 
derson, M«e Klkoyne and Essie Barton, old 
favorites, made hits. 

■Keith's iR» J. Armstrong, manager). — 
The first vaudeville- performance presented 
under-" 'the new nous*; name of Keith, was 
given 24, to aood. business. The bill Includ- 
ed ; Dill and Ward, Levlne and Leonard, 
Whittle, Be Id r and Currier. Carson arid Her- 
bert, MHto'n and Dolly Nobles, and the bio- 
scope. , 

• ' ■ i ■ , , ♦ 

Hamilton.— At the Grand Opera House 
(A.. K. -LoudoQ, mannger) "Queen of the 
Convict.-." Dec. 21, 22, did good business. 
"The Bonnie llrler Hush." 24, 2B, plnyed to 
big' houses. Jessie McLachlan concert, 20, 
had fair uttendance. "Dolly Vardcn," 2i, 

fileused a good sized audience. "The Hall 
loom Hoys* 2fi, 20. "Ben Hiir" 31 •'Jan. 2, 
"Human HcartaV 3, "The Way of the Trans- 
gressor" 4, '.'Dorothy Vernon, of Huddon 
llallv". 7, Daly Opera Co. 8, 0, "McFadden's 

rmkf n, vi. '■• •*». 

HaVuv (J. G. Apnlelou, 'manager).— Bill 
for A week- Of'aii- The" (ireo't Brlndeuiaur, 
Chas. It. Sweet, Ward and Curran, Union 

openea v. two weens, engugeraeui 
presenting "The Telephone GirL" 
mujlnfts. and giving a splendid perf 
Frank v. Frenrh, Frank Nelson, .Is 

ruid Lawrence. Musical \Slmpsons, Laredo 
and Bh*~ 


and Blase, oiyoipiu. 

leal \SImp 
- (iuaYtetti 

tcttc and Laura 

repertory, had good business week of 24. 
"Human Hearts^ 31, 'Thy Hall Room Hoys'* 
Jan. 1. "The Way of the Transgressor" 3, 
Cole and Johnson, In "The Shoo Fly Regi- 
ment." H : "Tho Country Girl" 7. "McFad- 
dert's F'lats" 10, "Dorothy Vernon, of Hod- 
dan nal|," 12. 

QnelMli — At the Itoynl Opera House (G. 
L- lilgglnt, mannger \ ' Scarlet Jlyslerles" 
Dec 28, ^ft. "tS Hall Boom Boya" 31, 
Jessie McLachlln nnd her Scottish Concert 
Co. Jan. 1, "iHirntny Vernon, of Ilnddoa 
Hall," 0. 

» i» 


[B. C 

y: " 


At the Detroit Opera House 

iv-rrnrU. — At the Newark Theatre (Lee 
Ottolengal, minogen Wright Larimer np- 

{>enrs this week. In "Tho Bhepherd King." 
tobert Mantel! appeared, In his repertory, to 
the satisfaction of large audiences, Christ- 
mas week. 

Siicuebt a I. M. Hyams. manager). — 
Henry B. Dlxey. in The Man on the Box." 
this week. The Christmas bill offered Ca- 
mllle D'ArvlKe, In "The Belle of London 
Town." which was pronounced the best en- 
tertainment la Its class seen here In a long 
time, and drew good houses. "The Karl and 
the Girl" nexi week 

Froctor'r (W. .1, Stunrt. resident mana- 
ger!. — a very Inviting New Year's bill has 
teea arranged MM In which are: The Dnr- 
rows-Lun taster Co., In "Thanksgiving Day;" 
George Wilson. Lowell and Ijowrll, SHtcra 
o'Mecrs, Snyder and Buckley, Aurle Dag- 
well. ;ir,d the Holdsworths. 

Coi.t'MtiiA « Al. J. Jacobs, mannger). — 
"How Hearts Are hVokcn" New Year's week. 
"The l'liantoni Detective" was well liked, by 
good sized audiences, ChrlMtnius week. 

Blakky's i J. II. Buck-en, manager). — 
"The Four Corners of the Rarth" for New 
Year's week. Cecil Spooner, In "The Girl 
ItalTIes," made a reputation for herself and 
goon money for the management Christmas 
week. "A Alan's Broken Promise" next wceh. 

WAi.oauNN's (W. S. Clark, manager). — 
Local pride in Manager Clark's own show, 
the Jersey Lille*, which ippfnrs here this 
we.'.k, should be the cause of lively times at 
this iiouse. An Interesting olio Includes : 
Fannie Vedtlcr. Franklin end Buckley; Gor- 
don and Chacon. Isabella Hnrci, Woods nnd 
Green, l)e Turk and Fny, (ieo. X. Wilson, 
Levin;! and Robinson, and Bowen nnd Linn. 
As a special fenture moving pictures of the 
Louis V. Amnson Business Men's Associa- 
tlon on Parade wilt be given. Matinees 
everv day. "Purls by Nlttht" drew fairly 
good hnnises Christmas week. The Rose Hlli 
Show next week. 

fJjrJHgn Is a new house, .under the con- 
trol of the Bennett Syndicate. It, Is at 8 
Market Ejuuare, and tfjeopentug is set for 
Due. 20. The performances, whuch will be 
of the continuous kind, from 10.30 a. u. to 
11 p. at., will consist of moving pictures and 
vaudeville. There !e seating for 400. 
— — -•■ I. ■■— i . 

Londim.— At the Oraqd (J. R. Stewart, 
manager) Daniel R. By an and company, la 
repertory, continued for week of 24. 

Bkxxktt's (J. II. Aloz, manager). — Tho 
nttendtmce for Christmas week was good. 
Tho bill tor week of 31 Includes : Stanton 
nnd Modena, the Four Columbians, Mhba 
nnd Bordouex. lOstrelle Sisters, Tom Itlploy, 
Wood Bros, aild Thomas and Pnvne. 

Notes. — Mannger AIojs, of Bennett's The- 
atre, v-ns presented with a diamond ring as 
n Christmas gift from the attaches of tho 

house Fred L. '-'vans, leader of the or- 

('licstru at the" G rand, wok presented with a 
gold headed umbrella by the members of the 

orchestra .R." A. McVean, manager of 

Bennett's Montreal house, now in. course of 
erection, spent his Christmas at home. 

1 Toronto.— At the Princess (O. B. Shcp- 
purd, mannger) "Mr. Ifopklnson" played lo 
a paying Nulnfss Dec. 24-20. Week of 31, 
the Augustlh Duly Musical Co. 

GoASD (A. j; Small, manager). — David 
Illgglflb, la "Ills Last Dollar," drew well 24- 
'-'0. Week of 31, "Sunday." 

Wajkstic (A. .). Small, manager).— Selma 
Herman, In "Queen of the Convicts," had 
fiooil -hiwincBs -34-2U. Week of 31, "A Rocky 
Bond to Dublin." 

SitKA'u (J. Hnca, manager). — Good busi- 
ness ruled 2(-20 Week of SI: The Great 
Kvechttid. Billy Van. Kelly and O'Brien. Les 
Durant; Trio, Theo. J, Kcoghs, Harry Tigh's 
UMUM lister and Maualng, Herr Grace, 
and flic klnctogrnub. 

Star tF. WT stair, manager). — The Ideal 
Kxtravaaanxa had big business 24-20. Week 
of 31, New Century Glrla. 
. ■ ' ■ 

Ottowa — At the Russell Theatre (P. Gor- 
man, -manager) "The Hall Room Boys" had a 
food "house Doc. 24. "Dot'otby Vernon, or 
taddon EMU," had good houses 2C. 2C "The 
Country Girl" opened to big business 27-20. 
"Bon I|ur" Jan. u-5. 

TjBAyD OrruA Houhk (R. J. Blrdwhlstle. 
manager). — 'The Way of the Transgressor" 
bad packed houses Dec. 24-38. 

Bsssbtt'b Thbatbr (Gub Greening, ninn- 
naert. had ble nouses week of Dec. 24. -For 
week of 31 : May Duryea, and company. Fran- 
ceses Redding and company, Gulffg. Maekay 
and Ntckerson, the Great Richards. Four 
Sutcllffe Sisters, Selbln!' and Grovlal, Jen- 
nings and Renfrew, and the Bennattgraph. 

' " ' tm • r ' . 

St. CMthulaeau^-At the Grand. Opera 
House (Chai R. wU«on. manager) 7, SeerlBt 
Myfiterlos" gave sfttiafactloii. to fair bustncxB. 
Dec. IT, IS. Mortis Thurston Stock Co., in 

.Tcraey City. — 'Down the rikc" was 
well patronised at the Academy week eudine 
Deo. 2V. M- Keith & Proctor's tho usual 
holiday crowd was lu attendance. The Amer- 
ican BurU'Kqucrs, at the Bon Ton, had fair 

A'MnRMV (F. K, Henderson, mannger). — 
"Tom. Dick and Harry" week of 31. "The 
WlzaTd of Oz" next. 

Keith & IVjutor's (Frank Burns, resi- 
dent aninngri't. — Week of 31: Clayton White 
nnd Jlaiie Ittttart, Barry end Hnlvors. Frank 
Cotton and his donkey. Ellzabelb Murray. 
Cameron unit Flniinigan. Fitzgerald and 
Olltlity, and Eihcl Mucihrnoiigh. 

Box '1'n.v (T. \V. Dinklns. mnnnger).— 
The Ucrrr Makers week of 31. The Briga- 
diers to fullmv. 

Notes. — Munrgcr Frnnk V,. Hendcraon 
gave the annual Chrlxtnias eve Censt to the 
Academy nttacht-s nnd a few select friends, 

24 Frank Barry, In advance of "Tom, 

Dirk and Um-ry." Rpent a merry Christmas 
with Will Slornn, of the Academy. 
■» — .. , ■■■■ 

Hohoken,— Al Ihe Lyric (II. I\ Soulier, 
mnung'T) "A Wife's Se*:ret" Dec. 30-Jan. 2, 
"How Hearts Ale Broken" 3-5, "For a Hu- 
man Life" U-u\ 

Kmimiu: (A. M. tlrtigcenmnu, proprietor). 
-r-For week of Dec. .'if: Cha* Guycr nnri 
Ida Crlapl. Three Doiuls, Una. Clavton nnd 
company. Burke and Dcmp&ey. Dorsch and 
Russell. D.m J. Harrlnglou. Bertie Ilet-ron. 
nnd Brown, Harris -and Brown, ns a special 

• Votes. — A. Jacobs, formerly stage mana- 
ger at the Snvoy Theatre, Atlantic City, N. 
J.. Iioh joined "Nellie, the Beautiful Cloak 
Model" Co., as master machinist. . . . .Leader 
Onus. B. ('nnder, of ihe Lyric, lias opened 

a musical conservatory In this dry '. 

Mrs. II. P. Soulier, wife of Manager Sou- 
lier, has relui-ncd from ML Clemens. Mich.. 

vastly Improved in health Paul Burns 

hiis retired from "The Gambler from the 
West." nnd has joined "Nellie, thoBcnutlful 
Clonk Model" C.V, playing the Hebrew com- 
edy part, tie Ik collaborating with Owen 
Davis hi a new piny, in which Manager A. II. 
Woods will stor him ucxt season. .... .The 

leader at the Umpire in place of Geo. Yunk- 

er Is B. It. Raven John Krone has 

been transferred from the Empire, Pnter- 
snn, lo the l-'mptre. Ibis city, looking after 
Manager Brugge matin's Interest during his 
absence Mr. Briiggemann has also dis- 
posed of his immense real estate business. 
■i • . i . 

Patersnn.- -At the I'mplrc (A. M. Bruegc- 
mnnn, manager) the Mil for week of Dec. 
31 : Capt. Geo. Auger and company. Hoi- 
coml>, Curtis nnd company, Fred Ray and 
oompaiiy., Arlington Comedy Four, Holland 
Trio, Count Da Ilutz and Bro„ La Tour Bis- 
ter*. Hie ijagncaux, nud the klnetograpli. 

I.vcBirji (F. J Gilbert, mnnngnr). — "Tho 
Four Comers of the Earth" bad capacity 
houses 2-1-2(1. "Nellie, the Beautiful Clonk 
Model," wiij; ^retted with good sized houses 
27-211. "A Mnn's Krnfcen rrtimtse" Dee. 31- 
Jan. 2, "P.lg Hearted Jim" 3-. r ). 

JACons* (Maurice Jacobs, mannger). — The 
Merry Maidens enjoyed a very profitable stny 
week of Dm 24. l*he BrlcadlerH week of 
31. the Jolly (Mild week of Jan. 7. 

Pkrin's (John A. Mack, manager).— Good 
Plied hotisea list week. Gotham Slock Co. 
presents "Just Before Dawn" week of Dec 

It ..- .»•-•! 

I), a Wfeliney, intuiMr) Wui. if Crane and 
■:iils Jfffwi, ana "Too Virginian" dMdeJ 
last week to liberal patroniit, Runoal 
Hitchcock, la -The tlallopar?' 31-Jan, 1), 
Jamet K. Hackeit, la "Thv Walla of Jericho," 

Ltl-svm 113. D. Stair, manager).— "Hun- 
day. 1 ' presented by a capable company, U- 
tertained ROKid crowds week of Dec. 28. The 
Four Mortons, la "Breaking Into Society," 
week of 30.' 

Lafayette (II. 11. Lamklo. manager).— 
The Livingstone Stock Co. bavins closed Its 
engagement lost week. Manager Harry 
kln made preparations for the opening of 
this theatre on Sunday. Dec. 30, at a vaude- 
ville house. He has just returned from New 
York, where he arranged With William Mor- 
ris, tho vaudeville booking ngent, for a aeries 
of popular feature acts, that will be given In 
rapid succession at the new home of vaude- 
ville. Two shows will bo given dally at the 
Lafayette — afternoon and evening. The the- 
atre lias been entirely redecorated for the 
opening, nnd will he one of the prettiest 
houBes in the West. Attractions for week 
of SO Include: Edward Blomloll nnd com- 
pany, the Heutnan Trio, Daisy llnrcourt. 
Hoiinton nnd Dallas, Greeoo and Werner, 
Maude Edwards, James K. McDonald. How- 
ard and North, nnd moving pictures. 

WtfiTNKV (E. D. Stair, manager).— Russell 
Brothers, hi "The Great Jewel Mystery. 
pleased packed houses 25-20. "Secrets of tht 
i-oKcs" week of 30. 

TciU'i.n (T. IL Moore, mannger). — Attrac- 
tions for week of 31 include : Fred Woltaa. 
b'uean «nd Warren, Kelly and Vlolette. Mur- 
phy and Francis, Fred and Pauly, Melville 
Elfls. and the klnetograph. „ 

' GA.TKTY (II. II. Fledges, uiannaer).— The 
Great lieliman Show gave a Hist class enter- 
tainment U3-2D, nnd the uttendance was good. 
Hyde's Cdipedltins week of 30. 

jFfSnJI (Drew 9c Campbell, managers). 
— Billy Watson's Burlesque™ were well re- 
reived i»v good allied houses week of S3. 
Tho Jollv Grass Widows week of 89. 

CitisTAi. (JT. J, Nash," manager).— Attrac- 
tions week of 111: Solomon II, Belle Stone, 
the Musical Campbells, Downey and Wlllard, 
Crawford, and 'jardaor. Anson Schlrhart 
and Iho kinodrome. 

— -»■ • 

Sfltortna-ir.— At the Academy (Chus, W. 
Porter, mana.gcr> "Hen Hur" playeil to four 
full houses Dec. 20-' , 2. Dustln Fnrnnra. In 
"The Virginian," hntl two crowded houses 
25. Howe's inoving pictures pleased a good 
house 2(1. Coin Hiid Johnson -0. "Dads 
Hide. Parlner" 30. 31. Robert Downing Jnn. 
1, "A ThorouRlihred Tramp" r». "Mclnddenr* 
Flats" 0, "The Isle of Snlce" 10. "In Old 
Kentucky" 11. "Iltunpty Dumpty" 12. 

fttm (C. t*. Sargent, manager).— BIB 
week of Dec. 23. Belle Gordon, Thompson 
SMcta, SinrlR Yulil and Robert Boyd, Harry 
Gosolln, Dlxnn. Bi-wcrs and Dixon, Billy 
Beard, the Four Nevuros. ami Jefferseopc. 

tirnnti UupldM. — At the New Powers 
(Ilarrv G. Sommer« & Co., manage^) "The 
Virgln'laa" played to excellent business 24, 
m did "Woodland." 39 ; "The InIo of Bong 
Bong" 'JO. James K. llackctl, in "The 
Walls of Jericho," Jnn. 1. 

Majestic (Orlti Stair, mannger).— I^u- 

§en!fl Blair. In "The Woman In ihn Case." 
4-li0 # drew gtod, attendance. Dolly Kemper, 
In "The Gypsy Girl." 2I-2B; ".McFadden'B 
Flats" ;iO-Jan, '2, "Lovers and Lunatics" 3-f». 

Gbasp Opera Horse (Churchill & Davis, 
managers). — The bill for week of 31 In- 
cludes: Dlxpo Bros., By. Orconwny, Halglit 
nnd Tbomns. Kdw. Warren and Zanfrotta 
and MansQold. 

a ■ ■ — 

KnlnniiiBou.— At I be Academy of Mu- 
sic (B. A. hush, manager) "Wonderland' 
cjimc to good business and pleum'd nudleuce. 
Dec. 24, as did "Tho Isle of Bong Bong." 
matinee and night 8ft. ('rune and JerTrcys, 
lh "She Stoops to Conquer." KT, with big 
advnnce sale. Blanche Walsh. In "The 
Straight Bond," comes Jan. 'Z, "The Thor- 
oughbred Tramp" 3, HI Henry's .Minstrels 
i "The Bonnie llrler Buah ,r C. "When 
Knighthood Was la Flower" 7. Livingston 
Stock Co. 10-12. 

BIJOU (II. W. Crull. manager). — Big 
hotisoR week of Dec. 24; Week of Al : Staple- 
ton and Cbaney, Signor Coatos, Laura Buck- 
ley, Harris Reanregarde and company, Geo. 
fyson. Illustrated soueb, clluetoscone, 

Wondtbuland (P. D. McCormlck, mnna- 
gen. — Business good in arcade and auditor- 

Sattirdny, the lletall Mc-rrlinnts' Assoclntlnn 
iilml n pctltton wllh the city Cuiimil. pro- 
testing against IV iippearnnn- of circuses In 
this city, -.iiid risking tlm council to pass nn 
ordinance IncrenKlng Hie license for clrcuws 
from S3(K) to tUJSm per day. in fact tho 
cfiuncll was asked lo place the figure for a 
license at such a rati* as to prohibit large 
4flUWH. such »H' the Ilsuiiim X l i*i n vy Show, 
from playing Savannah In the [uturr, .The 
City Council held a uievtlnu 20, at which 
meeting lllfy were t.t ttnisluei' the Idea of 
raising the lU-cimi' ,w petitioned for by n 
Urge number uf Ihe retail merchaitts. In 
which iticy clnlmed that auch nttructhms did 
(lie citv nuicU harm, and serlouitly Injured 
the retail trade, etc. As the City Council 
waB about to take up tit* matter lltcy ware 
greeted by a surprise, when the clerk of tho 
council announced th;it Pete Sun, of Ihe Situ 
lli-i'ther's Clreiis. wn.* In the audience outride 
the rntl. :md exun-sieil n dc.tire to ndilie^i 
Ihe council In behalf of the show peoplf 
thnuiKlioat the Caltetl States, whose causj 
hnd Iteen soniewliHt minrcpri'sented by tho re- 
tail merchants in their petition for the in- 
creased license. The popular circus repre- 
fencatlvc was given a respectful ho n ring he- 
fon* the mayot nnd aldermen, and for over 
Ihlrtv inlnutCH Mr. Sun had the undivided al- 
tontlnoaf the city fntliem. Mr.Suns.iUl that 
It was nn outrage to bar (ho circuses from 
Hnvannab. nnd to place (he llcemw at f2.5O0 
wt hi pi v meant that ull the big nttvnctloim 
would hIvc itif Forest City the goby in tho 
future. Mi*. Sun mlled the attention »t the 
city fnthcM to Ihe fact tlmt nearly nil the 
big lit lea throughout the South, mentioning 
\ihtntn. Birmingham, Mai-iui and tithem, 
jilnccd h low license on lir-iiHes, uud as such 
ct lies did nut have mi objection frum Itu* tncr- 
t-liunts, he- fulled to nee why the nieri-hiinta 
here should protest. After the speech of Mr. 
Kim, Hie City Council postponed nctlon wllhi 
regard to Hie proposed high license, nnd will 
nwnlt another henrlne from the Reliill Mer- 
I'hiints' Association before nny positive action 
Is tuken. Mr. Sua loft for Tninpn, Flu., lo 
Join his shuw, Dec. 20. 

4 i » 


Kllxiilicth — The Lyceum Tncttre wbh 
closed the week before Christmas, with the 
exception of Dec. 22. when. i'Tlie CJoak 
Model," a new piny, was given lis first, pro- 
duction, with a fnlrly good* mat and scenic 
effects. The house was packed, nnd much 
enthusiasm prevailed. ''Ihe Governor's Par- 
don" comq lo good bualnesa 24-2G. ' "l*he 
Four Corners of the Earth." 27-20. drew 
good business, "Big Ilcnrted Jim" 'il-Jan. 
2. "A Sinn's Broken. Promise" 3-5, "Human. 
Lives" 7-0. "The Fool House*' KM'.*. 

Jacos-v.— The Jersey Lilies Dec. 20, "A 
Crnwn ut Thorns" Jnn. 1. 

Koti*. — .Tatbes 'Ccrroll, for n number of 
years treasurer of Jacobs* Theatre, here, and 
recently taaflOgef of the Liberty Moving Pic- 
ture Co.. linn been appointed manager for 
IJ. R. JacobB' Cohoe*. N, Y., Theatre, the 
appointment taking effect Jan. 1. Mr. Car- 
roll mode himself very popular while on the 
road with the moving pictures concern, 



Tin Then t re. returned to hU post nf duly 
recently, aflvr u suvero attack of lypiiold 

I '■'— 

■asnenstrr.— At the Fulton Opera IIoum 
(Chas. A. Yccker, manager) the Allmnihca 
Stock Ca, in n-peitory, drew Inrso houaea 
Dec, 1M-29. "A Night In Towu' ? Jan. 1, 
Disfi-y Bell It, the Alcnznr Beauties 4. 

VKMIU (Ed. Mosnrt. maoagoi'). — Current 
nttmctions: Rvdlnl uud Arthur, like llrot., 
l-:rhel Clifton and company. Luce and Luce. 
Misses Mgrllnn and Brockwny, Six Lucifer* 
nml moving pictures. 

Pkiu'LU'm tW. (1. liflciimun, manager) . — 
Tula amusement resnrt, formerly known ns 
the Crnnw Street Opera House, dark tor "ft 
yeur. hnsnten retipcncd under tho above BaaV 
ageracut as ft vnudevllto theniro. nod re- 
nnmtil the People's Tln'ntre. Holldny htini- 
WM was very good. Current attractions In- 
clinic; Wilson nml Mne,' Fred W. Morton. 
Smith uud La Hose, (ilhlii ttk'iH) nnd other 


Muu Aiiloulo. — At the Grnnil OnerA 
House [Sid. II. Wets, ninungeo S. Miller 
Kent. In "Hailles." pleased n very Inrge audi* 
enco lHv. IK. HoIkti Kdeson. a San Anto-nlo 
fnvdiRe, was entliUHliistlcully received HI, "JO, 
l>y good nutlleuecu. "The Idiml uf Xod" did 
fnlr liuslneiis *J'J. "The Awakening nf .Mr. 
I'lpn" 114, 2.', Otgn Nelhcrsoic 20, 27, "A 
Haw i*'>r n Widow" 28, "The Devil's Auc- 
tion" :». 

M.ui:htii' (T. W. Mnllnly. local initiinger>. 
— Fnnnlc Hatfield nnd ciniipuny, I,h*tle N. 
Wilson, Loi'ltuer Johimtoiie nnd t 'aniline 
Frniu-es Cooke, licit Levy. Mile. Asuinlhlhle, 
nml sUtMlHtte and Newman. 

■ ■»■■■ - — ■ — 

Dallas. — At the Int. inn Opera Housa 
(Geo. Amy. mawgarl "The Land of NikI" 
proved n winner, to good business, Dec. IS, 
.11). Olgn Nethersole, In "Supho" wna vrtrli 
received 20. 21. Robert Edeson plnyed to 
the cnpnclly 24. 2ft, "Tho Devil's Auction" 
ill. Khcpard's ranvlnj* pictures 27, \V. H 
Pntton. In "Tnc Slow Pokf." W: June Cor- 
coran. In "TIip Freedom of Snzimm'." 20. 

Mwkstii: ( B. S. MuckPiiftiHSi luntinger), — 
Tho current bill: Ann Hamilton and coin- 
tinny, Hayes and Meaty. Ferry, the "Frog 
Man:" Mervlr. Sisters. Louise Adnms, and 
George Kvcrs. Good pntronnge heic 

Bay City.— At ihe - Washington (W. J. 
paitn't. mannger) Lyman II. Howe's moving 
pictures uatl fair slaed- audiences, matinee, 
and night, Dec. 21. Eugenie Bluir. In "Thd 
Womnn fu the Case," did a good business ■* 
*The Glt?r I'atsy" drew capacity houses -at 
(wo performaneeM SB. "MoFadden's Flats 
Jan. 4, r>, "Thiiroucbbrcd Tramp" 0. 

Alvabado (W. J. Daunt manager).— 1. his 
(allowing bill was presented week of Dec. 23: 
Camilln and Fona. Qllherl's Clrntts, James 
pufay, Dorothy Dane, Eleanor Schuman, nml 
the klnetOBCopc ..„. 

Brjou (J. !>• Ellmare, manager).— Bill 
week of Dec 24 Included: Lew Wells. Claus 
and Uadellffc, the Bolmonts, Fred Miller. 
Truman Suyniotir, and the Btjouscupe. Ca- 
pacity llousw rule. 

Battle Creeb.— At tho Post Theatre <B. 
tt, Smith, mnnugcr) "Tho Virginian" wae 

rlayad 22. "Chirley'a Aunt" drow woll 
■tirlstrafts Day aud> night. "Wonderland ' 
27, Florence (iale 20, "The Isle of Bong 
Bong Jun. 1. 

tflUOV (W. B. Butterfteld, manager).— 
pill for week oF 21 : Carlisle nnd Marlowe, 
Price and Mildred, Eddie Bndger, Maury 
Barret. La She,' the Mnnola Family, cllneto- 
scope moving pictures. 

Lansing.— At Bulrd's Oncra House (Fred 
J. Williams, manager) "Wonderland" came 
2«, to big business. "Kuunlng for Governor" 
n-nme'to a big advance sale 2t>. "The I'rluco 
Chap" Is due Jan. 4. 

Bitou (0. J. But MB. inunngcr). — Week of 
24 the huiiMi' was packed nightly, with ('in 
Manhattan »wn Boys' Qtinrtette, (unis and 
Kvnn, Brent Hayes, Win. J. Mills and moving 
| let urea. 

* ■ 

Jiekion, — At the Athenasum (II. J. Por- 
ter, resident maoagen "Tim Vinrlnlaji.'* Dec. 
21, drew good huslness. Tnc Slyrkle riarder 
Co., week of 24, did well. Blanche Walab 
Jan. 3, J. K. Harkett 2, "Old Kentucky'' 10, 
"The Ib/Ip. of Spice" 12, "The District leader" 
4, "A Girl of the Streels" 5. 



GnlucHt llle.— At Ihe Opera limine (Paul 
Gallia, manager) W. B. Pattun, In "Too 
Slow Poke," nave good satisfaction Bee. III. 
to a large heiMH*. ni did "The Bi-ggur Prince" 
Opera Co., 20, and Yale's "Devil's AiiOllon," 
24. "An Orphnii's Prayer" 27, Lyi'ciuu iiiiin- 
bcr 'JO, Bm-rle Siotk Co. week of 3). 

Ndtbh.. — Albert Hcrriiiiinn clarinet llat, 

Joined the KIMtn here 10 All>ci-t Husk. 

of. the Mann Opera Co., spent the holidays 
with relatives here. 

■■ , i —a ■ .1 — m 

Paris.— At the Peterson Theatre (It. P, 
Meeh-an, manager 1 Arthur Dunn, In 'Tlie 
Lltlle Joker." plnyed to large . audlc-nccr*, 
matinee and nlglil, Dec. 22. Tjie local lodce 
of Klki ofTer Frederick Wnrde. in a Shnlccs- 

P'arean recital, Jnn. 1, "An Orphan's 
raver" 3, "The Hint's and Btrlpes" 7. 
. Norn— The New Auditorium Is Hearing 
completion, and, with fuvomhle weather, will 
open enrly In February. 
. ;■■— ':•'• . * 

Aaslln.— At the linhcoi-k Opera House, 
Dec 2ft* '."A Hnco for n Widow'" plnyed to 
two tine -houses. Muxlno Flllolt dun. 2, 
"Checkers" I. Harry Beresfonl 5, Louis 
James'S, "Kins of tho Father" 11, Frank 
Daniels 14. Rogers Brothers 15. KUcn HenrJi 
Vaw 10. '"One Woman" 17. Paul Ulluior* ID. 
fi«lT«'«if»n — At :bo Grnnd 0|ieru IJoiihd 
tVaxn 11. Wels, mannger) Charlie Ornpuwln, 
In "The Awakening i>( Mr. Plpti," drew a 
fair audience Do-?. 20. "The Prince of I'll- 
sen" plciteed n fnlrly good nizeil house 22. 
"Tho VaiKlei'hllt Cup," 23, 24,: plcnspd. "The 
Laud of Nod" 25, Robert fttelult 27, "Kast 
Lynne" '28. 



\-r-rv tlrleuiiH. — At (he Tulane Theatre 
1*1". I'- Cnmplicll, iiiiuiiigsr) "The Prince of 
Plht-n" ilfllghtKd large ami appreciative- au- 
illciiic-' -lit i IiIh house week of Dec. 23. ICuht. 
KuVson, presenting "Strungheart," Is the hill 
tor wwh of IIO. 

CiiHHVK.vr TitfATUii (T. C. Cnnipbell, mnn- 
nac-rl. — "f'lieiki'i's." Ihe lilt uf lust hensou 
nt this popular pi-Ice house, had bhr buil- 
iu>Krt week of 23, nml gave gond Krttlsinctlun. 
Fin- week nf ,m, -The Sleeping Beauty and 
the Itautr 

I. run- Tularin: (Rules St Lehman, niana- 
g-Bftt).— -"lAfl| IJiver." us presented liy tho 
itrown- Baker Stuck Cu, week of 21, plensed 
Inr^i' iitlrtidtuiic. uud gave gnod sittlsnietleu. 
For week nf ill. •■The Peddler," with Coaltii 
Ciimphrll iih tlu< lend, Is In lii-epanitloii. 

RuiegWAUi TmuTiiK (Ily. Orcenwald, 
numiigen. -The Ti-oemlero BniiewiuetH en- 
joyed kikkI lutsliiess ('lii'lsUuns week, at this 
pop nl nr liiirlca.iuc hoiwe. and pleuaed. The 
Bust (mi Belles nre due for New Vvar'e week, 

1 5AM.1V IN TllKATKK ( W. S. Ituhhvln, IlUltl- 
ugev). — ".Mm Itlinlnue" WHS uhly pi'eseuled by 
Ihe "pleutliil lliililwltiMclvlllt* Slock Co, week 
uf 33, uud drew large linuscs llirnuuhotit Ihu 
week. "Sinu-IIng Life" .■* the uiretiiijc fur 
wet-^i r*f ;ii», when llertiWM l.ylcll will make 
his llrsi apiit'arntice ns leading uinn of .this 


WixTi:a ti.MtnKN (T. P. 1 troche, manager), 
Tin iinn n I'l-cstoit Hnioke mid Ids Hplemlld con- 
cert hand cnnlliuie, to uimtl ImikIiioss, nt this 
!>oniihir uud Kpiieioi'H Wittier garden. 

I'ltKNi'it tlpnu Hoi mi: (TltoM. Bmlntcr. 
nninuget-),--Tlie Man Turin Opera Ca. hud 
Kouri uHMBnu vt-ek nf 2-1. ■rVMetrllnjc reper- 
tory. The sinne ctmipiiiiv week of !(l>. 

Sut'iiKtir TilKATiu:. — This hpnutirnl new 
plnvlioiise Ik uliiiiit l-eiulv fur Ihe ii|ienlug, 
which will liiltt- place 2i», liming Clay Clom- 
cut, prtftenllmc "Sun IIoiihIiui," uk tha opim- 

ink* :i! Unci lull. 

tit'i'iii-r.'M (uarlla Berk, tetierui inutuiger). 

-Il-'s'il'-iir Mnnngi'i* Tom 'Winston fU nil 
niiiIIch for tin- ImllduyN, ns ihe n|il d bill 
ul ills liijili (Inns vaudeville limine, with 
Funny IttrHr- ns ■ hunlllliei-. drew inniieiiHii 
ci-mvdH, mid pli-iiKi-d. I'lic hill for New *l'enr's 
week liii-IndcK - John c. ltl(-i> u nd Htilly Cohen, 
the l'ekln /(.anves. Mdw. Clark and his 
Winning WldnwH, lie four itliinos, MUo. 
l.'Ntucnililii, lie 1'iimo and (Jnlt'tll's trained 



Moiiltt4iiner>-,— At the Montgomery The- 
nt-n- Clllrschrr Bros., manngers) "The Royal 
Chef," Dec. 2fi, bod ex(-ellent huslneaa. "Ttis 
Mod aud tue Mouse," 28, had S. It. O. "Tho 
Sleeping Beauty and the Beast'* 20, ''Parsi- 
fal'' 31, "The one Woman" Jan. 1. 

Bitol- (O. A. Mil mannger).— "The Mil- 
lionaire Detective." Dec. 20*23. had fair re- 
turns. "Mr. Blarney from Ireland" 27-20. 
— i >■■ ■ ■■■■ 

*■>«>-.— At -Folnier's Theatre. (Frank p. 
Kolmiu*. mannger) "The Irish Pawnbrokers." 
Jao. 1 ; , "Purtifnr 7, "Holty Tolly" H, "A 
Country 'Kid" 11. 

Navaitnaili. — At the Muluiil Hknllng 
Rink, hualnoHrt at the rink for tin- holidays 
was miltc good. "The lilil nnd the Ban- 
dit," Dee. 2i». gave h good performance, and 
pleased a large audience. "The Bleeping 
Beauty and the Beast" followed, 20, and the 
Tim Murphy company 1*7, both of which 
pleased largo houses. Barlow's Minstrels 
28. "Hollv Tolly" 20, "Are You a Masaal** 
Jan. 1, "The TcnJcrfouL" 2. Black Putil 3, 
"The Lion and the Mouse" fi. 

Ciil.:>i:.\'K N£W AMtAllIiUA Jlisn: IUi.n. — 
Theru haj been practlcullv no i-hunKR nt this 
house Tho same excellent company con- 
tinues to please large and Appreciative audi- 
ences, "Dlaniaad Palace Saloon" proved a 
good opening hll'. George B, Gardner, the 
popular manager of this house, gave a Christ- 
mas dinner to the memhera of the company, 
and all enjoyed a good. time. . . 

Kari'g, — lu Ihe Intler' uarl of Novetnuer. 
Itnoiedlntely nfter the appearance of the Kur- 
nutn-BuIle.v Circus, which showed here oo n 

i • - ....... 

I'Jttaii-firjr. — At tho Nixon (Hum, F- 
Kirk Jr., inanngeri H. B. Irvlug. Hiijinurlod 
by Duroihen Bulru and ihelr London com- 
pany, begun n weeks engn«emoiit Dec. ill. 
Last week, "Forty-Uvo Minutes from Broad* 
woy" played to good btulne-sn. nnd plcio-H'd. 

ftiiLASco (J. A. Heed, mnungei*).— bn 
Asnwcll 31 anil week, siiuuurled by Hoy 
Standing. . lo "Tho SUtilninitc" mid ".Mrs. 
Daoc'M Oel'euse." La-it week, "Tint ICnrl nnrl 
the OW,*' wllh Kddy Foy. jweked llic house. 
"The Leva Route" ue«t week. 

Gn ami (Ifiirry DavlH, nm linger), — This 
week's bill : The Mt Musical ctitlyN, Harry 
fill foil. Jack N'erworth, TrUle Frlgitimt, tho 
Dancing Balslea, Flnneyn. Mclutyre nnd Hcu- 
nett. Conn nnd C*>nrad, Ileoaey Sisters, Our- 
telle Bros., Dorothy Itnudnll, Huiina, the 
Pelott-- aud tlie clut-matognipb. fit. M. Oullck A Co.. mniiugcrs). — 
'The Mayor of Toklu" 31 Hid week. \mhi 
waek, "llusler Brown" (Kicked tho house to 
cfipiu-iiv. A tiiiitiuee was given dully. "Tho 
Old HomOKteiid" Jan. 7, for two weeks. 

Bunk (It. M. (rttiick & Co.. waamgftn ■— 
"Nut 1'et, Bui Hoon," wllh "ilnp" Ward. Dec. 
31 :ind week wast week, "wild Nell, it 
Child of uie Uegltiieiil." plnyed to frnftf'lnm- 
ii"-. j . and gftvi* n gond hhow. WllllauiH anil 
Walker, In "AbyMSMila," next week, 

IIlaxkv's KJii-iiiR f N. C. Wngiier. riuinn- 
gcr).--T!ilu week. "How llaxtur Butted lo." 
bait week, "Klrtnnpru'd for Ilevcugo" proved 
to be u good ho it orOco winner, "The Cow- 
boy tilrl" noxi week. 

04TBTI Una, B. Orr, mnnugorj, — Tho 
Itcntz-Hjintloy Bnrli-HipierH IlilH week, L«».t 
week, Clnrk'n Rnr>H.wniH played lo satlHfnc- 
lory buslnesri. and pteusetl, The Bowery 
Burlesi-uers next week. 

At'AiiftMr nv IIbsMO (IL W. Williams Jr. 
mannger).— The HIkIi School Olrls 111 mid 
week, licii'led by Kennedy and ICvmi*, Lint 
week, the Alcazar Ileum les uluyetl •-> kuihI 
luishirHH, nnd gave a good laughing show. 
'I'Iip TIrit Lilies next. week. 

Ncms.— W. It. Merrill, manager of the Al- 

LtiM A it it el cn. — At tlioMnson Ope rit Homo 
(II. C. Wiatl. umtiuger) ltohert l-Jd(!Hi>ll pl'U- 
-ii-iitrd "Sirnii|-hciiit to goud liMiiiHi.";, week 
ending l»ce. 2'2. Miixlue FIKott, hi "Hit 
I'reat "-Inteh." I 'liilstmiis week, beginning 2L 
Oli-n N't'lberHolo New Vcnr's week, In ropcr- 

Ai'tUTiiitii'M (Kpnrkn M. llercy, manager). 
— The Lumbardl Orntid Upnru Co. cbseii lis 
lliiiil vugugeiiH'nt 20, presenlliiK 'Tnivhitu," 
Tka Fcnls Slock Co, opens lis ongngemoiit 
wllh a t'lirlsttuiis tiiuLlmre, pivsetitliitf "ThO 
Crcitt Hilby." 

HciiAM'ti (John II. Bluckwoiiil, ninuBHor),— 
"Ofillops" was played lo futr hitaluoss weak 
ending 22. The slock i-uininniy jtresetits "My 
I'l'icnd n-oin bulla" 2-1 und week. "It-io .V»e 
Winkle" 31 nnd week. 

MntiNHco'H lintuAMc (Oliver Mumnco, innn- 
oger), — "A Texas Hlecr" was pre wilted lo 
Hood btiKluesH, by the stock company, weok 
ending 22. "Hndir Two Flags" SEB-Sti, wllh 
'"l*lii- Judgu und the Jury" underlined for 80 
and week. 

f "iumji (H'mia IIoi'hh (Clnrenee Onnvn, 
inaiinKcri. — W. F. ."ilnntv prcsonled "As TnUl 
In the llllh," lo good hiislur-HS. week ending 
SfiL "i;ni|er rSuiilliei-ti Hides" i.1 and wetih. 
"Buster llrowii." which met wllh hucIi grnat 
Hiicct-sH IiihI yr-ar, will bo presented DO uud 

OiipfiKtru (Mnrrln Beck, general wnungor). i 
— l-'i-niui-CH L'l mid week: Julius Stngur und 
-roinj.tiiiy, lu "The Flflh Cum murium on I ;" 
JvnliiiM'liii! Wuvent, I he Throe, 
t'hiiH, .Sent, Mile. Dxlrin, Bellinnn ntiu Moore, 
Korlily Bniih-ii'H, tho Fuur Lukcuu aud new 
lutni'in plclurcii. 

Umiji'H (ilcniz A Znllee, proprietors).—- 
Fciiiuies 2'! nnd week : Tim lilumouil Comedy 
" "r, LinnoiiCs lrutine of educated coekn* 
., Prof, Naviu-k, Liilqiu: uluyers, la "Nol- 



IIo'h C'lirlHituriH :" lllimi intiil Hungx nnd tho 

Kimciikh'k iA. M. Flsclier, mRtiflKOi'V.— 
Manduy ulglit and weak Fisf-li'ir's Comedmns 
IticHi'iit "Moilmr I'ouse." New vaudeville . 
(eiiUiiTH und Hdiigri. 

l-'ui'itu; (Hilly Hunks, resident iiiniiitger) . 
— Fealitreu 23 uud week, entire elmngo of 
bill, Including new vnndeville feutnres, (Hits* 
I in ted loiiigN and fmcc by Ihe Einidru Stock 

PmuMiK's (.1. M. ItolliHchlld, 'tniinnger).— 
The hill for 23 nnd week Is "Grliiisley's Wild 
Wait : in-, ihe Cowboy's Olri." 

Nutks.- -Sodley Browti, now vlnltliuf In 
r.os An/clen, hiu willleii it pluy, entitled 
"\"hviiJii'.s Love," which Is In receive Itu 
first iiroiluctlaii nt Mai-oscu's P.itrlutnk Thea- 
tre Iho fcni'Miil week at Jnnuury, with M«ee 

firc'-niciir in the title role Charles 

Lu<iru wns pnlnfully Injured by fulling from 
n trn|ie/.« while doing ti lieel swing, at thtt 

OirrM. line, 10 Tin; Kells-l-'Iolu Shows 

liave Koiit! Into Wltitei' fpiurtcrH ut Venice, 
n wnnldi! resnrt nn'r th!:: city, w-fiera a Mid- 
way luiH lieeti maliitnlned tin 1111 fit'frnctloit 
ff»r ihe pnst year. .. .Antonio Apacho, an 
rri iical ed Indian, tins eslnblhlicd uti Indian 
villnj-f. Ik I.iis Angele-4, where moiiy trlln-n 
nre rapreSMiletl and make tin Interesting ox- 
hlhltloii . , . ,Mury Van Buren remiuies Ilia 
ptnltltm of li'iiilliig liuly wllh Moronco'H Com- 

pun.v, Dec. 311 Kuliierlne Wlllard, who 

mated n tuost nurcenlile imprest cm during 
iier brief i>)ii(iigviiicii| here while reuevijig 
XHM Van Itiiren. rotiirns 15ast. leaviiijr many 
IrlwidH nnd aihnlreri. among; pairoas of Iho 

'IlAtuiv CuejlAN I'Miiio; will make n pro 
fluetlmi of u new Hkelch, oh yut utaiinmed, at 
the Novelty. Brooklyn, N. V., Tliurnduy 
iilghl. .Inn. It. Scenery hy Frank Platzer, 
Mr. 1 lurk it will be siipportnd hy Margnret 
Dale Owen and fleerge Lcunnrd. 


t^OFlSSIONAL wor<:n ' t thu hcni ' wti wouldn't 
- v _^ , ;" l>3 rumilng the factory tiirfhtH, 
IRllnK§) iryluglokcepupfo Mie orders. 
WILLIAM HAL., Inc., IIOVTOIt«tfe H[., New V»rk. Htindfor CHlaliigHe 0, 



Januaby n 


ATTFITIVTPf «"lrV We have on hsnditae large JOHNATOwT«* FLOOD which lu* been fit Nantmiret Bench for the put two seasons. 
-™- * M. MUM A *Vlw • ■ Also small joBflaTOWN FLOOD which was at , - 

! at Kansas UKyisst season, and one lit Vesaslua la Eruption. 

Oar b«w 19U0-U7 CATALOGt'E If fompleiid, with roll description of, and allowing raottiod of ope 
tiling pertaining to electrical stage craft and uurk nmm«men1i, Prfto off Catalogo*, AS centi, which 

- *r caatomen free. aw 

era t Ion off «▼« 
aoionnt will 

ar onstomera free. 



354 WEST 50th STREET, H. Y. CITY. 



Lincoln— A! the Oliver (F. C. Zelirung. 
manager), In the V. M. C A. course, Adrian 
iS. Newens, monologlst, cane to bis business 
Dec. IT. George Sidney. In "Busy lay's Va- 
'■'atiori," was well received by a large audi- 
ence IS. Henry Jewett. In "The Squaw Man," 
pleased 10. "SI Buskins" did good business 
111. 22. "The Maid And the Mummy" played 
to capacity Christmas. "The County Chair- 
man" 94. 27. Krancls Wilson, In "The Monn- 
ibId Climber," pleased n good sized bouse 28. 
"Lost In New York" 20, Murray and Mock 
.11. Boselle Knott .Ian. 1; 2, Primrose's Min- 
strels .1. "Red Feather" 4. "Told In the Hills" 
r». "I'n.lEtliig Ihe Town" 7, "The Mnrrlage of 
K.lttv" 8, Mand Fealy 0. Adelaide Thurston 
10. "The Gingerbread Man" 11, 13. 

New Lyric IB. M. Milter, manager).— The 
bill for 24 and week Included: itenz and 
Famtatr, Mr. and Mrs. Erwtn Connelly, James 
and Laurent- Be-Ano, Pero and Wilson, Lillian 
Waltone, Jack Wild, and the Lyrlcseopa. 
BusIneeB Is very good. 

Bijou (L. 11. Gorman, manager). — For 
week of 24 - the bill Included : Mlddleion- 
Spellmver and company, Tlll's Marionettes, 
the Mimical Harts, Frank Stlffoid. Marie 
Stone,' James J. Wentwortb. and the olo- 
graph. Excellent business rules. 

tloD. and played to g'tod -busings* ween of 
Dee. 37. "Across the Pacific" gave a good! per- 
I'ormanic, and opened to fair buslWSft. for 
week of 24. "Black Crook" week of 3*.-- 

HiPP0t>noMD (W. II. Bordleser, manager). 
— MlJIe. Sirmmervlllc and her ediicarea hdrse, 
Columbus, 'ate of the Pawnee Hill Wtfd West 
Show, opened a week's engagement, , to., largo 
business, 24. . . • 

Notes. — MIm Dickie Delaro. of tbe'Kath- 
ryn Osterman Co., wan taken suddenly 111 
Taeiday, nnd her place was capa b) j. illled 
by Bessie Johflson. Miss Delaro, woo Is "now 
in a local Infirmary, Ih reported to-be im- 
proving, and will noon be able to retiln lier 

company The Frank Daniels 'Co, laid 

off here week of Dec. J7 The X, C. 

Alley Musical Comedy Co. is upending the 
holidays in tbUt city. Several members fir this 
company arc being roynlly entertain Ml by 


J. B. (Und> Melcy, a notice of whoit 
death -appeared/In these- columns last -week, 
under the name of Bud Mehlle, died at 'Cue- 
son, .Ariz.. .Dec. . 14, from. pnlmooLry .tuber- 
luIobUj. ' -The bodv was sent to Chicago, and 
burled In Forest HomeTemetery there. Uli 
wife and mother survive blm. 

Mrs. John S. Grlevea, wife of the bur- 
leBtjue manager of that name, died nt Syra- 
cuse, N. V., on Dee. 21, from nervous pros- 
tration, iiK«d thirty-one years. She waa a 
member of the Parisian Belles Burlesque Co., 
of : ivbf <:h her -husband was manager. The 
body was sent to- Baltimore, MJ-, for in- 

tkAsi 11 rim in, acrobat, whose dsddo In pri- 
vate life wan A. L. Furnas, died recently at 
I'bcenis. Ariz., from consumption. He had 
been In Phoenix for about two years. Mr. 
Brn7.Hl, who was known In the profession for 
many years, was formerly of the "vaudeville 
team, llrazlll and Alton, and later of Brazil! 
and Brazil!. For several years he -was with 
Kingllng Brothers and the Adam Forepaugh 

Herbert Varnnm, formerly of tlievavde 

I 1 »■ 


Denver. — At the Broadway (Mrs. E. K 
McCourt, manager) Christmas week, "The 
Bishop's Carriage" proved a very popular at- 
traction, and did big business. Week of 31, 
Wclntyre and Heath, In "The Ham Tree." 
"She Stoops to Conquer" next. 

Ouphdum (Martin Beck, general manager). 
— People Inst week were : Long and Cotton, 
the I'lUht VflBs&r Girls, Bruno end Russell, 
Lent Russell, Klein an J Clifton, Swor Bros., 
Fred flobedle and klnodrome. 

Tahou Oimxo (Mrs. K. F. McCourt. man- 
ager). — S. Miller Kent. la "Raffles," did big 
business last week. Week of 30, tbe popular 
Denver girl, Maude Fealy. in "The Illusion 
or Eentrlce." Murray and Mack to follow. 

Ci'rtis (A. It. Pelt on, manager). — "Dora 
Thorite,'* -list week, filled the house. Week 
of 30. "The Silver King." 

Br.A.ND0N (Ray K. Brandon, manager). — 
"Tbe American Girl" nod vaudeville drew 
good bouses Inst week. A percentage from 
the receipts wob devoted by the monngement 
10 local charities. 

Novblty ( Henry Luuelskl, manager).— 
Good houses last week, with Ring and Wil- 
liams, Von Gofre and Cot rely, Bnrke and 
Urllne, the Auto Girls, Jacobs and Cnrdello, 
Morrison and Roma, and pictures. . 

Crystal (G. I. Adams, manager). — Helena, 
ITorrr Keppv. Terlsn Cadell, "Wanted, a 
Wife!" and Illustrated songs and pictures, 
last week, did good busluess. 

Notes. — On Dec. 2'2 Kihel Shore, a chorus 
girl with "The Sultan of Sttlu," and M. A. 
Ilnraey. the clectrlclnn of the company, were 
married here.... V> Col. W. F. Cody (Buffalo 
Kill) fiwnt Chrlstnns with relatives here. 


"■ li \ \S.\ S, 

Mempbls. — At the New Lyceum' (FVank 
Gray, lessee) "The One Woman," &tc. '21, 
22, came to crowded houses. ' Darkgjte pre- 
vnlled 23. Richard Mansfield gave two per- 
formances Christmas, presenting "Beau Brum- 
mei," matinee, and "A Parisian Romance" 

at night, to pecked Iiousps. Frank Daniels vlUe team of Ledegar and Varnnm, acrobatic 
came to very good business* ■ 26. ''The Isle comedians, died in St Paul, Minn., Dec. 16, 

from heart failure. His last engagement 'was 
with the Cflab Carnival Co., of St. 1'nal In- 
terment was in Oakland Cemetery, St. .Paul, 
and tbe funeral was under the. auspices of 
the local lodge of Eagles. 

William Dutton, circus rider, died at 
the.Oalt House. Cincinnati, 0.. Dec, 24. He 
never reruvered from the effectB of. ea os- 

of Spice" 31, Jan. 1, dark. 2; "Tie Girl and 
the Bandit" 3, Rogorti Brothers 4, 5. 

HoPKiss' (A. B. Morrison, manager), — 
OiTlstmaa week the programme Included: 
Kd-fl-ai-d Clark nnd the Six whom Relff 
Bros., Orgerlta Arnold, Carter Oe Haven and 
Flora Parker, tbe Daltos, Walter ffllsvorth 
Bodgers, Four Blanos^andthe klnoori>rne. 

BuotJ (BenJ, M. AStalnback, manager).— sit nit by a highway robber about two monthi 
"The Blsck Crook," Christmas week, at- neo. Mr. Dutton was born In Toronto, Oat. 

traded crowded houses. 
Howard Hall, 

For week of Dec. 31, 

Knoxvllle. — At Stanb's Theatre ([Fritz 
Statib, manager) the Ben Greet Plnyeracnme 
Dec. :&. to a good house, In "Everyman." 
Paul Gilmore, In "At Yale," played to A big 
house 21. "Tracy, the Outlaw," 22, pleased. 
Ben Greet ployed, a return engagement 3D, 
to packed bouses. "The Tenderfoot" 27,' "A 
Message from Mars" .31. "The Girl and the 
Bandit" J«n. 1, Frank Daniels, lit "Sergeant 
Bme."2; "My Wife's Family" 3, Thos. Jef- 
ferson 4, Baldwin, tbe magician, 7-12 ; Mabel 
Montgomery, In "Zaxn," 10, 
4 ■ » 

WlcliKu.— At the Crawforil (ft L. Mart- 
ling, manager) Couutess Olgn Von Hntzfeld, 
in "Ttie Little Dut-Uess," played to crowded 
houses Dec 25. Louis James drew a large 
iiudlence 27. "The Holy City" plensed a good 
(tized house 28. _ _ , 

Tolbii Auditorium (&C Toler, manager). 
—/The Acme Comedy Co. opened nnothcr 
week's successful engagement 24. Tbe spe- 
cial vsudevllle features for Christmas week 

Cleveland— At Ibe Opera House (Jinny Jltamy Dutton; Johnny Wilson, 3 
D. Kline, manager) "Madame Butterfly* Pr*SL- a ^P^ _ an . d T ,? m . A Fi bro ^ 
week of Dec. ;n • Cic^ir and Cleopatra" 
bad good bouses week- of 24. Raymoml 
Hitchcock, In "The Galioper," next week. 

Colonial i'Di/w & Campbell, managers). 
— "On Parole" week of 31. "The Bead to 
Yesterday" hud a fine business week of 24. 
"The Tourists" nf>xt week. 

Ltcrvu (Geo. M. Todd, manager) . — Eu- 
genie lllalr. In "Th:> Woman In the Case," 
week of 31. "Right Bells" had good Iiotisea 

week of 24. "Han" Ward, In "Not let, But ana«si io«.v yearn. 
Snon," next. Brerueu Clarke, a vocalist, who has re- 

L'levklanp (Gen. II. Todd, manager).— <*ntly ap^red In pshkosh, WIr.. died sud 
"The Queen of (lie Highbinders" week-af ' acuJy, ,In bls_ hotel In that, city on ■ Df. 14 
"Secreta of the Police" had good re- 

slxtv-tliree ycHrs ago. He made his ilrst m 
peaianie. ns a clrcin man In Cincinnati. In 
3R110, at old Wixjds' Theatre, where John 
Bnb?nson and Willlnm Lake \vera operttlny 
a Winter circus. Two years later lie went 
with John Itoblnson's Circus. He war> 
married in 'AS, in Chicago, to Iza Stowe. 
nnd due. son, W'illiara Dutton, B0r,rive9. the 
union, and resides in -Philadelphia. Dur- 
ing Mr. Dutt'tQ's career as a rider he wat 
wlib'the George De Haven Cirrus, the L* B. 
l<ent Hbow nnd then tbe Fdrepaitgh .Clrcns 
His second wife. was Hflenn Smith, n dmigh- 
it*r of William Smith Sr. the fourhors.- 
clrvuH rider, and a Bister itf-WIUiom Smith 
Jr., one of the original Big Four. For the 
past seven years Mr. Dutton had been with 
>he Hobinson Shows. He bad traveled ar 
ver the world. His wife, .in adopted son 
Airs, Vsi 
. - were a 
his bedside when ho died. Mr. Dutton we 
an j'Uk. and a Mason of high degree and 
his fansral occurred from Blks' 'J'emple. 

Frank Mitchell, of Mitchell and- Mai 
ron.'dled D*c- 26, nt the Emergcnfy Hospi 
lal,' Boston^ Mass., from npoplexy. He war 
stricken at the end of tbo team's engageiQent 
nt^tb'e-Orpneiim, Bcstrrn. week of Dee. 18. 
Mr. Mitchell wan about forty-seven years 0. 
age, nnd- had been in 'the theatrical bushiest 

from heart -failure. His home wiw In Lan 
sing, Mich. Interment wan In Milwaukee 

John x. snjilioro, n veteran actor, and 
one of ihe Inmates of thp Kdvla Forrest 
Home, at Ilolmesbuvg. Pbltadelphia;' Pa. 
died on Dec 23. He was .a native of Phil 

celpts last week. 

Kkitii's (II, A. Daniels, manager) .—Bill 
week of 81: The Burkes Three Mitchells. 
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Murpliy, Royal Musical 
Fire; Willie Weston, May Boley and her 
Polly Girls, World and Kingston, and Krem- 
ka Bros. 

Utme- (Kd'^n. Anthony, manager).— BUI 

week of 3l : Gilbert's One Ring Circus, Hav> 

a erly nnd McRne. . Orrin MeKnlght, Eva 

were: Tbo Ilavallns, Grace Courtland and rbateher, the Rlsleyk, Ida Howell; MB the -itre. In, Frankford, Philadelphia. He entered 

Copelnnd Bros. Madam Schumann Hclnk (ifMt Rlverton. ' • r «.-3 .-■ 1 he Forest Home on June 12, lt)05. His re- 

sang to n large and very enthusiastic crowd star (Drew & Campbell, managers) .—The 

2(1. . _ * Tiger Ulles week of 31. The. High, School 

Bi.tou (II, A. Carelton^ manager).— Lmpire <.»Irlat had packed houses week of 2*. The 

N'lsrn tin gales next week. 

FJMriDK (Geo. Chenet. mnnnger). — Weber's 
Bon Ton Bnrliwpiers week of 31. The Daluty 
Uurhcs.s ,0n, had good houses last week. 
Manchester's Vanity Fair next week. 


. *" (Patent- applied far).' _ 

An Automatic Film Shield Is the latest product of r,i lr 
ox pert mental department, and, when used with Power's 
Camerftg-raph and Fireproof Jlagazinen, makes the most 
completely fireproof and ihoronahiy satisfactory mov- 
ing picture apparatus on the market. It can be easily 
applied to all Oamflragraphs, 17oa. 3. 4, or ft of model now 
Innse. Itcanalnobe applied to other moving picture 
machlneHln which the gearing for operaUog the film 
leedlag devices^ noronthe.sameslde astliecrink. 
sianalactnred by NICHOLAS POWRB, 
." 11.-117 .Vuhaii St,, R. V* City. 

Approv«d mid Endorsed by the Pi. V. Board 

AT LIBERTY— Two good all 'round Med. 
Peiple (man and wife) ; doubles and singles also 
novelty nets; ■ No Up4 or dancing, change for 
w«ek. Reliable managers, answer (inlck. Address 
BD. HENDERSON, 10 11 Lln d St. .Wheeling, W. V s. 


Dram Major or Bass Drum, Paris. Soubiettea or 
Ingenues, Singing Specialty. One- night pre- 
ferred. Bonnie Hoop Robins and Joggling Act.. 

Per. sddre sB fiJO Erie Street, Toled o, 0. 

AT" LIBERTY— THE VA.R08. Frank, contor- 
tionist, acrobat, hand balancer, novelty paper 
tearing, tinging. Grace, Btrong alaglng special- 
ties, ballads, soubrettes, hoy. Uoxh change for a 
reek and work in ncra. We do a doubled. Will 
r equire t ickets. Ai' l reas OfJB A, Kapsaa. 

KXCHANQB FOR ' PILUS-Foldlng Organ, 
fldiH-nOoncen Fbonograpb, 0.\Tllthe Oas Making 
OQttlt,' Flying Utly lilnsion, EdlsonTrain Robbery, 
Film, Trunks, etc. For Sale— Fine M. P. Mnchtce. 
electric and cnlclnmn'stereopticon,' etc. LtiE 
I^K VANT, Tbompt-onvllle, Mioh. 

WAftTJCii— Keai r-erforraers. Sketch Team, 
soutirei te. other nsefol people, write all la Qr.4- 
vo time for correspondence. No tickets ro 
Grangers. AH must change for week. 

F. S. STQKY, flreenaboro Bend.-verroont. 

AT lIUKUTY— Al ■ Magician, Fire Klug, 

llallad Singer and StralghtMan. Absolutely sober 

tnd reliable and .hard worker. Swell wardrobe 

in and nrr. Salary yonr limit. . Writs or wire. 

0I1A.S. LYNDON, Carnll, Iowa. 

odlpftppolntment, at.'llherty for light comedy, 

haraoier orGeperal Business, Alio In band, 
tepertolreorone night. Ticket out of Cblna^o. 

<ober, conaclentlons, all day hustler. Rep, mgrs. 
make bear, offer. Salary. and per rent, .loin 
on wire. ALLAN RICHARDS, 321 Uncoin St., 
Uolnmbus, O, ■^>- • ■■■ 

AT LIBEKTV, For vsudevllle etc., KING 
COfiE, VcntrlloqalRtand-MaglciHn. 

- Care -of "BILLBOARD," Cincinnati. Ohio. 

odftlphin. where lie was born Sept. 15, 1635 
During his lifetime he wan in the support 01 
.many lending actor* and actresses.' For 

several. nensons he managed the Empire The- 

Kxtmragnnza "CoTiippned woek"of'24, In the 
musical Hklt, "Bishop's Troubles." 

.Note. — Thfe Kllte Amusement Co, (Marble 
Sc Amos, managers) l* packlug the houw at 
t-very performnuce, with sougn and pictures. 
Vociillsts for week of 24 were: Mrs. Persia 
Gardner, Delia St. John nnd Lottie Collins. 
■ 1 1 

i,f nv.-iiTiiirtii— At the Crawford Grand 
Opera House (M. J. Cunningham, reslJent 
manager) "Queen of the Rockies," Dec, 22, 
and Doll's moving pictures, 2G, bad fur 
business, Irmo Opera Co. .Tan. 1, lloselie 
Knott fi, "It Happened In Nordland" «, 
"The Black Crook*' 0, Mnbarn's Minstrels 
11, "Everybody Works But Father" 18, Ar- 
thur Dunn 14. 

Fort Scott At the Davidson Theatre 

(II. C. Eraleb, manager) "The Minister's 
Hon" Dec. 22. Burke's "II. T. C." Co. 25. 
Ixrnls James 27, "The Little Red School 
House" 28, "The Clnnsmnn" 31. 

Lawrence. — At Bowersock'B Opem Ilouse 
(Irilng I1III. manager) "Thorns und Orance 
BinsRoiu's" wns 11 pleating attract Wi Dec. 
22. "ijwt lu New York" 25. 


mains were cremated, and funeral services 
took place at the home .on . Dee. 27, after 
which the ashes were placed In tne grave* of 
hi* wife, in: ibe Actors' Kimd Dot, liver- 
green Crjneterr. -hong Island, 

Harry E. Herman, of Hie Hermans. 
Ilnrry and Mae, died on Dec. 2G, from tu- 
hetculoslfi, at his home lu Canton, 0„ aged 
lli.lrty-two rears. He played for vears the 
vaudeville hoiwes from coast to coasr. Hip 
wife -sKrvlvert hlra. and will retire from the 
stuge. « 

Larry Connors, of Tjoiry and Annie 
home in St 

Hartford.— At Parsons (It. C. _. 
manager) William Collier, in "Caught In the fnnnorta, died na Dec. 2:1. at his 1 
Rain, pleased a large audience Dec. 24. Louis, Mo. His wife survives him. 
"Little Johnny Jon*s, T " with Bobby Barry, 
drew large audiences 25. Nance OrneU did 
fair business 20, 27. "His Honor, the 
Mayor." 20. 

Hauitord Opera Houbb (H. H. Jennlugs, 
manager). — "The Wizard, of Oz" played to 
record breaking audiences 24-26. "Happy 


Ainong those from whom The Clipper 
has received Christmas and New. Year's 
greetings, are tbe following well known 

Hooligan's Trip Around the World" did good members of the profession: 

justness 27-20. "The Curse of Drink*' 81. 

♦ ■ » 


Bonner Stock Co., Richard Pltrot, Wat. 
V. Phelnn, Lew Benedict, . Adelaide Rerr- 
maim, tleovcla Gardner nnoVJosepa Maddern, 
11,11 l\v II. VnloJH. Cllat and Bessie' Robbdns, 
l'anny Fields,- John 13, Turton, Sully and 
I'liclps, Henry W." SaVnge, Willy Zlnjmer- 
num. Mr." na Mrs, John 11. -Weight, Henry 
II. Wlncbell nnd Walter D. Bottil. KrnuTt and 

Norfolk,— At the Academy of Music (Otto 
Wcllsr local nmnnger) Thomas Jefferson pre- 
sented "lllp'V'an Winkle" Dec. 25. to very 
Swd business. -Zarft" Dec. 81-Jan. 1 , "Buster 
rnirn" «. 

Grand y (Otto Wells, local manager).—- 
Business last week was exceptionally good. 
"Guy New York" week of 31. . a 

'Humi (Abb Smith, manager).— People lor 
week of U : Kdlth Dunbar, Elsie Fay, Carrie 
Williams. Ed. ■.Rocbe, Harry Spangler, M 
l^irker. Nclllo \Yllllams. and the Martcll 
Sisters. Business Is unusually good. 

ACXg (Wllkersun * Mnnzle, managers).— 
l"eople for week of 111 : May Wilson, Billy 
Nnsmyth, Cfcta, V. Anderson. Master Cuaa 
Henta, Truchnrl, Dillon and Burk, .Oscar 
Brewer, Alice Lomas and Bessie Rosemund. 
lhislnesB lu good. 

' Masiiatyan (Crlnnlnn Bros., managers). 
— People for week of 31 : ft. Dnubar, Mills 
Gnrdner, the Mnilderns. Leslie and Leahy, 

Pom 'a (Louis R Kllby. manager >,— -Week 
of 24: "A Night In the Stums of London," 
Konnedy and Rooney, Hnrry Corson, Clarke 
mill company, Melnnl Trio, Arlington '.Com* 
edy Four. Prof.' Dttbola. and liis etlucnted 
bHbooa, Scott nnd Who Hey. and eleclrogranb. 

\.mv Hnven At thrt tTrahriim'fnrtM <5 : 

* ?T»S5S^«^f*JS?%a*B,3 . fflS irfe,S?. 8 "i!i.i. , i! , ."'«1ff **£ fn*': 

lht» Golden West" nleased '"Dup '*K "The ll>l, ' d0 , J f*>»pe. Mllano aud Alvln. the Va ■ 

nud the Maid' did well 2S, 2i>. Juba Keb 
lerd Uj Jjiii. 1. 

RBV Havgm (C. B. Bunnell, manager). — 
"The Volunteer Organic' had good homes 
Dec. 24-211. "On Dangerous GroimdVi plcawed 
U7-2P.- "Qulncy Adams .Sawyer"' wom of 31. 

roll's (5>. Z. Poll, manager). — Ffll wcet 
of 31 ' William II. Thompson and I'nmpauy, 

Janls, (rhlc Perkins, !•:. J; DeFlne,' Chns. Eo 

chert. Violet Rio. Delumr and 'Dexter: IT. A. 

AcSey, Kddle I^Klle, Mile. Oirrla T. II. Win- 

uetl, Murray nnd Alden, Madeline Theron 

rainier, Uluiile Palrorr. Carter l>e Haven 

Ilorvy Boise, Elliott. Be Lair nud Rtllott 

J nek A. Henry. Chic Harvey; airs. ■!*. H. 

, Be'iihe,. Tommy Kress, Tom OIlleD, C. R In- 

mplre Comedy "company, "Bryan, and' Hit. "J"? • ^' * T/i. 1 ^ y "J*** ^ Montgomery, Drake 

■ A Mr. nnd Mrs. Jam Barry, S«it( and ; ! , u , d n c n a ( f'W ,m .-,, , '- 1 ^ 3{ O0 *»«w. Roy .pee. 

Mr. and Mrs. 1-red J. Titus. Marco Twins, 

- • Hertvam Millar, Four Welszs, Col. .1 P 

H ' '. MI'HUen.- k. t H. Smry; Elton ' Blade, (Jeo. B." 

Alexanrtoi*; tbt» Ainericons, InihoT, Conn and 

;lnne. Gray. and. Grahnm.- Daly and 

WAN TEH. for Miiler & fJllsbuig'H Refined 
^a'dy Minstrels,' Lady with novelty., act. Can 
dace a few nniateur girls, that <:<m play In 
:mall parts and Ming, or dunce;'neat appear- 
ince : join jit r>nce;' make salary low. 

Grampian, I'n., Clearfield Co. 

FOR SAI/E— LuMn'B Ex. M. P. Machine, stero. 
k'tached, complete, for electricity; rheostat, 

wlteh, etc ; l.oonrt. fllm. song sllrtea, curtain, 
Cheap, w. R. rhodrs, l/artfprd, ot. 

UCUf wnOsfTHEA., B'way,.v-)6th. Evea.g.i.',. 
REff lUlllV Mau. a.15 lf«t Seats, Si. 

Last week. Mats, to-morrow, Ved.asdsat. 



ELM1K JANls, in "The .VanderbUL Cap. 1 ' 


UiPttTT THEATRK, <2d St.. West. of Broadway. 
Muni. I I Kv'ga, 6.30. Mats, Thurs. and Sat., 2.10 

Wk-HACKETT. .', ..Sole Leasee and Manager. 

Estra Mat, Tomorrow. 


(ManaKemeot HENRY B. HARRIS) 

■: ■ BrJAMta fohbes. 

lt»ImB^»i» TbEATRE , «<IS«. ,vg. Mil. 
OrMSl,U ii ft t. Tomorrow aod »al. al -i. 




Eves.. rt.1C. Mats.. -Toes.. Wed. & Sat., 2.1T.. 
Matinee Wed. Best Seats, (LflO. Tonight, 
8.1 n. Kirtra Matinee To-morrow. Thompson 
& Uundy pteftent Edward AbeIfts.ns*"Mont,v" 
Brewstt»rJu a -dranKitlzntlon,' of 1 Geo. Bsrr 
McCntcheon's stf-ry. Brewster's iMJHIons. 

By Winrdiell Smith and Byron Ongley. 

"I have "one : m.llllon dollars ■ to spend." 

, ' — ^"aJonty" Brewster. 


Erngs. 8 10. afsti. Tomorrow and sat , Lift, 



at 2.OT ana f.-ii. 



Gen. Bus., Heavies or Juveniles. Good wardrobe. 
ilouk, one piece or repertoire. Address 

4t Ltbaily Jan. 5, Walter and Janie Monroe. 

'Walter," tbe hid that Juggles the real rattle 
atesund manipulator or aitoa and torches aud 
loveity balauc ng trapeze nut. Each act anreram 
from ihe other, anil both novelty ream res, and 
Play responsible purls. Jauie. Vernatlle Leads 
wd Heavies. Sinking Specialty. Heigl.t, 6ft. 
7in. Age, 26. Responsible raaaagcrs addresi 
SALTER and JANIE MONROE, tare CrawforrtJa 
JomedUns. Joint engagemont only. Bowie, 
t'ex., 1W. 4:.Rlnp , gold. Te^ , pec. fi.-. ! . 
P. s — No Jump la too big for ns. ' 

I Mat, To-morrow and Sat. 3.16. 
il\\ month. RxtraMatlnesTo-morrow. 




All fiea'Oii loJtepertoIre at thlrt tbeafi'«. 



, Atcolt & Eddie . Nellie Rtinll 


Li Vln, & Alma :., Railed Si Hidley 

Mr. t Mrs, Buckley Nye 4 Boylin 

Mdrriiof lloon .The Vltigrapli. 



B'way & 60th 

Milt. To-day. satOKMNOALLOWKii 
"A Tremendous Hit."— GLOBE. 

"Wine, Woman, Song Co." 

Bonlta. . Alex. Car?. Others. 

\TO of i 

y»elf, the fainouo heuuty, 
■ ■ ■# mr ■» «c«ti. Addre.a Bf]gB CAn. 
RIB a.. WBBEiyBa*3par, Boston, Klaai. 


Sale begins; January 3; 
Savings of 25 to 45 per- cent, 
on Men's Suits and Overcoats. 

Get the Habit. : Go to 

V .ion iqaar*. , 47 Cortlaadt si., 
»79 BroadWar, l»Sth. 8«, ttt 34 Are,, 

, New Voik Clt^. i 

Wilson, nnd Destelle Sisters. 
— * — ". i ■ a 


JncKijoii.— At the Century TheivtrefP. O'Brien,. M.e Aherns, Trocadef* Quartette 
O. Marthnll, imiunger) "The Isle orspfw^ Afar tin nud Crouch. Rego aS St. Low 
vntertnlnetl Inrge audlenres 'matln«e and Johnny Mack. Harry, Yost, Matuce Stock Oo' 

J'byllls Allen., Rice and Walteri, fames anil 
pav+ls. the threat Raymond, the Cycllnir El- 

nlght, IXc. 91, "Sins of tbe Father" 27, 
••The One Woman" 28. Frank Daniels !!*, 
'The Land nt Kad" Jan. 1, "Tho Royal 

Mn) Lemnela. ,Acker and <^ i » ln J'^? ll l? ^JjS SE* £l££$ ■lS5?%c5 i J^ Y V * 

and Louc and Downey. Business is good. 

stimnton.— At the Beverley (Borkman 
ft SUiiltz, iTinnngetR) "Slmpte aimon Simple." 
Dec. 14. did good business. Tbos. Jefferson, 
15, hnd a large house. "The Tenderfoot." 
JO, did good buslfaess. "A Message from 
Mnrs" drew fair house. Toole and M Vere 
I »■ > 

1 i;nm;ssi:i;, 

The Sleeping Beauty and the Beanf' 

Mcrldlnn. — At the Qrand Opera House 
(L.-Rotheiiberg, manager) the Morgtai^Vt)]>le 
stock Co, npneared the week of DfK 1 17. io 
InrRe nnd well pleased nttendnnce.'The One 

Raymond, the "Cycling EI 

HottK nnd Musical flayonas; Jule Delmar 
Albert Dasblugton. Prof.. ¥.- 3. Flood. Wm 
Brandon and company, the Two-Bees, Casner 
and Clark. Herbert Bert Lenno-n, Mr and 
Ml& f? le , 8Sln ^' A! - w - Martin's "Uncle .Tom's 
9W , OV, Lewis Lake, Arthur Doming, Mrs, 
Helblnl, knthryn Osterman, Chns. j Hobr 

MnKliviiir..— At the Theatre Vendome 
(W A. Sheets, manager) Paul Gilmore. la 
"At Yale," plensed two lurge audiences Dec. 
20. "Parsifal" was presented by a ynnible 
I'ompanv. Frank Pnnlela presented ''Ser- 

SGani ft rue," to fair hitslness. 24, 2B. Ths 
en Greet Players St, 27. Rlrhnrd tmnmt 
28,- Tale Olee Club 21t, Chas. R. nnnford 31. 
Jan. 1. Viola Gillette, la •'The Girl and the 
Bandit," 2. 

Buoi: iGeo. XI. Ulckman. manager). — 
Knturvn Osterman. In "The Girl thnt Looks 
Like .Me," proved to be n first class attrsc- 

■Womnn" 21). "The Prince of PI I sen" .11, "The and- Mabel Kenton, Sadl Alfarbl liaooo sTh 

Royal tbet" Jan. 1, "Pnrsirnl" 2. "The Land ters. H. J. Spellman, Dollle Le <Grav C W 

of Nod" 8 At the Hippodrome, Trot Lester, the Bradfords, Jncobs-and Van Tvle' 

W. P. Allen, trick and fancy skat er, Is ap- <:has, Knehle, Howard Thurstoa, Join V 

pearlag week of Dec. 24-20. ^ Boone. :Ceorge Gordon, I3d. C. Ilsys Selbhii' 

■♦•» ■■ — and Grovlnl. 

Tiik sad tragic death of Dollle Tlicohold. 4 ■ a 

wlilcli has been eictenslvely noticed by the Pptkr t Htakinmi thrfitri^ni ™-« 

n«ws|)npers throughout the country,, nil «l> well known In ^hJ nVof!«i!fn L *£&££ 

which attribute her suicide to Jealousy of her S.r r?rcSmSanr*« riS. il^n It WS ], \'- 

husband. U, erroneous ns^l^and.^,- S'tS^l^^lSS^B^^S 

liter., Ills hat and coat were found on a 

•■and were devoted to each other for eleven 
>enrs of hnpny married life, and her snil 
endlnir was the result of brooding over ill 
health, with whlrli site Rum been nllUill^l lVtf 
the -pH-Hf. ihreo yenrs 

ferryboat, ami' there Is 
ho ' found, 


sign from the 
Jan. r. 

a i» 

Berfm AS'- - 

Rehltid tbe Mask 

. JB«(I«: -Ci.tNfow .' UlM .. 
-monro* the loss of her brother. IVm. H.'Cole- 

ho, trace of blm Io 
Ralph M._ poat) 

II.VRRY D(i:i:\v re- 
t'n., fMt' 


Takes thli nnm of thanking the many hind 
rrientls for their word 1 of flympathv on the 
tragic death of his devoted llttlo wife, 


The bravest llttte woman lliat. overlived. 

Yours respectfully, 

Mgr.GasHnl'H McP^ddon'HFInts Co. 


Kut 14tli St : - LullesMlui. To fl uy 


2— Barlett&s— J. ' Novel tk-s. 


E.iatUBt. LoJle,' Mat, To-Jb, 


2-Farcee-2. 8 Vaudeville Acid. 

Of HlKb Clam VaedfVIII* TheiDrri. 

AH Appllcatlaos for Time Must fie Addreis^a 
10 C. E. BUAX Booking Manager. 

Majentlc Thenire Bul|dlnz, C;blfneo, HI- 

H liber's "£ Museum 

WANTED, « .... 


AJ0JW3 J. ft AbTDEIUOK. Mgr„ an ttBW. 

S» UKHKAKU ST., L0NI>0», W. 


Ardate wanting European time write, stating optu 
Brae and terms. Cable, ■»A(H)W€.' t LONPOW . 


« W.aStn 8T., HEW ¥OKK. 


"The t,.i!} With tlu> Clarinet." 

WOVRT.TV mpsioai. ah-tist .^ 



' AMMtnss this ornoE. 

man. who dlod or Utlclit's dls«>»>. Det. 10. 
at nla lii>im>. Sprlnmvlil. Mn. tIip daetaaaa 
If,™ i.e. Wrtpir and a ,on, almi a limlher I 
and ultttr. * 


. . ¥« guarantee It and our gnarnaiee amonaw to nomeUUng. 
ii'i West win St.. x*w Vort. JT Mfm M / TRUNKS) 


'"'■': '*"• ''•' 

■ ■:■ ■.• .!■••. 

."" ; •'.- fcVv.'-- 





A HIGH CLASS FKATfJRK ACT, oun (hat la Nimeatfonel nnd will havr the drawing power in admit of special inipor nn«l atilAffo makf ffnotl. K<iui>«t riant. Alhlntlr, Acrobatic, Clvmnasllr anil Aerial AriUlal 
principal dfiwn, villi prop*, and forty nailitanti. A Startling nnd Sapcrb Ulryrle family, nnrt up to dat« illaplars of mif Itlnd, character ana tlsaerlpUon. Larfy nppllcanl* send photo, will i»r reliirtudt 

A Manager ca pable of taking fall churn;* nnd making 'ft rat openings. A man -'imiit and make iwumi annoaacemsrata, aUo all day door, lallcen. Aitnu recognised r«»tat*«, ami any III nn afauts 
■ lultmblr for ttiiu department. Oriental Dancers, matt he-first clnsn. Two )•* hoar men, that know th« bntilnesa. Appllrantfc for above r>o*.ltloni uddreia M. J. dOwnb, Harbor l)ra«at. Pa. 

■ JOCKIKS, and all Hi|>pnd:om* People Kddron .io -: BSKtlli, Geneva, Ohio, 

MX J8I0IA NH, and we want the beat. Atlarois PROP. C. II. TINNEV, Alsnaphle, Mo. 

An Experienced Train 1 natter and Aaalatants. Boa* Property Man and Asilstamta. Address' M. J. DOWNS, Harbor Croak, Brio Co., Pa. 

Ring Slock Rom and Aaalstan* Bos* Hostler, 4, 0, H and 10 Rorss Drivers. Addrese WM. FAULKlfBR, Harbor Creek, Ps. 

A ulatant Holies on Cnavae, Scat Hen and Canvas Men. Andre* ■ A. S. KYGI.KK.T, Bot 10J, Berlin, «m. Men. to imIm on new Belle A Weyar Light*. ALBERT iMITff, Harbor Creek, Pft, 

A VIM A L Men and Aaalatnnt*. MARK MONROE, Harbor Creek, Pn. CO(H«, WAITFRS and nil perlnlnlng to the Culinary Department. Atldreai IIARKV II. CRAIO, Jefffenon Holrl, Cincinnati, Ohio. 

Prats Asenti, .Local Contractor*. Oppoiltlon Men, Bxperlmced Union Bill Posters— stole and honest In their work, the Union limit will itr paid; Lithograph'***, Banner Men, and all corrsspoadeace relotlvo 
to the advance, write SO, C. KffUPP, Harbor Ct*»ek, Kris' Co., Pa. ■ --- . - ■ ' ■ _^ :-'■■' 



-Put -16 year* ahead nnd hack with prominent 
road attractions. 


. .Per immediate engagement, wire or address 
CONTINENTAL HOTEL, Wabash And Madison St., 
Utilcato, 111. RKFRRENCKSr-Oeo. M. Cohan, 
Sum. H. Harris, A. H. Wood*. Forresuer & Mitien- 

- .thai, Rowland A Oltnord, John Hogan, Criterion 
Theatre, Chicago, or Phil Sheridan city Sports Co . 


Angell's Comedians, 


, ; : .0, BHRNAHI), Alma, Nev., aland week; 
- :,. , Norton. Kan,. 7 and week. 


Single Ladles. Sister Acts 
and Teams, 



■ ir.'HinilltoB Ave., Alliany.N. Y.,or our agenls, 
■ TAM NER .t CO.. Uli B'way, M. Y. Ully. 

it Liber ly, PBOf. JOBS LieHTFCOT. 

Drch. Leader, Banjo, Mandolin and Fake Piano, 
Rita. Bxperlence and aohrlery, wardrobe. 

Character. Comedian, Ai Specialties Wardrobe 
and experience. Bingo if we don't nuke good 
without notice. Bust have tickets. Per. add-. 





Morrison Show Print ^w.iCmL 

The Lyceum Comedy Co. 

r.n ill) ioue Hmiliifltt'i. lUt'lul P.O|>l. 

la .11 lino, write, alt tint Leiln- 
WM. HARRIS and THE BUTLER'S uliswcr tliU. 

AL. S. EVANS. H|cr.. 
-Otlteflvlllg, 0a.. Jap. 1-7; AntiertoD, 8. P., fl -38. 

Wanted, for Carroll Drew & Co., 

Leading Man and Woman, den. Bus, Man ond 
.Woman, with or rlihoni child, ror partH, Agent, 
Plaao Player, Moving Picture M;in with outfit. 
State If you* do Specialty. Join immediately. 
Address. CARROLL DRKW, (Jen. Del.. Colc- 
cam p, Mo. 

Wanted Quick, by 

. First Rlasa Planlat, Htghl reader and arranger. 
Jain at once. Wire 

P. E. SP00NKR, Sweet Water. Teift*. 


Useful Repertoire People. Specialty People 


KDQENE KRIOK. McLcod. Oklft. 


hliniteil experience, straight or heavy, can 
deliver i.lic goodH. Cft. 9. Good looks. CAR* 
PKNTKR, 1443 Bedford Ave.. Brooklyn. N. Y. 

Wanted, young lady 

frlio can ^iogaofl do little fanry dancing. Van- 
doiillc act. 8. X. It., uare of CL1FPER. 

'WillW Black Face op Irlh 


sfustchanpo for week- B. F. l.AMOTr.Anrors.111 



QUAKER HQV, Cf>„ 22HS N. Fourth St., FhllH.. Pa. 


CW A YI V%^ timlnrlloii 

Fetmantnt niUr e~. I)U i)CU IN, ILL . 

JUdfitER'S fiUWK a5 T ;.? k .. K ^V;„,." 

F..P. UONKAN,2SttN'.*HhSt., PinlsdelpiilB. Pa. 


Drop coin in r t;e 
skit, tlie Kiachine 
doesthe WW*. Us- 
clilnei made for 
any noln. Keftln- 
ie'r a clean gla!S 
and a clean 
drink. For deliv- 
ery [ftlrt dummer, 
orders niiHt be 

HaclitueB At 46 
City, sre earning 
f rorn ISO to $40 a 
day during Wla- 
ler.BeHlns elder 
at ic. per Klaus, 
la the Summer 
earn from no lo 
$80 a day. 

Oae machine at 
31 Park Row, K. 
\. Oily, ia now 
earuiiiK l-u h 
day. iDSuiiimer 
moDtlm will ttnrti 
$40 a (i iij . 

Ten machmefi 
at Cone; island 
uiofc la $3,Q0i> In 
(» d&yi, aelllng 
lite cold water at 
le, per glaas. 

These machlnp* 
Hell all sTlada i.f 
drinks — Lemon- 
ade, Orangeade, 
Tonic Then* 
drinks cn*i vo 
make 4c, per gal- 
lon. When aold 
through the ma- 
fhfne will pio- 
tlnce s.'nlrlnk«i.i 
the gallon. 

Order now for next Snmmer'a delivery. 



The World's flreaieat is ntwe tnf of afl Style* of 
S'.ep and Fancy Dancing, Acrobatic Petts and 
Wiwleal Ada. Write or call for catalogue, K'vlng 
price*. Cut thla out for future reference. 



An Automatic Orchestra, Piano. Drums. Chime*, 
9vmi>als, a Set at Deagao's Organ Chimes, 16 
chimes, brand new, cost $2io, -will take fifiu. 
Hease writ* for price Hat. Royal Photo-opticon. 
vlth trunk, :o to w views and Canvas. Worth 
$3W, will take-Hiv Wrlteor califor lint. Over 
to of the finest 8. S. Stewart sod J. B, Sctiaii 
Banjos, and other makes, with leather <iasea ror 
flams, will sell at great Bacrldce. Also siolgli 
Heiia, Statr veils, Wooden Xylophones, Orgso 
Pipes and Wire Dulcimer. 
112 W. MADISON ST.. Chicago. 


Master E-flat Bass 


.lint cloned with Sellft-KJoMt ftlinwa. 

e. a. BICKEL, Alr«, Okla. 


Performers in All Branches of lite 

Medicine Business, 

Good fiiago Manager that can put on actsand 
make them go, Comedians and Rouhrettea, org:ui 
Fakir, at. P. Operator with machine, state low- 
est and what-ydn can do in first letter. Must join 
at once. Ho. able to make good. Ttro to four 
week fttandn. U.IKwanted. Ad.MOH.OrtKQON 
1ND. MEP. CO., Cen. Del.. Anetlo, MIsd. * 

Young uian, of neat appearance, *Iio nndcr- 
Btandsptajingrorrrtoving pictures. Also Yoong 
Mantoblug lilustrnted Songs; goodteaorvoicH 
preferred. Both must he sober and reliable anil 
widlog to work. Lonar, pleasant engssenieni to 
rig It people. AUdrens B. ALBERT COOK, sfanarer 
COOK A UABRIt" Moving PloturuA, Nn. 20 Kaglf 

Bt., . Cooperatown, N. Y. P. s.— No hoozcra or 
chasers need apply. ' 



"PIANIST" (Join a! Once) -'•• 

For Spring and Snmnasr. 

I*. MACK. Portsmouth, Ohio, l>er, :il sml wtfl 
Ne wai k, Ohio, Jaii. 7 and week. 

SCOPR, Kl.rtrlr (a. n*». $100.00 

CISK«l«HAHH,10llll, Rl.nrli- and 
Oalrlnni, AUo Fire M.gazlnea 
ta. «.wi !... (11.50 

Bleetrlc and u.lrluiu, also Fir. 

Slavattn. [a.wl. regular S 100. 
»71 ..1UOPTIOHAPH .oil STKltE- 


OPTICON, Clcliim 37.50 




SCOPE, Calelam 50. 00 

• 100 SBI.Ili POL. VSCOPE, Ble, trie 
tinnv; 45.00 

-"Ask for 




FILMS FROM 4c.-3c, Eld, PER FOOT. 


--bib inswtjnn i~ iarjuasi^- 
also nun. 

TRAIN WUKCKKHS. floon. . *.ir. 


l.KOOfl 105 



Wlml. Dam Famll)', :lllllt'< SI5 





NF. I'OSIOPE. Elerlrlc Lamp, 
ltheo.tut, SvitrhauilFlr. MM. 
ailn.a •I.IIMII, 

< ISKtlORAPJI, 1007, Kl.ilrli 
Lamp. Rheostat, s.tltcli and 
Fire Maaaxln., 105 01) 

Elaetrlo La lap, Hheo«tul,8w It.h 
and Klr.]lt..axlitR...... 150.00 

CAMMKAOttAVll (Power'.). So 5. 
fclt-iri Ir Larap,llliei.«tat,Swllcli 
and Kir«MaKuzlli<<l.... 17.",. CO 

OrriOIlM'H N„ 4 and STKltK- 
ol'IKOV.H.itrli Lamp, Hlieo- itihanil FlrnftlHgaalr... 00.00 

XKTOICOPE, El»ctrle Lmni|t, 
Klieu.tut and Ssvltcn 


news Secondhand 



809 FILBERT 5t 



now cnoiis 


Toil miifit keep sober. Uukc salury right for you 
always get it. Never < Uiejp. 

KB C. NUTT, Hgr.. Ada, Ind. Ter. 


BInslrel Loader and Oilier Hcslciam, 
Strong Spectaltle>, Veciliiti, taaeem. 
Oomninloato Qalck. 

Minstrels, Crystal Theatre. Dnnr, Col. 

Wanted Quick, 

P ino Flsver and Repertoire People in all llsei, 
ouie loweei; we pay all. HLATtiR t FlNUIJ, 
flare *>f Unh|iif Thottfe. llanv) 1». Illlor.m 



J. A I.EXoNDKF^s? k. nth SI., K. v. (Baument). 



I.adj Bareback Act; Lady Menage Act Trained Elephants Trained Beam, Trained Morm. Aerla 
Acta, Trslned Ponlei, anything Novel la tho Hircns line. Ada of merit who wlntt 10 ahow thomnelTt a 
to the representative!, or the big circunei In *nd an und Greater New York given a chance. Iplur 
on Gnaranieen Strictly and can give yon o to 8 week* toa-ecutlon. so make tertm reswonalde. 'I 
pay transport a r Ion after, leaving New York. 

Q. HENEY TTjRiTEn, Promoter and Siraotor N, Y. Sooiet r ' Clroua. 

RoomK), KNICKRRLlOCKRRTBGATRr, H1TU.rn.VG, NRW TURK, rare of Pllmnwr. 
John Starrett, Blanche Sloan, pleue call. 

"Quincy Adams Sawyer" Co. 

WAKTft Tall Conwdlan fol* part of III raw. Prereroan wlmsingnand danrCK. (!nn Mai line Voiioit, 
PreiiT ingenue who singM. Hubi aata gaasl veiee. Alwi whiii Juvenile Han. AL HARKH ami 
MOHHI8 SMITH, wire jour add ri«*p. IwatvnH In Oral leiter. Salary iiLhoIii rely mire. Aildlreia 

J4.H. TllATOnKH. Villi., (IKBKNHKHWI. PA. 



DOUBLE BASS and TUBA Also a good BA88 €IHGBR. 

Mint loin at oticp. VTInorwiltf. per CI.IITKR roula DONSRLr.V ■ IIATFIELU. 



Aliiio.t noiv. 811 L .H..T.. Willi 4,ri. mldilln; WC 

whii H.iri, ntidiiir; 4ux«o,six6'j, ao.x;». ,.nii 200 uromi'-r 
teiilt it m ww ui llxi4. Wilt, tor nrlcnii and ml.. 

loin,. I>. M. KKItU Hl'll. CO,, 

HIH a.d SSQ W M.dl.ari St., chlcnga, III. 


Lost in New York Co. 

Leading, Genteel Heavy 
Man; Heavy Wolffian. 

Mum Join on wire Omaha, Nelir., .lit u :: 
lu ■"), Knig Theiitre. A. N. lllti>XMQX, .Mgr. 

ai t.iitfe.nrv. 


SlnglfH nn*l Doubles. Fake plmo, carry com- 

RletOHflt t»r MarlonettB. Can join on wire mum 
svetl.-kei-, ki CHEAP T)IANAiiKRB K «vc rdamps, 
wo hsve no time for yon. * 

\ Add rum NRW C ARL1BLR, OFIIO. 


Single People doing HpedaltlPH nrererred, 
who an SHtlMled tu actept mid BHCCRVn 
Hinull rtnlnrlcif. Mm I'le-tiire Mornlno Man, 
with outfit. All be nhle Ur /1m^4' and 
play parts. J. W. n.lNTOX. Clrdcvllle. O . 
IPtlrere inn 5IaX AT LlltBHTT w&o pUy* 
a food Harris and ht. Cnir. or ftilncRi and I^rree, 
who sIhq rtiaya * good alio or cor rut In blind, 
1 CAN PIMCB .ii im at onee. 


Kahoka.Mo., Jan.o; MempMa, Ho.; Jon. :. 

Open Time for flood Companlet. 


The New, lttto Concrete, Ground Floor Tliestre. 
Beat. Lars-inland Finest Rrnlpped Plity llimne la 
any HoonlerTownof H.&oo Pu^olatlon. 

K. N. TOlHi, Msnagur, vvipdfsi|, I ndiana 

um iiehderM Am 

UAH. PAIIBN'T, Mannger) 

WAKT IJciiv.v Mun, lo do it few riiarnrlorn ; 
lunsi )•<■ r>'llDhte, and not leas iliau 5i't, ft, 
I'lfuin Player, to dlrctl. -.Otlisrw write. Hthie 
nil In llrnr. Addresa X. II. I'ltlMKOHi;, 
l'V>wltT, lad., week -at 31. - 


Orchestra Leader (Vielinist). 

To doodle Alto or Cornet In Band, Aliri riiod* 
Gorntt, S. and U. McOUrOHBON'S DNCLK TOM'S 

1'AHI.N. Kotiu»a, uutjurj, Jbii. .'>; UemiHili, MaV 
BOurl, Jan. 7.. 5 

:.n or 

Cerul Mod. 1'eoplc. Thort tilaylBK orm 
piano preferred. Holt. MBit. KKotv. 
SMjBg Valltr. KootHml Co. X. Y. 


Sight reader. Tliere with UiwgoodH, Add. 

fJKNK'ITK ADA.MH, -.141 lllliBL.Tolfdir, Ohio.. 

At Libertv. Will Reynolds, 

COMKIiv OH KJItri IDNAI, OLD ki:n. Addre.. 
W1I.I, KKY K0I.1IS, 21i K. Mill Plare, ttilca/o, III. 


Comedian and Soubretie 

Muat do Nirong HpcclalUeM. Other Repertoire 
people, write. 


Markn Km, Co., Bnrlhigion, Vermont, Jan. 1 lo 

Yl\ 'PllCh burg, J BA; ■T BrlE Jaa.14. 



Win maje wi-.traTi'l: momlier A. I*\ O. M. : 
ntTMUs-nf lim.ailiig high clam, mtwir Imvlog 
wry In-fit oi* Iri-ttriimeidN suit I'xperlenced In 
alt kinds of iniixlc work. Nirl.tly hoIh'V nid 
ndlnlile. Siiv Inn ridlablo mntmgurK mid Rood 
leader* ncc*l sssm*r. (Ku route Ileus Has* 
hoq Co.). AddrenH 

JOHN r, IIOI.HN. Mlnco, Inrl. Ter. 

^iVsAfiTsCO awkT ONOC, 


Al"*» dotii'le oilier Ino"iiin«ni", for opera honeo 
w rkordanrn work, atti<u aaaabar and reilsble, 
aud able f> work ou toine other trade. Mki,. 
show*, $2.-£; rnailrn'c sbova, II ,'.,i. 4 tdiowi. per 
we'^k.averaso. Vlrehi 

BIDNUY havkr. Lender, HeaijinoDt, Texan. 


owi-Mi to aatvm or company, 



rlT.OllAlll.RW IIO'IKI,, OloyerH>lllc, N. Y. 



Piav vim with »]ieci(.iiy; alao is- flat Cornet. Tuba 
or Troiphdue to jilay pari*. WaffgieWeil Oolenian 
a<<nd vmir nddrc H » Charlie (lalwrn, (ormct;y 

Ic. (JKO.F. HAW.ISTKlt. 

Hl> Baggaay, Unw York. 


For fhs Ja'U. II. HPAIIKM SHOWS . 


Kxr>*rlenced In dircon nuHlnorm, other good 
Jnuildani wiile. Htsadr'work /or one year, 
■ Addrgw it. rf gogag it. Hull more, «s. 


Actors and Mattlclana who can donbln band sod 
Ktigty woman for VM/.x trltit child for Kva.siiio 

ladyjor Touity, man w;.., en is wage Tom and do 
Ktroflg Markfi or Unie. Will i-ur good nsrade 
■ tuir* Wnnted. good llr*) sgent who v.m wild cat. 

Mgr; In Mluli : nend In lime. AddreM 
w..r.WAK8l-'IKi,H, i»riiii«llc Box. Detroit. Midi. 


?M Jay si.. Brooklyn, s. V. 
una, comedy nrnma, Farce «Jo 
Vaudeytlfe flkntctjra.wrtitei* rn.nnler.. 

Melodrama, Comedy Drama, Pnrcetjointily and 



;j£NUABT L 5. 

tf EvY Wltk ViTV. 5 ' 
Keith «fc l*rm-tor'* luion re 

Tiientr*' (K. T. Albee, Ynrmsger I.— Opening 
Mnndfl.r matinee, Doc oi, the following 1 ***! 
hill provtd 10 .dense : (leorge Uvans, the 

Keith. & Proctor's Fifth Afenu Keith J X 

T W tr £— Heading ibe blll'wcpk of Dtp- Htrret Thcat 
SjTs Gjcice V**uBIuddiroriL Edwards Davji nf&).— foe ">* 

ajsd af#e*ri. In tli6 (Vrwcrful little nramtV, 
'•The t.nifi*«l(!ng." h^Uicd by Adelo BloHd 
ond a competent company. Hasaau lion All's 

Proctor** lirtr-HBhlh Keith ^ Proctor* In«ly-llilii 
tee [el. F. Albee, general man- MM ffAwlae^Blllcd bere aee*\of Dec. 
■- fear week's T>ll[ « tfili 81 fcte 

'•iioDty tioj'' f " J (foitrth^weokri*BelTor^'ljK»"; A !*b fl wIlT aire an 'exhIbltloD.'irterariir.'of 
Manarleld p ad iVUbbr, m n nklt, entltftd "No. H° 5* i nd «g I'rothers of the^Alr.'^ The 

_. -Jglrorfl. Edwflras nafii nxer'). — Tie rxttr ■■ 
c*m. In the fiWtifij] little dratDK home tflll uoaoamedly b? especially at- dlettri, "Ta« Aw ot Truain*y*'*ith the a«v the HtlU plsj that Itrat Introduced him to 
masking." hfllliiffld by Ac*" 1 " *" ' *"-*•— ^' 

t5**»»5*v^Sliicjl berc w«k,o! 

•: licae. Co* aim, In kei cicm ■ 

flliuu Theatre . _ 
ier>;— Hetirl De Vrle*, 
EnrkabU Wafk nete In 

I A. • C.-Ctti&Dbrtl.v uApa- 

*~ famous for hVn re- 
A. Cane, of •Atsotr," 

til rroapcet Street;" the 

"Christ dun on the Island;" .-. 
Mathews find Ashley, the Tlirto La -Maize 
Ifros., Nw«u, Humcr and Ncssen, Mile. 
Nadjy. Uortnnuantf lVest, Ty*on and Brown, 
and tbo motion pictures closed nn enjoyable 
program me. 

^Veher's Theatre (Joseph M. Weber, 
manager). — Not More the 
of. the former Weber St 

innslrsi farce, fi/ber MWMJ are; liaffin's monkey*. Elmer 

I-:dwln «tevenn, T*nlcr. Hawthorne and Hurt, Uallaguor nnfl 

Unrtfiti. the "tiaituv Four'' Dancers of 

'■Jtamsellc Kalllc," and DeitorclU una fills- 

sapdp. ,The motion pictures continue. 

ard, mar.a- 

j__ .week** 1 at* 

...... melodrama, written 

palmiest days by '' cm B 1'nrker. with miiatc by XV. R. 
Fields' regime Wlllanip. It* first New York production oc- 

AmeHi-nii Tlieattre (J. M, \ 
nefJ^The Cowboy Girl," laaf 
rrocilm, la a four act melodrai 

tractke tu.tliB regular dlcnte]. The IcpilKls Hlstdrico of setefal capable players : tbo Tljree this cwintry. apitfared at this theatre even- 

feature* are: Cliff Tferzac's Circus, which Kontons Htnltb' nnfl Campbell, the famous tor of Dec. 21; as the star lu a drani.-iti 

repartee comedians: tho Four lierkel Sisters, a prologue, and threo acts, entitled "The 

wfrfl acrobats; Olivetti Trounddoars. riih Doable Life." which ,*na wrltleo by a 

Michael Babner, violinist; Cook and Sylrla. w-rman. wboft? pea name Is Kinchart Rcb- 

fleo. II. Wood, the Loudon fiemi, Law-son and erf*, ami who la aald to be the Wltq of 

Namoa, and the moving pictures. Pittsburg physician. The pHy, JgnHh U 

Murrny Hill Thtmire (6am Dessauer, celved Its flrat New York production tin t}« 

Includes the unrldable donbev, IJinud lire- 
MaW \ ICdrUiind inv and company, -In life 
Bketrh. .eWItled "Ihe Blierlff ;*' Cook and 
MndlHou, naribuldi's birds, Uv Hiilly. fitao 
Ifty 1 nnd Leonflrd. ltclleclalrc ilron., Carroll 
and Hokor, and McCrea and Poole. - 

Cftttrd«n T/kcatre (Hollla H. Cooler, man- 
nRcf").— Thla Imitc wan dafk Dec. 24 and 
opened f-lirlHtmns nlgiit. with the firm metro- 
fiolltad production of "Thr rttudent Klni." 
' romantic light opera, the book and 'lyrics 

naicrV.— Thi Knickerbocker Uiuteao.Bera 
opened here ;tl, wltii their usual attractive 
luvarftmnoe. The Five l'cschfcoffa and Clydo 
Dftrroiiv are fsntdred.. Full reviev will ap- 
pear In our next Is<tuc. Last week the Night 

Has thla Utile liou^e-bad such n tlioroirtt^ily em-red I tec. ^4. at thla liouae, while It was 
satisfactory entertainment as wan offered originally acted on Aug. fi, nt the Albaralira 

originnuy nctou on Aug. n, nt the Aiuaraiira »,.. u tflf ,i q i H | lH i| n : fl » .«.„..,. , -. ; j,.r, 

here on tfrkUMM Day. when Weber's The- 'i""'". Chicago. The acenes are laid tj nft ,J ' flj S KoiJif ¥iie wor " wiq orftlinRy 

ntre Co. sppeareil in "a dramatic pipe. In W .Mexico, wncro Qn Clyde, the -'cotttwy 55_f5 &°*^ 3M 
two puffi.* f entitled "bream City." and; "'a S'«» T 8 "* robbed of an patatc owfled by' her 
It crand opera." called "The Magic father, who was murdered some yeara before, 

tit ivhlrh "werVbeguu by the la to Frederic l»wls* entertainment Included "^'hlrlifiiggle.' 
jifore blfi death, and finished with Nat- Fields. Sol Fields. Carrie Sell* 

IUnkin, ahortly hi 

MUCH Hi- ninuil V|IIIU. lUH'.U J. 

Knight," mth of: which were then 

given Toi 

the first time on any. stage. The -dialogue/ 
and lyrics are by Edgar Smith, and tbe 
music- h by Victor Herbert. Both deserve 
votes of (banks.and fae}'hare 'the satisfac- 
tion of knowing that they caused even a 
Christmas Bight audience, satiated with good 
thing*, to forget that exertion Is not ad- . 

rtaatSa when tbe stontaeb la toll, and 'to by the : youth. Vera Mobcrly.'tho wife of 
laugh for over three solid hours. "Dream *a_l a nrotbej, appears at- the camp, and aee- 
t'liy" Is leglLlrnately funny, with a plot (bat 
raw i>c seen with the naked eye, and music 
that Is In Mr. Ucrltert' vein— which Is 
high praise for' II. 'The trouble ifeglns when 
H'lihPioi Dlngellwndcr, prosperous- In J.'jDg 
Isluml ucrrs. nod blessed with a long, Icaa 

and the Utloa to the eatate aioten. vnl Mor- 
berly, the accused murderer, (rtes to ' win 
tiife hi ml 'of Gyp in order that be may gain 
these riches, but Gyp Is deeply in love with 
Frank Bautteqper, » young miner, who Is 
Biopplng at Happy Camp. 'tbe cowboys' gatb- 
erlng place. \al proceeds to compel Frank 
to leave tic camp, but Is roughly bandied 

ifig a resemhluucc between her lost hu»bantl 

and Uu brother. bcUCVcs .Vnl ' lo T If h?r WE S3& '' SE iTkuiSft to"" Vew ' v, 
band! He (Val) commands he7 to sfc f&&$- h W J£ „nSl Xu fZ I 
thet.nrr.iagc L-ertlncate, imt she refuaea upon s JrVo at Si Sin! Pi»ti & 

rendered Jdjjy 17. llrttf, at the Lyceum Thea- 
tre, rtpchefltcr, >. y. f at which time ibc 
story' appeared in' these columns. Tiie wort 
potsctsed much inerlt. tho line's aro bright, 
the lyrjea are clever, and the, qiubIc Is tune- 
ful. It l* produced In fhe lavish rnaaaer for 
which nil of Mr. Hflvigc's' p'roductlofts are 
noted, »nd the cleverneas of George Marlon, 
under whoso direction It was staged, |s ap-. 
parent. Particularly Is bis touch discern" 
able lu the wqrk of Ihe chorus and the en- 
Bumbles. Tiit? company ia thoroughly adv- 
tl'.ut". and the vollous milslcal niimbers 't-e- 
celtc apjtal vQ'.jl'-u-cuHi'jut. Llna Abac 
wpo is 
her coi 
. Jfc it the Irving Place Tta>atr«, 
nud a 1 cu as 4- incmiKfr taut season of tha 
Mclruifylitun Operu House Co. Is featur'rtl by 
Mr. Bava*ge. and' in her present venture 

- r-ttlroy It. 

a long, lean about lb compel her when Dave FTart. a tow- 

wife and a fharmlng daughter, is told that boy. appears, and compels him lo beg Vcca's 

bis farm Is wanted \>y capitalists, who con- pardon. Dave becomes deeply lotatuated 

template the erection thereon of a great *«■ *bc girl he thus rescues, and wlahea 

metropolis. He gets enough of these "puffs" «er to l«comc hla wife. She doea ubt o¥- 

mitn-the real estate agent's pipe to nil- up P lal B Jl " situation,, and upon rejecting alia iSt"| "n ie D "role 6nraa"Mnie" AbnThsuoii 

lils brain to the brim, and |WU enlm of f&StWB ,c . flVC . tDl! . can & 1«« »* **■ fM.Jin&^^ESSstG&MM 

loca 'atage 

pad' it out. make every' moment of the evening 

interesting, even' in the theatre-fugged New redeMn secures, and afterwards returns false 

Yorker. Sir. AVebtr baa secured some prln- Uapcw in its place. \af, assisted by hi* tool, 

.■Ipals for the various phrts who arc "stars" Jo »' a .?? eilc * u ' W"Tw -Vera In order to 

in every sense of Ibat inuch nbused word, Mcl!re ***** P»P«rs. Gyp conies to her pj , 

and to them was given tbe heartiest kind of KfS&Jj* '? fils0 overpowered, and ,br>lb fiVerable force 

applause" The nctor-munager hlmaelf. waa are taken prisoners to f Mob;'rly's cave, but « W ould Voi 1 

ii'vi> more ralrtli-provoklng (bun In his are rtiorily pursued by Frank, pave and the W . B particuiat 

present role, the combination of rube make- ■"S?*s2ffl£ m, I k fa th . c " rMt , to M t(l S »" lS i alia! 

sbe Is merely follon'ing tbe cxa.mplc uct by 

teverai otlier.^ell known grand opera slnge'ru. 

who foruook grand opera for lighter musical 

" irhauell 




' Is 


_. seen 

for some time Jli»s 

Carl Audcrfeon, Frank Harcourt and May 
Connolly, Hello Connolly and Mabel Con- 
nolly In tbe -principal roles. Miss Sells Is 
a vivacious performer, fair of face and litxtd- 
Mime of. form,' and she did excellent work. 
The olio Included: Frank Harcourt. charte- 
rer comedian, wftb songs and ddncet ; the 
Three Connolly Sisters. In att flttremeVy 
llve|v singing and dancing act, which Inter- 
ested throughout: Carl Anderson,. In, Illus- 
trated sobgb, assisted by Wm. Lee: Belle 
Hafbfiwsv and her Simian performers, who 
executed mpny tricks with almost human 
sagacity, and tbe Whabgdoodle Four, tobrw 

Etrformers, In :t laughing creation, "Tat 
arkey Dancing Master, I p which the yarl- 
orke'ra ods ' accpmptlsnments of ' Bob HoblBsou, 
erraah .lullus Glenn, Harry Goodall and James 
White ' were shown • to best ad vantage. 
"Ffddle-duiu-dum" closed tbe show, with 
Carrie Selts as Mrs, Htocks and Bonds, and 
Nat and-Sol Fields In the German comedy 
ral-:s. Fred Hlder Is manager of the Mgbt 
QwIh. Next week, Kose 3y doll's Co. 

Pastor's Theatre (Tony Pastor, mana- 
ger.). — The bill for. Now Year's week, open- 
lag: Monday matinee, Dee. HI, Included: 
Munroc. Muck and Lawrence. -In their skit, 
eajltled "The Pervant Girl Question.;" the 
Cbadwk'k Trio, In their laughable farce, 
"For Sale — Wlgglos* Farto:".ihe Two Packs, 

Fallon possesses many requisites to stage the Five Mehtingale*. La Vine and Alma, 

it! j-,r.c: •tl'-.r, \-.- •,>.!)... ..,'.». "„ __. ». I [>. .1 1 .,...1 II .11 ,. II- -...I 11.. I/., i. 1 -.. 

"Inky*. Abeott aud E3ddlc, Nellie Ke* 
veil, Cbgah and Bancroft, the Four- Mauoss, 

present . 

up and badly t<v|ktcd Gilrtnan dialect seem 
lug to be a happy cue for bin). Cecilia 
Luftus. with a budget of new Imitations, 
showed n flash of ItW Htahl. Itsittle Wll- 
lliiius siitfJ Heverai other plnyers tu Ibc life, 
iimfdld a Mklpitlng'ropc dance ntul a vaude- 
ville apn-'lulty >v|fh (>(]iiul i-levernesn. Otis 
llnrlati was right In his eletiieut In the at- 
aaDajdiem of bvirksniie, and lie captured 
InugUs tvllh simply a look or n coiuorlicm 
of ids iituplc body. Maurice Furkoa had 
two aonfis that ho rendered lu pleasing vok'c 
nnQ with eh a rifling manlier, while, yf 111 V. 
1 lOdfff. ' Was tbe mast . ' ru>t!r kind of 'a 
i-dbJe" imaginable, - f ilvttiy In drawl and clever 
In bis manner of Introducing a . song. 
Miidclyti .Murxhul!. Lillian tA>e and Lores 
fitiuim were aiMo well to the fore In the mnt- 
n-'i- of cleverneiH. The secoud part of the 
-bill. "Tin- Magic Knight," which Is n bur- 
lesque oh "LoiJeiigrln," was full of pretty 
music, and in good nature*! satire on grand 
opera proved u real gem. Lillian Bluuvclt 
iippcared rt'aKIsa, and her beautiful voice 
won for Im'i' roubds of nppluusp. Otis Mnr- 
inn. us Kredorick. the consplrittor. was a 
wliulc : mIiow Ibi hlmsotf, aiid'w. L, Itoinalnr, 
us (he UeTnld, taiidc a hit alt his awn. Frank 
Jteli'her bung tbe part of tbe King with much 
trretllt. 'Hie entire evening was tilled In de- 
Iljhtfully, and Mr. Weber mtiy well feel 
grdtlfled at' tbe praise showered upon his 
company, from all .Hides, Cast of "Dream 

Uty.: ,, "..Vf«uMw Dlnglcbeuder, Joe. Weber: 
J. »|lWng1on llolnuM, Otlrf'llarlan ; Henri 
tTAbHlrjtlie. Maurice Farkop : Seth Uubbs, 
Will T.Tlodgc; Henry Peek, W. L. U6- 
lUBlhe; Willie I'eck. Lores Grimm; Old >fun 
l'|Rit, Mnjor Jobnaurt; Joe Snedlker, W. D. 
SfeteJunT:' Hank Sciidder, Finest Wood : 
Hcri Cotikllii. JKmey Mcformack: Hlg mil 
IhinkiuH. Will Lddclla : Tufflc. David Abrams ; 
Nnncy, t'i'clllii TJoftu'a ;' Marie Dlnglcbender, 
I.lliliui Ia'c; Ainiiiidu Uoggs,, Madeiyu Mar- 
Nkajn Urn. Henry peck, Cora Tracy ; Mabel, 
Hilly Norton: Maudi*, : Ix>ls Kwell : . Glndvs, 
UMN lv-,: .Harali Smllb, 1011a Tate. 
Cast of "The' Magic knight:" Mlsa. Lillian 
IllsuvelL : Oftnul, .. Cora Tracy : Frederick, 
Otis lUitan: The King, Frank Helcher; Lo- 
hengrin, Maurice Vhrkoaf Uefafd, W. tw-Wr 
tnulne: The Swim and Godfrey, Lores 
Grimm: Three Knights. Billy Norton: 
Rwell and Lillian De ' 

roa Va Moberly wan HQ mWJ*LWmm; * ^ «Pfay . ine Ueathaw and Georgia Fraoslofl, gave a fine 
Vera 18 a widow. !9SS t ?™ e , d i" , po1 *' l 5 at of . Hudolph, KUn; performance. t»everal very catchy musical 

-***- r,1 " , ' niimberswere lutrodnced by leading metnl^rs 
of the company, assisted by- a chorus of six- 
teen pretty girls, whose esccllipt singing 

mnrrlave certlncate arid o( no ^*' J Q , , a • ln the hands of Alexander Clark, 

estate baners oilv Id ***} •SfWfc done - aQU ,Q Kranfc W 

it lose 'VaVa aslKtant as knltoblekoff. and Thomas C Lear/, Fe 

it JOM, yaia asaistant, iu . a __„ „.„...,„ ^CS ti,» -2U i n 

cave, but he also Is overpowered and bound u"i Jfi 
lu n stake. Moberly.'s men become Intoxi- -- 
cated, aad Frank Is releiacd by -Gyp. Their 
{.'orurudes tbcu enter the den, which they 
bombard, tubing their prisoners hack lo 
camp. Tho iinul scene Is at tbe Ilurvey 
Hotel, at * Albuquerque, where alt arc as« 
sembU'd. Wnhvaliejo appears and reveals 
the life of- Vnl Mobcriy. who nasi been 
traveling uudcr lib brother's name. He 
amies that the 
murdered, and I 
Ho produce* the 
also turns tbe 
Gyp, revealing that . r 
murdered Wr. Clyde, but that be (Wabval 
leju) hud taken tbe papers from the Mexluin 
wbeu he disposed of the dead man. Kvery- 
tblug turns out smoothly, and Frauk. and 
G.vp,"and Vera, and Duve are opte more happy. 
The company Is excellent, and special rota- 
tion may br- made as lo the work of .lulla 
Itowlaud and Kay Kaymond. Others worthy 
of ttteutlurV were Fldreuce U'Oller, an Vera; 
Fjredtrlck Wershon, vfc Dave, Qqtl.DoD. Merrl- 
fleld, us the Indian. There Is a good chorus 
of etgbt girls, who support admirably tbe 
specialties given by .Inliu ' itowUud and Klt>- 
renfe'd'OIIer. who were compelled to respoud 
to many cnroreN.' The play made a good luj- 
presKlon. The cast: Val Mobcriy, Jack tiher- 
mon/i 'Dni'e;* IJart. Frederick V. Merahon ; 
Vera Mopurly, Florence d'Oller: Mill iriy, 
Billy Devere: "Ma" Clyde, Lillian Allen; 
Frauk Uuurtenuer, [toy Itaymuud; Wubval- 
lejo/ Dob Merrlfleld ; Jose, Cabcllon, Cuas. 
Kankin : Lanhlgan. Uay McWlonfe: Uank, P. 
IT. Jefferaon ; dollar ' Lowder, ' tiam Cdtrell ; 
Boston Tourist Girls: Laura LMwards, Eve- 
lyn Waldorf. May Carlton, Frances Lamar. 
BflfUe tlnriletU May '" 
Warner, Jraslc Wilson 
cowboy girl, Julia Rdwlaad. Kilroy k Brlt- 
tou's bUHlneKu stuff: Manager. Frank Dodge; 
advance representative, Will F. Gardner ; 
stage mfttfagcr, pllly D«vcrc; musical dtwe- 
tor, II. K. ' Klgumn : carpenter, M. II. Miller: 
properly man, J. G. Von Station. Manager 
Warfl-wttH [lie recipient of a'liandsorie prold 

sui'ceas. -Sh6 Is petite, pretty, a grscefTil 
dancer, and possesses a well cultured so- 
prano voice of excellent quality aad con- 

e: Her readlilon of the bong. 

Like a Little Girl Like Me?' 
tlcularly captivating, and "larcc- 
was also' a fetching. number as tea- 
— jy her. Her.dUet with Ferdinand, en- 
titled "Pray, Pretty Maid." also won her well 
deserved recognition. Flavla Arcaro gave 
.in" excelleiit performance of Lady Aaue, 
her well trained meSzo-sonnno voice being 
uaed to the host effect, white her actlnjr was 
capital, lleury Coote sang the role of Frdn- 
'i«. He posacaaes a tenor voice of -good 
ptiwer"' an,d range, but Its pleasantness la 
mart-nd by a prououueed nnsai twang. ■ The 

Reded and Hadley, Mr. and Mrs. Uuckley. 
Nye and Boylao, and the vltagrspb closed a 
most enjoyable programme. 

Dewey Theatre (Union Theatre Co., 
maPagersV.— The Rellly & Wood Big Show 
began the week here moat auspiciously at 
tbe Monday matinee. . Dec. n. ' Tae usual 
large audience greeted the first city appear- 
ance this season of this attraction. Tbe show 
bpena with "a musical fatce, entitled "A \'?bt 
In, Atlantic City." which enlist? the eatlre 
company to good advantage. Ihe scenery. 
electrical effects and the bai)d£onie costumes 
are factors: la (be show's nieces*. The <-om- 

8 any Ms an excellent one, atid beaded hv Pat 
lelfly. Billy Williams, Jim iVvchcy. Vinnle 

had very capable asslaiants. The cast 
fsill.-was: Francis Henry Coote: Rudolph. 
Alexander Clatk: Grumblekoff. Frank Hayes-: 
Mrrrlloff. Thomns C Lcary : Cupid, Dorothy 
Busther: Kllngel, Dsttnsr 'Poppba ; lielrtrlch. 
James K. Feeny: wnibelm. J. It. Phillips ; 
Frederkb, Percv Parsons ; Ferdloand. Albert 
rpllatou; llsa. Mr.ic Llna AbarbahctlL: 'Pan- 
t lac,' Eva Fqllon: l^ndy Anne. Flavia, Arcaro ; 
Mllkta. laajBfj Wafson ; "flrcta, Bowena I^a 
Barre;Gr ¥ tcheu, ^Uinore Brooks: Frieda, 
neorslc Brooks. The second week begin 
Monday, 31. 

Empire Theatre (Charles Frohuian, 

aUTC&KWRK ^rS*w^.^s2?^B^ 

above date, was orlginalty given at 
Wletlng Opera Houte, Syracuae, N. -T, 
I>ec. Hi.- In ll psycoiogy is taken , as . the 
groumlworb of. ili« story, and nUbojgU the 
ftranlatlc structure reared, upon i the, idea 'ot 
a dual Identity Is at times crude, and tho 
work throughout shows that tbe rulnl'walcb 
eoaatructed It is not an tiled in CalbJoalog 
such' -material, tbe play Is intensely inter- 
esting as It progresses, and It bus mpmetifn 
of simple strength that bold close atten- 
tion. There are also several scenes of 
real merit In a melodramatic vein, and the 
Impreision scored, on tbe opening Digit au- 
dience waa very favorable. The. produc- 
tion Is a very deserving one, and In 'inter- 
esting from tbe standpoint of' rood act- 
ing at well aa commendable wtlttJcg. ■ The 
story begins when Krank Van Buren leares 
bis home In New York City for bin father's 
mines. He ia assaulted while on his journey 
by robbers, who ahoot fclm, and lei ve, him 
for dead, but be Is found by a doctor, who 
restores hltn to physical Btrength, but la 
unable to bring back the young, fellow's mem- 
ory, which bas been entirely destroyed hv 
the giaii.'lne blow 'Of a bullet on tbo. ahull: 
Fran*, unable to recall even bis old name. Is 
knowh'as Joe Hartmaun, marrleH abd becomes 
pit boss ln .the- mine formerly owned by his 
father, but now incontrol cf William Sjberl- 
tan, an old friend of Frank's. Joe Hartmaan 
leads a strike against the mine-owners, and 
la. moved to sudden fury when be discovers 
tnat'tbe bated ^b«rltan.'s young eon is In 
love with bis daughter, Molly Hartmaun.' lie 
attempts to strangle the young roao'.'and the 
sudden cxcltemeUt biings back atL his old life 
to bIhL. making bird again Frank Van Buieu, 
of twenty-two years before. But with tb> 
return of his former self be forgets all "about 
Joe Hurt maun and his ties end loved. All 
is made clear, however, when Frank learns 
that, he Is really a partner. of Slieritan's In 
ihe mine, and the grievances of the men are 
righted through Frank's Intervention for 

i iieai. He takes to bis arms, the wife of 
Ih years- or- bard llf; 1 . while lie' was kqowd 
as Hartmann, abd all ends well. Mr, He 
VrlsB, a player of unusual gifts, tinds In tbla 
work a luippy medium fur tbe display of 
LIk talents for carrying a sustained piece of 
IntelilguHt acting. The strain upon bis ver- 
satility la n °t fc,J great as it was in "A 
Op of Arson," where he abowed In tabloid 
form the. emotions of seven differfnt char- 
acters, but h^ere he Is. colled oa fo't more In- 
tcjuse acting, tind realizes' the faith imposed 
In him by those who balled him ldst-'aeaftoa 
as Up iiiuiMUAlIy clever ;actor. Hip i ■ pro- 
nounced foreign n'cceni counts a trlfe. ligams: 
him, but he show* that he can express feel- 
ings tellingly both by his voice .and facial 
expression., and bis work was most praise- 

down as. one of the- best Keen here no far 
this seaKou, The cast. In .full; Michael 

niarin's wife, gave n splendid jper romance, 
her burst of grief at the discovery that her 

Hennessey, Vat Kcllly; Daniel Hogan, Billy B M-iP smMenly. lwrome again the man 
WlUlaius; Panhandle Pete. Jim, Coveney ; Kyfi£j*&? H P C kn r w U? be ^,^ remark- 
Bill Con Km, Carl Cunningham; Sir Arthur Jr y .. « t ,. ,,f wrk - Sibyl Klein, as -tbo 
Wellington. Eddy Daly: Dr. Kingdom. James fiSKSi Molly., was very effective. In a.qnlei 

niiinagcr). — The second week of Maude Adann' 

chgogoment bere. In' J. IL oorrMV great myth Brrg, Martha Berc. FranaJI Berg. HMUf Berg, 

Arris:. Larry. Neil MeGlnuls ; "Officer Mc- 
Gnlnuess, Chtudc Kelly ; Margery Spotcasb, 
Georgia Frnnsloll : Pauline I/onggreen, Vlnlc 
Henshaw | Daisy Lyle, Teddy Ajeene ; Helen, 
Flo Wells, The chorus; Caroline: Far.-. Lou 
Marlowe, Ada l^orraluc. May Lorraine, F.lsic 
Davis. I/lttle Berg.^ Meurlce 8*rg_ : , Kerry 

o( Ihe nursery. "Peter Pan," began Monday 
evening,' Dec; 31. Ho hearty reception tc- 
curded v Miss Adams ou the opening nlgfar, 
Christmas eve. was duplicated at every per- 
fonnanre during the. past week, and the. abdi- 
cates on rhnfllfiM -Day" were particularly 
enthusiastic, giving full recognition to the 
aiiprcpriateneiis pf the play -for.- tbe day. On 

Ipuday nigbt, 24, tbe. new act, added bv the 
uthor, was seen *'- 
York, and'is befu 

Buth- Wright, LIHIan Florence, June . Llbby. 
A star olio follows, abd Includes: Rutb 
Wright. In Illustrated songs. Daly', tbe md- 
niah. was somethlng.llke u Neasatioo, his act 
being* one -Of the hits of -tbe* excel tent -Mil; 
Berg's Merry Glr(s do some doe acrobat'e 
stunts: Cunningham and Xoveoey,. two of 
tbe I'levereBt black' and white face couiedians 
Is tbe biiainess, and Vinnle Henshaw and 

lilslelle Rnri'lett, May Abbott Dodge. Vlole notbor, was seen for. the first lime la* New Georgia Fraasloll, In- scenes behind tbe scenes, 
- "Gyp" Clyde, the a 

ng continued as act three, 
following Neycr r _ Sever. Never Laid Tpe 

Wendy and bcr brother'"real mermaids with 

talls."'and brings tliF>m to the rock; swimming 

through -an' Imaginary sen. They frighten 

_ uway two pretty mermaids frara the .rock, 

aad diamond studded watch locket, which whs aad Peter and his companions are alio fright 
n chritftrnu" greeting from the attacllesor ihe *acd away. In tura.jjy.tjie pirate, C^pt, HooY 
ikM^, ■■ i s^a *..r.....:. .....i ..j.. *._^l^ h b^j and 'i '.' ' L '" '■-'■■ ,i '■ *■ ^f...^. ^ - i^^scz -i-.-~- 

were 'excetlenL -and- certainly desecved all 

.. the applause they received Cor- their excel- . 

act la oatttled "MaTooner's Rock, or the.Mer- lent performance. A one act travesty, by & e \ries: Grogan. Thomas Qulnn : McGratb 

' "A Supper for Two/' pcott Slggins.: Ulcks. Edward Mack; vVal 

restrained portrayal that was neat, dignified 
and 'Interesting. v Harry Dodd was. natural 
and lovable as the doctor, a part which he 

Stayed 'with direct simplicity, anil Robert 
her did s/jme excellent, work; as the vouog 
son of Sheritau. Dorothy -Drake, and W'lllloja 
Hazel tine were also worthy of praise. Thomas 
ptilnn, Scott Slggins and Kdward Mack-wefe 
all clever as miners. The cast: Prologue — 
Mrs. Van Buren. Helen Giiraey ; JarrJs, Llszlc 
Masters : Alice Hlldretli/ Dorothy. Drake : Mr. 
Van Buren, Charles' Mason ; 'Wallaoc,' Harry 
Brennan: Frank Van Buren. Henri de Vrles ; 
William Sb'Qr'tBO," Wllllaia HaxeJtlne; Dr. 
Rtorm, Harry Dodd. Ptay : MbUy^lUrtmafih. 
Blbly Klein ; Mra Anna Uarttnana, Sarah 
Trans ; William Sberltan Jt, Bobert Ober ; 
Mrs. Alice Sberltan, Dorothy Dnke : Wll- 
lUm ijberltan 8r.. William Haaftltlne: Dr- 
Stoim. Harry Dodd: Joseph Hartmann, Henri 

maid's Lagoon.". Peter bos promised to ebaw Billy William*. -called "A Supper 

h again employs tbe entire -company. 

brings thq'.lung and most enrertalolug show 
to a, close. >;xw.*utlve staff: Pat Rellly. 
manager : S. t>trause. buslnebs manager; O4to 
Muhlbniir, musical dlreetort'Chas- JT liodges, 
elnrtriclan*; Frank Chamberlain, property 

lace. ■ 'Harry prehnan; Captain Fairbanks, 
Charles >Iaeon. ' a - •'- ■ 

Vrofldivas Theatre, (Lilt ' $ -plug**!), 
mairsgera). — Anna Held commenced her sixth 
wee*. Dee. .-31; In 'The Parisian ModeL" 

Lincoln: t*qn«re Tfaeaii-e' (A. H; Dex- 

theatre and other' ttleuda,- and -was; preset} tod, anj d b is.-, lieutenant hmec. ■ who. bring Tiger, man. i oberry Bktaoai Burlewpiers are.-: here tor,- mabflgen. — "Matilda" *ls the ' offtrlng 
" sfK trei's- Uly there with the Intention of, leaving Ser Najv .Years -weeit. opening $U. "■ eurrcitt'-'at this hdtuk-, 'open Ink'."" Monday! 

« V*.f&jfc^^i:&\MWW&m Miner's BlitUth A venne Theatre (Ed- T1 ' A "■*— f " 

w with n brief pppech, by Wm. p. Smith; trcfi- 
U ure'r of the bouse, .■"I be Phantom- Detect Ire" 

(vYlnu Place Theatre (Hclnrlch Con- 
|mK lahniigcrl. — "Vie Man Maconer Fes- 
sell*' c'llow to Chain Men") was produced 
Thursday evening, with Annie Dlrkens (as 
gtiest),' In the principal rblb. The familiar 
1 heme of a wife assuming- tbe role of tbe 
ether n-ouiun In order' to win back bcr'bus- 
laiid, la capitally exploited by this eUurtn- 
wllll Thaller contributed good 

lag actress. 

i-omedy bs the Mnr^utsvon Beaugeuccy 


Is tbe current bill, opening Monday, 31. 

New Circle Theatre (Unlou Theatres 
Co., managers). — >f. ' M. Tbelse's, Wine, 
Womau andsong Co: contloucs lis very, suc- 
resafut run here, the audiences even increas- 
ing in slin from week to week, Tbls engage- 
ment bus been one of (ho notable surprisea ta 
thla scaron'* local theatrical affairs, and Is 
Mf well deserved as It la sururialng. Bonlta 
and Alex. -Can* tutvc become big favorites lterc 
at the head of the very capable comootiy. 

Macltotd whs Baton Chutcllerault, the erldug aud the cngugeroent still goes merrily oa 

himbaiitl: Jo IlegyJ, a« llies, the dancer, who 
aids tbo bamness to break the spell, did ex- 
cellent work. The cast: Furst nJUL Otto 
Treptowi ' Marquis von Beuugcncev, Willi 
Thaller; lluroo OliBb-lloiftiHt, Carl Machold ; 
Itarohln I3dlili v. CHutcIloranlt. Annie Dlr- 
kens: Ktttfl. "Hilly Helinann; Tbeo. JoHegy) ; 
Madame MareriiftL Georglne NeuendurtT : 
Graf ton Trnnlta, Willi Raiser; Fred, Otto 
ltcrend ; John, HMnrleh llaluich: I'onhlchct. 
Jaeimra Uorwin : Ccleslln. Willi Froy : 
Pauielit. Anltta Herbert; Carmen, Stcll Ab- 
gelo ; Dlympe. Trade Volgl : Clcrlnde, Aman 
Bluln: Kdgar JolTivct, ' 

Holier'* Museum f John If, Anderson, 
luunmger). — The Doiadoa KuroMan novelty 
Is the feature attraction In the curio hall 
till-* week. ' Other* are : John Tevls *nd 
t rOi»pe ' Cpngotj, "Zip," "llarnum's AVhat Is Angela 
It:" Mmc. Azov aud a troupe of trained lean Darling, Walter Kobioijon ; Michael Nfco 

drown the hapless ludiun-maldea ■ .BefeJr, 
buwever. by u clever i-use, frightens Hoox 
lato releasing the 'aisiden, and, after an en- 
counter with Hook, Petef, having previously 
effected the escape of the' other cblidieu, ties 
Wendy to the tall of a kite, and Peter lilxn- 
self escapes from the rock ln tbe. '-'Wlijte 
bird's" nest, using his own shirt for a sail. 
The act forms a pretty adjunct to Mr. Bar 
rle's play, and Is finely staged. M1& Adam*' 
vQgcgement Ih limited tu live weelu, 
Feb. 4 L'Uen Tarry makes her first appcar-eace 
nt tbls theatre, -following is the full cast cf 
"Peter Pan" as now. presented : Peter Pan, 
Maude Adams : Mr. Darling, Eruast Lawfnrd; 

win p.. Miner, tpaoager). — Tbe Avenuf Girls 
opened the Now ' Year's week on Mondav 
matinee, Dec. Si. and pleased a well filled 
house. ' Next week, the Merry Burlesquers. - 
Academy of Mniiu (Gljmore & r aWp- 

Dec.^Ji:' 'A raview r 6frihe'"r^ToTmaoce r wiii 
be given In our next Issue 

Uarlcm.-A: Keith T&" Proclor-s. Harlem' 
Opera Hoiise a must excellent bill ta offered 
for this week, beaded by Volt a, "the modern 
AJax.' Others aire: Kaufman Troupe, Bbb- 

Mra Dnrilog, Grace Henderson ; Wendy Molra 
DnrTjug. Mildred Morris : JAy\ Napo- 



Korn ; 'I'ligPile 

O.(?t0 Meyer; 
■ I'.iigeiie, Loula 
Klelue Boiienbkusen ; Theutenllener. Carl 

Max Llebl ; 

Joseph, Hermnna 
Koch ; Llftjungc. 

i'.-ii Wlrth; L'Unyriiu' l.i.ntio, Ltun Hanact^r ; 
Km klelues Mndchen. KleJne ' Hamburger. 
One or the sienca Is laid lu Tbea's drcsalng 
romii at tile ineuln 1 . 

Colonial TU eat re (Percy G. WUUums, 
lui'.nnserL — New Year's week ushers lu tho linlf of Die present season' here, nnd- 
Maimavr Williams bus sustained hid reputa- 
tion for presenting big bill's excellently well, 
by nniiuunclii£ (lie fnlkiwhig list tu open 
Muiidiiy. Die. 31 : Marie Dj-ossier. Henry Lee, 
fan Nawn nnd coiiVpony, George Moxari, 
Mine. Kmniy's dogs. Jewell's electric mani- 
kins. "Three of a Kind." presented by Ethel 
Ardcii. George Abel and company. Bobby 
North, Victor Oft'olller and. tbo" Vitugiapb. 

Mnsihattan Ojiera Home (Oscar Ham- 
inersleliK Uisnug:>r).— Tho' bill on Tuesday 
night iCliiisi:ii;is't was "A Ida." casDfns be- 
fore. "Carmen" was sung Wednesday night, 
Dec. •-*(): "Fnuvt" was il|e bill Friday lUalit. 
'JS. The Mile role was sung by M. Alt- 
schevsky. oihenvlsc Ike east was as before 

f;lveti. Saturday afternoon, w, "Rlgo- 
ctto'* was the bill, and at 'night "Aldfl" was 
given and was repented on Monday night. 111. 
Metroawlitnn Opera House. — "La 
Himinatlou de Faust" was sung beta Wednes- 
day tilaht. Bee. jb. On Friday night. 54. 
uptlitcs* "baktoc" was given its Urst pressn- 
tatlun i lila season, aud the Drat In thla tttv 
for nearlv tififu rnra. Is «-n^ \b«^ taj*i . : 
Lakme. Mmc.' Sembrlch ; Malllka, Maic. Ja- 
robv: V;ilen. Mme. Slmeoll : Itoat, MmcMuu- 
feld : Mtif.-csjj Bentson. Mme. Poeiiluinuu ; 
Gerald. M. Houareltere : NHaV-»n»'"i, M..>wr- 
net: Fiederlc, M. Slmnrd; Qadjl. M. Batz. 
S. Bnvy. toudttctcd. auitirdiiy niterilmui, 'j\\. 
''Klorlrtsdr His a w, "i u i'alie*'i<t" s>*a 
(lie sjiiinnliiy bill, and ou Monday ulgbt, ol, 

Waiiiitek'fi (Chns. nurnham/managerl.— 
Sam fternarrt. In "The Bleb Mr. Hogauu- 
bclaicr," legau U« eleveatb week Dec: ST. 

las Darling, Martha MrOraw; Sana, Charles 
H. Weston: Tinker Bell, Jane Wren; Tootles, 
Dorothy Chester: Nib*. Lulu Peck; Slightly. 
Francis Sedgwick : Curly, Mabel Ktpp ; First 
Twin, Katherlue Keppoll; Second Twin, Hlla 
UHroy; James Hook, lirnest l^wford: Saice, 
Thomas McGratb : Starkey, Wallace Jackbon ; 
Cecco, I'mtl Tharp: Mulllns. Thomas Valen- 
Ryan and lileh- l,n * : Moodier. Frederick Itayaioud : Great Big 

livid. That" QuarletteriVuyinontl und Cavsrly. :",-' ttk ' ft jW J*f| ESM^tl '"o'er Idly. 

ffie Mnson-Kedcr Co. Keefc and Pearl. Mills ^V^f 1 Gordon : Mermaid, Minnie Kirby ; 

and Morris. Wart's Dog und Monkey Clr- }™P M ""™» ! * L Augusta Scheadle ; Liza, TJo- 

tuw. and the vltagrupb. BB g? ****** 

.tiniest l« Theatre (W. L. Kovrland. man- Fourieenth Street Theatre (J. Wesley 

nger).— lleury Woodruff, lu "Browu, of Uar- Bosenquest, manager). — "A Mun^s Broken 

vsrd." Ucgnii bis second week uu Monday Promise," a melodrama. In four acta, by 1.11- 

sheep. An excellent bill Is also given In the 

Victoria Theatre (Oscar Hammers tela, 
manager).— The 'management here evidently 
believe In beginning the New Year -with- a 
siroug, attractive hill, as the following: are 
ntuiouiiced to appear for. this week, bcolnning 
Wllh the 'matinee of Dec. St : Maude Hay- 
inond. Tims. Q. Hcabrobue. Ryan and lilen- 

Ulrl of the Golden West" is the offering New s' c Wyna, On\nt and liong, amlrl aad Kess 
Year's week, opening Mondav olght. Dec. 81. ner, .Avery and "Hart, Adams and Mack abd 

Third Avenue Theatre (Martin J.DIaon, J<ewia McCord asd coinpany. ' 

raaneger). — "Tbe House of Mystery'Ms draw- West L'nu i'J. k. Cookson, manager).— 
in a tbls week, with "The Black Tbom" to "Nellie, the Beautiful Cloak Model,"- la the 
follow, next week. . _ . attraction for thla week. Jt la one of, the 

latest sensational melodramas, and a good 
week should be the result. Next week, '^Xbc 
volunteer Organist." -5 

Jnftrrtbfotia (Ilurtlg & Seamon, mana- 
gers).— "lorke and Adams in "Bankers aad 
Brokers," is t:iis week's attractboo. Next 
week, "A Race for Life." ■"""" 

Stab (Wm. T. Keogb, manager).— "China- 
town Charlie" Is the offering for this week. 
and big business Is asaured, for tbls play 

ulcht, Dec. JJ1 . 

1'rlnreMN Tlicntrc (Henry Miller, man- 
age:). — Margaret Augllu and Henry Miller 
wununenced tiielr f on rteenth. week on Monday 
evening. Dec. ill, In "The Great Divide." 

A«mr Tiientre (Wagenhals & Kemper, 
niaangcrsK — "Tlie Daughters of Ncu" began cripple, who Is heir to a fortune, and falls 
Its sevenlb week Dec. Ttl.' " "'» Into the bands of a notorious woman and her 

Kiilobrrnnoker Theatre (AI. Ilayman »n, who plan to do away with him and 

lutn Muflltucr,. was. given Itsllrst m Vork 
preseiitalluu Monday afternoon. Dee. 24, at 
this houte. The company, headed by Irving 
.1. Hess, Thos. H. Sewell. Marlon Shervood 
and Florence L. Johnstone, gave an excel- 
lent performance. Tbe story tells of Ntd, a 

tow next week. 

Thotia Theatre (Sulllvaa & Woods, 
managers i .—"A Race for Life'* Is the current 
attraction. Next week. "A Desperate Chance." 

Yorkrtlle Theatre (Frank Gersten, 
manager). — Haulons' "New Fantasnm" Is- tho 
Rttractlon here for this week. Next week, 
Thomas iC. Shea. In repertory. 

Atlnatlc Garden (W. Kramer's Sous, 
managers). — The Imperial Troupe of Japan- 
ese Acrobats: Rotimsou, Parquette and Wood, 
singing and dancing act; Fontl Bon! Broth- 
ers, lomsdy vocalists and bell "Imitators; 
Grace Chllders aud her acting dog. Dot; Wil- 
liam Itobblna, Illustrated aongs: Georgb) Y ea- 
ger, prima donna soprano, and A. B. Ca.-rirk, 
present Ing moving pictures, arc the "attrac- 
tions tbls week. . . . ; 

(Jarrlck Theatre (Cbarles Frohmaa, 
maniiger).— Will |nii) Collier.' lii "Caught In 
the Hain,*' fumlshes the current bill at thla 
house, opening Monday. Dec. 31. A review and company, Itlnns. Blnns and Binns. Felix 

never falls to pack this house! 

Kkmii & PnocTOn's One Hundebd akd 
TwBxts-ritTU fc-nHCE-f Thbaiht. — Mfnnlo 
bcllginan, in "Zlra," Is the offering for 
the. current week, with all the' house fa- 
vorites la the cast A moat successful po 
lornmnre Is assured. The vaudeville pre- 
sents Sharp Bros, and Itamsdell sisters. 

Amiaubha <l»ercy G-. Williams, mabagcr). 
—Tbe bill f u p this week: lienjamln Chspln 

A Co., maungers). — Montgomery and' stone 
begun. !>rc. :-;l, their fifteenth week In "The 
Bed .Villi," . 

llavkett Theatre (James K. Hackett, 
ruumigeVl.—Uose. Stuhl commenced. Dec. ai, 
her Iwelfth week In "The Chor.uA Lady." 

Criterion Thenire (Charles Frobunan, 
managei't.— Hattlo WIlMnuis began, Dec. 31, 
ber twenty-i-econd aud last week, in "The 
Little Cherub." 

Daly's Theatre (Frank McKee, mania- 
ner). — "Tbe Belle of Mayiah'" commchced, 
Dm. Ml. Its (trlli week. 

Lyvauin Theatre ( Daniel Froliman, 
manager h ,: —"Tlie Lion ami the Mouse' 1 
started, Dec. SI, Its llfty-elghth week. 

Liberty Theatre (KhYw & lirlanger, 
nia,uugi'ra).*-Ele*aor nobson 'commenced. 
Dec. 81, her foartcento week with "Tha 
Girl Who Has Everything" continued. 

mm Vork Theatre (Klaw tk Krlinger. 
minageri).— Low Doekatader and hla min- 
strel company began lit* third aud last week 
nu Monday evening, Dec. 31. Ulale Jnn|s A>1- 


London Theatre (James XI. CuUla, 
tuahiigei').— Tne WHsblngiou Society Glrla 
moved down b«re from an uptown house, for 
x*w Year's week. Next week, the Merry 

his fortune. 'During niany exciting trials 
and situations, in 'which some very clever 
acting Is done, all ends to the satisfac- 
tion ot the audience. Tho full cast ia aa 
follows: Jim .Lyons, Irving J. Hess; Slhioh 
BUrt, Thomas H, Sewell; John Wcathtrbv, 
Harry De Long.; Cliff- Stanford, ltobert F. 
Keane; Ned, n cripple, Ralph Rollins; Ex- 
pressman. .1. racknrd : Officer, B. B. Bow- 
ser ; Buttons, Herbert K. Denton; Police, 
Harold Sparks : Ruffians, Harold Snort, Jas, 
Dudley, Arthur Blyth ; Jane Oakland. Mar- 
Ion Sherwood: Ruth Divers. ' Florence L. 
Johnstone; Mrs. Bart. Halcyon V. BJinett: 
Turnips. Altc.e 11 Hamilton; Mrs. Oakland, 
Josl* Halnea : Baby Gdno, Irene Bmphv. 
"A Marked 'Wonaan'' is the current offering. 
owning Moodav. si. Jos: F. Hortet, In "Our 
Friend Frlta." follows. 

Nw York Hippodrome (Messrs. Shu- 
bert tc Andarsoo. managers ). — The sixth 
w«ak of "Nenuiae's Daughters';, and "Pia- 
ueor Pays" 1MB Monday, Dec. 31. The 
vaudeville and circus features ciutlnae to 
plruse. ■ ".' . .: .. 

>rw Awtsterdam Theatre (Klaw&Er* 
gcr. m»aagcra).— "Brew'slec's Mllllobk" u of- 
f«rea liere the currtnt weak, opening wBfc 
il-.v nlghi, \H?, SI- A iftpott ot the per- 
formabcrwlll'tre given la -our aext-lssua' 

of tbe performance ''wilt appear next Issue. 

Lew Vtelds* Herald Square Tfeeatro 
fSara S. & Lee Shubert & Lew FieWe, ma'n- 
ngers).— The enrrenj. attraction at this 
bouse is "The Road to Yesterday-." opening 
Monday, Dec. 31. 'A review of the perform- 
ance will ho fouud In "our next Issue. *- 

Grami Opera House (John H. Springer, 
mannger). — Fay Tempieton, In "Forty-five 
Minutes from Broadway" Is the attraction 
for New. Year's week, opening JJoadav, Dec, 

□ Ih 

id 1 

and Barry, Aldde Capltalne, Mr. and Jtfrs, 
Ailelmnn, (Talrc Bessy's performing cats, 
Hawaon and Jutic, end Jack Lorlmer as au 
extra attraction 

HimuG 4 Bhvwon's Mt.-sic lata (Ben 
Hurtlg, managerL— The Golden Crook lOx- 
iravaganxa Co. Is the att-ractkm for" this 
week. A warm welcome !y. aseured this 
show. Business has Improved considerably 
lately. Next week, Fred -Irwin's Big Show. 
ma eager. >.— The 

Gotham fDave Kraua, 

31. Next week, Joseph Cawthorne, in ''The Jolly Glrli Burie"sque'"Co7 is hexV'for tjie 

1-reo Lance.- -at • -. *: week and all lndlcafloas point to roost profit- 

tosino (Sam s. & Leo Shnbert, mana- able returns. Tho company is nfell put to- 
ners).— Jnmes T. Foyers, In "The Blue gcthcr, and tho show : e full of -lire and 
»*wn.' .'-■oramenced Urttttk week Dee. 31. action. Next week, the Bohemlsns. 

«fldi«nn Square theatre (KUw *Kr. Pamilv (Al. Onken. manager). — A first 

JUJU, managers). — Carlotta Wilson, in 'The class bill. Is offered for this week wKb sct- 

Tbree of Us." began her twelfth wwk on eral bright numbers on the Im 

Mnndsv evening. Dee. 83; ' ■" " 3 ' . 

Hudson ThooarefHsaryB. Harris, man- Brooklyn.— At the Montauk (Edward 

mfcJ& fmSE&tr began, Dec. 31,-lti Trail, manager). "Th^ I Fre^ *Si«;» pS 

inotpenth wwk. 
, ^ ,, *'S.'' I 'JJ e * tre f I>»via Bclaico, nan. "Ill, HouieTn '-*\i*-- Isp: ,«k Sei- «.ci 

»lir;»E»T .JLnr l'«L'«'. BaMttr).— "(?»■ 

b/.tlje Sousa Opera Co!,'"i>cc.''3'l ■Sl'^S 
III, r- 

Bbtto if Mk Dee- .11. 

"•vojr Tlioalr, (Vrank McKct. mana- 
aor> r -"TI»>, M«n of rtc Hour" comaicnced 
«8 flfth *eek Dec. Jl. '; .' 

I.rrlc Tb.atre (Sam S. t Lee Soubtrt. 
manaaert).— >rrt. Flake, In "The New Vork 
Id,*." Iwgnn her seventh week Dec. 31. , 

>I.nh.(t.n Tleslre (Wm". A." BmiJj. 

manager).— Wilton !*■«,«. ia •"ri»'I.a„ 
and ti» «lan," b,g«n bJ B tilrd wttsi ci Moc- 
Hs evening. Il.f. at. - 

\..* I " , * f '" *<lr e, ' J ' Tkeaitr. (Ed»|n D. 
Jllu.r. motio&er). — Tbo Amerlcooi ar« too 
New ^cara-attrocilon. Xrtfmek, the Ave- 
nue Ulrla. . , 

Tbo Belle of Iioodon 
"The Leo Boute" UBt 

mtllo- D'Arrllle. In 
Town," this week. 
WCflt "The Prince Cbap" neat 

Ibiisrie (W. C. Friaiar, maaageri.— 
Bedford's Hopo" started a weet'a onsafie- 
OBOt bete 31. "Atl-ab.-na-l'OBue" drew well 
la*' week. "K >[.,w,e from Mara" Mat. 

(Jjund (liaton T. MldoKton. maaamr).— 
"RUted Off tte Xurt" I* here tliociitreut roea. 
"It^blnd llnOlfl^k" nlpo^d luat H'eek, "Tottl, 
Mi-k auJ Unrry" follow*. 

HnnL' (Mra. Spoonar, monagert. — The 
Snootier Rtock Oo.'pmenta "for Her Chil- 
dren's Sake".. tM> waea. "Aladdin and lit. 

jAtiUAfc* 5. 



Magi: Limp-" last week. "A Traitor to tho 
C*ar" n«t. .1 „ ' • ■"■•!■-- ■ 

Columbia. (Chaa. H, Wuers, maoajjrer). — 
■The Cowboy «k 1**31 and week. "The Curse 
of Drink" did bis. business last week. "A 
Wife's Secret" follows. .• ■„ . ., 

U!:pi!kl'.m (Peres <L Williams, manager). — 
The bill lals week gives Willie Edouin as 
a headllner. In a comedy skit. "Pnftdlng the 
i;xa rrjlnotiyj,"... Others are ; Keno, Welch and 
Melrose. Herrmann the Great, ytunr: Unices, 
the Sunny South, Hoey and Lee, Jacobs' dogs. 
Net !a Vesta, Sehuliouyl's Hungarian Boys 
ituod. and vlugraph. Excellent business 
ruled last week. 

Uyds Jc Lehman's (Nick Norton, mana- 
ger).— A .biir well worth seeing Is presented 
ihe current week. Ned Wayburn's "Futurity 
Winner" lathe headllner. Others ore: Huflla- 
Hwlcay Troupe. Fields and Ward, the Crane 
Hron.. McVa tiers -Tyson Co., Harry Brown, 
Two .(asms Lcroy and Clayton, and klneto- 
graph. Big houses last week. 

.ukkn'by .-* ('ilit'o'.- Weuzllk, manager) .— 
Marry Yokes and Margaret Daly Vukes, the 
I'norzer Trio,- Ctirlln and Otto, raul La 
Croix, the Country -Choir, Carson Bros., Gas- 
ton and (jreen, ttiioney and Bent, and kineto- 

Star (Arehje Ellis, manager). — "Paris by 
Night," a new burlesque, show here '11, and 
week. L with a very- good olio. S. It. O. sign 
at every performance last week. 

Imperial (W C. Caylor, manager). — The 
Merry Burlesquers, this week. Business, last 
week, good. 

Tkllku's BuoAowAy CLeo C. Teller, les- 
see). — "Man and Supermini," with Holier i 
Loralne, la here this week. Most satisfac- 
tory business last week, with Grace George, 
In "Clothes." 

Broadwav (Rennet Wilson, manager). — 
The Hay*. In "Down the 1'lke," make their 
annual visit here this week. Last week 
Florence Bindley, la "The Girl and the 
Gambler," did' well. 

Gateti . (James Clark, manager). — Ir- 
win's Big Show, with the Girl in Blue as 
a niKclat attraction, is here this week. The 
Golden Crook Co. had n aood week ending -» 

Sovtuty (Chas. E. Williams, manager). — 
This week's bill: Joe Welch, the Lovlgne- 
Cimnron Trio, the Three Meers, Ethel Klrke, 
ihe Klnsons, and Harry Corson Clarke. 

(joriiAM. (Edgar F. G Irani, manager). — 
The Blades, Carlisle's ponies.- Madyn Fox, 
Watson, Hutcnlns and Edwards, Lutz Bros., 
Bryant and Sarllle.. Phllbrook and Reynolds, 
George C. Davis, and the vltagrapk. 

1'avtok's (S. S. -Allen, manager). — "When 
Knighthood Was In Flower" Is presented by 
the stock compaay this week. Good houses 
last week.- 

IV.ANri's Asiphion' (Morris Scales.' Inzer, 
manager). — Cecil Spooner. supported by Wil- 
liam II. Turner,. this week. In "The Girl Raf- 
ues." Silver souvenirs -are given away on 
Monday night, and receptions and souvenirs 
on the itage after the Friday and Saturday 
matinee*.. *"J*he Burglar's Daughter" did 
well last week. 

< in a Mi (Davis & Marks, managers), — The 
California Girls ore here this week. Next, 
the Gaiety BarlPMniera. 

IiVCKuh,. (Louts Phillips,' manager). — "The 
Shadow Behind the Throne" this week. Busi- 
ness, last week. was. large. 

Nkws Itkms.— On Saturday evening, 20, 
Archie Bills, nrannger of the Star Theatre, 
was presented with a pnir of handsome gold 
cuff" links, Bee with diamonds, and a gold 
headed cane, by the members of the Fred 
Irwin llig Show Co. and the employees of 
the'- theatre.: .. .. . .Joe Kallskl, assistant 

manager of B. C. Whitney's "The Isle of 
Spice Co. y (Western), visited his .brother, 
Louis Kallskl, treasurer of the Majestic, !u 
this city, the week before Christmas, while 
ihe company had a day off for one 

week at Erie.. Pa Owing to a 

severe cold, Margaret Illlngton was un- 
able to appear In "His House in Order," 
which mis playing at the New Montauk last 
week. Her part was capably filled by Mabel 

Roebuck Marie Dressier will be seen at 

the Ornbewn week of Jan, 7, In a new sketch, 

entitled "Oh, Mr. Belaseo!" Business 

at tbe Star last week wan the record breaker 
of the house. Fred Irwin's Show was the 
attraction. When this company -was here 
eight weeks ai-o, it broke the record, but last 

week pnased-fl by a large margin On 

Christmas night, after the performance of 
"His If quae la Order," Manager KrtwarA 
Trail was summoned to the stagennd pre- 
sented with a Morris chair by the employes oC 
I be Moii t ,i nk Thent re. Tfae present n Lion 
speech was made by John Drew, after which 
Leader Juy Nova and the members of his) 
H 1 1 twist struck uj» "For lie's a Jolly Good 

Fellow."'. .--■ A testimonial benetlt wan 

tendered Bandmaster Mhannon, of the Twen- 
ty-third ltegimcnt, Saturday evening 1 , Dec. 
•Jit, :il the armory. Madame Nordics., sane 
vrveral numbers. A large audience, iDcliiit- 
inj many members of tbe Klks, was present. 
-- - -— ■ ■■ a i ' ■ ■ 


National (Mai Uurtlg. manager). — ai.H. 
Wilson, In "Acts In the Alps," proved to be 
a most excellent holiday attraction, playing 
— a GUtnore, 

lndiaauipoUi. — At English's Opera House 

(Ail. F. Miller, manager) "Rogers Bros, in 

id , 

to good returoi Dec. iW-'JB, Bnrnev 

In "A Rocky Road to Dublin •■ rnilM (reload," jj*c, ' 31, ^5, 'pleaseu .good ViUed 

potent drawing card iT-ai. Thomas E. Shea ESC; rX8. IrTlng..2f, 2I>, la repsrtvry. 

^StB^£-1«f,- «ffijo capacity bnslW -The Empire; 
as put en by tbe Moore Stock Co., week of 

Mat trier Lkvi and his band were the at- 
tract ten* at tbe Hlppwlrome Sunday night, 
;:<>. Tbe programme included the Graduate 
Msircli. ARmenohvtlle Intermezzo, both by Mr. 
Levi, selections from his "Illgglcd.v-l'iggledy" 
and "Twiddle-Two ddle" compositions, and 
other popular . music. "That Quartette" 
caused the usual furious applause, and for 
the final number 1*1 tie Fay made a hit in 
lier Inpe'raonatlbn of Mr. Levi. Tbe band 
played excellently, and- the house was well 
rilled. Herbert L Clarke gave an excellent 
comet so'o. 

-: «' » . 


nuffnlo— At the Star Theatre (P. C. Cor- 
Leli, manager) "The Prince of India" appears 
Now Year's- week. "The College Widow ' Jan. 
7-12, Richard Mansneld 14-10. Rayinond 
Hitchcock- did nicely last-week. ■ ... 

Lxaic Tjieatbh iJ. 1a ugh tin, mnnager).— 
"The TonriBts" Dec. 3l-Jan. "J, "The. 1-ove 
llonte" It-5. The Sothern-Mnrlowe engage- 
ment was hrllllantly successful. 

AcADKUt (P. C. Cornell, manager). — "Tho 
Ititrplar's DtWitar this week. "A Rocky 
itoatl to Dublin" next week. "The Queen or 
the lUgbblnderH" did nicely Dec. 24-30. 

Teck Thbatbg (P. .C. Cornell, mnuagerl. 
— "Ills Last Dollar" Ihls week. "Sky Farm" 
follows. 'The County Chairman" found a 
considerable following Inst week. Litigation 
has arisen again over the control of tbls 
theatre, the Schoellkopf heirs, owners, seek- 
ing to dispossess Cornell &. Stirling, lessees, 
iiwlnc to a violation of contract in iihiy'ng 
chfio- Innteafl of hipli priced' attract lous. 

SnEt's. — People appearing New Tear s 
week are; Arnold i Daly and company, In 
"How He Lied to Her Husband:" John and 
Louis Boiler, ■ Hickman IltOB.,- Radford ^aud 
\Miii.-nesrer, rtlx luowaifsand .tlayiue iiemuiK- 
ton. Mrs, Langtry was a powerful magnet 
lust week. *-■ . * ., v. 

IiiFATerru Tjieatrk (Cltns. If. Bogg, MB* 
natt), — Wil.loiuA" Ideals this week. New Leu- 
tury Girls Jan. 7 and WW, Jolly- Gvass 
Widows did olcelj Dot-. 34-21). 

Sunn TtifeATiu; (Clias. 13. White, man- 
ager).— The Dainty -DiH-nvKS this week. Hon 
Tons next week. The World Beaters -drew 
splendid gatherlugs and pleased Dec. 24-2(1. 


UnB.-' manlger). — Chrrtnt : The jDhnuons, 
Bnraev First, Frances, nnd iJiwrcnce McCanu, 
Bohu Btros.* Business Is well maintained. 
— i ■ t 
Itoch«»(er.~ At J (he I-rceum (M. E. 
Wolff, manager) "The Free Laoce" bad fine 
atUnflaooo .Dec: 34-20. -Joseph Cawtliotne 
and JeuetU LfOwtla made emphatic bits. 
"Brevater's Millions." with Edward Abeles, 
vtary ftyin. Olive Murray and a fine support- 
ing company, pitted to good bnalneii 27. 28- 
Th9 production was excellent. Forbes Eob- 
frtKjn and Oertrude Klllott Hi, "The College 
Widow** Jan. 1-3. 

Dec. 24. drew a, R. o, Lillian Albertson, 
In the title role, was well cast. David Uart- 
fnrd gave a clever character study. "Michael 
StrogoT" &1 and week. 

Cook Oi-ErtA HoL'sg (J. R. Moore, mana- 
ger).— For week of SI: Wlllfred Clark and 
coorpaay, the Nessens, Harry Tate and com- 
paay, tbe Carmen Troupe, Dare Irfwls, 
Franco I'lper, Boranl and Nevaro, Jno. D. 
Rucker, and kinetograph. 

Cuit: nth i.\N (ft, C. Jacobs, manager). — 
The Bachelor Club Co. gave a rattling good 
show week of 24, to fine returns. The 
World Beaters 31 and. week. 

Albany. — At Harmanua Bleecker Hall (U. 
ft. Jacobs, .manager) "The College Widow'" 
had excellent business Dec. 25. ud. "Little 
Johnny Jones," 28, 20, also catered to hig 
holiday crowds. Marie Cablll 31. Lawrence 
L/orsay Jan. 1, Annie KusseU 2, 3, "The 
county Chairman" 4, Forbes Itobertson and 
Ueftruck 13lliott S. 

Pboctok'h (Howard Graham, resident man- 
ager). — BUI for Dec. :u and week: Morris 
Cronin and compauy. Wylle's dogs, Jack Wit- 
son and 'company, Leona Thuroer and her 
picks, l'lemen and Miller, aud Belle Yeota. 

1;mi-ii:k (ThOB. It. Henry, resident mnna- 

S>r). — Hose Mydcil'a London Belloa, Dec. 24- 
-11, well repaid visitors, and- Harry Bryant's 
Iiurles«itiors, 27-31*. repeated the ml tm- 
presaloa made earlier In the season. Bachelor 
c'lub I it, ii-Jnn. 2, AL Beeves' Show Wk 

h.wktx (II. B, Nichols, manager).' — Colo- 
nial Itclles, Dec. 34-20, opened tbe week, with 
u h tmn;; bill. Bohemian Burlpsquera, 27-2U. 
were equally well received. The Thorough- 
breds 31 -Jan. 2, Itlelly k Wood's Show 3-0. 
". ■ ■ . . , .. 

Vilcn — At the Majestic (E. L. .Koneke, 
residexit manager) "Brewster's Millions 
ulaved to over 4,000 people Christmas Day. 
'Tiff! I*aff 1 1 Ponf ! 1!" had a good bouse 26. 
"The Gingerbread Man" was -well received 

27. "The Village Parson" drew well 28. 
■The College Widow" packed the house 2\i. 
Annie KusseU ,11, Andrew Slack Jan. 1, 
Forbes Robertson and Oertrude Elliott 3, 
Marie Cablll 3, Voxel's Minstrels 4, "The 
-Mumnar and tbe Humming Bird" .">. 

OxpusL'ic il". Ii. Koneke, resident mana- 
ger). — This week: Mr. and Mrs, Sidney Drew, 
Koberts.- Haves and Roberts, Milan! Trio. 
Lydia and Albino. John Birch, Young and 
Broofcs, Owley und. Randall, and the klneto- 

t^ivBKirr (Fred Berger, resident manager). 
— "Matilda" received Its first production 
Christmas Day, and met good audiences. 
About two hundred newsboys were In the 
audience. "The Tourlats" met good bouses 

28, -29. "The Love Route" Jan. 1, "The 
Mimic and the Maid" 4, 5. 

Note. — The lobby of the Orpheum was 
handsomely trimmed with greens Christmas 
week, aDd*presented a cheery appearance. 

. - ■ ■ ' ' ' — "■■ 

• Troy. — At Hand's Opera House (II. T. 
Thompson, resident manager) "The Ninety 
and Nino" packed the house Dec. 25. "The 
College Widow" drew well 37. 'Tift". Pari'.. 
Ponf!!:*' filled tbe house 2fl. Henry Brown, 
la "David Hnrum," 31, Marie. Cahlll, In "Mar- 
rying Mary." Jan. 1; "Montana" 2, "The 
County Chairman" 3, Forbes Itobertson and 
Oertrude Elliott 4, Annie Bussell 5. v 

Pnoeroti's (William If. Graham, resident 
managt-r). — BUI. for Dec. 31 and week: Wll- 
lard ■'Stmms and company, Juliet Winston, 
Ferry Corwev, Chalk Saunders, tour I-ords, 
the 31ozarts,*Merbec and Hill, Irving JoDes.- 

I/yceuh (R. IL Keller, manager).— The 
Bohemian Burlesquer* drew big houses Dec. 
24-20. The Colonial Belles drew well 2. -20. 
Relllr & Wood Burlesquers 31-Jan. 2, tbe 
Thoroughbreds 3-5. •■ 

Elmlro At the Lyceum (M. Rels, man- 
ager) "Thi! Free Ijince" attracted a packed 
house 27. being equal to any production 
ueeo here- this Bcason., .'-'.The . Gingerbread 
Man" came 28, to good business. "Human 
Hearts" 29, "the Knickerbocker Stock Co. 
week of Dee. 31, In repertory. , 

Famii.v Ki W. Xilcldlcton. manager). — 
"Doomadny." Ven De Bosslnl, moving pic- 
tures, illustrated sontrs. 

Iciaxto (V., W. McConnell, manager).— 
People for weel; of 31 : The Two Oraces, 
Iveanedv mothers, Lee Kdmonda. flue Blancli- 
ard. Dollv Hland. Anita Faivre. Rae Vaughn, 
Ulftltnsco'pe and Illustrated Bongs. Ilusinesa 
Ih gnod. - ■ _■■ ■ " ' ■ --* ■ 

ninKi»aiut(»ii. — At the Stone Oiie'ra 
Home (J. P. 13. Clark, manager) 'Tiff! 
V*aO!l Ponf!!!'' played to a good sized uu- 
dlcuee Dec. 19. "The Old Vermont Farm' 
(local talent) lad a good house 21. Kirk 
Urown bad good biislness 24-2fl, except J8, 
when "The Free Lance" appeared to large 
business. Kirk Brown, In repertory. 31-Jan. 
G, esrept B, when Marie Cablll, In "Marry- 
ing Mary," will appear. 
. . Abuory Thbatbb/" ' 
dent manager).—!; 
Herbert, Ward nnou 
dull. OTH'len nndyrBrtcl 
Mnjors dell ghted^b^ercfa 

' Jam onto wn^—A'D the Samotls Opern House 
(M Rels, maniieri the-partelo Stock Co., 
Dec 24-21), had Blce,bu r 'neas.. ."Little Jobuuy 
Jones" 31. *'THej; -.litLlP.batrmnn.; Jan. 
1, mntlnee and Blgrrr: * ,( When the Harvest 
liars Are Over" 2'; ;.; .'..Fire. broke out under 
iSEmk, in the RogCr^Blttfrk, In Corry, 2(1, 
and .destroyed that building and the Hotel 
Granilln mSSwBR which always boused 
actors visiting that tfltrU.- ' "Tho lslo of 
Spice" Co. was there that Light, nnd several 
members of the company, lost alt their effects. 

, 4 » > ' 


.. capacity business. "The Umpire,' 
20, 27) gave a bright and brtezy perform- 
ance, to very big business. Mme. Modjeska 
Jai. 1. ■ ■ - * 

Fjb.k TiifATBu (Dickson t Talbott, rxan- 
igers).— The Four Mortons, In "Breaking 
Into Society," Dec. 24-20. Jammed the house 
to tbe doors twice a day. "The Redemption 
of David Csraon" 2T-29. "In New York 
Towb" 1-Jan, 2, "Lovers and Lunatics" Mi. 

GrAxd Oi'ERi Hot sf. (Shafer Zlesler, 
moanger). — For week of Dec. 31: fr'adett* 
Woman'* Orchestra, Edmund Day and com- 
pany, ' Ilea Welsh, Fladley and Burke, 
"Cblnko," Miuule Kaufman, Donat Hedial 
and dog, and tbe bioscope. Little Hip, the 
smallest trained elephant, from the New 
York Hippodrome, WW be the extra attrac- 
tion. | 

Kupihe (Chns. Zimmerman, manager),— 
Campbell's Nightingales, 20-22, did a good 
business. The Klnlto Itounders, 24-2(1, gave 
one of the :be*t Bhows of the seaaon, to ca* 
paclty bii^lEcas. Broadnay (.inlety OIHs 27- 
2*, Watson's Burlesquers 31, Jan. 1, Sam 
Devere's Co. 2-4. 

Oayety (Kdwnrd ahayre, manager).— 
The Cracker Jacks nnd Itoh Van Oaten, 
Dec. 20-22, did well. The Ron Tons and Le 
Dor. inn Ilonge, Dec. 24-2H, Hlled the house 
twice a (lav. Trnna-Atlanllo 27-211. Vanity 
I'.lj: ill-Jan. 2, Clark's -Itnnaway tllrla i-U. 
.Tobn L. Sullivan, ns> an extra attraction, 
Week of Dec, 31, Behmnn Shows Jan. 0-8, 
Bcnti-Santley Co. Q-ll. 

Koto- — The attaches of ihe Gayety The- 
atre presfnted I-Mwnrtl Srliaync, the resident 
inanoger. with a dlnmond aiuddcd Masonic 
lab nnd Masonic cuff -*lnks to match, on 
Christ mas eve. The company was banquet- 
ted on rhe'stage after the performance, and 
a Jolly good time was had by nil. 
— i 

Evanaviiic.— At the Orand fPedley k 
Rurch, managers), closing with the year, the 
Grand Stock Co., which has had a. most suc- 
cessful ma the entire ooasoo, finished its 
engagement. Foe Dec. 3 7 and week "So- 
eletv' was produced, to good houses. "Resur- 
rection" 2f and week. De Wolf Hopper, la 
"Flappjiand." Jan. 27. 

Pmrum (Pedley & Burch, managersl.— 
"TJncle Josh Hprureby" plnywl to good busi- 
ness 30. "The Girl from Ilappyland,'' 23, 
drew a racked house. 

VVBn.s' Bi.ioi: i Allen Jenkins, manager). 
— Lottie Williams, In "My Tom-Roy Girl," 
10-22. "The Umpire" 2!t. 

Bijou ttJeo, Sallinger, ingr.) — This house 
discontinued vaudeville at ihe close of ihu 
year, and' the Grand Stock Co., with Richard 
Saint Vraln'and Violet Horner leading, will 
tlnlsh the season of lii0«-»7. In a strong re- 
pertory of playa. The bill for week, of 24 
included: Pour Kmperorn of. Music, De Oraw 
rrlo, John Dunn and Wllheimla Frances. Be r- 
aire and Pray, Ida O'Duy nnd the kluodrotne. 

Anderson. — At [he Grand. (Joa. K Hen- 
nlngs, manaper) "The Warning Bell" drew 
two good houses Dec 22. Robert Downing. 
In "Running for Gorprnor," 2A, lind B. K. (J. 
Nelsoo-tians Ught pictures, 27, drew a good 
house. "Texan," 28, had good buslneas, ■ 
- -Ci:vST.\L - (W. W. McKwen, mnnager). — 
Vv'otk of 24, Russell ftud Devlne. Audrey 
I'osi. the Great Mlltnlr and the klnodrome 
dfew: capacity business. 

Nkw Utjuu (Shlmer St Davis, managers). 
—Week- ot 24; Wthel and Polly Hazel, Sl- 
donne Dixon, Miss Searcy, Charles Marveile, 
A'ardmati. and the klnetoscope. 

Ni/rrn — Manager lleuiiings, of the Grand, 
was called on the stage during Robert Dowu- 
Ing'o performanc-e Chilstmns Day, by a state- 
ment that a strike was on by the stage 
hands. A .war' of words ensued between 
Messrs. HennlngB nnd Downing, And finally 
Mr. Downing presented Manager Hennlogs 
with a beautiful silk umbrella, tho gift of 
the employees. .- . 

■ i> ' '— ' '' _. 

"'Lafayette. — At the Grand ttleo. Maoder- 
back, manager) "Texas,'-' Dec. 24, pleased a 
fair nudlence. "The Man of Her Choice" 
drew good bouses 25. Black Crook Jr. Co.. 
,11,, canceled. "The Isle of Bong Bong" 
Jan. -I, "At the Old Cross Road" V, Jnmes 
K. Hackett.12. t 

l<\iaui.v (I>. \Y. Maurice, mannger). — DID 
for week of Dee; 24: Kmmett and -McNeill, 
Kdna Lyman, Keiner and Kim, Felix nice, 
N'oblette und Mamhall nnd the klnodrome. 

Note.— La P\tr<icltc (the new nickel the- 
atre) Is doing n line bminesH, and it Is one 
of tbe preitiCBt little houses of lis kind. 
. ... ..The Blectrie.another five cent theatre, 

altto cajuy* a fair share af hiiHlneHs. 
— ■ ■ ♦»♦ — 
, IOWA. 

egggg post ontcc 

lit ortlrr to nvold mlnfMkea and to 
Inaare the promiX delivery/ of tbe 
letter* ntlTertlsed lit thU list, mb 
fDvelove plainly addreafied must tie 
sent tor. each letter, aud a written 
order for the letter, slvued with the 
foil name and addreait and Ljtie llae 
of baalneaa follurred by the sender, 
most alao be eneloaed. 

Please mention Ibe date tor nnm- 
ber) of tbe ULlPPtClt In trbJab tbe 
letters sent for were advertised. 


Alma, Mile. 1'ormnn Mamie Montfonl Kllle^n 

Aralolc. Miss M Franklin Lllllift Michel. IUh 
Actwa, Unycla Fuller. I'.t .,■! iM^an, sm1> 
Aoeta. M1m t (ltlnn>re, dladyi Mlllliitftoa. 
Ailunta, tilouUttln. • i Uertrwle 

Uf er'lng LtnAeti, ohss. C 
noon Brv«. rj liabnvT P- 

Forsman. llntry Lynns, Tok* 
Futwuu. 1 1 ii ,-i. lL«e, Jo», P. 
Fifbi*. \v. c. Lotlcr, Chas. A 
Foster. IlutiU At La Zeele, !■:<!. 

Mm. Burtou 

Ai r-. it. Rlia .Ormtrs Mr*.W 
Arnmtroiig, [tlolilk, OfnH 

Jennie tUant, Mar 
Alt, Mrs. A. tiraham Olndys 
Allen, Mm Gilbert Florence 
Belc-.out, »*r OSle. Mi« 
BrvBtit, Violet Ullmnre. Oladj 
Bloiidfll f.tbby riunltn, Camllle 
Hiacatord Ltittic Oransas, Mafia 
boykr, Harry ICowlwln. 
Enrtiitgtoo. I Uts. T. W 

rthel Grilidin, I-js.1l' 
Burnsldex. Jeau 
Brintoi, Aaaar 
P w teU y HoaBbfi 
l'.un!-, Fiorrlo 
!..!•■ Mint 
Umilley Mrs. B 
Itefineit. Jin V.. 
Ii..-.,.-.' Alr-U: tl. 
Hnnirt. llstik* 
llntnrii Knilin ii 
llpll JlDj 1.. 
ivimcr. tnilly 
Cana, .Vettl« 
CulHn l>oro;hy 
Calls tnn, -Grace 

VJrjtnls'Macy. MhihI 

Clayton, VIoli 
Crouwy, Mi.'.- 


A. Bailey, resi- 
and Albino, Carl 
, Owley and Ran- 
_ and the Five 
|ds. Dec. 24-20. 

Hllirnnkce. — The flotuern-Marlowe en- 
gagement, at the Bhubert, Dec. 24-20, wa» 
one of the real dramatic treats of the sea- 
son. Excellent attendance ruled. Manager 
Edwin Thonhoiiscr otTers Cyril Bcutt, m " rlie 
Frlnce Chap," JO-Jan. 2 ; 'The Flower Girl 

Davidson • /Sherman Brown, manager). — 
Otis Skinner,' in "The Duel.*' found great 
faror week of Dec. 21. Henrietta Crosinatx 
31-Jan. 2, Bea Greet and hln pluyers .week 
ot 7. 

Amianbba (James A. Illgler, manager). 
—Billy B. Van, la "Patsy in Politics, 
{cored heavllv last week. "Wonderland,* 
with Little Chip aud Mary Marble, :i0 and 

SSfc ,.„. 

-Buov.— James J. Cortiett. presenting "The 
Rurglnr and the Lacy." packed tho houie 
last, S'ock. Manager John R. llcrce .offers 
"ArKoua" for woeTc of SU. 

STiu (Frank It. Trottinan, manager).— 
Duslnem continues flist clasr*. The Cham- 
ii.-gnL- Girls Inst week. I^udon Gaiety Girls 
week of :i0. 

Crystal (Frank B. Winter, manager). — 
I'eonle week of *G : Avon Comedy four, Ya- 
Dintago Japs, Billy Batrd, llowley dud Leslie, 
and - Buckley's dogn.. Business Is good. 

Notes. —Leon Wachsnor ■ will produce 
•'Cinderella." 2$, and '*TannliauBer-I'urodle.'* 

30, at- Ihe Pnbst The Hippodrome, with 

Klehard Kann nn president siul general man- 
ager, will open Jan. 1, with cilery's Hand as 

the attraction Hard Rtiddte, of the Hnii- 

lieri. left Dec 2«1, for a week's stay lit New 
Turk City. 

< » » 

T. II. Winxett has secured, the exclualve 
Agency rights to "llpseried at the AUar" 
for slock theatres and repertory eompnnlei. 

QaM, Vpm 
llnerlncr. Mni. 
Uirman, .S.rll.i 


l.(iKtt:l T. 
Il.iitnv.nj' ll-'lk: 

Alice G 
llalhnsy. I. illy 

. 1Mb 
llnnil'li, Mnmle 
ii, iii ii'. 1 '. M.i}' 
It a id II ion, 

Hunt, Klbuit>pti] 
HbcIiot Ho r ew ei 
lluii, Mm. J. W 
Hall. MIp>s K.M. 
llnrtnn. Kittle 

Cbtld*; MrH. 0. Illlll, Kuunit 

Des Moines. — At the Auditorium (Win. 
Foster, mannger) •T'lie College Widow" 
showed to two large sized audience-), Dec. 
23. and was hugely enjoyed by oil. "The 
County- Chairman" Jan. 1. 

Fostkr's oi'oa Horsu (Wm. .Foster, 
manager). — "Han" Ward, In "Not V"M, But 
Soon, attracted a fairly well filled house 
Dec M Murray .and 2I;ick got their shnre 
of the b'tr ChrUtmas business 2f». "The 
Maid and the Mummy" 27, Primrose's Min- 
strels Jan. 1, "Her Own Way" :i. 

Shbbrbt (Ward C. Henry, mnnager). — 
Tbls bouse went Into the hands of a receiver 
Dec. 21, and Morris Vaudeville Co. canceled. 
Mr. Henry, however, lias booked Jos. and 
Wm. W. Jefferson, in "iMnylng tbe Game," 
for Dee. .11, Jnn..l. and will continue to play 
first c la M attructlons. 

llMi'iUK (M. J. Karger, manager). — Bill 
week nf :',] : Adaminl-Tnylor, Frledlander 
Bros., Henderson aud Hobs, ihe Great. Ches- 
ter, Trlxecln and llohlawvii, Lyon and Carlson. 
... , — .» 

Cedar Itanlds. — At Greene's Gpern House 
(Will S. Collier, manager i "Ikoy and Abey" 
Co. Dec, 22; the Ihilrymple Stock Co., In 
'The Hide walks of New I'ork," 23, had good 
Attendance. "The Ulueerhrcad Man" played 
capacity house* ClirUimus, matinee nod 
ulgbt. Murray and Muck, In "Around the 
Town," had cxceclctit .reiuriiM 20. Itoselle 
Knott 28. "Peck's Dad Rov" SO. "The PH" 
Jas. 1. "['aihtlng tbe Town" 2. "In the 
Bishop? CaiTlugV :i. •The King of Trnulps" 
fi. ."For Her Sake" fl. "I'orty-flve Minutes 
from Broadwav" 7. rrabHs Wilson 8. #. 
Miller Kent 11. "An American Tmuip" 1.1.: 

I'Kon.K'ii (Vic Hugo, mannger). — Bill for 
week of 21 Included: t'ardunti and his lions, 
the Aldenns, Redmond and Harvey. Stanley 
and Aileen, Kmmu Mares, and the klitelo- 
SBSfab . 

—— — — ■ ■ | - • 

Dnbaque. — At the Grand Opera House 
(Win. L. Bradley. luanHgi-r) Dec. 17, "Tho 
County Chalrtnau" played to fitlr hiifluesH. 
"(key and Abey" filled the theatre umtlfiee 
and nlglit. 2«, "The Gingerbread Man" 
pleased a large, audteneu 27. Coming: "The 
Fit' Jan. :t, f *TliG Inferno" 4, G. 

Ili.nti; TnvATiir. (Juki! RoHctil Iinl. malin- 
ger) opened Monday night. Dec. 25, to n ca* 
nm-Hy house, prewutfriK f'"* " Chrl*tma» Mil : 
The Three WMrtolm, Kd. Gray. £a Toy 
»!ro'lioi-H. GonMu am] While. MeifhlStilcLtos, 
Vofltella and Nina, a nd tin- klnnd rnme. 

Keokuk,— At the U Halle (Reeves & 
Dodare. mBSBgem) buotness ruled good week 
of Dec. 24. with the following : Ollmore and 
Carroll, Ed. Lnrlne, K. C. Ward ond Master 
HIater. Bill week of :il : Fox and Du Hall, 
Harry D« Mario and il c. Waid. 

. <■ » ■ . 

Ank IUmii.tok ■ writes that she \\a* re- 
ceived offers lo star In a play built unnn her 
vaudeville success, "Itegguttf, a .M pi lean 

CaNtie, Helen 
Condoo. MIm A 

Mlio W. C 
Cootie. ICnin.n 
Corliln, Lillian 
« l m«, Lttells 
Psiabrk Jnltn 

■ ■ '!!'■= ■ Mfltl.lC 

iVIbA, Mvm 


r>lle Gonlon 
Cllftor, I'earl 

I 'a DI[il)l'l 1. 


.Mr-. II- I 

I'.-lti-l, MiK-lf 

dp ierns. 

De VjriHf. IKilly 
Darn-ll, Jewell 
Dptiy. Jfuarl 
Dc-> Momla. 

Drake. F.<htb 

FrmieeH J. 
1 ).[*-■ :<■ s ... Clara 
Puiirep. Claru 

Dairy, Mm. 

LlflTct.[i.;, t Dot 

Dacre, Loalu 
Dnriott SlBien 
1)1 Btu [mil. 

Mr*. Hurry 
Dlamoiiil Mbutlt 
Davis, .Mil* 1 * "' 
Unrirec, i\tt 

IdtttA (Tel.) Feral 
DnrleH ImflfasB 
Dnrant AJ'lleJ. 
IM>uovnn Fannie 

Sir* John 
Darragli. Mabel 
Doyk-. Kiliili 
Drew, Frati'tl? 
Domtint, ijbNv 
Donalino. Mae 
Kverett Onyncll 
Kciiferlni). Has 
KsKle Mr*.«l-,:a. 

Fnterton Mae C 
ICsliiT. I.Utie 
Kinnieit, KutlS 

InjanaBBj l^alet 
Karle, VhKliila 
F.liioti. .j.illl-in 
KMwr. Vl*.lcl 



Fli-inltip, Kftiet 
i'lnveir. l.iu-Jllr 
Kit a- lii 1-1, 

Fny, Rliie 

l>*IHm(iri>, Nellie Slinr.dl, olilr 
, .M.ij-jh- '.Mn-'K.-il. Jpim, 

Hest. Kflle 

AtMja K*lee 
Ilnoker Mls<> X 
tlwiker. Mnv 

IfollK llullv 

Ilpfllry. Anna 
Hall. Helen 

Fle*<«. tlrtti-c 

. T. B. 
Hart Mm. Mark 

Hyde, Mariix 


\fl«- \ 


Mi- M 
IliifboM FI'tiii.p 
hnboft". o.L-nm: 
Incrnni, VuiIh 
lennlns*. Alice 

Kit (her I nt- 
Janmri. M«rl< 


Mrs. Tfeam, 
.totinioii Ul i awM 
-Inz-kwirt Ulaj w wa 
b.rrlou, Nclltf 
Keller. Mr*. J. 
Ktut. IaiiiIiX' 
KeuuHy. Itm 
Keith. Kva I,. 


Frsttkie Muc 
Kyle, llnuie 
Kleeiny, Anna 
Ui*ll". Ida M. 
ix>l«lir»!i Milan 
1 4AW, Flore ncv 
f .allnOth I.rJUlM.' 

La flelle*. 


lie Uoy, Puiior 
LiiHalle Klertnoi 
uk>n. Net:k> 
i.i Tmif HMan 
!.;i Kflln, lexsie 

Paula Viols 
!,.m-1!. Zeiii 

r^nprlee It 
■ - ■-■ Alleo May 
1-rRoy, Florence 
l.ureni-e. A. Slay 
fwlle. Flor-nre 
! .ti<l|cMe 
l.nKi-11. IMi'n 

!..,.! i:,'il-, Alls 

Umhlen. M.irv 
.MrLuitrln. Kill'- 
Slnlllii-*. Me*. 11 

.Uerlo, Anll.i 

B u t U n a, jasafci 



Mlnnell, (Mile 

Slaavn. u--ipr 
Mailer, .leenelte 
uUkpl. Ctita 
McMlllert Violet 

Mia. Ban 

Mucin -ii a 1.1. 

Mlsa J. B. 
Mut client'. AliUd 
MiBlll. Mr-.- 

Sirs. 0*\\ 
Mntltp', :.l»T(i 
\U\h. F'-irrnce 
May, i*i t li-:»- 
Sllllrr, Mo, L. 
SIIIIh. ri.i i i -! 
Murl»i>. Itl>>' 
S'uliv MIm 
Ni-llls, l..H«liM. 
Notrl»>n. .In'i.i 
O'Nt'll, Kmnui 
lllvi-r Mn.JAV. 
1'iilnwr. All*— 
I'rbv. l>t>n*ibr 
IVarce. littn 

mt KiiilM-rlne 
I'ntkcr. Minnie 

'Alr^ Fitgar 
1'crkliin, lUiiiii-li 
I'erry, VWn 
l-li:il[->v ; i. Jull'* 
I'errlao, KlltK* 

VI mini a 
■vasal Kim-Mae 
Kwwfll, Miirie 
llnrriwiiid Mamie 
Itay. f-'n- l' ■■■ 

"' 111 H_''II', 

VI retain 
ItaynKiml. Miia 
■ Wtt j Mar 

llolnuil M-.In.-t 

■ lullii 


[tin- III. Mi* I. 

II el.- l.ii r. I. 

Ur*. «'. •'. 


Mrs. f. i'- 

Riimidcll MJuseji 
ltjijniouil, hem 

Unary, J»*i.< 

l(oa<a. ilerlm<lc 
Stanley. Any 
Bliuu'. (iludVK 
Rtlckley. AnnW 
Slewiirt Ur4.VV 
Seulen. All.- 
Hi. cinlre Slnrle 
Slmlihinl, Mnile 
Khea. VbUtIu 
Cleviirt. Ileailc 
Bnvirl Mn II- 1. 
MlaiKllxh, Killih 
Sesion. Mil** 

fiiniiules. Ivfin 
Niaw, flevr^lo 
Sinltli. IU- -le 
Treat, Alice 
Thurlier, I«eoas 
Taylor. Mirte 
Turner. IMP 
.ir.r.d , Atlele 



TitfO|>|), tttara 
Taylor. Mrs, 

ItulKh F. 
Terras, 1'olly 
Tailor. Haw 

Tolllll hih.iT'i 

Vmi. y-.i '■•■ 
Vmipltau, I Kit 
Viiiilare. . th^al,* 
\V«-eKera Htart 1 
iVaithirf, Rmrti 
lVillliim* Minnie 
WiIkU, May 

Wrnlwnrili U'i.*e 
Waldorf I1»*flyn 
WalU. I'.velyii 
WellH. lhirollni 

Mm. \V. F. 
VVInfml I'.iimI,- 
Wiv'X. MrH. 

n..r..|lLV D. 
Weekn. Marie 

'/AtiO, iMrt) 

i'elbl J. Itvgtr 
Fonium, Rlvlid 
Frank fc Sla-.ln 
Flower, hick J 
Forbee. Arthur 
Uale, Tora ■ 
Glbu. Albert 1* 
Olllette. AI. 
Oallagurr JnoM 
QraLain OjmCu. 
Qrinit ft Harrett 
(linliuer. F. 
Uordou, J uk. 
tliegory, Fian 
(ianatta, im. 
<)flf>r AWnlters 
(iriimii. 11. t* 
(laynor, ijee, 
Ueiser A 

fkultl, 0. F. I 
Qreaell mil T, 
Gelaey. H. IL 
Gaeriner. A. F. 
f; Ion wm. daear 
(Jlliineretty Ton/ 
llrohoiii, Frank 
(ini-'ii llrcia. 
<iiilliy. l're«l 
(lurman, J.iuk 
tlllbert, O. 
tlanllucr Frank 
itrnlium. T. \V. 
Ciniy & Otnliiini 
clruneker, V. V. 
(Ireeit, Fre.1 
(lonlit. Hilly 
ilrtmtli Friink s 
<lnw<a. ArJmr 
iletirge, Fred 
(III1U, Itdit. J. 
flreluiT, Arthur 
liitnlen A lliiye.- 
Unliii'inii, S,im 
lioldrn. tlcii. I', 
(ianible, Kllli* 
(tsajnler llirvey 

Howard, I'.. It. 
lleiloe, J. 
Ilaai-ii, Hurry 
Harvey, M. M. 
Mm y & VoUUg 
IdiiiN. Frank 
Mill. It. I.'. 
IMA Beet 
llmillcy, J. II. 
Ilc-lland. tt It- 
Ilopkln* AM* !■: 

Mit'l.Tl-ll, (tlM. 

Ilariley I'lumTn 
ll.iwk. Mllili-ed 
Ih.yl, W, h. 
Ilcliiiau. 'Hh* .1 
llai.iin I. .1. II 

iinii. H.tij. it. 

Intnl. J.ewllc M 

Daniel J. 
Hall, HiiiueL- 
Howc, fk-rl 
Hiiyiim. .I.Cbna. 
IIsvc-h, l-ilinuiiil 
llaiicy, Felix 
llHll. A. K, 
ltltuer, iiuy 
Hume Hlekde. 
lliiiiiilif-u. IMck 
Hale. A. \V. 

Henry W. 
Herbert, llarr/ 
HciMrli. Itert 
Hyde, Allien 
llealey, 'Mi. F 
Itnllinnn. Hilly 

- ■ ■ rt s a ta ai 
llngou A 


I loir. j. s. 

Ilunl. Fiv»l 
lTarrla, Clias. 
Uvlaieii A Hood 

IbdkfUi '-M- 

Hsnklns. Waller 
llrtviieii, S, t:i.;i 
llenr/. Jae!i O. 

ii,-:.:- v.Nii.i-. 



HriKdri, Phil 
Il> -.ii In. IteodlntC 
Itn-liiH-. A. A. 
Iteli. John 
lUilliil, Jean 
Ilanvrufl. John 
UnitimeM A 

llnrdell, Harry 
Hurt, Frank 
lilwjii Oily Trio 
ItctI, Kolien C 
Baker, I.»tlts II. 

\',< 111. M & 


ftlnoni, I.vivla 
HjirlMlt. Jo*. 

Itentley. Mmll 
IkiHts-fek. K. K, 
lfriiyer, Kd. 
lirDiin, Wilt 
HearJ. Illlley 
fV,yiif-, Jirfin ii, 
Harry, JlminlO 
r 1 1 1 ■.,- ■ M . ;.v.' 
Halter, 11. II. 
IMker, Ohm V. 
Oirapt*!!, JOS. II 
OMtaBj vn ' 
Cutly, Win, 
f'orlyle * yionrc 
fble. W. II. 
L'latk, A. J. 
Clwrk. I'd" 
(Inrllale, iNrry 

( ntrfiU'll. M. 
IMialnnua. I'niuk 
Clark, 11. 
Cuiii-r. Mare 
r'iilllim, Ada 
Otle, K. Jas. 
(fnrrau, Jnlin II. II. 

RrsaMt, w. I 


Clm-. K 
run. .N. Kay D. 
Safe Geo. F. 
f>iko. If. R. 
rollln-. Tom 
riimiwlek Joa.D 
(-'a.'en. Mlislcul 
Culllll. Wm. 

fTrhMM. w. x. 

flrttburt, Jiir. |, 
I'tirmlb Kiwi 

'>:-. u'. ..-:.,,.■ 
Clark. Huiicuii 

Bioi-k Co. 
Cnlemaii Ti-,1 f, 
t'urirv. Kit, 
. (iwmjieii'i)a Wis 
JlllycVa Kiln- if'«nwr A OiIIm, 
rated rJe»]ntX;Cua|imi»ri. A. 
Kflitiiliii, O. r.iCaiJiilli'Id a 
niilwell. nildera 

Clirsnee n.Pcile. Jarwi 
linrti'lll. Virnle Oumay, J. 

Aiblnl. H. 
AdanM, tieo. II. 
Allen, Tim 
AnicrcuM t^itn. I 
AriiiHlrottg', Ira 
Alnisalu, J. 
Adarna, Hnni J, 
Apollo Qonrlelt 
Ashley, M. It. 
Annul i-oiik. 
■ Harry 

Akin, I). M. 
Allen, Arelile 

S:mtfonI T. 
AMalr. Arthur 
All, Hide 
All,. A. A Violn 
A urea, Kd. 
Allen. Sum Fl 
Almont, Albert 
Ante, Anioino 
Adrtma CIoh. F. 
Aaron (^m.l'.i'ir 
Dyrun k Illiineh 
Jtrajriloos, F'rttr 
IirOwn. On 1 .-. 1^ 
Denbvals, Arth 
UQ'lKer FM'tle 
Bennett, HiUle 
Himnell, On. 
nent.jn, HmvomI 
hayley, Wllhtid 
Kortr, nsnk« 
H row it. T1i.m.L 
Heuloii, i-c" 
neiilnii, I', n 
Hlalm> Utiester 
Mallei-. ■ l*i 
Hollon ll^duld 
Harries. Ji^j 
Henn. Dr. 

Ilri'lnl; Fins. 1/ 
Harretl, Tliua. 

FrnnelM II. 
Iluir. I'M. 
Dcfinvalr, I^iiil* 
Ilarrett, I'ata-y 
nurtell, Harry 
Hroan, A. II. 
llelftUKft loo. 9 
MoMt Trio 
Harriett. D. T. 
llniiiiiHi, Joe 
HebiKHit. Joe 

i- ,' «' I.'-...' 

Itu lli rick It. 
llowcTii Will II. 

Urnvii. Hrirr'a k 
Itoiien, Will 11, 
ML Tele 

itrUlna, sioim. 

. v.: P. 

I . ii;ii.|y .In*. F 
(,'litiUMtkiii ArtF. 
(JionchiM- Will F 
Cnr*uu ft 

Ollfni, Deo 11. 
Clinton. Diiilley 
Croancti, (Hum. 
Cyle, FrecIerU-k 
Croas, Wm, 
Clninan, \V. it. 
Do tin. The l! 

Datldull, Snt'l 

Da via, Hei. 
De V< n.'(! f.iMl 
Hrepil. Jai. N, 
Do Claim. C'h. 
Ii.icc ,, Wm. 

Rynes, Wm. 
ovlin, w. n. 
De Hriuie, F. 
Dmatt. CM. 
no lie, \v. 

Dfilt'i. llnrtfj 
ii.-ifl.. I : ,,-. 

I>I1I k Ward 
DoiiHlnn A I'ortl 
irnmlli'.i. Til'l 
>:irlhw, H. F. 

Miiry, Joiui 

ion nelly. Tien. 
»sy, disrllf 
fcmal.iii ft For'l 
'fltilel", 1,1-w 
luuklcy FivdW 
kj|M'jhlK> J, \V. 

)?w(.y llany p. 
leilrr, mil L. 

till Inn, wot. 
Jelli i... IV -1 
HuDillit Addle .1 

KBHIeH Walter 
arle. Hurt 
mm. I*. H. 
Karl A WlUan 

RrwofMi, it, j. 
Plmore. Ofo. 
Kviiiik, V. l>. 
RvntiM. Allan 
K)l*varib. VL T. 

ffaiia, will j. 
Karri Ait. 'I. 
t-ill In! t. Jack 

Kvaii Mile) 
r.vjuH Arllior 
I'li:i'i-*in. Win. 
Ftnili"r*ni ICI'lle 
FbMl, F. A 
KtOirtr, Vnink 
KM, V. A 
r-foiw. n. W, 
Fiord, F^t. H. 
Fief j g. Roller t 
FrcfK, J. 
Fllapa. AI. ■ 
BMlibai*i llfime) 
Foley, Kiklle 
Furjrnler Roy K 

Lynch, MO W, 
levla. Ilea J, 

Lescbko Herman 
l.ltxrntl.- A. 
I.i iib. Itohert 
l.a lto«e. Dert 
Lneht, ilee. burn ton Jr - 

f.aDHMireaux Ueu 
l.lnnc, llaaa s, 
Ludlovr. Wnads 
Lev. .Mellon 
l.a Rue. HnrryS 
I.rwis, Hen J. 
I.n Tell llron. 
M Rare, Hert 
Lennnrd. Ja*k 
l.u Jena, Theo 

.'. Camllle 
LntiRley, Fnnl 
Im^», Itohert II 
In Rue. II. M. 
I.n tlrelcnn, flu. 
Lot. ti. FI. 

(•eirla, Artlo 
I. a Hood A 

. Ityenon 
l-nwrence, A. F 
j.ewlx, W. II. 

t.nne, Win. C. 
I.imic. Fritim IV 

AI. Lester 
l-afnyiie, A. H 
Lin, Frank 
Uiivllt, | Im-ry 
l.e*U. lieu .t. 
l.yLmn, Uiida 

• omiiu Pitaa 
Mnrrla, Kd. 
Sllney, Fmrk 
.Mtneli A-donleii 
McOltire. Mar 
Morrlaiai, T. 
Morrla di Jerome 
Monabaii, it. .1, 
Slaekny. A. H 
Mumlmll, Ilolv 
MncUey, tloi. H 
Mark A H.i\trr 
siniiley, m. 
.Moore, Fi->nh 
Minllnei. Ik- 
Mahler AltiMlnm 
Murray A 

Hsrkey Ca 
%lMB, I 1 , It 
Mortimer, ilihi 
Mereer, ik-i 
Mitmn. II. M. 
Muitnti Teni|dp 
A Stortol, 
Mllea, 11. Khn 



i I!. 

-M.illt^niniT.V WJ 

Mnek. Ilold.v 
Mllum ft Iv 
■ , honk .Hlatera 
Ullllnilti.ii, Man, 
(lonnie, Hold. I 1 
Miirner, Jnek 
Mlrtwril, W. F. 
VU-Hinle A 

■ . Welenme 
Mlleliell. Willi. 
Mackle, lun J. 
Mnralinll. Jnek 
More», Will 
Harry, itou-rt 
Marlon A Hem. 
.Meeker, Wm. 
Slealey mm 0. 
\foi'loii, WHller 
Mn i- 1 line r 

Bini-k Ca 
Meeker, • Wm. 

Mn*on, 'I. J. . 

Umdita, & k, 

vicl'nrliiiid .lulu; 
Malley, Wm. X 
Mallei, .!■»■ 
MncArtimr T.H. 
Mic-H-. (;.'.>. W. 
Slock. Ol'ia. 
Mhiiti. Diiniii" 
Sloreland I.lterl 
Inyen, ii. w. 
fclallov, Dun 
Mnrtf.iii. J. It. 
Nevecker W. J. 
Norton, Job \V. 
NDrrnvm, Mr. 
.".iilty. W. II. 

llllliniui, t:\\ 
UfttMfrfi Wl 

IIuvn llurvey D 

Hunter. I'M. 

Irelund, l-'n-'l .. ,,..,. ... 

luliiuael l'rlin*P|NflHtff, Irvl 

liiiliiilT Itujer I'lNVlfuii. Ned 

JojrVi.. |», F. |Neff, John Vnlnsl (*J<H' : > 

■A * ItsymoR«l 

■r1, Cti.i". 
«•«. .ijdii* 

Hetd, A. 

Hints, C. P. 

IteyOolda, r>. 
It I chants. Alt? 

Kuberta, Have* 

- ft hutiena 
Root, A. W. 
Hotel), Wta. 0. 
Ksliabatilt TAD 
Hail.., A t^Tlman 
{tela, Julia ll, 

He jail. UuQ 

ItlDalils, I'htf. 

IUmxltx & I A-\t*$ 

Jriaarn. Hemic 

Rtlaa, N.-i 

Itaitl, With 

Itadforil. Hlek 

Itayimmil l.llltlc 

lt»«Ml l.awfi!ni: 

Hlaby, Arlliut 

Keiaaner, II. 

Itubtm, dec 
tniilf, Alcr. 

ItaynHiiHt A 


Roble, J. II. . 

KnlnTU. It. A. 

ItObliwa, M. L. 


Harry M. 

Sienliuiiii,. Ailn. 

sUll.ej. itoht.l'. 

rtrnileriMN. Sir. 

fieeley, t.'liaa. 

Mianloy A I^roy 

Wlirsguo I'M. C. 

Smith, Jfi.-i, J. 

Stro<-k, J. SI. 

Mn .i A rlllt.i 

.Stialilard lliaa. 

Naio, (i. K. 

SUaw, .Mr, 


Willis 1'. 

.-nil Hi. it, 

ginrk weather. 

Ichmilt, A. 
Nnillh, F, J. 

Maubopv. Jnc 

Sjiedden A 


Soil II), J. 
Hlw'B. Wm. J. 
ttieKvl, N. 
Si'mw, ,M. 
HIi'Ker, Jiillie* 
Stoeknrell Wnlt. 
>niiinlev* fleii.M 
Slieriuilil Jjiltni: 
.-icoll. JillfiW 
M. Onve. Fred 
Hut Inn, Jack 
Timilk Frrd .1. 
rtamli. I'aiil 
Mevena. K, 
ftlliiAIKt, laek 
HlH-aiiie. 'Mni-'. 
Hllekney. !;■■'!. 
Build*. I'unl 
S|n'riy *; hay 

Sauititera flii-Ii* 
now. Illnuii II. 
Slniia, J. t: 
Wa, llorlt. V 
^lirfliine. '11 1 in*, 
filewnri, k O. 
Hluinie, ,\l i.fiiii 
Hullii-iin Wrs.ll. 
Slie|i|i(ird. Jju'I; 


wiiiix v. 

-tiitlnn, Iti'r'i. -I 
Ht. Jiilin Kt 

I.e l-'erre 

S|Hli-V, I'HMH il. 

Mn. ik, II, V.. 
.^eintiiaoit A. (J. 
Silmnlicl KfiiPft 
Hmall riiNi-levT. 
mpti t* nm-itt 
Htraiixp I. «'iiriii 
Tli.t'r.v. Jolm 
i in •:> :■;■. Will. 
'J'lmiii|innii, i, f, 
Tfflllol. lJ>w 
Ti-el. Oeo, U, 
Tread, W, 8, 
Turner, Harry II 
tab Clm», 
Teanev, K. 
Tnwell. Ilnrry 
Tn.t: Hilly 
TlBirn, F. A. 
'rhniiiiiHHi, 'leo. 

I'liii-lie, J T. 

riioinirMiii \V V. 
'LolllllllM. Win. 

Van, Clntk. 

Jolmaon, Newton. Hilly 14 

.Carroll J, Kyi-, Neil 
Jfcwltra Nliwr, lleiiey 

Jackn Wlllli iNoey, Itorlun 

JenlJli, (III*) (■■Nettle, il.e 

Jur.vla, I'evi I Waif ('i,. M;i 
JnlumtDn, Kuliili Iduleii, I'. 
Jarwn, W. O. H'Drlen. SI, V. 
.leiiekeM l.otiU C Oih-I. Heiirv 
Joy, It. il'llrSni. .Mm M 

.r«liiiKiin. O'Hrleii, P. 

i'nrroll J. nu.-r,, n. Caul 

.:»I)1H0II, lll'ltul* ITltf k'Uf. 

.liiliimr .Icine . I JriiiiU W. 

i'.k. .\ wnt rmthr, I', 
Johna, rtlaiiley il'rlcu A Htee'u 
K.-liler. Hlln li'olter. W. It. 
Kinsley. I'lere.? 1'hinr.l A Wlilte 
Kiiaoll, Mult irmi-Amer Kleo. 
KhIiii. ("iii». Carnival I'm. 

Kelly, Ileillo I'rlniM, Hubert 
Kalliiowskn I'rliiik'll IlerliW 

Hr.ii. l'I-t;il. I^w 
Keoley, Itownnl Fo*vern, Francis 
Kiuwlca, it'ottpr, II. II. 

J. Hurry Frteraoii, T. 0. 
Kleeniy nSclimJ FiimIp.v, FM^nr 

I'ntlnn, fleo, 
I>hfllr>H. Harry 
1'lke, W. 9. 
bollock, K. H, 
Priest, W. 11 
I'niilter, Kdille 

Jiilm it)?.) 
I'elnl !■' X'Awila 
IViw. Ilanv 


VnlkniBTiii. Win, 
Van .-Arthur .Mr. 
Vewi. neu. - 

Vlnrfnt, J.-.lin 

Way. nay n, 

'" hit ft. 

Whitney, Surry 
Wonir.' a 


WlllHll, J. II. 


' Harry F. 
Wills, John ll. 
Wlillney Jlrtivr-1 
H'alilinnn. Idl. 
WrJithl, Friint 
WIHInnia. F. • 
Wearer llerblM 
Wilier, Jnek 
Walker.- r (ii i; 
Walil(M-k, ChrN 
Wtxal, FraneN 
Willi, Win. a 
Wrtlrrlwr* U.S. 
M'liltely A fUI| 

mv.«i, Prs a el n 
WHIInir, Frank 
William* Arthur 
werekoM. i^ooti 

Wllllflim, Hai 
M'elllDff, II. K. 
VjPttaa, Fml 
Wetaely, >lat 
wttmtt Han/ 

Wnliln Allevere 
von!. HI Tom 
W'niil. Itiilpli A. 

Knlll, Mill J. 
Kolb, J. W. 
Kaufman. O. 
K«:w. II. 
Komloay, Frrt 

Comedy Co. 
Klein, Hum 
Kniie. .l-jini F. 
Keir, A. II. 
Ko|ine. A. 
Ketinnk FrmlW 
Kll:l|l|l. .Iflbll 
.ii.iri'.l.v, H. II. 
Kmifmiiit. J. 
Keley, A if ml 
Kllis, H*.;, 
Kearney, Jna. 
Kerxlinw. TotnN 
K-iby. Ileal. II. „ 

Keouli, K>l. Kyan Ilmi (.. ■ Vumiir, Tot 

Kelly. CIi-h. J.'Hoberta. c, w. Vunhk. F'luuk 
Kslwoa, Tbe iltofiliimiti. Jlny Vrtuiiu. llenrv 
Klnrk, Ihi'ileii Ilk*, 
Kennedy A -iltobyriM, 

XIMii Mr. A SfW. 
Kenttii, CIun. niiyiiioiulri, The 
l.ans, L'lirla Itiibde, ll. 
I^'hili. 7, v,'. Kiiy., KM 
l-eiijitrl*. J.i'in Uiijinoiiil Mmii-F 


Okltalioiiin CIO'.— At Hie (iverlmlwr (Rtt, 

ovcrbiilaer. nmunici) "Thti i'lansBiau/' Dec 
it). -i», had Rood ItiiKinesH utui iileoHed, 
"KnlTh's," 81, rlld well, 'Tho Iwvll's Auction" 
'Z'i. "The Llltle Imchesn," ^,1, ulenattl r. uoml 
niulletire, "An Orh-hstt's I'rnyer" 24, 'Tho 
Wumim Mfller," VL OertntAfl lii>nhlll HA. "lied 
Fenllmt" 21f, i'HI, LViuIk .rnini'H 111, .Inn. 1. 

Ktatkb'm i(*. IV. Hfnler. niHnn»/«r). — Tho 
nttrttctloti fnr Dec*, "it oml week v«h "Ths 
Worhl AkbIbbI Her." 

. Hmi'iUH (A. FeUleimtlPfj. ininioKflr). — Thin 
hnusft la now firefontiuv reperiory. ami pro- 
iliici.'il "A MyalciIoUH Woman," 2',i, to ilns 
hlialtirHK. •■ 

4 i a • 

ts *n;MTioxiNrt. l»«t week; n pleasant- mil 

from Preaa Hhlrldge, we luartvertcntly placed 

i lie renlai 1'reas u* n niepilMi- or John W. 

Vntrers Minmrels. lie Is n rttvabber of A), fl. 

Field's (iivnler Mlnaticl-. wlttv wllnm tin 

tins been <ienipvlti|t n prliielual "end" nnd 
iipiienrltiit In ll"' f^o In IiIh wol' 
immologue nil Hik neflfuin. 

Perry, I-V]ii«*il-:,jW*nei:kctier ( I'M. 
l-llllfliw Iihi, N.!\t'!lbtir, Mtk 
Ferkhts, Kini; |Wabler, Ixiu 
uultiu, JneK ■ Wcannn nf Ua- 
Qtilu'nn A Maei ter>- Co. Mirr 
Qiiiifley, Hah Walker Wsrrsll 
ltObliiHim, I Imn, XtitmZi O. M. 
?*yii(iliN, Mux V" m «. f<IH 

Yiinl (Jci i Idol 
Vui'klf.r, Uitii 
raws, Aufivey 

if-u, wm 

VMnuirt. Jnim 
liereelli, YA. 
/.mi 'Awn. I'rof. 

rt'oii known 








We need not say anything about it, but we ask that you try it bv§r "and it will speak for 
itself. Wa, paid -$15.90 Per Set for the; Slides and they are mva class by themselves. 


H i 

t . aa*a w it & f m wmmi ■>■». — 7 "' •' ••*-«■ ■*-«- — ■:•> »■ . 

. l»J-r— *a — li— < ■»■'• a (to lir. . ' ^, li'.lmitii»'H rvanlN '- 

^rq^iuj jiinj j i ^^' 

!Wl#g|iP WIi§ 

Professional Copies 
to all recognized 


or those sending 



in any key. 

Slides $5.00 Per Set. 


138 N. Ninth Street, 

Philadelphia, Pa. 




Featuring lite following; people i The great Mondaello, HEW Lcachke, Banjo King; 
Kred Miller, baqdcorls and illusions; Harriett 8, Shelley, illustrated aonits; Giady* Buret), qoeen of 
flexibility: Harry B.Hcivoy.ToLlna Mack, May Norman, and H.e u-insoiaesoiibrccie.Mao Uernun: 
I he lrl» h Emperors, Lester and Mack, and the ^enteroscope.- The beet Ib none too good. r . ,_• 


Hamper* in Westers New York and In Fcnn. aenrl open time at once. Rlaors, let me hear from you 
Rrjrenia roTVtikcfi Barrc friends; Owing in thaogo in our route, time all open. Addrei* ,.'..;- 
7 ■ C. W. LESTER, care ef Show, Bjron, V. Y. 

' P. S. — Plafto player inrl good versatile -people- write. , * 



Other Good People, \A/rit;o or Wiro. V 

PRANK THOMAS, manager Slock Company, Vincent. *>s, Indiana. - 





(Jiniil tx>mcdj Novoity Act, Small HinKlLft and Dancing RiRier Team, Strong Tenor Singer, and 10 
Hmoll Chorus UlrlH. Lowest first letter. I piivai: after join-hip. Address • ' ■'• » . 

, ,' ' , "JAB. BONNELLI, Sole-Owner, Clartovllle.Tonn.-- • 


Want, Arthur Bryant lOiarlrMiettist). -Robert wiuiava and r*iiris Clark, aend tlioir address*. . c*n p'auo 
Song Dance Ifan cfipufoleordolnir ln*ldo odd. Also Harltoue and Al HecOnd Ttiaor.for cjuttttetlc 
anrtaolo, iDcotnpolontmttid tliopp wln> misrepresent OMISEl) AFTKR FJRHT HEUEAK3AL. Tickets 
sdvanued unly to people known porsooally uimir or Hobby Do Rue. Address ■' \ 

■ ■ ■; ' ■, . . . u. DE HUB rilios., .- ■•.■.-.— ■ 

Jsn . a, Cheater, V. v.; Jan. 4, Highland mi'a, k. v.; Jan. .vwwldnirtonvllie. N. v.; Ja>..7, Warwick, 
■K. V.; Jan. a, Su-ise.v, N. J, ; Jan. It, Nowton, K. J. 1'er. uddreas. Look Box No, 1, Franlfott, N. V.. 


To Strength! 

n iviy 

IMo. 2 0o., 

<AI'ABl,r. LEADING' MAN AN1> WON AN,' <'l*KVBlt ' SOUBIMCTTK, wlrW8pr«'.altlcs; 
rilAHAtri'KK CMnfEDIaiN.' with Specialties., and other usernl people. \\\njh! Hho to Ti^iiL- 
i"ioin Murlc W'crM, VtilttT .\V." llaukins, oilvo Bura. Gladys .Aliddletuu. Alula 'A'uamv. 
l-'runk Moutnwc, Atlu|o|rtp'lt«ii<JalI. Anna tSrojnu. .Tatk Kcnoi-dy, ltotPiiO' l*c*lio Waj\lr,-*dtrd 
lYi-f. I'YflDk lt«'kftr.' : mtitlcul director. Stitlo nil ,ln. llrst; able t»- Join oil •iwelpma'^wR. 
■ Atliii. :•! HAli MeKAV. Care i»r 101. Clart . Streot. 1'nlai-o tlotd, Oikugo^ illl. 



A good Hiorougli Aulor. capable of pla-jlnn (&) liro pirotig Oomedj parts. One ' Haraaer,H«avy. one 
Military Hoavj. Snodaltlfu iiretorrod- Year around coRitKeiiient. W. li. hakukr, Kew Port.'-B. 1., 
net', w and week; Tall Hivcc. Mas*., Jin. i and week; BrochtoD,Ma»Oan. 14 and wcaav P:S.— 
Waotto liearfroiu people for Summer Mock, wilt paj rash for bright Soubrctto Plsy. V '. 

Combination Managers, Notice, all time opeh 

IRWIN THEATRE, Ooahan, ■"?«*- 

On account »f *Tlic Jcirorwrn Theatre" t»dng totally ; do>tr«y»'d iij Are,. "TUB IR.V1N .TUK4TRK'' 
W1U. PI.AY ON1/Y.UNK ATittAt: l'i(»N n;K WV.Y.K mr the balanur or Hie neaBoo. TMS A'sures HIQ 
MONKYtri . very our. Heating utapaoHv 1 oun, population -lil.tino. y,*u I'&ndlu-anv '.ravfliag i-roJ^c- 

linn. Prloea and |ierci!Dlaie 

at iio;ir-' nnllvu, iM-bir uiiHlne 
ptHyod itiis house In i lie past 

IJ>4 i cjijtra^i^r I VAV !?■ 'I'lubaiivit .ll,uarv. h ^i0>u iililiui^-PIIJ iicatv'.yta, J'lVUtl^ 

b according to niiratiloii.-. Jupl. playfld Freii Maco. In "I'lln UftipltVi" on 

em. -Mr«.ri«k< MlHBCfowaiiiaiN+rtjhba'i aalMw** atttaviiqna.'-buvc 

For Uiai%tti1riruu-cRVBTAttTUatATllat COHPANV, Uatlon.lud. 


.• •* ' "• LEADINU MAN. ,' | •',-...,. . 



hVlTB Ol'KJjBS. JUNT QNLV. Atlcl. No. W. W. STA., NKWARK, 0. 




VMlEKLlSCi, W. VA.«: •'.-• :.- 


The uaallc Thtalr. 
pus. t lie door. - 100,. . 
wllti plenty of good papor 

A ItKAl. 1.1\JE tl'tl'SK IN A HBAli LIVI 

aliuated In the very lirttrtor Vlicollnir. Mrcct 


._ rara tofivcry parlof*Uij!*lty 
pass t tie door. - lOO.fwo pcopleto dratr from. A guarantee of -BUhijalnca^ tonKrltonoaa »um ; !lona 

Addreaeor wire tiulok. 

H. W. aOOERS. Mgr. 

I want mor; 


Who wish Ural data Agency Servleo to uriuuuiuicato iv'tii me. Hy service l« superior In ev*t'v. w»y, 

and I aw -ready to prove It. TKi) HPAliKHV THKATUKAI. KXOHANOS» t WWaah- 

. inatoit at., Cliicagn, Century Uirjg., Kaaiai t'lly. Want goud alt 'round "HK1V 

rBUPLBalalitlnrOs..." . . 


*l title I an* tbat doable. Leader B. St O.; 
Corntt, Tromiiotu, Clarionet, Baritone, 
Tuba, Trapa. Jut. Woman with Spec, 
•Tall. All. wast drew parli and nave 
beat of street appearance. Wire or 
lttit.' quirk. ['/*'„' 

: fi.^M. Y0UN6, Mgr. "Shadoaa of Sii," 

■ i .- ■ » - <4aeen City, Mo. 

At X,ifc>©jrt5r, 



Western Drsmatic Agency, 

127 LA S AXLE ST., near Madison. CHICAGO. XXX. 


Manager, vantjog reliable people In all branches of the theatrical prof eatlofi, write. 


. NOTICE.— Wecan farnlsli the best dramatic people— LEADS, Heavlea, oharacten, Joyenllei and 
General Boalnesa People, Scnbrettea. etc. Alan Vatide?llle and Mlnatrel People, Sou sad Duo, 
Taatnj, Slater Acta, singers or ill klnda, MnslcarAdts,. Piano Players, eto. 5 . 


notice.— we Invito people In all linos of the theatrical profession, that wiili first class engiis- 
ment«; to call' or write. , P. J* RID43E, nanager. 

Helen Bay 

will open Wlnte 

€3 A. EJa Xa. '"-< 
Bailer Band of Ladies 

111 open Winter season in January, near Chicago. 
Ex-mumbera witb unltorm write qnlcli; others 
also.- 'Skatfng rinr. work a specialty.. Three 
noillhs I '*rorlr. Address '-. • * ....... 

' m EUMlr?l> r HT. 8A1KT JOBgPH. MO. : 


Frank Con don, 


- Exbcrlcnce.d in all itnea; stock orllep.' 
- ■ ■ ■ Address iTKN.. UBL-. COL1.MBCS.KEB.' 


To Doabla Conift In Bansl ' ' 

0:ber experienced repertoire people, write. Pre- 
fer !hi>»e douL'liDg brass and spocta!t-ieH. Ai'dreis 
ApotPH QlI?FOltD, care or GltTord's CodedlanB, 
p[ai,[evllf[.yi9comiii. ,.-• ' ' - .' -', •; 

•K«Br. Jfc.3BsTr*- < . 

A S0C BBETTE and INOE.NUB WOitAN with good 

apeoiaity. state lowest salary. and particniari. 
Boat join at once. Add. JOHN J. MURRAY! Mgr, 
Corning, N-Y„ wcet a. . ' ■ ■ ■ ■ ' 

W AMEII. FiilM Diniiiiiiv 


State Balaryand Full particulars. Addresa • 

Hi A.-UAKltlNOTOS. IMman. Ind.Tcr. 

Big Opportunity 

For experienced ni-n or aiicai partner with, sohie 
capital to co-operate In three. aneiplrcd years of 
live year contract with Ktarof recDgntr.ed stand- 
tog now pliylog to big. success, rrinclpala only 
needuiiply.nougeuta or iuterntediariea. ■ ■' • 
W.J. W.. care ut CLIPPKR, 


la ail lines. Mutt at ubio'to act, h%rc the bestor 
wa>drube and took*. You get ycr money iiore. I 
don't want any ex minagcrs. out you mu hi work 
for the lutorest pf I he company, stay so be* and not 
talk shop. ' Tickets, If I kyow juu, Lotta chase, 
wri'.i i Smract'r Old'Uan wfth apeciihv, wkito. 
Hake four. aiVary low or dfio't write Seuu udrfrefB 
for. two weukB. Addtcw- w"IC.Ii W.jSTKKUW, 
UalTas. Texas, per UfAte Thoattlcat E.\ctiango. 




Address, witli full particulars, IKA \v. JACKSON. -V 

' ■ '■ ■ Manager the CLARA TURNER CO., iiyceum Theatre, New London, Conn. 


~W A N T S 


Oil AS. W. MERCKlt, Mgr., 
Ccsboctou,0-,Dec,31, week; beaver Fall*, Pft., Jan. 7, week. 


Tin best paying. Mechanical Show at White City, Chicago. Scenery, Electrical and Mechanical 
elfccts'pcrreut. Reasonable oirer solicited. Address. 

M. BEIFELD, White City, Chicago, 111. 

; H!Aj\ t TI!D— at OXCE— waxtkii 




_. and l-Spciinliieii of. merit. Coinedy uvli de- 
Novelties, th^cflu -be »aturt!d.-i i telred. . ..... . . 

adSrtss j n J.t, H0PKIH8, Hinth aid Arch Mpmoip, gpggjjgjfc 

riattarm' •Atrfar of cvc.ry.kileiivrlptloo, 

Ijat^cf ■ ' 



Mr. a^d Mrs. Wilson R. Todd 


■ leading Man 



Sonnratte. .Ingeitnea, Spacinlties 
"•' Addieaa N0RTU GIIUlRD, : PSS>'. 

Money Making 

Suitable for stock, repertoire, or special produc- 
tion.- Only a fcwlort. Prloi-a, low. Sendfur 
ItsM. A small number of vaudeville «ketdice 
vtjry chtap." " " — HOVttili WALL.* 
•"' ■ '- -Biandard Theatre; PhlluJclpH'a,Ta. 

no tax on ac;kn i s. 

Tenth Edition .of- the only rtbok lhat jrotectt 
accuti, meet men. and peddlcra irm licewc 
feeV Price, 23'ceais. TjiK so.v, Phiiadeipl.ic. 

Sfl/ A. 1W TED, 
: PROPERTY MAN for drums; / V 

Addroaa: • ■ ." i JUUC WAI.TKRS, "SIDE TIUOKEU" 0O„ ■'' '■ 

. ...... . ■ ' • ' ■ 4B-a HaraarieU Ave.-(ieuica)io,Iil. 

Advance Agent at Liberty 

Account of closing or Oo. .smctlj reliable, miber.'allday worker. Salary conjlitenl totllie season. 
Would like to hear from a Lady alagltlau or Hypnot'pt. Wonld liandlc on aalarr and per cenr. 
i . - Addreaa * SIB. FOUiOM, 483 Wabaolt Ave?, Vnlctgo; III- 

At Lilrerty, Clarionet- -BaiVO. 

TUUROLCUl.rEXPERIENOEII. l.i 'aionr travel. 

-.:■. ,- .... Ajiawer JOSEPH p. DAY, : 
Care of St-Jami-a Hold, Toledi., Ohio. 


For Opera; Mnslcat Companies, Vaudeville 
coacherl. introduced. Trial turns, city appearance 
arranged. Vorrester. suit-- aoo, l.j-.B'dvay.N /Y. 

RICE and 


K'te wild r. offer aome good knockabout work wltb a table. It Is (nnny wor* wlllio" I 
liarlng bceo atolen trom Rice and Prerost, or, Ulckeyand Nelson." Chicot. • 

B route Boatou Belles Co. . • 

drailktnda.'IncludloKnlngcr... Ctly appearaneee 
arid trial torus arrauged. . Apply.lo FORRKSTKR. 
r.M UroadWij.t'ullcaKi, till » P.M. 


POWDERS, oii? 2So. 



■vat read at slgm and Irsuapoao; also good OKS. BUS. aUNwlttispeclaltlealtposalble. Sajarysiite. 
l*^WfT "^t a. <*>l"n>W»>Tiic, lUcri., week otow. N; : Mlillngton, Mien., week ol-rty ■ 





I A It li It Ii li li 

"Th. but roon song I «.»t n«5<l. "-IIAKHV C. SIIINK. with the Al. O. Pleld Gr«t.r Mlnalr.1..; Written »y "Th« Georgl. Cotton Bloauin," DAN HOLT. 


3B aaCOJXI JW.OIS MUSIC OOMPAWY, Igo. 461 Vlnevllle Ave., Macon. Ga. 


SIXTH" AVE. and 31st STREET 




Our Annual Merchandising Event 

Choice Assortments, Low Prices 





I* afforded mnm tnterprlalng amuse- 
mean man, with some capita I, to p>ru- 
tnots, bat id and «p*rate 

Amusement Enterprises 

Al i ho 

parks in mm, uhoim. 

The Kokomo. Marion A- Western Traction Com 
pany will give FINANCIAL Alii to (ret the amuse- 
ment started. tfoea oat want to go Jnlo the 
amusement business. Address 


Kokmno. Ib*» 



Two Juvenile Men, Juvenile Woman, Heavy Han, Character Comedian, 
Carpenter and Property Man that ran play email part*. 

- Salaries sore, so must be low. Pleased to hear from people Id all lines. Adrtreiu 

Jao. 3, Easton, lid.; Jan. 4, Cambridge, Md.: Jan. I, Laurel, Pel,; 
Alexandria, Va.; Jan. lu, Winchester, \ a, 

Wilmington, Del.; Jan. 9, 

Saville's Present Time HUMPTY DUMPTY CO., 


Good ACROBATIC or KNOCKABOUT ACT (two men). Una: play small pans. Also Good PIANO 
FLAYER who can arrange and lead orchestra, state lowest salaiy. Fay own. I pay iraneporutlno 
after joininc, No money advanced unless known to ns. Other oBefal people, write as per CLIPPER 
route. a. L. SAVILLH, Manager. 

100,000 FEET 







1LI 8. Cl.rk St., Chlc.go, III. 


Happy New Year to- AH. 

William Morris. 

Just WH»* Veu Wart*. 


— THAT ACT — i 

for straight and Dutch comedian Id MADI- 
SON'S BUDGET No, 10 entitled "J 

Lucky I'hauft," means 20 minutes nf solid 
laughter. Also pleaty of other Ai comedy ma- 
terial. Including ,11 great parodies, ft really 
fanny monologue!*, 8 tiae Bkeiertea for i 
males, and 4 for mule and femnie. :i 
swell comedies and tmrlesqaen running 
nearly an hour each, sew minstrel frags, 
comic poems, sldewsikpatter. etc., tOBMpjs 
In all. Prtee. only Si PKR COPY, konty 
returned if atatKttisjtei?. Buck Issues ont of 
print except BChUET.s :t, ? aua s. Will 
send any a for $1.60, .1 for $1. nr iiniOKTH 
3, 7, 8 and ID fur W.60. JAMES MADI- 
YORK. * 


FREE — Professional Copies to Performers Enclosing Programs. 

MftV RPinT "> Will Wrd "ion In the Springtime, Molly, Henr." "mewing* Brighten 

miff UbnUl aa Ttlpy vanish," "Coon SoUg,' r "l-ove's old Htory," "Morning tflur.ei." 
"Pair Doi'rttah," "N'enr the Old Wlswonnln Shore,* "I Flirt a Little Now ami Then." "LUtla 
01 rl in lilue." "Only n Lemon for Mine." "A|iple Plrklug Time," "In the Shade of tha 
Weeping Willow Tree," "Heimtlfiil l-'arf.' "(Vleroii,'' "Wtien ihe f* tin. Forgets lu ftlse Up U 
the few." "A Picture of One Thnt 1 Lore," "t'orae Buck, Sweet lifiut,' 1 "Urnntlnio trior's Old 
Arm L'lialr," "Johnnie," "My Wife Won't Let Me," "The Iipacneil Homestead," "Hiirltig Events." 
•in lteauiliul San Francisco," "Down Hy the Ooiden <iaie," "TJw t.'oon In the Automobile." 

MELVILLE MUSIC PUB. CO., 56 West 2 8th St., New York. 


DIEMER THEATRE, Springfield, Mo., 


Kverrttilntr first clans. Don't misrepresent, rliuleail first letter, Including photo, which -will be 
returned. Andre w HARRY LENaRD. Stag p Director. 

P a c% «S .A. I btP - " Qt> taiileaox wagons, made to go In parade am) 
I" **■«# W «a9 «#*■> Sana aS» 'firry bagRftge. built like cages; a light baud 
wairon, carrleR 10 people. A * well advance wagon. Tiieee are real nhow wagons, suitanie for wagon 
mow anil in One condition. Band uniforms, in-.rse trimmings, 40fr. round top, eo .\ 00 lop, folding 
hack reserved seals etc. Can fit out wagon show, complete. Price*, rltfiit. Can be seen here until 
Jan. is, THOS. l. FIfiN, Hooslck Falls, N. Y. 

r ' JBSaaawBSI ggggg »^ ^ — — - — ^— ^— — 

Theatrical, Circus, Park and Fair Printing at lowest Prices. 

Send for samples and prices. THE HARRIS SHOW PBtSTIHO CO., FaimtraHlle, Ohio. 



Sketch Teams 


Specialty Acts 

Single and double, for engagement in small fain- 
liy theatres and nickelodeons, salary tow, but 

LADIES FOR BURLESQUE, Wllk Specialties, 

For immediate engagement, call on or write 


.43 Weat asth Hlreef, ggW York. 


Novel KUrtrlrnl Danr«i 





Per. add. , No. 14 Kilter Ct., Coaej Islaid, N. f. 


' ' -i . FOBMKHLY 




' Would line to hear from Soabrettcs, Sketch 
Teams and Single Acts. CIUS. FHEROK. 

441 Cedar St., St. Paul Mica. 

For Burlesque, Sketch or Play, 

Address, without delay, 


Tbai's all. 

■par catalogue oi fiayaand 
fllin uske Up for profea- 
alonals and amatenrt, sent on 
TTWJiTRaf.n. 9» inn at., mm T/vf». 

dirls Wanted, Hood Dancers. 


214-220 BBOOMK hT.. NEW YOBK. 

Arra&ged, composed. Low terms. 
' KRKr" 

I : nil *.'*! SlatrH Teut and A^viiIiik <'«*„ 
ltimdolpli and I'nion St rents, CHICAGO, 111. 


Ill *r li. TENTS Our 


OR CMC VC1.K WORK. Steady work (rear) '■>'. 
weeks, rain or sbtne; outdoor an<l wreetaavcr- 
tlslng.'cornmerrlai.ln West. Good chance for ad- 
vancement; goad engagement for one willing to 
work. State terms. 

GEORGE W. HKldGS, Box 201, Detroit, Mich. 





Auditorium TliciUre, Kan-tiH City, Mo. 


Has open time, wishes first olaae txxiking. 

General Deliverr, Pblla., Pa. 

REHEARSII6 ROOMS, Large, Ssall, S4 Wllk 

Co. eienoioe Critic Con Came, sphejeiti, it, £5c; 
Plfs' Knaukte", Hoar Kraut. Service first class, 
sis prudes finest been. Music. , JOEL'S, 
2W west 4ist St., opii. Arontenlaro Theatre, N. T. 

FOR SALE, Hlistnl and Circes Prepsrtf. 

»ump for llat. ODHflUN, 8prtBgll.ia. O. 


B.nofatlur.ror U,o>B.itlr Apf.rml... 
:l JO E. «ltb St., It. % . UMnnulbtn, letp- 

A. KREtSHAK, Hi G. Ktb St., S. T. 101 lw»Mi ul, barrel., crweei, Rbliti, etc. 




K mnmm» Olt y, U. 3. A . 






The Latest Jokes and Saying* for Vaudeville and 
Minstrel Knows. Price, £i Cents. Also 

Up-Xo-Dat© Mimtrel Jokes 

The Beit Collection of Jokes. Stump Speeches and 

Honoiognes Published. Price, 2i Cent*. ROTH 



9 Hamilton Piurt*. Bo-mn,M»ii. 


Woving Picture Operator 

"With Haobln* and hrlltns. 

To putahow In penny arcade. A snap. Write at 
at once. . . J. B.PKaZER, Mirr, 

678 Fourth Ave, Louuvllie. Ky. 


Must be flrst class, btate sge t salary and full 
particulars lirst letter. Longengaxenieai. Slience 
■ nonte negative. Addreus 

38T rJom It River Hirect, WIIich Uurre, Penu a. 


Ladles' downs. Slightly Worn. 


340 ita<« Sir. ft • - • CI1ICAUO 


PASSES, CABD8, Etc. Write tor Samples. 
Webb Ptg. C0..3C8 Dearborn St. Chicago. 111. 

No. 3 M, Welte & Sohne Orctiextrlna (importeu, 
tierrnr.T: Makf l, rino condition. For Infortnailon, 
eta., address P. J. H., ('an- of CLIPPER. 


Wrltwn t,j on ARLKV 018E, Comtdl.n. ami 
P.O. order for lit. to CASK Pi itLlsIIINO CO., 
Locmon, M. T. 

<"or or i_»as« 

Willi li SljICT of Sn«cl»l P.per. 

ocs mn, *pncBte:ii,o. 



100 Sets of Song Slides from $1.50 Per Set anil Up. 

T«l., 3SW ST1 vvgs r. 

IB K. lAth ST., NEW 



NEVKll CI.08HD. 





hrsHs. Experienced sinKlUfr »n«l talking niown doinir, concert inin.seinanonal not, 
for ontslde, wltli Ilgnt apparatus; maa to break and rlite linrrtlo mule, J liav« the swellest mule 
in America for Dili; pony utid dug trainer to commeuue work Alonca Year 'round positloD the ngbr. 
man, MCSICIANSon all tUMirtunentv, Must l>e mrong plarer><,al)lu to handle ordinary circim muair 
at sight. All of usi yeur'n iK-uplson roll or honor, writs lu rnr cnutrat-M immediately. PDKTHh: AD- 
VANCE: Iteiiat.leieoonrtagentwImiiaijfMidlltliograplier.Hndsevernlnoiier.hiiBMiutfiililD'iatern. COOK 
UOUSK open all Winter. Can tuealnw on stout at olico. Advance peouls add, F.. t. CHINK, iKford, Pa 
All others add. A l„ P. WHEELER, Oxford, l'a. Fonalcanrplus w*ki.h t-it»w property of «H kind*, ehea. a 


For the following cities: sprlngfleiil,. Hamilton, Lima, Newark, Mansflold, Porismontli. CblUl- 
cottie, Piqiia, Middletown. Hnrlou, Stcotienvtiie. ZaaenWlle. Wt. Vernon, Timn, Sidney, Foitorta, 
Otiio. Rlcnmond, Mnnclo, Ind. Waeollng, Huntington, W. Va, Dvrmra, MonosNon, Monongaheia, 
Jeaneite, Pa. 86 weeks, short Jump*. No ions of time, B. R. fare In Ohio So, amUo. Mtato f till par- 
tlcuiars and very lowest terms first letter. Sltcuno a pollle negailvo. Pnrnlsb aots for vauitevilie 
theatres, clubs, private eateruiurjients, etc. F«H malk cilKAP, soofeotof UenulueHauKrau- 
cIsco Kire and Eartliiiuake Film. Only used u weuks, 

. OUS HUM, Room ISi. UdHhncll Annex Booking Excliaage, Hnrltigdeld, O. 



ON RROAPWAY. A COIIPOIIATIOST. Elesant oflli:es, L'OmiilOfi'ly furiHHhcf], full working star)', 

Managed by t\vo><-xn«riCticeil *ltow men. will bear strlttiosr Investigation, 

• ■ •- - Address »r. P.m.,. N.V.CLIPPER, 





HIE BKLBER TBIMK ", ABD UAO (Ml., 1M ClaalM*' At.., Mllsd.lpkl., wm. 


"(Iln ft M : 2Rln.. SH.r.l); fM-a.. SO.r.O ir.dln.. IteSO'i 4i>Id.. J12.50. Circus Trunk,. S4ilSi18, 
XI ai Hill rrink.,-:ifix2!iil'r.', Irmldi', flj.llll. I.lllio. TruulM. Ji'/jlSN'.illli, In.Ui;, 116.00. 
Slilfinoil no rerMot of J.'t.yli, lull.. C O. D., PirPiit over ilOtl mil.*, then remit wliole amuuut. 
BlWiSS fc CO.. l.'BygWIi^;l. ; NK FAfftilllY. Bill. l>n»,.M.W.i-„r.7lli nud ArchHt,.,Qilla. 





Hhort .nil 

tilciMe Ln.t*. always on linuil. Mull order, filled. Tit rUBrau. 

• "j i.r williah iii:ii>sii:i\, 

_'008:M,\(}!«oirSi|iiure. _&«>. K|,l!;.Ayr. 1 .nenr flint 81.. H. Y. 


'1'eli 308' MildtHm,' nq 





t'ef.tbt UUit mi Melt Poaulmr Slylai la Udlti Hllr OrMtin. 

A. AI. BUCH & CO., 

C •».' HIbA tU**t*. - . - ;■-'■>■., FMl^.l»kl» 




il— JitUJ 

To apply for townt rate, at 

IM Kaat 141li St., Non York, Herman fiaTln g, Hull 
Bulldloa. Tolopuuue, 30W0 Or.ruorej. Cat)!e ad- 
dr..H. Mlftut-.i ,. AH tirlntod mntler and Inf. fr^e. 

GOWNS for, the STAGE and STREET 

Blial.ll}- n«»«t lint iisirfWct and up to date, also a fall line of Fori and Mtaliklna. 

PtKDAMU, U AUMBTT, HO State H'.„ tiliL-atro. 111.. 2 ilooni.South df Slegel AOooper'sl 
^■^■— ■— h i hi »i I ' ■■> ■ •— mm**smM^a——mfmmmmm^ 

Ciui.s, liatons, Ouns,' Holling Olonss. iToons, 

aaWirewaisieri' Apparatus, Roman Axes, stanpfor 

tifttaJog and Hit. Ed w, .Van .Wytk, Umunnail.O. 





*m ft 


loatt, , 

ih t'i Not LU» 

'Ciljrtcr's -l.wt F. 

: Jaaraa^s. 

- - W uir; -Maw,, • 31-Jtn. . & .Bridgeport, .-Conn,, 

•flp HnS? 10, OuiWff ,n, south pttS 

Jln. 2, **^ Moines, la.. 3m, 

■t<St^JgwAVl»Mt^.- W>j^H B^ 

ertef, Ala,. Jan; 3, n«wiljMlP 3. BWKoft 4, 
JuKtloosn ■•. Montgomery 7 -if. Greenville :10, 

Adam*, Mao'Je ,ti:liar]ca froUman, mgr. )—>,'. V. 

cur 3T-)*u. an. ' • - - 1 ■ r"*r f% - 

Anglln, Margaret (Henry Miller, mgr.)— N. Y. 
uty 3T -IrfrtcflMte. ?\ ' 

Aaliwol), Lena ' (Hfttfl f. 1 A t,ee Blmbert, Inc., 
n:;M.. J -l'Jt(ltTvr», Ph., 31-Jan.' 5, Cnloago, 
Itr., 7-12.-;' ■ --'■'■ ■ ! f ••- ..- ;.-■.* 

Allen. VlolA (Chi*. V. Allen, mgr.) — T.rmi, 
Mam.. Jan. 8. Fall Rlter 12. ? ■■ 

ArHckle. ' Maclyn (Joseph LuCEett, Mgr. ■)— Al- 
ton?. N Y., Jan. 4. 

Ahtrlch,; Chas. ft (A. H. Vood*. tugr. ) — ftiUrt- 

« Inula, P*., • ai4r.ii. 3, cajnuen, N. J., Mr, 
ilkAbflrr?. Ph., lo-is.. .^P ' ' ... 

Arttrti 7 * CohwllBMi. Northern (0.- Bernard, mgr,) 

-VOberlls, KAfl,, 31-Jio. ■«. | ■ • ■■ - - ■ 

Angell'a COmedlana. Certlral (Jnck Emerson, mgr.) 

— Wutoogu. Okl*., 31-Jan. fl.", , 
Americana (Arthur P. Bert*?, mgr.)— Belleville, 

III.. 30-Jbii. ."., Puaooln M3. 
"As Ye Haw" (Wm. A. Brady, mgr.)— PhllndeU 

iililfl. I'n., 31-ffji. .'., AltoMB 7. 
"Al-Tnld in Hie 11111*,'.' W, K. Umti'j. Gib terft 

<N«»bltt Meovllle, niajr. > — Geneva, N, \.. Jan. 

Oj Fulton 4, Rerklmer 7. Glovrrsvllle 8. St. 

.Toliiwvlll" in, L'aaaiMJlA 11, Watertown 12. 
"A* Tolit In tlie Hills," W. 1\ Minn's. Vwiera 

lIVn A. Mntiollkni. m|t.)->-flflU Lake CJW, t\, 

:tii-Jnn. 2. Kejavllle i, tkruutifnl 'V.'flinghfcm 

.fum-tiuii r>. Ilrlghsm ff. I .cm Git; 7. American 

I'urk 8. Pioto Cllj 0, Eureka 10. Mammoth 11, 

'tfmnmnm 12. 

"Af-Toia lotn. Hills." w. r, Uun'K, Central 
(U. II. Biitdlok>uifr.)— Kan-bury, Nebr.. Jon. 

•Z. Hast liuff- 3. Seward 4. .Lincoln C, Vork T. 
Grand 1-li-Tnl 8, David C.ty 9. 10, 

mni ii. sioux Oni lo.. 12; 13. 
'Arlgpoo'.'.-tDavId J. Kamagr,- 1. 

■ 1VH„ 30 Jan. 3,. Chicago, 111., . . 
"Around the Clock" (Walter Weetcott, nigr.)— 

..MoiltreoVCatt., 81-Jap. 5. Ottawa 7-9, Kliigl- 

ton lu, aeiiftUir il, S'laearn l'niu. N. Y:, 13. 
"Aoruna Hie Pacific" (Utn. K. Iflwiey Atauae. 

On.. ratfr-U— I^UlSTllk-, Kj„ UU-Juti, 0, Clii- 

niiinall. 0.. 0-1K. ' 

"Ati Ornban's PiijTr" (Amold A NflKlior, >n»ra.) 

^-Boiihnoi. 'lev., Jmi. 2;.pirrl» ».' TpXarltiDa 4, 

WbrfT^icrt, I«a., . 5. - . ' ' 

"At ihr Oiil Crow ■ Kf»a<V (A tjl C. Alsimi, oir.) 

— Poorln, f.lll.. ItO-Jnii. 2, J.afayplte. lnd... V. 
"An Yvu a ManuuT" — AllMDy, Ala., Jan. S, 

uiirrynior*', Ktlwl (Cliirlcs-- PiwlimaD, - nyr-)— 
Yurk, I*m„ .full. J. AKwim 4, JoliUMloKu C, Clii- 
-rajw. JHi. 7'1U. '•-•..; ■ , - -, . 

BiniKiic jjj.ii* (Davio Brluco, msr.)— N. X. CUr 
SL liuledmtp, ... * 

Eiu-AJiiywK Clwrn , {Oliailw FroliiB&s, uur.) — 
Wkierburr. Conn- Jmd. %. . y 

Erliew; KJrlc (C. D. Dllllaitiaui, mur.)— Boston, 

MiLlim r,. ■ . 

Boll. Dliby (D. -V. Artliflr. war.)— Castw, I'n., 
Jan. 4. 'UarriHltutv fr Wllkcu-burn- 5. - 

Klalf, CnsTOCr-ClctcUnd, O., .11-Jau. 5. .. . 

Burt, IdortAaud Urtrj HuufoM (llrnMt Stlp- 
m'on. mir-l— Urtllln. Can.. Jan. ?. UirrLo ;l, 
OilUnffMxtol 4, Gttelpli 0, llamlltuii 7, EedltK 
Httarfortf : 0. WoodiUKk 10, otlr-il, 81. Cath- 
erines 12. ... 

Dcrpiford, Harry (J. J., Coleman, msr.)— Austin, 

. T*k.-,,B. 

liiniiiar, rioi-cncp [B. b. rorn>Mi«*. wer.)— ai- 

toi'iio, Pa., Jan. C, I'lillatMpbla T-13. 

BImb-jv lUrrj- Cloy <Qka*. v. Blaney Amuse. Co., 
mm.-)— 4llUwMpcllK, -111011., 30-Jin. *.-. 
UlcWIcWatBim oM Wroiue (A. H.-Wootle, m«r.) 
—Jersey City, £ J., 31 Jan. 3, BrooktyS, X Y., 

Tlrowo, Kirk fJ. 3G Micaujr.v, mgr. 1 — Tilnihain- 

toj. N. Y.. 31-Jati. 0, WIlHanKDert,,!'*., T-W. 
Bunltng, Kmma (Rarl BaraNa, b)irr.)--^Sagera> 

towTi, Uii:, 31-Jan. 0, I^iKiBtcr. PV, 7-12. 
Buracta, Etrl (R. 1 w. Alcxotrfer, mgr.)— Sanbo- 

kin,-' Pa.. 31-Jan. L Airentomi'7-12. 
nuntets, liatl IfaM Uayward, ■ imtr.)— Uaofior, 

Mf.. ;il-.r a :i. 0. LeiviatJii 7-1*.'. 
Biineaa. Karl (Frank K. Blirrry, mjr.) — Kane, 

P«.. ai-JJiii. r>. Franklin 7-12. i.. 

BUrif». Birl (TV Hi'Ttitifiiwell. mfc-r.)— Qfllnes- 

.Tllte, Oa.. 31-Jan. P. Itcmr 7-12. ! 
Beiinru-XIcnlton {P.. H. Ocobock. ,mBT.)— Pitta- 
Held.'-'MaiB.,- ;:i'.fno. 3, KdrU 'Adams 7*1?1 
Bftmptt-Mcmltbn |\V. J. Nelwo, Inar.)— CUirln- 

im. W. Vni. Si-Jan. C. ■ » • 

Beoeaer & Moye'ii CrrOMllaDP <W. 8. Dewber. 

Trey 11, Colon Sprinpt ii, 

atf. 3, BMtMJ. Kal<., 7-12. 

*'Chiwi(owfl"Cliarir'''' i (A.: II. ■tt'ood-'. mfr.)— N*. 
'Y. City 8\ : ni ' 

"Crwhoy Olrl," Kllroy *- iBrlttoD'n, Rlst*rn 

HHaM 'Uiidw, inp.i— Brwn S ,*., 3i- 

Jan*, ft. Jfttter jOaWM J:rtT-ld. 

"Cnr*c of Ditni|" (Chap. -E. '-BUncy Arnaw?. Co., 
Hitraj—HaHfoMl. Oflfl..- 8t-Jftu. 2. 

"Ch fid of (ho-'IWflbrKTit" <Cha*. K. Blaney ArnuM. 
Co., iosrj>-l*-Clncltinitl, .C, 30-Jaa. 5. 

"Coitfltry Jay" (J,- Howard Baamin, mpM— 
ltkhinonil. lnd.. Jan. 2, pttUfM Htytlohl 
<\tr 4. UKflull .". Tipton 7. El#Oofl 11,'KnlahCI* 
town », Ur«pnflekl-10,-, S**wea*tl« 11..' --- : 

'" . '■" . J>.' " " ■•■'* 
I>rp«\ John (Charlra .Krol'min, marl) — Boaton, 

ilh-a.. 31 Jan. 13. " ' - , t ■ 

D'Oraay. ' Lnwrance , (Daniel Frotiaiin, mir.J— 

HolycUc. alaia., Jtn. 3. • J i-- • ■' , ; - 

bm Henry F. (Salter K Liffreftce. m»T.)— 

MML>| J;, 31- Jan. B.: ■' ■"- '.. ''.-j"- 
Dn ■VrWl!eiiry J <L. fi. 8lre, mat.)— 3?. tTjUt 

111. HlllcflLitC. -,' 

Dar. Anna (8<rcclr, ablpman A Co.'. Otfri.l— 

ItlchmniKl, Ya.. 3l-Jan. Q, POtertbiiri 7, Cur- 
- IntteBTtllo 8, I.ynohburs; i>. tlreenalidro, N. C, 

19, V'lr.itcri-Halem 11, Durham 13. ' ■* 

lhxillf, «anrurd-^-Eiir*ka, Kan.. Jan. S. Auiruat* 
I 8, hy-'Du :•;■' Tllu'vortii 7. VCUton s. RonielL U, 

Hay* m ,Ellli 11. ilralnocl'l 12. -' 

Lfuvnlnv. Ftcbert (Itobt. I.. Allan, btt.)— MM 

PWiaast. ilk-li.. JaH. 2. Flint 3, Charlotte. 4, 

Ononis B, -UtiatlUKH 7. OoMfrater 8. Auburn, 

lnd.. 9, Kuittlnbtoii IO, N'obleayille 11.. 
DnflM, Pioren'ce (Homer B. Day,, mir.)— VreiJer- 

Ickuburk, Ya., Jan. 2. Petereuurf 3. Klchrndwl 

4, Henderi))!), N. c. 5. 
Dp Volkle, Cltester. Btwk— ZaneaTllle, O., Si- 
.Jan. Gy Canton .7*12. ' *. . . 

Dp P#w-Bon*etl.' Ht.x* (Ttioa.K. Dp Tew, niar.) 

— npHL Ky.. ai-Jan. •»». -. Z~ • 

Do Voaa, Mora.. iJ. U. itotmnr, otgr.) — Can 

CUlru. w.q.. j,i-:. .1-3. 
"BtolAfaM of iMen". (Henry B. Uarfli, mjr.) — 

X.TV: Clly Al-Jan. C . • T 

'Divkl ',.Cur«on" fHar.y Doel Parker, mrr.)— 

. .WuklncUui.- Ja., -ai-Jio.'-O. .-KeTyaceer. 111., 7- 

llcralrt Bqtfarv Stork, ftlltcr t' F J ab*hi«e , »— Hr* 

hW6tft ( :Pfl.,;-3ta)laT!. 5.f ^'; . * :: '" r „ : "*"* 

"HftHK'MtM" (CfiarlCB ■frobiain. nsf-J-^-K... x. 

"HtVr f to 't6e HBotflh" (Tne filfk* t» ShellftiCd., 

njflra.)—'ash., 30*Jnn.'!K'. - -*- 

"llliftiafl Jlearw," flontlierh (J«J Bltfiffla, ragt.) — 

Marleft, Jn4\'jAn. 2, HuntfrVtorl .1, - Iliettortl 

0r|y ; 4, Bovtb Berld L Ifinmfrri 7, Crftw- 

r.irUattllP SrfBockilllP'O, Brazil 10, "Frankfort 

U, Ufsjel'.i* 12. ." ^^ '-. •* \:\- 

-moMti lltttla, ", Western (WM. rranklln IHley, 

raxr. l— Mliti City, MdhX, Jin. 2, Uflnfrton 

iTBfltwntnf.l, Butte fl. *7. Armcoutta 8, Oreat 

I'allfi o; Helpi.n 10, MlR»oula 11, WaIlfico,Mda,, 

- 12i ■'.-'• ,_ - ■-■ . r ■ -/' e£" 

"Homespun Heart" -(Frank 0: Jvlnjr." mar.)— Vol; 

bach. Nebr.,'--.laH.'S,:Ore«l*y Oater 5, -Sunrell 

4,'TJM- O.^St. fPaut 7,' flOTttot ». AtcaflU 9, 

botrp 10. Central CUT 11, Wood Itl»ef J2. 

"flffly City*' CwWi>n"*'|teo'nen*B. Ent Til. M. 

uTiciillw.. mar.i— TJfbon. "a." -Dft!<.-. Jan. C. 

. 1>1L fttflirt* 3, Lrfreaw. Minn.. 4. Clear Uke. 

.H^-Djiiu, 5, Wateriowh 0. a*tffleld ,7, Aberdwfi 

8,-5rn^n'9, MlllbinJl 10. OtJSiyuie 11, BUfe- 

'■nSVy Uir floWjii % , B*Iltk»tt 4 West <:•> 
Cwnt* * Flesher, mwa.>— Newton. Kan.. Jan. 
a,V tt fa l toa -8. -AbTtona 4. JohrtlwCH* ''■ 
Wuwil'liKjvo-?.. Em^5rJa -H. Oitara 9. ,fwla 
ld.™ia n.,Farfc Bcai»-l»;-.. .v^''' ; ' 

"HoMltr Girl" (Oud Cobajl, m^r.)— uoo*Uiouw, 
141,, ,j«n. . u. Ca,rllritilk" 4, Mucoutab &,_\te 
Hrfto, Jlo., T.^FtsiuV B. 'BcCfle-'ftfrvOv .Plat 
Hirer 10. Clirater, 1|[. , : 1 1, M-rpHyabonr ll 

"How Uailcr Bottcd In" (Vinco i SullHan. 
■Dfira.i— Pittiboit, Pi., 31-Jan. .". 

"Uqw Hearts Are Broken"- .(Ulttontbal Brca. 
Amiw, "Ce.."'ftnMi(.i— HoftoKerf. N, J:, Jbd; «-*». 

"mny Hinitrt" nftaiel'T. McAlpiri; njgro— Ho- 
Mrt. Okie. Joii. 2. MariKuc 3, CbtckaiDB, InJ. 
" "larlo» 8, 
11, De- 

J 3, Oiofwnr. aaa 

r^t,'?!., 31-JaD. c. Eaa 
iWck," Wentern (Enictiff J. Haji. 

ipw*; n. y., ar^it^^iiwP 

>ljr^-Hk^eVStQ£«.^lbern(lAtitfote * Ulrt. 
WKl^Mtt mT»5 31-im.-C.!Dibtine ( 

MurtW 4 3lB(tej; Eastern J John J- stnrra/, 
idkr,)~(\irnlJii,'>'.' Y,. ■ : -Sl'JaV 3, v - ' H- 

SUrrt^fllaefo.-.VfcfMrn (*W» J. MOrraf. 
rojrt-. I— LeMtwri,- Pa., -31-Jw. ■ «£.; - ■ : fi 

UtirS* fti-wk (Tftin -Mark*, io»r.)**E0nvm»n, Al- 
b«ta. Can.. Jtt-Jan. .18,, _, — *. — 

tffiB Bro*; tB. \\V Markd, mgr.)— BurttbBton, 

^cDon:,ld .Stick ' (O. Yi*. MeDosaM, mar.)— Bl 

kfjNw IrtopiJWHI'II. Myers. mgT.)— NorrUtewn, 

Mo6re v < l'mptrfal 'Stork (Frank A^ Moore,' ttgr.)— 

■«*rlln.' Can;. 31-Jln. 6.- ■■ .- ' -., ■ 

htaHi Btock-^ontb jMcAleaier, Hal- Tef... 31- 

"atan'ofilie "koor*: (Brtdj A Grlpner, m|rt.)— 

S..Y. City al, IMrtMHaV" „. •„ 

it. HopltWaon" (Coraon A Hitkott, mjra.)— 

Montreal.; Can.. 31-Jab. ft, " •■; ■*.*, ■ t-l'L 

imga- XWalter N.Law«nce, 'mKt.»— K. Y. 

Ify 31, Inaeanne, 

T*r„ 4.' Iflneo &, 0, .Buab SpMlg* 7. WaHow 8, 
I).Unctin.e, : .tOhUuicbe 10,; Bowie, Tea., " 

■ riWr 12. 
"Hflbpy B_ _ 
Klker. Msse.: Bl-Jan, 

Mnillaon,-.lM., Jtni 2,-Bnelt.ytlHo 3. J niehmotKl 
4. Plnufi. O., o. Hamilton " ""-■»-'-- 
Hprlnirfleiu fl, Dayton- 10-12. 

Hamilton 7, Mkldlctown 8, 

Burke-McCioD (M. - McCann. rnjtr. >— Waafaliaton, 
Pa..'Sl.Jaa..5. Ch*ri«wl7-12., , :- 

Boyd Htimm-tt* — Platte Center, -Nebf., 8-C, 
rejr C. Utt 7>». f 

"Haf Hdr" (Klaw-'ac'-ErUoeer, . mzrt.l— Hinill- 
tout HK) 31 -Jin. £ Ottawa U-3. MoatiTil'T^S. 

"Itrew|ter'!i Mllllwun"(Tlioifli*ou 6; Windy, tsxri.) 
—■(€.. Y.-Oiry 31. IndeflHtle. 

"Bwlfonl's llope.'*-, Lincoln J. Cnrter'a— Brook- 
lyn. N, Y.. :iWan. 8. , 

"Buster Brown.'' Eastoni (Buiiler Brown, Amuse. 
Co., mum,)— Newport, News, Vn.. Jan. i.Ktt* 
fi>lk 3, 4. Durham; SVc. B.^UMA 7. (Jolda- 
boro 8. New Bern 0, ft'lUclngton 10. Ktorence, 
». C. 11, Newberty 15.- 

"HiiHler Brown." We«|eii| .(Binder Bi^wn Amuse. 
Co.. : aum.-)— I-oa'AoBPlpi/Cal., 30-Jan. IS, 

"Bonnie' Brier Kuih" (Hlitpuluii ft'Colrln. 'nagra.) 
— -Kuloniuaon, Micb>> Jan, *r •Wmmatff »).' 

"Bertlin, tlieilewlue >Iachtne Olrt" (A. II. Wood?, 
nigr.)— CltlemEO. 111., 30-Jaor C. , Dea . Uolaea, 
la., tt-9. HI, m£ Mo., 1043. • •' i •' 

"Bertba. tbe tiewlnic Midline Girl," No. S (A. 
H.. Woods, rogr.)— MiiWlwown, Coun.. Jan. 2. 
New London 3, Westerly, : It. .1.. 4, Woonaocitft 
S. Fall tlt«er. Mas*,, 7-U, :ltieouiu>Lut, R. I., W, 
Taiinlon. -MbM.. 11. Scutb irrnmlcjhaoi 12. 

"Buncli of" (Guh Uoibiter. mfr.l — Olney, 
111.. Jan. 2, Kquality 3, 'Harrhb'jrg 4. Carbon- 
rtaatr lr - ' v r •-■ . ' - • 

"Bit 'Hearted Jliu." Kllmt fc Gaxtolo'rt (Danlrl 
UfCC. .luii-.l — F.llMbotii. -N. J.. :il-Jan. 2, 
Pat orson 34, Wasblogioli, D..C 7-13. 

"lieblntl tbe Mask" (lilalr ft Nleolal. m : t>. I — 
Trenton. N. J-. ai-Jan;-2. BByonno'3-5. 

"Belle -of Japan 1 ' ,<0. HairlH Hldon. mor.) — 
SihMIp. Wat.ii., 30slar. ". *>ntralln t). Otpfon 
City. Ore.. 7. Corrsltia 8. Albany 9, BoscVturj 

10. Mwlfonl 11, AsUlantl 12. 

"Ilunkec'K Child," Ko stern (Barry Pliaimon, tngr.) 
— Kfnnelt, Mo.,,J«u. 2, CumiilK'l ,1, Harris- 
burg. Ark.. 4, llnrlantia B, Brtnklcy 7. Clann- 
dun 8. Rlllimart 9, Hot Springs 10, Little Rock 

1 1, Pine uiuiT IS, 

"liniikrr'n Child.*' Western (K. II. Perry, msr.) 
—Portland. X. Dak.. 2. Mayrllle 3, Cax^ltoQ 
4. Tower Oily 5, Lisbon 8. Oaken 9. I.ldaer- 
nood 10. nicnwood. Minn., 11. Wh^aton 12. 

"Ihirulnr's Daugliter" (Vance i Sulllfan. oigrs.) 
— Hnffalo, N. Y.. Hl-Jau. 8. 

"IlrtHk for Mberly" (International Amuie. Co., 
nicrs.) — SmII-Iiihv, Sid., Jan. 1. CrlnAc'd 2, 
Kiwlon 3. Cauibrldav 4. I.inirel^ Del., ft, •>»• 
torvllle: Md.. 7. •Wtlirtlnctait, t>A7,,$, AleSai). 
drla, Vti,, ii. Vlnehealer Hi. slartiniibtiril, W. 
Ya.. 11. Mtyi'rwlnle. ■ Pu., 1^. 

"Rciiuly !>>eior" — Wbix-llnir, \V. Ya„ Hl-Jan. 2. 

"Itlack Crook"— Xaatavllle, Te&u., 31-Jan. 3, 
l.'.'.iHM'.wuiih, Kan., 0. 

Crane. Win. 11.. nnd Kills Ji-DTrfys (Cbarle* r'roU- 
man, mar.) — St. Louis. Ma. Al-Jan. 3. 

Collier. William (Charles Frobipon, nagr.)— X. Y. 
City 31. ttweilniiv. 

Qalnvy -7, Alton B. 
Corbetl. James J, (Mlttrnlbat Bros. Amutc. Co., 

ninr».) — Cblcago, 111., 30-J«n. 8; 
Cllfror-1. Billy 8. (Bob Le Boy. war.)— Washing- 

ion. D. C, ;il-Jaa. 5. PblladelpbH. pa., 7-12. 
Cirie and Johnson (Pblliit Rob»oti. mgr. t— St. 

C'itb**rlDC, Can., 4a«- •". ... . . 

CiinxMiter. Pninkle (Jerc Orady, mgr.i — Lynn, 

Misy,, 31-Jan, &■ Sslen 7-13. 
Chauiicpy-Kelflcr (Fred 0. Cfiauneey. mgr.J— New 

Cn*tlP. P*.. Hl-Jau. 3. OlV CUy T-1S. 
Ctmie-Llster TJietflw. Nortbern (Glean F. Cttlse, 

rn K M— Mltcbfll, S. Dak., 3 Wan, -I). 81ouz 

V.:\U U-10, 
Cblcaso S|«k <Ch«. H. JlosiK«m, aiBr.)-^q- 

burn, N, V. ai-Jjn. i. qioreritille T-12. 
Clmuto Urauatlt: dUiry Chojte, but.)— Lorloior. 

!«.. 81-Jau, 3. -- 1 :' 

"riic-^iH" iComellus Gardiner, nlgr.)— Vmtin, 

'fox.. Ju'i. 4. ■ ■ • •"> '•— 

"County Cb'diTuau" (S. A, *oMow, -tiyrr.l— ilia- 

iii'uK-ll!*, Minn.. li<u, 8i. lW 10-15, 
"Cow.piinelwr." *'. V. MuiiuV (I., U. Hill, iusr.1 

Newark. N. J.. 7 12. ^ 

"CouXcajloa of a Wife" (A. II. Woods, tn'.-..' — 

"Dora Tkbn*," Uo'wlahd & Olfford's, B (Hairy 

ChapbcM. . :ri B r.) — Vai'.u. Kan.. Jan. 2. loU 3 ( 

Nraxlcalia 4. PflTwmi . 3. Plttabarr 0. Yatesi 

Center 7. Erie Si Chinutc 9, Cberryyate JO, 

wmm II, CAIuwbln 12. 
"Dora Tliurno." Kowlalid & Clifford's, C" (L. E. 

Prfcu, ingr/>— Pueblo, Colo.. OO-Jan. 2. 
•'Dr.'Jekyll alKlWr. Uwle," TfallMtt k. Land, 

marti.t — ShtiMimown, III., Jan. S, Uillontown, 

Ky.i U. MiTii.'er-in 4, Bebrev A. 
"District Leader" -^JackHdn,' alien., Jan. 4. 
•JV*iJOf*> , Chaiicr" (Bert Howard, nwr.) — 

Mlkes-Burre, Pa.. 31-Jan. 2. SeTaatou y?0. 
,,■•■' ■ -B. 

EllkfU,' Maxlite (C. B. Dllllnrliani, djjt.)— Aus- 
tin. TeA.. Jan, 2. - - 
Krwln Cusuedy (A. C. Orcult * Co., UiBrw.l— Bur- 

linttou. N. J.. 31-Jau. 2. Elktvu, lfd..'3-B.'- 
Ehii*lrc Dramatlr— Ullali, o., 3t-Jao. 0. - '- 
Kwplrc. Bto,;K. A (flam Williams, ingr.)— Bonne 

TerrC, Mo., 31-Jur. C. 
Ertt-lre Stock. B (Paui Williams, rogr.)— Yotmga- 

town. o,, 31, Indeflnlle. 
'Rye Witness;" Ulidoln J. Carter's— PL 11 add* 

ubU, pa.: 31-Jan. 8. ' 
"East Lynne" (li. A. Aabton, ttgr.)— Beaumont. 

■ie\., Jan. 2, Jenolna;-', La.. 3, Cronicj 4, L«- 

fayette 0. ■- -*--:• 

' ■ F ! ■ • 

Flake. Mrs. fUurrlsou Grey Flake, nsgr,)— N. Y. 

City 31. luderlnhe. 
Faverabam. WllJIam (Lleblrr A Co.. ! mgrs.) — 

I'blladHpbln. Pn., 31-Jan. IS. 
FIcldY, Um, All Stars (Lew Fields, mff.)— 

PMiadelphla. ' I'a.7 3Wnn. UV ■• ■ '■ 

Fa'rauni.^lhjsiUii (Too Klrko La Sfacllc Co., anrrs.) 

rWH, M. ( Jui".. B. ■ ' .— '. 
I''en1y.;Maudo (JohbCort. mgr;)— LIuoolu. Nebr., 

Jan. ». ■ . ' 't u - .-■"-■-, - - v " 
I'!:ivJuuiouk. -Bob (J; C. Matthews, iiiar.) — Pa- 

dricib, Ky„ Jaii. 2, CUivVOfllV'stTaisUE &\, 

I^nlaU-'- ... 

Flitter* HtiKk (Gty- JI. Fcnbtne. inrr.)- Fall 

Bli-rr. Mjv,., tlWuu. 0, 
Ftenilrg, Mauls (W. II. Uracey, mgr.)— Patcrwn, 

N.'J..»r-jT(ii. 5. Oarboudale. Pa*. 7-12. ' 
rel-rte* Comedlinw (Frank- Dudley. mtr.l-^nneB- 

rtlle.- Wf». ( 31*Jsj».--3t BaeTne^-lIl. "J. - \ - ■ - 
Franlsy- Hturk (Oaillel Frawley. mgr.)— Hlnoe- 
apolla. Mluit.. 31. IndeftnUe. ■ >■• .." I- 

" Flawing Arrow." Lincoln J. Carter's— -Scrtu ton , 

P«.-, 3 1 Jan. 2.- WtlkwBsrre 3-B. . - - 
•'Faust." White's (0>kb Verne, mp--)— Bed Cloud, 

Nebr.. Jah. 2. Superior 3. Hebron 4.. - ■ 

"Four. Corners of IN-Kartb," KHmt «t Gauolo's 

(fwbu J. llenicro. mar-)— Newark, K'JL, Bl«. 
Jan, ft, 'Heading. Pn.. 7-»; (..u.:dfn, X, J., 10- 

* For a Uumaa Lite,'* Win. T. Koogu's— Hobo- 
ken. X. J., u-y. -• '• 

"Kinnlggu^ Ball" (C W. Uollowbuib, m»t.")— 
DenT«r. Colo.. 30-Jan. 0. . » ■ ■ 

"FautHsnik" i.Kitf, fc Wit. Hanlon, airs.)*— 

isvr.oiiy,3i-j«). c. - j 

, -.'-•;' « 

GllleVte. Willlnm (aiarka 1'robnuoi, mgr.)— Cbl- 
cago. 111., 31-Jan. laV- 

Grare Oeonco (Wra; A. Brady, mgr.)— Baltimore, 
Md., 31-Jan. G. M- ' 

Creel's Players (Ben Greet, mgr.) — boulsrille, 
Ky.. Jan.- 3-3. Milwaukee;" Win., 7-B. 

Gallniln. Albrtta (Sweely. Shlpman & Co., nurrn.) 
-Hkdcnl V.. Jan, S, Park City 3, Ppoto Qty 

4, Grand Junction. Colo.. Z, I.cad»llle 0. Pa- 
lldn 7.' Canon City 8/ Pueblo 9, Cripple Creek 
10.- -Victor IP, Colorado Sprlngi 12. ' "- r^l• ' 

Oale. Florence (J. £, :Carn«tttcr, ugr.) — PeotJa, 

III,. Jau. ' - ; " ■ . ' 

Clluinrc, Paul (Jules Murry, n»gr.)— Jacluou, 

nun., Jan. 4. 
Griffith. Jolia (A. Kenvtlek Sandera. togr.)« 

Itakcrttlehl, 0-.1-. Jan. S. Santa Barbara f, 

Loa Aiigelea 4. 3. Kan Dlcitu 7. Passadena 8. 

Pun-onn ti. Bcdlamls lu, Pbumlr, Ariz., a, 

Prescott 15. . : r "• 

Gllrao-p. Barney fllarlln A Klcolsl. mars.) — 

Toronto. Out.. 31-Jan. o, UaO'alu. X. Y..-7-13. 
Guy Stock ICbss. W. Mercer, mgr.)— Coshocton, 

0., 31-Jan. 3. 
Gmiiaim.'. Ferdinand — Plattsburc- BL Y., 31-Jan. 

5. Malts* T-12. 
"Grand ' Moflul" (Klaw A Krluujer, nigra.) — 

Chleago. 111., 31. luilrflnltc. 

"Gsnibler of the West" (A. II. Woods, mar.)— 
Kaiwas City. Mo., 30-Jcn. 3. St. Jwrpli 0, 7, 
Omaba, Nrbr.. S-10, Dca Moluca. la.. II. 13. 

"Girl Of the Sunny Soulti"— McKceaport. Pa.,' ' 
3 Wan. 2. Burlington, N. J.. 3. Bethlehem. 
Pa. ,.7. Frrelaud i), Sbeusudoob 19. Mount 
Caruel IS. 

"Gay Old Girl" — Hebron. Nebr.. Jan. 2. Wyruore 
3, TV.-umarh 4. ik-strlcc 7, Seward S, Schuy- 
ler 9. C-dimibti* 10. 

"Girl from Broadway'T i\V. W. Putt A nw.) — 
Nrtrrlmuwrt, i'a„ Jan. 4, Harrlsbarg ft. 

llackelt. JanH-s K-— Jackson. Hkll., Jan. 2. De- 
troit 3-3, Ijirayftie. lnd., 12. 

IIIU'licfM-k, Ibiyiooud ' (Henry W, Sarage. mgr.i— 
Detroit. Mich.. 3Wao. 2, Ci'-rUml. O., 7*13. 

Usr-ieit. Vlrtinla (Sard B. A Lee Uhubert. lac, 
man.) — Cottnubus, O., 3Wan.Z - 

Hollnml, Mildred (Kdw. C. WMte. mar.)— St. 
Paul. Minn.. Jan. 00 Minmaiolls 10-12. 

Herman. Selmn (P. II. Suillsan, mgr.) — Pblla- 
dHiilili, P«.. 31-Jan. 5. Paterson. N.. J„ 7-0, 
Trenton 10, Altwna, Pa.. II. Johnstown 12. 

HanfoM. Obarlcs B. (P. Lawreoec Walker, 
i:ur ■■ — Decatur, Ala.. Jan. 2. Cbittaaooga, 
Tenn., t, Rome. Ga.. 3. Atlanta 7, 8, Green- 
ville. K. c. 8. Newberry 10, Columbia H, 
Charlcaion 13. 

Howard Ha 11 < Cbas. E. Blaney Amuse. Co. , 
nntri-)— Meropnls, Tenn., 31-Jan, 3. 

Hlf»li<s. DsT'.t (Stair A Mental, mgri.)— Boffalo, 
NvY„ 3Won. 3. ' 

Horlti. Jnarnt) F. (Vn. W. Miller, mgt- 1— Bridge* 
port, Coou., Jan. 3, Hartford 5-3. N. Y. City 
T-13. ■ ' 

Huothgv. the Four (Harry Dull- mfr.l— Plain- 
Held. N- J., Jan. 3. Uoboken ti-ft, Trtnloa "•[), 
WlMbsib IfMS. : -i- •'.' 

Hogan. Eft"** (Geo. H. g»Kl». BUiT.)— Boaton, 

Brapseicln'o IdVala/Jobn K. Hlftmeb 

Hooligan" ''.(Harry ' IU1I, , mgr.)— Fall 
. Mim."; 31-Jan. •%• WoifceBter3-5, Brook- 

rjHt>4t/i«7*T4ip- ■•--..>--■ -. ;• 

"Hdnsc or Jlwtery" '(MlttenUial Bros. Amuse. 

CO., aigrsD-iN. T. City 3t-Jan. C. 
"Her One -False Ulep." Msr«.- Blltott'l— Ptrliakl. 

.Ctiy,,T4., JM. .2,-Max Meidowa 3, WyUrerillo 
jgggsg^ gnfflff Marlon 7, Glide Bprlnp 8, 

, Iblwulyriun3mr" : (A. 1.. Sarlilc. mar.)— Flint. 

MJcli. Jaii.G. Owomo- 8. lonlaO, Lansing 10, 

Hl/UiarlM 11, Hailnaw 12. 
"Hans and Mx"-^-Marlon, HI.. Jan. 3, Vest 

Frankfort 4. 

Ir»ing..H- B.,and Dorottiea Baird (Nlioa A Zlm- 
wpM nikw.) — Boston. Ma**,. T-il. - 

"In theUlshor'H Currlape" (Lletler fc Co., mar*,) 
— C*dor>^plOs7ra.. Jan: 1 4.*blcago, III.. O'JO. 

"It'.a All Yohr Fault," Kdw. L ; Salter'*— Greens- 
Lord. X 0...--JM. 2, Baibrtyry- 3', Chartotte- 4. 
riafTwy. 'H..C:, T.. SpiWaoWg" 7. Sumter 8, 
Newlitrry 0. Columbia iii, Wilmlfcgton, N. C, 
IT, IHtllrttftoh. 8.' C.,- it. 

"In' oiii.-Kfntaeky" (A. W. rHngwalt. tngr.)— 
Cbkugov -HI., 30-Jan. 5, JackMin. Mich., 10, 
HiflnkW.-H^ : »;. ■ • -,-i--~-. 

^Irfph PawtibrokcrB," Jot. V. Spcnrs'-^-Sclmi, 

Ala.. J..-. .; .r. 

"lLUIapitened in Nontland" — KanHaa City. Mo. 
' "" u- i,-. LearcuwoTtb, "* 

k .t] . 

"In - New -York' Town," Hurtle fc'Scan»on*s-^4n* 

illaunpollii. lud., 31-Jon. S, 

■■'■; ..'■ ",:'■■' jif.Su" \ 

James.' Len*ls (Wallace, gen. mgr.) — Aus- 
tin. Tex.. Jan, 8. - .,.-,- 

JcnerKtn, Tbowas— KnoxTllle. Tmn., Jan.- 4. 

"Jo&iiny B'Ue." Harry B. Llntoo'a— Dolphos. 0-. 
Jin.' 3, Van Wert 3; Deeatul, lod.. 4. Blnfl- 
tb'a 9T : .-■ .:';•■■• 

•Jesse Jnmc3" (Jewell Kelley. mgr.) — Xtw Or- 
lean*. I,a., 30Jan,'0. -.-*-' 

"James Boys- in Missouri"— Hannibal. Mo., Jan. 
2;. Clinton 3, PttjUborg . : Kan.-. 4. Webb City, 
Mo.,- 3, Carthaie'T, Joplhx 8, Fort SBitb, 
Atk>, 9.- I \^ ' - •*":' ' 

:4| , K ' • .*• . * 

Kallch. Bertha ( (IlnrrlBon Grey KIske. mgr.} — 
' Bootoni MiM..-31-JkU. 0. Providence, R: 1.^7-8. 
Knott,'. Mjfsssf (Steely. Bbipman A Oo.r aigra.) — 
: Leurcasyurtli, .Kko.,Jan,ra.i_. t .■*-- ...-'- 
Kellivrd. jnlitt (Sakt-.H.- A Lw BhiitxTt, Inc., more.) 

--^•WfcyeW CvbO- ni-Jah. 2. ■.•"•■' 

Kendatf. BSra .(Llebler ft Co., : BigTs".)— St. Paul. 

Kfljni..- 30 ; Jan: 0.. ' •. 

Kellai. Hie Great (Dudley UcAdow, mgr.)— Cln- 

rlSnati. of. 31-Jan. ^0. .. 

h'ernpe?. Dolrr (Wh,- T. Keogii, mgr.)— Ander- 

wra. -imi.. Jan. 2. ' 7 ^.- \ 

Karmli; Dot i.l. C. stsjM. mgT.J— Berlin, K." II., 

31-Jau. 5. Biddefoni; lie.. 7-12;- " . 

Knickerbocker Htock'lW. B, HsnlltoL. mer.)— 

RIOi|«.' N,- Y., 34-Jan. *< Blngbamtou 7-12. 
"Kidjaaprx'J..for Re^eng*'" (CW K. Blaoey 

Amuse.! Co., mgrs,)— MbllsdelSla.- .Pa., 31- 
Jan. if\: ... -, - : - --t\..'i,' - -. 
"King pf-Hie Callle.BJiiff" (W, A., Ellrr. mjr.l — 

Ses-.ili, Tex., Jan. 3, Guizalni 3, Waelder 4. 
. Sebnltnburc r».. Weimar, 7; ■ Colombus 8.. Kla< 

toDla'-o, Mont too lO.'Sbfoer' li; Yoakqtna^* ' 
"K1PB cr;Trarjr^."W«ieru:fL«on Ai*ott, mgr.) 

-^Vo6dwiird>. Oklu., Jan. 1, .Benycr X. ' ^^ ' 

"W\ •-■■";> .aV'..* ,t -'>^-.: i -■ ■■■ 

Laekaye. Wilton (Wm. A. Brady, tngr.)— N*. Y. 

-CM 31. injlennlie.* . ■? i - - Y* 
I.orimeri Wright «Wm." A; Brady; mir.l— New- 
ark, A'., J., 31-Jan. 3, Baltimore. Md.,'7-12. 
I, on hie. Robert (C, B. . Dillingham, mgr.) — 

Brooklm, N. Y., 3^-JJib-.- 3.v^T *' ' ~ ' 
Lewia, ,-#*.-: 50. .(W. A.. •Jonkef.-ingT.)— Gorman, 

Tog-.-' Jan: 3. Dublin 3, Comaoche 4, Balluuref 
-0,- San Abfjato 7. Cotemad " 8. Brownwood 9. 

Goldtliwtlte 10. Killecn Jl. Teuplc 12. 
Leslie.: Rosabele (8lm Allen, mgr.j— Camberlan>l, 

W'1...J1 Jan. ;, Ea.-t Liverpool. O., 7-12. 
Lockce. T!ic; (WUI ,H. Locko," mgr. > — Snawnce, 

Oils:. 2,' Paula Valley, lnd. Ter.. 3, Parcell 4. 

Wyapfwood S. Ardmorc 7, Madlll-8, Durant 0, 

0s4do 10, CoalgatC 11, Ada 12." - 
Lewis Stock (W. 1* Lewis, mkr.)— Crete, Nebr.. 

3 Wan. 5. Oblowa'7-12- 
Lypeum Comedy (AJ. RBM mgr.)— Ga iocs- 

»lUe. .Us., 31-Jan. 0. - : 

"Llou and Ihe . Mouse," A (Henry B. Harris, 

tngr.)— at Y. City 81, to<leflaltp.- 
"Lton knd the Mouse," B' (JfVnry B. Harris, 

ragr.)— Phlladetpbla.' Pa.. 31 -Jan. 5. 
"Light Bteriiar ,(Ht*ry Miller, mgi.)-rCUicln- 

nati, 0.. Jan. 8-12. 
"Littlf Ilotnetteiid" (Wm. Micauley. mgr.)— • 

Great Bead. Kan.. Jan. 2, Hstehloton 5. An- 
thony 7, Knld, Oklu., 9. El Reno 10. CMckaiha, 

lnd. Ter., 11. Lawton. Okla.. 12. 
"Little l^Mpector" (Fttok O. King, mgr.) — 

Malvrra, la.. Jin. 2. Gtenwuod 3, Carton 4. 

Walnut u, Neola B, Atlantic 7, Shenandoah 6. 

ltockj.yrt, Mo., 9, Hound City 10, Fairfax 11, 

Tarklu 12. 
"I.tghWof 'Frisco" (Arthur J. Aylesworth. mgr.) 

-rJicihcii, .Miss., Jan. 3, Natcbei 4, Bitoa 

Ronee, I*.. 0. 

"Lena -RiTcnt" (BurUw Nixon, rugr. ) — Xew Bo- 
ckelle. N. Y-. Jan. 3. Watcrbnry. Conn., ' 4. 
Bayoune. N. J„ 7-0,-Pnterwi) Jo-12. ' "• 

"Ix)vera and Luuitllcs" — ludiananolis, lnd., Jan, 

ZS i ■ .- 

"Little Outcast." Kantern. E. J. Carpenter'3— 

Norrlilon-n, Pg., Jan. 2. 
■ ,M. 
Maasfleld. (Ben I). Stciens, ugr.)— Cln- 

I'lntiatl. O,, 3. 
Manlell,4tol*rt-B.-(Wm. A.Brady, mgr.)— Btltl 1 

mire. Md.. 31-Jan. 5. O.. T-12. 
Mack. Andrciv (Ja*. H. Decker, tngr.)— I'blladcl- 

I*la. Pi., Jan. 7-12. 
Mary MannerUg (Sam 9. tt Lee Sbutxrt, lac. 

mfcrs.)— Kautoa City. Mo., 30-Jun. 3, St. Louis 

012. •-■" ■» - ;■ ~ • 

ModJeEka. Madame ( Julea Murry, mgr. )— Pi- 
flueib, Ky., Jon. 4, Jacksonville, III.. 8, Qutu- 
cy 9. 

Mrfnlyie and llcati (Klaw & Erlanger. mgrtt.) — 
Denver. Colo., 31-Jan. ft. 

Monlgontery and Stone (C. B. Diltngbam, msr.)— 
N. Y, City 31. todeftnite. . - - - 

Melville. Itorf <J. B. Stirling, mgr.) — Roaeburr 
Gre., Jan. 2, tteiJdlrg. Cil.. 3. Sacramento 4. 
8 Stockton 6, Fresno 7, BikersOeldT' 8. Sun 
Bernardino 0,' VOsMT 10, tHtsaall'll/l ll|l ' 
tide 15, -n. : •"' •• • 

Merrltfr Gtace (Sweely. SblpmuB & Co.. nigra.)- ' 
— Lllpa. 0.. Jan. .3. Fort Wayne, ltd.. 3. Au- 
rsirn (. Rlkhart 3. KalaoianK). Mich., 7, Ddwa- 
gla«-R CDiriftr-e-9. Granfl Ilarldi 10-13.. 

AtOfflaalr, L LinUn'Tj;X."Terodfe. mgts.'l— Bslll- 

a (John Ai aiameltUp. -tegr.)— M«cdardy. Jaoieo-K.- (Vlowiand * ClifTcrd. mgra-.l 

E3*nJL9m^<sB. , , —Portland. Ord., 30>lan. 3. kteuttle-. ««tE u- 

lur Stock (R. \\ Bl«nteie(n, 12. - -,-".• ,- . 

Murfrtyiind-Maek-IGIhV'MicV. tmi l*iWkMls: 

Kin.. Jan. y. autcklnwra :t. La JuutarOoU. 4. 

OMHrssssI Hj'.rlui* 3, Denver 0-12. 4 " ■ 

Mortn.i«. tbe Kour (Frank I.. Itawley, mgr.i — 

Detroit. Mieb., SO-Jou. 8, "•J'oIeOw.-O., C-9, Col- 

tiobUI W-laV-x-i-a! . , .. . 1 •. 

10.WD!*., - 

loan 11, DitI* 12. 

"Ma'rrUire 'ofKHtty*' (Juks Morry, . mgr.)— 
Lincoln, Nebr., Jon. 8. m - ' _:./-*... 

"Man of-'Utr-ijhOlce", ■(BJV..M. LiMMN sV 
ayrr.l—HuhtlntHob, lnd.. Jsn-j:. Elkhart 3. 
lia-Porte 4, iflcblian Cliy C, Chicago, 111., 0- 
' tK : " -" -' ■'' " •".■'" -•• •-"" 

"Matnoiy and the. Humming Bird" (Jules Murry, 
■ -nWr)— Circa. N./Y.. Jan. B. ■■■ ' - j--' ■ ' 

'■MfrkM Wotcan". fA. H. Woods., mgr.l— N. Y. 
City Sl-Jin. 0, PblladieJpSIa. PI. 7-lt ~-- 

"MteOWttr Boy" (Geo- D. 8wtef,'mgr.)-^6fnndla, 
Kin.. Jan. '2. Conconlia>3, Molt 4. .Osborne 
5. Downs 7, Oliseo 8, DeloboiB, ^Mlnneapolia 
lO.i-Abllene II. Jonctloa-Cify Hy s-.<j *-• 

"Maii'a Broken. Promise" (J. L. \erouee Amuse. 
CtT.r mgrs.)— I'aterayn, N. J., 31-Jan. 2, iilixa- 
l*th «T.,'Newark,M2. ' ^ i pr' 

"Mldnlkli't EKono". (Kd. H-. Lester, mgr.l^—To- 
ledo. O., 30-Jau. 2, Dayton 3-5. Colottbbi i- 

• fl^^lndiinapolls. lnd.. 10-12. 

"My- Wife's KamHy." B. C. .Whitney's, Eaitern 
(Fre«n»H rinkfc. mgr.)'— Bristol. Tenn., Jan. 
2./;KuoxTllle.3. Abliefillc. N. -C.,4, Sparrsn- 
bdfsT.'B. U-. •", Greenflile T. Newberry 8. An- 
susta. Ga., 9, .Sarannab 10, Chirleatbwn, 8. 
C;;--ll. FiorenWi.12. 

"My Wife'«-K»moy." H, B. Linton's, Central 
i Frank Cootfe- uigt.) — Fremont. OV. Jan. 2, 
FOitorla i3. 'Tlftln 4. Bbcyhia 5. Upper San- 
ilUakf :7, St. Marys 8. WiBltoritta 9, Troy 10, 
Mentis n I CHlftjr* 11.. BprlnjAtM 12. . 

"MtrFfl.fdW's F|iH" (Ho wariT Powers, rngy,)— 
dfand HflpldB; Mlrh.. UWnn. 2, Po+t Huron fl. 
Rtiy-City,*, ',, Jtsjclflliw-O. OilUiant. Can,, T. 
St.-Tbomaa 8. Hraiit^ru. B, St. Catherines 10, 
lUrull^o 11. 12. . "t , ^ 

sidills* "Mlilulglil l'lyrri" Northern (AausaaJ \arney, tngr.) 

HnHp 1 Imparl- 

rUflr-r-wKalriiotli, W-. VJ.. Sl-Jw- 0. 
Uueilug Xlorb (Kdgur ttoortog.' orgt.l-^Sabul^, 

lu.. al-Jaii. 3. , 
Illlliuin. Maud.' (W. A. Dillon, ugr.)— Portland, 

Me.: Jau. 2-3. 
Ukkuiau &. JJcasvj" (Debit Lawrence, mgr.}— 

-?(>exter. Wo., Jan.. 2, P'rederlcktown 3. ..Bonne 
THrre* 4. De 8nto 3.- WiKMbfctoD 0; ■' JebTeraOn 
Clty.Ti :KulUw S; - Ilnntarllie 0, Carroll ton 10. 
I>Vlngton IK HlgBlnsvllae 12. 

"Midwlght Flyer.". Weflteru (M. Anderson, mgr.) 
— Spdlouie, W'afth:. -30-Jait. C.'Lewlaton; Ida., 
«.' Moscow 7. .COlfax...Wa«U.. 8,._Walla Walla 
!i..Pro!i*rr in, Kllenbnrg 11. Tscottq 12. 

"My Tom Boy Girl" (Cbas. V.. Blaney Amuse. 
Cb.'.- inirit.f-^St. tOsM Mo.. JO-Jan. 3, Chl- 
titayi,Mn.. 0-12. . - 

■'Miliioiii''.re , « Urrenge" (Mlttrnthtl Bros. Amuse, 
Co.. mlrrK.)--Cblcago III. GO-Jin. ". 

"Man from tie We4t.V O. A. CranaaH's (W..K. 
Sparks, mgr.)-AUwood City. Pa.. Jan. 2, East 
PAleaflheV O.. STBeaVet Fdls,' Pa.,-4. ■ 

"MyWlfr's Kjunliyy'Soutnern v(l£ McGowan, 
wgr.) — Baton,-.'??.' Mex.'.' Jan. "2. - 

"MewJIIm^anu I." Hdrtjg & Smumu's— Chatti- 
nooga, -Tean,. 31-Jan:-;«. 

&:* ■ :; •;-vi f, .' \ "' " : '-" 

Nctbersolc. Olga (Loubt Netbcrsole. mgr.)— Los 
AtlpeleH.. Cat-, 31-Jan. 5. Oakland. 7-12. ' 

MtfWBv Cnrlotta -'(Waller '.N.- Lawrence, mgr.) — 
N. Y. City IF; EaptaQev UpEr?- >.!.-• 

KaMonnt Bteek (Scbwtnk ! A- .Blinder, rojrra.) — 
CtllilleotUe. 111.. Jan.-. 2 3. VlrittQU /. . C. 
I#srIito:i 7. 8. Monrit Sterling u, 19. Carmige 
-Hv-'l*. , -" --■■ - '-■ I.' *- • ■ a- • . ■-: ;■. -. 

"Ninety nod Nine" (J. D. Barton A Co., gurra.) 
-T-Wasiuugtoo. D. C-. 31-Jan.-. C. .- 

"NeHlpi .'the Beautiful -Cloak Model'.' (A. H. 
Woo»ls..mgr.)— N. Y. City H- Jau. 3, Brooklyn, 

"NetUe. the News Girl" (Could ft Freed, mgrs.) 
— Mammoth. U.. Jau. -2. Salt ■ Lake City 3-3, 
Jlrlitatr, 7. l»gan 8. Idaho Polls, ;lu>. r 0, St. 
.Viifttmy tt>. Bexbnea: ll.--Blackfi»t,"12r 

"Nc*ody*a CInln),"Kasteru— Cincinnati. O., Jau, 

"Notwdy'a Claim." Weatern (TL B. Ij? Boy. mgr!) 
• — NOtHi-. Platte.' Nebr.v Jan. 3, Sterilng. Colo.. 
- 4,''Bet»<rer 0-12. ■■-"■ • 

.^, - -.. v. :-. .-• O - 

Olcott. CBatmcey (Auguelus Pitou, ngr. ■ — Pblla- 
diOpbla. Pn,( 31-Jan. 3. .W*aflbJngtorii..j). C... I- 

O'Neltl. James (Bdgar Fontati mgr.)— San Frsn- 

eifw> ( Cal.. 30-Jiti. 12- " - 
O'Noil, Tnmrr IWrtij hik, Jon. 2." Newpoit, 

U.- V i.>: .3,MfU|. HM Mass.. -A. . . zT ' 

Osnan Stock (John Osman, mgr.) — Greenwood. 

S. C.V- 31-Jan.. 2, Cheater .3-5. T^i 

"Cm -Parole'^ -<Hecry Miner, mgr.) — Cleveland, 

G., 31-Jan. C. ./ 
"Onr New Mliilsfer" (Joseph Cooyers. mgr,) — 

Ix>ck Haeen. Pa.,Jsn. 2. Wllllatnaport 3. MssV 

tog: 4. Trenton. N. J., 3, JCewport >*ews, Va., 

7. Nwfolk 8. 9. Petersburg 10, Blcbmood It. 

IB:- .: v- "- ■ ...::. - 

"Our Old Kentucky tlome" (Wro, Heywood. mgr.l 
— OUtbPv Kan., Jan. 2, Ptola 3, Osawitomle 3, 
Oafn'ettT.'- ' A 

"Out in Idaho" (Ed. F. A'laais k Co., mgrs.) — 

I.p*[-tu'. Ida., Jan. 2, (^oe*ee 3, Moscow -4. 

PulIaiftt.'-'.Waidi..' 3.' Stwkarie 0,' Ttarrlwn. Ida.. 

7. Burke 8. Missoula, Mont., V. Butt* 10, Great 

.FBlHll;-Hel«ra'12. ' ---• ' :■ ' 


Turned. Kalbryn (W. D. -Fltagerakl. mgr.)— But- 
ler, Pa.. 31-Jan. B, McKemport T-12. - 

Pnyton Winters (jl B. Payton. mgr.)— San Aocelo, 
Tex.. 31-Jnn. .'. Batllogvr 7 12. 

Paige. Mabel (Henry -IVVHIard, mgr.)— Bain- 
bridj.f, Ga„ 3 1 Jan. 2. 

Plt'iu-itK. the Four (Willis Pickett, mgr.)— Mia- 
mi, Fla , 31-Jan; 01 

•'Prince' of India" (Klaw fc Erlangcr, mgrs.) — 

"Pir> (Wm. A; Brady, tngr.)— 3t. Paul. Minn., 

"Phantom Dctecllve." Bowlind ft CltETord'a (Dave 
Seymour, nagr.) — N. Y.-City 31 -J an. 3. -Woler- 
tarpr, Coan;, 7, BrldgepoTt 8, 9, New ; Haven 10- 

"f'oor BelaUou" <L. A. S'elm. mgr.) — Sheboy- 
gan. WU. f Jan, 3. Two Rlws 6, Oconto 7. Mari- 
nette 8, Kscanabs. -Mlcb., 0, Mtrnnettc 10, 
Htncoek 11, Caluinet 12. -■ i 

"Pair of Country Kid*." Eastern (C Ja* .Smith. 
niB^.wwoodatock. Va., Jan. y, Front .Royal' 3. 
Frederick. Md.. 4. Hancock 3. IJetkleV Springs, 
W. V«„ 7. Cumberland. Md.. 8. Meyersdalc, 
Pu.. 9. Midland. Md., 10, Lonaconlng ll, p;eJ- 
moot,-W.. Vs., 12, 

"l*nlr of Orijiiiry Kids," Weatern (C. Jay Smith, 
mgr.)— Warrensburg. Kan., Jan: 2, Osaaiva- 
tomjp 3, Mound City 4. Pleasanton 0. Mluden. 
Mo.; 0, Butler, 7, Blch Hill 8. Nevada- 9, Carth- 
age 10. Lamar 11. Liberal 12.' 

"Painting tbe Town," - cnitt; H. Yale's— Cedar 
Ilnnlds. Ia., Jan. 2. Lincoln. Nebr., 7, 

"Peck's Bad Boy.V'Westttn' (Doha Amuse. Co., 
mgrs.)— Forsythe, Mont.. Jan. 3, Miles City 4, 
Gtendlee^S. DickltHOn. N. Dak.. 7. Man-Jan 8. 
Parda- 0, Crookaton.' Mlno.. 10. Grand* Porks 
N. Dak., 11, Bralnerd. Mian.. 12. 

.. ,. ...^ 

"Queen of the nigbblndera" l"A. H. Woods, mgr.) 

. ^— .CKT^laOfl, O.. Bijou. 3, Detroit. Mlcb.. 0-12. 

"Qnlocy^ Adaots Sawyer." Saeteru— Scotidilc. 
.Pa.. Jan. 2. .Mount Pjesmnt 3, Beltr-rcwte t. 
Tyrone ft. > flrtcnalwrg 7. Irwld 8, . Indiana 0, 
teecbhuTg 10.- Vand>rgrllt XI. New Keuslni- 
*ap 12. -,-.-> -.:*■ 

"Quirrfy Adama Sawyer." Western 03tewart A 
p'Nall. mgrsll-^btbalto. Wash., Jan. 3/ fla- 
lem, ore.-.' 3, 4. Eugene 3, Stockton. CaL, B*X2. 
' -V - H. : -" .,•.--- , ; 

liiL-veii. Annie. (Wjgertbkid A Keuper. ntgrrt:)— 
. Alhany. V.- V;, Jan.' 2. 3. pinrlnglMrt. lli-H.. :». 

lloi'son.,r.leanor iLm/tat * Co,, lairs.)— JC. y. 

RiHieit, LIIMao (Joseph Brooks, mj-r. »— phiia. 
Qelpbia,vpft. 1 -3|j ia .-fi i -. _____ ~ T 

J., e, n. y. 

£mfTrt Set • I Joe Mack, tnicr.)— Bloomlncton, 111. 
" Veorla a-3. St- I^uls; Mo., 0-12, 

Ll MB UlK w ^l ttf Of BEEF. 

SuffprwA »of Thr 

|».OIiM;j>y 6<tfl« 

*'I Buffere'3 Mm lafti for about three 
'years off- and da. ' 1 flnally wtw & doctor 
And he Rave tch r*rn»cti«H that did me no 
frr-0, bo I tried I Call j iu» when iuv limb 
btlbv the knee to the bohlc was &» tawgrt 
a _Jlece of bcofi" AU 4 nstlct wan the Can. 
ctra Hoep and. tbe;" Ointment. I bathtil 
with Cntiatlra 8>p "every: diy, and n 6 &d 
about fcis.-or «otii- boxoa oF CuUourfl Oint- 
ment. I was thor jagjbly oared of tbe fan- 
ni5T,i3 tbrec weekfl, and bavea't beep af- 
jeotcd wllb it atiloe. 1 ue* no. other 8oau 
tb^^ntfctitanow. H..J. Myera, U. S. N., 
U^S.'S. Nettflrb, New York, Julj J3 ( 1&05." 
■^sjsjfega tf ti j ' un a i ■ 

noWMfp'n.-i^drbrej and Gertrude, sssMttftfw 4 

JlrlATieer, nigta. — LUca; N.-Y., Jan. a. 
Bopfrj, FlOfence (John Cort, mir.)— Portland, 
.DM., ,JO*Jflo. ;2, PcndletcD .4. -Baker city 3. 
.-tttt litt'Oyr, U..7-1*. .Logan •It>,.Ugden U, 

Pteto -city '.If, ' , ' '■ 

Bay, Johntiv and Emma (Stair A Mcolal, mm l 

—BrMiilyq, N/ ¥.. 31-Jan. B. ■- i ^ ' 
Itystb'' ytbrk (Daniel Ryan, -mgr.)— Sprlhrteld, 
' JSRrtTT - t-fTfr- " . ' -" 
"Rogers 3n». In- IieLn<l" (Qua ft Mai uoffors. 

mgrs.)— Lexington, Kr.,' Jan. 2, -NaihiiUc, 

Tedn.- 3,-MeWphla 4. 5. 
"ROge' of the-HnJicliO" iDaTld Bclasco, mgr.)— 

N; -ti- City 3l (; ibdefiolte. ^^ 

"Road to Yesterdjy 1 ' (8am S. A Lee Shubert. 

Jfie.; mgrs.)— X. Y. City 31. indeUllb. - 
"Ruled vUff the Tnrf". (A, : -H. Wood*, ;- osgT.)— 

tfrookiyri. N. Y.. 3l4an.;n, i N.T.-Cli*Tl2. 

"Race foh'Lire" (P.'ll. SulUean AUiW». Co . 

-mjtrfl.l— N. Y. City' 31-Jan. •■*&, : Pbllaa>l]bla. 

"ROJal Slave 1 ," Gordon AVBcnnett's, West' (Ret 
RbWltl, ingr.l— EllKcwrtb, Kan., Jan. 2, So- 
lina-'3,,SIcPbettwn 4. -CoffeyeUle &. HeftCeU ;, 
ilerlngloti lO.'AWleiic.Il. Junction City 12. 

"UaBReil Hero," -l*atider De. Uontova Oo.'o (J. 
IL" Rhodes, muf.')— Wewtlwlil. Mass,, ; Jan. 7. 
Spencer c), Warren O.'.Wire lO^Oatdcer li 
PdftamJ-Donti., 12. 

"RailrondJa^k.'-' Veatem (Ijodla B. Cbrtot, mgr.) 
-^-Saudy. L'.,'JoD. 2, Bingham Canyon 3, Amer- 
ican Fork 4..Bount;io.l s. salt Lake City o-n. 

"ltomance Of Coon Hollow" (L, J. Hlerld, nigr.) 
—Blount 'Vernon. N. v. Jin. 2. Defer. N. J.. 
' 3."' iWblte Pieina." N.' Y.. 4. KUmford, Oonu.. 
0. Fast- 8tro1i*t*buri:. Pa., *7. Plvfcoutb I 
Forest City y'.'llalluead 10, WstklmT. N, Y., 
la? Weverfy.ii. 
, f " - *«■' ' 

Sotbern. E. 11., and Jillla Marlowe (Sam s. ft 
Lee Shubert, Inc., mere.)— Boaton, ftlass., 31- 

" Jkft-.Il.-:-. - T Sfx - J . 

Sntwer.- Otis (Charles Frobrian. mtr.i— Cblcsgo, 
ill., BO'Jto: is. 

StfDl, Road (Henry B. Harris, mcr-)— N. Y. City 
31, InarnnttP. - ' r- 

Sliea.'Toos. "B. .(NItcw A Zlmtncrtaao, Imgrs.)— 
Rochester, N. V., 31-Jau. 2, Syracuse 3-0.. N. Y. 
City 7-19.- 

Scott. Cyril (Waller K. .Lawrence, mgr.)— Mil- 
waukee. Jtt'lflvao-Jaa. 2- • *- -• 

SpooQer. Cecil (Chas..C- Blaoey Amuse. Co., 
mgfe.l— Brooili-n, N. • r.. ' 31<Jao; 5. Plilladcl- 
iiiflii; HOHXfr 

Sldnry. George (Stair A Nlcnlol, ragrc.i— ^r. 
Lonls. Mo.. 30-Jau. 3. Milwaukee, Wis., 6-12. 

Sullivan. Joseph 'J. i\v. . S. .Magutre. mgr.)— 
Dover, N. J., Jan. 2. ■ Allen toi 
.^uth_ Bethlehem -1, Plalntteld. X. 

Sulb'v Dan— York, Pa., Jan. 

nJTrt Set - • 

Jan. 2, ... 

Shelter, Tommy {i'jn\ Bargesb; mgr.) — Johns- 

n Pa./ 31-Jan. 0, Atibcrn, N. Y., t-12. 
Saliabyry-Mnrray (Cbaa. J.' Oonrad, njgt.)— But- 

UissvVtV, 31 Jam. 0, MeenanlesTllle,. S; Y„ 7- 

StocTdard Stock— Astiberit, N. B.. .Cad.. 31-Jan. 5. 

"rtuiirlfy" (Julius Calm, mgr.) — Toronto, Can., 

;U<Jao. ri, ■- Mout real . 7-12. .. .- .-. .':. 
"Sky Fdrm" .(Rcrnnfd TUornlou, ingr.l — CSlcigo, 

,Hi:, . 3u-jan. i-; -■■- ';■ t: ■•- ..-. . 

"Sign, -of the Crcw» ,, -(R. G.-Craerln. mgr.) — 
Cahon City. .Colo., Jan. 2. Pueblo U. Colorado 
Rflrlngs -l,- Vlo tor 3, Cripple Creek ii, Boulder 
7, Lppgtnont 8. " *■ ! 

"SMeetevt Girl In Dixie". (C 8. BuWe. mgr.)— 
Greenville^ Mlsa;. Jan. 2,- QreenWood 3. wln- 
ons— (. -Grenada 5. Voter ■ Vol l*T T, Oxford 8. 
Holly Springs »,- Corrstli 10/ Tupelo 11, Oko- 
lona: 12... - - - . ;---.■:■-• 

"Seil-iVts-of llie Police" (A. II. Woods; mgr;)— 
Detroit. "Mich..-. SO'-Jin. -0, Toledo. 0.. tl-8. 

"Stringer lb Town." B.". B. Linton's OM. C; Ca- 
bin, mgr. i— Aiallon. O., Jan. 2. Delaware ." 
Mecbnclcitmrt; i- SirlagBeld 5, -Wheeling, V 
Vft.; TO. SteobeavlUe. U.,10, UhriebsvUTt It. 
Ad*-12. .. , „j:>w •-.■-- ■ .-•- ; - : 

'•tsnsjjSjt'a,; lu-vcngcf" — Kearney, Nebr., 'Jan.';'4, 
HastlngK- 3. ■ - : . - 

"Sunny «oulh" IJ. C. Rockwell, mgr.)— Eldred, 
Pa.. Jan. 2, Bolivar, WY„ 3, FrKndsblp, Pa.. 
4, Cabel -3. - .- • ■' 

- V* • .■-- T ■; • -- 

Thurston, Adelaide (Francis 3L Hope, mgr.)— 
(Llocoln, Nebr., Jan. 10. '...-.- 

Thayer. Otis ,B. (Virtue - H. Schaft-r, mgr.)— 
Evansvill*, lnd., 31-JarJ. 2, Term Haute 3-5. 

Taylor Stock (U.W- Taylor, mgr.)— Amsterdam, 
X.-rY.i 31-Jan. C. Tatrytown-7-12.' 

Trousdale Brta.' Thealre, Kastirn (Merle Ttoii^- 
dok?. mgr.)— I,a Clede 1 , Mo..- ' 31-Jan. : 2,- Rich- 
mond 3-u, Camden 7-li. Smlthrllle 10-12. 

TroiiMlale Bros.' Tteatfe (W. W. A B. B. Trous- 
dale, mgrs.)— Spirit Lake; la., 31-Jiu. 2; Fort 
Dodge 3-3, ClarJcn 7-3, Moras City 10-12. - 

Tempest. J. L-— Keyser. W. Va.; '3Uan.5. . 

"Too" Proud to Beg," tanAssT J. Carter's— Oly 
PbenLPfl.. Jan. 2. Plypnoutb 3, Bloomobur; 
4, FreeJaod 0, . ' : • - 

"Thorn* anil Omnre Blostloms." Rowland ft Clif- 
ford's, A (t''rev( Wilton, mgr.)— Wilmington. 
Del... 31-Jan. 2, Caadeu, N. J.. 3-5. Hvljokc, 
M«M.« 7-6. ' : ■"■ ' 

"Thorns and OraJsge PTturmni ," Rowland ft Clif- 
ford's. B '(Frank Vlnchr ltgr.)-'Bajh, lie., 
Jan. 1, Llvennore l'alls 2, Buinf'bru FoOi •'. 
Portsmouth, N. U.,.4, .Hllford, Ma»s.. 0. Woon- 
socket; H. ]., 7, Mlddletown. Conn.. 8. New 
Britain" u. Torrluytoa 10, Wl noted 11, Derby 

"Time, the Place ond the Olrl" (M. H. Singer, 
rogr.)— Chicago. III.; 31, lodenutle. 

"Texas" (Bro-adtiurst St Corrlc;' nprs.) — Loula- 
vllte. Ky.. 3ieJsg. 3. Cincinnati. O.. 0-12- 

"Time, the- Place olid the Girl'- (M. H. Singer, 
mnx.l— Jacksonville, III., Jon. 2, Blooming- 

. to» 3. / , , . "'- ■ " - 

"TeHi Tboqsaiifl Dollars Beward" (Bpenrer Jt 
A Lorn,' mgrs.) — St. Louis. Mo., 30-Jan. 8. 

"Tltlle OIfoo." F. W.'Falkuer's— Mount Vernon. 
Wash., Jon. 3, Portland, Ore.. 0-12- 

"Teaaa Fwroti^n" ■ (A', VII lair.: wr-)— Hum- 
boldt, Tenn., 'Jan. 4, Iluntlugtou 3. Paris "• 
gj . > 

"tTmler Southern Skies. '• Basitern (Harry Doe' 
Parker. -Tngr. I — Burlington. N. J.. Jan. -. 
Brldgeton 3, Salem 4. Trenton 3, PhlUdclpbla. 
Pa;, 7-13; -. . 

"Under Sbdthern Rkles." Wewtern (llarrr D«e l 
Parker, mgr.)— Redlanda, . Cal.. Jon. 2, San 
Beronrdlfio 3, Pamona 4. Passadena 0. Bskeri- 

• Retd 7. Vlsolln 8.' n.nfonl 8. Fresno 10. m . 

"Cnder Southern Skies." Central (Harry Reel 
Parker, mgr.)— RockTlllP, lnd.. Jan. 2. Noolej- 
vilje 3, Tipton 4. Tort W*yne 0. Angola j. 
RluftTton 8. Marlon 0. Wabash 10. Andcnon 11, 
Lima. O.. 12. . ■ 

"l^nele Totn'a Cabin." AJ. W. Martin's ltd. S. 
Martin, mgr.l— Ottawa. Con.. 3Won. 2. Man- 
cheater. N. H-, 30. Providence, R. I.. 7-12. 

"Hnclfr Tom't Cabin." Stetson'*. Northern (Geo. 
Peck, mgr.)— Merced. Cal.. Jan. 2. IJeermore 
3. Haywards 4, Sar, Jose 5. Stockton 1. James- 
town 8. Tuolumne P. Sonera 10. Oakdale 12. 

"Uacle-.Tom'a. CaWn.'.' Terry'a (G.. W. Dickey, 
mgr.)— Holdenvllle. lnd. Ter.. Jan. 2. Broken 
Raw 3. Collhw-vttle 8. Bartleaville 0. Caucy. 
I5ah.. 10. Pern 11. Dejtrr 12. . _„ 

"Uncle Jofb Sprufebv, 1 .' EsBteri. Hank* * '",* 
w»'e*-Sew Mllfor.1, Onn., Jan- 2, Ll'i'hjf 1 ,' 1 
% JSaiufajiifik *- -Xorrinaton G. Wlnaled 7, Ws i • 
Ungfpnl 8. Watcrhnrr «. Bristol 10, SOtttb 
Mattcbeihtr Il.'WIIltnnnilc 12. l 

"Duels) -Joth Sprneshv." Weaforn. : Hank« A Frj- 
ssst'a— Bo)U* Fourche. S, -Dak., Jaq. 3. 8tnrsli 
:i,,Roptd City 4, ClltGroii 3. 'Rmdrsllt*. fisnf- 
7. ifolenHHe^. AlnaworUi 0, ^Vortolk 10. Wayt.J 
11. Ponca 12. ■ „ 

"Utlqle Jfl*li 'Spntt'i'bt." Rout list a. BMss * "<"" 

nes-'a^Harroilnbure-. Ky.. Jon. 2. Lexington -j. 

MaysvJlle 4, HliUboro, 0„ 5. Mauclwster -■ 

PortsnTOuth S. AsilauJ 9, WeUstoa 10, AtXens 

V UgEBte IS. ~" J " 

.Ta¥&ARY a. 

"CorJerJeah Perkins," Eastern, II. H.- Fnie*'* 
—Lafayette. Goto., 2. Longrooot tf, Bert bond 
(.. Lcveiaad 5, Xortb rune, - Nebr,. 7, Lulng- 
t»a 5, .Kearney V, Onnd Inland 10. 

"t'Dcle.Joah Perkins," ttoutfcero. Hanks A ?xt- 
We"*— Adair, la., Jan. 2, Kti«? llle 3, Union- 
rllle. Mo., 4, Trenton R. Milan 7, Chllilcotoe 
3, Brynkflein 9, a-*ler- io. BooMlUe 11, Jef- 
ferson City 12. 

"Vticle Tom's Cabin" (W. Smith. ngr.)— Tatra 
city. in-. Jan. 2. Klmwood 3, BrltaDeld 4, 
Wyoming C, Toulon 7. ■ 

"Uncle Tom's Cabin." Burt's (0. E. Bcyerle, 
mir.)— Lincoln, J."ebr., Jan. 3-o. 
--• V 

Fin,- Billy n. (P. n. BnlliTaa Amaie Co-nm.) 
—St. 1'aul. MUm., 30-Jan. 5. Minaeajwlh '1-12. 

Van Dyke * Eaton (F. Hack, mgr.) — Portsmoata, 
O., 31-Jan. .J. 

Via Stock (ffm, W. LtpQlnt, ngr, ) — 
.Waterloo,- P. Q., Can., 31-Jao.. £, Firabam 

■'Villas* I>nr*on" '(O. B. . W<*. .ngr.1— Himll- 
ton, N. Y-.i Jan. 3. 11 ion 4. Rome r.. 

"Volunteer Organist" (Allen Pierce, mgr.)— Hsn- 
i>tt*r. Pa.. Jan. . 2, Way twsboro .1, Cbinibe-s- 
Urg 4.-CaHlsle ft. MUdletown 7. Omtesrllle 8, 
fba-nhvllle ft, Pottsvllle lit, Snnbury 11, Lew- 
Lit ■,-.-. 12. 

:.. ■--.... w . 

wntatfu Binoche -(Wagenhal* & Kemper. MaVl — 
JajrtHaV Mich., Jin. 2, N, Y. Cltj 7, lu-kftalie. 

WnrUehJ, Dflflil (Davia iielosco, rap.; — Si. Louis, 
.VQ.,«31'Jjtn. &....-.. ... 

Wilson. Francis (Charles Frohman. mgT.)— Kan- 
sis City. Mo.; SO-Jnn. 2,- Cellar KapM*, la:, 8. 

Weber's, Joseph » , All Sura (Chas. T. K. Mil- 
ler, mgr.)— N..Y. Cltv 31, Indefinite. 

Wilson, Al. II. (Sidney K. Ellis, ragr.)— ma 
Van. N. Y.. :il, Wllltamsport, Pa., Jan. X. Sun- 
tmrr 2, Phsnlxvliie 3, Atlantic Cltr. N. J-. 

4, 5, H. V. Chy 7*12. -. -. :. 
Wiiiant, K. 8. (utinrles A. Moore, ingr.)— Phlla- 

tlelphla, Pa., i/l-Jan. 0, Washington, D. C, 7* 

Woodruff. dHeory (Henry Miller, mgr.)— N. T. 

City 31. Indefinite. 
wills. Nat M. (Broadhorst & Carrie, up.)- At* 

Unta.'On., 31-Jan. 0. 
Wvii.Han (Stair k Menial, mgn.) — Pittsburg, 

Pa., 31- Jan. 0, Cleveland, O.. 7-12. 
William* aud Walker (J. D. Barion, mgr.) — 

Jncksonxille. 111., Jan. :i. ■ 
ivinolnger Bro.i. Own (Frank Wlnalneer, ragr.) — 

Canton. 111., 31 -Jan. 0. Beanujtown 7-13. 
TVLttemac's Comedians — Wlnnsboro, Tex., 31-Jan. 
- 1, iiilner 3-S, !-ongv lew 7-9. Carthage 10-12. 
Whyte Dramatic (Chas. 1' Whyte, mgr.) — Eu- 
reka. Knn., Jin. 7-32. - 
Wallack's .thetitre. Northern (Diihlnakj Bros., 

mgrs.)— Rock Island, 111.. 31. indeOnIte. 
•* 'Way Down Ea»r" (Van. A. Brady, njr.)— 

.MlnreapoIU. Mian., -10-Jan. 5. 
■■WhlU; 'Man Burnn," LIdvoId J. Carter's — Mon- 

ireal, Cnn.. 31-Jan. A. 
•'Woman of Fire" (I*. H. Sulllrin, ngr.)— Cal- 

cap>, III.. 31-Jan. 12. 
'/Warning Bell." r.ordr.n It Bennelt'a. East (For- 

rent lxhnm. mat. t — Lotisfnid, Pi.. Jan. 2, Slit* 

inston :'.[ J.phlgiilpn 4. Slienamloah u. Freeland 

5. Ashland Maucb Cliusk 10, Shanokin 11. 
Mount Garmpl 12. - 

"Waruliis Bell." Oordon.Jb Bennett's. XCnt (F. 
a Lwtlti*. mcr. )— DanvUle, til., Jan. 2. 
Moopenton -3. . SiicUlon 4. -Qttatr'a i. Mlcblcan 
City, lad.: 0, Knnx : 7, n/lnauac 8, Pern. 111.. 
f .i. Columbia City. 1*1., 10, Garrett 11. Find- 
lay, O., 12. •■■■.. 

"Way of tbe Transgressor," CbiB, H. Tale'i — 
Si. Catherines. Can.. Jan. 3,. Hamilton 4. 3. 

"When the World- Sleeps" ■ {M Schwarti, mtr.(— 
Cincinnati. O., -30.Jin.-5, Cblcagw. III. 6-12. 

"Why Oirl-j Leare Home" (Vance & SulUvao, 
tngrs. ) — Montreal,' Can.; Jan.v"-12. 

"Woman of Mystery" (itov. D. -Way, -nur.l — 
Frankfort, Ky..-.T*n. i: - LawrMi^bug 2, George- 
town 3. Pkrb I. I^xington J. t'crt?rjontb, O., 
7. Jronton 8, (lalllrolU !i. Pomeroy 10, I'arkerc- 
Irarg, W. Va.i 11, wellaton. 0., 12." " . ;. 

"What Happened to Jones" (N. L. Jelenko.-miT.) 
— MeadvlHe. Fa./- Jan. -3.. OU-'Clty 4, Beaver 
■1'aiN 5. Waiblugton 7, butler 12. - - 

'.'Wife's Secret" (Bdeacer & Aborn. mtrs.)— Ho- 
bokea, N. J., 30-Ju. 2. 
.. i V' 

Torke.and Ad&au (B. E. Forrester, ngr.) — N. Y. 
Clly 31^an.O. . « .- . . ... ... 

"Yttk Stale Folk*" (Fred at Wright, mgr.)— 
Sytaeuse, X. V.. 31-Jan. 2, Rochester 3-5. 

Zlnn'a Musical Camedy— 'Walla Walla, Wash., 

30-Jan. 0, Spokane 8-12. 
:~ .- HUSICAli. 

Bernicrt. Sam (Charles Fiuumao, mgr.)— N. T. 

City 31, lniieflulte. 
Bulger. Harry (Heoty Vf. Savaje, mgr. )— Wasb- 

lugton. it. C. :ii-Jan. (;."■ m^-ti- 

Uoft|on ideal- <bmle< Opera (Erts-In Patterson, 
' mgr.) — Broken K-wr. Nehr., Jan. 4, Alliance >">. 
-Illtuk 'l'adi Troittndours-. Voelckel it .Nolan's \R. 

Vuelvkel.' ooir.) — Cbailestoo, si. C, Jau. J. 

Saraiiu.iii, 6nL 3. Wayoroas' 4, JactsoaTllle. 

. F1«.. 5, .Buifbrd 7. Orlando. Ra„ 8, Tampa, 

■ ■ Kli:, 9. Ocala 1»V Tallahassee 11. Qulory 12. 

"Belle of Mnyfulr'; (Ttioa. \F. Rjley, mgr.)— N\ 

Y.vClty 31, iruleflnlte. . ■ -. -. - 

"BPXgur Prlnce"0i*ru (Merrla k LeaVeUe, mrre.) 
' -^ake City, Fla.. SI- Jan. 2, OainesTllle 3, 

Oca la 4, S. BarUirr 7. Lakeland 8, Plant City 

0, Tampa 10-12. 
CaTrihnme, Joneph (Klaw St ErUoger, msrs.) — 

Brooklyn. N. V., 31-Jan. 0, B. V. Cltr 7-12. 
Carle^.Clcbard (Cnarles Marks, mgr.) — \Va?blr.g- 

.ton. D. C, 31-Jait. 5. 
Cshill, Marie (Daniel V. Arthur, m'cr.i— I'tico, 
. K. *T., Jan. 3. . 

Cameron, Qtiaee 'Boa ton, Mass.. Jan. T-12. 
'■Coming Thro' ihe"-(VVIll J. Block Amnse. 

Co., cigr.1. '■ — Boston, Mans.. 'U-Jsn. Si, Law* 

reace 7. i.twt-11 8. Haverhill 9, Fall River 10, 

Taw. ton 11. SprlDzHel«l.l2. 
D'Arviiif. CamllU (Sam H. & Shubett, Inc., 

mgrs.) — Brooklyn, N. X.. :tl-Jan. K. 
Daniels.' Frank -tC.-B. Dillingham, nirr.) — Knox- 

vllle, Tetin., Jau. 2. Moltlle. Ala.. 4. 
"Earl and the Olrl" (Sam s. & l.<=e Hbubert. Inc.,— Washington, J». C, .31-Jan. &, Newark, 

K J.. 7-12. 
"Everybody Works But Fat Iter" (A. R. .Webster, 
. .mgr.)-rOnutbo. N*br.,Jaiu 3. Hi. Joseph. Mo., 

(Na, Sedalla <i. Nevada 7. Jo|>lln 8, Pltlslmrg, 

Kan,, 0, Parwinn 10, Cuannte 11. lota 12. 
"Flower Olrl" (Sam S. & Lr* KlmherU 'ne., 

num.)— Clilcago, 111., 31-Jan. C, SHlwattkoe, 

wis., n-». 

Grand fttioni (Helarlch Conrlf-d, mgr.) — S. T. 
. City :u. iBtleOnlie. . 
Grand Opera (Ownr iTammorBleln, m^r.) — N. Y. 

Clly 31. Indeftnlte. 
<;1:imt. Lulu it". P. DIIIIngliBai. mgr.) — Sprlng- 

ilold, Maag., J, in. r.. H«(.)n 7-18. 
"(Teonre Wn^hlngloji Jr." (Cohan k Hani", rngra.) 

— iV.Mtuii,- Mass.. 31-Jan. 9, rblladelnbla. pa., 

7-1 1». 
"Gingerbread Man,", Eastern (Rice A Weaver, 

titer*.)— Wllkrs-Hnrre, Pa.. Jan. 2, Pltlston 3, 

WlllIaniKrwrt 4. Illiaca. ft, Y., 5. 
"Cilaayrbrend Man," Ed». A. Bradcu'a. Western — 

Lincoln, Nehr.. Jan. 11, 12. 
"Olrl and the Bandit" — Nanhvlllo. Tenn.. Jan. 

2, Memphis 3. Padmsli, Ky.. !*. 

• "(lay New Yurk" (.I^ieph Pctiinitlll, rogr.) — Nor- 

folk, Vu.. 81-Jan. r>. Lyncb:«arg 7. Cturlolle, N. 

i\, 8. Albevlll* 9. Rpnrtnnlnrx. X. C, 10, 

Greenville 11, Cohimluiit. Gu., 12. 
Hold, fllaaj f nnmii ZlegfeM. uigr.)— -N. Y. Clly 

31, ludeflnlte. « 
Ilmlerrnau's, Jounle. Lmlio-' OrcliCBlra (1>. II. 

Undernun. mgr.) — Mtrralor. 111., 3t-Jan. A, 

IlUon 7-12. 
"lllu.lloiior tlie Mayor" (Win. It. Sill, mgr.)— 

York. Ph., Jan. J. 
"Iltilly Tpliy" Uos. M. Gailea, mgr.l— Albany, 

Oh., Jan. 4. Troy, Ala., 8. Relma 10. 
Inna Ct)iEi«* Opera (Wm. Hcywood. ingr.>— llla> 

wnllm. Kan.. Jsn. 2. Fnlls city 3. Morton 4. 

Helton r,. 8f«eoa. 7, Illue Kprlngs 8, Clyde 0, 

Cawktr City lf>. Lomn 1). oaborne 12. 
"Iiijeof Bong ll«ia." It. C. WUItncy'i— Uifayette, 

I;i' ! ... Jnn. 4. 
"lxle of fplce," ft C. Whitney 'a— Patlucali, Ky.. 

• Jan. HV 
Jatils. Khile (Uehlt-r A Co.. ■atn.k— X. T, City 

■ 7-18. 

Kilties ii.ii , r.'. v, j. ri.vr-T, mir.)— City of 
•. Sfevfeo. Merlrn. Jan. 1.8. - 
"Law.! or Nod" (Will J, Block Amuse. Co., mira.) 

— Me-iUlap. MpjLi Jan. 3, Selnaa. Ala.. 9. • 
Ma«. FrM W. fliarry Artln. mgr.)— Louisville. 

J7y„ 'Jau, 3. Padticib 3. N'&abvllle. Tenn., 4. 

Jackson 5, Menobl* 7. Llttl* Rock, Ark.. 8, 

Hit- Pprlags ». Tfxsrkant 10, 8hreveport, Ij., 

11. Dallai, Ter., 12. 
"M*dam* Botiertlv" (Henry W. Ravaie. atgr.) — 

flereWnd, O.. 3t-Jan. .*■. Akron 7, Youngntown 

K. Hin-i.-'icM tn. 

"Mnvor nf Takla" fjn*. M. flallea, an;r.|— mil- 
(•urg. I'*- ■'■■'■ Jan. 3> 

"Maid- ahd/be tummy" (Joe. M. Caltw, mgr.)— 
Pearta, 111.. Jan. o. - -.. «.* ... '. 

Pcnrers, Jaa. T. flan s. k Lee Shnbert. toe.. 
mfcrs.)— >'. Y. City 31-Jin. 6. Boaton, M«j*., 
■T-J». -j •■■■: ■ , • " • 

'Teggy from Pari*," Midlion Corey'a (Ja*. B. 
somes, mgr.)— Wlenlpeg, Man,, can.. St-Jan. 
2, Grand Fork*. N. Dak., 4. Fargo 5, St. Cloud, 
Mian.. C. Bralnerd 7, 3uperlwr. Wl*,, 10, Du- 

.-. lu(b, Minn., 11. 12. , 

Roblaaon Open— St. John, N. B , Can., 31-Jan. 0. 

-Red Feather". (Jos, M. Olltes, ngr.)— Llocoln, 

"Red Peal her'*- (Jos. M. Calte*. mgr.) — Omaha, 
Nebr.. Jan. 2. 3.' Lincoln 4. ■ ■ 

"Bore of Albimbra" — Cincinnati, 0., 31-Jan. 0. 

"Koyal Chef" (Harry Herbert, mgr.)— -Jaekion, 
Mlfe-. Jan. 2, Monroe. La.. 3. Vicksburg, -Vlti., 
4, Natchea C. New Orleans, La., Q-12. 

tcrierr. l-'rilil (C. B. Dllllngtim, ngr.)— Chicago, 
11L, 31-Jao. 0. •---•# 

Sap Cirlj Grand Opera (Harry Raasell. mgr.)— 
New OrleaOi,'- La., -iO-.l mil. 13. 

Standard opera (Margaret H. Browa. mgr.) — 
WBBhiugtun. Ind„ Jan. 2. Pari", 111., :t, 4, 
Charleston L Hannibal, Mo., C. Lr.ul*lana 9, 
10, Mexico 11. 12. 

San. Frauclvco Opera — Tacoma, Wash..' Jan. 2, 
Vancouver. B. €., Can.. X 4. Victoria a. West- 
mln»ter 7. KelllnghaD. Wash.. 8. Erereit 9, 
Seattle 10-12. Aberdeen 14. Olyupla iZ. On- 
Italia 10, Portland. Ore., 17-19. 

"Student King" tllenry ■ W. Savage, mgr.)— 
N. Y. Cllt 31. indefinite. 

"Social Whirl" (Sam 8. ft Leo Shnbert, Inc., 
nigr*. >— Chicago, 111., .10-Jan. 12. 

"Show Girl." H. C. Wullsrj'a (J. P. Goring, 
mgr. ) —Albert Mkna., Jan. 2, St. Peters 
4. liunknto o. New pin o, Owatona 7, Pari- 
hault 8. Stillwater 9. Rochester 11, Winona 12. 

"Stilt *n of Sutu" (MadlMn C-orey, mgr.) — Logan. 
L'., Jan. 2, Poc4telht, Ida.. .1, BoL«e 4. Baker 
City. Ore.. 5, Walla Walla, Wash., 7. Pendle- 
ton. Ore.. 8, Tbe Dalle* 9, Portland 10-12, 
Seattle, Wash., 14-1A. 

"Simple Slinun Simple," Nbton A -Zlremernisn's 
(A. II. Varley. mgr.)— South Bethlehem, . Pa- 
Jan. 2. Carbondale 3. Wllkes-Barre 4. Scrantoo 

C. Plttston 7. Berwick 8, Bloonsburg P. 
Mount Cermet 10, gheuondoah 11, Pottsvllle 12. 

Templeun, Fay (Klaw i Erlanger, ragre.)— N. 
Y. City 31-Jan. C. 
" arists" (Sam S. 

-Akron. 0.. Jaa. 3, Youogstown 4, 3, CI 
land 7-12. 

Wiillsma. Hattie (Chatles Froliraan. mgr.) — N. 
Y. C.ty 31-Jnn. 0. Philadelphia. Pa„ 7-19. 

Waters, Tom tXkon A Zimmerman, mgrs.) — 
Wbeellng. W. Va.. Jan. 3-r,. 

"Wonderland" (Jos. M. Galtes, mgr.) — Milwau- 
kee, Wis., 30-Jan. B. 

"W'lwrd of Oa." Hurtlg A Seamoo'a^ — Philadel- 
phia. Pa.. 31-Jan. 5, Jer*e>y City. X. J..' 7-12. 

Americans, Edwin D. Miner's — X. Y. CHy 31- 
Jatt. .'., Philadelphia, Pa.. 7-12. 

Arenae Girls (<ieo. 1Mb, dist.) — X. Y. City 31- 
Jan. 12. 

Alcacsr Beanlles (T. W. Dinklns, mgr.) — Al- 
toona. Pa., Jan. 3, I.anca*ier 4, "Wmlilncton. . 

D. C, 7-12. 
Bo*>mn Belles (Jnck Singer, mgr.) — New Or- 
leans, i.u , 30-Jin. ;>. 

Bryant'*. Harry C. Fitravaitania — Reading, Pa., 

Jan. 3-5. Philailelplila 7-12. 
Blue Rllibou (}lrl». Jaiuw Hyde's — Detroit, Mich., 

30-Jan. «, Toledo, 0... 6-12. . -, _■•- 

Bacbclrr Clnh (Harry Hasting*, mgr.) — All«uy. 

N. Y., 31-Jan. 2, Hftlyoke, Mass., 3-3,- Boston 

Bowery Burlesqners (Joe' Hurtlg. 'Bigr.)— Baltl- 
more. Md.. -31-Jao. ..".,, Pittsburg,' Ta.. 7 ; 12. 

Bohpnilansit Barney nwaWd, mcr.) — Scranton. Ps., 

■.31-Jnn. s„x. x city 7-12. , :. •• • ' - 

Bon Tons I Rush A Weber, mgrs'.)— Cleveland, 0-, 
^31-Jan.. J: BanTslo. X: .Y.-,i7.-12, ■ - 

Brlcadlers.«C'has;:-CroiliweU/mgr.l— rnterson, X. 
J.-.11-Jfii.,0, Jersey. City, 7-12/ 

B(>hniaiiiSbow (F: -H- Brynn. mgr.t — Toledo, O., 
.30-.J»n.'5. iDdltnaimlK . Ittdl, Mt ■-. ^ fc 

Baltimore, Bfaiitie*—JUD)iea[>ol!9,- Minn., 30-Jan. 
-,6>Br. Joseiih. Mo,, ft-8. •:-.. +i .». 

nroflilway, nmrr Girls (Jaioes n. Curtin. mgr.) 
— Louistlllr. Ky., 30-Jnn.'5. Cincinnati. O., 
0^12. • ■•."- 

Ciry Sports, Phil Sheridan, ayrr. t— Providence, B. 
l.."31-Jan. "■. Bostoa, Mass.. 7-12. 

Cracker 'Jacks (Harry Leon!, mgr.) — Blrmlng- 
Itam. Ala- 31-Jan. 5, New Orleans, Lu,, 012 

Crfrapheil's Night Sugnlew (A. Jack Faust, mgr.)— 
Cincinnati, O.. 30-Jan. a, Cleyeland* 7-12. 

Cherry Bltwaoms (M. Jacobs, Tngr.)— X. Y. City 
31-Jan. 6.--- 

Colrmlal Relies (Chas. Falbe. mgr.) — Montreal, 
Can., 31-Jan. C, Toronto 7-12. 

Chsmregne Girls (Plill Fisher, mgr.)— St. Paul, 
Minn,, 30-Jao. 0. Bnluih 8-12. 

Derere'a. Sam, Owu 1 Indianapolis, Ind., 31-Jan. 
*". LoLiUvllle, Ky.. U-:2- 

Dainty Docbes* [Rush Jt Wener, rngrs.)— BitfTalo, 
K.jfa ^1-Jan. 5, Rochester .7-12. 

Dreamland Beauties (Bert Rantifek, ngr.)— Pblla- 
dflphLa'i Pa., 81-Jan, ft.- N. Y. City 7-12. 

Empire . Bnrlesq]tier>i (J. Fenoessy, mgr.)— Wor- 
cester, Mass;, m-Jan. 6. Brooklyn. N. Y.. 7-13. 

Fay Foster (Jnseph Omtenhelmer. mgr.)— BoHton, 
Mass.;: tl-i an. 8, Worcester 7-12. 

Greater New. York 'Stars t Jacobs ft Jermoti, mgrs.) 
— Chlcaeo. HLi. W-Jafl. 12. 

Ga/ Morning Glories <8am A. Scrlhner. mar.)— 
Kansas City, -Mo., .10-Jon. .", St. Lonls 0-12. 

Gay MB.«qnertt>r« (Ram A. Scrlbner, oiicr. ) — 
Pblladelpbli.Pa.; 31-Jan. C 

Golden Crook (Jacohn k. Jermon, mgrs.)— N. Y. 
City 31-Jan. T., Providence. K. I„ 7-12. ■ 

Illftb School Girls (T. W. Dinkln^ mgr.)— Pitts- 
burg. Pa., 31-Jan. 5, Alioonp 40. 

IrwJn'fl Big Show (Fred Irwin, mgr.)— Brooklyn, 
N. Y.. 31-Jao. 0. X, Y, City 7-12. 

Ideals (II, W. L Sim Williams, ragrs.)— Buffalo, 
N, Y-. 31-Jan. 3. Detroit. Mich.. 6-12. 

Innocent Mai<l» (T. W. Dinklnt, ngr.) — Kansaa 
Ci|y. Mo., 30-Jan. ft, sr. Lonl^ 6-12. 

Imperials ill. W. & Sim Williams, ragra.)— Phila- 
delphia. Pa.. 31.Jsn. 0. 

Jolly Girls (Gm Llenlne, mgr,)— NT. Y. City 31- 
Jan. 5, Paterson. N. J., j-12.. 

Jersey Lilies (J. Froshln, mgr.t— Newark, N. J., 
31-Jan. r... Brooklyn. N..Y...7-10, 

Jollv Grass- Widows (Gns -Hocan. mgr.)— Betroif, 
Mich., 30-Jan. ft. Chicago, III.. 0-12. 

Kentucky Belles (Robert Gordon, mgr.) — Wash- 
. Jnaton. D. C. 31-Jan. P. lloltlrnore. Md.. 7-12. 

Knlckerliockrr* (Uwiis Roble. mgr.)— N. Y. City 
31-Jan. ft, Philadelphia. Pa., 7-12, 

Ltd LlftPM (II. 8. Woodhnll. mrr.)— St. Ixinis, 
Mo.. 30-Jao. ft. Chicago, III.-, (1-10. 

I^fayette. the Grenl (T. G. l^rajette, ngr.)— 
Hrlrlgotnn, N. J., Jan. t, RtrrsKishnrg. Pa.. 2. 
}'.:[-:■ 1; 3, -Maarh Ohnnk 4. Altentown 5, Haale- 
ton- 7, Khetintidoah 8, Simtmrv P. I^ewlshurg 10, 
fjinmhemhiirg 11. Cfthirnhfa 12. 

Merry Burle*|oerw (Rnht. Mills, mar.)— Brooklyn, 
N. Y.. 31-Jan. ft. X. Y. City 7-19. 

Wm New York Jr. II. H. IMk, mgr.)— R(. tmmM 
Mo.. 30-Jan. ft. ludlnnnnnlls, Ind., 7-12. 

Slcrry Maidens (Chas. W. Daniels, mgr. )— Balti- 
more, mi., 31-Jnn. ft, Philadelphia. Pa.. 7-12. 

Merry Makers (It. K. Pntton. mgr. )— Jersey 'City, 
N. J.. 31-Jaa. 3. N. Y. Clly 712. 

Majesties (Fred Irwin, mgr.) — Baltimore, Aid., 
Jrn. 7-12. 

Murdock Bros. Omedinna (A. U. Mttrdock. mgr.) 
— Uogansbtirg. N. Y., 9-13. 

XiglK Owls (Rohen Manchester, mgr.)— rbllailcl- 
pblfl. Pa., 31-Jqv). ft, Reading 7-B. 

»w London Gaiety Girls (CHIT \V. Grant, mgr.) 
—Milwaukee. Wl».. 30-Jan. 5. 8t. Paul, Mluu., 

New Century Girls (John J. Moynlbnu, nurr.)— 
Toronto, urn . Can., 31-Jnn.- ft, Buffalo, X. Y-, 
7-12. - , 

Orlculnls (Balph Edwarila. nigr.)-- baaawm. Ill- 
Jan. 2. Astoria 3. Jollet ■ I. Anrora 5. Mlrhl- 
cau City. Intl., 7. Nile Kenr., fc . Itcntnn liar- 
Imr 0. Dowaglnc 10, Coldwaler 1 1. Marfhall 12. 

Paris hf Nislit (W. It. Irons, mgr.)— Brooklyn, 
X. Y., 31-Jan. 12. 

Parisian Wldowa (Hush k Welrr. mgrs.)— Chi- 
caon, HI.. 3U-Jau. ft, Detmil. Mich., tt-12. 

Pnrlslnx Belles (Chns. E. Taylor, mgr.) — St. Jo. 
septo. Mo.. 31-Jan. 2, Kaneas City +i- 1 

Rlatto rinnadrrK tCla". Franklin, »bt.) — Milwau- 
kee. Wis.. ;;■"»- Jan, ft. st. Paul, Minn.. 8-12, 

Reercx', AL— Sprlagneld. Mn'<„ 31-Jan. 2, Al- 
itor. X. Y.. Hi Heading. Pa., 10-12. - -' . 

Ito-*- lldl Ent:llsli Folly (Rico A Barion, trntra.) 
—Heading. I'm., 31-Jan. 2, Newark. X. J., 7-12. 

Itcniifitinlley *Abr- Lesvltt, mgr.)— I'll tslwrg. 
Pa.. 31-Jan ft. 

Illce * Barton's Big Gnlrty— Ttnutnn, Mass... 31- 
Jan. r.. Kpringoehl 7.0. AlHonr. N. Y.. 10.12. 

Rose Sydell's LoihWjil Belles i\V. H. Canipl>ell. 
dist.) — Voni'iu, Mass., 81-Jan. 5, N. Y. City 

RMIIy"'ft Wowl's (Pat Tlelllr. Iriarr.l— Troy. X. 

T..*3i-Jao. 2, Albany 3-f;. BcrantMi. Pa.. 7-12. 
Runaway Oirli (Peter 8. Clark, mgr.)— Indian- 

apotls. IwL. Jan. R-3. Cincinnati 'O., 7-12. 
Klsr Kbow «IHa iW. retlhessy. wer.)— Dnlutli. 

Hlnu., JUlJau. .'.. Minneapolis ri-12. , ■ 

Strollers (L. C Zillenu, mgr.) — Owemlmro. Kv., 

31-Jan. 2. 
Tlser Lille* (Isbt Gnvla. mgr.) — Cleveland. O., 

ol-Jfln. 3, Pittibtrrv, Pa., 7-12. 

Trans- Allan lie Burle^iocrs, Hurtlg A SeaaMO'a— 
Clnciomau, 0., vu-Jsnv 07- Btnninghaa, a:*.. 

: 1-11; 


Trocadproa (Chai. H. WiMron, bit.)— Maaaatl 
City. Ho., Jan. 0-12 — 

Tborooelttreds (Wit«b. Martin, ngr.)— Alh-inv. 
X. X, 3W«n.,2. Xrot 3-5. Mottreal, Can., 

Twentieth Century Maids (Mnnry Krana, mgr.)— 

ProvJaeace. It. I., Jec. 7-u. ay; 
Vntiliy Fair (Rohett, Manchester, mgr.)— Indian- 

apoUvlod.. 31-fan- 2. Cleveland, O.. 7-12. 
World Beaten (J. tierhert -Mack, mgr.)— Ro- 
chester, N. Y., 31-Jan. 0. Albany 7-9, Holyoke, 

Mass., 10-12. 
Wine, Wpmta awl Song (M. M. Thelse, mgr.)— 

K. X. City 31, Indrtnltr. 
Washington AaraHy 01 rU (w*. B. Watson, nsgr.) 

— n7\*. City 31-Jan. 3. Albany, E Y„ T», 

Trov 10-12. 
Walson'a Burlesqiiera (Pan Robinson, mgr.)— 

Chicago, ill., .'to-Jao. 12. 

Bntlow A Wilson's (Lawrence Barlow, tngr-)— 

Sewbera. Tent.. Jan. 2. 
Dockstadtr's, Lew tCharlea 0. Wilson, mgr.) — 

K. Y. City 31-Jan. ft. 
Donnelly it Hatseld> (Tommy rtoatjelly, mgr.) — 

Hoaant, Lo.. .Ian. 2, Thlbodaux 2, Doaalasville 

4, Pla<]nemiDf ft, Baton Rouge 7, Alexandria It, 

Monroe 9. » - 

Dandy Dixie, Voelckel A- Nolan's (John J. Nolan, 

mgr.)— BlueoeM. w. Va.. Jan. 2. Roanoke, Va.. 

3. Brlitol. Teno., 4, Qreeavllle ft. Asbevllle, 
X. C. T, Greenrllle, H. C, 8. Elbertoa, Go.* 

9. Atbena 10, Macon 11. Augusta 12. 
Field's, AI. G. (Doc Qulgley, mgr. 1— Sieuben- 

vllle. 0„ Jnn. 2, in-' l.UeriVol 3, Sharon, Pa., 

4. YoiingstAwn, 0.. ft. MeadvlHe. Pa., 7, New 
Castle S. L'nlontown 9, Morgan town, W. Va., 

10, Fairmont u, Cumnetland. Md.. 12. ' 
Gortcn'fl (C. C. Pearl, mgr.) — Chloo, Cal., Jnn, 2, 

orovllle 8,. Woodland 4, Vallejo 3. 
Guy Brc«.' (O. R. Guy. mgr. 1— Orange, N. J.. 

Jan. 3, Rahway 4, Red Hank 9. ... 

Kersanda'. Billy (Geo. L. Barton, mgr.) — Hunts- 

ri:ie. Ala., 31. Kayetterllle. Tnui., Jan. 1. 

Sbelhyrllle 2, McUlnnsvflle 3, Soatlt Pittsbnrg 

4. Chattanooga u, Itockwood 7. Harriman 8, 

NasbTllle 9. Newport 10, Johnson Clly 11. 

Greenville 12. 
Primrose, Geo. (F. J. Dunne, mgr.)— Lincoln, 

Xebr., Jan, 3. Omaha 4, fi. 
Votel's (John W. Vogel. nurr.) — Palmyra. X. Y., 

Jan. 2, Lyons 3, I'tlca .4. Schenectady fl. 

ciBcrs. . 

Hagt-nbeck's. Carl — Orlaaha. Meilco, Jan. 2. .1. 
Vers Cruz 4 •',. Pnrhnca H, Queretaro 9, Celeya 
10. Irapuato 11. Giiadalajara 12-1.1. 


Rostock's Arena (John p. Churvii. mgr.) — Toledo, 

1).. 31. indefinite,. 
Crnlkshink— Contoocook, X. II., Jan. 3. Wllmot 

4, Decrlng ft, 
Cooke Comuly — May? Landing. \. J„ 31-Jan. 4, 

Kgg Harbor CHy -"-10, Hnmmonton 11-17. 

hut. j — South FrNininghain. M«w, P U Jan.- 3, 
vCltrk Amtivment Co. (Peter Clark,' mgr.) — Flem- 

IngtoD. N. J.. Jan. 2, Raft Stroncutmrg, Pa., 

3, Xewlou. X. J.. 4, lmtkr ft, Bocnlon 7. 
Flint/ Mr. and Mrs. Hrrliett L. (II. L. Flint, 

mgr.)— PekJn, III.; 31-Jan. 8, Peoria 7-12. 
Powers. rV. I .'—Dealer. Mo.. 31-Jan. ft. 
Presrelie and Kdua May llagooa (F. W. Magoon, 
■ 111 jr. > — South Frnmlngbam. Mass., 31-Jan, b, 

Pittaoeld 7-12. - 
r.iitu-. Mr. and Mrs. (Aiutii*:iis Hnpp, mgr.) — 

Poksgon. Mich.. :il-Jat, '. ' • 

Thurston, Hov/qnl iliarry P. I.yoD«, mgr.) — Co- 

' lomlo, Ceyinn, Jbl. ft.20'. 



BecaitM* they wear longer, cost lets for re- 
pair* and are more popular with skater*. 
/s/o»«a/;.i« anU catalog nr if '«•/, 
:iaktri at lee .mJ K«Utr SAjta 
... Maatttm* awaaaVE 
■ MOaaaaaatgg, twtaa arrict.atnMiiH.f.c. 

I'eorln — At the- (iinnV (Charuberlln, 
llat rloRton: «.L'o..»mABaivrH). — "James lloys 
in ■• Missouri. V 2^, had a large houw. "Paint- 
ing ;tW Town ".25-, (IW .well: Noll Hurgass,- 
:-a "Tap CotiDty l-'ali." -J4. had fair bti><|qet». 
'■The Tln)e, the.I*]ac,e and the Ulrl" 27, "*t 
Happened, [n Xordlaod'* %8, "l T nder Southern 
Skies'".^, "The CitL'Ud Rider" 30. "Forty-Uve 
.Mlnuiea from JlicndwayV.31, Jan. 1. Vlot- 
encc Gnle a, Henrietta Crosmaa 4, "ITie Vlr- 
glhlafl". 0,- "The Mold arid the Mummy" (1. 

Majl*8tic (Al. L. Wl&well, resldepL mana- 
ger);— "Han" Word, In "Nol Yet. ftiit Soon." 
21. 22. bBu'S, R. O. "A Idee for Life" 23- 
28. had crowded houses. Louis Williams 
27-21), "At tbe Old Crocs ltbdds" 30-Jan. 2, 
The Smart Het 3-3 

Main Stulkt i Frank H. Wetton, resident 
manager). — Week of Dec 30: Man v- Itrowo, 
Camllle Comedy Trio, Mr. and Mrs. Fred- 
erick Hucod. Ldlfh iJorube) and company. 
Morrlay find Ulch.Xucp.nUi Trio, Six nth 
ffWUrw nud llii> UlncMlrolue. 

\VgA«T'«. (Charles. F. Barton. iMnajer).— 
Week of 24: Dollle. Wells, ileehan SUters, 
We|H llroK,, Joe (loodwlo. niiggtfls, Haalela 
nnd -Bttrgesi, and moving nlctures.. 

DHCamlaMi (JOhB I J a>'n* ( -manager''.— No 
change is tiill last week. * 

WoXDgkLiNO JaTJMOar- (C. P. Hym. mana- 
ger). — Week of 24 : Kloaale l.a Blanche, 
strongest woman la the world; I .eona Carter. 
palmist: Oeorge (?arrlagioo, dltsotvlng of 
living art. , 

Stah (R. W. Fraser, manager L — Frnser 
Stook Co.. In "Tbe Cowboy Olrl;" was the 
bill last week. 

N'iitc'h, — llaywarrt, Conroy and IleywArd 
are reheBr^iug: their new act, "The King of 
lllick Welits. In which they will une four 
ptople and two spiMiil drurw. They have 

n New York npenitiv in Jmxnry. Siai. 1 

the Great Reno» closed with North Hmn.' 
Sho*M. they have plr.yed tbe VVestern Vaude- 
ville Ansot-laLlon tlmi- for trelvo weeks, with 
the Majestic <lr< ult to ,'oltow la February. 
... .Alnwi* Commons Jh-r Joined the Franer 

Stock Corapan) Thn acenery of "The 

.Limes Bov« in Mlast'iirl" ('ompflny wa» re- 
pninted while they laid off hero dtirdtig week 

of 17 "A . Itace for Life*'., company 

missed con,i*cll<iQ* hi Chicago 2.1. and eitne: 
down here on n X(ifi'la). delaying;, the jkt- 
fi'irniante until nine o'clock. .. .(-'rank Burt 
and Ceo. If. Nknlnf aitendHl die openlnV of 

the Majestic, 21 Tile New Mcjistli*' 

opened 21. The (lipntre V* owned by MesarM. 
s.mititi>,--r nnd Lil<'kson, nf this i-lly. and wan 
bdllt '''•■ the Harris tjonstrucllon (*orapanv. 
or Toledo. (>. . Ii Is absolutely fireproof, Willi 
the exception of the stage floor,, the only 
wood tie.-ii In- lu tbe at-nis. doom anil win- 
dow sills. Tliroughnut the honr<e the (loora 
ami eellingj* are uf relnfon-eil contretf. The 
house Is double wired, antl fitted with an 
excellent ventilating syHieni, and U hand- 
somely furnished. From ibe parquet the 
bouse la 1 nlisiicd In nn Ivorv tlur, with ro- 
Mnf mouldings surrounding ihe HtRRr. Tlie 
tildes of the theatre are tunelcd with warm 
red. The dome, which Is flat, runhtlneil a 
liandsome fresco. The \tcxm, etajut In num- 
ber, Hemi-c!rcular. mid nrrnngMl Tn two ilcrt 
"■ii curb side of ihe limt*<>, .im CiiNlini wlt't 
ivory tinted ntn-co. flnhdaoim- irtlrlii^ 
itKinia on each fwr, and Humblug rooms In 
the ijaaement. In general ticnlpa the theatre 
N lilau nnd ntrv. It tins it . Keating' caiiDclly 
«*f ],70t>, and Hi- istngL- Is nmple /or all put- 
diictliuiH, It will in 1 n iKiuiilnr priced house, 
with two shows 1 week ai*d four ttiallnefg. 
It la In i'lii'ii! HurCi ilntilt. with Al. I. 
Vlawell as n'sMcni nmnacet. HlnfC of the 
Iumiho : George Glllliiiii. i-ciimuti*: (J, K. 
Kallys, 1-atler of oi-clirati-a : ClMrles Jfor-" 

gctuteln, Hlfltro mnuagnr Hlilctila and 

IlcKlgera write ibat nil the strength nf aaacV 
cc^a down Houih. they bavc udded plKliican 
we*kt ff.nri' 10 (iielr rattle, ami an Email 
until Qclaaktr, i!"07. 

Will I.. Smith, the pioneer .bell ringer, re- 
sumed work I'.'i. opening a oew tlfe ceai the- 

fare, which will be called the PJectro 

Tha Ti'.eitorlum. opened nu»l ubandoned by 
Blair £ Mitchell, will reopen Mtiortlf, under 
the management of II. C. St rli-klnnd. of 
Jll.iomingtnn. III. 

tialney.— Al the l-lmplre (W. U Uu*hy, 
manngeri Lyman Twin- had good houses IW. 
S&, "ITndcr Southern Skle*** proved a gosid 
Christmas attraction. Innocent Maids- 28. 
"U Happened la Nonlland" 21). Nell Itiirgcxi 
.In, Mildred llollnntl HI, "Tho Hajah of 
Hhong" Jan. 1. "A Crowa of Thorns" 3, 
"We Are King" fl, Henrietta Crosmnn ire turn 
date) 7, Mme. laaayanfcl 0. 

nuoi! (Patrick A McOonneH, managers).— 
BUI week of l>c. 3n : (ireat S-mtell, John 
A. West, the Ke-Anos, Ana Mao Llchlgt aud 
moving pictures. , . 

Norn. — Lydia I'nul. Icndljiic Indy of "The 
Drunkards DaiiRhter" t'o„ ; who Warn taken 
111 while In this cliy, sewrnl weeks ago. ivltii 
rvphold fever, while still in the hospital, la 
Improving. She was kindly remrmliered on 
. Christmas I)ay by members of the profes- 
sion nnd local people.^ 

t Allon — At the Temple (W. M. Sauvnge. 
manager) Crawford"* moving: pictures drew 
falrlv well l>ee. ». 20. "Kveryhody Works 
Hut Father" had good biialnew 21. Onns- 
Nelson fight pictures drt-w well 22. "In New 
Vork Town" plpased iwi> good Iioossa 23. 
DepewHurdelle Stock Co. Sd-.'l". Nell Bur- 
aess. In "ThP County Fair/* Jan, 1 ; "A 

Turkish Balh" A, "Two Merry Tramps" ■"•, 
"Hans and Ms" 11. "A Hunch of Keys" ", 
Henrietta Crnsman rj, "To IHe nt DtaT ft 
"Mrs; TemplepS Tclegrnm" 10. * 

Xotk. — <>n Ohristmns nlibt. fulluwlap; n 

.performance of the Iippew-Itiinleite Mock 
tV, the nttachea nf the Temple Theatre 
were served with n delightful banquet al Ihe 
etwenac of their manager, W. M. Snuvuge. 
The attaches, lu tun, presented Mr. Sau- 
vitge with a .beautiful statue made of llal- 
iun marble. >-■*. 

. , g 

Belleville.- vi Ihe Lyric (F. It. lUllim. 
uiansger) . "l7vervlsnlv Works Hut vl'"fltber" 

..plavtJcTyo, mt hollies* I>e. 22. "A Hunrli of 
KeiV; drew -I wo good bouses 23.., He, Wolf 
llojiiner -,'hjiil very Haiislsrlnry,iliiii»lneiia -LM. 
■;At the Old (V.h,« Hnadn" rHnie to^srjlendia 
bujiiyeAs ^Jf'. n. T. Ci-arfitrd'^ nmvlng pic- 
tures 2K. •!". ("eimnit Slock Co. 28,,"Joroet 
ILiVh ;-j -Mi^ou. 1 ! ' 2th, Ihf Atherltiatts week 
of.'iO.-'.'Thc' laic of Spire" Jnn. II,. "(He Ol- 
son" : J. "II..U- mill Nix". :::. ''.h At'iuTonifM (II. F Schoett- 
ler.rmandgeri. — Vnudovllle show for week 
of I>ec. 24. 

m 1 ■■- ■ 
■ Canton. — ^t the (Irand (!•'. IL TowelKoii. 
manager) "Child of the Hireets" played -in 
fair huHineiu Dec. 21. "James Hoys la Mis- 
souri." 2T>, had a fair house. Oriental Hur- 
leinuera 20. "The Time, the Place and the 
i;iil" had a big sale. iVInnlnger HroiherH' 

. liepertorv Co. week of HI. "Robinson Cru- 
soe Jr.." Jan. 10, 11, under auspices at FJkV 
I.odx**. will he composed of home latent, 


. 77-81 WOOSTER ST. 

(Bit. Spring ind Broomi), Niw York. 
^',_':„UAVB vol- SBBH TUB 

1 1. 1 w. 11? 

ip hot, axHD tor muipi.ii, 


Tbe beat satin made for wear and appearance. 
Alan a full lino of lower priced 8AT1S8 ID all 

with thu exception of four leafing chorac 
tera. H will be managitl liy the Frederick 
K, 'Howe Amusement Co. v 

JaekMOHvIlle. — At Ihe (ipcra 
llbtiKe (Oeo. W. Chntlerlon, inaungaj') the 
American Stor>k Co. had good bouses 1M*. 2f». 
"The .111" 2rt..,AmeHceir naartrstJtt. 27-2U, 
"The Time, the More and the Olrl" Jan. 2, 
William- and Walker .1. "We Ar? King" nv 
Mme. Modjeitka, K, "Ttu Mnld and the 
Wummy" 11. '.. 

- 1 ■»! | 


cane DOBioQisns, in ■ lips, .'J. pi«;useu 
n Doone, n former Hpokaon hoy.-was wei- 
cd la "Keery Oow" 2/L 22. "The HtrolL 
2U-2S. "The Yankee Comm!" 110. 

Dreulur, — At the 1'oftci* liraud (J. -K 
(flren, manager) Williams nud Walker's "In 

Ahvs»liiiti " Co. iileuaed a xood bouvt* Dec. 91. 
Crawford's, moving pictures SX. lllack Crook. 
Jr. did gitorj ;»a-iue- 24. ."The Pic plajr-d 
to'-Kood returoa 2C.J "|"0rty-a»'e allnutes from 
I'.rjBdw'ay"* tn**t with tapaclty liiislness 20. 
W.- II. Crane, ami Kills Jcrfreys, Id "Jth-r. 
Htoopt to Coocjuer,',' 28: SiauOimJ Opera Co. 

" atCfOC (A. Slirried, 'manager).— The bill 
for,24 and week Included : Manhattan Coaedv 
Four. Uoditrome and Anderson. Lesier and 
Qiilnn. CaUpbel! and Brady, Hixle Harris, 
nnd tbe mjoodronie. Unni luisiness nilfs.' 

Xorrsi.— Cl(*n Hovrnsh, of tills cltr. .left 
25 to Join the Unique Co., lo Chicago 

Spokane. — At the Hpokone Theatre 
(Charles Mnehlman^ manager) "1'egg/ fruui 

Jails," Dec. 1G-H, bad large home*. <Th« 
uvenlle Boatonlana, in "Tips,*' 20, pleased. 
Allen r — 
era" 21 _ 

Culuuuu (Geo. M. Dreber, munager). — 
"Peck's Bad Hoy" 1U-22, the /.inn MuhIcbI 
Comedy Co, 2:t-2f*. 

Ai.'biToaitJM (Harry C. Uaywnnl, mana- 

Jen.-— ''Under the cliy UgbJ*'' 10-22, "Tin 
Jtlle. Church Around the (.fog&er" MalaV 

Wasiiinutun it'll"), i:, lllakeslee. mana- 
ger) .—.S*e"w people :T*rentlee Trio. Klppe and 
Klppe. ilearge 1*. ArmtOrong and Clair* 
Mtynard. .• 

. cokco i/Alknh (K. \t. Reel, tnonager),— 
"The Isle of Nowhere" wns itlven Its Jlrat 
iierforninnre on any stage Dec, iti. atrial did 
Llit liusliicsa all tlie week. It In 11 comic 
opern, by Frank Finney and Frnnk Dnrsoy. 

Nona*.— Kddle Allen, a former Hin.k.ine 
boy, who l» starring In "Kerry tluw, using 
si; ■ stage anme of Allen Donne,, was nccord- 
a\ a reception hy the Hpoknue l^otlge, 22H, 
B, l*. 11. I'lfca. on his npfinlug tilghi, Dec. 21. 
Allen wns ihe youngest person ever edoilUnd 

lo the Hinkane lodge .fhletl llelae. a 

Kpoknne girl, formerly with the .legale rlhlr- 
ley Kt tick Co., siit'ceedcil I'lnrn I^uIm* ('ban- 
man In the part of Nancy Warburtoii. m 
"The Man 011 the |b>g" Co., at Wallace, 
Idaho, Dec. 19. .Mis* Chapman la aerloualy 
III, and will remain In Hpokano for aomo 
time. Mis* Reloe took the part on all lirjiira' 

notice, ami scored a wtiL a reaK The 

(Tnpogroph Theurre (vnudevllle) lias closed, 
owing to tho (act Hint the Marlon building, 
In which It Is loi'iueil. will Ih; torn down 
In make room for u scrvu siory oiiice build- 
lug. ■ . - ■ ■ 

a — ■■■^ 

■wHlaV it the flrand6|>ernllouK0 (John 
Carl, siiiuigiTj "The Yankee Consul" (sec- 
ond time, hero) dn-w welt Dec, HI- lb. 1{imo 
Melville, -20-22. hi "His Hopkins," proved (lie 
uaiinl good drawing irtrd. Florence Hiihcrls, 
2:t and weekvln 'The h t renal h of Hie Weak." 
(;ny Bales I'o-I, In "'Hie lielr tti the lloo- 
rah." ibt-Jflh. 2, 

Hr.Artm rllUMtcll k 'firew. mriiiagera).— 
Zlnn'u Travesty Co.. In "Tecgy Weeay," mvj 
fl good "how HV22, and dretr well. "Tilly 
Olson" 2.T and week. "The Uelle of Japan ' 
:»i and week. "The Did Clothes 5Iiu" Jan. 

■bill (Alex I'antsgn*, manager), —For 1*1 
■and week. "Uncle Tom's c/ihlu," a.uow'ver- 
slon, badegcellent bualncss, 'The (Jlrl- 1 
I^ft IMiInd Me" "^ iinij W cTk, "The J'ower 
df the rrcaa" M and week, , • ••> 

HTiir 1Kb J. Donelliiii, manager).— New 
people. 24nDd week: IClppOrand Klijne. Oor- 
.jloh, VMocfi'.Nud Flyno. Claire May nurd, the 
1'rcntlre Trio, ijam f>, Armstrong, riddle, 
Itoescb, Cooke and llotliert, nud muring pic- 

OnrnFpr i'I'. J. Ponaldlne, mnnnaer),— 
New peoplis 24 add w««k : Ja«. H. Chatham, 
Hayes and Lament. Jul** llnrn'm. Vltlan. 
Kimball tiros., Harry and May Heymour, and 

manager). — 


The Only Machine I last Will Not Flick*. 
KVUH Alter Vearmf lilt. 



film* to saac.rsT. 

<II»M K. DKKSrtl.EH rti CO., 
14) But »3H »., s»w Hark tuy. 

Aitn!«: >v. n. nHBRNK/.-HTri-munf. ir.,Boiion. 

Mud I KRKEK IJKI>« , W lx>UI«, Mo. 



Glotbes for Professional He& 

50 Iickioa Blvd.. 

( JUCAflU. 

The "Monster bervtca)" 
MarM tlie "amart" ..0- 
iittns and bigbest otasu 


evtiry klud. atyle. anil 
sl/e. it, 1 es raagn $19 
1*1 $i». 

PH.---Sf nil Tor booklet, 
"t'olnt* in Dres«.» with 
self iiioWitrehiHnk. 

Prouiftt. aitenttoit. 
"Illl.v doitlil tftwltlt urt 

The Four MnngeaiiH, Hie Two Ilegals, Op- 
tlmn (lllii'V, HdiiilltiMi Antiotu- nnd riunjmny, 
ItiiEh Mcklntioii, Arthur lOlwell, nud moving 

tAyloii'h (Mkti.r flAnnr.v (f. A. Taylor, 
rnniiuger).— "Jack, ilm Dlnnt Killer," wus it 
hlg sucwi*. nlau Hip new vaudeville acta, 10 
and week, The Amulen Opera Co. 2:1 and 
week, for no Indefinite eiigiageniPiit. npen! ag- 
in "The Mascot." "The (Jiivprtior'a Wlfy n 
will be reudcrril MO and week. 

NOTU. — Tin 1 . theatres have' nil hcen 
thrnngod, dopllfi the counter Httmctlon of 
Christmas shoppliig. 

-■ ■ I IP 'I !■■■■ * 

Tncoina.~At Hie Tammfl Tlioatre (Chns. 
II. Humid. mnimajiTl "The Vanliee Coimul." 
wllb Harry .Short us Alnmile iOMR Dec. 
211,. Allen limine, tn "Kerry Oow." ChrlsiiiiHs 
matinee ami night mid 2(1. "Tlie Heir (■• lite 
Hoorflh" _H, 2|i. 

iMUni TitiMTin: iiiiMn It. Worhrv. ninun- 
gcr). — IIib «lrp;it Knrls. Mile. DMIcTher. 
t'haH. McDoiiiiM. Amy Hiunley, Kurtlw nnd 
HiiHHc. Jumps llurke. In Ithisiinted NtuiftHuiul 
inotloii i.lctiii'CN, week o( Dec. 24, 

Htau 'lifKATM: (A. Kugel. inaiiagor).— Thw 
Allen ., Stuck Co., prcnentlltig "A Mau of 
Mystrry." assisted bj- ciuiuHn Colouula, ireek 
lommenclng 21. 

lM|i*n: miihim:. n fnrniiT oln-rn singer. In 
lilting an eiigagemctii at Ihe Tiicoma Hotel. 
Her voice. Is. very sweet, and Ihe grill room, 
where :lir slogs. In thronged every nlglll. 

ui"virg piclureV 

1'AMALL'd (Alex rjaiagMfl, 

Tim Mrut'iir i-^^itiH rtouthern tour 
the tint of the year. Ha lies two hills. The 
rtrgt Ik Ihe comedy, "A corner la Coffee." 
fnnudfil on the Her. ryrua Tnwoietid Bradva 
«l,ory, In. which Mr. Murphy hit* achieved the 
greatest success of his life, as Jim John- 
atone, an old miner from Umil, tumid 
I00R0 In wall Street and New York aoclety. 
The second bill will lacltide three one act 
ind will conclude 
led imltatlnu ot 
The Uellg." 

i 11** si;i"'iii inn wmi itjciuuc 

plays nud n monologue, and 
with Mr. Miirphv'M celchrale 
Ileiiry Irvlug'H Matlilae, lu "1 








S7S.OO ■■• 






■'.■ Alt 

' S I 35.QO . 


S1S.OO. . 






S 13g>OQ . 


. :': .' AND ' '■••■' 



i '.' . FILM MAUA/.I.1ES, 


■ S15jOO. 


Oar IMEBOVED TAKE-UP la now furnished with ALL Exhibition 
Model Xinetosaopes, either WITH or WITHOUT Film , Magazines. It h»» 
been thoroughly tasted for the past two years in sotual service, under the 
conetruottfm>ad operation. Our IMPROVED TAKE-UP, either WITH or 
WITHOUT Film Magazines, can be adapted to ALL 1806 Model Exhibition 
. Kine toe eopes, with a slight alteration in the Mechanism Cabinet, thus giving 
ALL present users of Exhibition Model . Kiaetoeoopes the opportunity to 
secure our' IMPROVED apparatus without SACRIFICE or LOSS. 



- mrnovKi 

dtaui 1 : 1 

L view. 

iOll .1IKC1I A.MSH 


eftil f«T Latest CalslnR. nnil lllutrated Crx-enlars, 


M A iv OFF icf. aad I' A c run v, ORANGE, If. J. 
i ■;■ ' : ChlcBaoOfllc., :tU4 Waba.ti ATeniie, r*\ 
H.1. yorrtflllM, 3t iDlaa 9, Cable Address; Zymotic. New. Tort 


HCT.LillO lORnTTS • -tub kinetogkaph co.. - - <r a am-st., New Yor«, 
D n liyi n ej ssajsp IP . prtisr HACIOALUPI, HOT Fillmore St, Ban ■ Francisco, Cat 

. -r'-.V--r;v. GEORGE BRECK,. 550-554 Grove St., San Fraoclaro, Cat 


. 11KAU VIEW. 



. The Season's Greatest March Song '. 


EHEK-ProleiMunal copies to perfonneri eiitloalng prog num. • 

K ftW BKfltlT , .'tii«* J Kiirn I lave." 
HWff *M||J — *i| 0W s."'. voitwrHwwt." 

"'s Woo-lug." " "Down Where tin* - AL1 ei«iiss1.»pi 
....' "Should Bryan- Win. '" "Dear Old tiuimy Kansas." 
"Summer's uolrtcn UHyt,"-' ")lnvv jnno," "Snn Frunelsco," M Pmly Utrts, "Only n Sweet.-Swcet 
Dream/' "MX UirtnU IJaiiuuy' -"Hero's to 'J'o<itly, Our Country's 1/cader," "We'll Huvo :a 

Little Auto or Our Own.'^IO, Mlfliui. Hie Sweetest Ll/V ."Do-Not Say It, Darling, Deaii" 

"Hobln. Oar: Uobln,' 1 '^Mothor'ri rtvect Song." "licit li Came at Uawn," "DreamlnE of Yon, 
l^ar," I'Joylnml,", "ToojJ.nlo," -''Always Write to Von.- Sweetheart, Jack." — - 1 

MELVILLE MUSIC PUB. CO., 55 West 28th Si., New fork. 



'•■' ' D> HARRY MINCER mil ItOliKIl LEWIS, Compoiir. of 


THE IIBKATKST aAROlIrSONQ+IVSR rUBIiISHEll. .Will lwreHil»J»n. t. WATffll iror'lli^.WS 
TBB TAIlKOK TJjTggfj NOW, TUB THOMPSON MOBIC CO., Wj WalMh Avr.,.OIilm»;o. ? ■ 


MY LOLLA 100 and 

SONE old sweet dream of you. 

Two'lrcaiitlfulHCDiliuobtnlBnngHtliai arc Uuhd to crura Into llic ticattunil live forever. Sond...lalo 
piygram fur prof, copies awl orvliMirntluus. Slide* *6 p» set, or rent, s*^ - 

• .... ,a D. STONKClPHKl^iooolireinout Ave , Chicago. ,. 

FaoifLo ©ptast Amusemsnt Co.. 


■wjenr ja. JeT'T v Tfi*;Tr> " id amH > F IR8T 0L 4B« acts OF all uxm r 

et eu umei, first class al 
tost ean deirrer 


rue food.. 

SOLE B0ORJN0 AOFlTtSi fllKK.MAN DF.UN8TEIS, 1S58 Bro.dwaj, Suite 9, », 10, New Vor« ■ City-, 
AL. OIBBH. Ho; 2M Amerloan llnrlt Bide., Seattle, wul. ; OEKla. O. BBOWM, tl 8. Oltrl Su, UBlceso' 
AaoailUTT No. 19OT UDIdon-Oeto '- 

lltlp-, Seattle vrut; 

Ave., San Frwiolaco, oat. 


.-.. .and THSATRC REVIEW, ' 

14 Leicester St., Leicester; Square, London, W. C. 

wonBian subschiptionb: - ' ... . - m. m. peii ieah. 
PRorawtoiiAt. AnvagjriaBMiiiw'Ta. - . ««. **,. si.atu oi.-» Sjfr 



HO* IT liMU W.Mlh ST. (Bear tahnftllEW YORK, ' 


' jm, ,, u ' ll. V 

HVIV TD\IT TUVlTsUUtf l'i.llm«u «'*»■ tur *Q i^ui'lf. 

I MIL I Bill lllES|llGi>>'~~».,UN). Uaby Fiaoo, $Ub. 
Mtwu Kxb.Mai-Uln'e.^i'V'ft.-Bioi, ,5lr.Vt?uli. R.T.T»jnt. win. p., no wall. $W. i«Miiwir«i mt t'otts, 
it Zouave OnKftrpij'.'io mifft WirPniform'«,iwoM)xt-iii\i.i».Tenr«.coiiiptelo;^M*ri)'ic«.l.i|tiit(i, KM, 

10K SILK. CAU. - ? 

This is the Firm that 
Sells and Rents 


-- AND — 



andrvntnlterim. Wvwlllionrt yon the 
npwfit 11 it a anil tlitt cloatxt prlc«i.. 

' AA/K AL.80 SELL ' 


' '. ' AMU ALL 





138 EAST 14th STREET, 
Tit. 3812 Sramercy. NEW YORK, N.V. 


Witt* tar iBBtplea niil Frieda. 



•VKkHef f'»T reply. 

tSlUt! .V CON LtiT, cart- Dol Home, Dallns, vexa*; ;■ .- 


An eiiiiii* m*w Oiurti of JlhittioUri, t m, 
HCi'Qetv ami Wni'Oroftc for cati- At i* pwortltft'. 
Klyto, Orfiuailun, Saun-ucue Cdblurt, LampTrtcit, 
0»ln Ladder, slUtu Sueiienr, 35 Bstin I'ostnmei, 
cly. PKOP. VUltSKLL, 

.•*f^isi Auoui.Olli, No. H!W l>ivuiliniy,N..Y. Clly. 








Mt/'S1C|AN8, wlLoarcHtrlcuycftpaliie.rcHaijle.iemperatciit all Uniea.'.ftint who. can borcllod upon 
,fnr.oMire. «eaaun. PltlCOLOaud VhVtB :S0LO, and. lat and 2d ULA.K.NBTS,SAXOR1IONKe,.BoIu 
Comet*. -1st 'Cotncts and B-FIst Trumpeta, Altopliones (double siring preferred), TrombpiicH. Kn- 
plionlutufl, [IB-Kliit BaMcB, Ifuss nnnnmer, Side Drmiimeriwltli-rompluto traps and ■(rorJd'bcIia). 
Applicants not petaonally aciiuituted with bnnami''ter will pleaae atAte ago, height, weight-. also of 
uniform mid hat, experience. an*t with whlcb tiands- and bandmasters, and salary cxpcuied In time 
letter (oiherwlae not ooUHldcrcdl. Long engagement, good, treatment, superior ucoortimodation'* 
laiid no paradea with thin eo. ALL MDSIUlANd re-engaged FOR COMING SKASON, kintfiy coni|uunl« 

ate and receive cdotracta for signature. Address 


Bandmaster. B. A' B. Shows, 

1 No. 2TE.2iiasti. Bailey Bulldtrip.NjVf -York 


uurJu.-dHeHiitali kitid-i; Musical Act, with Aluminum Chimes; Maglyian who ilocs'Ttinoli; 1 ' Arc «»lcr; 
nriaie charmer, with don of amikca, roust liuve railing: Hide show attractions of nil kiudo. Cood pco 
pie ; make money here. No fancy salaries paid, 'i his show haa.*2D.cftrs;.iit'stor nlef pwh and dining 
Lent. TrunkH i'-sl-V-.X'^. Aluo Al nld*j ihow talker that can lB.lh: * 

■ ' - ' Address LKW A RONTON, tilde Shbw.Mgr . -H-'iBo. Rubcy St., Clilcago, 1 Ills. 

-A^-t Iiiberty, ■. •-. 



TUc funniest Kccentrlc Singing and Uanclag Rube Comedians on can h. 'Would tike lo hour Trom 
responsible vaudeville manager**, and agent*. Tor rop. shows plnvlug big city time. We.oaa change: 
for; a week and make them laugh rltrlit out loud. Any pwtt cast for. Featured 4*J weeks -with Uyrkie- 
Harder Co. (Kaotcrii), and I vriati theni all a Merrv i^hrUtmai and a Happy'Ncw Year. Addienn 

* JOHN McGRERVV,.lu;« Si.biuo Pass Ave., Ueauipont, Tex. 





AND BIN3 ILLUSTRATED SONUS. | 21 Felrvltw Avs.. Dov.r, New leniy. 




Teleplira.— Central. «M. 8wi (M OttalaH* 

• si.titu 


Big anccesa in Cnrope and repeating the same here. 


3 AND 1YIOF5 HElSr. 



DIAMOND VRKHB; -i SEASON' Si -HAUIt'M Dance; QotKiOiin coslumeH, tights, nllilcs. Strong 
fkatvkb ftttis; will strengthen *now. For Poolng: Velvet Cloak; Silk Dress, 20, *16!'Her- 
ltonilneSllkUrc«!*, Wi; tiau/c, $lo; lire Dance OntOts. M, «». Son nil Kifects. ft 1 * Scrp. or PoWWWj*! 

*i'i; :itvrM. LurgalastCashorderHBliippedum.' mwt>\ miiiklus, i^tci iii<.miwny.>->' 

January 5. 





Both Free wltlk Viae Orcttestratlons, 

to Oood Performers. 

The First Illustrated Hit 




twii "ihthjbiitu" him i 


Piano Coplei, O >tb for 10e. 
Orchestra CoyUi, Both for MUc. 








Unartette Arr., 10c. Karh. 




102-104 WEST 38th ST., 

Near Broadway. 

IT Call and Get OUR 1907-1910 SOUVENIR DATE ROOK. 


Direct from Broadway, 
roi'irs AND one H. FRHH. 


McAllister's Best Dissolving View Stereopticon 
With loving Picture Attachment. 

For showing both Moving Pictures as veil as Lantern Slides, and producing beautiful Dis- 
solving Effects. Necessary where best results are desired. 


VIE\A/S and F"IL.IV1S jrJWS^TSSS,.. 

Illustrating every subject of Art; Travel 
and Literature and alt timely topics. 
Latest war scenes, etc. Popular and 
etc. In fact, any subject adapted for 
tho giving of Public Entertainments, 



LOGUB— Free— which tells too cost of 
aa outfit, explains and Instructs you 
bow to conduct paying entertainments, 

a Mfg. Optician, 


Drunkards Cured 

In 24 Hours. 

An; Lnir Caa Can the lest Violent 
BrukiTa Secretly it lean. 

To Prow It, A Free Trial Paokate U Sent 

8Mled To All Tho Writ*. 

Let so woman despair. The sure, quick, 
permanent core tor drunkenness has been 

It Is Golden Specific. It bsa 00 odor. It 
has no taste. Just a little la put in the 
drunkard's cup of coffee or tea, or In bis 
food. Jle wilt never notice It; be wilt be 
cured before he realizes It and he will never 
know why ho abandoned the taate for liquor. 




The average town or eity will readily support aa many "AntomaUo vaadomits" 
as It does theatres. Doiena of Arcades were opened last year by men of no previ- 
ous experience with cola-operated maohlnes, and alt aro coining mono;. 

Do you know of a good location f If so, don't hesitate. The Antnmn months are 
the very best of the year. We nave a splendid new model Katoaoop* al 0*0.99, 
and bargains in used machines as low as 098. 



it n. nth ST., nmyr tou 


Start a penny arcade and amusement parlor. Edison Coin-Slot 
Machines fascinate and attract the crowd and bring them to your place 
often. Get in line now and make a fortune. Write to-day for par- 

64 Lakeside Avenue, Orange, N. J. 






MOORE— .BOND CO ____. 



His desire for drink disappears absolutely, 
and he will even adbor the very sight and 
smell of whiskey. 

The vigor be has wasted away by drink 
will be restored to blm, and hla health and 
strength and cheerfulness will return to 
brighten your home. 

Golden Specific has cured some or lbs most 
violent cases in. a clay's time. This fact Is 
proven by many ladles who have tried It. 

Mrs, Mattle Balklos, Vanceburg. Ky., says : 

"My husband took two doses of your medi- 
cine about five months ago and has not taken 
a driuk or had any desire for liquor since 
then. Our borne Is ao different now." 

Mrs. Mabel Zlnk, a f. T>. No. 0, Salem, 
Oregon, sayi : 

"My husband baa not touched liquor since 
I save blm the sample package of your 
Golden Specific." w ' 

Save your loved ones from premature 
death and the terrible consequences of the 
drink curse and savo yourself from poverty 
and misery. 

It costs absolutely nothing to try. Send 
your name and address to Dr. J. W. Haines, 
S363 Glenn Building, Cincinnati, Ohio, and 
he will at once send yon a free package of the 
marvelous Golden Specific in a plain, scaled 

He will also send you the strongest, con- 
clusive proof of what a blessing It has been 
to thousands of families. 

Bend for a free trial package of Golden 
Bpeclfle to-day. 

Beneficial to elderly people 
who suffer from dryness of 
mouth and throat- (osoiHosiy. 


For Least, Sals or Slerags. 

Repairs and alterations made. 
GCIt Deanery Car for Salt. 

W. J. PAR WOBKB, Bjgggta, ». J. 


SrDNBT, Nov. 20. 

AH theatre* and balls here are in full 
awing, with the following performances: 

At tha Town Hall, Amy Snerwln's concerts, 
assisted by Clement Harvey and Arnold 
Oange: at Her Majesty's Theatre tbe Ameri- 
can drama, "The Virginian," with a fine cast, 
headed by Charles Waldron and Ola Humph- 
rey ; at the Theatre Royal, "Lights o' Lon- 
don;" at tbe Palace Theatre, "The Little 
Stranger:" at tbe Pavilion, Manly, "The 
Coming Man ;" at the Royal Standard The- 
atre, Harry Clay's Variety and Sunday Show ; 
at the Lyceum Hall, Edison's popular pic- 
tures; at the Uaymarket Hippodrome, Cole's 
Bohemian Co., In "For the Term of Ills 
Natural Life." 

The new people at Harry Rlckards* Tlvoll 
Theatre are Stewart and Lorraine, who con- 
tribute a bright musical turn of considerable 
merit. Tbe stage is occupied the greater 
portion of the time by Hiss Lorraine, her 
partner, Stewart, assisting In the instru- 
mental items. Miss Lorraine baa a light so- 
prano voice, sod she glvei expression to her 
noies clearly and sweetly. The pair perform 
on a number of quaint Instruments of tho 
bell-toned type, and tbe effect Is musically 
pretty. They also give mandolin and banjo 
selections, and conclude an enjoyable turn 
by playing upon tbelr aluminum harp. The 
In with their 

id II 

TOUPEES. Paint, Powder. Bump for price list 

Alaska* were to the front 

company repeated the farco, entitled "Fish 
Ing. Others who contributed to the pro- 
gramme were: Larry Lewis, the dry London 
comedian; Cassia Walmer, Post Mason, Violet 
Stockelle, Boh Bell, and Brlghtle Smith. 
■ ■ » 
Who, In a single night, established her- 
self aa a Broadway star of no mean magni- 
tude, was previously little known to New 
York theatregoers. She occupies the unique 
position of in American actress who Is a 
firm favorite with the theatregolog public of 
Boston, Chicago, San Francisco and London. 
Her popularity In these cities waa accom- 
plished through her appearance as a vaude- 
ville star In a one act comedy of atage life, 
which served as an Inspiration for her pres- 
ent starring vehicle, r 'The Chorus Lady." 
Her characterisation of a typical chorus girl 
won for her an amount of critical considera- 
tion rarely bestowed upon a vaudeville head- 
liner. After her auccesa In this country, 
she was engaged by Alfred Butt, tbe manager 
of the Palace Theatre, London, Gog., to ap- 
pear there for a limited engagement of four 
weeks, which, owing to her success, was 
twice extended. In London abe won the 
caption "The Bernhardt of tbe Halls." II. 
Hamilton Fyfe, successor to Clement Scott, 
describing her appearance at tbe Palace, 
said : "No better acting has been seen In 
London for a very long time," and added that 
she had made the most remarkable success of 
any American actress who had visited Lon- 
don. Ptlor to her appearance In vaudeville 
Miss Stalil had starred In "An American 
Gentlemin," and she followed Mary Manner- 
Ing In the title part of "Janice Merldlth." 
To Judge from the favor with which Miss 
Binhl Is being received at tbe Ilackett The- 
atre, In "The Chorus Lady," It Is likely that 
she will rsnk among tbe first favorites of the 
New York atage. 

♦ i a 

A Morris Souvenir, 

Wm. Morris has presented lo a number of 
bis frleads a most unique and handsome re- 
membrance, In the form of a paper-weight 
and desk clock combined, with the name of 
donor and the lucky recipient engraved there- 
on. Tun Cljppbb wishes to acknowledge re- 
ceipt of ooe of these "timely" gifts. 
I i I 


. i tiger tlian I 

ally am." LaMMb* Fin 
. jvktr It fiura ■ -..I hralllifi i. , 
It li IhtgrnUMtol all 1-tmlU 
8m. Il prrwnli vrtnhka, nU 
Iowbmi and pr.'jw-uiM ynalh, 

as/ess mmaQt IJ Thiy may 
ba BBBBBSMSBV Flrita, Wliftp, Pint or Crraro. *V. a , 
but. of MM i.rrnf nulL Am PV./or mmntt- 

BKN. CeVY CO., Pretioli Perfumers 

IHal. :» IIS KlapUi SI., Sailaa, am, 

— ta liars a 

Manchester. — At Keith's) (Frank O. 
Mack, manager), for week of Dec. 81 : Kins- 
ley and Lewis, Will/ 'Zimmerman. Blocksom 
and Burns, Polk, Kolllns and Carmen Sla- 
ters, Henry and Francis, Julian Hose, and the 

pahk Tiihatde (John Stiles, manager). — 
Lena nivers," 24-20, pleased good bouses. 
to fnl" 

House dark 27-20, owing 

iliure of "A 

Royal Prisoner" to appear. "Why Girls 
Leave Home" Al, Jan. J. 

Notch. — Capt. A. W. Thomas, tho old time 
magician, Is touring this State, and reports 

success Krnest A. Prorencber paid a 

flying visit -to his home here, 24, 20. He re- 
Jrtlned his company, tbe Gnge Comedy Co., 
at Plattsburg, N. %,. and will do the advance 

e m 


Mouth MeAIeater. — At Laogsdale Opera 
House (A. Bert Bates, manager) "The Wizard 
of Wall Btreet," Dec. 27, drew a fair house. 

Wm, Owen, 10, did fairly well. Boyer Bros. 
'Next Door" Co. 2A, Ilarry Bereaford, In 
The Woman Hater/' 28 ; Moray Stock Co. 

.j^k Ever-Ready* 
U "Razors. 


$ foo 

A two mlimto shove at homo, on 
the train or la tho dressing room. 
Impossiblo to cut the face. Weight, 
six ounces, Fits Into your pocket 
or a corner of the grip. On sate 
everywhere, special demonstration 
In New York at 1467 Broadway, 
near 42d St. Mall orders prepaid 
upon receipt of 91,00, If sent to 

RAZOR CO., Inc., 

JiOO Broadway, New York. 

31-Jan. 4, W. B. Patten, In "Tbe Lost nose 
Of Hummer," D, 


tvj-.r i,i,l,« Vmjcu ,»,. i DUu,;ad 
«|uU lit brlliiutFr t» tat ptnutn* 
KWna at ■ . c i! ■ r i nl I llw { . .1 


»1a; I »■-! taak and SBaSSt •mnlna- 
(. - 1 WaiuaranU* ttiaM. Bm IIimi 
f-«! U. . , (iaf. Catalaraa Sra*. 

I'.1-..l Hlni MMtura IlcUJkJ (»c 


gj|fc4 SIOIarlaSUua^OtiBgt, 







Open for good Male Qiittrtutfe orBurlo«que Show. 
lunagoie. addrewi K. II. 1)0NAL1>B0N. caro 
W. H.T0RRKNUK,H7^Frlck Annex, PlttMl.urg, Pa. 


A Quick How Quro 

I have made new 
and Important dls- 
covcrli-x In tin* LUro 
of itupturoand for 
tliu next W days 1 
ttiredf pinon who 
follows theso direc- 
tions a chance to 
try this remarkable 

Home Cure, pftlg. 

Mark on tho d Ii- 

grnm tlio iot-atlon 

of tho rupture. An- 

iwer tbe qoestions sjnd mall this lo 

DA. w. g. fl!C£, 215 Milr. Street, Adami, H. y. 



Tine ttvp*»red,„^.^, M . t 

Does rupture patnS .,.„... Doyoa warn Tnma... 



January 5 

twii "unit" bits: 

"DO HE Ml' 

Both F«*wiih Fine Oret,ealratloaB, 
to Oooil PeiTormsrs. 

The First "Child'' Song Hit 



i THE 






Pis no Copl»«, Bfih for 10c.* Copln, Both for a&«, 


A Song 

That Beaches 

The Heart. 




tAwnrtsHe Art., 10c. Bach. 





102-104 WEST 38th ST., 

Near Broadway. 

■af* Call and Get OUR 19O7-1910 SOI VK.MB DATE ROOK. 


1 1 II WAY 


Direct from. Broadway. 

And make Ton a fortune. If you hare a 
SONli or BOOK tliat Is worth anythl mr, 
you shoald coryrlalit It. Don't lake 
clunccs when you can mu-nre oyWMTN 
Ices at small co«t. Sciidfor our SPfCUL 
OfTER TO INVENTORS before apnlyiiig for 
a patent, it *eill Mr y*>*. HAHBOOs. on 
patents sent fttit. Wo advise if patenta- 
ble or not, FREE. We lncurporate 
Consult at. 


Me na Bets* 
ColaasMa Copy rig* I * PltMt O.lsK, 

WASttWGTOt., 0. C 



; Hu tli. 
Writ. o. for 


Wkr Ton Bioild Bnj 


Wucblno, Bis catalogs* 
of Lanterns, iVtai 
Slides, Aooeworlei, ett 

M I Chemical Sank Bid*. I 




NEW YORK orn\ 
Beat of Food, Perfeot- 
It CooKod.Uellckmaly 
Served. PtIqob rea- 
sonable. Bpeclal DID- 
Inn Rnmn for Lsrtisp. 




And All Others 

Stsl far CATALOG. InllM II. I Isittl 

Sfcclal Attutloi Civ™ Ibt MeuTit 

Western Uniform Go. 

' <|4 a. ST. CMtsaom 


Substantia!, load, pars 
Is tons, b m j to tone sad 

p. st. Photoe, references, 
oaUlone, with fall In- 
formation will oesenton ot sump. a.Brau- 
■slaa, G-easopone Hiff., 
m TUttmsfi ATUas, 
Brooklyn. FT. T. 



Price, 00 els. postpaid 


m Washington St., OMcaso, 111. 



Better ttan BbATlDg soap, 

no smarting- ; no rubbing; 
easy, quick. pleu.nL ID 

collapsible totea at 10, la aac. & cent*, samples 
.nd goods .t 

Mt.artk at. J. ot I. UlsUl IS cor. asm it. 


... circus Seats, 
Poles, Stales, Wild 
West Canopy. Bend for list. 

PEARi VAN, Korthrllle, V. T. 






t-'.-i Vr.-^ii-:,, VvTork.-- i 
Ml ,"(H tfl.lf. ..... . k 

12 ART PANELS 60c. 

Exquisite India tint prints, Blie 
7xlo. These entrancing 

Studies of the Human 

Form Divine. 
arc real gems— the Moslrflxqal- 
sl to Portrayals of "Woman 
Beautiful'* ever shown In one 
collection. We send the foil set of 
18 complete, prepaid, together 
with »5 lifelike miniatures or 
other beautiful artpictures for only 
ji'c ., coin, statu ps.or Hooey Order. 
St:id at once, to-day, to 

Dept.B39, 1209 Foster Av., Chicago. 
Money returned If not satisfied. 
Order at once and we will Include abso- 
JE re© mtely free and complimentary an extra 
picture In colore, entitled, "The Dream Maiden." 




Chart and Diagram 


Enables anyone, with- 
out former expenenoe, to 
become an accomplished 
dancer. Send 2 • cent 
Btatnp for Circular, Proa- 

reotQB eto., to JOHN P. 
IOGAN, Teacher of 
MM e D a n c f n g .El k a ' 
Hill, MaJeiticThfa 
tin tiding, Beth 

8t . and fcth Ats„ New York Cltr 

able. Itsaohyon by mall.soyoacangoatonoeoi 
Uie stage. Send iVr my beantltallF Hiaa- 
timted book explaining method, also plottuo*, 
scenes of plays, actors, actresses who haye become 
effloleat thronrb my training— mailed FREE. ' 
ACTING, WM Klmbal Hall, Chicago. 



203 W. 42d st, New York. 
References. Pnjslcal Cul- 
ture. Mental Training. 



^-*m o r Tteatn csi 
A ^^■aSaV Boots A shoos. 

M 10* sPPV CLOG 

aw av^aaa 


Sv ^HlUaiar shoks a spo- 
^H SnSa¥ar aTa maflo short 
1« W. SM 8:.. New Tort. Tel. 100 Cteliea. 

Amusement Supplies 

The following; Items alvnra In -lock and 
can be snipped on nub orders* 



Always on 

hand for 


tratton. In 
ten dlderont colon, pnt up 2000 to a 
roll, coTtBOcutlvoIv namberea. In 
l.ilnofZWO.SOc: StMB ' 25c; 10,000, 2,s, 
311.0 JO, £3c; 3d,O00, Qc; SU.OOO, 2tet 

. . .; , 

....■:■ j . He. 


Thoroneblr Bcasoned, ipocla* 
rmllcablo flUlitci, pBtont loctln 

Thorotiebly soiwoncd, ipoolal 
.mllcablo flttlnci, patont loclclns 
dovlco. fold» perfectly flat, will not 

es. 11.00 Per round. 


Cotton TtBhtB. pair 

Worsted tights, pair x.00 

Plaited Silk Tights, pair. H.W 

Beit Silk Tights, I „ « ' 

eincfc cotton tops,! " ** 

fair, Thigh and Ilip Paddings. 

Gold and Silver Trimmings. 

Send Deposit with order. 


SST Washington St., Boston, Mass. 


8 c. p., Edison base, new. clear. 

200 to a casoi each, XO«. Kataral 

colors, ruby, croon, amber, opal; 

now, 20c: second linnl tceted, 10c. 

Receptacles, Sockets, Wlio, Etc. 

TJ n If otitis , S n- nrds JDraperles, 
l"urnltTue, Tire Hose, Etc, 
Ask tor our SOO-page Catalog No. 

T. A. 678. Address 

Chicago House Wrecking Co. 

35th and Iron Sts^ CHICAGO 



TOST * COMPANY, wo Filbert St., 

(Eatsbllaned 1810.) PbliadeipMa. 

IO- New Enlarged Illustrated Catalogue. 

Just Out --- Something Nice] 

A Delicious Chocolate Confection 

So delightful la flavor and sweet aroma thai 

"One Taste Invites Another." 
Attractive 10c and 25c packages. Triple Proof, 
famouB for keeping contents In perfect condition. 

A Winner and Big Hepester. 
Package candles, expressly for amusement trade. 
Prices on application; ssin pies Pree. 

Rueckheim Bros. •& Eckstein 

Cracker Jack and Candy Mskiri 

11*7 S. Peoria St. CH1CAQO 


r ;:!-•■• CHICAGO. ILl. 




tl.u per 100; 

lio per low. 



szis, is Fuel, 

too. per 100; 
I7M per 1,000. 
OontUD popo- 


Ssnd for 



240 K. llodlBOD 
SI., Chicago. 



We have mado the cure of Blood Poison a 
specialty. Ulood Poison Permanently Ound. 
You can be treated at home under same 
guaranty. Caviar $'.00,000, Wo solicit the 
moBt obstinate csaes. If you hare e(- 
liaostcd the old methods 1 f treatment and 
still ha vo aches and pains, Mncua l'Atctifs In 
Mouth, Sore Throat, rlmplcs. Copper -Colo red 
Spots, V oers on any part or the bodr, Bsir 
orRycbrowB fa llnir out. srrlto for proofs of 
cores. 100-page Book nee. 


1 1 1 1 Muonlc T,mpl.,Clilc.go, III., U.S.*. 



Keith's Theatre Boston, Mats. 

Keith's Bijou Theatre BoBtoa, Mass. 

Kelth'B Theatre PrOTidence, B. I. 

Keith's Theatre Pawtucket, B, I. 

Keith's New Theatre Philadelphia, Pa. 

Keith's Prospect Theatre , Cleveland, O. 

Keith's Theatre Columbus, O. 

Keith's New Theatre.. Portland. Me. 

Keith's New Theatre. ... .Manchester, S. H. 

Keith's Theatre Lewlston, Me. 

Keith's Royal Princess Tfaeatre.Loiidon, Enz. 
Keith A Proctor's Union 80. Theatre.. N.T. C. 
Keith A Proctor's 23d St. Theatre... N. Y. C. 
Keith A Proctor's 6th Ave. Theatre. -N. X. a 
Keith A Proctor's 68th St. Taestre.. -N. Y. C. 
Keith 4 Proctor's Harlem Op. Hocse.N. Y. C. 
Kefth A Proctor's 126tt 8t Theatre,. N. Y. C 
Keltb A Proctor's Theatre. .Jersey City, N. J. 
- rk, N. J. 

F. F. Proctor's Theatre Newarl 

F. F. Proctor's Theatre Troy, N, Y. 

F. E. Proctor's Theatre Albany, N. Y, 

Harry Davis Grand Op. House. . Pittsburg, Pa. 

Hyde A Seaman's Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Chase's Theatre Washington, D. C. 

Kernan's Maryland Theatre. . Baltimore, Md. 

Grand Theatre. Syracuse, N. Y. 

Also Beoklna; for 20 Parks and Seashore Resorts. 
Performers Will Benefit Themaflres hy Keeping This Office Info 
Tbelr llonte and Open Time. 

Lyric Theatre Altoons. Pa 

Shea's Theatre Buffalo, N. 1. 

Shea's Theatre Toronto, Ont 

Cook Opera House Rochester, N. T. 

Temple Theatre Detroit, Mich. 

S. Z. Poll's Theatre Worcester, Masa 

S. Z. Poll's Theatre Bprlogfleld, Mass 

S. Z. Poll's Theatre. .Hartford, Conn. 

S. Z. Poll's Theatre New Haven, Conn. 

B. Z. Poll's Theatre Bridgeport, Conn. 

S. Z. Poll's Theatre Waterbury, Conn. 

s. z. Poll's Theatre Wllkesbarre, Pa. 

8. Z. Poll's Tbeatre. Scran ton, Pa 

Colonial Theatre Lawrence, Han 

Empire Theatre Paterson, N. J. 

Empire Theatre Hotoken, N. J. 

Valentine Theatre Toledo, 

Trent Tbeatre...... Trenton, N. J. 

Bennett's Theatre London, Ont. 

Bennett's Theatre. Hamilton, Ont 

Bennett's Theatre Ottawa, Ont 

Bennett's Theatre Montreal, Que, 

Auditorium Theatre Quebec 

Henderson's Music Hall Coney Island 

Celeron Theatre Jamestown, N Y. 



BOOKING OFFICES, St. James Building, 

DODON, Booking Manafjrar, 

§D3 la 8.8 St. Jsdh Building, HEW/ YORK CrTY. 

South Bend 

The Hurry - Up 



m c K ONE; Mi n a ger 

C E .ST,.ivR;"'a- CPU Rt STS. 



UNION LABEL! S Q U f H B E N D , i IN D . 




Address appllcatloaa Cor open time to 


■Wm. B. PILE, Mgr. 



SHAPES, MlIiLOT BROTHERS, Mannfactoreri, 47 IV, 3d St., New York. 

Actors' Society of America. 

Members are requested to notify the Secretary when they hare made arrangements. 

N. B.— MANAGERS will flnd it to their advantage to consult the Society when engaging people, 


For Stock Companies, for Rigertoln Compaalss, lor Anliir 

smusemeat, Negro Plays, Taper, Scenery, Airs. Jarlcj'i Wax 
Works. Catalogue Free I Free 1 Free I 

SAMUEL l'llliNCH, IT \\. Z2d St, New York. 


. E mu- jihh i—l , mm h d . Fbb.«I 


January 5. 





DO BE Ml" 

Beth Free wllh Plnr Orcb«almtioa«, 
to Good Perform <• r*. 



! THE 

:t°h f e"H0USE OFHITS" 

twii •iimimiTii" BITS I 


'ID 111" 

Piano Con l^a, Itoth for lUc. 
Orchmlra Copies, Hoth for JlOo. 



Best Rustic 

Ballad Ever 





raov. copies and orch. free. 

Uu.ctm,- An., 10c. Each. 




102-104 WEST 38th ST., 

Near Broadway. 

W*~ Call and Get OUR 1907-lOiO SOUVENIR DATE ROOK. 



Direct front Urnmlnij', 

VOrtta AMI (i sir it. riu:i:. 


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Akron, O. 
D*7 DnJjj Co. 

Altoona, Pa. 
Botching * Meiedlth 

Baltimore, Md. 
HochacnUd Kohn 4Co. 
YYIJilsmion * rfaru 
A. T. Jonei * Bona 
8. L« Boy Iiobluiou 

Hay City. Mich. 
Maaoa A Beach 

Boit on. Mm. 

Brockton. Mm. 

Jamei Edgar & Co. 

Brooklyn, N.Y. 

E. J. Hueli 
R. Burtlurdt 

Chicago, Ml. 
Wm. llcpnpr WIk Co. 
r. M. Jhtteo A to, 
Cincinnati, 0. 

Wm. tteck ft doa'i Co. 

K. Siwlracblna 

W. 0. Lakamp mar. 

Cleveland . O. 
W. Rrauae * Son 
gundard Drug Co. 
Btearn A Co. 
Hook Drug Co. 

Columbus, 0. 

F. T. llykraoU 
KimpmanD. Costume 

Dayton, O. 
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Detroit, Mich. 
Mrs. C 21. Read 
Bchrouier A 


IndtampoMa. Ind. 
Ferxer'a Poarmtc/ 
11 KlDilln. 

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Merlden, Conn* 

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Newark, N. J. 
rettri Fhannaej 

Norfolk. Va. 

lieraard Rles 



JSc. Poiol. 40c. H.U and 18c. J.r« 

23c. Slick In Cardboard Tubo 


1«. Stick. Same ■■ Paint Tubo 

30c. Hall Pound, 20c. Quarter 

25c. Qlaaa Pot. Three Shade. 

No. 18. 20c. Per Box 

446 Sixth Avenue, 


A Liquid Powder. 40c. Bottle or Tin 


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New York City 

Knickerbocker Ph.rmacy 
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lHoimlnudalo Urothers 
A. Itatner. Drpfa 
(•eurse Bblndhelm 
It. H. Miey A Co. 
O.lifan the D ran lit 
J. A P. Grotta, Drugs 
J. C. Tlcdcmaa 

Patenon, N. J. 
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iiejer Bros. 

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Bed Crow Pharmacy 
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Philadelphia. Pa. 

Straw tn idfteACIothler" 
M. Snellenborg A Co. 
H. A. Molte, Prow ... . 
Philip J. Bnc« j ■" 
Ottnbei Brothers ' 

Portland, Mo . 
A. Carlei 

Qulncy. III. 

Ideal Hair Baiaar 
Recdliroa., Druu 

Richmond, Va. 

Too Often Co. 

Murphy's Hotel PbaT. 

Rochester, 1N.Y. 

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San Antonio. Tax. 

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St. Lou l». Mo. 
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Sober t, Schmidt 
Ench 'Vellmai 
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A. Her. 

Waablnrton. O. C. 

Hec tit A Co. 
0. E. Gumllecta 

Wbeeflor. w. Va. 
IK Lain '• Dng Store 
Wflkeabarre, Pa. 
Julias Loog'i Son* 

W 111 I am i port, Pa, 

Wilmington, Del. 
2. James Belt 

Yonker • , N. Y. 
Perry Cornlnr 

Boston Film Rental Exchange 

InntaBZors In 


Th. btat of serrfeo, and prion oonsis tent with the time., gruBracttiad. 
All latest subject* always on hand. Operators and machine., and fllou 
furnished for Sundays and all other occasions. Send for list and price. 


Erttm,..d law. 564 Washington St opp. Mams House, Boston, Mass. 


Hear Morris Park Bace Track and Bronx and Pelnam Parkway. 

>, JR©pr43es©i-it£iti-ve3. 

Removed to 32 "W. 45th St.. New York. 




Tblrty-arib week Diamond Jack show. Permanaot addreaa, CHESHIRr:, Conn, 


Why handle rocky roods Then yon can handle goods that will aeU theauelf ea. 
Electric Belts from $1 per dos. up. Large variety to select from. Electric Jan. 
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tblrd cash required. Trial order will conrince. Largest Ha a n fact are ra of 
Electrical Belts and Appliances in IT. B. A. Established 187S. Lectore and 
price list tree. THE ELBfjTBIOAX APFLUHOB CO., Burl Lag too, KslO. 

THa felBd t*«t gat the avo-ay. CailloTwrlU. F. 8. ZIHBICHHAII, »at. 11th SU, ■. T 
■ •w loik ASjeaita IWr Tke Call la Br**. Cat.. «-f TM|r»i«. 


9187-3150 tf. Clark St., Chice-go, III. 

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send for Dew Ulastratsd 
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bapbooe. g86:Stnbeainmlnum harp, lie; 13 cow 
bells, $10; 12 fane; Blelgh bells, with Instructions, 
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above Instruments are almost new and in One con- 
dition. Two pieces ot MC8IO with each instru- 
ment. All lojtrnmenls are tanedl to high concert 
pitch same as all theatres rise. 


6th Ave. and 20th St., New rort 




WJ Hot la a» »"« 

^^■BeW carried In etock. 

iT^L B Baa Fil Out Coa- 

^ a gV p>8ls3 mM 

ttW. An, Delay. 

^^^B snwak CatSmatet: 
"kswawaw^ Farnl»h«d 






Free Samploe, Contracui.Tlckela, Envelottoa, oto. 


GOWNS F s^^ 

Eiave on (land a largo nRsortmcnt of allghtlr woru 
Ereolnf QowDS.DInner, KeoeptlonandTeaOowu. 
Theee robes «ro porfoot la ovcrr are 
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HATiu WoLUOTioNB. We have a toll Uu ol 
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Private Pullman Car 

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■ell CHEAP. 

I)K iiAOOlTR A HELPS, Ban Diego. Cal. 

. Hllkolln. Tlahls, t* OO; V. 
iTIgbta, »,.IM)i Coilon Tl.hU, 
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I prle. 


eOtfl MRlaV 


fob pabks, sdhheh be80rt8, etc. 

Hauling Capacity, .0 Ton.. 
E.mlwaj •1,800 Ira 811 Day.. 









U a a W. WaAulsgtoa St., UBIUAQO, ill. 



Xe n t e 
Lane stock aon. and Under ^awaysr 
How and Second Band. Write 


DoccOiSors to the T. W. Noble Co., Tout Dept., 
Detroit Batr and litv. On.. Jl**r«ii art** 

las tlffhtNt Pirapi 40 tmlii i 
■era, 91.UOi Kleatlo xupuertera, 
I Ol.uCJ, Cloils Mapportora, 119 casts. 
I Hon'! fur calaaluBTiiB and samplea 
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poalt rpijuir*<l. Hutlnfactlon gaaran- 
t trt'il or money rcruiiileil. 3P1UKK HROH., 

Hi. WodilblnoHtreut, llroolaiyti.N.V.; New 
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1827 H. lOth It., PhiliJelphli, Pa. 




t'an\Mpuiiip.20(!., with leather 
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January 5. 



• LIFE MOTION PICTURE MACHINES «& FILMS • » »..t. snu. «>..l 



p-UN, P"UIM, FUN. 



FRSOE, 835.75. 


000 NIGHT" 

This Film ought to be Used by Every Exhibitor at the 

Close of the Entertainment 

XU* Film open, with a Large BoM,_whlofc dlawlven into a Beautiful Lady 

d by a 

Wreath of Bm> This Picture dUeolTe. late 
Flag, floating above Clonda. Soon Stan appear forming the word. "GOOD 
WIGHT," walk a lovely little girl blow, out a Candle. 

LENGTH, 65 Feet. - - PRICE, 815. 






LENGTH, OVER 1,250 FEET. PRICE, $250. 

I had your reproduction of tfce GAMS-NELSON Fight. 
The audience went wild over the clearness and detail of the 
plcturea. Everybody said that they -were the beat ever Been 
of a Prize Fight, and they are Derails me to hook a return 
date, which 1 have done to please them. I am truly grateful 
to you, for your pictures certainly get the money If properly 
managed. Voura for busloeae, 

WW. SCHUMACHER, Prop., Grand Famllr Theatre, 
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*7 »^ar Fight FILmi are Copyrighted end Fully Protected by Law. •*» 






LENGTH, 1,000 Feet. PRICE, 81 10. 







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ramat I 










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lew T.ik Marts*. II7-US W. S3. ST. OATAU)SD(.nif . 



Copyright, 1007, by tie Frank Queen Publishing Company (Limited) 

Founded by 

NEW YORK, JANUARY 12, 1907. 

VOLUME LIV.-No. 47. 

Price, 10 Cent,. 

• a- 



January 12. 

Mi55 CIipper'5 

Motes, Personalities oil tonnts, 


SI16E FOLK and Some times OTHERS 


There !i a clever, rood looking joong 
slDger Id tbe company now playing "It Hap- 
pened In Nordltnd," irno has three precloui 
possessions of which be li Justly proud. 
Josepti Itudd, toll joudk Englishman, mi A 
soldier Id tbe Boer War before be fluallj 
drifted on to tbe staj« and Into an Ameri- 
can production, where be la working aa 
ralthfuliy ai he fought for bla country. The 
first two of these treasures are decorations — 
one from Queen Victoria and one from King 
Edward. Both were presented ts tbe aery 
young fighter for special braTety on the 
battlefield. On one occasion Rudd carried a 
wonnded officer from tbe field under a rain 
of Boer bullets. 

Ills decoration* tbe singer carries with 
bla. But his third treasure, a big walking 
stick, whereby bangs this tale, Is left in a 
place of safety while Rudd la on the road, 
sioglng for both money and pleasure. His 
early recollections of tbe cane, however, 
were of a painful nature, as bis boyish 
pranks were therewith punished. The force 
behind tbe cane waa furnished. by his fattier, 
who followed the precept concerning the 
spoiling of tbe child by sparing tbe rod. 
This rule of enforcing parental authority la 
more adhered to by foreigners than by; Amerl* 
cans. RudJs father was obliged by- Illness 
to go about for some years by tbe aid of a 
heavy walking stick. Rudd and bla brothers 
were no different from other toys whose 
parents think they deserve a good whacking 
for the many things small boys do to annoy, 
and as tbe elder Rudd could not often get 
close enough to the youngsters to administer 
physical reproof by band, tbe far reaching 
stick waa a frequent medium. For reasons, 
tbe singer was usually the chief sufferer, 
and this Is why bis present possession of 
the cane affords him a retrospective, painful 

While Rudd was serving bis country In 
South Africa, his father died. Later be sent 
for bla mother and the otben of the family 
to Join him there, Intending to remain. On 
their arrival at "the steamer dock, the family 
filed down the gang plaok— and at this point 
occurs the humor of tbe tale. His mother 
hurried towarda blm with a long package 
In her hand, eagerly stretching It forth la 
bis dliecflon, as If bestowing something 
wonderfully beneficent. Even before the 
usual greeting of a fond mother to a son, she 
thrust the lengthy package Into bla hand, 
saying ; 

"Here, my boy— here Is your dear father's 
cane, which be willed to -you just before he 
died,", and Rudd accepted the gift with 
mingled feellnga that may be better Imagined 
than described. 

A member of the profession was observed 
to occupy a back seat at a popular Broadway 
performance the other evening, where the 
box office receipts are not so big that they 
are "turning 'em away." There was some- 
thing of a disgruntled expression on the 
young man's face, though he was there by 
the courtesy of the management, and bis 
purse not lightened by tbe price of a ticket. 

With Intent to be facetious he had pre- 
sented his free pass to the equally facetious 
treasurer at the box office window, with tbe 
request ; 

"Give me tbe beet seat you can for the 
money!" and be got It. 


Two stories concerning the scintillating 
comedian of the Anna Held company, Charles 
Blgetow, are being repeated among bis 
frlenda, As every one knows, the clever 
actor has a Summer home down on Long 
Island, at fit. James, where there la a big 
colony of professional people. 

In vacation time Dlgelow likes to exercise 
out doors about his pretty place, rhe story 
goes that he waa working in the garden, 
and having planned a certain amount of 
work one day, found that It would take 
longer than he had expected. Intending to 
catch the one-thirty train up to the city, 
be arranged with his wife to call him from 
bis gardening In time for It, but to let him 
work until the Inst minute. The partner 
of bla joys and sorrows warned blm of tbe 
npproacktng hour, and Bigelow started off 
towards the station. He, however, returned 
to Mrs. Bigelow unexpectedly, and ahe knew 
by bU face that he bad missed the train. 
Hepronchfully he said : 

"Why didn't you call me on time?" 

On being assured by her that she had 
followud his Instructions, be asked: 

"Which clock did you goby?" 

"Why, Charlie," was her reply, "I went 
by tko pretty watch you gave me a few 
weeks ago." 

"Ob, aplaah !" exclaimed the comedian, 
"no wonder I missed my train I bought 
that watch In Tlttsburg, and It was set by 
Pittsburg time, an hour later than New York 


There's an actors' club at St. James, and 
no feminine member of tbe colony Is ad- 
mitted except on eertuln "ladles' daya." At 
This club there Is always plenty of "good 
i-hr>er" dispensed, and long Sumner evenings 
are pleasantly spent there by tbe Jovial mem- 
bers, unaccompanied by the women folk of 
their families. 

Bigelow Is a member, and late one dark 
night tbe Jolly clubstirs, Including tbe com- 
edian, broke up and betook themselves their 
several waya towards home. Tbe road by 
which Bigelow and some of his friends went, 
was In process of repair and Improvement. 
A deep, muddy ditch had been dug on either 
side of the road, consequently the convivial 
group of wayfarers wars obliged to keep In 

the middle of tbe path, and not stray into 
by ones. They were plodding along to laugh 
and song, when suddenly the comedian's 
voice arose above the chorus. 

"Great heavens!" exclaimed Bigelow, 
whose weather eye was seardtlng the dark- 
ness ahead, "get to the side of tbe road, 
boys. See that light Is the distance? It's 
an automobile headlight" 

At the warning, the acton enlckly drew 
close to the edge of tns ditch. 

"I'm going to get right Into It," exclaimed 
Bigelow, suiting tbe action to the word. 
"Come on, boys. It's safer down here — I, 
for one, don't want to be run down by an 

So down Into the ditch's muddy bottom 
tbe hoys clambered, and, with anxious eyes 
strained towards the light ahead, they 
stumbled along, their feet linking several 
iBcbes Into tbe mud at each step. 

"Seems to me," said Bigelow, after about 
fifteen minutes of time bad passed, "that 
pesky machine la moving mighty alow for 
an auto. It'a encouraging, though, to know 
that now I'm not so very far from home. 
I'd like pretty well to get op oat of this 
on to the road, my left leg Is half a yard 
down Into the mud, and I can hardly pull 
it out" 

"For God's sake, Bigelow, keep to tbe 
ditch," exclaimed one of his companions, 
"you'll be run over." 

And tbe mud-bespattered party kept to 
the ditch, plodding painfully along, until 
Anally they came close to the portentlons 

"It's on me, boys 1" said Bigelow an In- 
stant later, on discovering that It was a 
lantern which Ms thoughtful wife bad bung 
out close to the road for the guidance of 
her spouse. 


At one of the towns where a musical 
comedy was showing, the director waa having 
an ODususlly difficult time rehearsing tbe 
local ci chest ra. Most of his worry was 
over the double bass, who was a better 
barber than he was a musician, and ought 
to have been sharpening razors Instead of 
sharpening tones that should have been flat 

In one of the musical numbers was a 
frequent low Q-sharp, which the barber- 
double bass always failed to reach, and 
which, to the ear of the hearer, sounded 
(rightfully off the pitch. Finally, after 
hearing It for the twentieth time, the dis- 
tracted director exclaimed : 

"Why In heaven's name don't you take 
that A-flat as It's written 1" 

"I'm gettln' as close to It as I can," 
apologetically said tbe barber. "Ton see, 
my double bass' has only three strings, the 
lowest, A, and I'm glvln' yon the best Imita- 
tion on It of an A-flat that I can," 

A musician will easily understand tbe ex- 

An actual Incident: 

An old lady accompanied, her daughter to 
a show which Included that erstwhile popu- 
lar freak, Mile. Christine, the colored two- 
headed girl. 

"Dear me!" exclaimed tbe daughter pity- 
Ingly, "Isn't It an uncomfortable condition 
for that poor creature." e 

"Oh, I don't know about that," consolingly 
replied tbe old lady, "they must he great 
company for each other." 

Glasgow; "The New Aladdin" begins a six 
weeks' season at the Oalety, Manchester, on 
Dec. 28. and at tbe Theatre Royal, Brighton, 
on Christmas eve, a fortnight's engagement 
with "Two haughty Boys will open. In 
the latter there are thirty children, and 
with them Mr. Edwardes, I am told, sends 
tbe mothers, nurses and a school teacher. 

The Parii Figaro to date has a very In- 
teresting article regarding "The Stage Dog." 
It says: "There la no doubt In the early 
future that a class for the theatre dog must 

be added to the Conservatoire, as by a 
strange coincidence moat of tbe new plays 
count a dog among the actors. At the 

raoH oca own cormspcndint. 

Clipper Bureao, 

4H Cranbuarne St,, 

Leicester Suaara. 

London* W. 0. 
Dnc. 22. 

The theatrical patronage has been a bit 
off this week, owing to the usual Christmas 
preparations, etc., but still the let-up has 
not been as steep as one would expect this 
BeaBon of tbe year. In fact, It may be said 
that the London programme of OarlBtnas 
amusementB commenced on Tuesday last, 
with the revival of "l'eter 1'an," one of the 
prize winners of Christmas plays, and from 
now on every day will see some fresh Item 
added to the fare at theatres, music halls. 
and other entertainment hi the West End 
of London and suburbs. One of the chief 
events of the pantomime world will, of 
course, be the opening of Drury Lane The- 
atre, on Dec 2tt, with the pantomime of 
"Slndbad," In which a star cast of comedians 
will appear, supported by a company rum- 
bcrlng several hundreds In tbe chorus, ballet 
and spectacles. This "Slndbad" show, how- 
ever, Is only one of the many good things 
offered to the London playgoers during this 
Joyous season, and I will mention some of 
the others later on. 

At the "Royalty, a few nights ago, was 
presented, for tbe llrst time, a modem, four 
act play, entitled "On tbe Side of the 
Angels," by W. L. Courtney. Major Ralph 
Hawthorne, a man of weak heart, but strong, 
character. Is the principal character of tbe 
play. He drinks, be Is a slave to cocaine, 
and he has wronged a simple country girl, 
who nursed him through a severe sickness. 
In earlier life he haa been very Intimate 
with a Lady Rolleeton. Then he swoons. 
The country girl, now a professional nurse, 
comes to the rescue a second time, and 
eventually tbe angel wins. Very greet in- 
terest waa taken In the production, many 
leading members of the theatrical profes- 
sion being present Every name in the cast 
was familiar to lovers of fine acting. The 
plajers were: Norman McKlnnell, Mies Gran- 
ville, Arthur Playfalr, A. Tare Tempest, 
Lillian Braltbwalte and Florence Haydon. 
The play waa done by the "Pioneers," a 
society which prides Itself on putting on 
plays of the non-cranky order. 

raul Ruben's new play, "atlas Book snd 
Holland," now in rehearsal, wilt be put on 
nt a local theatre early next month. In 
the cast are: Q. P. Huntley, Herbert Clay- 
ton, U. 8. Foster, George Barrett, Harry 
Urattsn, Morris Harvey, Ethel Cadman 
Grade Leigh, Phoebe Mercer, Gladys Ivery 
dnd Eva Wei ley. 

The Qarrlck Is dark now, hut will reopen 
after tbe Christmas vacation with a matinee 
or "The Morals of Marcus" on Dec. 28. 
This will be tbe one hundred and twenty- 
fifth performance of the play. A farther 
series of the mstlncee of "Macbeth" will 
be given at the Gnrrlck early In the new 
year, when Arthur Botirchler and Violet Van- 
[troiigh return from their holiday on tbe 

In the future, George Edwardes has ar- 
ranged that he will retain all the provincial 
rights of bla own London productions, "The 
Mervellleuiea" opens at the Lyceum, Edin- 
burgh, for four weeks on Monday next ; 
••See-See" starts the same time st tbe King's, 

Pinkie," he had a talk 

Comedle Francalse, M. de Feraady com- 
mences the second act of 'Pollche' with a 
very pretty piece of emotion, addressed to a 
very be-rlbboned King Charles: at the Gym- 
nase.a 'Ittle white dog, called Prince of Wales, 
serves as a confidant for Mine. Msrtbe lie- 
guler, and at the Varieties, In 'Ulquette et 
aa Mere,' It la a black poodle to which 
Mile. Lavalllere confesses tbe name of the 
man she loves." The dog, a dramatic author 
Informed The Figaro, la going to replace the 
conventional confidant of modem comedy. 
One can tell him naturally tbe state of mind 
one needs to convey to the public He re- 
places the girl friend In the convent, the old 
family servant, and tbe college friend. He 
la a discreet confessor. In a word, he Is a 
blessing as a means of common I cation with 
tbe audience. In the London theatres at 
tbe present moment the only dogs appearing 
In a play are at the Lyric, In "Robin Hood, 
and they hsve nothing more aerlous to do 
than walk on and off. Last March, how- 
ever, at the same theatre. In a one act play, 
8am Sotlern had to address the whole of 
the dialogue to a dog. Tbe piece was called 
"What Shall I 8sy to Her? n and the Ques- 
tion wan addressed to a terrier. In "The 
Light that Failed," which was also produced 
at the Lyric, a dog played a little part In 
"Richard II," Beerbohm Tree had no words 
for tbe wolfhound that followed him, hot 
about eight years ago, I am told, when he 
staged 'Ttlp Van 
with blx dog, Nick. 

George Alexander has acquired the English 
rights of "Le Voleur," a new play, by Henri 
Bernstein, which has Just been produced at 
the Paris Renaissance with great success. 
Mr. Alexander haa commissioned Cosmo 
Gordon Lennox to prepare an English version 
of tbe work. Its production, however, can- 
not be expected In any near future, as "His 
House In Order" Is still testing the capacity 
of St James', and the succeeding play Is to 
be tbe work of Alfred Sutro. "Le voleur'' 
Is said to be a strongly dramatic plsy, the 
action of which turns on a theft by a woman. 
Her husband unsuspectingly employs a de- 
tective to Investigate the crime, and there 
la a powerful scene, in which he wrings from 
his wife a confession of her guilt. 

A few days ago, at a special meeting given 
at Terry's, was presented a new end orig- 
inal three act play, the work of Frank King- 
ston, and titled "Tbe Wehsters." Theplece 
dealt with the fortunes and misfortunes of a 
young gentleman named Frank Webster, who, 
according to bis own account, came of a 
family that never broke Its word. The ex)- 

Sendee of the plot necessitated several wide 
eparturcs from tbe proud beast ; for Frank 
had a brother whose name was Douglas, and 
who was ready to break anything that would 
serve his purpose, even to tbe extent of tbe 
whole of the Ten Conftnandmeuts. Frank 
suffered considerably both In reputation and 
fortune by the wicked doings of 'his brother, 
but be wss brave and patient, and be was 
good enough and selfish enough to Inform 
his beloved one, Leonle de Fernandez, that 
he would never link her name with bis In 
matrimony until his honor had been re-estab- 
lished In the eyes of the world. Thereupon 
Frank Webster went into cheap lodgings 
and devoted himself to tbe writing of a play. 
He pawned his coat to provide pens and 
Ink and paper, snd In the end he same 
through his troubles to the satisfaction of 
all, marrying his Leonle, and all the other 
happy thfngB always to be found at the end 
of a plsy. 

Mr. and Mrs. Kendal have secured a new 
play, a three act comedy, with a romantic 
interest, by Winifred Dolin, and will pro- 
duce same at the Boyal, Brighton, In Feb- 
ruary next. Miss Dolan bos done some 
creditable work on tbe London stage, from 
which she has now retired, and this will be 
her debut as a dramatist. 

The rtvlval of the Drury Lane pantomime, 
"Slndbad," will be given on Monday after- 
noon uoxL While some of the particulars 
of tbe show have already been noted, still 
a renewal of same will be Interesting to 
readers of this letter. The cast of the prin- 
cipals now stands as follows: Slndbad, Wal- 
ter Passmore ; Mrs. Slndbad, Harry Ran- 
dall ; impress of the Saharsa. Fred Emney ; 
11IU and Tom, Drew and Aldere; Ole Man 
of the Sea. Arthur Conquest; Davy Jones, 
Alex. Davidson ; Hindbad, Queenle Lelghton ; 
Ruby, Marie George ; Abdallah, Florence 
Wards; Zoe, Ethel Oliver; the Fairy Roma, 
Rosamund Bury, and Canxenita, Mile. Rodri- 
guez. Synopsis of scenery: Part 1 — Scene 1 
— Tbe Her maid b' Home; 2— In a Persian 
Garden ; .8— Aboard Ship ; Tableau— The 
Wr«Kk; 4 — On tbe Whale; 5 — A, Entrance 
to the Valley; B. Tbe Roc's Nest; C. Rep- 
tiles' Retreat ; D. The Lagoon ; — Tbe Val- 
ley of Diamonds. Part II — Scene 7 — Palace 
of the Empress of Sahara; A Slave Market; 
9 — The Motor Bus: 10 — Under the Pyra- 
mids; 11 — Forest of Cocoa Nuts; 12— The 
Durbar. The first public performance will 
be given, as stated above, on Boxing Day, 
which Is Dec 26. 

Tbe new' Hicks Theatre will be opened on 
March 4, so It Is announced, with a new 
musical comedy, entitled "My Darling," tbe 
work of Seymour Hicks Edgar Haines and 
Charles Taylor. The piece Is In two acts, 
placed respectively In the Cafe Imperial, 
Paris, and the Hotel D'Ontelle. Among 
those already engaged for the production 
are : Marie Studnolme, Barabara Deane, 
Helen Klnnalrd, Henry A. Lytton and J. F. 
McArdle, who was quite a notable bit In 
"Tbe Girl Behind the Counter." 

Frederick Harrison, leasee of tbe Hay- 
market, has Just accepted a play by Michael 
Morton, adaptod from "Mademoiselle Josette, 
ma Femme,' r which was recently done at the 
Urmnase, Paris. On Mondsy Isst Beerbohm 
Tree celebrated his Qfty-third birthday, and 
on the same day tbe sixty-third birthday of 
Mr. Kendal was noted. 

On Dec. 81, "Amasls," the successful mu- 
sical play, by Messrs. Fenn and Faraday, 
will be transferred from the New to the Cri- 
terion. On Boxing Day afternoon Mr. Na- 
tion, the leases of Terry's, 'will present a 
pantomime, baaed on the story of "Little 
Red Hiding Hood." 

Regarding the trouble between the Variety 
Artists' Federation and Walter Gibbons, 
which has been tbe big feature tonic In tbe 
local vaudeville world, 1 must refer to my 
friend, H. O. Hlbbert'a editorial on that sub- 
ject In this week'a Issue of bis publication, 
The Jfvslo If oil. It la beaded "Peace I*' 
"Tbe Music Hall war Is at sn end. Thus the 
cucclnct statement of the non-professional 

frees. It aeems a pity that the differences 
hat have occurred between the Variety Art- 
lets' Federation and Walter Gibbons, with 
reference to the Brixton Hippodrome snd 
the Empress Brixton Empress, have been 
dignified with such an imposing title. What- 
ever may be the domestic tiffs and quarrels 
between proprietor and performer. It must 
always be remembered that both parties are 
In the entertainment business for their liv- 
ing, and each la Indispensable to tbe other. 
To suggest that there Is a war between the 
two la to invite such opposition from out- 
siders as will prove aa disastrous to perform- 
ers as it Is ruinous to proprietors. Mr. 
nibbons has. during the week, been waited 
on by a committee of the Loudon Trades 
Council, representing tbe Variety Artists' 

Federation, tbe Musicians' Union and the 
Association of Stage Employees, who Im- 
pressed blm to accept the terms agreed to 
nt Horn's Assembly Rooms on Sunday week 
last, or, by s display of boards and distri- 
bution of handbills, the public would be 
urged to refrain from supporting Mr. Gib- 
bons* music balls. The demands were (11 
payment for matinees, |2) no transfer from 
one hall to another without the consent of 
the artist, (8) no variation or time without 
the consent of tbe artist, (4) the reference 
of all dispute to a board of arbitration, (5) 
non-sloppage of commission, (8) Mr. Gib- 
bons to atop the Injunction and pay tbe 
costs, (7) no bias or prejudice to be shown 
to those who had taken part In tbe dispute. 
It is stated that Mr. Gibbons hss agreed to 
tbe non-transfer clause, and that time shou d 
not be varied to the detriment of tbe per- 
formers He agreed to withdraw the Injunc- 
tions, and pay all costs, and to the clause 
providing that no bias or prejudice sbould be 
shown to those who hsd taken part In tbe 
dispute. On the otber band, be said that 
tbe board of arbitration and tbe barring 
clanse were matters for consideration with 
otber managers, and he asked for two mat- 
inees at the Royal Holborn and other bouses. 
He did not agree to the non-sloppage of com- 
missi on a. 

Juat now most of tbe music hall per- 
formers are pantomiming. You will, 1 am 
sure, be pleased to know where many of 
them are this Christmas. Aside from Drury 
Lane, the following are tbe suburban 'mimes 
and the fnnmakers : Kenntngton — "Humpty 
Dampty. Comedians — B. H. Douglass, king ; 
Arthur Rlgby, queen ; principal girl, Yvonne 
Lamor. Camden — "Cinderella." Comedians, 
Alexander and Hughes; principal hoy, Lil- 
lian Levey: Cinderella, Lillian Hubbard. 
Fulham— * r Babes In the Wood." Comedians, 
the Polnskls, John B. Coyle ; principal 
boy, Marguerite Brosdfoote. Coronet — "The 
Forty Thieves." Comedians, Johnny Scho- 
fleld, George Cockbum, Dale and Malley ; 
principal ladles, Beatrice Wllley, Chrlssle 
Leonard and Jose Hammersley. King's — 
"Cinderella." Comedians, the Two Macs, W. 
H. Klrby, Will Johnston. John Denton and 
J. G. Taylor ; principal boy, Hilda Oulver ; 
Cinderella, Ethel ward. Shakespeare — 
"Aladdin." Comedians, Mark Melford. Ar- 
thur Reynolds; Aladdin, Winifred Hare; 
principal girl, Mary Hay. Broadway — "Cin- 
derella." Comedians, Fred Carey, tbe Pol- 
lard Brothers, tbe Tally-Ho Trio ; Cinderella, 
Lucie Catne ; prince, Beatrice Edwards ; 
Dardlnl and the bareness, tbe Sisters 
Sprightly. Prince's, Poplar — "The Forty 
Thieves. Comedians, Edwin Adeler, the 
Three Dandles, tbe Three Delarles; princi- 
pal ladles, Lily Iris, Ruby Verdi, Sisters 
Edwardes, Sisters Rowlands. West London 
• — "Slndbad." Comedians, Charles Dillon, 
Dan Whltcourt. In the provincial panto- 
mimes are to be found the leading stars of 
the balls, namely — Harry Tate, Tom E. Mur- 
ray, George Robey, wllfcle Bard, Johnny 
Danvers, Happy Fanny Fields, Hetty King. 
Ray Wallace, the Brothers Griffith, Bert 
Gilbert, 'Sybil Arundel, Carlton, Gwennle 
Hasto, Daisy Dormer, Mark Sheridan, Nora 
Emerald, the McN'anghtonB, Nellie Emerald, 
Lena Verdi, Carlotta Levey, May Moore Du- 
prez, BranRby Williams, Harmony Four, 
Fourteen Black Hussars, Albert Le Fre, 
Sondford and Lyons, Annie Parcel!, New- 
house and Wells, and many others. 

While on hlB way to fulfill an engage- 
ment at the Hackney Empire, George Lagb- 
wood, who Is also playing at the Empire, 
Leicester Square, met with a rather serious 
accident on Monday last. Opposite the Ken- 
ntngton Theatre the horse- bolted, and de- 
spite every effort made by the driver to stop 
It, dashed Into an electric car coming from 
the opposite direction. The animal was In- 
stantly killed, the driver very badly Injured 
and Mr. Lashwood'a head was very badly 
cut nnd his left ear severely torn. Notwith- 
standing the accident, Mr. - Lash wood only 
missed one night's turn at the halls men- 

On Monday next the Christmas spectacle 
at the Hippodrome will be given for tbe first 
time. It Is called "The Treasure Ship In 
Fairy Seas," and was invented and will be 
produced by Frank Parker. The Incidental 
music is by Car) Klefert. In the cast are : 
Stmeta Marsden, Larater Lee, J. Oma, Frau- 
leln Sophie, Anette Kellermenn, the Fin- 
ney Sisters, Tiller's Eight Snowdrops and 
Heldenrelcha Flying Ballet. 

Last Saturday, Ernest Brldgen, tbe act- 
ing manager of tbe New Cross Empire, was 
the recipient of a testimonial from tbe staff 
and friends of that house on the first anni- 
versary of office. The presentation took tbe 
shape of a diamond and torquols pin and 
dress stud combined, also an amber cigar 
tube, la n solid silver case. 

With the booking arrangemeot, recently 
entered Into, the De Frece and Berrasiord 
halls now number twenty. The Tlvoll, Liv- 
erpool, opened a short time ago, makes en- 
other hall for the De Frece people. Otber 
houses being In view for that tour are at 
Leeds, Birmingham and Portsmouth, Wal- 
ter De Frece hoping in a short time, to be 
able to offer thirty weeks* work. 

RIchnrd Williams, formerly a member of 
the team of Earie and Earle, banjoists, died 
at the Middlesex Hospital, In this city, on 
Thursday last, after an Illness of three days. 
Mr. Williams had been working alone for 
some time, having played the Forester's last 

I take this means of extending to friends 
on both sides of the Atlantic a happy and 
prosperous New Year. 

a ■ » 


Whose picture appears on the front page of 
this Issue, was born Oct. 8, 1S70, and as a 
boy evinced a liking for the stage, and par- 
ticularly that branch of the profession which 
bad to do with acrobatics and other kinds of 
athletics. ; His father, however, desired him 
to become an artist, for which the boy also 
bad a predilection. Accordingly, be was 
Bent to no art school, where ne remained 
for two years. He never lost his love for 
the stage, however, and he was continually 
practicing all kinds of acrobatic And Juggling 
feats. Finally, tiring of art, be Joined a 
small tent show, with which he engaged to 
do several turns. The engagement was of 
incalculable value to him, for through It he 
acquired a knowledge and experience that 
he ...could have obtained In no other way. 
He rose rapidly In his line, and to-day takes 
rank among the foremost Jugglers of the 
world. He does two acts, one of which he 
confines to sensational Juggllae, and the 
other to gladiatorial work. 

Memorial Window to Mrs. Gilbert. 

On Sunday afternoon, Dec. 80, services 
were held at Bloomlngdnle Reformed Church, 
Broadway and One Hundred and Sixth 
Street, New York City, at tbe unveiling of 
the memorial window In honor of the late 
Mrs. George Henry Gilbert. Many theatrlcol 
people were present 

The window Is the work of John La Ferge. 
It Is In the front of tbe church, which faces 
to the East Tbe lower part of the window 
showB Mary and the angel at tbe tomb, with 
the ascending Christ above. 

The services at the church were opened 
with an organ prelude, "Remembrance " 
played by Organist P. F. del Camplgllo. who 
composed It especially for the .occasion, and 
dedicated It to the memory of Mrs. Gilbert. 
Three of tho late actress* favorite hymns 
were sung by tho congregation. They are : 
"Nearer, My God, to Thee," "Abide With 
Me" and "Now the Day la Over." At tbe 
close of the Rcrvice an organ postlude, "An- 
niversary March," written by Mr. del Cam- 
plgllo, In honor of Mrs. Gilbert at the time 
of her eighty-third birthday, was played. 




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8. to find Hota and Piota, the great Dutch Comedians, practicing their 
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Seattle — At the Grand Opera House 
(John Cort. nuiirager) for l>ec. 23 and week, 
1 hi.* :iu; Hoberta. in "The Stroneth of the 
Weak" and "Maria Rosa," taxed the capacity 
of the house every performance. Guy Bates 
Pout, In "The lieir to the Hoorah," 30-Jan. 
i. Allen Doone, 3. 4, In "Kerry Oow." Mme. 
ScJiumann-lielnk, In concert, 5. "The Stroll- 
era" 10-18. 

Seattle (Ruasell fit Drew, managers). — 
Doc. 23 and week 'Tilly Olson'' proved a win- 
ner for a Christmas attraction. For 30 and 
woefe, 'The Belle of Jspan." 'The Old Clothes 
Man" Jan. and week, "The Midnight Flyer" 

Loir (Alex. Pontares, manager). — Dec. 23 
and week, 'The Girl I Left Ueblnd Me" had 
crowded houses. l-N>r 30 and week, "The 
l'ower of the Tress." "By Wight of Sword" 
Jan. G-12. 

Taylor's Castlh Gauden- (C. A. Taylor, 
manager). — The Amsden Opera Co., In 'The 
Mascot," Dec. 23 aad week, had excellent 
LueliH'xs. "Tho GoTemor's Wife" 30 and 
week. "Olivette" Jan. 0-12. 

Stat: (IJL J. Donellan, manager). — New 
people Dec. 31 and week : Koland Travers, 
Alf. Holt, Tony Williams and Kthel Hose, 
Dorothy GoldcD, Qutgg and Mack. Kddle 
Itoesch, Lillian Walthert and Jessie Dale, 
and moving pictures. 

OtUMiKin. (T. J, Consldlne, manager). — 
Now people Hi and week: Kqulllo, Jos. II. 
Clmtlium. Sam and Ida Kelly, Mayme Lytle, 
Mills and Ueecher, Chas. McDonald andmov- 
liiK pictures. 

1'antauks (Atex. FanLngcs, manager). — 
New people HI and week: London Trio. 
Frank VViliton. Williams and company, minor 
Jenkins, Four Wilsons, Arthur Rlwell and 
moving pictures. 

s - ■ 

Spokane. — At the Spokane (Charles W. 
Muelilmun, tunuagcr) "The Strollers," Dec 
'_'tt-2r>, did unusually large business. "The 
Yankee Consul" 30. 

l'ui.I'MIiia (George M. Dreher, manager). 
— KlnnV Musical 'rraresty Co. opened for 
eight weeks 23, glring "The Telephone Girl" 
as the opening bill. Good business rules. 

AcutTuitiuu (Harry C. llayvmrd, mana- 
ger).— Shirley Stock Co.. In "The Little 
Church Around the Corner," pleased 23-29. 
"A Contented Woman" HO nnu week, 

Wasiiinuton (Geo. C. Blakeslee, mana* 
ger). — Xew people: Rotund Trovers, Quigg 
und Mack, Air. flolt. Williams and Hose, and 
Dorothy Golden. 

l'oki'ii d' Albxb (B. M. Reel, manager). — 
"The Isle of Nowhere" attracted good busi- 
ness 23-20. 

Notks. — Manager Charles Mueblman, of 
the Spokane, entertained "The Strollers" 
company At luncheon on Christmas . Day. 

fiddle Allen Doon*>, starring In Joe 

Murphy's "Kerry Gow," announces that he 
will be seen in a n*w play, "Larry O'Daly, 

next season Timothy Sullivan, of New 

York, is looking over the Northwest In 
company with John W. Consldlne, with a 
rlew to establishing more vaudeville the- 
atres. All of the Northwest houses In which 
Mr. Sullivan la Interested are doing big 

Tacoma. — At the Tacoma Tlipatre (Chas. 
II. Hernld, manager) "Qtilney Adams Saw- 
yer" Dee. 30, 31. Teddy Webb, In "The 
Strollers," Jan. 1. 2. 

(J ran- ii Tiikatkk (Dean 11. Worlcv, mana- 
ter). — The I^ffell 'J'rlo. (.urdon, Vklooi and 
Flynn, Carrollton and Hodges, Klpp and 
KJppy, Jules Ilarron. James Burke, in Illus- 
trated song, and Ornndlscope week of Dec 

Star Theatre (A. Enci'l, manager). — Al- 
len Slock Co., in "ConfusTon," week of 31. 

Notk. — Jan Kubellk will appear at the Ta- 
coma Jan. 23. 



Charlotte. — At the Academy of Music 
(O. V. Kessler, manager) "The Tenderfoot" 
did good business Dec 20. "A Corner In Cof- 
fee" had fair returns 31. Thomas Jefferson, 
In "Hip Van Winkle," did well Jan. L "It's 
All Your Fault" 4. 


Herbert S. SwAxar joined the Spedden- 
I*»lge Stock Co., for advance, at Trenton, 
Mo., Dee. 24. 




cigarettes are 
compared, the delicious flavor and 
d exquisite aroma which distinguish 



\j'f) become still more pronounced. Such a combina- 
tion of delicate richness and mellow mildness is 
possible only by the perfect harmony of the 
Murad blend. It is this perfection— their dis- 
tinctive quality, that has made the Murad 


10 for 15 cents 

S. ANARCYROS. Manufacturer. 

Ill Fifth AYonue, New York 



treat the revolver as roughly or carelessly as you please— it can't go off until 
you intend it should— if it's an Iver John* on 5«!ety Automatic Revolver. I 
The tiring pin can't posiibly transmit concussion— nn til you pull the trigger clear 
back. Thai's what nates It safe. Here's why it makes yon sale. The 



hits the " mark ■ when that » nark " must he hit. Scientific design and per- 
feci worktaaaship make it wholly effective— every time. 

raw Jesasea Safely naaawr Revsrver I iver Jaastea Safety rliaxrlm Revetvcr I 
l-inch barrel. rtKkel-plated. « rim fire j-inch barrel, nickel-plated finisb. 31-38 
canrtdg-e,3s-38cenierrincanridt;e < ag [ cenler fire artridsje, - *o | 

FortaJe by Hardware and Sportins Goods dealers everywriere, or sent 
prepaid on receipt ol pnee il your dealerwitl not supply. Look for the 
ru 1 . J-WiiJic gnpari urnsmi on barrel. 

IVER JOHNSON'S ARRS AND CYCLE W0RKS.15) River St .. Fllcstarr, JRsas. 

W«»Torti 91 CtttBihtm Street. Psdfie Cosh uraneh; P. B. Beletrt Co, 

A >!--■'<. <:»', Eutope: Pkkriootnt. Hwrntts. Orouy, 

Makers of Ivor Johnson Truss Frame Bicycles 
^^^^^^^^^i] Bit eUMiarrelShotguris^^^^^^^^^ 

1 Fret 


| is lull ot in- 
terestina" re- 
volver facts. 
Write for it 
at once, 
I and we'll 
I send our 
1 big cata- 
I logue with 

l poata I 






The greatest descriptive story song ever written by CHA8. K. HARRIS, entitled 



A song that will startle the world, and Is predicted to be positively the descriptive song sensation 
of the new year, 1907. BEWARE OF IMITATIONS. 

31 »'in llil St., NEW YORK HEIER COHEN. Mgr. CMAS. kC. H A. F? R* I ^> CHICAGO OFFICE I (iranj Hp.t. llnu.e Bnliaing JOB M. IIAItnlH, Mgr ■ 

Every Train 
two-Hour Trains 



Hew Jersey Central 

Train Every Hour 
" -- on the Hour 

- Lieta W. ad 6t. 10 tniculei before tbthooi 


S»T BT. DlMIS QaiByiCE^ 


Capable of Playing Two or Three 
". Small Farts. 

Other Repertoire People 

-Write. Long Kngagoment, Bag. 
: alar Season and Summer. 
Week Jan, :, Malouc, K. T.: Jan. u, Potsdam, 
N. Y.; Jan. ■■!!, Watertown, S. Y. 



One Power Catr.eragrapii, as new; 3,ooort.of new 
flirn,.*Qu enough more thai 1ms been used some, 
to timpiete show; seven Bets of Al song slide-. 
Also gome stereoptlcon vlewa of Baa Francisco 
DliaMer, iw folding chaira, good aa new. 

: r ' C. A. OWEN A BON, Elton, Iowa. 



Send, for our large bargain circulars in films, 
niides,- etc. Special prices la Life of Christ, Jo 
Hi** 3trM, Peck'a Had Boy, Comic, Pose and Ser- 
pentine Slides. C. L, HULL. & CO., 
i - 309 B. Wth St., Chicago, ill. 


- . - -T. VKI.SOV DOWHS. Mgr. 
VAl'DRVILLE ACTS Cmlng thi. Way 
VT' Write Me. 


First time id ten years. Experienced.' Reliable. 
Reputation, the best. Invite offers for balance 
of. leakon. Book and route anywhere C. 8. or 
Canada. First class repertoire or one piece. Wire 
or write. ■ W. H., Business Mgr., 
Cars Farm Show Print, eo."> Sansom St., Phlladei- 
pnia.Pn. - * 


41 ulaipk face comedian witli ipeclaUy 
to doable band. Alto illds trombone, 
mm drum, baritone, and piano player 
ta> double band. One night alnnda. 

. AttTHtH .1. WOODS, 

i T5 Plymonth Flare. Chicago. 

.; ;;\vantbd, 

PIANIST. ^Kbt render, and General BnslDess Al.n. 

Name lowest. Pay jonrown. M„9tjolnon wire. 

1 ' ; ■ ION OABROlL, Bt Lick, Pa. 

■;;; V- : AX LIBERTY. 

MR. and MRS. 

Franklin C. Vernon, 

cultles. Stock, one piece or repertoire. 


Beoond and Seneca Sta„ Leavenworth, Kan. 


. . {•ASTERN) 

First Class TOM PEOPLE. 

Thole that have written before, write again. Ad- 
dress aaperronte. 3. W. BBOWSIKE. Manager. 



NmtcAt .Director (Piano), UEHBEK A. K. OF M„ 
owing to aloeing of Co. Address 

NAT. m sOL'iMONS, Hotel nrace, Room 121, 
Jackaqn. Boulevard and Clark Street. Chicago. Ill, 

J M Wanted for 


Blackface Singing and Dancing Comedian. Sing- 
ing, lad Dancing Soubreitc: air-u Organ Plajcr- 
Address OR. JOHN E. FOYE, 
' * - Bols D'Arc. Ho.. Greene Co, 


(jood looker, good dresser, but no performer. 


Staga -InatrMotlon. 

vSS^^Sf* tefW andHnw. Points on Salary 
FrliV ISC. Otto Co., 270 YV. Mb h%, fffW Vftt 

Servlcf" atnsiEtab free. 

of 'hi- -orvlce alisioMt 

U a %l a r< E7b>b1 Send me the nam*, »'yi*> and route of your attraction, ami I wilt furnish *ou my "AniicipMinn Me: 
UlAil J».*^ ■1M*CT — *Thl8 1« valuable' in i«otii the large and small shows. Tou will realize and appreciate ilia value 
immediately. ]i will only rout tha pries of a [Hiatal card. nON'T DKI.AYI DO IPNoW! 

TED Sl'ARKS' iiikatricaI, EXt'lIANGB, No. 00 Washington St., CUlrago, ami Oninry Bhlg,, Km.*a* City, Mo 

N". R— Have an especially clever 1 Yaude. Sketoh for Sale. Not trash. 




Want at once, Comedian who can double stage 
and piano, Musical Team, Song and Danre Artlit, 
Slater Team that can King nud dance. Skeich 
Team with many act*. ALL MEN MUST D0U..M-; 
HANI). Old time medicine men who weiewltb 
Dr. Des Kochera, write. Picture Men. Salaries 
low and aure. You pay all. Two to six week 
stands. Be ready to join on wire.. Kn Hiket- 
unless I know yon personalty. Tho=e who wrote 
before, write aaaln. Wnre addre-s plain. 

Majearic Theatre next six weeks, Waco. Ten. 



Most do specialties. Orchestra Leader, Cornet, 
Flute, Traps. Thin show haajnstclnsed seaiou 
of two years and nine weeks. Opens in in 
February. Write or call.. 


National Printing Co., Chicago, 111. 



For strlc tiy first clasa one night, stand attraction. 
Address ■' w. a. RICE. 

Care of General Delivery. Dallas, Texas. 



(Leader), donble alto in band. Cp-io.dnte library. 
strictly temperate. Addre>» 


tare «r new yoek clipper, 

« ffeatath su N. Y. uliy. 


"The Sweetest 
Girl in Dixie" Co. 

Young, Handsome, Emotional Ingenue for title 
role. Send photo. All In Unit letter. 0.6. RUBLE, 
Aberdeen. Hiss., 14 ; Colnmhna 15, West Point 10, 
Montgomery, Ala., 17-19. '■ 



Experienced Heavy Han, 

Juvsnila Mian, 

And other useful people. State age, belgbt. 
weight, lint letter. Sob Lawrence, al. D&wlit, 
write. Address 

OTTO H. KRAnsE, Mgr., Bojee, Lonlelapa. 


CKNERAL-Ul'SKENI HAN to do prop!, 


to play imal 1 

CONRAD COMEDY CO. (rormcrlf SallabnryMur- 
lay Co.). Opera Honae, OraqTUIe, r?. T. 

At lVItoei'ty, 


Strong Speoialty, 


J. T„ DEMPflKV. Batb. lie. 


The latest und most POPULAR SONG juat out, 

"Only a Traveling Man's Wife." 

lest wbat jou wast. Send 25 Ml. toOLNEY VUSIO 
CO., Sallna, Kansas or LErlKA H. DATES, I.a 
Crosse, Kansas. 


At new and up-todate Oneri. Houw. 
I'. B HQDQKiyaOK, MgT., fioodlaad, Ras. 



Al Firat Claas OontortlonlBt. Wire. King*. Trap' 
silence. Fun. Baton, Utin Spinner, Hoop, Tank, 
Iiiacx race Song. Dance. Wire or write iiulck. 
Address PAUL LAitKNTO, Piiilrtiont, g. v. 


New sod Used Motrins Picture Outflts. Film Ac- 
Le^«oric(i of All Kinds. New >"o 4 0ptitrraph. 
PKaRLKaHEX01UNUE,ll lt Rantlol plgl .,Cbl fago. 


PLAY PIANO State all tint letter. 7 Icket II re- 
quired. ReaardR to friend,. 

T. J. MAUDES. Coal men. Je»er»on Co., Pa. 




For Sale or To Rent 

In City of 

100,000 Population. 

Address 6E0. CURRAH, Columbia Theatre, 





Good modern wardrohe. 

ADDRESS care of 0141'PHR Office. 


The Electric Entertainers, 

have a first class outfit with plenty feature illms 
and slides to change for week stands. FurnlHh 
own gas. Prefer man ihat can work in acts, 
siate lowest salary. Par your own board. Mum 
join quick. Address MGR. KI.RCTRIO F.NTI'R- 
rAISKHS. Abilene, Kan, 

Thoronjrulj experienced. MARGARET Mc0ALU 
OiliT Place, Norwich, Conn. 





Morrison "'Show Print , m „,- 

Having Oiiposed of My lnltre-t In 
Wilton Theatre Co., am 


As BUS. M. or AGENT. 

Clone contracior; wi>er and reliable; book aud 

route. Make me your best offer. 

till AS. W. L1TTI.B, care UIHhnard, Cincinnati, O. 



To double String Baps. Musthuvo good instru- 
ments and be tmt r\u*s. Good sa'ary. Wire. 

AB per UL1PPKR Rome. 

UNCLE 81 HA8KIi\». 

Snare Drummer to Double Heavy or Robe Kid, 
Also Cornet to Double Stage. Company now in 
Kansas and Nebraska. Address QROHOK DCHAS, 
Mgr., hi per route, or 0. 8. Primrone. 1* Orosne, 


Want Man for General Business, Woman for In- 
genties, LeadH und some sonbrettes. SPRCIAL- 
TIEfl. Give age, weight, height. Send photo; 
will be returned. ELBA k. wrioht, 

Baddam, Kan.. 10-12; Watervllle M, Vermillion 
lfi. Centralis in. Frankfort 17-in. 


Make good anywhere. Would locate if I could 
get steady work In good town. Wam goo'l salary, 
but can earn It with good Hand Hliow. GKO. H. 
KRMBt.R, Oakland City. lad. P. s.-Hec, am 
sorry, would like to t>e there. 


In all branohea, Piano Player who can do 
ftiraightj* ami sing, ft. P. and Irish. Tick.ts to 
tlioaelknow. State aalury. Be iiuick. 

E. F. BARRY, Lntesvlite, Mo. 



20TU tiourtland A ve., M'.-miihii, Tenp. 


Try BARRY GRAY, of Phlla., 


konoloocks and parodies. 

BAKKlOltAT. TO> Vina 8t.. Pli'ta., Pa. 

AxiAsgerJ, comtoaed. Lovtenna. 

A. KREIHHAR. 4H K. lltth BL. H. T. 

CU r i V I I'V Comer, Ion 

Pertrunent addrew; IrWSOFlUa 





Train Men, Canvas Men, Drivers, Hostlers. Elephant 
Men, Animal Men, Property Men, Wardrobe Men, 
Chandelier Men, Mechanics, Porters, Cook Tent 
Men and Laboring People in every department of 
the big show. 




Train Alan and Polarat To JOI1K JIcLAl'fllll.tV, Hnpl. nt Trao. portal !..„. 

Canvna Men, Hut Man, air.. To CHAM. Mil.EASI, Rapt, or Uiiviii, or JOII.V 
Bt HKE. Viral Aa.l.lanc. > 

Four, Six and KlRht Hor.e Orlv.rai To TOM I.VNCII, Bnpl. Baggage Rlofk. 

Ulng; Btaek, Clrooin. and Joeke|rai To B. W. (OOO.I KI.I.IIITT, Hupl. 

Animal alent To OEORUE CONKI.IN, .upl. orMenaajerla.-- 

Kl.pri.m Hen (Trainer., Keeper., ele.|l To OKU. BATBg, or II, .1. MOO VIC V . 

Property Hen, To ARNOLD QUA VBS, Hop!, 

Wardrobe Heat, T» BEKT WAUAOl -. Supt. 

CHaaidell.r Men (Tlteae r.niillnr with the oneratloat of 'tne Boll. At w.yar 
l.lght.,1 Tot MAS. NTUL'K, »upt.of LI glut n«. ' 

Mrrlinnlri, Block. mllli. and Whrelwrrtght.i To DAN TAYLOR, Mn.tar 

Car Porter. (With .how), To EDW AUD (OIIABPKRR, Aupt, 

Cook Tent (Chef,, Conk., Walter.. Balrhenn To CIIAIILKM HEMtV, Supt, 
'.The Bleeping aeromaaodatlea with llil. ehow. aa le. wall k,ona, are umar. 
pnaaed, the aleeper. are modern and u|i-tn*rtate, and lite conk tent for the naieii 
of 101)7 will he ran by the management and Willi not ha erinallad by any other 
.how In America. 


New Songs! New Songs! 

FREE— Professional copies to performers enclosing programs 

v az .-. it t a - « i -.I'll Be Waiting," "Without You," "ffhon the Mine Tree* 

-la %F »W MtoWUtm. MW .1 ""Am lluddiiig in I ho t*iiring," fYuorTe All Ihia Wuilil To Me, 

Mother," "Can't Yon Buy My tJljerrlnar *» "Llttlo Onuntrr Miildeii," "f*t.ig Me To Sleep." "liowu'By 

"' ner ■■ 


Hiijther, "Cant Yuu Buy My ('lierrlnar 

rii- Old," "Where iho Hllvery IludHiiu Rlvur ticnily Flnwi," •■Th.v 'Tin Yflar* l-lntio We 
Parted," ••Mooullglir. Medltuilnn," •■nnimdv Wnrka for M*'," "My Watflrloo,"."Whdi the Popples 
Bloom," "Tainted Money " "Ijiw Mprlntf.' r "An tbf Mouii lli'irnii To Hliliie," "When i|iu War 1h liver. 
I'll Item™." "My Jappy Maid," " 1 Don't OttreTn WmirJur Wiiuro lli«- Wati-r 1,1'iih llliKim," "Tlio Daya 
TliiHAreNoMore," "Matiel.'^'Df-wii Wliere the Winer l.tllii-H Urow," "TheThn-i- Orphana." 

MELVILLE MUSIC PUB. CO., 55 West 28th St., New York. 



One of tie loit V.ritlile Slock Leadinj Women it ttie Oounlry. 

Al. U*. JHtYAJV, ' i 

Cbaracl.i., Beiflra. 




Worsted Shirts, »^V $1.50 



Model stndfea, Htereoe, Ueautloi, etc., 100 amall 
Photoa and two largo onoa, Jl uote. 
H. Itaeknagal, >arbf. Hnntoh, (OcrtnaDy) (I 


At Liberty, BERT JARVIS ( C. met or Baritone; 

*MA UAHKKI.L,, Character.. 

Tanke, ear. tn> ArtilreM 

Original Hays and Sketches 

WRlitr fliiip. Doecrlptlre I.111 on application. 
Howard Wall. Standard Theatre, Pmiad.lptila.l'a. 



DAVK HAHI.OWK, Uajtnn, Wit, 

AT WBBBTf ...HITOHELL'8 MID. any uitmlierormeii. Ni: rural. Puny 
In Olily write annln; loiter lulMltilil. AilorcM 
1. II. MITilllC I I.. AlUmne, Fa. 

AT LIBERTY— Piano, Flole, Violin and 'Cello. 

for t.'oni'ort or Theatre. All nr eeiiarale. Aildrese 

MUSIUAI, llllll'XTOH. 

m uii w...ji. w.. WMiiiunton, u.c. 

WANTED "TO aa»W ¥, 

state a.e aufl breeil Willi luwe.t. 
com: and (,>harr. i:t,e.|in». n.'iiiino,. 0. 


Leoturar and Al Modioino Peop'.e. 


COI.K lind I.tMAKK, C'lic^lllri', tlalllil Co,. 0. 





■ . «■> ' * -.'- . 




EprroBiax and Bumstae MiMiaas. 


RAT 18: 

AdHCtlMBHOU— JJ.80 ptr Inch, alnfl, col- 

AdTtrtlumeiU ut with bolder, 10 per 
cent eitra. 


One jeer, In ad'tnce, Mi ill months, 12; 
tbree months, (1. Foreljn poitage extra. 
single coplet Kill be lent, postpaid, on re- 
ceipt o( 10 ceata. 

Oor Ten I arc C«ih, 

THE CL1PFBII la lamed ererj Wediea'aa, 
morning. Tbe laat (our (adrertlalng) pates 
00 TO PHI£8B on Saturday at 11 a. if., and 
tbe otber pages on MONDAY and TUESDAY. 
The Forma Closlatff Promptlr. Toea- 
- da) at 10 o'clock A. M. 

Pleaae remit by expreu, money order, cheek, 
P. 0. order or reglatered letter. All caih en- 
closed with letter la at the risk ot tender. 

Address All Coramaiilcatlona to 

47 west 28tb Street, New York. 
Registered CaV.c iddrotl, "AOTHOIIIT." 


o[ The Clipper Is located at Room 604, 
Ashland Block, Chicago, John T. Prince Jr., 

manager and correspondent, where advertise- 
ments and lubscrlptJons ere received at oar 
regular rate?, ' r '\ 


Located at 48 Craobowne St, London, *W. C, 
John H. earner, manager and correspondent, 
where advertisements and subscription* are 
received at our regular rates. 
The Clipper can bjd obtained, wholb* 

BULK AND BXTA1L. 0t OUT BgCntS, BreatflDO'g 

news depot 37 Avenue de 1'Opera, Paris, 
France ; M, LUlentbal, Frederick Strasse 
101 (Terminus Hotel), Berlin, N. W., Ger- 
many; Diamond News Co., 07 Prado, Ha- 
vana ; Manila Boob and Stationery Co., 128 
Frscolta, Manila, P. I.; Albert & Son. 137- 
18ft King St, Sidney, Australia. .. 

only one edition, anil that 1% dated 
from Not* VorW. 


Ho Replica b> Mall or Tele*rapau 


CLIPPER Post Oppicd. All msttbbis will 

ON ANOTHER page. We cannot bbnd ROUTES 


8. M., Buffalo. — We hare no knowledge of 
tbo present whereabouta of the party. Ad- 
dress a letter In our core and we will adver- 
tise It In Tub Cutper letter list. 

V: J. W..' San Francisco, 

Miss II. 8;, Philadelphia, 

K. D. B., Washington, 

L. II , Baltimore, 

■J. R.'T.,' Chicago, 

A. It H„ Austin, 

I. X. L,. and _ w , 

F. OL Upton. — See answer to S. M., above. 

II. * c.— Maurice Boom, l-iuS Broadway, 
New York Cltr. 

8. it," Jersey City.— Sec route Hat In this 

W. F. S., New York. —Edwin Forrest 
played nt the Broadway Theatre, Broadway 
near Broome Street, Sept 2-Oct. 11, 1867. 

A. S: J., New York.— -See answer to W. F. 
S., above. - J"-.. 

O. A. X., Hlchlaud.— The party Is only 
known to us by her professional name. 

J, .dWiMMr York. — "Romeo and Juliet," 
with Maurice - Barrytuoro as Romeo, sad 
Madame Modjeska qb Juliet, was the last 
performance given at Booth's Theatre. The 
date was April 30, 188.1. 

X. L. Si, , SIqux Falls.— We can not nld 
you. r. "" ' ■ 

J. K.S., Wilmington.— -Make application 
to the managers or tho various companies 
visiting your city. 

H. P. Iv, Milwaukee. — We have uo knowl- 
edge of the present whereabouts of the com* 
pany. '• ; 

C. M. M.. Paseoas. — II KM presented by 
the Browu-Baker Stuck Co. 

IS. Ij. >V. — Wo have no record of auy play 
of the title yon mention. 

J. W. B., South Framtngham. — Address II. 
Mcyerhoff. 215 Boat Eleventh Street, New 
York CUr. 

S. A. D.. What Cheer.— You will have to 
address them In iau' of the various shows. 

J. B. M„ Columbus —Address the Itldpath 
Lyceum Buroan. Chicago, 111. 

Mns. K. II. It, Brooklyn, — She was a mem- 
ber of the company when It played New York 

Miss II. McC. Philadelphia.— WatcU our 
route list each week. 

A. c, s.. Mullen. — it would cost the least 
to take leesons In Hits country. 

O. K.. Sldnej. — Player Xo. 4 ran throw off 
on the trick. He 1b not obliged to play hie 

M. !•:. M.. Jersey City. — The tlrao to have 
made objections was at the time of the occur* 
rence. It was too lnte to object when tbe 
bands wcro tshown. when the best hand was 
entitled to the pot 

F. M., Cincinnati.—-!* wlna. 

P. C, Powell.— A wlna. 

F. G. K.. Mlnocoua. — I. Sullivan and KI1- 
raln fought July 8. 1880. 2. Sullivan and 
Corhett fought Sept. 7. 1802. 3. Corbctt 
knocked Sullivan out with a right swing to 
the chin. This was the only time Sullivan 
wuu knocked down tn the fight. 

SKowiiEf.AN. — Address Chas. Dlscb, 318 
Fulton Street. Brooklyn, X. Y. 

F. W. 0.. Chicago.— in all gaoii'S nf dice 
the six Is high and tho one (ace) Is low. 


Sooth MeAIealer— At Langsdalc Opera 

Houfe. *Tli» Woman Hater." Dec. 28. nleased 

n lance audience. Morsy 6t<x-k Co. Jan. 1- 

4. "Thr Mlntiter'K Sou"_ 8, 



lliirlinci-jn. — At the Strong. Lawrence 
I) ut>Hv. Dec. .'II, pleased. Marks Bros.' Co. 
dak 1-n, fiwTl aiiastrvta U, 



Western Bureau 

of the !*e«v York Clipper. 

Iloom AIM, Asklnnd Block, Chicago. 

The bolldayn Are over, and matters theat- 
rical b&ve settled dowr. to their normal form, 
with bunlnerir, generallv good. Never, In the 
drnmntlc history nf thlcngti, s« the vcnllet 
goes, was holiday business ho cood, and, with 
two or three excoptlom. the theatres turned, 
hundred* nwr.y nn Xew Year's eve, -Msny 
of the houses had sold out twp or. three 
weeks in advance, notably the Garrlck,' Colo- 
nial and tii Salle, where "The Social Whirl," 
"The Grand Mogul" and "The 'time, the 
Place and the Clr!" are running;, respec- 
tively. Three attractions absolutely new to 
local theatregoers were presented nn that 
night, viz: OtU Skinner, In "The Duel," 
ut the Grand Onem Ifauae; William Gillette, 
In "Clarice,** nt Powers*, and "Dora." at the 
Xew. the latter having Its Arm perfoetnance 
In Hngliali on any stage nt- that time. At 
both rowers' tmt'i the Grand, many wore 
turned nwny. -tines J. Curbed opened at 
the Great ' .Northern, tn "The Burglnr and 
the Lady." Sunday night. "The Girl with 
Hie Green K)'cb" wns given at the Chicago 
Opern House. Prlt2i SchelT continued to 
capacliy at the Illinois. "The Flower Girl" 
did wen a: the Studcbaker, . both . being in 
their Inst week. "In Old Kentucky" neld 
uver-at McVlckere-- Tlic Bush Temple pre- 
vented ■'Pearefnl Yaljey" Xew Year's eve, 
unil the other bonnes made their customary 
moves on .the drnmntlc checker-board. All 
honsert save special matlnecri on the holldny 
except, the Illinois, nnd certainly no year was 
ever ushered in with rucIi great prospects. 
R* far as tliirj profession, b concerned, as 
the year 1907. 

Illinois Theatrk 1 will J. Davis, maua- 
ger).— Frltxl Schcft said good-bye to her 
friends Jan. 0, having played to two weeks 
■if absolutely capnclty houses. In "Mile. Mo- 
•Uato." It Is doubtful if the HtUc singer ba» 
frleodi any-where In the country wno are 
t-taiiDcher to oer than they in here. Rthel 
Barry more will make a revival of "Captnlu. 
Jinks," 7, remaining for two weeks. 

Powebs' THR«.riuj IHirry J. Powers, mnn- 
tigeri. — Wllllnm Gillette npencd hh four 
weeks' engagement Xew Year's eve. In "Cla- 
rice." being ably supported by Marie Doro. 
Adelaide Prince. Frank Burbeck. Francifi 
Carlyle and others. The booking bids fair 
to he n prosperous one, .is the star Is a 
great favorite, loyally. 

Garkick Theatre ("Herbert C- Duce, mau- 
ngert.— "The Social Whirl" opened Its third 
nnd tiat week. 6, having played to good limi- 
ne** so fnr, nn j with every prospect of n 
continuance of it. The various songs, and 
the unique bits of business Interpolated by 
Charles J. Ross, Krederlck Bond and Eliza- 
beth Brlce together with the finely drilled 
chorus. brine forth rounds of applause night- 
ly. 'The Tourists" coines 13. for two weeks. 

Colonial T-ii:atke (George W. Lcdercr, 
manager). — "The Grand Mogul" continues 
to tinw capacity houses, and tbe perform- 
ance Is now. In smooth working order, pro* 
greasing with lots of vim. The principals 
and chorus have settled Into the work lu a 
manner which shows good training, and 
there la much Improvement over the opening 
night. The attendance Xew Year's cvo broke 
all records for the house, and this, means 
much when It is realized that George Cohan 
has made several records there with hla 
various plavs. This attraction has about 
three weeks more te run, nnd will be fol- 
lowed by Richard Carle, hi "The Spring 
Chicken.'' .->■ - 

• Studkoakgu Tiiivatrf: (it. E. Hcrmeyer, 
manager). — "The Flower Girl" closed Its 
most successful engagement luRt Saturday 
night, having entertained mnuy thousands of 
people during Its stay, and having made an 
undoubted bit. Louise Gunning can always 
be sure of a cordial welcome here, as she has 
m&de Innumerable friends, and ber work has 
been nt a blgb quality. Lena Ashwell will 
appear In "Mrs. Dane's Defense," 7,-support- 
rd by Guy Standing, mid during the engage- 
ment, which will last three weeks, she will 
r.gnui be seen hi "The Sbulamlte." ft was in 
this piece and in Chicago, cat-ly last Fall, 
that she made berJlrKt American appearance. 

UcVit'evEiiAs Thi:atrb (George C Warren, 
manager): — "In Old Kentucky" has lost none 
of* Its earning qualities, for during Its two 
weeks ii.playeu to capacity at every perform- 
ance, and mail v times peoplo .wero turned 
•sway. Evening of 4 there was .a pr.lxe buck 
and wing dance held on the stage, the chal- 
lenge going out from the members of the 
pickaninny troupe with the company, and 
the audience that night got more than Its 
monev's worth in fun, for the contestants not 
only put Rirthfeit energies into the work, but 
a lot of. fun .m tbe bargain. Keller, opened 
a week's engagement 0, being assisted In the 
I'vening's entertainment bv Paul Valadon. 
Mr. Kellar has a number of new and Inter- 
esting tricks and Illusions, notably "The 
Golduv Untterfiv," and the sleight of hand 
work of Mr. Valadon was remarkably clever. 
Xext week, Jessie Busley, In "In the Bishop's 
CarrJagc." •■ ' * - ■ ■ ■ 

Goan'u House (Harry Askln, man- 
ager). — James K. . Backett closed his four 
weeks* . engagement here Sunday. Dec* 30, 
instead ot 20, as had been previously an- 
nounced, and Otis Skinner opened . what 
promises to bs a highly successful, engage- 
ment 31, In 'Tho Duel." In wtiich he has 
excellent assistance from Keith Wakemao. 
Robert B. Mantcll follows, for two- weeks, 
In Shaketiiwarean repertory, opculng In "Mac- 
beth," 13. 

Great - Northern- Tiieatrb (Fred C. Eb- 
ons, manager).— James J. Corbett did a 
Hue business lust week in "The Burglar and 
the l^ady," and was greeted every night by 
salvor, of applause noon his entrance.' The 
plnv has much of Interest In a melodramatic 
foriu. and the handling of the two . well 
known charncter-i of Untiles and Sherlock 
Holmes, the former played by Mr. Corbctt 
makes It verv Interesting for the lover of 
ihe exciting. ' "Arlxonn." that sterling Amer- 
ican drama, br Augustus Thomas, Is the our- 
reut attraction, opening tt. and the audience 
on *lhnt dale were as enthusiastic over iho 
production n« others bad been in years gone 
liv. The conipanv Is n good one, and Caoby, 
lipiilon, rtoultn and the other principal char- 
acters are espwinllv well handled. Xext 
week. George Sidney. In "Busy Iziy's va- 

Xcw Thkatuk (Arthur A, Harper, niana- 
ner), — "jiora " haa proved quite uu Inter- 
Bttttf feature, especially, as many who go 
la see It have already seen ihe play of 
■■lilidonnu-y. which 'whs adapted from this, 
(Dora) the original. In too latter, Dora 
Is the stronger part Instead of the Countess 
y.Icka. Jno. 14. 'The Masquerade." by Lml- 
wig Fulda (first time la English In this 

CiucWflO Opbri 'Hiil-se fll. D. Hunt man- 
■jaiV — Etennnr Gordou made a great per- 
sonal hit ls»t week. In "Tlie Girl with the 
Green Eves." playing Ihe title vole in a most 
comtnendtiblo manner, and further demon- 
strating hrr eterll-iu qualities. William 
Bran, well gave «n oxcentlonally good char- 
acter bard I on of the lesdinst male role, and 
the other members were all fully equal to 
the demands made upon them. "In tbo 
Palfu-e of the King" served to introduce Kva 
Tanguay as the new leading woman of the 
company, and in the role of Dolores she 
made a mo** excellent Impression. Mr. 
Rrtuuwell, MlRf . Barrlscale. Miss Gordou. 
Miss Itelraer, John Daly Murphy and others 
all did snlcDdld work. Business Is at top 
notch right along. Next week, "When We 
Wero Twenty-on?." 

La SAM.!. T-iKATttr. (Mort U. Singer, man- 
Hgerl. — "The Time, tlic 'Place and the Girl" 
Is now pos'tlvelv booked to remain here until 
aU.j. Its flvo buadtcatU jwXuiuwtt-e, wliicli 

will carry the musical comedy well Into the 
month of Slay, ond the probabilities are it 
v.ill nip through the Summer, Tbe b,l?l- 
ncn>i has broken nil records at this house in 
polut of attend.iuce, where records have 
l>eii made several 'ilines," anil -the blg"nouse 
-old out" sign la a nlgntly sight at the Mad- 
Imjr Street entrance, where the admonition 
also appenrA: "Secure your seats well In nd- 
vaace. Cecil Lean has made the hit of his 
career. In the role of Johnny HUIh. nnd 
Olive Yoll runs him a close second, as Mrs. 
Talcott. "Thursday Is My Jonah Day" and 
"I Don't Like Aoiir Family" are being sung 
and whistled nil over .town, being among the 
big bits nf the play- ' 

BirBH Temple theatee (Elizabeth Scho- 
lior, manager).— ''When Knighthood Was In 
Flower" urew a succession of the biggest 
houses In the hlMory of tbe house, and proved 
the acting qualities of tbe company In a line 
way. No Utile detail was left undone, and 
from tbe leading parts to the most minor 
role. It was a tine performance, reflecting 
great credit upon the management iiefore and 
behind tbe curtain. "Peaceful Valley" opened 
for a week, Dec. 31, and found favor In 
many eyes with its homelv humor and patbos. 
The members found It a relief, after tbe 
strenuous work of the preceding week, and 
bufilnebs held up welt "A Contented Woman" 
Jan.. 7 nnd week. ."ItifDcs" 14. 


mari, manager)- — So great was the success of 
"The Gypsy Baron," last week, that It will 
he repeated later on. For week of 7, reper- 
tory will be given, as follows : "The Golden 
Wedding" 7, "llaman the Second" 8. 'The 
Interrupted Wedding" 0, "The Gypsy Baron" 
10-13. "The Jewish Emigrant" matinees of 
VI and 13. Mr. Gllckman, as usual, appears, 
and Is heartily welcomed In all roles. Ver- 
satility is certainly one of the watchwords of 
this bouse. 

IIujiui. !,dt Thgatde (Jos. Bransky. mana- 
ger), — "Faust" drew good houses last week, 
nnd was attentively listened to. There Is a 
charm about this old German play which ap* 
peals to all classes, and serves to draw 
laughter and tears 4n the right proportion. 
"East Lynne." that wonderful stand-by. Is 
the current bill, opening 6, and, the advance 
sale already shows what the week will lie. 
This Is one of tbe dramas upon. which the 
management know they can depend to draw 
good business, especially from the feminine 
contingent. Next week, "The Man of Mys- 

people's Tiieatbi; (Joseph Pilgrim, man- 
ager).— "Tbe Lady of Lyons," a play which 
is generally supposed to be for tbe higher 
priced theatres, drew fine business last week. 
and proved Its eftlclcncy as a popular priced 
auroctlou. "lintel KIrke," with, its great 
situations nod splendidly: drawn characters, 
met with distinct approval upon. Its presen- 
tation by tbe stock company, G, and Is like- 
ly to do a good business through the week. 
For week of 13, "Charley's Aunt." 

Pekin Tiipatre (Robert T. <Motts. mana- 
ger).— "The Count of No-Accouaf* has en- 
joyed good patroaage for several weeks, and 
was kept on until lh<- new production, en- 
tilled "In Zululand," upon which the com- 
pany was rehearsing, was ready for presen- 
tation, which occurs 7. Harrison Stewart, 
J. Ed. Green.. Lcona Marshall and Lottie 
Grady are the principal fun makers. 

Howard Theatre (Lortn J. Howard, man- 
nger).---"Throi.gli Fire end Water" waa the 
offering Now iear'3 week, and drew good 
business to this North side house.. The bill 
for the week of has not been seat at tbe 
time of "writing. 

Calcuet Theatre, South Chicago (John 
T.- Connors, manager). — "Lost River", was' a 
good drawing card for. Xew Year's- week, and 
toe crowds attending were well pleased with 
Which was conscientiously 

the attraction, 

acted by tbe stock company. "Dora Thorne" 
Is ihe current bill, ind started In, 6, with 
good . bouses. A change back to comedy, will 
occur next week, when "Brown from Kcfco- 
do" will be the bill. 

Marlowr Theatre, Englewood. — "The. Vil- 
lage Postmaster" was well put. on Jast week, 
by the stock, and the rural play proved a 
delight to the audience. The attraction this 
week, Is "When We Were Twenty-one." 

Majestic Theatre (Lyman P. Glover, 
manager). — This house presented a One spec- 
tacle Xew Year*" eve, as nearly tbe entire 
lower floor was iUIed-wlth people In evening 
dress, and ihe line of carriages In attendance 
completely blocked Monroe Street. The bill 
was a Hue one. worthy of patronage. .For 
week of 7. Anna Eva Fay (second week), 
tbe Four Harveyr. Little IIlp, the "Four Em- 
perors of Music; Watson and Morrlssey Sis- 
ters, Lillian Apei, Dorothy Drew, Bellman 
and -Moore. A. 0. Duucnn, Harry and May 
Howard, Tom Ripley, the Two Frauclflcos 
and the klnotlrome. , 

'Olympic Theatre (Abe Jacobs, manager). 
— Business was -great, here last week', and 
this "mint** turned them away all through . 
the week. Included- In (he bill week of 7 
are: Mary -Norman, Beaumont and Van, Lea 
Durand Trio. Collins and Hart, Zazel) und 
Vernon, Ilhppy Jack Gardner, Lucy find 
Lucler. Garden 'Frio, Bennett Sisters'. Claus 
and Rddcllffe, A. Iv. Caldera, -John Zoubou- 
lakla. Wava Cummlngs and the kinodromc. 

HiYMABKET Tti::.\Ti:r, (William F. New- 

klrk. nianagsr). — Not to be outdone by two 
tifstcr houses, this one played to capacity 
last. week, with a Rue bill, and Is repeating 
the operation tnls week with the following: 
Junle McCrge and company, Three Sisten; 
Cninaras, Rafayette'u dogs. Nicholson and 
Norton, WMs-'U. Bros., .Johnny Johns the 
Fire. Salvaggls. Connolly and Klein, Billy 
Beard. Thompson Sisters, Espc Bros-. Height 
and Thomas, Vox nnd Summers and the kino- 

■Star Theatre (James L. Lcdercr, mana- 
ger).— This house Is becoming more and more 
uopular all tbe time, The bill week, of In- 
cludes: Cleonc Pearl Fell, dancing act; Nan- 
ton, juggling comlque ; song pictures ; Paul, 
the mys tiller ; Hlhbard and Warren. In comedy 
and dancing; the SUverton Trio, on'thc tight 
wire, and the Staroscope. together with Chris- 
man's Brass Band. 

Ai'Ai/r'.Mv (William Roche, manager). — "A 
Millionaire's Revenue" played to good -busi- 
ness last week, and entertained tho crowdj. 
"My Tom-Boy Girl," with Lottie Williams as 
the star, opened to crowded houses 0, and as 
the star Is a great favorite, the week will 
probably be very big. Next week, "Whcntbe 
World Sleeps." . 

Bijou Theatde (William Roche, manager). 
— "Bertha, the Sewing Machine Girl," enter- 
tained last week. "Tbo Man of Her Choice" 
drew crowded bouses 0. and gives promise of 
of a big week. There are many thrilling 
scenes and several original Ideas in the play, 
notablv the famous skin-grafting In the hos- 
pttal scene. Mr. Slmmonds, the author, Is 
also the manager. Next week, "Custer's Last 

Criterion Tiibatru (John B. Hogan, man- 
ager). — "A Woman of Fire" played to good 
audiences last week, closing :•- "CiiBter's 
Last Fight"* Is current und the Incidents con- 
nected with the terrible massacre will doubt- 
less arouse mucli ciithuslasm. The Criterion 
audiences are notable for liking a well con- 
slrueted melodrama. "When tbe World 
Sloepa" 13. ,. ,, „ 

Aliiavbra Theatre (James 11. Brown, 
niaaugerl — Jos. San t ley, lu "Billy, Ibc Kid." 
drew hue houses nil lust week, and tbe young 
star was given nn ovation at every perform- 
ance. "When tho World Sleeps" opened to 
the usual crushes, C, and will remain through 
tho week. "The Gambler of tbe West," one 
ot the beat melodramas ot this season's out- 
put will open IS, W.U1 David Landau In the 
leodliig role. 

Coh'Suua Theatre (Weber Theatre, mnu- 
naer), — -sky Puna" did well last week, and. 
the simple country life of the play plaued 
the audience. "A Woman or Fire" Is tho 
thriller "this week, with "Queen of the High- 
vrav'" hooked for lit 
> Eysoys TAttATBfi (Sid J, LuiOU, Diana,. 

ger).— This. Greater New York Stars offewd 
"A Romantic irtrrlage** and "A .Swell-get 
In Paris" last- week, to admiring cwwds. 
The vaudeville contingent Includes : Hume, 
Cain and Hoey, in a act; Buch Bros., 
comedy acrobata ; Maryjnnd Tyson 'ind. per 
Parisian Ponv Ballet nnd Ihe Biiach-Devere 
Trio, in an electric musical novelty. Mary- 
land Tyson made a big hlfln the plays mon- 
rloued, and wa« Bhflj supported by the com- 
pany. The Lid Lifters owned to tbe usual 
jann, C, In "Ob, What a Night" and "School 
Dtvyfi,** two amusing satires. The olio In- 
cludes: Collins and La Belle, dancers; Man- 
den nnd Jess, In a skit. "Walking Around to 
See How They Stand;" Kelly and Baitletr, 
European knockalwiiis. and Boyee and Black, 
comealnns and singers. Next freek, Gay 
Morning Glories. 

Fou.y Theatre (John A. Fennessy, man- 
ager).— The, Klnlio Rounders proved -. a big 
magnet last week, and the two burleanues, 
written by Sam S. Howe, who appeared In 
both, seemed to please the audience. The 
company worked hard, nnd everything went 
with a lot of ginger. Watson's Burlesquera 
opened to big business C. and will draw well 
during tho week. Amateur night here Is 
the occasion of big crowds, nod lots of fun 
goes on, both in; front and behind the foot- 
lights The Jolly Gross Widows 13. 

.Tkocaoero Theatre (I. M. Welngarten, 
manager). — The Parisian Widows crowded 
the house at every performance last week, 
nnd the big special act, La Dense de la Re- 
venge, was encored 1 to the echo. The- Greater 
Xew York Stars made the move customary 
on this week, and came down from the North 
side to a big business, 6, and will probably 
continue It throughout the week.- The -olio 
remains the same as at lost week's, engage- 
ment, and the attraction la strong enough 
to null well. Next week, the Lid Lifters. 

Wondrbiaxi> (G. B. Mills, manager). — 
This popular West side museum has been 
■loin-' a splendid business since Its* change of 
management, und Ihe attractions, both In 
the curio hall nnd In the theatre, are of the 
very. best obtainable. Mr. Mills Is giving 
the museum his personal supervision, and 
tbe attractive r.ppesrence shows the result 
of his hard work In the past few weeks 

London Dime Museum (William J. Swee- 
ney, manager). — The following are in the 
curio halls :Madam Taylor, long haired 
woman ; Eliza Davis, leopard woman : Bar- 
ney Wilson, armless painter: Albert Herman, 
taitooer: Veno, mnglciau, and Prloce Mun- 
ro's trained alligators. In the. . theatre : 
Marie Lav^n. Ida Ratbburn, Dora Oswald, 
aud the moving pictures. 

Clark Street Museum (T. Ranklne, man- 
ager).— In the curio hall: Chief Eagle Eyes' 
wild West Show, Mile. Equlnas, woman with 
horse's mane ; Jos D. Cromer, human giraffe ; 
Rosendo and Lucicns, blind musicians; Ara- 
bian Louis, strong man : Otto's performing 
wild animals, uud vernollo's Punch and Judy 
Show. In the theatre: The ZImmermans, 
mimics and vocalists: Williams nnd Pull- 
man, In comedy sketch ; Enlclslo and 
Tim nt Hie, baton juggler and vocalist: Joe 
Kirby, tramp comedian ; Michael Tiller, blind 
Illustrated song singer, and the blograpb. 
Business Is steadily Increasing. 

Aftermath. — Victor Mapes resigned Ma 
po&lUon as director of the New Theatre Co* 
d, after some altercation with the directors. 
In which it was proved that their Ideas did 
not conform with his. Mrs. James A. Heme, 
mother ofj Chrystal Heme, the new leading 
woman, and who has been directing the stage 
for. the past week, will assume the director- 
ship In place of Mr. Mapes, who will return 
to Xew York. At the same tunc that the 
rbove resignation went into effect, the sale of 
the property to F. C. Whitney, of Detroit 
occurred, and he will Install a musical comedy 

company -there as soon as the present com- 
pany closes its season Hammond mid 

Forrester nrc In" town, having arrived,. .4, 
from a most successful tour of tbe. West and 
middle Went, where they were a feature act 
on all the bills. Their, contracts call for re- 
turn engagements as soon as they conclude 
Eastern time, which they will shortly leave 
to till . . . .Edward A. Leslie (better known as 
Eddie Leslie) was the first Ci.irrrn Burenu 
caller. of the 7*ew Year, calling on the initial 
day. .He and his wife. Mile. Carrie, are In 
town for a fewdoys. and Mr. Leslie is mak- 
ing-hay, playing clubs. He says be broke all 
records during b'.s last New York stay, ia 
tti.c club playing line, averaging three a 
night, and In less thun five hours after bis 
arrival here he was playing a club, and had 
another booked. They open, 7, in La Crosse, 
Wis., and play the Sullivsu-Consldlne cir- 
cuit, ranking lils' third consecutive year' on 

that route The programme of the first . 

claw bouses here sr 1 : .being put out In. tbe 
same artistic manner as those of the better 

New York theatres The old Erudite 

Theatre. West Madlsoq, near Halstead Street 
on the West Side. Is being remodeled with a 
view to Including it In the Western wheel 
of burlesque houses, thus giving ekeb 
"wheel" two houses -In town, as the Folly Is 

ou that circuit There 4"s a rumor 

that the old Orpbemn, . situated next to 
tbe Chicago Opera House, oa Washing- 
ton Street- and which was- burned down 
some years ago, will bo rebuilt, and run 
as . a - combination house. The property 
has been idle ever since the fire. . . .Sam 
F. Gerr>on, formerly manager of the New 
Theatre, has been suffering for some time 
with. nervous, nnd physical breakdown, but 
is i ecu pern ring, and Is expected to be around 
shortly The Sigma Xu. Fraternity, Il- 
linois, occupied the entire lower floor of the 
La Salle- Ibeutnv New Year's eve*- In com- 
pany with its guests, and mauy special fea- 
tures were Introduced In the action of "The 
Time, the Place aud the Girl." which added 
greatly to J.he enjoyment of tbe evening.... 
The Motor Boat Show opened at the Coli- 
seum. 1. and will continue until 8 

Children of Highland Park, Lake Forest 
Kenllworth, Evanston and other- suburbs on 
the North Shore, gave "The Toy Shop," an 
operuttii, afternoon of Dec. 20, at the Ra- 

vinla Park Theatre, with great success' 

Charles J. Ross, who Is one of the principals 
of "The Soelnl Whirl," and Is entertaining 
many with his clever work, began -Ills 
In tins city... Mr. Ferguson, of Fer- 

Suson and Duprcc. was r Bureau caller 
an. 3, and reported business good with 

the team Louise Gunning, who has been 

making such a hit In ''The Flower Girl," 
will bo starred In "The Girl Behind the 
counter," when that new Shubcrt produc- 
tion la made at the New York" Casino, -In 
the ncai future Kdwlq Walter, play- 
ing Dlakc In the Corlnne company of "Forty- 
tlvc Minutes from Broadway,' was a Clipper 
Bureau caller Dec, 30, coming In from .Toilet. 
where the cooipany had played Saturday 
night. Ho says business has been at the top 
notch over since the company opened In At- 
lantic City, last Fall, and they are looking 
forward with delight to their trip to the 
coast as they have some time In Frisco. Mr. 
Walter left to join tbe company at Aurora, 

where it played 31 A lecture on "Julius 

Ciesar ' was given 4. by Prof. 8. H. Clark, of 
the University of Chicago, at Handel Hall, 
before the Polytechnic Society of Chicago. 
Other plays to follow are: /'Macbeth," 11; 
"Richard III," 18, and "Henry V," 25.. .... 

Henry Brown, the well known vaudeville 
agent, is the proud possessor of a very hand- 
some bevel plate glass clock, gilt frame, 
which stands over a foot high, and was pre- 
sented to him by some of bis many friends 
in the profession, as a Christmas gift It is 
an ornament to his office, and Mr. Brown 
truly says that not many agents are for- 
tunate in receiving such a fine token of the 

regard- of the performers "The Time. 

.the Place and tho Girl',' Co., .which -opened 
at Jollet. Christmas Day, broke all records 
for that town. The company was rehearsed 
tu a high state of efficiency before opening. 
'and the "production ' fs a first class one in 
every respect, as letters from tbe managers 
oi Uie houses played atteit, alcssra, A£kl& 

4 Singer spared no expense In the fitting out, 
arid; 'toe company, headed by Arthur Dcagon. 
is .one of: the best oh the road appearing 

m mhslcat comedy Lincoln J. Carter 

js at work oil his big production for next 
t,enson. "The Cat and Fiddle." This will be 
n radical departure from Any of Mr. Carter's 
recent ventures, as It la Ih the nature of a 
large spectacular and trick production. His 
Ktartof carpdiitera, property men and scene 

pointers U lift id nt work on the effects 

"Das -Lied von Bra von Mann," a comedy In 
four. acts, by J. LebmanU, was given to a 
full house at Powers' evening of Dee. 30, 

by Leon WBchahet's comedians J. A. 

Kchwenk, manager of tbe National stock 
Co., sends New Year's greetings from Ken- 
ney, lit, end reports business good with 
that company The memory of Theo- 
dore Thomas was honored last week at Or- 
chestra Unit .when the Tbomns Orchestra. 
among' other things, ployed tbe andante and 
variations from Becthovea's "Kreatcer So- 
nata" nud Wagner's ".Traumc" sour-, both 
of which iverc orchestrated by Mr. Thomas. 
Francis Mec.MUlen, the young vio- 
linist, gave n delightful recital la the 

same hilt evening of ".... The Knet- 

*el Quartette gnve Its second concert 
uf the season In Music Hal), 2, to a large 

and appreciative audience Walter Dam- 

rosch will give a Wagnerian programme in 
Orchestra Hall, afternoon of 6.... .."The 

Messiah" was given, at Hull House, afternoon 
of Dec. 30, by the Evanston Musical Club, 
under, the -direction of P. C. .Lutkln. The 
soloists were : Viola Paulua. contralto; Louise 
Robinson, soprano: Louis \V. Peterson, tenor, 
and Warren K. Howe, bass.... The Thomas 

Orchestra gave a concert -New Year's eve, at 
Ravlnla park Tbeatte, ut which a large au- 
dience was present.. .. ..Walter Damrosch 

will give a concert at. RnvinU Park Theatre 

very shortly Ouitttv Luders, composer 

ot "The Grand MOgUl," conducted tb«* 
orcnestra at- the North . Sldo Turner 
Hall, cftemboh. of Dec.'. 30, when bis over- 
ture. to the above named opera waa played. 

The Cornell Glee, Banjo and Mandolin 

Clubs gave a fine concert to an appreciative 
audience, In Orchestra Hall, New Year's eve. 
...'...William Middleman I tc, organist, was 
soloist at the thirteenth concert of the pres- 
ent series of tbe Thomas Orchestra, at Or- 
chestra Hall, altcmoon of 4, and evening 
of tj Upon the completion of Lena Ash- 
well's engagement at the Studebaker, fjhe will 
go. to Louisville, appearing as the. initial at- 
traction at the new Mary. Anderson Theatre 
there :....-, .Two vaudeville performers, giv- 
ing the names of George Williams and Jack 
Dougherty, were arrested early lq the morn- 
ing of. Dec. 28, .for vagrancy, as they said 
they had no money. Taken to the police station 
tbey said they were wrestlers, out of work. 
The police sergeant doubted them, and. call- 
ing on one of. bis' force noted for his prowess 
In that line, they were 'told to try conclu- 
sions with him to prove their statement The 
policeman was promptly thrown toTbe floor. 
and the sergeant ordered ' that the men Ik 
well fed. ana given a- night's lodging, after 
which they were sent on their way in a 
happier frame of mind ...... George M. De 

Vcre was a cnller last week; he fa stage 
manager of "Billy, the Kid," and while Tn 
St. Louis was unfortunate enough to lose 
pact of bis Index linger, but he Is doiug 
idcely now. and expects to be able to use his 

band as wtil as ever in a few weeks 

Mr. and Mrs. William Calhoun, formerly of 
Garland C?.den*s Co.. la 'The Other Wotuau," 

were Clipper Bureau callers. Dec. -$ 

Bruuo liuelia, a well known member of the 
Thomas Orchestra, recently left for Europe 
on a very sad errand. -His slgbi began to 
fall him abont a mouth ago, accompanied by 
severe pams In his forehead, uutll within the 
space of a few dnys he was totally blind. He 
has gone to seek the aid of rhe Snest spe- 
elallsu in Germany, who can only offer him 
a possible temporary relief from his adllctlou, 
and' that he may once more see bis mother 
and sister, who live in the Fatherland. Mr. 
Kuebn Is a composer also, and bis work has 
had to come to a standstill. He was recent- 
ly engaged to be married to Mrs. Parks, of 
this city, and It bad ueen arranged that 
their wedding should occur the coming 

Spring John K. McWade, an old time 

sLnger. and who made the song. "Comrfldes." 
famous, has been lying seriously 111' at tbe 
.Emergency Hospital. Hals a charter raem- 
berofthe Forty Club, we'1 known locally, 
and is chairman of (be entertainment com- 
mittee 'of the Hamilton Club. .... ...Tim 

Chicago' Chapter- of the Actors' CInircb Al- 
liance gave a reception pec. 28, to Loutec 
Gunning, in the parlors of, the Auditorium 

Hotel , Enrico Tramontl, the harpist, 

was the soloist at the flrie, concert of thu 
Thomas Orchestra afternoon . f d«c. as, 
and - responded to repeated , encores, . Tbo 

programme was. fthe. throughout, Lc 

Club' Francois gave the Qrst of Its Saturday 
readings for ihe year 1907, Jan. 5, .which In- 
cluded a discussion of "The Dael," by 
Henri Lavcdan, In which Otis Skinner Is 
now appearing at; the .Grand Opera House. 

Clipper Bureau callers during the 

past week included : Ethel Gllkey, Wiley 
Johnson, E. A, Ratsch, wbo-goes out with 
"The Texas. ltanger" next week; Frank HU- 
tda and Edward. J. Wllev. of Wiley and 
Johnson Kather !ue Wlllard, accom- 
panied by her mother, Mrs. J. M. Jones, was 
a.. Clipper Bureau caller."5. oir her way n* 
New York from Los Angeles, .where she had 
been appearing as leading woman of the Mo- 
rosco Burbank Theatre. illss.Willaril opened 
In the title rola of "Leah Klefichna,*' and re- 
ceived the highest praiae from press and pub- 
lic for her remarkable conception of the 
role. Mr. Moroseo personally complimented 
her by saying that It, was 'the finest piece of 
acting that nod been done at that theatre 
by any woman in ten years. Unfortunately, 
Miss Wlllard caught a severe cold on the 
way out on .the train, which developed Into 
o. severe attack of bronchitis, and caused u 
nervous, breakdown during the second week 
of her engagement, so that It was necccssuiy 
for her to terminate her contract, which Mr. 
Moroaco very kindly nllowed her -to do, and 
treated her In a most kindly manner lu every 

respect "Sowing the wind" will bo put 

on at the Studebaker Theatre, afternoon of 
Jan. 15, by pupils of the Sctiool of Act lug 
Department of the Chicago Musical College. 

under the direction of J. If. Gllmour. 

Cboimlng tilery will give what, perbapa, will 
be the only band concert of the season, at 
tlic Auditorium, Sunday afternoa and even- 
ing, Jan. 21*. The band will bo here for two 
weeks, during tbe electrical show, at the 
Coliseum. - ' *----■ a v 



Man cheater.— At Keith's (Frank G. Mack, 
manager), week. of Jan. 7: Exposition Four. 
Alexander Bros, and Brady, Murrav and Lane. 
Caron aud Herbert, Juliet Winston, Alexis 
and Schall, Brooks and Veddcr, and George 

Park Theatre (John Stiles, manager). — 
"Why Girls Leave Home," Dec. 31, Jan.1. 
drew fair business. Grace Cameron. In "Little 
Dolly Dimples," 3, gave satisfaction. Al. Law- 
rence, Kline. Ott Bros, and Nicholson. Rita 
Curtis and EsMtap Cardownlc furnished spe- 
cialties. Al, Martin's ''Undo Turn's Cabin-' 
4, 5, made Its annual appearance. Geo- "•*»■ 
Monroe 7, l«stcr Lonergan, In "If I Were 
King," S ; Nance O'Noll-0. 

Note. — Al. Marts Specialty Co., wltb Brand- 
ford and Burdell, John Farrell, Jim West 
Al. Marts and stock company, in "Emorlinc s 
Lovers," Is touring in Maine, and reports big 

Rowexxa writes that he jniued the Eagle* 
at Wins Jon-Sal era. N. C- He Is still with 
the Ifarrta Pnrkinson Co.. as one of the 
vaudeville features, doing a head balancing, 
wice uud Juggling act . „ . . . _ 




Boston. — Novelty, predominates 1a the 
tbe.itrlt.Bl bill of fare for toe current daya. 
Henry H. Irving end Dorothea Baird make 
ihelr first Boston appearance, at the Co- 
lonial ; James T. rowers. In "The Blue 
Mono" U at rhe Majestic; I.ulu Glaser Is 
seen. In "'The Aero Club," at tbe Park, and 
|.en* Doekatader and Ills mlostrels are at 
(he Ti-emont. Attractions to continue are: 
I-;, II. Sothern and Julia Marlowe," at the 
Boston : John Drew, in "Ills House In Or- 
der." at the Hclila, and Krnest Hogan, in 
"itufiia- RaatiuV' at the Globe.. "Chinatown 
Charlie" -Is' the. offering at the Grand Opera 
House. The usual change is' made at the 
other homes. The old "blue law," which 
furblds work of any -find being done on Hun- 
day, was enforced by tbe police last week. 
This prevents HO»n from moving sceh- 
t-ry. elp.. after mldulgbt on Saturday or dur- 
ing Sunday. Capacity bnslness ruled Ust 

Ciilonial (Chart, rrohman. Rich & Harris, 
managers). — II. :B. Irving, supported. by Do- 
rothea' Halrd, open* a fortulRht's engage- 
ment 7.' The first week will lie devoted to 
"Maurlcette nrid "liarkhelm." During the? 
past two weeks George M. Cohan, In. "George 
-Washington Jr.," packed the house. 

I'arK (Chas. Krahman, Ulch A -Harris, 
managers). — "The Aero Clttb," with Lulu 
<;iiser; 7-10. KyrleBellew departed r., after 
a week of line business for * 'llrigadler 

Majestic (A. I- Wilbur, manager).— 
James T. 1'owers will give us our first views 
of "The Blue Moon" 7. He will remain for 
n fortnight. Bertha Kalich attracted big 
crowds, In "The Kreutier Sonata" during the 
two weeka ending 0. Mrs. Flake, 21, In "The 
New York Idea." , _ , 

Tbrmont (Jno. B. Schoeffel, manager).— 
I.ew Dockstader and his merry minstrels dur- 
ing the current fortnight. "Coming Thro" 
the Bye" closed three weeks of good busi- 

liosros (Lawrence McCorty, manager), — 
For the second week of their fortnight's en- 
gagement, E II. Sothern and Julia ^Marlowe 
will be seen In a repertory, which Includes: 
■•Joanne lVArc," "The Sunken Bell," ''Borneo 
nnd Juliet." "John the Baptist," "Hamlet" 
nnd "The Merehaut of Venice." Big crowds 
were In evidence InBt week. "Ben Hor" 
comes 14, ^ ___ \ 

Hollis Street (Isaac B. Bich, manager). 
— John Drew continues "Ills House In 
Order" Into its second and final week, 7. 
The bouse wna crowded to capacity last 
week. Forbes Robertson and Gertrude El- 
. licit 14. 
" Glohk (Stair. Wilbur & Mcftlai, managers). 
— Brnest Ilogfln, la "Hufus Kastus," current 
week. Fine business during New Year's 
week. Grace Cameron, la "Little Dollle 
Dimples," 14. " " "" ** 

Grand Opera House (Geo. W. Magee. man- 
ager). — "Chinatown Charlie" week of 7, suc- 
ceeding 'The Volunteer Organlet,* watch 
pleased big audiences. "Tbe Phantom De- 
tective" next. ; 

Castle Squahe (Boston Stage Society, 
munagers).— "Twelfth Night", is the stock 
offering 7-12. following a week of crowded 
houses for "Janice Meredith." For week of 
14. "Leah Kleschna." * •-___ __: 

Bijol- (John Craig, manager). — John Craig 
and his capable players this week. In "A 
Tcxss Steer/* The past fortnight was given. 
to "Jack and Jill and Co.," with line financial 
returns. In preparation, "A Man With a 
I*ast." ■ 

BownoiN Square (G. E. Lotbrop, mana- 
ePr . — "Gettysburg," by the bouse stock, this 
week. It follows "Goldtlelds of Nevada.' 
which nttracted great throngs. For week of 
14, "She Dared Do Bight. '* 

Keith's. tB. F. Keith., manager).— Hop. 
dlnl. "thi handcuff king;" Edward Connelly 
nnd comnanv. Knile Barry, the Hazardous 
Globe, Clifford, and Burke, the Baggessens. 
Eleanor Dorel, Klngsley and Lewis, Arthur 
Whllclnw, Delpliino and Delroorn. I-e* u- 
■am FJeroen and Miller. Jack and Bertha 
Bleb. Sousa and, Sloan, and new motion plc- 

• OupnKuu" (Percy Williams, manager).— 
The cards: for week of 7 are: Benjamin Cba- 
pln nnd company. Thos. Q. Seabronke AI- 
clde CapiUlno, Blnas, Bums and BlnnB, 
Harry Corson Clarke and eoranany. Adel- 
mann m%iwr-H*] June. Youngs Bros.. 
Hal Merrjl,,nnd the vltagrapn. 

rtnwARn (Jay Hunt, business manager).— 
Week of 7: Jules and Ella Garrison, Dave 
LaMK the Three 0-111 vers, 'Terry and Elmer, 
the Fonr Masons, Nibbe and Bordeaui, See- 
back, Meyer and Mason, Minnie Harrison, 
the Two tackles, . Kammerer and Foley, 
llnviland, the. Howardscope. and the. house 


nnd Sheldon, Coyne nnd Ardell, Lavellc Sis- 
ters, "the Three" Armstrongs. "Gertrude. 
Wright, Brennen. Walt Jen and. Mildred, and 
Princess Prneta. Bos* woiVa London Belles 
scored heavily last week. - - - -■■ 

Cmxklnu (U. W. Farm, manager).— 
The Twentieth Ceplury Maids this . week. 
Touia Hanlon' heads Hie beauty brigade, and 
I he . fiinmckers include: Max Hitter, Jamo* 
Morton. Grade F.mmett, Grace Foster. Billy 
Noble arid Mae De Lisle, carnal la nnd F.dd1e 
furbish' tbeliljT'oIlo feature. ■ The Fay Fos- 
ter' Co. provided one of ibe best shows of 
the' season, and Jammed Ihc house last week. 

Lypei'm {H. II. Batcheller. manager). — 
Phil Sherldnn'u City Sports 7-13. Vaudeville 
teatiires or*:- The Hyde Family, the La- 
ments, Peeler nnd Austin. Thompson and 
Carter, Mlna Stanley, and Victor nnd Nettle 
Hyde. Finn business was 'enjoyed by Bice 
& Barton's Big Co. last week. 

Ai'stix & Stone's Musei'm (A. B. White. 
manager). — The African Village and the Da- 
homey >h'ef, John Tevl : .January Jacobs, 
expansionist : Arlal, mermaid ; Frank Hur- 
ley. mnslcal marvel ;' TBI's Marionettes, and 
Trlxle, snake uueen, are curio hall features 
this. week. Prof. Woo. S. Hutchlns, tbe 
venejable lecturer, U celebrating his Beventv- 
firtrrblrthdov anniversary, and also the com- 

Kletlon of his twenty-fourth, year at this 
oubc. In the 'hearre nre: Minstrel Mnlds. 
introducing Ida Campbell, Violet Dale. 
Lottie Blanchatd, Louise Brandos, Annie 
Cook. Viola Crawford, Cassle French. Mae 
Lahtz. Annie May, Frank Cook, Lew Bene- 
dict, Bob Desmond, Jas. Maxwell, McGrevy 
Bros., and extra vaudeville, by Clark and 
Hanson (old favorites), Scott and Howard. 
Bradley and Davis, Jos. .Maxwell, unci new 

Walker's Museum (L. B. Walker, man- 
ager). — la curio ball week of 7: Tbe Zellos. 
American SamBons : tbe Great 31ntzoon's 
MO.OOO Mvstery, Prince /Wcntwortb. rube 
violinist: Great Sqlvcll. card manipulator ; 
Big Annie and Prof. Lynch's I'unch and Judy. 
Stage show 1b provided by Nellie Hartford's 
Buriesnuers, Olio: Congor and Odeon. Mor- 
rlss ami Steele, ' Grace Walsh, Blanche tar- 
ing, Pear] Arnold, May Crlpps, Blanche Wal- 
lace and O'Brien and Fltzalmmons light pic- 
tures: ' ■ 

Nickslodeon (W. 11. Wolfff, manager). 
— Vic Chandler's Bunny Houth Serenadcn, 
Hildera, king of hoops, and Zarrelll, physl- 
'til culture expoaeat, are lu the curio bull 
7*12. Id tbe theatre, Dollle" Clifford's Bur- 
Mesoue Co. Olio: Goldlo Hatch, Sadie 1'res- 
iott, Lill Learned, • Al. Burke,. Msv Lincoln. 
and others. Manager Wotffc was presented 
. with n gold watch, ihain nuJ clinrni by bis 
embloyex on New Year's Day. 

Cduique (W. J. Allen, manager).— "The 
Green Goods Man." "Aladdin end His Won- 
derful Lamp" ind "A Modem. Diogenes" urc 
Slcture features this week. Harry Downing. 
obn Bensley. ThomaB Bullock. Frank Cohan, 
Graee Mordannt, May Vincent and Lillian 
Mnrcnn nrp song soiolsln. Blislneso but !n- 
creaspd lo such an extent that tUr bouse is 

far too small to accommodate thacrowdeand 
the management has decided to annex oh ad- 
joining building onTremont Bow. 

TTJrrQtrr.-^-Thls new resort, on Washington 
Street, will offer moving pictures and illus- 
trated songs as the attraction. 

Notes.— Sunday cuac*rt bills. «: iMtM 
Theatre — Murphy. Nichols and company, 
Fonr Nelson Comlques. Dp Faye .Sisters. 
Nonih Kelly, and the lillte Trio. Mowdoiu 
,<J 7W ,i rr _Mr. and Mrs. Oene HiiKhes. Faust 
Family, Boss and Lewis, the Labnkans. Bertie 
Fowler. Wise and Mlrton, C. 11. Mackie. 
Bradley and Davis, Anna Golde, the Cleve- 
land*, and Franks md Franks, a lobe and 
U'afeHtir — Cameron and Flnnngan, May Sully 
and company, Toby Claude, Byers and Her- 
man, Dlerlckx Bros.. Brown and Nevnrrn, 
Coakley and McBride, Kenny and llollis, 
Irfe Tung Fctn. the Gleo«ons, nnd KLtzgib- 
bon-McCoy Trio. /frffft's— Military Oc- 
tette. Sam Wr.tA»n*s Fsnttyard. Melds and 
tWoHty, O'Brien Havel and Effle tawrenre, 
layler nolmes, Kliamurn Japanese Troupe. 
:nnd the Kraions- Orphrum- — Charles 
Warner. Elfle Fav, Coram. Grade Knimett 
and company, l*Mf. Hertwrt. Foster and 
Foster, Delmore Sisters, Kddle Mack and 

.Golden Gate Five ; .Osslp flabrllowltsch 

will give a piano recital lo Jordan Hall oo 

Monday afternoon. 7 Mrae. Sznmowska 

will play In Stelnert Hall Thursday after- 
noon, 10 ...Wallace Goodrich's new or- 
chestra will give Its first conrert In Jordan 
Hall on Thursday eveulng, 1ft Proprie- 
tor M. II. Mark, of the Cornlque, will odfr a 
prize of S1O0 for the host Hiiggesdons of a 
name for his new theatre, to be erected on 
•Beach and - Washington . Streets. 
■ ■ ; ' ;■ ■ 

PiirinKHclii.—Ar the Court Square (D. 
0. ijilmore, runn^g^ri (Jrace Cameron, in 
"Little Dolile Dimple, 1 ' Dec. l'8, bad an en- 
thusiastic audteuce. Mlso Cameron made a 
iflsclnating eouatry mnid. The specialties 
of Al. Lawrence, Ott Bros.. Kline and Nichol- 
son, and Pboeble Cardownle were warmly 
received. Kthel Barrymore drew well ai». 
"His Honor, tbe M.vcr." fared well Jan. 1. 
Lulu Glaaer, La "The Aero Club" (premier), 
5; George M. Cohan 7. 8. Annie Bussell 0, 
"Coming Thro* the Uye" 13, Itobert Loraine. 
14. Boston Symphony Orchestra 15, Mme. 
Llpzin 17. ■ ■ ■ 

S'LiJif.M (George. II Miller, resident mana* 
ger). — Lena Auhwtll, US, 3i», bad good 
nouses. Tbe Dan Uvjq Stock Co. opened an 
extended eflgngement -with "The Bells," SI. 
Daniel Byan, as Malhlas. carried off tbe 
honors. "A Gilded Fool" this week. 

roLi's (Gordon Wrighter. resident mona- 
ger). — This weeks bill: Milton and -Dolly 
Nobles, -Mile. Uarquis and her ponies. May 
Tully and compnuy, Bogers tuid Deeley, 
Kadle Julia. Gompers. the D'Estelie Sisters, 
Muceo and Fox, and elcclrograpb. 

Giluorb (J. A. Hennessey, manager). — 
"Dora Tborne," Dec. 'Zl, 2H, drew goodly 
numbers. Al. It coves' Big Show, 31-Jan. 2, 
had record houses. "The Cow l'uncher" a- 
5. Bice k Burton's Gaiety Co. 7-0, "Tbe 
Governor's Pardon" 10-13, the City Sports 
H-1U. ^ 

Notes.— George B. Guy, manager of the 
Guy Bros*. Minstrels, spent Sunday, D*c. 30, 
at his home la this city, and returned to Ibe 
company, at Tarry town. N. Y. Mr. Guy re- 
ports that this Is the company's tblrly-tblrd 
season, and. one of the most prosperous in 
Its history, the show taking well everywhere. 
..... .Geo. Crawford, of the team of Craw- 
ford and Ford, Injured at Poll's, night of 
Oct. 23, is shoft-lag improvement ut ibe hos- 
pital here. 

• ■ ■ 

Lowell.— At the Lowell Opera House 
(Cshn & Grant, managers) Nance O'Nell. :u 
"The Sorceress," recvlvod a cordial welcome 
Dec. 31. Jan. L Georce W. Monroe, In "The 
Time of Your Life," pleased a good house 2. 
Grace Cameron met with Immediate favor 
4. Viola Allen, In "CymMlne." was wel- 
comed by S. It. O.. at advanced prices, 5. 
The Adam Good St.K-k Co. this week, ex- 
cepting o. wheu "Coming Thro' the Bye" will 
enter twin. 

Academy op Music (B. F. Murphy, ronna- 
gen.-rlhe Seveiin De Deyn Stock Co. of 
fered "Camllle," last week, to big business. 
Bertha Crelgbton deserved special menilon, 
as did Frederick Buru "The Light of Other 
Days" 7-12. . 

rllATiuwAT's (John I. Shannon, resident 
'manager).— Current: Green and Werner, 
Wills and Hassen, Coakley and McBride, 
Burns, Morris and company. Banks-Breazealc 
Duo. Rr.nno and Arno, I-aiira Ordway, and 
tbe vltagrapb. ' ■ 

Boston.— This* weeks list: Gaiety Girls 
Burlesquem, in "Ponce De lion's Birthday" 
and "The Rehearsal. " The players are : Ruth 
Garland. May Madcap, Bates and Ernest. St. 
Julien, Charles Irvine. Mminni and Murteile, 
derail Herbert. -Julia Irving mid BeHft Hill's 
illustrated songs, and the Boston bioscope.' 

Walkkb's (L. B. Walker, minoger). — This 
week, Nina Searles Bed Raven Burlesque 
Co. Olio : Wllllntn Ilarddlg, Coffery and 
Ornnt. Robert Wliistnnlev. James anil Bal>^ 
Dalley, Fii.roti.r? tiilibs, wlib lllimtrated 
sobKf, niid Howard's moving pictures. 

MM — Bates antl Ernest offer I heir net 
ut- ine Boston this week, entllleil "Why 

Murphy'...; h. B. Walker, 

manager of Wicker's Tbentre, gave hla era- 

f lores a. hulldar Iwntjuei at Uike View Park 
Intel ust week. 

"5 Bill Biff ™ 

. A PoglllsTlo Uonolog SORKAM, $1.00. I 


■ LLstof Sketclte*. Etc., for 2c stamp. INTER- 



Salrm TiiRAThn, Sol-m (O. H. Cheetham. 
mannger),--The Wllllrtui A. Dillon Co. ployed 
to good business lost 'week. Frarikle Car- 
penter Co. and Jere tiradv 7-12. 

Nutr. — The Kosy Theatre nnd the Star 
Theairo nre two new places of amusement. 
Just opened. In Salrm. Both show moving 
pictures and, give llhiNtrated songs. 
— -♦■ ' 

Wiirrentfr. — At th<» Worcester Obcram- 
mergou pictures Jon. 7-0. Rehearsals have 
been Htnrled, under the direction of A. Frank 
Nail, for the (I. A. It. production of "Die 
nrummfr Rot." It ha* been asnonnced that 
Mnleoluj - Wlflnms and Florence Ite-'d, with 
n capable' sfock company, will - open shout 
21. "The PlPladea" drew fair returns 3-">. 

Franxwn i J. F. Burke, resident manager). 
— Week of-7, "QtilBcy Adam?! Sawyer.". Grace 
Cameron .drew, a good, bousa 2. "Happy 
Hooligan," 3-5, had good bouses. "Coming 
Thro the Rye" 14, Robert Lordlne IS, ' 

Park (Alf. T. Wilson, manager). — Wcvk 
of 7 Fay Foster Co. La*t week the Kmplre 
Show drew very good business. 

Lyrii: (Clayton I.egge, maaager). — Week 
of 7, "Mr. Iturneg of MV York," hy the 
Clayton I^gge Stoek C«, Last week, the 
Company played "Under Two ■Flags," in! a 
very credltnule manner. Week of 14, "The 
Cowboy and the Lady." 

I"oi.i's (J. C. Crlddie. resident mnnager). 
—Fred Karon's Co., in **A Night In the 
Alums of hoadon ;"< Mnd, Mr. and Mrs. Gene 
Huuues, Raymond and Caverly, Byers.snd 
Herman, 'Lillian Tyce, l/wnanl Kane, and 
the electrogrnph 

£ ;^' . i ■ L — 

Kew BeiUord— At the New Bedford The- 
atre (Wm. B. Cross, manager) James Ken- 
nedy Co., in repertory, played to good busi- 
ness iw. HI and week. Fehberg Stock Co. 
week of Jan. T. 

lUTiuwAr'H (Theo, B. Baylies, manngrr). 
— Bill for 7 and week: ¥V. II. Murphy. 
Blanche Nichols and company, John and Ber- 
tha Gleeson and Fred Houlihan, Adele Purvis 
Onrl. Murphy and Audrews. Johason aad 
Hardy, T'Snda and the vltagrapb. 

Savoy. (Wm. II. Shine, manoger). — For 
week of 7 the management offers a fine line 
of pictures and Fred Chagnon. Business con- 
tinues good. 

— ' » . ' ■ 

tam MM lb M tliu Opera House (J. A. 
Calm, manager) the Avery Stock Co. held 
tbe hoards, to good business, week of Dec. 
31. excepting Jan. I, whon- Viola Allen. In 
"Cymbeline,' r played to a good silted audi- 
ence. Shepherd's moving pictures 0. "l"*om- 
ing Thro 1 lire Bye" 7, Nance O'Nell. In 
"Mngflrt." 8: lleorgc \V. Monroe 0, West's 
Minstrel* 10. 

Colonial (J. Fred Lees, manager).— Bill 
for Jan. 7 and week: ■Buster Brown" nnd 
company, Frank. iibert and-company, Defaye 
Sisters, Daisy DiimomL Lawrence and Har- 
rington. Kemiey and Hollis, Watson's Farm- 
yard, and the morion pictures. - 
- ■ -♦ > » 

Fall lllvcr— At the Snvoy (W. F. Ma- 
son, resident manager) "Happy Hooligan's 
Trip Around the World." Dee. :tl-Jau. S, 
was enjoyed by good sized audleaces. Nance 
O'Nell, .'4, 0. came to good business. Miss 
O'Nell and Joseph O'Meare. lu the leading 
roles, were excellent, while Isabel O'Mndl* 
san, Martha Mayo, Clinton Lloyd and Jas. 
\V. Ashly were also worthy of mention. 
"Bertha, the Sewing Machine Girl," 7-9; 
"Coming Thro" the live" 10, Viola Allen 12, 
"Qulney Adams Hawycr"' 14-10. 

ACAriBMT or Hone (W. F. Mason, resi- 
dent manager). — The Fenberg Stock Co. 
played to good business last week, and gava 
great satisfaction. Specialties by the Colbys, 
Marie McNeil, Mabel Hawthorne and Mat- 
thew Honlon were good, and all were well 
received. Myrklc-Hnrdcr Stock Co. 7-12, 
"The Governor's Pardon" 14-1C, Mnrtln's 
"Ulieie Tom's Cabin" 17-10. 

S »K coy's (Chas. E. Cook, manager).— BUI 
week of 7 : Beatrice Moreland and company, 
the Dixie Serenade™, the Bounding Gordons, 
Joe Itardman. Matthews and Harris, Melani 
Trio, Burkhart, and camcragrapb. 

Boston (Chas. Scbleaalnger, manager).— 
Dollle Clifford's Burlesque Co., with a good 
otlu, played to good business last week. Cur- 
rent. Society Belles Burlesquers. with the 
Crottys. Harry Brown, Dolile Clifford, and 

NicRCLonenv. — Bill week of 7 : Tbe Days, 
Ruth Clark, Geo. Morton, Pagan nnd Merlam, 
and NIckelscope. ' 

Lynn — At tbe Lynn Theatre (F. G. Har- 
rison, manager) the Frankle Carpenter Co.. 
Dec HI and week, olayed to big business. 
The Avery Strong Oo, this week, with Viola 
Allen proving 8. Klmer Stock Co. (return) 

At*t)iToitiU3i fllariy Kntzes, manager). — 
This week* The Baileys, West and Van Sick- 
ten, KamerSlda Sisters, Bert I^alle. assisted 
by Sailor and Darbaretta. Fit sgibboni- Mc- 
Coy Trio. Dell-Prevost Trio, Msdgo P. Msyt- 
land. and vltagrapb. 

Oku (CiiOB. W Slieafe, manager).— Car- 
rent Btll: Ingram and Cronln, Ben Burke, 
CInra Adams, Mornn sod Wiser, Holden and 
th- Marco, and moving pictures. 

Dsramlanii (Ix>rd fc. Duwnlug. managers). 
— This theatre I* l»eiiig eblargerl to twice 
Its present site, a new front Is being put ohT 
aud many nllrscllve features added. New 
pletnres ami new 1ilnstra|i*d soiigM nre on 
tbe progrflftiiDC this week. Business gtwt. 

IlreadwAv G*l«ty QJrls 0-12. Ust week 
Cainplvllts Nightingale* proved excellent in 
'College Life" and "Hello." They draw big 
-houses. Sara Pewe's Co.- 18.. - — ■ 

HTANruHD (C. B. Arnold, rannager). — 
Clark's Runaway Girls €02. Hurtlg's Trans- 
atlantics, aliii Mine. P.merlc ns on added at- 
traction, drew splendidly lost week. Jlentr- 
snutbv Co, |.i. 

Gossil* or Tim Lobby. — On New Year's eie. 
tlu> memo*!* »f "The Hose of the Alhambrt" 
Co. celebrated on Ibe stage of the Lyric. 
Charles F.merson Cook was master of cere- 
monies, nud s number of the Cincinnati 
friends of A* res Coin Brown were guests. 

.'Something new Itt the way of amine- 

inent for factory bands' will be produced by 
i l:o John R. Both Packing Co.. which will 
put a roof ff/'irden (or employees on their 
new ten story building In tbe Weat . Had. 

,John 'II. lluvlln Is hark from Nfw 

York, and offlclnllr declares off tbe deal for 
the t-ormoiidtillon of the Hnuvnbeck and [ting- 
ling Hnaa's. ■ ' 
. ,»■■■ 

rolnmliu*. — At tbe Gn-nl Southern (W. 
W. I'rmserJ nsaageri "The Vlrgln'nn" 
plensetl rn parity brum's Jan. 1. The" Cincin- 
nati Hio.-k Co. (Grrmna) entertnlnM a fair 
slsed nudlence 2, T Amelia Itlnshsm BUT 
" r week of 7, *Tta* RtM 


large Uou*es 4, 3. For 
of India." 

sin untT (P. O. Miller, manager).— Vir- 
ginia Hurried, In "Th> Love letter," pleased 
targe Aiidlenres Dee. Ol to Jan. 'S. On Jan. 
1. Miss llnrned played her own Interpreta- 
tion of "famine, to capacity houses. "Tim 
Bnso of Alhambra" 7-0, Iiavld Wardcld 10- 

ilrnu Strkrt (Cbas. W. Harper, manager). 
— "Bavw Corson" pleased capaelty houses 
Pec-, a !• Jan. I.. Williams and Walker, In 
"Abyssinia," enterialned good slied houses 
.1-5. Robert Downing, in ^nunnlng for Gov- 
ernor," 7-0; '.he Four Mortons MM 2. 

Kritfi (W. W. Prosscr, manager).— Bill 
for week of Jnn. 7: Cogan and Bancroft, For- 
tune' and Davis, Nat Haines, Mtillln nnd 
Corolll. lit, nnd Mm. Mark Murphyi Will 
Hogcrs and the Village Choir. ■ 

Notkhv — Chnrlcs c. Qulnn, manager of 
Virginia Harnpd, was the guest of Frank C. 

ORborne during his stay here Allwrt 

Armbruster. of the firm of M. Armbnister nnd 
Sods, ncenli' nribit*, stole a march on his 
friend*, nnd was quietly married In Cincin- 
nati New Venr's Tiny. 

Cincinnati. — The newthcotre fever Is 
still burning fiercely -here, nnd it In announced 
that the Orjiheuui Theatre Co: nre talking of 
building at tilghlh and Vine Htreets. The. 
Orplieuoi Theatre. Co. has fleeted Kdward 
P. . It.vr.ii. president and genenil manager : 
Dudley ouicault, vice nrpsldent. and Henry 
Soli ul te, treasurer. Charles H. Ijingmlale 
and i!burles Tiiylor are the other directors, 
and Thomas H. Darby, legal adviser. Mr. 
Kyun Is a brother of John J. Byan, lata of 
tbe Olympic; Mr. Scbulte was »ecretary of 
that house, and Mr. Taylor Is an architect. 
■ Goanu Opera House (Harry llaln forth & 
John H. Havlln, managers). — ■Robert Man tell 
comes Jan. 7, Inaugurating a week's ShakcN- 
pearean revlvcl. Jtlchutd ilonsfleld's engage- 
ment was a trlnmpii as far a* the presenta- 
tion of "Peer Gynt" wos' concerned. Kmina 
Dann, Adelaide .Howak and Arthur Forrest 
were notables in support. Frlui Scbeff 14. 

Lybic (Heuck's Opera House Co. and Lee 
Shubert. directors). — "The Light Eternal. ' 
with Jnmes Nelll and Kdrthe chapman, two 
of the old Pike Stock favorites, 6-1-j. "The 
Rose of the Alhambra." with Agnes Cain 
Brown, a Cincinnati girl, In the leading rule, 
singed by the Opera Comlqno Company, made 
a decidedly good Impression and enjoyed a 

rrosperous week. llenrv Norman, Kddle 
leron, Louis Casevant, I*y Vernon, Greta 
Ulsley, Lillian Hudson and Owen Westford, 
were prominent: "The Love Bonto" 1.1. 

Walnut Street (AL c. Anderson & Henry 
It, legler, managers). — •■Texan," «-IL\ after 
a week or the Illusions of Kollar. Paul Val- 
Iiulott gave valued nsslstaneo (o the magi- 
cian. The one act play of mystery. "The 
Witch, the Kallor and the Enr-naoted Mon 
key." was a delight; while "The Golden llut- 
lerfly" proved a dazzling snfprlse jinrty. 'Jlie 
Four Mortons 1.1, 

cm, iMMA (M. C. Anderson & Henry M. 
Zleglef, ninna^ersi.— Tiie Fadette Woman's 
Orrhesrra will open d, when Uarrlsou King 
nnd corapnuy, Kin ley and Hurke, Ken Welch, 
oil vera Trio, Chinko and Minnie Kaufamu 
will aim be on tbe bill. 

Olympic (George F. Fish & Luella Fore* 
psugh Fish, managers). — Tbe Forepnugh 
Stock Co., will present "Sherlock Holmes" 
fi-12. after a week of "Sweet Kitty Bellaires." 
Cloclnnatf quite fell In love with tbe hero- 
ine, a part which was In tbe capable hands 
of Ida Adair. Hersche! Mnyall gave an 
artistic Interpretation; nnd Edna Ellsmere 
Hnd Frank Itolleston made splendid itupres- 
alona. "The Merchant of Venice" 13. 

Hkuck'h Opera (Heuck, Fenncssy 
k Stair, mnnagflrs). — "Acrons the Pacific" (I- 
13- "Wild Nell, a <Atld or the Regiment." 
proved a strong attraction. Vivian Prescott, 
us Nell, was decidedly clever. Walter Wilson, 
Walton Meredith. Al. Lester and Mary Arden 
Msnn were excellent. "The Woman In tho 
Case" 1.'!. 

. Lycrch (Heuck, Stair h Fennessy, mana- 
gers). — 'The Denver Kipress" Is due fl-ll*. 
r, \Vhen tbe World Sleeps" was greeted by 
Iqrge and demonstrative audiences last week. 
Roy Applegate, A. S, Byron, Pasqualula De 
Voe, Lonlse Gllcbrlest. C'ella Rosewood and 
Charles Wlrth shared in tbe applause. "The 
Burglar's Daughter" 1.1. 

.M.j:hic. IIalu — Walter Damroseti and tbe 
New York Symphony Orchestra II. "Alice In 
Wonderliad" was given 4, .". with Nellie 
Welsh .it Alice. II. O. Hart aa the March 
Hare. I- . J, .White, the Msd Hatter, and 
George Krucger. >he Dormouse. Other rotes 
were taken hy: V. M. Olffln. Ruler of Won- 
derland : E. J. l>omielly. ai 1lie Cheshire Cat ; 
lliomas A. Burns, as the Caterpillar '..Row- 
land Maclll, A. Selu-er. Paul Dr.iker. Elmer 
Kohncr. ll. J. Berts, William Aalicraft. !■:. 
J. Haydeu, Sandier luacson, Herbert Ber- 
ger. Mervyn Maglll. l«ouIs Elslnger, George 
Normllle. Walter Hermann. Fred Rotten- 
brook, Arthur Cotliffan, Harold Jamesou. 
Wfilter McCot. Celln Murphy. Ellzalrtto 
Redlrgpr Kstyl I^dd. Margo Keiley and Eu- 
genia Millar 

KoBtRfiux's House (Walter Caniield, 
manager).— Week of-.fl: Tbe Omega Trio, 
Lydell and Butterworth, Freeman's trained 
ffoais. Major O'l.augUMn, Dick Tracv, and 
Stanley and to.Hft -.Voudevfllr. at_i« sod 
20.tfents. with 10 rent mnttneeti. Is somelblftg 
new for Cincinnati. Good sized crowds in- 
tended lost week. 
I'roi'l.r.'s Oluuert Hcitck, manager).— The 

Cleveland. — At the Opera IIoiliw (Harry 
D. Kline, manager) Raymond Hitchcock. In 
"Theilnlloppr." week of Jan. 7. "Mntlame But- 
terfly" hn(l packed houses. "Spring Chicken" 
week of H. . • .. 

eor.fiMAi. (Drew ft Campbell, mnnagers).— 
"The Tourists" week of 7. "On Parole*: bad 
good houses Inst week. Berths Kallcb week 
of 11. 

Lycbi'M (Geo. M. Todd, mnnnger). — "Not 
Yet, But Soon," week of 7. Knseiilp Hlalr 
drew good houses lost week. In "The Woman 
in tbe Case." WllllnmH nn«r Walker week 
or 14. 

oi.Fvir.ANn (Geo. M. Todd, manogerl.— 
"The Biirglsr's Daughter" week of 7. "The 
Queen of the Highbinders" had good receipts 
k-r v-,-..; k. 

KniTii's (II. A. Dnutels. manager). — Mil 
week of 7: rani SnAdonl. Horry L. Tlglie 
and eonin<inv. Clifton Crawford and others. 

Lvnte (Ed. It Anthony, manager)-— 
Bill week of 7 : Cnptnlu Henry, Maude nur- 
Imnk and horse. Tnmk nud (ilndden, Ilenwlo 
Rnhb, ITnrry Mavelle, the Campbells, and 
Dnyne and Hoi>e. 

Star (Drew ft nnraphell. managers). — The 
Nightingales MM of 7. Tiger Miles Oo. 
drew. well ln»l week. Broadway Gaiety Glrln 
week of 14. 

Eui'JRi: (Geo. fliener,' mnnager). — Man- 
ehetier's Vanity Fair Co, week «r 7. "The 
Girl In ilm Heil Mn*k." with the Bon Tons 
c«>.. wast nulle a dranrlng citnl, last week 
Behmon's Big Show, week of 14. 
■ ■• ■ ■ 

Yoangatowii. — At the Park Theatre 
(Will Dosliou, manager) Mary Emarson, Jan. 
1, pleated two good audiences. "The Choir 
Singer." % did very well. "The Tourists," 
4. '. plnyed to big business. Vlrglu'a 
Ha rood 10. 

OiiAMi (Joe Srhscrin, manager). — "Little 
Johnny Jones" packed the house 1. . "The 
College Widow," 4, drew big. Al. G. Field's 
Mlnntrels, D, dr* i w benvlly. "The Girl 
Patsy" 7, "Madame Bntlertlv" 8, ibo Grace 
Cameron Opera Co. 11, Felix Usury, la 
"When the Harvest Days Are Over," vl. 

Notew.— The Bijou Theatre Co.. of Youngs- 
town, eapltal, f'jn.OOO, has beeri Ineorporafed 
hy Charles J, Schuck, Barry B. JjmI v. George 
Oinhnnserr. Margaret I. Olnnausen and Samuel 
D. Oinhausen. Tbe company ban secured a 
leasi- o>n property sltualed on Champion 
Street, opposite the 1'ark Theatre, and will 
tip":i a vaudeville theatre. Plans provide for 
i mo«lem ilrepronf Mtruetiire. Gmrgo Olu- 
bauson, one of Ihe above company, and who 
Is now running the Electric Then I re. In this 
titv. will have the management of the new 
BIJon.. . ..Manager .fobti 11. I'ltzpatrlck, one 
of tbe Sliuberts Tallied and reliable mana- 
gers, renewed acquaintances while bare wllli 
"T6 Tourists." mid particularly no(e<l the 
riipid giowtli of Hie city. 

Springfield,— At tbe Falrbauk's (Clar- 
ence Miller, mnnager) "Tlio V'liglaian" came 
to good business 1>ee. .11. "The Old Home- 
stead" bad u well tilled bousa Jan. 1. Ame- 
lia Bingham, In "The Lilac Boom," had fair 
business i', "Little Johnny Jones" 4. "David 
Corson" 0, "Madame Butterfly" 10, "Tbe Col- 
lege Widow" II. 

grand (Gabriel Bacbi, manager).— Jos, 
and Wm. Jefferson, In "Playing the Game," 
were well patronized Pec. 27. "A Country 
Jay" had well tilled houses 2». "East Lynn« T * 
Jan. 1. "Vanity Fair" 4, "A Stranger in 
Town" 0. "The Woman Id the Case" 7, 

Lycrum (B. C. Kelly, mnnager).— Bill for 
week of Dec. 31 : "A wild Ooose Chase," Do- 
rotby Gotten, Carroll Byall. Walter and Clara 
Gerdlng and William Wood. 

Ohpihl-m (Ous Sun, manager).— Tbe bill 
for week of Jan. 7 ; Tbe Four Bragedons, 
Cora Beach Turner and company. Seymour 
Hlatersj, Carl D. McCullougb and Illustrated , 
songs and picture*. 

■ mi .. — — 4f ■- ■■- 

Marlon. — At tbe Grand (C. E. Perry, 
manager) "A Stranger In Town" Dec. in. 
•The Girl Patsy" ill. "The Light Eternal," 
Jan. 2, gave a very food-performance, "Girl 
of the street" 3, The Woman In the Case" 
8, Howe's moving pictures. 12, Majestic Stock 
Co. 14-1 ». 

Family (H. S. Vail, manager).— BID for 
week of 7 : Creo, Jo Wise, W, M. Hyde, and 
La Jess. 

m ■ ■ 

Canton. — At the' Grand Opera Home 
(Fred S. Love, manager) Porter J. White 
came, Jan. 1. to two capacity bouses. "Little 
Johnny Jones,"- 2, fared well. De Wolf Hop- 
per sold out before tbe house opened, 4. 
Cheater De Vonde Co. week of 7, " 'way 
Down Cant 14. "Tbe Lion and the Mouse ' 
18, "The Corner Orocery" 10. 

BUUt.'. — For week of 0: Greeley and Greg- 
ory, tbe MUiIcal RuiwIIh, Barney Find, 
Jenny Itoselle. Green Brothers and the mo- 
tlon picture*. 

*■■ ■ ■ ■ 

Zsnesville.— At tbe Welter Theatre (J. 
G. England, manager) tbe De Vonde Block 
Co., week of Dec. 31, plnyed to fair house*, 
tbe programme changing nlgbtlv. "The, Clay 
Maker" Jafi. H. "The Lion and the Moiimu' 
11, Virginia llnrned 12. 

Geo. R, RcjiuTi.ta bu added a novelty 
■ T-lt.i . liU-iaii -*i Illustrated Ming", with. m*>-'- 
lug plchtrea, cainglng tbe aceDe from a night 
«it,h to day f>reiie while NfllgN urn in pr»- 
grr*M. ii in conRideri'il t<> u< a wonderful 
nbleveroeitt. ' • 

St. Lout-. — At the Olympic (P. Short, 
manaffer>- Frlui ^.boOV thla-wttk, In "Mile. 
Modiste." "Madam Butterfly" Jan. 18 and 

CgMVJH <P. Short, manager). — "The .Vir- 
ginian," Ui In week, with Duailn Farmitn. "At 
Ye Bow" l»*in. 

GAttUCR (Don G. 1'lnhell, manager).-^ 
"Olorloui Betsy," with .Mary Minneflmt 
thla week. The company Includes: AdoA 
Andrew*. Ma-ad HoBiord. Gertrude Clem* 
mem, Alice Butler, Itobert Warwick, Doufr 
let J. Wood. Herbert Carr, Wallace ShaW 
and II. 8. Hadiield, "j. 

Giiaxp (J. Fleming, manager). *—"UBU 
Johnny Jones," with Bobby Barry, this 
week. Oebrge .Sidney did big biialneat hut 
week. . ( 

, I-MrcniAL (D. i:, Itusaelt, manager). — Tbl 
Hmart Set organlaallun, In "The Black Foil- 
tlClnnn,'" tills Week Lottie WBlbUU, IB 

v My Tom-Boy Girl," pleased la« .week. 

I Iavmn'm (Wm. Guren. mananri, — "A 
Millionaire's ftetfeuge" thin week. ''110,000 
Kewnnl'* bad a succemful engagMunc last 

mki:os. — Tlie German Stock Co, presented 
"Her 8plt7eokoenlgln" ('The I*oee Qofen") 
for N'ew Year's week. HatiB Loebel, Voima 
Vnn Hoheaau, Frit* Beeee, Louise PeHman 
niul iitliera appeared, • ' %. 

con mb i a (Mlddlctoa * Tate, naoattfi). 
—This week : Mrs. Iwvugtry, supported by 
Arthur Holme* Gore and Hubert Carter] 
Merry and Merry, Two Cartmella, the Ari- 
lion*, Nat Maine*, Mice and t'ndy, Allan Shaw 
.and ihe kinmlrorae, 

Gawktv ii». T. Crawford, manager). — The 
Gav Morning G lor Ira tbls week. The Ud 
Lifters proved u pletielng bill last week. 

staniuk.. ii..-., Brlehenbarh, manager). — 
Tbe innoncen; Mnlda this week. Miss New 
York Jr. ployed to the capacity last week. 

UMinn (II. F. Kite, manager). — Btll this 
week : Jolly Prince, in "The Lady and the 
Ix>ve Struck Coon:'" Mimical Marques, Ket- 
n«r Sinters, L»h< tngUrnm, Ned Norton, Lulu 
mMstUnuin, nud ih'W moving picture*. En- 
tertainment on tlit* second roor, tbe Pioneer 
Pe Qua-Na magle. 

NiiTK.— The Ai-tora' Churen Alliance re- 
ception lo Binge f^tk, New Year's Day, proved 
n great tnn-eeM. AImuiI one hundred and fifty 
gnenU wer* present. Wm. 11. ('rain was toe 
gnest of honor, oiher professionals present 
wcre:Fthel Conroy. Mrs. Marie Bates, Mar 
garet Dale. Mi-.. I'ltt, Fred Thorae and 
Harry LIMford. The rccepllou took place at 
the *:ik-*' Cluli. kindly tendered fur the cn> 
eaalon, by Jitlea Befero, the popular 1 rtth- 

Knnsns <'it>-._Ai the Hhiibert (Walter 
Sanford manager) lust week Mary Manner 
InK, In "Glorlims Betsy.'' Itnd n good week'* 
liiudnesR. I'll Is week. Jnsmh linil William W. 
Jetterson. In "Playing tbe Game," N>Jt week, 
"M^rs. Temple s Telegram. , 

WH.I.1H \v ■ -i.iisit week Frsncls Wilson, 

In "Tbe Mountain Climber," drew good at- 
tendance. "Thr Marriage of Kitty* .Ian. 0, 
Wm, II. t'rnne and MUs J ttf re js 7-U. Madatpe 
Helena Modjeskn lt»-l^». Km week, "The 
Virginian." Sft 

Giiasu Opcha llni'hi: (Hiidnen ft .TudanT 
matmgerH). -- Lnnt week "It HAppened in 
^orclliuid," with Han Miimoii, Frunk .Kiieblef, 
Teddy Biirne, Un White. Harriet Burl, Millie 
I'rlci* and Josepli I 1 . t'lnytoii. drew big busU 
nesm Tit Is week, Prliurose's Minstrels, "Lit 
tie Johnny Jones * next week. .-,. .rf» 

niu'iiKiM i.Mutiiii liecfcv Koneral mana- 
ger).— Tlila wi-ek : ' Tile 'Gllnserettls. . Jo& 
Fiiiihy Hire. Mr. nnd Mrs. Allison. (lardnTr 
unit Revere. Mario Yulll ami Kobt. Boid,,»las 
Mllllfin, and Hun son and Nelson. Oi'rba HotiSH (|o. h. nrlflhaaii man- 
ogoi-i.— Last week "Tito namliler o? tlm Weat" 
drew exci-edlngly well. Tills witik Lottie Wil- 
liams, In "My Tom-Boy Girl." "Bertha, the 
Sewing Mm Mine Girl." neat week, 

AriiiTAiinrH. — Lost week the Woodward 
Slock Co. gave line performances of "Men 
and Women." This woek, "A Itoyal Family, 
Neit werk, "Christopher Jr." " 

M A.iK.s-rrc (Clint wiison, manoger). —Last 
week, Herlbnor's Gay Morning Glories farid 
well. Tills week, Ibe Trocaderos. Next 
week, the Boston llellea. 

Cunti'Iiv (Joseph Donegan, manager ). i— 
Last week the Innoceut Maids pleased tha 
lovers of burlemiiie, who turned out In goodly 
nuiniiers. This week. Iho Parisian Bellei. 
Next week, Baltimore neatitles. 

CMi'PKmsnHi.— Cllat wiisoo, formerly of 
New York City, baa succeeded 11, G, David- 
son as manager f tbe Majestic Theatre. 
Mr. Davidson will remain In the city, aftd 
will probably go Into the mercantile business, 

Co). Ileggs, of this city, will take out 

a wakoti show, prriiaratloiia for which are 
now being made. The equipment is being 
built. The show will start out a boot May 1, 
— ' ■ - s 

Hednlln.— At Iho Now Redulla Theatre 
(Geo. l'\ Gleudorf. manager) "Tbe Hqu*» 
Man" drew i sjiuclty Dec. -'S. Tliu Hmatt 
set. Iii "I'lie Black Politician," :io, gave't, 

RM show, in a good buuse. "The colligs 
ay" hnd fair returns matinee and Bight 
Jan. 1. Rlnck (.'rook Jr. Co. II, Nelson*Gana 
Works Bnt 

light plctiirea 4. "Kvrrybody Work 
Father" d, "It Happened In Nordlni 
Clmilie Grapewln, In "Tlie Awaken 

vakflPlbg pf 
he Mommr" 
h" 16, "Tn« 

Mr. I'lpp." Q ; "The Mold and th 
111, StetHim'H "Uncle Tom's Cabin" 
Clansman" 17, "Glo Olson" IN. 

Woon'H (I»r. II. W. Wood, manager).— 
Itnili Grey Block Co., week <>c Dee, 28, had 
fair returns. "Marked for Life," Jan. 1, 
did fair business, matinee and nlglit, Tbe 
Jefferson*, in "Claying tbe Game," 6 ; "Mrs. 
Temple's Telegram" 1-. 

Notb. — "Alice In Wonderland" was pre- 
sented at the New Sodulla Theatre Dec. 27' 
1:0, under Ibe auspices of tbe local Calvary 
Cburch. under supervision of ICIieabeth Bitcb, 
from -Hearting. Ph.. stage director, and Kola 
Booke ' (nteiibenvilio, o.). pianist. The 
Indies In charge received many highly com- 
plimentary notices from Ibe audience and 
the local press. Misses Bucb aod Boole 
will put on the same show ut Clinton, wMk 
of Jim. 1, and st Aurora, Mo., week of 0. 
The attraction as presented was coBftlaam 
one of the best local attaint of recent' ymi. 
— , - — ■« m v 

■prima Jielil.— at tbe Baldwlh. (G. OleD- 
dorf, manager) Walker Whltssldea iiteiud 
large crowds mmlncc and night Dec. .113. 
"The Village Vagabond" did well 28. ."Tot 
Krpiaw Man r ' bud H. It. O. 20. "Quaes of 
tin- llocklos" drew a fair audience :il. Arthur 

fhs Town'* 1.1, "uncle Tom's Cabin" 14. 
"Alice In Wonderland" (local) 17, "Ole 
Olson 20, Louis James 22. 

Lyric (It. L. Doling, mnnager). — The first 
week or this n*iw house was a great sUcest*. 
with big audiences ut each nerfornnOCe, 
Tbe bill for week of Dec. :il : Aon ifelktUp. 
Holmes nnd Waldron. I'atikleli, the uiuJ 
man; Misses Irene and Alma Blanoheet, 

Lynn and Una Westley L Royer a jnd ^Mjsta, 

Illustrated aongs and the moving plcfl 
< i > 

Porlland.— At the Jefferson (M. J. Oar- 
rity, rouldciit manager) Viola Allen bad «• 
celleut rem run Dec. ill. Jan. 1, Maude Hill- 
man Co.. 2-6, was well patronised. Jot. A. 
Dillon Block Co. 7-12. 

1 '" it r i, a *i . ( J. IS. Moore, mun ngor ) i '— 
Booked 7 nnd week' Rlmon, Gardner s)nd 
comnaay, Hayes and Johnson, Flelda- and 
Wnllev. Adair snd Dalin, Taylor aud Holmes, 
nnd IlcUry and Kronels. • ■■* \£ 

(Trr IhlJ,.— In tho C. A, Klllsj , Cenfle, 
Mild Ormond'nnd the Loit«v Club appeared, 

" Mrtr. 1>WB 'Forrest, llr. T1S(k ». 

Clark. Cbas. K North, Alfred De Vole ahd 
the Jlbubert Male Quartette appear In a con- 
cert fl, .. , ■ 

...-■; ;;;..•>., - :■..; -, / $ ,• ■■ ...-.;.,? ■./,?- - 

.,- -,.,.,.,.. .. 


.'. r 


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yon should copyright It. Don't take 
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Ices at "mail cost. Sendfor onrSPECJAL 
Orrrjl tO mVrjtOIIS be(oreipplylng; for 
a patent.' it unll pay you. HAHOBOOH on 
jatenUirnt fRIE. Weadviaaif patenta- 
ble or - not.' FREE. We Incorporate 
Consult us. 



Columbia Copyright A Patent Co. Inc., 




Boston Film Rental Exchange 

inasars In N. 


The bast of aervioa, and prion oonalatant with the times, guaranteod 
All latest robjacts always on hand. Operators and machine., and Alms 
faroiahad for Sunday, and all other occasions. Sand for list and price*- 


ittaain.0. nw. 564 Washington St. opp. Adams House, Boston, Mass. 

Original Jail Breaker 

A. a tjpaolal feat ore at th. Lafayette lleatre, Buffalo, If, Y,, Xaaes weak 
played to tie biggest taalaen la th. history of th. home. Maw Year 
waak, Haatiltoa, Oat., hundred* turned away, tearing a record that cannot 
be broken by anyone. 

Address WM. MOBBJ8._ 


ONPEROENTAQfc for our new Million Dollar Amusement Turk, Bow building al Nor ill Bench. L, 1., 
ion flneat lieaolt ID Creator New York, such as Wild Animal Shown, Toboggan Slides. Ferris Wheel,?, 
Wild Weit fihuwB, Digit Hans UIubIuub, Dog and Pony Circus. Saddle Fuulen, Klah Poada. all kinds ot 
No rel Ilea- for Arcade". EnlraneCB, etc. Will *1bo buy for caih Mirrors, Panuraoilc Vlowa, Ticket 
Roses, Oharttt Ticket utticet., civ. fllvo the fullest poMltiie description of what yeu tiajferippaco 
vcuulrod, telling everything tn tlrst icttor. No tltno towaalc. 'in 

, . STKL1.A PARft AMUSemimIyT CO.. Temple Bar, H Court St., Urooklyu, N. V. 



k»RiNOS, ARK. 

opening jam: mi y as. .... 

COMPLETE ACTINO COMPANY, Ittosc doing Sprclallica given preference. If you are Dot strictlL 

sober, reliable and have abllttv and experience, don'l wrlle. Qood Modern Wardrobe on anil filrali^ 

Part* and Specialties: aiate lowest salary, nothing fancy, It's euro. Send Prog, and Photos, which 
. ,wlll be remind. No fare* advancGd,lo peoltle, onknown ; and If yon can't Join Jan. SO lor rehearsal, 
mvc alaoip. ,T"o pmja ngrxtuk. AcWrtan'lf.'l''. AllNliLli, Oranil Opera Uousu, Uol HprlngK, Ark. 


Hatallns Cuaclty. as Ton.. 
Burning ©1,500 In Six Umyu - ■ 




Our 1806 STREET- 
row raidy lor distribu- 
tion. Writ, tor It to- 
day. You cannot tfford 
to bt wltkout a copy. 

10.. p.r 100. "*■ "»•■ 



Individual Vaudeville Performers 

Willi nrood acta, Ornt class llitlc Voices wltli 

opia date, of one weeic for Fobruarr and 

Mar'-li. Slate salary and reference. Address 

91. SHEAR. Bot 30, Olean, R. V. 




Kltlier do Rul'O, Rid or Ueary. Otliera, wrtlc. 
AdilrCIW C. S. "HIMKOSF 1j» ^rosBe, TTlacODBlll. 


Tenor Soloisi and Yodler 

Ceriiian CornodlaD atid Trick PlsnoIH. Hill jolu 
any rcccignlzcd par'nor, trio or iiaartcttc. 

iENOft.l'ftraor N- Y.OI.IPfKR. 


Dasa Drum (drat class), or Old Man Paris and Alto, 
i>r Locate and Teach Young Hand. Address 

0. B.. Boil-WTogqa. Maint?. 

DT V MnTfTU Pa Bc ' R ' "f 10 "" i-^n in 
iL T mUUill. ra,. KoriliKaatcrnPcDna. 
Population 19,000. drawing; from -js^oo, it CoaiOui- 
lioriea, varloim inditMries. M. ItFlS itooking 
AgVQt. \yALTUl«AMcAWK|.r;ii-Jr*;r). ' 

Western Dramatic Agency, 

127 LA SALLE ST., near Madison, CHICAGO, ILL. 


atanaseri wanting reliable people In all branches of the theatrical profession, write. 




ROTICE.— Ween tarnish the best dramatic people— LEADS, Heavies, Charaotcr.; JnvenUes and 
General Easiness People. Sonbrettes, etc. Also vaudeville and Minstrel. People, Song end Dance 
Teams, Slater Acts, Singers of all UndA, Musical Acta, Players, etc. 


- ROTICE.— We Invito- people In all lines of the theatrical profession, that wish first class esg 
ments, to call or write. P. J. BTUGK, H.nasjer 


The Greet Adam Forepaugh & 
Sells Bros. Enormous Shows 



IVfilii, Giant*. MldgelM, Long-Hal red Ladles, Snake Charmer, Strung* People 
anil ' Wonder.*, Unt^iif, Novel and Kxtrunvdlnnrv ' KtIiibHi<nn. 
COLORED hCm> AND MlNSTRKb hHOW, Door Talkers, Announcers anil Lee- 
tur«o>H. Addrexa AUTIIUR. IlOKFItlAN, care of POREPAUttH «* J-ELLS BROS., 
Colmnljin, Ohio. 



lit All Lines for balance ur season and Summer. Will consider llioaconly wlio slato age, tieighli 
weight and setd lain programmes, staling lowest salary ; pay own hotels, one and two matinees » 
week. All must Join on wire. WANT good. Versatile, Singing and Dauolug (sketch Team for Small 
Parts, a Uve Agent that can star aoDcr. • ... . GREENWOOD, s. C. 

A T 1_ I BE R T Y . : 

For Permanent Stock or First Class Repertoire. 






•' "mar Aw tp s "~ 

Al JUVENILE MAN (must do Bomc llluiraolersl, MALE PIANIST. Oilier OntHl Reiiertolrc People. 
write Name lowest salary, which is sore. I pay all. Must join on wire. Tickets ir you are?). K„ 
Ad ues. OUAS. W. BENHEIl, Mgr„ Week Jap. 7, QrcenCclil. uluo. 



'WHEELING, W. VA., '.r. 


The Caaile Theatre is sltusted in the -very heart of Wheeling, -street cars ta-every part of the cl'y 
paaa the door, people to draw from. A naaiantce of big business to meritorious st'ractloLS 
with plenty of good paper, Addresi or wire nulck, H. ^|T, ROGERS, Mjg 


HUiQg one nlghl BtaoUs, iocarry oar Hoc of Advertising r'aiia. Sold to nrugglsts. Shoe Dealers 
Hardware Men, (Jonera! Mcrcliandlse Dealers, Etc. Samples now rcadv. Convenient to carry. f"» 
I rick toiell. Three dollars per day can easily nemadr b» giving the bnfl'incs3 a tow houraeach dij» 
Write 1 or proposlllon now. BELMONT MKQ. (I)., Clnunimll. Ohio. 

BIOE and 

'Riee and Wakieri ofler soinc good RnnckaLront work with a tabic. , It is fuiujy wort" without 
liaTing been stolen from Rice ami Provost, or, lilckey and Nelson." Chicot. ' 

En routo Boston Belles Co. ' " - 



Worila by BOIUNIOK, Music by SIBNOP.rt and. MESKEW. Cony and orchestrations free to |m,t. 
•WMftK s™' l*0Br«n. . \ . -.^LWArrirAiiPUL'. wi UK Uth -St--, iKnvcr, Colo. 

. CsfJtisTMiB wira inr Dliiujxtf-JacJK' Co. 
—Jo I lowing the -matinee performance of 
■DUmtftd Jack's com part 7, at .Xcwbtirg, S. T., 
a-Cbrmtaas banquet was sorted toe troupe 
hf- Diamond Jack, in the Dtjtl . l!<m?e. , At 
3**3 the -dining room was thrown oncn: sort 
t the members of the rWfamj took flea In 
1 about the. handsomely decorated' table, at 
tbe hud of which, was Dr. W. H. tons, with 
Howard -W. Uurand, of the l'ive Ihirands. 
nt-ihe opposite end. Neit totheiiton cither 
hano. were Mrs. Durand. Itex'ter lJuriBil, 
Stella Durand, JcmIc Unramj,,in-. nn d Sirs. 
Owej* Mr. aiid.Mrs. Klrvarfl, Mr. and Mrs. 
W. B. Angeroth.'Mr. ind Mrs. Il^rry; I-eimzo, 
■ ; Melba Leonio, Little Harry Lerono Jr., Dr. 
WB. Clark, Mlna Neal. and-Alewrs. Cant- 
welt Snaajler. I<ow and Weaton. , There 
y*asv idme speech making, and press agent 
pjttnuid,-in behalf of the rompanT, probated 
H/. Iybng (Diamond Jack) with **yjo. black 
morocco. suit caw. ; r . .. ; 

Helbn Uiiuid sailed for Europe ' Dec. fl 20, 
i« -open at the Hippodrome, Loodbh, with 
Paris, enngecicnta to follow., .•' * 7- * 

UABODKBirt Katab. prima, donna.- of, Ben 
£^£9f?-J^ " Tbe Lsdy • Boeksneers," 
and nlillara Sheridan, entertained the com- 
5*ai^t 1 dinner Chriat mas Day; which was 
fjtfdwed by aChrlHtmaa trcc'tbst wis laden 
with rsulablc presems for every one. -The 
act raatfe a big hit, we are Informed, as the 
holidiy fe«tnre at the Temple, Fort TVtyne, 
Ihd.. week of Dec. 1*4. iT ■ . . * , 

able* members of Tom Miner's Bohemian Buv- 
letqueM. arc rinding that th*4r- elcvcr'act, 
"The Derby Race,'* la- as produetixe of rap- 
l'Uu« 8b. i-rer. and a bij addition 'to the 
-show. Both girls are particularly effective 
fa thedr handling o( the offering, and" eri- 
c-arcs are always' in order for their wort 

.ROfln Oal-lt Combdt Co. Noras.— We are 
Maying: week stands through Ontario, to' big 
Mamess, and the general opinion la- that tbls 
uiob«' off the- beat companies that has erer 
viafted rtiiw part of the country. . The* roster 
fa<aa follows: Jas. F. Gault, proprietor and 
'tMBkgcr:. Mr. and Mrs. OauTt, comedy 
MMtcfi; Jay C. Gaffney, comedian, and roller 
fiklte dancer; Fred K. VoHmer, slack wire 
Jdggter -;aM trapeze ; Cbaunecy Hughes, 
«haxaftec. chanjes and .bird -imitator: Obas. 
SoBMneri.' "the Dancing Stattic,;'V Ndwaxd 
Wlqttlle.muaical director. The "ghost* 1 walk* 
ptery Sunday and 'f hk Old Rjeliabi.c reaches 
g* ekery week. J . 

.BswYHowr, latp of-lhe Von Xleda, Howe 
and .-.Von. Meda Trio, writes he -is working 
•bttle:sgrin, and meeting with great success 
14 his Rope act He is playing the Bell wr- 
<^j|t,. with the Jackson circuit to follow. The 
fsttpre of ;hls act,: entitled "The Lodgei," in 
iitretjttnUon. illustrating all- the- Lodges of 
importance In the cotiQirr. m 

•■Tta Urssrs Whzkixj. and - Buz. after 
wording 'twenty weeks .o«r. the • Hodblbs 
*nd Jackson circuits, meeting with.sucoesa, 
with' return dates to follow, ■ early In- the 
ninr.year- will lay. off from At* tonsil weeka 
«tl)f-gj>ei>ts of Miss Hall's relitlres at Fi- 
rjela'^r -Springs. Mo- after which time. they 
^Itfljarn to naderllle In ad' entirely defr 

'Rnnie CAsabiii a.vd Agxrs CT.ABKC, hare 
rexmnedKast, after playiQgsuccmfnJy -for 
two: tears through tbe middle West, 'and 
>tr»nr ChrUtmaa and New- Tear's weeka at 
their home In MeKeespdrt.'Pa. 

'Okas. F.llis. general age 

"rmsyr^wrr yobk GiiiPPKB. 


Pbtih • N. trick 'eyellst, 'writes 
from Ha7«Tn. Oaba. date of Dee. 2J. a» fol- 
lawar "The trip here takes three and a half 
.Qatys; from tho coast of Florida. Palm 'Beach 
waa a loTely sight, taking nearly a whole 
day to pass it.' As we entered llarana 
harbor, Morro Castle was the Brat object 
we spied, bat !tls in eieeedlngly dull place. 
We arriTcd early In the morning, the rising 
win. the remain" of tbe Maine, the American 
cruiser*, the palms on the island and the 
little boats, anchored near *bore, composrd 
u beautiful picture. The Theatre Mart) has 
ajarce auditorium 'and Ktnge, and 1b* 'bill 
lucludcs some rery clever performem, 
^ereral Americans being among them. The 
natives Ilka Arwrlcun coin as well' ha 
anlnlah Caha can' be had at 'reasonable- 
prlcw. A Iwenty-Hte cfnt ride here would 
<ORt three times as much In New York, • Tbe 
l'atatino Park Ik nearly Qnlshed, and' will be 
rcadv to be opened on Jan. 0. tt should 
prore : n great succcsp, aa there Ig nothing 
i*C its .kind. here:. There will be numerous 
Arnrrlean ncrfahueni working there: This Is 
a;grand refftrt.'aM ,wc like ftrery much:*' 

bonmb) Vay Vftfj;, of Jacobs and Van 
Trie. spent the "holidays at her home, Balti- 
more.' .'*•■.■ . , 

Haf.rt Rorrr.a writes : *'I bad to cancel 
AllCDtown, Christmas night, and return to 
my home In 'Boston, es 1 rewired a telegram 
as I was going on for tbe matinee, announc- 
ing the dying condition of my 'father. Ha 
died at 4 o'clock on Wednesday, two hour* 
before I reached Boston. I was replaced on 
the bill by Wheeler Earl and Vera Curtis." 
Nones rtow Ljestbr's Biq Show.— This 
*how la not hanging ont the S. R, O.'nigbtlT, 
uiit we hare not had one losing week this 
season. Mr. Lester baa just placed -an order 
foi* all new paper, and Is building upthe 
show at every point. We are playing west- 
era New York and Ohio, and a trip to tbe 
coast Is contemplated. The company haa 
made hut onechange In its roster this sea- 
rqq. We' carry twelTe people, as follows: 
Al. 'Mbndsello, Juggler, hoop rolling ahd-con- 
toTtfob : Herman Lesehke, ban}olst ., and 
comedian ; Fred Miller, handcuff king and 
*»pi ritual lain : Harriett S. Shelley. Tocallet ; 
GladTs Rurch. ' trapeae and ring contortion- 
ist: Tonina Mack, soubrette ; May Norman, 
hock' and wihg dancer; Harry B. McAvoy, 
Lehler and Mack, and the Leateroacbp*. 
Frcd'Retael Is the eleetrlebui: Dait I^eroy. 

•Rii.t.v L. BoaaiNB, formerly of the learn < 
of Bobbins and I*e. comedy sketrh team, 
now with Henry W. Bavraga'a "Madame But- 
terfly" Co.. was tendered a baniniet at the 
Burnet House, Cincinnati, on Christmas 
Qtght, by the membera of. his company and 
members of Manchester's Crarkcrjacks Co. 
Plates were laid for twenty, and toaata were 
drunk to good old "St. Nick." who had not 
forgotten them. After the repast, each one 
prr*eot contributed to the olio. Tbe parly 
dhl not break up till the wee hours. of the 
morning. Among those present were: May 
r'ayatte. Flo Barrett, Amy Fay, May Des- 
mond. Marie Fayette, Orate Ruswetl, Kdlth 
BlRDTeTt, Hattle Kaiser, Dot Hteven*. May 
Mauall. Hilly Barlow, Jno, Marker; Jus. 
Morun. Jus. Frei?rs, John McDoaougo, WIl- 
ilamVKclly, 0«.ar Pronlx, Charles Walker. 
Peu'dies N. VtkyronT and nilly I-- Bobbins. 
Mr. Rabbins will be bark Id bitrlempie next 
aeason. after an absence of two yearn, In' a 
new sketch being written for him by Al. 
Stereos. He wiif be aaalsted by Edith Mel- 
roie, now leading comedienne with Sheri- 
dHl City Spofts Co. 

Ton Bpaanca. of "The Irish AldermeQ" 
(fjpragne and Mack), has dlssolted partner- 
ahfp with Mr. r Mack. - Mr. Spragin la now 

doing, the jirinNpal Irish comedy In tbe Ural 
— Tl«%qrc~ 

RnrleaQuen, and reports meeting with sue- 

olio with Hart? Harttings Black Crook Jr. 

pianist. KTerybodr Is well and happy. The 
'"Han in White" appears regularly. 'without 
the aid of crutches. Thb Old ReijabuI'Is 

odr most welcome Tlsltor. 

'Jimhis Ldcasj writes: "f hare completed 
rr.T.Kohl ft Castle and Hopkins time, playM 
foiir ■ weeks oa the Orpheum Theatres, and 
hare made a hit hit everywhere. 1 will 
soon open on the coast." ,- ' 

: Fur.TON anp Labcix write: "We closed 
with Orecn's Big Vadderilio Co. week of Dec. 
o,"aed,arc playing dates, meeting with big 
success." • * r * -.',''' 

■ Richabm Axn Barst bk' spending the 
holidays at home, Dlnyman's Ferry, Pa. T>ey 
hare just flqlsbed a tour of the leading 
TaiidevlH* theatres. 

StciksbT and Thomas, German comedians, 
wrttr that thev are doing well at rlubs and 
tiiinday night 'concerts, and also have good 
work' booked for January and February. 
Week ot Dec. 31, they played the Orpbeum 
Theatre, Amsterdam. N. V. 

:Thh l>AH.T:rB.:Bob and Nettle, will apeod 
the holldavs at Mrs.'JJailey'8 home. In Grahd 
Island, Neb. Mr. Dtlley sill return to 

Mihara/i Minstrels, reports that boslness 
■altii.'tbe troaipe 1b fine, and the performance 
brat class. .'•■-... 

^Noxfp frow Murdoch RruS. — We are in 
oor> tenth week of this aeason, doing- good 
hastens. The show has been made 'stronger 
*y- (Be- addition of Victor Loiuon. commy 
aeffbat mnd trapssc balancing art:, also. O. 
'r.^Bnrnell. sloajiog ajtn danelng comedian, 
fearbj'rlTig hi?, dancing on roller skates; ' 

<c«p> PrjiLtNoro.i, 'imrn Josssov awn 
Bli]-T -Kevkkt opened .recently 'with, their 
a«W act,' "The Deserter."' by ; Cbas." Ulrith, 
^'Chicago, sad have scored 1 a treuiertdbds 
bsMsIbV Thay arc booked solW-to 'the coast 
Thfnrm:. ■'■'"•"•',, 

'«t» Btoii.f and her. high school and 
M horecs sailed Dec. 29, for Hsrana for 
-SBfVsaaV (*ngagement at Pdlitino. Park. 
h)»X : A-vo I/>fiSF. Tii.i,. who rc'eentlv re- 
tsjtti«|-frora the-Psclflc co*Bt,- 

Cbisholoi, Minn., to again take the roanage- 
gent for Frank merit of the Star. Theatre there, and Mrs. 


arcs' Thea 

■ were- at Shn- 

fflngatt*. Dea Mjnlnes. Ja.; Inst week.' 

Ft/isK reports, dofng.nleely with Al. 
__'k Greater- Minstrels. The coknpanv 
laid' oaT. week of Df:c. 3". after bavlftg played 
the ea|lte fioothand part of |the Kast, 
';jQ>Ra.*ASrD Sutton, who plavert : the opera 
fcbute. "itPort Cliester. N. Y..'-laat week, are 
fiif» :week' at ■ the opera house' at North 
AxJiaip. { Mass. They 3re with one of the 
Brnn*tMiwtlton coropa-nles. -t ■ 

'tHft'fi'inriT Raymonp informs •us that his 
MMn breaking all reeords whereTer.'lt 
Wii'iflpetred. ' L«sfi&- 

•Twt'CiItt*! D11 -Bois >nn Caamajri hayc 
JMt'dh|ed:-a week at Pastor-'a Theatre, HI 
YArh.'iEotng on !n.tbe afternoon »t'2M», 
-nd'evealag-st 8.'_'7, ar\d making' a hit. Thjy 
^*op> the Mota'rt circuit at 'Mabadoy'Clly, 
t;. ,r for'-' lire weeks'. - » .-:•■:■•—*-.. 
lUlftit *Nl> MOTHr.R -.TONKS. with thek 
far<m*atd fowl' and musical featured opened 
t^efr,' season at the ■ Acme Theatre,' Sac.ra- 
mantoi''CiI„' Dec. 10, after a rest'ut 1 their 
Ukr View borne, Ogden.rtah.-- . " 

' ; tTA(,'LBR a,vd Magiij. report- meeting with 
grei't -yjwecess through the middle -Weat, 
w>|e;re'they were one of the feature acts. 
They^lfc hooked solid until June. inf>7. - 

■ M4ayti.'0US Jlazit.rr, Is In hln eighteenth 
week as -a r free attraction with the Great Cos- 
BOftomaa shows. - - - 

"r.OwrtBs and Vaighn finished eight weeks' 
*xrk"torougli Wisconsin and upper Michigan, 
IllMbti r Vnd lower Michigan circuit.- '. ■•-:- 

-THa-Mon.KTs,- Joe and Amy, hare Joined 
t ha ; Flying . Jordans Co., - touring the West 
!*dles,^for'.'ten weeks. They open at the 
Howerd.-RMton. April 1. ■ ■ ;■' ■ ■ ■' 

' HKl^nrp WALTEBa are in their eighteenth 
WrAji^lrli'Batclioller's Host on'-Be ties Co. • - 

KCTavMlaND Ci.»rk write: -"We-' have ^Just 
MiiwA pisring the New Knglknd '.circuit *of 
*tm/n\\\e theatres; where our-act-wasa pro- 
HMHa 1 suceess, especially at "irhe- Dewey, 
< tloo-y s| ei , Mass. : the Howard.. Bo*roh : 
RWrd6 r n. r Square. Boa ton ; 1 Sheedysj Fall 
KJt-er. Msjw., «nd Pastor's; Nwitptt City. ■ 

fJlgn H. Chatham hn-flolsbed^hls'Sul- 
Uvvn** Consldlne time, and opened at -the 
Orpheon;.' Seattle.' lodetinitely.'asMllostrated 
soBj/'httSladist. -• •• \ \' 

' 7ms -BsAoroaus arc suoressiHlly latro- 
dHftldgjJhelr'snecIaltr between the' seta with 
JosHWiomelcln'a loegl*. ; , •.',.'„ 

'-Pifir/:-Iji.f Toska writes: "1 *have closed 
with Jean Bcdittl's '11 JV and' will leave 
tdi- the 'West In a few days, opcoJnn: at Pan- 
ttf«S' 'Theatre. Portland. Ore.i'we*fc:or Jan. 
7,; M »m booked solid up to April 30." 

Ml, * And Mas. (known in vaude- 
vlJieTas'Wfllah and Thornel closed their in- 
MgewMt' with the "Quiocy Adams Sawyer* 
CSSSt- Soattle.. Wash., Dec. 15,-and' opened 
the foilawlog Moadtv at tbe Orpheum The- 
atre, Seattle, to ptav the Snlllvan fc'CottBl- 
ditse-crrcalt; going East- They both met with 
sileaesr with -their "Yankee snuflta*- ■ _^" 

■ :tfa. jkd Mrs. Buamtm write:. "We. ire 
bvgUs] up: natli tbe middle of Mareb on the 
i^oy-Sua circuit. Our act. a comical tfltv- 
a'atv. "the. Snprlbfl ninncr.' Is makloc a big 
Ht'whtfe>ver,wc appear, and we are tbe feat- 
wiw aSfdn cverv bill. Wo take Tub Cdima 
ek>*r»>** k ' a9 we »lways lraoir tbatwe ran 
I on any ooe fn our Hoe. In tt." ' * ■ 

■"■Tjt&TaLiowisti people played week of 
ni£TSL*at the Empire Theatre, aabtabula 
Harhor. O. : W. C. Harris musical dlrrctUr : 

' tii-'and lUUton. Qalnlau and Howard. 
'lie."at«wart,. Ipabelle-De Year, Moxle 

W .t*-UKatan4ard* 

Dailey will also appear as song Illustrator. 

A'aoaiii. An tr. Sking. Roman ring act and 
physic*! culture exponents, write: "We- axe 
fh" our twentieth week as a special feature 
with the Murry & -Maefcey Co. <F*stern). 
Our feats of styttgth on the Bomati- rings 
hare met wJth;-sOcc*ss. 

"TM* OaitllXAr, :*D>iOTBtJCKS' QOAnTFTTa 

haTe been bbokedf solid by the Western 
Vaudeville Manager*/ AssodltiOn until No- 
vember, lOOT^-OTftr the Orphenm, Kohl* 
rAstle. Hopkins. Anderson and Inter-State 
circuits, Including return dates at 'the Kohl 
ft." Castle hohaea. ' *" > ' • *,-'■'' 

-Mx. AJiD Mas.- Rd. Lowbt have been en- 
gaged- for stock with the Athambra Stock 
Cb-.rat SaVannah. Qa./and tbey have 'made 
many friends with -their palrsstnldng work. 
The members of thecompahy are enjoying 
good health. Mr.- add -Mrs.* Geo. B. Gardner 
prepared a fine Christmas dinner on thatday, 

■"MiiLEv DoLoats wTltea: '••Phrough'.H nlia- 
iioderstaddlngi 1 did' not open on the Pan- 
tages circuit, and -have tbe date postponed 
until Jan. 14. 1907. Therefore I accepted 
the Coiur D'AIene time for four weeks, and 
ba.v< tnade -one of . the" biggest bits of my 
career.'; . . , ■"' . ' ■ 

"Trte BiwbroBnn, slpgers and dancers, who 
joined Jno. A. Hlmmelelii'B Ideals at -Wil- 
mington. Del.. Dee. 24, for the rest, of the 
■reafion, report -th'elr usual suecess. Mrs. 
Bradford was Ihe recipient of -many, prts- 
entA'from the ladles of • ihe company, 'In- 
cVtid'.Dg Beatrice Karle. Irene T«chmah. Miss 
Batman, Miss Roberts, Bene D'Arcy. and -Baby 
Jinje:"" '■ •>•"'. :""'*■■ "' .'■• 

j 'marte Flobbkck, soprano singer, who 
was 1 with the -Witic,- Womiin- and Song Co. 
at-lhe.Kew Circle- Theatre,- tbJe elty, has 
sevfyed her connection with that ep.mpe.oy 
tlie woj-k. we- are Informed, being too -ranch 
of . if. strain ' oh her voice. ■ ■ . * ' ■ ■ 

frllr, Tok J.0M1.- "exeniplary comedian." la 
spending the Winter with his mother at 
Merldlftn, MJss.. having this opportunity for 
the first time, in fourteen years., ■ ' " ** 

• Wili, , Msin writes : "I .opened- for one 
week, ; b«glun!ng;Dec. 17, at Youbg's Pier The- 
arre,- Aliantic'CUy. and my. act went- so big 
Manage; Sam Harrl-j held mc' over for the 
he'ebnd wnea. This Is Ihe only act -held over 
for'the second week this season." 

U At.voRA'is meeting with big success 
with the, Oolden. Crook Co., where he Is 
td trod Of ins the La Maxlxle dance. 
■ "Ar,.' II.- XlnaawG Informs us that he Is still 

Srlnclpal comedian with the -John W. Vdgel 
llnstrels. He ! ls doing. -ends" In the- first 
part, and a monologue In tbeollo. He says 
(Bit hfs work" Isgolng very nicely. - *—•• ■ 

'■THai'.Ctci.iNrj Cooswklls have Just- < re- 
idrried' from' a ycar*sengagement In, Mexico. 
duTltig wnleh ' time' they- toured .the; wttole 
r*pdbIJc ■: Ray- Cogswell was ,. taken. '.down 
wfih 1 too- fever, 'and >wlp lupaaBawW to 'leave 
the conntr>*. Th*v had ' -signed 'for »Ix.. 
nfonthV work.- JlTiey write: .No. rhore-M«- 
lAo ■ for iHne.' boys; We arc. bark, well abd 
teady<. for hutdneas. The- engagement was 
Hnrccssful In evefy way.'* 
Vwshjdt r.r.iiM. novelty slack ' wire- per- 
former and llghtnjlng crayon. artUt,' -reports 
liajBrhflt with saccess - with Willard's ■ Keper- 
tbrv Show?-, this making his second seatjoo 
with' the show. Mr. Lewis • was prescoted 
#ith'maOy baiidsnmr Cbrlstmas-prcseDts,-oae> 
In-nartlritlar being a gold watcji. -presented 
bv' i:errtvWllIsrri. The company spent their 
^hrlslmas at WllUrd'a-notel, West Mon- 
terey.: Pa. ■ - 

1 Ma. asd Mis. Happ .discontinued their en- 
tertainments during the holidays: In ortler 
to take a short vacation, their Aral!, la six 
years.- In. raicago. Mr. Rapp purchased aaa> 
eralnew tricks snl illusions, which be added 
to his elaborate outfit. '.;•■: 

: Sirrtov-Axn Sutton write: "We are play- 
ing -the Interstate circuit. Our ne-w 
art; 'The Living Pumpkin.' Is -a. Mg, success. 
•We: tarry- our, own sneeral scenery, showing 
ft'iconrand pumpkin field In full blown. •'■ Tbe 
iiclrafld IdOMj* are all original with ourselves, 
copjflni; none,' We are-book^d solid." ■ ■ » 

1 Frohtm • has .rloawl a len weeks' engage- 
meat with the Ruth Grey- Show.- where, we 
are Informed.- Lis act was a feature. -He has 
re-eutered vaudeville, opening at • Streeter. 
HI..- going West to the cuitot. - 

., NgkfiAi.-,; '"The. I'rjog, Mun,'' lux b^en In 
N'ew \ork City fur the holidays uad'd«tlw 
Ills Htsr he arranged some gtod Ka»t<TH 

.Cabl Dah u, , of Aitel 1 and Dahl, ' hsa re- 
tired from the - team, ; and will work alone, 
doing a comedy acrobatic pinging and daac- 

Howard and Caubson opened at the Crys- 
tal Theatre, Marlon. Ind^ Dec. 31, and report 
a -big hit for their acrobatic comedy, singing 
and dancing act. Tbey plav the Cryatal cir- 
calt.-wlth the Western circuit to follow. 

Jahks Palton. the "Jolly Old Farmer." 
after playing In Manitoba, Alberta and Sas- 
katchewan, left Winnipeg on Dec. 1!8, for the 
Pacific coast for an eight weeka' engagement. 
He hnd bis Christmas dinner with Ed. Me- 
Keown, tbe old time paglllst. 

.Wiij.iam.1 and Hcalt write that they are 
meeting with success In the Northwest, work- 
ing Sooth, and will be In the Kast about tbe 
middle of July. They are In 'their fourteenth 
consecutive week, and have very little open 
Hme; Their act Is practically new, as they 
have made many changes in both their work 
ao'd wardrobe. 

Mri.r.s McCastht writes: "In dealing 
with tbe prem'fl' of my new' act. . 'A New 
Found Germ." I wish to go on record as being 
the first to Introduce this theme to the amuse- 
ment patrons. My characters are also alt 
new, as follows: May Inoculate, amateur 
chemist- and germ chaser, Alda Wooleott; 
CtfllCwthes, street model for a tailor c-tore, 
Myles -McCarthy: Watt Brguy, a watcher 
from tailors. Lew Crouch ; Mult, an express)- 
man; Cbrls Cross. Tbe first performance 
was given Thursday. Dec. IS, at' the Ma- 
jestic Theatre. Houston, Tex." 

Knots McDonald, formerly known In 
"H umpty Drnupty," writes: "I have been 
dlvorfed from rty wife, who wsb profession- 
ally known as Blanche Fraynr. I am now of 
the- team De Onzo and McDonald. We are 
doing well In a -comedy barret -Jumping act, 
■with Williams' Imperial Burlesque rs. 

'JucrtitNo- Da LiHi.a writes that be Is doing 
very nlcelr this season with tbe Taylor Block 
Co.. and- states that he Is one of the few 
that are joggling four hats. 

.Lew' Adams closed with the Star Show 
Girls Co., Dec 22, In Milwaukee, and joined 
Joe Oppenhetraer's Fay Foster Co.. Dec. 24, 
in -Providence. .He nan been playing tbe 
principal comedy part for seventeen, weeks. 


S. A. Kennedy, owner and manager ; Evelyn 
Nellla - Kennedy, and company. In comedy 
sketches: Iris end Helen Kennedy, sieging: 
dancing and character impersonations ; Harry 
Harper, comedian: Pat Seanlon, .song and 
dance ; iaabellc Norton, vocalist; N. Stevens; 
motion pictures: S. Norman. ..magician: 
Kasy Delbert, stage manager; Ada! Abodes, 
leader . of orchestra; C. R. Ionian, agent. 
N>tes.—The show has been on tbe move 
since last season, having played all Summer 
under canras. and, laid off two weeta during 
that time. Business la still to tta*» capacity. 

Geosgr II Thomas, late of the team ot 
Thomas and Power, hsd his leg broken at the 
Rfjao Theatre. Oklahoma City. Okla.. an 
Mondav. Dec. IT, while sppearlng In "Mar- 
ried -Folks." . 

. Tub Thrkb f9ANHATi0Nt1.Z0BU.XBa, .whirl- 
wind gymnasts, are in their twentieth «wk 
on- the. Sulllraa k Consldlne circuit. Tbe 
ar,t has been, featured over, tbe entire circuit, 
and la booked up to ihe iirst of June. , . 

■ Barvkt Fisst, "The Hoglaote Ouy/* who 
lias played <ihe principal Hebrew comedy 
role ofXevey in Japan, has closed, be writes, 
•m account .of Illness. He will plsy vabde- 
Till* -dates with hl« eccentric Hebrew ape- 
elalty., entitled "A Hoclable Guy," and has 
srgneq with' Manager Jermon for the Rut- 
em wheel for next season, (with tbs/New 
York Htars.), to play, prlnlnal Hebrew parts 
,tnd, his Bpecialty. . ; - - » -'.* : 

-GBDhQiN'A.CLABK. writes of her success on 
tbe Orphenm circuit. At tbe.. Orpbeum, 
Omaha, her. singing was finely received. 

Dor.r.v Tin Gbay writes lhat she is booked 
solid, till April by ihe Western Vaudeville 

.Jack H. Sormi writes that he bas Just 
Hosed wllh the I/irite Ijgypt Burlesquers, as 
business- manager, .offer fifteen weeks of one 
night stands, and win remain In New York 
uptll after the. holidays. 

Staklki ani> 8caki«n closed their en- 
gagements on tbe Jackson' and Hadklns' cir- 
cuit, nod open on the Novelty I.ubelskl cir- 
cuit Jnn. 1, wltb a return irip over the 
Nash circuit- Mayme Hcarilon Is creating 
quite, a Hcnsatlon In her original character of 
an -Indian squaw, with a musical pappoo^e. 
The team Is'nJavlnr a special engagement of 
two weeks at tbe fonnlre Theatre. Atchison, 
Kso., ■ , 

• KsTBi.t,a.WAiNwai<)HT. formerly a trapes* 
performer, Is In. want at Norfolk, Va. i^ba 
was' iQlared about twelve, years ago, while 
delng . trapeze act with her husband, 
and has since been HI and In poor circum- 
stances. Any old-time friends who - might 
desire - to help her can secure Information 
eaaatafmaqf .hei-.-wticreaboufs through the Po- 
lice; Court. .Norfolk. Vs. . 

Bosi»nft A'xtr Cntr.nneas, wtw played Hop- 
kBaafj Theatre. Louisville. Ky.. Chrlahnaa 
week. Inform us that . IjoulsvlMe Is Mr. Ro- 
lilst-h's. home, and be spent ChrlsLman Day 
with liiii mother, fov tbe rtrat lime In four- 
teen; vesrj. , They open on the Ornbeom 
circuit, at Halt f,ak« City. Jan. 7. Tbey are 
preseotlog: thsir. new dinging novelty, "Th* 
Bogus' Tutor,'' which bas been highly praised 
hy both press and public wherever tbey have 
appeared. . ■ • ' ■' 

. Jambs. A. Wri.cs haa been made a mem- 
ber, of tbe T. M A., at Mamie. Tod. < . 
. rot.r a.vp Bi/>ndcm., m'uslesl experhi, 
write, that tbey bare returned home from a 
fortr-elght weeks' engagement In (he laiand 
0/ Cuba, where tbey met with big sueeess fa 
their musical act. 

.'The.Gbeat RicnARDS opened on the Ktitli 
ilrcnlt Nor. I'd, and bas created a sense- 
tjon; bo Informs us. 

1 Man. . Tiiomss Dalt. a on- professional, 
mother of Rddle Daly, died on Dec. 23, at 
Boflfon. Mass. - . . 

-Uinrr -.Hfltwe. "Tbe Funny Robe," reports 
mcwtlng with great success on the Three I. 
circuit, on wbkrfa he closed Dec. ?.*). He la 
hooked oVer the middle West and Pennirvl- 
Vanla clrcnlt for Kd. Mozart, after wftfHi 
h'e opens with- Ifarareavca* Circus for -bis 
third season. Mr. Howe, while playtog.ini 
l^sadvllle, wa<* held oier for two wcega, and 
wsh presented wltb a diamond -pin. from the 
!4*gle* an a ChrlstuuH iiresent; - ■ - 

' "GBAi:tE i\d are still wHb Wm. 
B. Watsoo'n Rbtrw,- and doing rvry w»Ha11 
aiong ihe lint. 

-Nouw fsom Wrbrb & -Urdu's Daintt 
Dncattns Cd. — The company was tendered 
a banquet Christmas night, hy l.alla SelMnl 
nnd her husband. Willie Pantxer. at Weber's 
Cafe. Cleveland, O, Many preaenti eichangfd 
hands ,L berwcen dlfforont members of the com- 
pany. Willie Pantaer presented his wife 
with a handsome diamond necklace. The 
pining was ppcut In a most enjoyable roan- 
■nor. as '.lie host and hostess spared no rx- 
t*n*e In making It a pleasant oae. The 
-table was laden with all tbe delicacies of tbe 
seaxou. and the dining room was btautlfully 
decorsted with every tinwer obtainable. Wine 
Sewed freely until the small hours of tbe 
morning, ami sungH. funny stories and tricks 
were on-tap all of the time. During the 
festivities a telegram was received from 
Messrs. Weber ft Hush, wishing the entire 
company a Merry Chrlfimas and a prosper- 
ous New Year, which whs hiahly appreciated 
by- each, snd every member of Ihe company. 
-As. the clock xtruck Hire- (with wine In 
band), we wlehed earh other a happv and 
prosperous New Year, and the banquet came 
iq aa .end amid the strulns of "Auld Lang 

Tub ncv STIR THCATitr. at Klgln, 111., 
opened Monday, Dei-. -4, under the mapage- 
ment of IVI B. Smith, with tire foik>wing 
people; Mary M add In, the Urfat Weston. 
Mr*. Wcslln, tbe Otura Japs, and Snnisall 
and Rarail. Tbey gave entire HStlsfactlon, 
and the theatre was packed twice during ihe 
day and rrcnlng. The bouse has a seating 
capacity of 765, and will lie run aa a high 
class vaudeville theatre, with entire change 
of bill each week. 

Pta-Icwiy will shortty make her reappear- 
ance In vaudeville. In a new monologue by 
Lawrence Rossell. of the Bellows A tlregory 
Sketch Bureau. Tbe monologue Is said to be 
aloog onttrelv original lines. 

Fbkd Wai.tpsbs, comedian with tbe T«a 
Dyke A Eaton Co.. reports still meeting wltb 
bin success with bin specialties. 

' TttB . TSOCADBRO gUABTXTTK! Writ* from 
Louisville, as follows: "Nearly all of the 
neoplf on the bill here this week were In- 
vited to attend a ChrlatmaH tree party, given 
hy Gardner A Vincent, at their hotel. Christ- 
mas night, and although we were far from 
you,' we drank to the health of Tun Old ttn- 
r.tARf.r. and all went home happy ns day- 
light, appeared. Those present were: The Rlx 
Proveanlcs, Vernon and wlfi\ Oco. Stewart, 
Maraello and Miliar, the Tmcadero Quar- 
trt,ic. Mr. and Mrs. Oardner and brother, and 
several" others." 

Stctzmjin akd Crawpord have finished a 
successtol engagement of nine weeks over 
the Amnions circuit, and arr. now plarlng all 
the w. F, Henderson circuit, through Illinois 
and Wisconsin. 

Mollkk and CoAKLt.t have had to cancel 
several weeks on the Keith circuit, owing to 
the illness of Geo. Mullen, who Is at present 
In the Toledo Hospital, wrth a serious cast 
of typhoid fever and pneumonia. 

Ndthb rsoir Billy Kersand's Famous Min- 
strels — Oor business since (and Including) 
Christmas, Is atlll holding up to the past 
standard. The show Is now stronger than 
ever in Its existence, and Is receiving a bill- 
ing never before seen In Ha history. This, 
In- Itself, helps things a lot. Lang's Chal- 
lenge Cornet Band still makes a hit. J. 
Martin Free Is looking after the advance, and 
Geo. 1.. Barlon Is baik with the show. 

ManIobr Moorb, of Ihe Grand Family 
Theatre, Kara^o, N. D., wrilea: "Since our 
opening, per, 24, IftOti, the Grand baa r.een 
packed, and our banner floats golly in the 
pure air of North Dakota, saying enrcess, 
won by merit. 1-ong Bftaa yow wave dear old 
CurPBB, Is the happy New Tear of yours 
for the past Lhlrty-tive years, narry B. 

Tow Mack, who played F.Imlra. N. Y. 
week of Dor. 31, opened at tbe Auditorium, 
Quebec, Out., Can., Jan. T. and has the Ben- 
nett Canadian drink to follow. 

Viola Napt, F)«neh dnnseuse, reports aa 
artistic suci-ess over flie> Henderson, Aminon'n 
and Hun circuits. 8bi- H now appearing for 
the Western Vaudeville Managers' Associa- 
tion with her F-vncii songs and clever toe 

Ourr WtUAUM AND Vanoi-a Mxibuhx 
have * Juat ; closed a twelve weeks* successful 
ongagenieBt with "The night of Princess 
Irih " Co.. and will play dates the reat of the 
season..'' ■• • . *. . 

Ed. C. Hats Is tilling ten weeks for the 
Central Vaudeville Annotation. He reports 
i^Mtiqg-.wlth big success, and Is .honked ml[i. 
' ins'LoiisAsn BaWL An been on (he roahl 
^uce'-.Or.t. 8. with their cotnedy ctnnpflnv. 
playing- ■thronzh Teiea, und have o^en doitig 
.very.WBM. Tho show, they write, Is maklug 
a big bit. and pliiyloe to big buslu/as. 
•■THn-'TMouPsoNM, Frank and Grace, bare, 
JoteedMbe MMllard Trio, and will open their 
11 v* people vaudeville show, lo be known as 
the wiitsrds Co.. at Cass Lake. Minn., Jan. 
VS.twith pood booking to follow. Northern 
Minnesota. Mr. Thompson writes. Is very good 
(h]s season, for shows that eah "prove up." 
They will feature the Wlllard Trio In their 
trick bicycle and roller akatlng on "tbe slack 
wire. "-■ 

..Tnr Trio hare.arelred from Fhi- 
row. : and ' open on tbe Keith ft Proctor cir- 
cuit Jan. T. 

THBCHniino Nkwhbois QuABTrrri (Hel- 
blog, Tedrowe, Tedrowe and Helping) write: 
"We bpeped week of Jan. 7 on BIJou circuit, 
at La Crosse. Wis., with five weeks to fol- 
low. -Afrer filling this time we wort through 
the- Northwest lo tbe roast, where we are 
nookaaVsolld. Tbe act la a great aucress." 

TAifjTo.N A TirnTON, who sold their vaude- 
v'Ut 1 theatre at Marsballtown. la., Dec. in, 
to T Nelson . Downs, report having done n, 
line btAfJness ever since the opening, Sept, 24. 
J.nTTHc Pabtcbs, known ss Lottie Davla, 
monrna^hn loan of bor mother, who died at 
her home In Brooklyn. Dec. u. 

'Tang'WiNonooDi.B Focr ailed a special es- 
rtgeinew at the Murray Hill Theatre, New 
ynrkT.wllh tbe Night Owls Co. They w"l 
rejoin '..the Vanity Fair Co. Jan. 7. 

.AcKBm.AKu cor.LirfH. sharp shooters, week 
of . Dec. »l-.Ian. 5, were at the Parlor Toe- 
svr, York. Pa. They havs several now feat- 
uees In,' the shooting Una, of a senaatlonal 
ocder. Tliey use ten rides in tbelr get, and 
ahnot from .100 to Wl csrlridgea. 

.rrfr,irrr formerly known as Murray, Ctay< 
ton and Jirew will hereafter be known as 
Murray; Clayton and Hrockmao. The act 
will . play , Pastor's Theatre week of Jan, 21, 
with, -good time to follow. Tbey report 
tbalr act a success wliererer they appear. 

Ja>(|1:i Coi.t;. of Cole sod Clemens, and 
J. <'. .J'ope, ! of Tope and bis dog, Meno, 
joined .Detroit Lodge, T. M. A., while play* 
laa- that- cllv Christmas week. 

-X07M wom the liRr<;AotMRH.-i-'rbe mem* 
beta' oft this company had a delightful Cbrist- 
m,aa. and New Y cat's. Gladys fit. John gave 
A: Cbrlstma* tree purty in her. apartments 
la New York, and all the members received 
a nic* present. It was an eujoyable even. 
log. ■ New Year's ere, at i'atenron, anolber 
ttsa was decorated, uid presents again were 
dJatdbnted. Mvcry member of tbe company 
again received greetings. We are a friendly 
"punch,* and we win always remember the 
past Christmas and New Tears. Oar man- 
ager, Chx*. Cromwell, waa presented with a 
tin* iiolhrella nnd a heauttfol collar for bla 
doe. Babe, by the munbera of the company. 

» tub jaaaisios Onaa Houitr.. Clncfnnstl, 
Is playing tlrst rians vaudeville acts. Walter 
Canneld 1b manager. 

. asn«aaw«anr. of the Mozsrls, whll<: plsy- 
big proirior's Theatre, Troy, was made an 
honorary member of Troy Lodge, No. -". 
E> M. A. Mfm Mo/art Is the second woman 
that Troy Lodge has so honored In seven 
years. . 

. Haw WonowABD. burlesque and sketch 
writer., has jpst returned fcoin Providence, 
It: L, where be has MB stating Ilia new 
havmnue. "Bonlnson Cantso, for Harry 
Bryant a EztTavagan&a Co. 

Nip Watrubn's three acta, now tn vssle- 
ville, am all features, and are nnsr In -the 
height of their success, Nod Wayaajra's 
nainDesrs, now on the Pacific coast, present 
Nera Aymsr, mp ported by Ruby Lewis, Ellas 
Hamilton. Jennie Caavar, Can-la Ratal, Ag- 
nea Fnulkner, lpha Dahl, LUa Cotay and 
Mauds Worden. Wherever Ned Wayburn's 
Dandhg Daisies have been seen favorable 
comment \* made upon tbe sweet singing of 
Dorothy Jurdon, who Is supported by Dora- 
ihy Padgett, Ivy 1'adgett, Lily Luby. Kthyl 
Unties and l'jullne Mon'reau. "The Fu- 
turity Winner" Is a racing drama, and la ore 
of llm biggest acts Id vaudeville. In It 
Klngsley ItenedU-t is supported by Marlon 
Shirley, w. Dort Downing, Ouy Leslie 
)-ewls and J. Jeffries, H. Millar and .1. Bucha- 
nan, jockeys. The piece Is by Edmund Day. 

Max Mmookh Ann sum Vbtjdcb wish ' to 
deny the report of bavins been with any 
burlesque show this season. Tbey have been, 
and are atlll playing the Keith A Froetor 

Tin 1)r Faye Sistckh fUvelvo and LUnel 
gave a banquet to n number of their Mends 
on the evening of Dec. l'S, at their home In 
ihls city. A most eojoyahle tlmn was spent, 
nnd It was not until the wee saw' hours that 
ihe various giievta departed for tbelr napae- 
■ Ire abodef. Among those present ware: 
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Duraod. Mabel and Rdna 
BsBBSttnMa; Hazel Cox. C. L. C. Mynn, W. H. 
Cook, Mr. F.nslcn. all of New York: Mr. 
Rshelman, of littsbunr;!* F. noaher and J. 
W. Holmes, of Newark. 

Tom Gii.i.rn-, "Flnnlgan's Friend." Is play- 
ing Keith A Proctor time, beginning; iaa 
wee* 'at Waxhlngton. D. C 

Ram OnBKN writes: "I was divorced foam 
Florence Oreen, formerly Florence Olillgan, 
la Chlrago, on Dec. 27." 

William VYkht. of West and Benton, while 
playing the Oalety Theatre, Galeaborg, fU., 
wan summoned to attend the funeral of -his 
brother, at Uoffalo, N. Y. 

(Uorld of Players, 

Nous from AnxrU'n CoaiMllaM (CeBtnl*). 
4,ck Emerson, runna^er.— \N> hmva nniati^d 
fixtr«n Wft«lcx of elegant bimlDCB. IJtronira 
Ka.ti.a8 and Oklahoma, Ho far, thla t 

ban heea tba be,t the company lima ever had. 
Thla la parti; duo to tjhe fact that our plays 
are the beat that can be had, and our Keen- 
er? beyond cumpariaon. We inn no hotmc 
Bluff at all, Ihe nan' ahead orilerlnjr every, 
thuia clear, lo mala loom for Btafe Mana- 
ger Htlllorn and. aid elttlteen dro|»i. Mick 
haa also been with aa In 'regard lo our pirn- 
Jil*. for not a alngla chance hae l>eeji naiiV 
alncc opening. Tho coaler \h aa follow* : .lack 
Kmerwio. r,en church, \v. H. nicklnwn, llarrr 
Hilling, P. B, Kethchum. Cal Burke, II, W. 
naylea, violet Lei Clear, Dorothy Mamalell, 
limelln. Mill, and rCdJUi Wu-rrn. Cute, rat 
terrier, In our mnscot, and makes thlaaa In- 
temtliuj during the dull momenta. We-go 
.SoTth again about too Unit ot Uardi. 

Nona foam "Tbe King of Tramn," C*. 
^Southern). — Our company la recelrllur aoeri 
norlcca, and Is aatd to be one of the beet 
comedy drama* that baa ever played tnronaw 
the Motitbeni Btatea. The company number, 
fourteen people, with band and orcHeatca. 
The rosier la as follows: Cohan Jb Kutnor 
land, proprielora : Bddln Delanoy, manazcr ; 
.terry i'. Kellar, advance; Marie Oateali, ' 
Nan Ryan. Annie nradley, Bert MearlltA, 
Harry Melyllle. William [. I>inn, Then! 
Stoul, Don Bettor. 1.0.1 Koval. Frank 
Uladen. J. F. Wllaon, H. Kly and Tom Bar- 
rla Every member of Ihe company la en- 
Joylnc good healtli, i»d our band has ra- 
iwlTei many Bood prta, notice,, 

It wia announced last week that Mtaple 
ton, Statrn Island, la to bare a tlieatrc. and 
lhat F. H, Sullivan, a brother of Timotbj ft. 
Kulllvan, and A. II, Wooda. are to be Ike 
owners and manager,. It will be called the 
New Liberty Theatre. Popular prices will 
rule. The pew theatre, will be on the patten, 
of the American Theatre, In Itarty-eecodd 
Hired. It will seat WOO. It will be on n 
plot inoiltio, in Main Street, whore excava- 
tions were slartexl last week. The ntlmalM 
cost la 120.5,0011. The theatre will he opened 
next September. 

fnxHR-LlsTyij N'<ii<H..--rtiuijn Panoo, 
aoubrctte ot Ibe Cha^e-Witer Co. ISooiberaf), 
has ■ resigned, nnd' will return to Denver, 
where elie will spend the .'Winter. Ma 
Bears, mnslcal director of tbe samn company, 
has resigned, afler a twenty weeks' oniwe. 
room. Abnar Cotjb ■: iloaed with the com- 
pany, and returned lo bis Home la Fort 
Worth, Tex. Walter I'rederlcks nku re- 
ilgned, and haa gone to Hot Springs, Ark., 
for n much needed vacation. 

N'ornH rsoxi ItfciiiNii.n I'oot.a, In "A 0»y 
Old tllrl." — Wfl arr 'now In nut- tenth week, 
and tloil business la Kaneaj excellent. The 
raster is as follows: Reginald Toole, pro- 
prietor sod star; James Arnold, manager -, 
Victor l,ee Roy. stage director ; Stella June 
'ialllner, musical director: .lames Arnold, 
Herr Von David, II. K. Walker, LooIh 
Malbews, Victor tee Roy. Hue Marie Chapln. 
Dottle Arnold. Jeaole Mac Dhu. Mona Mse 
Dho, Pearl Evans, Hilda Iloallh, Mildred 
Cox, Vera Moore. Stella Crumley, llaael Van, 
Jeaule Wllaon, Carnlle Walker, Kmou lujl,- 

Mni WHOM 0. M I Tnntnaf -ItMliwi uw 

S." 1 fr -.:,'.- w .' »'P/«A *» fwx 1 mnxtaeoai 
tbroogh Illinois and Missouri, deaplte the 
holidays and very bad weather. The roshn- 
remalus tha same, and .the company Is more 
than mnklnr good. Kitty rare Young -Is 
winning laurels wherever-wn play, and her 
anechliy la a decided hit. The aeason, after 
the bolldays. will probably be a prosperous 
one. and everybody will bo happy, Tha 
company Is booked solid through Iowa. Wle- 
"""I". JIHnolaj, Miswurl and Minnesota. 

w. r. AHiirjn. soft shoe dancer, who. has 
beta In vaudeville r«Jf aenne tnon tba, lias re.. 
Joined "A Romance ' ot Coon Hollow" Co., 
with which he naa been connected 
was launched, over twelve years ago. • 

(tonsj f,.„m P. It Rnlllvsn's Aurorrlow 
— ,r flie 0'atbxw*i Christmas," n four act 
melodrama, will be produced during Raster 
week. It was written by Theodore Kre»er. 
It. Is aald the new play Is on a par with 
"The Fatal Weddlojr/' an far ss pithcsrarart 
romedv Is concerncij; snd. that It will nertw 
largest scenic prodilcllon that Mr. fyallhsuk 
has yot presented on the .melodramatic ataaa. 

CLtrcr Was-roK writes that be fa In^la 
tenth week with H. B. WhlUaJier's ''A Ceirs' 
try Kid" Co,', playing' the tramp part and 
doing his specialty. . Neat .Inmmer he will 
Join Claire Nssh apd : HJUle RuaaelL, la-' a 
akelch written by slina Namh, entitled "The 
(Url from Somewitere." 

noa-rnn or tovj i.m umvji Co.: J. O. WII- 
llartui, Geo. Clark, Joy Anpleaate, Al. Wil- 
liams, ISllaaheUi Marsh, 0. Deonre, Maw 
Arers. Ina Lfbr, V. Zarllngton, llaymool 
Darlington, airs, zarllngton. ituseelf Xar- 
Itogton, Baby Baynor, wfllle tear and Katie 
New co jut), 

Djvtn k Hooioca InMrm u« that f«i 
n Balanrtla, ra a rerlval o* "A Pear Rr- 

"! t, .'! ,, - , " d . J »?« MM '« "r*» Teast 
of tbe Town," played tha nraanT, Urotjx atr, 
U.. UbJMsJb to cspectcr, to* 
prices "A Poor Belatkrn'' went on Brat, la 
tlie afternoon, and "loorat of tlte 'now' Brat 
In tbe evcolisr. Hvcrytalng moved In per- 
feet rjcurmoor. only four lalnutm wait he 
twaan a«i two allows. The ileal eurtala 
went dowti at llMIn. 

HowiiujWat.i., l,o»l>aeas maaaier of the 
? t *Ji Urr 73*« trc ' ■•WI«*lt>Ma.,ra., Is back 
In his poiltlonagaln. after a six weeks' ill- 
noas ilurlng which he underwent a severe 
sarglcal operatlou at the Polyclinic Roe- 

Faixcia Wixboh i»D Uivj»hin h. Bnar 
have completed work on—TRHIy Witera," a 
atav sxuslcal ooaisdj. 

- ™*oj'" >f-.v r. 



January 12. 

Note* mom Ot "Jerry from Kerry" Co.. 

We. hurried our .evening's cntcrtnlnment. ana 

Notes rr.o>! mi) HttL as» Makchesth; Dxsln, l - ia»ti>iAK, pK«Wcntot the Actors' Kma 

■MB Al. W. Martin's 
"Cncle Tom's cabin" Co.- 


u Stinrjbr- tSristmili Willi lip OM Hill ooo Fund' ot America, Is'nj.lln maklne Ms »»«»"•' Sil'lSi -liT 

»ISiS€ iK^^jBsgi-aJftuf*iffl :5S»ss:K ( »'t 5 ;p^ ESS$SSSffiS»6 


been 'fratifrbt with pleasant surprises and support 

... about ... 

dlmbloR the feummlt of the Cascade Monti 

"and micli a gathering among my performers, 
I Qnd,. is conducive to the harmonizing of 

$40,000 a yeor )s spent In relief, but (he 
source of Income Is extremely limited, ind 

ulna between Leavenworth, Wash., and (be 1 find, la conducive to the harmonising of source oi uhwih \m wraptu JH*"™*. "SS 
[ffl*?3&«lSr«^tfSB Sunday little blckerlnga and differences that arise the small aum asked by ths oncer *<*£» 
S^^^^YpXT^^ J more or lc«> * «JSBEk h«! ^d from h, «Mllrt the profe . 

morning,- th*jro wat .. 

crash. People were throWn to the floors 
tif ibe pars, glass from windows and lamps 
(lew In all directions, and confusion reigned 
supreme. ThlB nil happened In the space of 
a few seconds, then a dead stop. The train 
did not leave the track and not a soul was 
killed. A lone engine had struck the train 
containing I ho' company, Some of the more 
unfortunate passengers were cut and bruised, 
and John I'ntten. one of the managers of 
thy company, figured very prominently in 
:be relief (.( the injured* Wc were held (en 
hours awaiting relief, but there was more 
trouble lo follow ncforo reaching Scuttle (the 
■oippnny's oostlnnllon), wc hart another two 
hour wait until » gang of men -.hoveled the 
remains of a mud slide from the hills off the 
inn*. We arrived in Seattle twelve hours 
lute* hut very happy nnd ihnnkful that 
noililng of n more serious nnuiro had hap- 
pened. ... 
Alt. W. Martin's. "0. T. C." Co. had their 
utinual Christmas dinner nt the Boston Cnfe, 
Montrcnl, Can., when. If wc Judgn from the 
menu at hand, a royal feast wan enjoyed. 
CinunTMAH hakquut was tendered by 

three big abows thut Mr. Hill and myself 
control, are people of many races, with their 
varied temperamental natures and Ideas of 
ethics, mingling together as on? big family, 
and. though our companies are free from It, 
(t Is reasonable to suppose that personal 
misunderstandings nre apt to occur, and 
Christmas, with lis olive branch nnd Yule- 
tide symbolism, seems the fitting time to 
bring us back to the realization of the Scrip- 
tural mandate. Tone? on earth, to men good 
will/ Each of the three companies nnd, 
as usual, their Chrlstmn* trees, burdened 
villi presents, many of them of a mock 
nature, to add merriment to the occasion, 
and their Santa Clnu-t to dispense them. 
The Vanity .'air Co. celebrated nt the ■em- 
pire Theatre, Toledo, nnd John L. Sulli- 
van, who was a sppelnl feature wllh the at- 
traction, acted us .Soma Chum, The Cracker 
.lacks, playing the Standard, Cincinnati, had 
n Miss Sunlit Claus, Id the person of pretty 
Ituhy l>onfl, nnd the Main Owls received 
their tclfi* from Sol nnd Nnt Fclld*. nr the 
Murray Tim. Net? York City. 
Tiik ni'Ks-rs nt the Actors' Home, Staton 

Harry' H. ■ Mitchell, mnnn'ger of '"The Isle of Island, had quite an enjoyable time on Christ 
spu?' Co" to the members of the company, ""»*, bcrn^ remembered by their friends In nil 
the.Lclbel House. Erie, Pa. 

Not*-'.** nmu the Chas. .K. Champlln Co. — 
Christmas was the happy event of the year 
with this company, one of the prettiest 
christlnai trees wus put up for Baby Jack 
MrKce. and he received hundreds of gifts 
from all over the country, and It was im- 
possible for his father to pack them in 
crate*, so many toys did he receive. Mr. 
•wirt Mrs. McKee gave a Christmas supper, 
after the tree parly, nnd everyone exchanged 
present*. Mr. Mi-Kee received a solid gold 
swisa watch and chain; Mrs. McKee, n set 
of Hudson Bay snbles nnd n diamond brace- 
let i Mrs. Champlln, n diamond bracelet and 
a set of furs: Mr. Champlln, a diamond Elk 
charm; Mr. Storkdnle, n solid silver, handled 
umbrella : Mies Byers, u diamond ring ; Miss 
Star, a silver charting dish set; Molly Stair, 
tings, pins and a diamond brooch ; Joe Bosh, 
u solid gold watch. Other members had many 
remembrances from home, and it was the 
happiest Christmas spent by our members In 
year*. Business wllh the Champlln company 
:ms been,' all se»sou, of the record breaking 
kind. .... , .... ■, . 

. Notes from the Gay Xew York Co. — Wc 
broke ull records at the Itllou Theatre, Rich- 
mond,' for Christmas week, Horry Emer- 
son was preaenled wllh a handsome basket 
or Mowers on Cnrl-dmas eve, -by the-Elks. 

which jKSl wTincU^ergeuey Burea 

me oils gifts, among which was a money dona- 
tion to each from Mrs. Et'Ie Henderson, cigars 
and candy from Louis Havelle. candy, smok- 
ing tobacco and clears from Sydney Cowell 
nnd members of Richard Mansfield's Co. ; a 
large basket of California fruit for each 
lnd)', and a box of cigars for each gentle- 
man, from Mrs. George Gould (Edith King- 
don). In addition to which she sent a sub- 
stantial cheek to two of the former members 
of Augustln Daly's Co. A good old-fasbloned 
Christmas dinner, In which turkey, mince 
pie and English plum pudding were Import- 
ant features, wus given by the fund. 

Notes khom the La Verna Moorb Co.— 
Business wus good at Oakland week of Dec. 
lo. Manager Wilson, of the Opera House 
i«iys the I,n Yernn Moore Stock Co. Is the 
best he has over played, and 1ms offered us 
ii return date. Mis* Moore, our leading ladv, 
still receives lots of good press notices. 
Business opened good nt. Clinton week of 
Dec. 17, nnd Is holding up fair. We played 
Greencastlv, Intl., week of Dec. 24. I'rof. 
linker's Hand and I'rnf. Plgg's Orchestra 
nre fcit lures with this company. The com- 
pany is under the management of Leu II. 

Tub tiiui. Torn of tho "A Woman's Re- 
demption" fo. tIii'oii>*li New England, proved 
entirely successful, we ure Informed, and a 
nndn will be honked 

pluved the week of Dec. -4 at the 'America it 
TlienH'f, New Vuifc. had a banquet given 
them by. their muiinger Christmas night after 
the show, n: Joel's.'. ■ 

. [>v>'r; smMori:, of the Rowland A Clifford 
attractions, , writes : "The l'hantom Detec- 
ilvo'Vatlll-contlnues to test the capacity 'of 
niltho theatres visited, und has Justly been 

Krononncud as n distinct novelty. A com- 
Inntiuit of mystery, mirth,' music and melo- 
drama Is nut ofteu found In one product Ion, 
hut "The Phantom Deteetivo'* contains all 
the above qualities. The production re- 
ceives the entire scenic equipment HiIb week 
from the studio at Joseph i'hysloc, the In- 
terior of the Knjah's castle, with the lion's 
pit; being a marvel of scenic aft. Another 
Illusion baa been added, which will receive 
its premier In Newark, and II Is expected 
to be full v as start Hag as the others. Toby, 
the lion, got out of The cafte In Camden, N. 
J., and while not exhibiting any marked de- 
gree of ferocity, nevertheless his freedom 
caused a general "getawny" ou tbe part of 
nil the stage attach* 8 - 0* **■ safely car _J 
ni't*r u short time, through the strategy 
his keeper, Harry Kelly, and everyone 
breathed easier. I.illle and Oracle Hall nave 
introduced their singing nnd dancing spe- 
cialty In the seconrt act, and It goes with 
marked favor. The American Newsboys 
Quartette an giving a new Bclectlon of 

. NoTCS-vniiJi I he Mattlce Stock Co.. sup- 
IwrtliiK Lois II. Hammond. — We laid off 
riiriatnuis week, thus enabling nil to eat din- 
ner at home or wllh friends. This company 
played nn eight, weeks 1 successful engage- 
roent'duriny.fhe [Hist- Summer, at Ix>ndon. 
f'tin.. opening the regular season at Warsaw. 
N. Y.. Oct. J. Since then, despite bad weath- 
er, we have not played to u loging.week. We 
carry ten acting, people, Mr. Mattlce en- 
deavoring to give nn nrtistic performance 
wlilt a small cant, and he Is doing so. The 
company remnlns Ihe same as It was one 
year ago. Mr. Mattlce and Miss Hammond 
go to Titlsburg for the week, Mr. Alraou, 
business mtinnger, going to his Lome at New- 
liurg, N. Y. ; the rest of ibe company hieing 
themselves to the white lights of Brondwny, 
nnd nil met again. Jan. 1, at Turn-town, 
prepared for the New Years work, after a 
merry Christmas at home. 

KONTKR AND NiVTBS from tbe BoiiUCl' Stock 

Co., K, B. Bonner, manager, located nt Shaw- 

ls a very slight strain upon their resources. 
The Actors' lloir,e, iu which the old. mem- 
bers of the profession are taken care of. Is 
Id splendid condition, and tbe amount spent 
for relief to sick and disabled members of 
the profession. Increases every week. 

Richard Mankcield's company enjoyed 
one of tbe most unusual Christmas festivals 
ever devised. The players, musicians, singers, 
daocers and stngo workmen were, without 
exception, the guests of the distinguished 
aclor. Air. Mansfield ordered a dining car 
u i (ached to the special train which carried 
him and bis company to Birmingham, Ala. 
It wns storked with a rare Christmas feast. 
In addition to tbls M r. Mansfield turned over 
his private car. with Its servanls nnd other 
resources, to his guests. There wnsa Christ- 
mas trey before supper, and Mr. Mansfield 
presided la the Santa Chins capacity, and 
presented every one ot Ihe one hundred nnd 
thirty-eight people in his company with a 
0ft. tm lU pact the company presented 
Mr. Mansfield n superb heal en copper tobacco 
holder and lamp, de.nigned nnd executed by a 
New York firm, to match tbe rich furnish- 
ings of his private car. 

A* oiuci.VAi, Christmas tree Idea comes 
from n hotel In Dixie. As the hotel !s very 
popular with the theatrical profession, Mon- 
».ser II. N. Dutton for the Piedmont Hotel, 
Atlnn'n, On.) conceived the Idea of having 
A Hnm Tree," a la Mel u tyre nnd Heath, 
In the big reception room on the ground 
floor. The tie* wns beautifully decorated 
and illuminated, and nil tbe guests wore 
K'lven 4maV hatus aud other gifts as sou- 


Tarkei- & Jersey, managers. — This company 
r.petied at the Grand Opera House, Ottumwa. 
In.. Christmas matinee and night, to capacity, 
giving the best of satisfaction. Roster: J. F. 
Jersey and j", l«\ Parker, managers ; Kdw. 
l'erelval, Karl Stanley. Geo. W. Still. Jock 
Forrester, Dave Marlowe, Helen Gllling- 
water, (iertrudo Illtcliey, Mrs. !■*. F. Parker 
and Daisy Ashmore. we. nre booked solid In 
the hesl time In Missouri, Iown nnd Illinois, 
up_to Mny 1. 

Hosteii of the May Stewart Co. — Cllne & 
Robert, managers; J. U. Cllne, business rep- 
resentative; A. A. Robert, business manager; 
Jds: Booth, stage 'manager : Jlay Stewart. 
Mrs. .lane Sylvester. Kdiih 3Iovales,\ Jack 
Kennedv. Dan i'rn?.cr, W. H. ■ Ward. Joseph 
Booth; \Y.' W. '■ Van Wlncfuiter nnd James 

. M'ilkv : llA.vtt.TON. who. togellier with his 
wife, ltulh Wiley, has heen playing at the 
Kmplre Theatre. Springfield,' 111,, for the past 
live months; was taken seriously 111 on-Dee. 
K, with nervous prostration, lie Is now !n 
Hot Springs,- Ark., fillll very 111. ..Mis* Wiley 
Is nfiending him. They, arc- nt urn Olive St., pleased to bear from friends. 
i Notes fuidi the Partelto Stock Co., now 
playing NewYOrk Stnteand Penhsylvanln. 
— We are meeting with success everywhere 
we ploy. We carry a carload of special 
scenery and n company of twenty players. 
W; A. Pnrtello gave a banquet to his com- 
pany ou Christmas night, at Jamestown, N. 
v.. which was. thoroughly enjoyed by every 
member present. 

C. Kdoie Mohton ANti Leila StrMsiEnus 
Join the "Lost In New York" Co., at Ohllll- 
cothe, Mo., Dec. 21, nnd Verna May wilt Join 
v.t i-'ullon. Mo., 17, for the part of Jennie. 

Tire tfEIM & Sa.noster Amusemknt Co., 
which has heretoforv devoted Us attention 
prluciprtlly tt» Summer entertainments, bss 
decided to branch out In tbe theatrical field, 
and will, about tbe middle of January,' send 
out "An Interrupted Honeymoon,*' with the 
nnd John 1<\ Sully as a star. 

shows the wonderful drawing powers 
Martin's production. At o clock, Chrlst- 
" the members of the company, 
number of Invited guests, 
_. private dining rooms of the 
where tbe annual Christmas 
honored custom with this 
cnmpnnyi. was served. General representa- 
tive H. YV, Whlttler, who completed the ar- 
niugpntents for this dinner, had left nothing 
undone, the large hall being tastefully deco- 
rated with English and French flags, and last, 
but ov no mesns least, "Old Glory." The as- 
sembled guests of the firm were regaled by 
an old fa.shioned Yankee Christmas dinner of 
turkey and "fulns." During the repast, sev- 
eral toasts were drunk nnd speeches made. 
When the "afterpiece" was reached, a com- 
plete surprise was given to woody Van 
Anda. in the presentation of aa elegant gold 
watch, the gift of his fellow associates and 
the lady contingent of the company. The 
presentation speech was mnde by C. \y. 
LomtstitfT. At the conclusion, all united iu 
tinging. 'tAuld Lang- Syne' ! nnd "America," 
nnd giving three cheers for the proprietors, 
AL w. and Manager Kd. S. Martin. Al. W. 
Mania Joined the company at Toronto. Dec. 
J7, for a two weeks' visit. Fred A. Church 
Ik Hip lslest addition to our large company. 
1'red llochslnhl. of the orchestra, has lately 
composed a new Intermezzo, which he baa 
dedicated to the citizens of Telcrboro, Can. 
The title is "The Prison Intermezzo." 

NoTtis h-noM -The Flaming Arrow" Co.— 
We plaved Harrlsburg, Pa., Dec. 24-2Q, to 
big business. On (he evening of tbe twenty - 
fifth, after the performance, we had a joyous 
lime. Mr. Sellon, our manager, gave a sup- 

?ier on the stage to members of the company. 
Ve also iiad a Christmas tree, which was 
decorated for the occasion. Minnie Wilson 
Carroll and Florence Willis (Mr. Sellon's 
wife), did the decorating. The chef from 
Ihe "Flaming Arrow" Co.^ car, arranged the 
spread. There were Christmas presents ex- 
changed by nil members of the company. Mr. 
Bnlley, our man ahead, was with us, nnd 
acted as master of ceremonies. He was 
Santa Clans, and handed out the present*. 
Mr. Seldon and wife remembered everybody 
in the company. After tbe presents had 
beea distributed, everybody aat down and en- 
joyed the Christmas supper. Remarks of 
thanks were exchanged by Mr. Sellon and 
members of the. company. Foster Johnson, 
"Buckskin," spoke his thanks In the Indian 
InuKuaue. We knew what he wns talking 
about, but could not understand what he was 
saving. The mun wifh tbe camera was .there. 
and took a flash light picture. There were 
twenty-eight of us in the group. So far 
tbis has been a prosperous season for "The 
Flaming Arrow. Best 'wishes .to you for 
a happy and prosperous new year. 
j Ma. anu-Mbs. At;. J. Mamskx (KUaKra- 
mor) tire lu their sixth week with-C. P 
Bono's production of "Along the Kennebec. 
Mr. .MRMHcy. Is playing the heavy, and Miss 
Kramer the lea it. 

Khwtx Dm.vj, singe manager of the Osmon 
Stock Co.. writes from Anderson, S. C, con- 
cern log- their Christinas' festivities :."In con- 
formance with Us -annual cuBtom, the Osmnn 
Stock Co,, after Ihe.Chrlatmas'eye perform- 
ance, gathered In the; hotel parlors, and 
around -the -festal tree held- carnival long 
after the midnight bells '..ushered In • the 
grand feast day of Christmas.. Presents 
galore. * were handed out by Santa Clans 
iIIaiTv Allen), from off, the tree, and many 
were the gifts from-, friehdi and- kindred far 
away. - The guest of . honor was Mrs. .Oshidji, 
who traveled many miles to be with her 
husband and daughter (Marguerite Osman) 
on this occasion. The royal greeting ahe re- 
ceived, not to speak of the tokens of affec- 
tion and esteem presented, made (aa she 
expressed it) more than recompense for the 
long Journey. Manager John Osman was 
the recipient of an elegant silver shaving 
service, a gift from the company, who took 
this opportunity to express their apprecia- 
tion of his business methods and their re- 
gard for him as a genial gentleman, for, as 
it was written in tbe address, 'there was 

Sifiji! Sfri^^SCSjHBW w.^H n/e given. \Wk sully 'Family. no<l John F. Sully as a star. H was written In tbe address, 'there was 
reiy cagea of Dec. '1A "Dora Ihornc aud "Jay In New The nlav will he elveu an elaborate scenic onlT one J °hn Osman, for, after he was 
trategy of York" were the bills. Week of Dec. 31. "Dr. iHfl^SS. TJwi elKRAf JS FiVnSX made, the Lord broke the mould.' At the 

ere the bills. Week of Deer 31, "Dr 
Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" nnd "Perils of a Great 
City" were the bills. Iloster: E. B. Bouner, 
L. 0. Pack, Earl Craddo^k. Kdwln B. Han- 
sel!. A. P. Gland*, Chas. Jordon, Ollie Lenox, 
lllvls 1'nyton, Lor«ne Roberts. Mrs. Karl 
Craddock and Ethel Kulp. Lois Meredith has 

equipment, and tbe star, we are. Informed, 
will be surrounded' by a company of unusual 
excellence. "An interrupted Honeymoon" Is 
u musical farce comedy. In three acts. 

Sadie Mixer Can field, -of "The Belle of 
May fair" Co., is spending the Winter abroad. 

jepI'ersox Hall and Gertrude Maitland 
loads. <Mrs. Hall) are in tbclr sixth week with 

I seTson 3 ;"nnd"i.s T fenSR && Sff&tS!? i'SEB^MarVS? 

medleys, and have fo respond to repeated lust Joined the company to take the 
eueores nightly. May Wow and lommy Miss Meredith has been with the I 

closed with Mnlley & Phillips' 

lighUul .lliUe comedy sketch, Interwoven as everywheVe itojm This Is our tenth rlflce" Co "after a" season often weeks 

'i Is lii fho.jilay., cmiaea no end of favorable week here.. Business has been fine, with ;he Notp.s fiiom "l\e Wl"ard of Wall Street, * 

loruiuent. l-.dwlu Clifford came on while 
the show was In Rro«.klyn, nnd will return 
when the New York ettgagement U played. 

IImiy Mmuiy Li:f Hamilton, son of Mr. 
niui Mrs. Harry K. ILitnUlop (Helen Rclcka). 
in arte his debut on the singe nt the age of 
eight weeks, hu .Inck Mnson Jr., wllh the 
Castle Square Stock Co,, at Wheeling, W. 

W. J Pmncp, business manager for Car- 
roll's production of "Hip Van Winkle," 
spent Christmas at Mount Tleasant, Pa. 

Notks or "A Thip to Atlantic Cut" 
CO.— Members of the "Wills' "A Trip to At- 
lantic City" Co.* headed by Walter s. Wills, 
wore g'tests of Mrs. Duke, at Orlanda, Fin., 
Nov, 20 to Doe. 1. During their stay there 
lhey enjoyed themselves automotdllng, yacht- 
ing and horseback riding. This company 
opened the house for Manager A. D. Parker, 
at HI. Auguntlue, Flu., Nov. 20, to capacity. 
mid Malinger -Parker Immediately engaged 
i hem fur his New Year's date. In the near 
Hit nre this company plays Key West. Hu- 
Inunit Islands and Cuba, returning North 
during Ihe Spring. 

No'pus fuom "Tun coi'nt-ry Jay" Co., 
.1. Howard Ilnumun's. — 'This new rube show 
■vnened Its' second half or the »eason at St. 
Mary's, O., Christinas Day, after a week's 
rest. The show has marto good, and la ahead 
financially, which 1b a credit to most nn? 
show during this, the worst Reason known In 
veal's. Although wo have nnt done phenmnc- 
iml business, we have done well, and have 
gilt edge lime for the rest of (lie Reason, be- 
ing bonked solid to June. Wc will play all 
Summer through the Norlh. 

IUistcu ov J ok" A. Wallace'!* "Puck's 
Bah Boy" Co.: Joe A. Wallnee. proprietor; 
Tim l>celer, manager: IJ. W. 1'lckerluu, 
1-nnlucsFi manngiM*: V'rmik and Hndle llarrl- 
gnn, Harry w Mils, P. Francis and M,nhct 
Joyce, Tom Hlgglns nnd LBy Phelps and 
Umn Vliu'cnl. 

Tiik Wuhtkux "Itnllrimd Jnck" Co.. under 
Hit,* luauaircineut -.if Louis It. Christ, rcuorts 
tapncliy "huslucss Hi rough Oregon, Washtog- 
loii. CnlKornln. Nevada und Utah. The wa- 
ter : Louis B. Chris i, tsole uwuer auq uniuu- 
tter of alt Wctleru terfllory : Qwr Caufiuun, 
luitdness renn>seiitntlre: V. A. Burbauk Jr., 
iiKcut ; Chris N.rtsou, pUytnc (hu title role; 
Clareucc Baker, Billy Council, laddie llawcK. 
chas. Brewer. Itlrlitird Dickinson, Sum 
St muss. Leliu Tlnmipson, Mae Verne aud 
Lillian Lane. The company Is booked solid 
until Juno 20. 

Luhtkii l.ONWHiiAX. a leading man of prom- 
iucin-e, will make bJ* stellar debut lu Jnn- 
"iitc. as ibe vagabond hero-poet, in Justin 
lluutty McCarthy's romantic piny. "If t 
Were Khic." Hie drama lu which E. II. Hoth- 
ern scored n signal success a few reasons auo. 

Tun "JnvcBs fP. I'raacls and Mabel F.) 
have Juliiert Wallace's ''Peck's Bad Boy" Op, 

week here. Business has been fine, 
H. II. O, slgu out several nights. The com- 
pany, as a whole has mndo good with ibe 

Evelyn La Tkm, (Mrs. Chas. Hnync-s), 
accompanied by her little daughter, Bony 
Bnriioru, »pent another enjoyable Christmas 
week with tbe llombergs, of Homberg's 
Park Theatre. Itaelt Ulver. Biltlmorc. All 
the- members of the family were reunited tit 
Holly Neck Stock Farm, which Mr. Hom- 
terg has recently t'lirchaacd. This makes 
the fifth Chrl.itmns Miss Ln Telle bns spent 
vlth her employers, bnvlug worked In stock 
with success at the Park Theatre. 

11. A. IIeilman, agent of the Jewell Kel- 
ler Stock Co., writes : "We are in our twen- 
ty-fifth week, and hove only hnd one bad 
week. We have also played to twenty bouse 
records. If there Is another popular price 
attraction In the South that can produce 
such a record, we would like to bear of It. 
Our company numbers eighteen people, and so 
fur this season have only made one change. 
Wo spent Christmas nt Jonesboro, Art. Mr. 
Kelley has played there overv season for tbe 
i nai six: year*, but this year the business wus 
to the capacity of the house, and fully five 
hundred people were turned away A theatri- 
cal season nt Jonesboro would not ho com- 
plete without Mr. Kelley's annual engage- 
ment. After the performance, Monday night, 
the members of the company exchanged many 
handsome presents. In a little speech, Mr. 
Ball, In behalf of the entire company, pre- 
sented Mr. Kelley with a solid gold watcii. 
Simla did not forget any one In the com- 
pany, nuil this proved to bo (he happiest 
Christmas Dny any of us ever spent ou thu 

Paiitiiknia Kkndau., Infant daughter of 
Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Kendall, died on Thanks- 
giving Day. Pnrtlicnta was their only child, 
nnd their loss h hard to boar. Mr. und Mrs. 
Kcudull have for a number of years been 
very popular iu Western repertory nnd stock 

HosTKfi ot* Ihe "Queen of tbe itockfes" Co. 
Is us follows: Chits. F, Rhodes, nuiunger : 
urnce Man Dell, ns the qiieeu; Mntt D, Les- 
lie, Alum 'Tripp. Alice Huinlltun, Chas. liny, 
J. II. McLaughlin, willimi Price, Harry 
Spcrry. KHxaMh Hay. Frank Oliver. Cnrl 
llaupt, Pete l>nre nud r. L. I^imbcrl, iifteat. 

T. II. Wjnxktt bus HCcurcd from Jerald 
Shepnrd, the sole rights to his latest far-deal 
comedy. "Who's Your Wife." The comedy 
will be tried out lu the Spring. 

KtakH wom Uii a noon's Out Knot: Snow. 
— our Christmas date was nt Oclwelu, Iu., 
and we had fnlr business all the week. The 

Lew VIrden, manager. — We are still playing 
lo goad business. At tola. Kan., and Au- 
rora. Mo., last week, one business was very 
large, which Is especially gratifying, ns they 
were return dates. We spent our Christmas 
at Wler City, Kan., and 1 doubt If nuy other 
company hnd a finer time than we did. Our 
members are very congenial, nnd each one 
took n pride In doing his part to make the 
celebration n success, nnd success It wns, for 
never was Iherc n finer tree or finer people 
assembled to receive the gifts of Santa Olnus. 
Among the presents were: A one carnt dia- 
mond stud to Mr. VIrden : a set of solid gold 
bends to Mrs. VIrden (Miss Dnnlnp) : a carat 
diamond ring to Mrs. Brynnt (Jane Mor- 
gan) : a beautiful gold trimmed meerschaum 
pipe to Mr. Berger ; a diamond studded Elk 
phi. to Mr. Bryant; n set or told cuff links, 
to Mr. Hardy; a diamond studded stick pin. 
to Hnrry llaoerts, and tnnny other beautiful 
and useful presents. Then there were the 
•"lioohy" prlzPK, which were selected to suit 
the peculiarities of each one. Probably the 
funniest one wns nn old battered ilug, which 
wns presented to Mr. Berger. ln cninraemorn- 
liou of his famous wnr stories. Hnrry Rob- 
erts, who Inined us last week, gave out the 
presents. Everybody sends greetings to The 
Old Hf.uahu:. 

HicilAim (X Mapdon Is en route (o the 
const nnd hack with the melodrama. "Nettle, 
I ho Newsglrl," plnyinK the principal comedy, 
ihe fiermmi lobster peddler. The company 
opened In tvnusns City In July, and Is play- 
ing only the tost lime. His specialty, he 
writes, lias been n big success. - 

Aniihli.'s Ciimkmans (Hasten), under the 
inmiiigenietit ot! M. F. Ketchiun, arc playing 
to good business through Michigan, and more 
ihnu maklus: good, wc are informed. Buhy 
Clndys Is a strong vaudeville feature. Nu- 
merous other specialties, by different mein- 
Ihm'h of the cmupntiy. together wllh a reper- 
tory of strong plays, briugs (he business. 
Tbe roster Is ns follows : M. I''. Ketchiun, 
iimuager : Frank .1. Dean, .1. 0. Marlowe, 
Clms. Jarvls, A. J. Wiles, Paul !■'. Chase, 
Allelic M. Ivetchum, Maude Umnlltuti, Lelaa 
Bretoiine nud Baby Oludys Uctchnui. 

M.utnARti'1' BiiNVHT.t., who returned from 
the West two wevks ago. aflcr a successful 
tour. Imuifrtint'.-ly folutd the Brooklyn <irnurt 
Thwtra Stock Co., formerly the Pulque, 
doing xoubrctto roles nnd hading numbers, 
In which Hhe reports decided success. 

Cl.AHKNCE Al'SKlNHS. Ugent Of t)<C Tom 

jrorka Stock Co., writes; "Wc opened nt the 
MiiMijwm'M Lvrlc Theatre to stiindlug room 
only, and will play stock for thrcu weeks. 

mode, the Lord broke the mould.' At the 
banquet, Christmas night, the spirit of tbe 
time was abroad, - Tip* elegant spread re- 
ceived due attention, and wit und wine 
held revel. When, In the early hours, to tha 
melody of 'Auld Lang Syne, the members 
went their way, filled with memories of a 
luippy Christmas tide, nnd resolutions to 
make the coming year .better even than the 
one hastening to its close." 

Okhtruum Ewino Co, Christmas Notes.— 
Christmas woh spent at Newport, Ark. There 
was n liberal exchange of presents among all 
the members ot the company. Including some 
very handsome and expensive gifts. .Kuril per- 
son had their gifts for presentation arranged 
In their rooms at the Hotel Hazel, and, after 
the company called at Miss Kwinc's apart- 
ments, with a very handsome Taylor trunk, 
to the chorus of "I'm Johnny Jones, the 
Property-man," I lie exchange or presents be- 
gun, the company belug invited from room 
to room. After the performance Christmas 
night, Miss and Mrs. Eivlng tendered the 
company a banquet, served by a well known 
caterer, consisting of n mr-m that left 
nothing to be desired. J. E. Doherty (tbe 
former opera house manager) , and weil 
known In ihe profession, was a guest of 
honor. Toasts were drank, and being '"on 
speaking terms," good fellowship reigned till 
4.30 a. m., when, with a vote of thanks and 
best wishes for the continued prosperity to 
"The livings," we retired from the ha liquet 
hall, nnnnlmously expressing the occasion us 
"one of the merriest and most enjovnhle 
Christmas events in many seasons." Those 
present were ; Mrs. J, C. Ewlng, Gertrude 
Kwing, J. E. Doherty. Louis Denn, J, G. 
Stuizmnnn, Chas. Colvllle, Drew Simmons. J. 
c. Urlnperi, Edgar T. Neville and wife, Wil- 
liam N, Smith. Hose Winchester, Irene Jones, 
nnd Misses llattle and Hazel McNutt, the 

. Bess W. Carter writes : "Am In my 
eighth week wllh E. V. Pheh.n's "Hallroad 
Jack" Co. Next season I will Introduce a 
rural sketch in vaudeville, entitled 'Ezra,' 
With three people." 

Ai'mu-iy St. Clair Is recovering from tbe 
nccldciK which nltc met wllh soven weeks 
ago. und expects lo be able to work by the 
hitter pnrt of January. 

JosTfirii Brums- has Joined Lincoln J. 
Curler's "Ens': Mnll" Co. 

Nutkh mow the "East Lynne" coinpnhy, 
headed by Dorrit Ashtou, mul imdor tho 
management of Chns. Ncwtou. — Wc arc hav- 
ing a very successful season thus far. This 
company has been out .since JasL March, 
■■pen In-; at Liberty, N. Y., and wc hnvu 
I" ' 

to piny the roles of the bad boy and Duffy, Mr. Varo was called home from here by the 

the li-Nh policeman. Illness i-f his wife in Cuba. Knn Iowa has 

11 II. Oi:tst:v. who closed with the "Along been a very prosperous State for us. We 

Hit- KrniirUiM.:" Co., at liock llnvt'ii, Pa., Is lu go under umvns from Dcs Molnee tbe flret 

a new business, at Hldgeway, Pa. of June. 

unu lit' uc^t 4 'i ift i/tiaiuvon .,!■ i no nwi, JW r?**W «■■». ..... JP-—., *,,.-« -.-- .-*.w H .. v ~ wv . 

t-oaipRny enjoyed « swell Ctirlstmaa dinner It Is just like Hummer up here In AlbcrU. 
at I'nlnu ifouso Christmas eve. Our mau- 
ager. Win. Brnutlon. also treated the com* 
pauv to a snt-i.-rlor feast at one of the lead- 
ing rests umn is, and Sunt a Clans remem- 
bered each member with mnuy costly gifts. 

llaycd Peunsylvuiil'i. Ohio, Mlchtgnu, Wis- 
consin. Indiana, HIIuoIb. Kansas, uklotioiun. 
the ludlun 'J'crrltoty, and aw how lu 
Texas. We lost two matiuees last week, 
one at Austin, Tex., on last Haturdav. The 
rompiiuy did not nirlvo until 5 v. jr., und 
the audience, wus dismissed. On Suuduy, 
at Sun Antonio, Mnnugur Wola, had a large 
advance sale ior tbe matinee, but the truliis 
were bo lute that Manager Wets dismissed 
Uio audience, which packed tho house. The 
_. company arrived at 4.20 ft m,. belue thlr- 
imd the company Is doing n big business." ten\ hours late from Austin. Business litis 
Itri.i.v Cv.ih;hn writes that ho is Iu nn bean very good In the larger cities of Texas, 
fourteenth week with the Chester De Vnude and the climate down Herb la fine. The 
Co., play lug- parts, and doing his specialties, innnagcmetit. bns decided fo continue on 
My new "laou-rii Tommy" specialty, he uddfc, through Louisiana nnd Mississippi The 

Is mnklngn big hit. 

Ltsogiy Vxn writes: "Am roaking a blr 
lilt plnruik the conudy pmt In 'The Rlrlaud 
ihe Uandli.' My song takes five and a\± 
inuQies every night." 

eorapdhy ooataliip the following namea 
Clms. Newton, Dorrit Ashtob, - Ed. C. Stew- 
ard, May llnytoofid, Fred Btnrr, Miss Clay- 
ton, Harry Ncwioa, John Uamlll and Itfni- 
t«r JoUu Cough. 

Tremendou* Itchlna; Over .Whole 

Bod>-aori.tnhc-d Until Bled-Won- 

.tcrfui Otare by'Cotleiiro. 

"Last year I suffered with a tremendotis 
itching on - my- back, which' grew -worse 
and worse until it spread over .the whole 
body, and only my face and hands were 
free. For four months or so I suffered 
torments, and I had to scratch, -.scratch, 
scratch until I bleu*. At night when I 
went to bed things got worse, and ;I had 
at times to get nj) arid scratch my. body 
all over until I was sore as could be, 
nnd until ■ I suffered excruciating -pain. 
They told mc I was suffering from ec- 
zema. Then I made tip my -mind that I 
would use the Cuticura Remedies. I used 
tliem according to instructions, and very 
soon indeed 1 was greatly relieved. I 
continued until well, and now I am ready 
to recommend the Cuticura Remedies to 
any one. Mrs, Mary Metzger, •Swc^t- 
water, Okla., : June 28,1905-", - . 

"Tow, Dick ■ ano Harry" N'oTra.-— ..\i. 
Rich, manager of Blckel, Watson and Wrotbe, 
in "Tom, Dlfk and Harry," gave the com- 
pany a grand surprise, on Christmas night, 
taking the entire company in sleighs, niter 
the performance, to Thornhlll inn, a. road 
bouse atop of Mount Koyal, Canada, where 
a banquet was served, and plates were laid 
for sixty. After the dlaner we retired tn 
the ball room, danced till tho wee hours, aud 
then had a delightful ride home. The oight 
was made to order for sleighing, the moon 
shining brightly, and "Mother -Kortb" cov- 
ered with a beautiful- coat of snow, which 
helped to make the night bright an day. 
Among those present were: Harrison Stead- 
man, James Williams, Walter 1 'ear son, Mel- 
ville Brown, Arthur Cobb, Jack Spurrier, 
Clay l'rlcem, William Blair, John Co-uello, 
Ilarrv llwart. Walter Webber, Mr, and Mrs. 
l'rnnk Melville, Mr. and Mrs. 3y Gould, Mr. 
and Mrs. Oeorge Blckel, Mr. and Mrs. Harry 
Watson Jr., Mr. nnd Mrs. Ed. Lee Wroth e. 
Louise Auber, "Our Kid," Fanny Thatcher ; 
Dodo I'belps, Viola Russell. May Harrison, 
Kitty Nelson, Mable Zeere, Flo Allen, Jossie 
Carter, Miss l.e Bol, Berlin Wells, Marga 
AusLln, .I'lo Bernard, Trlxy Buchanan, and 
our host, Al. Bleb. Among those present, 
who were not members of the company, were . 
1-erpont Gelscr. editor of 'the Evening 
Anr#; Albert .Bossnow, represetotlve of The 
Montreal Star; Walter Orievcs, manager of 
the Academy of Music: S. L. Myers, agent 
of the "Around the Clock" Co., and Mi-« 
Sylvester and Miss Shawe, both, members of 
the Century Maids- Co. Everyone present 
voted' it. the grandest' nffnlr of Its kind they 
had ever attended, and one long to he re- 
membered. 1 ■ 

Hkkucbx Bri-'nox. who hended the Brenon 
Stock Co. at the Broadway Theatre, East 
St. Louis, ill., has severed his connection 
with ' that organization In order to accept 
mi engagement ns , light comedlau ut the 
cblCHgo Opera House, with the Chicago 
Opera House dramatic stock. -He opened m 
ihe part of Frank .Kennett, in "The Great 
Diamond Bobbery," and. Immediately jumped 
into poimlar favor. Mr. Brenon announces 
that his company In rascn'goula-ou-the- 
Beach. Mississippi, will open on May 6. for 
a season of slxteeu weeks.' The guarantee 
that Mr. Brenon, is receiving from the I'as- 
cagouln Stfeet B. It. CO.;, will bfe, he writes, 
n ;ooa$Iderable -sum; larger than the one- he 
received ' last Summer, With the- exception 
of one or two of the old favorites, an eu- 
ilrely new company will be engaged. Mr. 
Brenon will, when ready, secure bis people 
through the medium of advertising In Tim 
Cupi'tiR, as he states that last Summer he 
was able to engage a splendid organization, 
owing to the Immeo3e amount of answers be 
received from this source. Helen Downing, 
the clever ingenue, who was the inoBt .popu- 
lar, member of Mr. Brenoh's company last 
Summer, has been re-eagaged, oWlag to many 
requests from the regular patrons of An- 
derson Park. She Is at present filling an en- 
gagemeut ln Chlchgo. Mr. Brenon tu spend- 
ing all bla spare time reading plays, and 
will select forty of the best, to produce at 
bis parks. 

Notes from Sasi Wtu.mis' Attrac- 
tion*^ which Include the Empire Btock com- 
panies. Eastern and Western, also two Harry 
Williams' Own companies. — The Empire 
Stock Co. ( Western) has been opt seventy- 
three weeks nnlld, and has inndc very few 
changes. The Empire Stock - (Eastern* 
opened last AuguBt, and has beep playing to 
the very best of business. The same- can be 
tiold about the two vaudeville compnuleR. 
The Western company Is headed, by Knrland, 
Jail breaker und handciift.' expert; also has 
tho Olllvette-La Marr Bros., Mills and Sav- 
age, Olive Wallers. William-* nnd Dngan, 
Ds*vogt, Quintan Sisters, Fred Detmedtci. 
nnd Six Gracey Sisters. Tills cotiipany did 
capacity business at Akron, O., week or Dec. 
17; also nt. Snlem, Christmas week,, where a. 
line Hpread was set at Metzer Hotel, by Mr. 
Wllllamii and Manager Wagner. . 

LoTTib' SoMiiitSj of the Homers Family 
Mimical Comedy Co., and late member of 
"The Wizard of Oz" and "Under Southern . 
Skies" companies, wnR married on Dec. 20, at 
La Crosse, Wis., to George F. Case, of the 
Bijou Theatre circuit, who Is nt present 
manager of the Bijou Theatre, La Crosse, 
Wis. Miss Somers Is the daughter of Col. 
and Mrs, P. 0. Somers, of Dulnth, Mlun..' 
und sister of Willie Homers Gerln, n I'nclfic 
roast favorite. 1'errln Somers, of the Jolly 
Grass Widows Co., and CarLSoroevH, formerly 
irianngcr of the Bijou Theatre, Calumet, 
Mich, The young couple will be nt h6nic In 
Winnipeg, Manitoba, shortly. 

I-pcAL r.'J, of iutehijitloual Alliance, The* 
ntrlcal Stage I'mployees, of Cripple Creek, 
col., gave their third annual banquet on 
Saturdu.v evenluc, Dec. "JP, at the Urnnd 
Opera House. A general Invitation was 
tendered to Ihe performers of tho Star The- 
atre. Among those present were: The Mar- 
vin Bros. Barleil and-Uarfleld nnd Ful'collu 
and Orhen. The eprend was botthteoUB. tho 
eatables being too nnraerods to mention. 
J.. D. Wnlterfi, treasurer and secretary, 
ncted aa tonstmaater. Vaudeville acts were 
contributed by the Marvin Bros-, Bnrtell 
and Garileld and Burcella nad Ot-ben. Two 
three round hoxlig bouts were, put on- by 
toad hi lent, nnd refcreed by O. Froddio 
Weeks, tlio Itocky Mountt'ln champion. Every- 
one enjoyed thcmsL'lvrji thoroughly, and- 
wended their way homeward lu the weo 
hours of the morning. 

any mil hnowlug the wherenbouts of.S.' 
A. Mitchell. (or S4tu Mitchell) will confer a 
favor by acntllug his addtces to his wife, who 
h repofred to be 111 li» Albln.- la. 

This. 1*is»tif Ovkiia llticHi-, ,at Perth, Cat... 
has boon placed on the A. J. small theatrtcul 
ctrcilt. n mi Is also on Tout J, Ntiylor's main 
Hue chcnit, with Arthur M. Johhslon as 
local mauager.. 


Stock Co. — We had a very plcaiant time ou 
Christmas, when tbe entire cbtopany ex- 
< banged preaOUts. Every one - was reinem- 
MMd — even Little. Joe Goodwill: who .re- 
ceived a diamond ring from Mr. Edatllt. All 
are happy nnd well. Buslnoas Is fair; We. 
have felt the Christmas uhoppthg, but now 
that It Is over, look for good btlsliicss. Cntn- 
plliueuts of the season to Tin? Old B«- 

MichirR co»TM,t,p; who retired from iho 
cast of thc i Maude Tenly Co., la' "The Illu- 
sion of Beatrice," will return lolil* Inline in 
New- YorU, after, al few days ; rest at ogOtoV V. 




pgjjjg Routt m 

Tkl« lint li uudr up a. ■•srlr ■«• 

* Inmbfallit 

w». To lniir« la- 

cerate «■ It Is ppi.lble 
al«-Ml*r-*IUe.lMwklajra. _. 
•rrtlon In tal, departmeat «be uiu 
e or park, a. Well a* the 

, .lius'i' MMBMir ea.k 

«, 1 1, e Ihnnre 

cv.V .^... 

Acker * Collins, Parlor, York, ra., 7-121 Hai- 

riaburg. 1449. 
Adellmami,- Mr; ' & Mrs., Orpbeum, Boston, 7-12; 

Auditorium, Lynn,. 1449. . ■■ • • 

AiUmn. Olai-n,' Clcrn. I.ynu, Mam., 742. 
Ada It ft liulm. Moore's, Portland, Me., 7-12. 
Adapts ft .Much. Proctor's, Alba ti v.. N. If.. 7-12. 
Adims A W'hltc. Orphcum, Rockford, 111., 742, 

Bl#u, Freeport, 1M». 

Adrtm^BlJoo,, III,, 7-12. 

Aduolnl Taylor, BIJou, Lincoln, Neb., 7-12; Elite, 
BocJc 'Island, lit., 14-10, 

AtfUoit Fnhilly. Keeney's. Bkln., T-12. ""*.' 

Ahem -ft Baxter, Orimil, Kokomo, Ind.,' 742. 

Ahearri, Club., Bijou, Beading-, pi., 7-12: Ly- 
ceum, Phllo.. 1449. 

Almond, Tom £ Editii, Savoy, Hamilton, Can., 

Aliaee A Lorraine, Park, Worcester, Mass., 1 7-12. 
Alu-asto. Colonial, N. Y. 0., 7*12. - . • 

Alien A Keeley, Liberty. Vferlrien.-Oonn., 14-10. 
AlTln A Kenucy, Proctor's, Troy, N. V., 7-12. 
Alien. 'Nlta* Co.; Union S-yuare.'.N. Y. 0., 7-12. 
Aliilia. Trio, Keltb.'s, Providence,' B. I., 7-12; 

Keith's/ Boatqn. 14-19. ' ' 
Aioiirtus 1 A MlfLr,' Umpire Tour, England, 7- 

tih 91- ...—•• . 

AlvlirBros., Carbondale, Pa., 7-12. 
A lex fa ft Scball„Kelltas, Manchester. N. -H., 7-12. 
Allcrt A Daltonj Gayety, Indianapolis. -7-12. 
Alien.' : Mueller ft Co., Chester, Pa., 7-12; Atlantic 

City, N. J.. 14-19. 
Allaire ft LlnuVNoTcIty. Fresno, Cb!., T-12. 
Alrluvs, ;Fou,r, Ulppodroioe.j London, Em-laud, 7- 

Aiieti; jonet, 120th Street. N.. tC,:74.»,. -. 
Athene, i I. a. Brant, Cuatltv Mloom I nif ton , III., 7- 

12'; Doir Hug's, Logansporty Ibd..' 1-T-26V- •'- . 
AincHcan Trumpeters <4),'<0. H.y W-U0*kntlc, 

JCotfu., 7-12; ■ _ ':.;.-. ■■(■;■■■ ■ ■•■ 

Awicaa. Newsboys* Quartette; --Howard. 'Hnrftlpn- 

-tiw, ■W. J Va.,',7-12;.Natropal,'. WentfgpTillit, 07; 

Anita, Harry, LAbiyettc-. Detroit, 7-12. 
jttgEttjS & 06'lnWMiialc ffaiiYTarryiowB, N..T., 

ArlttttlolL I 

Ddr|c, Youkew. 14.-1W; 

I/yrtc, AIlMfna: Pa.. 7-12, 
__.. Majestic, CUlcago.* t-is/ 7 - ' 
(tOJtoii Comedy Four, Empire, Uobflltcn, 

Brewer, Oscar, Acme. ' Norfolk, Vs., -742. 
BrlttCLb. Tbe.-Albambra, Paris, France, 7-31. 

Bracbard, Mlfe., BIJou. Winnipeg, Can., 7-13. 
Broad, Lilly. Star, Braddock, Pa., 7-12. 
BratUerdl, The, O. H., Fasten, Pa., 7-12 ; O. BT., 

AHentowD, 14-19; ft Larano, 0. 0. II., Grand Rapids, Mlcb., 

7-12.. ■ , 

BrUtOD, L. Taub, Cryatal. AniVrrsoo. Ind.. 7-12. 
BMndiUiOur. Great, Anuory, Bingham ton, N. Y., 

Hrn*iir> ft- WNraof,, Green Bay, Win., 7-12; 

FJjou. Marinette,. 14-10. 
Bruhonettea.' Uyding, Bt. Jobu. N. B„ 7-12; Pas- 

timfc «. Y: C' 1440. 

3mm/ Harry. A., Family, Davenport,' la.. 7-12. 
nniit. Morrla, ft Co., Holbaway's, Jewell, Mass., 

7-PJ. •■■:..' 

Burke ft Demsey. Keith's, Phlla., 7-12, 
BuVtoii A Brooks. Hopkins', Loutsrllle, bTy., 742; 
-Grand, MempbU, Tenn., 14-10. 
Hnrkc, Dan. KpMLVn. Pro?ldeni-e, 7-12. 
BqBIi,> Frank, Colonial, N. Y. C, 7-12. 
Bnncri. Johnny, Jr., ft Co.. Grand, Hamilton, O., 
,7-12; Orpueiim; Sidney, 14-10. 
Rurklicrl, ,0.. 8heedey's, Fall Blrer. Mass., 7-12. 
BiftLo. Ben, Gent. Lynn, Mass., 7-12.' 
Burke & Bodey,- Boalsbarg, Pa.. 7-12. 
Biickcye Trio,. Lyric, Mloux. la.. -7-12. ■• 
Burt Broa., Kmpire. St. Paul, 7-12. 
Brjdworlb 4 We)l«.- Crystal, Frankfort, Ind., 7-12; 

CryatM, Elrfooil, 14-10. 
Htjcklryo. Muolcal, Merldeu. Couu.. 7-12. 
Byron A l.nnMun, a. 0. II., Indianapolis, 7 1"; 

Olympic. Oblcato, 14-10. 
BMM ft Herman, ■ Poll's, Worcester, Mass., 7-13; 

Poll's, Sprlnftfleld, 14-19. 
Bjrne-Keiiyon,. Four. Stnr, BeatlK Wart.. 7*12.. 
CatTerr t rant,' Lowell, Mass., 7-12; Lawrence, 

J4-10. . •- 

Carters, Hie, Lyric. DauWllc, III., 712; Indus- 

.trial. Mollnc, 14-10. 
Carberry ANellsoo. Wallace, Idaho, 7-21. 
Gasper ft Clarke, Ualety, Wheeling, W. Vu., 7-12, 
Casttds. 2V>, EUaky, Macramento, Cal„ 7-12. 
Cate Family. Grand, Hammond, Ind., 7-13; Ma- 
jestic, Cincinnati, 14-10. 
Carrie, Mile., Bljon. La Cross,. Wis., 712; Unique, 
• Enu Claire, 14-19. 

Carlton, Bessie, Jeflcr's, Sagina«-, Midi.. 7-13. 
■Call. . Katbeflne, Lyric, Altoooa, Pa., 7-12. 
Cartmells (2),' Columbia, St. I^ouis, 7-12. 
Carroll, Nettle,' Poll's, Worcester, Mass., 7-12; 

'Poll's, Hartford, Conn.. 14-10. 
OrimcKin ft Flanacaii, - Union Square,' N. Y. C 

.7-12; ..' -.— " 

Carmen Trouie, Sliea's, Ban*41o. N*. Y.. 7-12 ; 
. Spen's, Toronto, Cau v 14-10. 

^75lYt>ti- T Atc.. N.-t: 6:,;'i4-iV : r ■ : : "' 

AtlUlflon A Hehion,. Kceney'i*. New Britain, Conn., 

ArdtD," Abel,, ft Co., Orphejim,- Bkln.. .7-12. 
SSB Bros.. Victoria,. X. Y.C., 7-12. 
J&BSk, ',!■#*, Columbia. . St. Louis, 7-12; Uay- 
"^tfHct, CUICagO, 14-10. 

CeipjtafDe.-Alclde, Orpbeutn, Boston,. 7-12. 
Csfrlton & Tine, Majntlc. Little Roc" 
12- Majestic. Dallas, Tes., 14-19- 

Camera, A. K.. Olytrlplc. Chicago, '7-12. 
Cht1'|1I*1Ib, The. Lyric. Cletelund. 7-12; AWarauo. 

Bay City; Midi.,' 14-10- 
Caninms (ystcru Hi. Haymarkct, Chicago, 1 7-12. 
Oapitle & Fona. Crystal. Detroit. 7-12. 
Curler A- Waters Co., Orphcum, Beadlog, Pa., 7- 

ifflT'duSKTlijililc,- Erie, P.'..-7.18i L'rric, C^llc Com«I, Trig, Jclret., S„l,.w, Mich., I* 

'lAifeFuml.' O., 14-lk. 
Amjfrtta &' Ikirkc, O.iH.. Fltclilwre. : M.a... T-12. 
AttitDD k Katie, Lrceuui; HprldgOeld, O., 7-12; 

•Bfjiro. tanria, in.. 14^10; ' ■■ 
Atljtp" & Marline, Cblc^o uuslc Hill. Haruia, 

tMUUihi, Tike! Lyceum, Srirlngfletd.'.O., 7-12. 
iSug, Lllllou, Jeltera. tfuglna*. Mlcb., '7-1S. 
Alkluion. (Seo., Mujeslle.' l.a Satle. 111., 7-12; 

<Ftto»$. 1 I.,voii8.'Ik.,'.UTl».. ' ' „ 

i'uer • ft Oiiii.. Nallunol, steutcutllle. 0., 7-1! i 

"nation. Marlwi. 14-11). „:,'',, „, ... 
lifflk. Great. Oajctj-, Kprln^Beia, 111,, 7-12; 

-rtmllr. DaTCDpert, la., 14-1D. ■ 

Alufcr. 0e«.. 4, Co., liaii.Iro, Houc-ken. N. .T-, 7-12. 
avSuuh.' .TomIiiv. KcltU'i. CWeland, O., 7-12: 

AluSiu, Tom A Frank, Majeadc^ Cli!c.go..7-12. 
Avoloe. MuhIcbI (4>. Urpucuin, DeuTer, ,7-12; Or- 
' ruin. .Kousaa City. 21-3«. 

AVOii. Comedy Four, Main St. Peoria. 111.. 742, 
AtHK Sidney, * Co., Oaaic's, 1 WMlilngton, D. 0., 
■'7-12, ' ' - "■' " ' 

Barry 4 Halters. Lytic.- AltoMj, l'a^ 7-12. 
MJfti).* I'drrest. Oalety. Wueelins. W. V... 7.12. 
B«r& Katie; Keltli*,. Boston, 712. _ 

Uatl»> 4t- Auatln. Obase'a, Partington, D. C, 


llanl'niion, ', Sid. • Belle. Nevr PawWcket. ! 
• luk"l, -U.. I-.-7-12; Howard. Boston. 14-1». 
Uakiir l ..De Vote, & 'Humroer, Uarrlck, .Wllralagton, 

B-»5{i*Brea«eale Duo;. HatUatiay'l,' Lowell, Mad.. 
•T-fi: 'Plftallcltl.- 14-10. • •" „: „. , 
lWfr>,-Mr. *.Mr». Jimmy. Poll's. Waterbury, 

Oooi'.. 7-12;. Poll',. Hartford, 14-10. ■ . 

ttarfloldi'sCbekatoot, K. * P., Jersey Oily, N. J., 

Bantti! Mr. : 4. Mrs! - Frederick.' Family, Da.cnnort, 

■li".7-12; Olympic. Cblcago. 1410. 
tLSSr. I'pni; nlnplrr. Fatelaon, N. J., 7 ; 
HaStn Bris., Noieltr. Stockton, Cal., 7- 

" '.tiyir- '*■ 

12; WJC- 

ixiultr, W;, BIJou. Kalamazoo. '-Mlcb., 7-12. 
Hathawsy's, Lowell," Mass., 

iiui. Sim' Fi'kh., 14-19. 

&. IX)UlC, W;, Bl' 
;tik>,' Morris & Oo; 
pl2. " 

BUrWf.*. Velio Troupe, BIJou.'- Dubuque, la., .- 
-1>-: Dominion, Wlttnlpcg.-Can.,, 14-10.. • , 
ndM*t*upnuj The; Kcltll'a, ■ Boston, 7-12. .- 

ItoSue-.Qt(QrXttte.,G. 0. H,.PUtaburg, r-12. _ 
gamwa-LancaBter Co., Proctor a Troy NY. *- 

Balfoy A Fieket'CO. H-, Lewlstoii; "Be., 7-12; O: 
W' Bangor, 14^19. ■ - ' ■ '„ - „ 1B) : ■ . 
Hatftys. The, Auditorium, -Lynn. Mass., .-12. . 
lhtt|iw;'Btaar^.AlbHmbrn,.N..Y..0.r-7-12. -- • 
llaillo.. Vl|o, Braileiiunrg's, Phlla.. 7-12. . 
BAniito's JJege. ;Gothnm, Bklh.,' i*|»V*,, ■■ 
»tJt.BlfirrH">n'»rket,.Chicage, 7-12, Olympic, 

H^'reTOst-Trio, Lynn, Mass., 7-12; Lowell, 14- 

IfflWL -Doinir « dog.' Honkln's.' Loulsrlile; 7-12. 
llentinunt & Wayne. Olympic;: Chicago. .7-12.- . 
ImSfttV' Laura; Lafayejtc,. Detrtlt. '■ T;|2. . . 
Peyev.Ben. Atlantic Garden. -NyY..C..j«;12.,-, 

.jKioiK-.Bro,,., Keltb'H, ■ Boatod, 7-12 J : KcltU k, 
■ ProTldciice, It. L, H"-10. * —'• I ;..- .,'. 
Hill.-.CiyaUiI. -Grund,. Dcflauce,- 0-, ,jM2. • , 
ififllT i fllllrii Trent. Trenton," N. J.,'7-12. ■ 
BWfrlo^Coloiital, : N. Y. C. 7-12."- - ; *. „, 
lfcile II : Kroa.. O. H-, Blddeford,' MO.; ,7-12 ; 0- Hi, 
Uwell, M.as8.,14-19.- . ■■ }• •■■-.,. ' 
nCriw * Clrcun; Prottor'a.- Ncwark.-N._J.: 7-12. 
13 bllmflii.-. Lulu. 'Globe,- 8t.-Louls,,7 r 12, • 

^"OtMbeum, Omalio. -Neb.,- 14-19. 
HclleliElre Bt * 

Bel)eialrc- Bros'., - Proctor^.: Albany. I N. -Y/.r 7-12. 
lldliWlct.- I*w^:A. A S., Boston, -7-12. . 

iteo^^^ & ervi. a. p.- h.. Pittsburg.' 7-12.' 

UeHtfVala,' Arthur, & Co., Crystal, Anderson, ,lnd„ 

,7% rCryital. Kokoaio,' M-TB. '„ ' '* ~ 
WorrJli:o,A,Mn t tis)t,.BlJou, Qnlncy, HI., 7-12; Gar- 
TrRk. llurHt.irton.;ia...H-10.; , ^_ 4 , ,;',._'„'■ - 
IfarlMre. .Valerie. A Co., Teriible, Detroit, 7-12. 
liefllfi I. -Uoiidt ft doif, Hopkins', LouIbtUIc, 'Ky„ 
^T-t2-;.orpboum..New.Orlcanj,, .14-lfl.i -. .. 
Boattlea.'The. Family, Plrta'too. HnJSf--,.. ,, 
BHUvlMcyele. Crytttai; Den+cr, .7'12; Earl, Pueblo, 
THflOi'- 1 ■■ " -•-' ■■■ • -" ■ 

BlitllB.' Hli'ms A Bltiiis. Orn^eum, Boston, -7-12. 
DiKu Circus, Family.' Elinlra. -N.;Y.,:7 : 12:Fam- 
^r, 'WlfllkmarloTt: Pd.. M-lO." '* ,.,.„,_ 

Ituiim-Bouiui, B-r.r.r,,BIJpu. necalur,:III.,.7-12j 
Ulu'^lnc.-'Mr. A Mm., star, Donoru. Pa., MS; 
y !Tur, !Hfiap/tfll^ •■ . ' 
IIUcV. yUm, Orpbrum, Ullca," N. Y., .7-12.. 
BIpinV". ■-»., & Co., SaToy.'Hamlltoa, Caa., 7- 

HlVci ' & Jones, ■ Orpbeum. Bin . Fran.. Cat., . 14-20 ; 
• (Jvtibi'Uin. Los Angles, 28-Feb.lO. ■. 

mSr *-Usnc, -BIJou, Qutncj.-.H!.. 7-12; Bljnu, 

lloll^r Jolui.f Loutee,. SbeuJs,, Toronto,. Can., 7- 
. fijV. Temple.' Detroit, 14-10; . "■.„.„ „. 
lluriTllM,' Arthur; Star, Donora, Pa.. . 7-12; Btar, 

M0lt'rt^*- , n " I-.-10. ■■•'?'*•' 
Hi-ley/ Miiyl ft Poily Girls, I'UrWia 0. II., N. Y. 

^..Utiriiel.1 BrudeuhurKb*r«.:Plin*.,,7-t2. 

enroll & Doyle, Grand, Bkln., 7-12. 

Cnmpbell A' Johnson, ShUisan, Frankfort. Aus., 7- 

-.Jfl ; Lolften, Magdeburg, Germany. March 1-31. 

Caron-& -Herbert. Kellh'H. Mancheater, N. H., 7- 

Carfcitio. Mile.. Orpbium, Mansfield, 0., 7-12; Or- 

'pblun;. Chllllcvthc. 14-19. 
Carjx.ii & WUlar-l. Union Square, N. Y. 0., 7-12; 

'.Keith's, ProTldeucc, It. I., 14-19. - 
CnrrolHun & Hodges, Grand, Tacotua, Watb., 7- 

12; Grand, PorTland, Ore., 14-10. 
Care A Llnd, Hcnuett's. i^ndou. Can.. 7-12. 
Carletoi.. At, Blica'a, Toronto, Can., 7-12; G. O. 
■ St., Indianapolis, 14-10. 
Cliai-in. Benjamin. Orphcum.' Boston, 7-12. 
CheKter, Mile., II. A B., Bkln., 7-12. 
CIltaKO ,' Newsboys' Quartette. BIJou, La, 

Wis... 7121 Crilnue, Knu Claire, 14-10. 
Cliadnlck Trio. Novelty, Bkln.. 7-12. 
Chirrko. Columbia, Cincinnati, 7-12. 
Clieralo; 8ig.. Pastor's. N. Y. C, 7-12. 
Cherry Slate™, People e, Learenwortb, Knu., 7- 

Cfileras m, Columbia, Cincinnati, 7-12. 
Clcrkx-ontos, The, Grand, Glasgow. Scotland, 7-26; 

Emplre.-Llierpool, Eng., 26-Feb. 2. 
Clark A. Hahson, A. ft H., Boston, T-12. 
CllTp-d. Mile.. Bra-Jen burg's. .Phlla.. 7-12. 
Clccdoila, . Mildred. BIJou. Norfolk, Va., 7-12. 
CHlfonl ft Ortb, Calumet, Cblcago, 7-12; Grand, 

Milwaukee, 14-10. ' 
Clark,, Harry .Corson. Orpheum, Boston, 7-12; Or- 

n'henm. Uilca; N. Y' 14-19. 
CIlfTrr-i ■& Bnrkc, Keith's, Boston, 7-12.- 
Clurke, John -F..- Colon Square. N. Y. C., 7-12. 
Clsrh'. Georglha, Orpbeum, Salt Lake City, Utah, 
.7-12.' .*-*■•- 
Coltpn. Irola. . Star, MoncsK'U, Pu., 7-12; Gem, 

•Moiiuiijjiliela, 14-10-' 
Collin. Row,. A" Co., H. ft B.. Bkln., .7-12. 
c'o'.t'lMiid ft Collins. Empire, St. Paul. 7-12. 
Cuniiity ft . BlcBrlde, . Hatbawpy'o, Lowell, Mass., 

CpoitY-i MaiHsou,-Proctor*B, Newark. N. J., 7-12. 
Colllna k IlawJcy, BIJou, Dulutli. Minn., 7-12. 
C-ililhibia. Comedy Four. G. 0. H., Syracuse, N. 

Y M .T.7-12. 
ConnelW, Hugh; O.; II.. Elmlra. N. Y.. 7-12. 
Con-* Conrad, Colntubns, O;. 7-12; Toledo, 14-10. 
Cqrway.. Ferry. Keith's,- Phlla., 7-12. 
Cole 'ft Coleman. Lyric, Jopllu, Mo., 7-12; Lyric, 
.SpriDirneld, 11-10. 

Counulln.1 Jas.-X.. Family, Lancaster, Pa., 7-12. 
Cox; Family Quartette, Star, Elglo, 111., 7-12. 
Co burn. Billy, O. IL, Canton, 0., 7-12; O- H,, 

.-East Liverpool, 14-10. . 
Cowper, Jlmmle. New London, Coua., 7-12; New 
Britain, 14-10. . ... ... 

OoUlns .ft .Hart. HaymaTkct, Chicago, 7-12; 

■Olympic, Cblcago, 14-10. ; „ . . „ , 
CuluUiopc-Jane -ft, Co., Proctor's, Newark, N. J., 

Cogan -ft -Bancroft,' Keith's, Columbus, 0., 7-12. 
Connors ft Aldert. Fatally.' Scrruitou. Ps., 7*12. 
Conroy, Jobn A Mamie, Industrial. Mollnc. 111., 7- 

: 12;- Lyric, Lincoln, Neb;, 14*10.' »- • A 
Cobao. Josephine, ft Co., Armory, Blngbanitou, 
.. N. Y., 7-12. 

Coleman. Al.,BlJou,Qulncy.' 111., 7-12. 
Conors ft Raymond, Union Bouare, N. Y. 0. 7-12, 
Colonial Septette. Ye, Victoria, N. Y. 0., 7-12. 
CoY. Bay, ^Keith's, ProTldrace, T-12. 
Com-olly ft Klelue, Haymurket, Cblcago, 7-12. 
Oook. Frank, A. ft SI. ' Boston, 7-12. 
Cook ft Stevens. Savoy. Hamilton, Can., 7-12. 
Oonnelly, Edward f Co,, Keith's. Boalou, 7-12. 
(botte.s. The, Gotham. Haiti.,- 7-13. ■ 
Cotton's Comedy -Monkeys, PaESalc, PflSBalc, N. 

• i., 7-12;Keeney's, Bklu., 21-20. 
OresBV ft Uavito, O.O. H., Pittsburg, 7-12. 
Cfdhln. MorrlM, Harlem' O. H..N; Y, 0.. 7-12. 
CVaVford. Ollfton, Keith's, Cleveland, 0., 7-12; 

-Cook. Ilbchester.N.Y..; 14-10. . 
Crabc, Mr, ft Mrs. Garduer, Maryland. Baltimore, 

'.7'12; ':.•.■" ' ' --" 

"Crt*," ' Marlon. Marlon, O.. 7-12; Priucc-11, 

.JtajteseHfc.< 14-10. 
Cratfe Bros.. 23d St., N. Y.'C. 7-12. 
OnhnJngbam, > Bob ft Daisy, . Crcsent, Gbaupalya. 

CuOn'ltitbam, Bob ft Daisy, . Oresent, GbatnpalKO, 
" , .: 7-J2. 

Do-Barr. Harry; Gaiety, Wheeling. W. v a „ 7-13. 
pm'mUsa. dogu, CIrco Bell, Uexlcu City, 

Mexico. 710. 
Deooso 4k McDonald, Imperial. Protldcnee, R. I., 

712: Columbia. Boston. 14-10. 
De>Graw Trio, Marlon. Flndlay, 0., 7-12; Grand, 

Grand Baptds. Mlcb.; 14-19. 
IXJ-A-Phoiic, Lyric. Mobile, Ala., 7-12; HI Joe, 

Brans^llle, fid., 21 -W. ' ~ 

t^ Uonlcn,. The. Unique. pantUle, III., 7-12., 
DechasteU Slaters, 0. H., WoohsockeL «.T., T- 

Hee/Rny. Olymulc, Orangeburg. S. C, 712, 

Do Vara ft Curtis, Btjon, I'reepdrt, , 111.. T-lfit 

'BlJ.M].,Kcnoshn, Wla,, 14-10.' • •' •;"'• •* 

Delmar, JemiK Star, Atlanta, tin., T-.'H. 
Del-no, Gem, Mooonuuhcla City, Pa.. 7-l2;,Star, 

Jeanetle. 14-10. ■ • - , '<."'• 

80 Vllbls. Great. O. H., Oleao. N. Y^. T-13( •, 
Uon ft Anger. II. A 11.. Bkln.. 7-12. 
Sill ft Ward, Pnictor'a. Albany, N. Y.. 7-lt». 
I -con k Field", BIJou. Danville, HI., 7-12;Tcouplr, 
, Ft. Wayne, 1ml.. 14-19. 
Dixie Heicnadera. Sheedy's, Fall Birer, Uajs., 7- 

DUou, Bowcra A DlXOQ, Main St., Peoria, III., 7- 

Dixon Bros., Oryital, Milwaukee, 7-12; Gaiety, 
• ■■ite-tlfit-i;. 111.. 14-10. 
Diamond ft fmltb, K. ft P.. Jeraey City, N. J., 

712; Shcn's. Buffalo. N. Y.. 1410. „ , 
VlHton, Meilollne, Dcnvliitg's, LogaUBlxirt, lo-J., 14- 

10; Sine'*.. Kokomo, 21-M. 
Di^ftn. Jim S., DewOy. Mlnivcu polls. 7-12. 
DIette A Motln, O. 11., I.yrm. Mass., 742- 
Dorcl. Klcanor, KelthV. Boston, 7-12. 
Don -ft Tbomnaon, Main St., Peoria. Ill,, 7-12. 
Dorscli A rtutsell, Trent. Trenton. N. J„ 7-12. 
Don, Emma. Palace, Liverpool* Eng., 7-10; Em- 
pire, Wolverhampton, 21-26. 
Dowley. Joe, Manhattan, Norfolk. Va., 7-12. 
DoVle ft Fields. Vaudette. Cblcauo,' 742. 
Doiicriy's Pootllea, Armory, Blughaniion. N. V., 
. 7-12. 

Deherty Slaters, Poll's. Hartford, Conn,, 7-12. 
Doyle ft Granger, Crystal, Ellwood, Ind.. 7-12. 
Drew, Dorothy, Majestic, Chicago, 7-12; Huy- 

market, Cblccgo, 14-10. 
Dressier, Msrtc, Colonial, N. Y. O., 7-12. 
IHmbn'rs. Casting (4), Dockntuder's. Wllmloglon. 

Del.. 712, m ' 

Dupres, Fre-1, Bradenburg's, Phlla., 7-12. 
Dtmiond, Daisy. Colonial, Lawrence, Mess., 7-12. 
Duncan, A. 0., Majeetle. Cblcago. 7-12. 
Dnpont, Mary, ft Co.. Empire, Palermo, N. J.. 

Du Bo Ik. Great. Family. Shamoklu, Pa., 7-12 ; 

FamllT. WIIIlAmipoTt, 14-10. 
Dblxils. Prof.. Poll's, Bridgeport. Conn., 7-12. 
liuto-i-neilcay Traune. Trent, Trenton, N. J., 7- 

12; Proctor's. Troy, N. Y., 14-10. 
Dnrrnd Trio, Olympic. Chicago. 7-12. 
Dyllyn. J. Bernard, Bijou; Belolt, Wis., 7-12. 
Early ft Late, BIJou.. Green Bay, Wis., 7-12; Bi- 

■JOU.Mnrlrtette.14.lP. . 

Eirl ft Bartlett, Armory, Biaghsmton. N. T., *• 

Ebbet't,' Fraox ft Co.,' Colonial, Lawrence, Uaa.*., 

Eckefft Warner, New Orleans, 7-12; Kansi* City, 

Edwirds, Jennie, Gaiety, Wheeling, W. Va„ 7- 

Ed<wards, Maude, Savoy. Hamilton. Can., 7-12. 
Edwards, Tom. Maryland, Baltimore, 742; 0. O. 
TU.. Pittsburg. I4-I4r. ■ . 

Edonlo ft Edwards, Orphenm, San Fran., Cat., 7- 

Kllnore Sisters. Vatentlue/ Toledo, o., 7-12; 
, Keltb'e, Pbllu.. 1449. 
Elliott, Jack, Atlantic Garden, N. T. C, 742. 



norll.11. Arlhiir Ai Mildred. Keeney*8. Bkln.. 742. 
Bpr»H & NcTan.. Union Square. N. Y.-C; _742. 

■mvorp*. "ni»i» 

WVY.. 742r0 

UrtiHt A Benson. 

Brunei A Kiissell 

|iL - 

8b> d. Turkey.- Crri-iriil, Chainnulgn. III.., 74-!. 
Hiqlldnck.Quarlqtte. Original, Temple. Ft. Wayne, 
lp«jT 7-li!: "BIJou. Liinslng. Mich., 1440. 

WalteTH 'Av Crooker. RleunwoU. -Oawcgo, 
' *";-0. IL. OgdeDSburg, 14-19. 

*, JeffcM. Haglnaw, MlcOi.t 742. 
. lliHiaeli. Orpbeum. St. Paul, 7-12; Do- 
oi((i-oii. Winnipeg;, Can., 14-10. 
Hi-JJll **: Uinill. Keith's, Providence, 7-12. 
Br.van: ft Suvllle, Jeffera, ,«ug|naw, Mich., 14-19. 
"fiiiify * DavlP A.- A «,. Bo-ton. 7-12. 
Brlabt 'Bros., rHIppodrome, > Hull, Bug., 21-2R; 

JWiyal.- Oldbani, 28-Feb. 2. 
Brooke ft Jeanetle. Kllte, ItOCk lxtund. HI., 7-12. 
Itrl.Wii Pro*, ft Kealey, ilarrlck, Burlington, la., 

;7-12;'BIJou,-Dtibuque. 1440. 
Ur-ofij* ft Voider. K<--1tb'K. Mrtnclieslcr. N. IL, '- 
12;-'lloward, - Bunion, 14-10. 

-> u «;iiigbam ' A Smith.. Orpbeum.' Lima, 0.. 7-12. 
CoB>BlngB. Wava. Olympic, Chicago, 7-12. 
Davis, Mark ft' Laura, Bradcnburgn's. ' Phlla.. /•• 
- 12. ' ' 
DnVeiitiort.' Alice, Keith's. Providence, 7-12. 

3 njy. Arnold ft Co., --Shea's, Toronto, Can.. 7-i2. 
ante.*.' Waiter. Lyric, Altoouu, Pa.. 7-12. 
DnVla ft Walker,. Allentown,, Pa., 7-12; Eastou, 

■14-10.'" ■ • 

Daiipourt, Bcrns, Washlngtoa. Buffalo, N. V., 
Dilly'A Dei-erc, Proctor's, Newark, N. J., 7-12. 
"Danclng-Daliiva," Empire, Pateraon. N. J.,. 7-12. 
Dully Bros- Oalety. Wheeling, W. Vs.. 742. 
"Dainty Four," GtJtb St.. N. Y. C, 7-12. 
D'AImU'b Monkeys. Colonial,. It y c. 742. 
Ungwell, -Aurle. DSth .St., N. Y. C. 742; Pf«-. 

t*r.' S , T?oy. N. Y., 14-10. 
Dv 'F«>e' Slaters, Oolonlut. Lawreece, Mass., 7-li, 
DoCoi-, Harry,- Bijou, Lansing, Mlcb., 7-12; Bt- 
'Job. 'Alpeha, 1440. w . , 

De'.Witt, BuriiH ft Torrance, Albambra, London, 
' l-itulaifil.' 7-Feb..2.. 
Doerad. -Ilulitrl— Butte, Mont.. 14-10. ■ 
De^lruu T1-J0. Jeffer's, Saginaw, Mlcb., 742. 
DMIiloft>1, Wb-'A. ft H-, Boston. 742. 
He Cpujo, Cbaa. ft dog. Orpbeum, Kaunas City, 
•"fl-M 1 ."" - -- 

De Orsch.Mauile. Empire. St. Paul, 742. 
Delpb'lno ft Delroora. Kellh's. Ronton. 742. 
DeHilog, Arthur, llopkin's, Loulavlllc. Ky., .7*12; 
. Ilopllli>, McinnblK. Tcoo.. 14-19.; 
Derden. .bave, Yale's, Kansas City, Mo.. 14-19. 
DemoiUo- ft' Belle. Family', Hatelton, Pa,, 7-12; 

Furally. CsrUndale, 14-10. 
Di'-Blnker'K dove, Norristutvu. Pa,',. 742; Pater- 

r w0, N. J. . 14-10.' 
D's^teliV Slitters, Poll's. Sikrlnnfleld, MWq 7-12. 
pffiitf A Dexter,. 0. IL, Pateraon. N. Y„ 742. 
fkjHrr Al.. Temple. QmbML -742. • ■ 
Dclmore, Mlaneo,. Novelty. Bklo., 7-12, 
LVr-lti. J»s. T.. FlHber'H,' I>oh Anirelcs,- Cut-. 7> 

12; Empire, San DIrgo, 14-19. 

rranhs, Wilson. G. 0. H., I'lttsburf, 7-12; fnlo-j 

Stjuare. N. V. C, 14-19. . 

"Puturlty Winter," Baratol O. li., N. Y. a. T* 

Ointnsr A Maddetn, Majestic, Dallas, Teg,, 7-12; 

Sfirereport. La., 1447. 
•aardner Trio, g. O. U.. Ofab<l rtipl-Ja, Mlcb., 

7-12: .: • 

Gnnlnar, Htppy .Inck, Olympic, Cbleaio, 7-12; 

Orphemta, Salt Luke- City. 31-2*. 
RBhJrer ft Betrn>. Onibeum, Kansai- Oily, 7-12. 
tlartrelietr, The, Cbaae's, Washington, I). C, 7-12. 
(.trrlr-on. Jnien ft Kiln, Howard, in-l.m. 7-12. 
fiabrlef. Maater ft Co., CNth St., N. Y. 0., 7-13. 
Girfleif Trio, Olympic. Cblcago. 742; JctTerV, 

laguaw. Mleh.. 14-10. 
Hillailher A Barrett. II. .ft R.. Bkln., 743. 
<;«f!ei|e. Byo*.. ChatwV, Wasbtnilon; D. 0., 7- 
. 12: Manrlnnd. Baltimore. 14-10. ' 
Osrlord, ■ mm ■ Hnymsrket, Clilcago, 7-12; 

Colombia, St. Louis. 14-10, 
, GHtmonx, The. Empire, ll-.bnken, N. J. ,7-12. 
Glilor ft Graff, Howard, Huntington. W. Va., 7- 

OlVln ft rlntt. Family.- BcrantOB. Pa.. 7-1S. 
Ganllner OhllrlrfO (Ji). Majestte, Dallas, Tex., 7- 
.13; Mnjesttc, llminton, 14-10. 
riennre, EVlwtn. BIJou, Flint. Mich., 742; BIJou. 

Aifi-lan. 1440. . 
UIHIhan ft Murray, LyHe, Mobile. Ala., 742; 
. 'MaJeellc, Bttmluglitiui. Alu., 14-10. 
, H'.iTtllnira, The, Lyceum. Springfield, 0.. 7-12. 
Gllfrjll, Hurry. Hbeu's, Hurtithi. N. V., 742. 
Oilrcrt, Tom. CliaKe'M, WaaHnafrti, 1>. C, 7-13.' 
Girbert. ■ Grace. -BradcnbuTBh's, Phlla.. 742. 
Glllmore ft Carroll, Crystal, Rock Iiland, III., 

•t-12; Golct>, Oalest.nrg. 14-10. 
Giiroy. hJM A Montgomery, Majestic. Ft. 

Worth, Tex.. 742. - 

Glbhons, Edytbe, Orpheum. Reading, Pa.; 7-12. 
Ollbert'a Circus, Crystal. Detroit. T-12. 
<lll*oii ft Nasb. Empire. Springfield, 111.. 7-10. 
(llefiroy, James Itlohmond. Garrlck, Wlliulnitoii, 

Ddl., 748; Voung'a Pier, Atlantic City, N. J., 

14-10. . . . . -T" 

Oleason, John A Bertha, ft Fred Houlihan, Until- 

awaj'a. New Bcdfurd, Mass.. 7-12. 
Ulenroy ft Itmaell. Maleatlc. Madison, Wis., 14- 

10; Crystal. Milwaukee, 21-20. 
Ootttoh, Mr. ft Mrs.. Dominion, Wlunliteg, Can,, 

7-12; People's. Cedar llnpids, la., 21-211 
Uomners, Sadie Julia, PolPs, KpWngtleM. Mans., 

(^fdftii ft Doyle. Ornheum, Clillltcotbe, 0„ 7-12; 

Orpheuin. Portsniouili, M-tii. 
Gordon, Cliff. Harlem O. II,, N. Y. C, 7-12. 
<;<c.k>u A Chacon, Star, Bkln.. 7-12; Ualetr, 
- Bkln,, 14-10. 
(limluiis, BouiHlliig, Slf>edyX Fall Blfer, Ms*.-., 

MMsmlth ft Hoppe, II. A a.. N. T. C, 7-12. 

Grant. Sydney. Victoria, N. Y. C 7-12.. 

(ireenc ft Werner, Ilaibaway'a,* Lowell, Mass., 7- 

(Irant'ft Hoag. IL ft B., Bkln., 7-12. 
Urecn Bros., BIJou, Canton, O.. 7-12. 
Grade ft Keyiioltts.. Folly, Chlcogo, 7-12; Star. 

- Milwaukee. 1449. 

tirecley A- Gregory, HIJoU,' Canton, O., 7-13; l.a- 
plre, Ashtabula Harbor. 1440. 
Grafs, Herr. StU Arc., N. Y. 0., 7-12. 
Gray A Graham, Empire, Prorldence, B, I., 7- 

12; Columbia, Boston, 14-10. 
Graham. R. H., Ubase's, WaablDgloa. D. 0., 7-13. 
Gnrer ft Crlanl, Mb Ave, N. Y, C, 7-12. 
Hsbiinond, Mr. * Mrs. Ctias, D,, Learenworth, 

•■Knii.. 7-12.- ' ' ^ 

Halleu A Fuller, NiJealk, Ft. Worth. Tei., 7-13. 
llarrtgan. 1'runk ft Sadie, Dulutli. Mtnn., 1449, 
Haiinoii A Nelson, Orpticum. Kansas City, 7*12, 
Hauleys, Tlie, Lyemuii. Sprlngflehl, O.. 742. 
Hui'lein BruM., Hradciihurgb'a. Phlla., 7-12. 
Hnnilltoii. Anu, ft Co., Majestic, Han Antonio, 

Tex. " ' 
-lalghl _ 
Unit. Will, BIJou. Dutiitb, Minn., 7-fl 

mil bi; issikii ib. so, \w4 ,: 


8l«o2)il8.'«..... ~. »IS-'» 

slue, 1 4 ...,..■.,«,.... So.oo 


Perlaub, ilDgle column |1K> 

Iddnis all uotnniattlcftllo&i to 


: 47 W. -4Hth Street, Naxv York. 

Klllotr; Be Ltilr k Elliott. BIJou, Bay City, Mich., 

;742: BIJou, Mu-Jkcgoti, 14-1W, 1 ■■■.... 

Emerson ft Baldu-ln.: Poll's, Bridgeport, Couu., 

742; Empire, Pnterson, N. J., 14-10. 
Emmy. Mm*., ft Pots, Orpbeum, Bkln., 742. 
limmet ft Siater. Uusc, Onli|ue, Diuivllk-, III.. 

Cuwiett, Etuten'c, BIJou. Superior, Win., 7-18; 
. Bljdh. \Vlmilp«. MiIij.. Can.. 14-10.- _ m 
Einpcrors of Music {4>, Majestic, Chicago, 7-12; 

Columbia, St. Luuis, 1440. 
Emery.. Maude, Colonial, Lawrence, Mans., 7-12; 

Poll's, Worcester. 14-19. '■ „ 

Empire Comedy Four, K. ft I'., Jersey City, N. 

J.. 7-12; Howard, Ronton. 14-10. 
Esmeralda Sisters, Auditorium, Lynn, Mbjb.. 7* 

Efliueratda, Orplicuiij. Kansas City. 14-10. 
Esjte Bros., Haymarkct, Chicago. 7-12. 
MM 'SIstew (»>, Ren's, Escanaba, Mich., « -12. 
EeerH. Geo. W., Majestic. Houston, Tex., 7-12; 
'Majestic, San Antonio; 14-10. 
Everhart, Temple. Detroit, 7-12; Moore i, Bocbt-a- 

icr. N. Y.. 1449. 
Evans Trio, Crystal, Elkhart, Ind., 7-12; Crystal, 

.Uosben, 14-10. 
Evans, George, Union Square, N. Y. C„ 742. 
Evelyn" Slaters, Family, Lancaster. Pa., 7-12. 
Exposition Four. Kelt b'fl, Mancbesler, N. H.. 7* 

Fade'ttc Orchestra, - Colombia, Cincinnati, 7-12 ; 

■ rTiwnect. Cleveland, -14-10. 

Far Sisters. BIJou, Mnakogee, I. T„ 742. 
Pagan ft Mcrrlam, Nlckelodlnu, Fall Ulver, iln.-s.. 

Fay,- Anna Eva, Majeallc. Cblcugo, 7-12. 

Farnum. Bud. Jcfters, Saglnuw, Mlcb., 7-12; 
: Family,- I-afayettc, Ind.. 1411). 

Fa-Mi. Hilly, Moss A Sloll Tour. England, 7* 
■June HO." 

Fay.'.EIfle. Orpbeum, Bkln.. 742. 

rcnx, Barry ft Barry, K. A P., Jersey City, N- J., 

Ferry, MoJCBtlc, .San Antonio. Tex.. 7-12; Ma- 
jestic, Ft. Worth, 1440. . • ■. __ t 

l'linei'. Mr. ft Mw. Perkins. Bell. Oakland, Cal., 
7-12; National, Sun. Fran., 14-28. 

mika -ft MeDofiongh. -Hopkins', l^-ulsrllle, Ky., 

■ 742; Hopkins'. Memphis. .Teiin., 1449. ■ 
Flrnt, Barney. BIJou. Culiton, O.. 7-12. 
Planer, Art, K"-ltb's. Phlla., 7-12. ■ 
Filipino Maids <5>, F.imlly. Scranton. Pu.. 7-12. 
Fltzuerald ft Olldny. Emiilw. Paterson, N. J., 

■ 742; Empire, Hohokeii. 14-10. 
Fltxgerald. H- V.. Koeiwy's, Hkli... 742. 
Millar A Burke, Columbia. Cincinnati, 7-12. 
Flnneys, The. Maryland, Baltimore, 742. - 
Fisher A Jolinsou, Majestic, Houston. Tei., 7-12; 

Majestic; Kan , Autonlo, 1440." -* - I ■ 
Fletdt ft W6lle>-, Portland, Portland. Mc, 7*12. 
FllEglblKHri-Mct'jy Trio, Auditorium, Lynn,. Mass., 
- -7-12. 
I-'Iorenco,. Sisters (8), Aumoiit. Moscow, Baiala, 

Floods! The. Atlantlo Garden, N. V. C, 7-12. » 

Flemt-ii ft Miller, Kellh'H, BoKton, 7-12; Keith's, 
Mancltr-slcr, N. II., 1440. 

Fords, .FomvSfld .St., N. Y. C, 747- 

riiKter A Foster, Victoria, N..Y.-0-. 'M2, 

Fox ft, Du Hall. 'iurrli'L. Btirlltiglon, Is., 7-12, 

l'ontlnelle. Myste.-iyun, Electric, Waterloo, la., 
7*12; Kilt'.-, Dnvcoporl, H'.JH. ' , ' . 

Fortes- A Korhoa. BrHdt-nbiirgli's, Pbllu,. 7-12. - 

Poster, Kd., ft Df.-g, Union Hm-sro, N. Y. C 

Fortune ft DatK Keith's. Columbus. O,, 742. 

Fox ft Summers. ■ HaytiiHrket. ChtcuKu. 743. 

Fred A Pauly. Kbea's, Buffalo.. N. Y„ 7-12. 

Vrmicellls. The. «. O. H.. Pltlsburg. 742. 

Frankel, Fantty. Bllou. K-rnoaba. Wis.; 7-12. 

nmSb Charles. BIJou, Strealor. 111., 7-12; Bi- 
jou. Kankakee, 14-10. ■ ..■**, • 

FradebJ,' Emms, Temple, Detroit, 743. ' 

France ft par-«us, Tlvotl. Newark, N. J., 7-13; 
K. 4« P., Jersey City.. 1440. - 

Frederick. Hebmu, Orphenm, Salt Luke City, 14* 
10; Orphenm, Denver, 21-2C. 

Ff-VniiHi ft Watson. Broadway, Mlddtehuwn, t\ , 
7-12; Orphenm. Poiismoatb, 14-10. 

Frlgotna.-Trlxle, Temple. Detroit. 7-12. 

WnSk* ft.Frariw, A. A;.S., It-«ion. 7-10. 

Hroslul, Orpbeum, Uilca, N. Y., 74Z. 

Irwin. Flo, Fumllf. Hcronlon, Pn„ 7-12. 
Irving, Pearl. Hoaton. Lowell. Mass.. 7*10. 
Itallau Trio, Hopkins', LouUrlllc. 7-12. 
Jacobs' Dogl. Albambra, N. Y. C, 742; Ljun, 

Mass., 1449. 
J-trkHon Family, Circus ' SldoU, Uamwrg. Ucr* 

many, 7-12. 
.TacVmns (3), Orpheom.' Davenport, la,. 7-12. 
.taiunn, Herr. .Lyric, Altoona, Pa., 7-12. 
Jackson, llnrry ft Kate, Jeffer's, Saginaw, Mich., 

Jerrtme. Nat S.. G. 0. IL, Pes Mnlncs. la., 10- 

12; Allinn-.l-.r-i. CblertSi,, U-2'l. . 
Jewell's Manikins, orpiienin,' Hklti.. 742. 
Jeiintncs ft Jea-ell, Cu«Iihj, Phlln., 7-13; BIJou, 

Ttaailltig. 1440. 
Jetinlnkts A Itenfrew. Auditorium, Qitcbce, Can.. 

7-18. .. . 

Jermue. Freetimnt ft .fereme, Novelty. Frenuo, 

< Ml.. 712: Kniplre, 1.™ Angclca, 14-10. 
.leiinrcA KINwortti, GruUtl. llnrallton, O.. 7-12. 
Johns, Jclnmy, Ilnyinnikct, Chicago. 7-12. 
JohiiHtoiit, Musical, Kf itli's. Boston, 14-10; 

Kellh's. Procldeiico, R. I., 21-20. 
Joiief. Irving, "rid St.. NY. <.'., 7-12., 
Joty. Eugene. Fiilou Sdnnre, N. Y. G.', 7-12. 
Jones ft ltnriooild. Oritbciim, Cbllllecttbe, 0., 7-12; 
Jones ft Itite. (I. o. it. . Iiidittiui oiit. 7-12. 
Jones ft Sutton. Empire. K11. Ailnms ,Ma*",, 7-12. 
Katea Br.H.. Lyric. I.lncntii. Neb.. 743. 
K 11 tii\ Ireouanl. Poll's, Worcester. Mass., 7-12. 
K-imeras & Foley. Ilowurd. Hoaton, 7-12. 
Knnfiii:iii Truupe. 2;hl Hi,, NV Y. C., 742; Uuton 

HiiliniT-. N. T. 0., 4440.. *' 

Kader, AlsVI, ft Wives, Ufaycttc. Detroit. T-12. 
Kmtvlll. Baltenl-erg, l^lpxtg, Gerinnny. 7-31. 
Kiirnala. J. F., Illusion Palac'e. Havaua, Cuba. 

7-20. * 

Karon. Pred, Poll's, Worceatcf. Mass., 7-12. 
Kelccy. Aifrwi, ft Co.. Orpbetnn. Malt Lake City, 

7-i-J; Orphcum, Denver. 11-10. 
Kelfe, /.eos. Wlieellug, W. Vn.. 742; Keith's, 

Pawiucket, K. L, U 111. 
Kerne. Matttc. ft Co,,. Washington 8pokaue, 

Wash.. 742. 
Kemps. The. Victoria. N. V. C, 742. 
Keno. Wrilsh ft Melrose. AltiambrH, N. V. C, 7-12. 
"entou. Dorothy, Hotiklris', IjOuIs 

Bljon, l.vniisvllte, lnd. t 1440. 
Kenney. Billy, Graud, Aurora, 111., 7-12; UlJua, 

l.a CrosNC, Wis.. 14-10. 
Kellr. li.. Lyeetiui. Sprinirfleld, O.. 7>12. 
Kelly ft Kfllsr, Grand, Columbus, 0., 7-12. 
Kelly ft AMqby, Mo** ft Stoll Tour, Kilg., 7- 

March 31. 
Ketncr Slaters, Glut*, St, Lonir.. 7-12. 
1-elli, .Tolni T., A Co.. Temple, Detrult, 7-12. 
Kennedy ft wiikeua. G: 0, IL, Pittsburg. M4ti. 
Kenny A Mollis, tVfioiilul. Lnwiencc, Mas-*., 7-12; 

12Jlli St.. N. Y. O;, 14-10 
King. Hnrrlnon,' A Co-, Colmnbiis, Olncltmutl. 7-12. 
KHiipiley ft l«trl)i. Keith's. BomUmi.' 7-12. 
KlpplliiK. Florence, Melronotltan. Uululb, Minn.. 

743; Dewey, MlnneowTlt-. 14-19. 
KMi>iiuira Jap Tranpc. Proctor's, Nuwark, N. J., 

Klnsons, 'The, Allniiihr., N. V, C, 17-2. 
I.lmbill Bros., Orulfum. Vnucuuvcr, li. O., 7-12; 

Grand; Virtorla, .14-10. . 
Klelst. Musical. Main Kt..- Peoria. III., 7-12 
Kulgbt Bros. A Snwtl-llc, Orphcum, HI. Paul, - 

14-10. r . 

Knowles, It. Q.t.Kteun-'s. Bkln., 7-12. 

Keenly Bre*., Orphhtto! New Urlrnus, 7-12; Hop* 

k|HH*, Me/iip]tls,,Tenii.. 21-20. . 
Kvbl.'Gus A MlrW, BIJou. Strpntor. III.. 7-12. 
Null, ft Marlow, Family. Hcruntini, Pa., .7-12. 
Kobei-H CO. tinlat.v. vTiicellng, W. Vu., 7-13. 
Kohler ft Murlun, I-'amlly, Freinout, O., 7-12. 

Kratunt, The, Him-ln-. PulcrsoB. N. J.. 7-12. 

' —, UrdtnlVfi' ' 

_ ,p, 1440. . 
Kremku Bros./Tt-wple, Drtrolt, 7-12. 

. w, KUiuir-'. _ 
Kretorc. Hruiidtfajr.' Mlddlcloii. O., 7-12; Marlon, 
Marlon. 1440. . 

Ilalghl ft Thomas, Ilaymarkct, Culeago, 7-12. 
Unit.' Will, BIJou, Dulntb, Minn., 7-12. 
IIUTltaud. Butler. Howard. Hoatoii. 742, 

Huypes. AL. Poli's. New Haven, Cemn.. T-12. 
Harrlgan,. James, Oth Are., N. Y. C, 7-12. 
Hawthorne ft Burt, K. ft P.. Jeraey City. N. J., 

Ifarveyn (4), Majestic, Chicago, 7-12. 
Unities, Nut, Columbia, St. Louis, .743. 
Hnrrln, Bcanrcgardo- A Co.. . BIJou, Muakegoa, 
Mich., 7-12; BIJou, Adrian. 14-19. 

Sarrlson, Minnie, Howard, Boston, 7-12. 
fttback ft Harris. CsHttC, BlCOtnlSgtUU, III.. 7- 
12; Grund, Jollet, 1449. ■- - ■ ' 

Hall, J.nilc May, Metropolitan, Tamps, Fit., 7- 

12 ; Albambra, tjarannab, Oa., 14-19. 
Hayes A Jolnisim, Purtlslid, Portland, Me., 7-12. 
Hsymuii ft Fronkllii, Touring Kiigtaud, 7-21. 
Hurdlman. Joe, Shoedy's, Fall Klver, MiSB., 7-12. 
Hanson Ik Drew, Bijou, Applctun, Wis., 7-12, 
Harney ft Huyues. Vouhg's Pier. Atlantic City, 
.. N. J., 7-12; Docks fader's, Wilmington, Del., 
„ 1*49. 
llnvH. I'M. C, Crystal. El wood, Ind., 7*12; Or- 

(rUi'iim, Columbui; II 10. 
Ilarcourt. Daisy, Orpheum, Utka, N. V., 7-12. 
HaMey, Fred E., ft Co., Mulu st„ Peoria. III., 

Hnrt'lngtun, Dnnlcl J., Keeocy's, New Britain, 
iCuon., 7-12. 
Helens, Edllli. Union Smiure. N. Y. C. 743. 
Ijeelcy A Meely, Sails, Antwerp. Belgium, IS-ttO; 
' Oil (.■uk Varloic, Co)>euliageii, Denmark. Fob. 1- 

'££¥* , • 

Hi'ltir {"liililrni, RiMndwry, Mlddli-towo. O.i 742; 

Mirlnii. Marlon, 1449. 
Henry A Francis, Portland. Portland, Me.. 7-12. 
HeSry A Ynnng, O. IL, Knoxviile. Teim., 742; 

*;0\ II. ; Wlnaton-Snlem, S. C, 14-10. 
Henry, Cnpt., Lyric. Cleveland, G., 743; Alva- 

. ra,(V.. Bay City. Mlcb.. 14-10. 
llenolngM. l/rwu ft Hrmilngi, .i'oll'n, Bridgeport, 
^Conp.. 7-12; Moore's, Portland. Mc, lf-10, 
iltdrlx A PreseoTt. Maiylaod, Baltimore, 7-12. 
Hcam. Tom. Royal, BlrmlOgbsB, Eng., 7-Fcb. 

I^rajd Stiuarc QuartcLle, Oarrlck, Wilmington, 

Herbert ft lingers, nth Are., N, Y. 0., 742. 
Herrmann, Great. Albambra, N. y. C, 7-12. 
Ilcrron. Bertie, II. ft li.. Ilklu., 7-12. 
Hewnan Trio, Ootbnm. Bkln., 7-13. 
Herbert. Frogman, Poll's, Waterbury. Coua., 7- 

: A 12.. ' ' 

Herbert, Mans., MsJesUc, Ft. Worth, Tex, 7*13; 
tVyrlc. Mobile, Ala.. 14-19. 

I tent 1 1 ft Walsh. Bllou, Racine, Wis., 7-12. 
niUs Hi. Bllou, W lied In-;. W. Va., 7-32. 
Ulp. Little, Majestic; Chlcage. 7-12. 
IUI-Lttihm. Geo.. BIJuu, KvuuHvtlle, Ind., 7-12. 
HUtkmau , Br»w. (»), SheaV, Toronlu, Can., 7-12; 

Keith's, Cleveland; 14-10. 
Hlltou. Harry, Atluntb: Ganlm, N. Y. C, 742. 
Uiq.'llfii-iiliou.- Keltic. Phlla., 7-12; Proclor's, 

Ncwurl, N. J., 1 ill'. 
Ulldcrbrandt. Mux., Bijou, KvansTllli-, Hid., 7-12; 

Hopkins', I»qlHvl|le, Ky., 14-10. 
JllrHdioni!., The, G. O. IL. Gmud ItapldS, Mich., 



lilblrct A Warren, BIJuu, Anderson, lull., 
' Hlpe'H, Kuk*/mo, M-Io. 
11)11, • Murray K., Trent, Trenton, N. J.. 742; 

Empire, Pateraon, 1449. 
llolco-riib, Cnrtfsft Co., Empire, Ilol-okcn, N. J., 


IlolnVii Bros., Orpbeum, Allentown. Pa., 742. 
Holland Trio, Empire, Holfokeii, N. J., 7-12. 
iloljnan, Al, K. ft Mamie, Flora, Amsterdam, Hoi- 

._ „' 7-19. 
IfoiUUil, Harry, Keith's, Boalou. 7-12. 
lloWrwoTtlia/ Tlic, Keltli's. Piwldeiia-, It. I., 7- 
_JA; Keltb'H, Boston, 14-10. 
fftldon A lie Mnr-:o. Gem, Lynn, Mais.. 7-12, 
irolnicv., I'ui'Uanil, Porlland, Mu., 7-12. 
Howard A Ituiberford. Keith's, c-Ievelsnd, 742; 

M, O. IL. I'iltbl.urg. 1449. 
Uoue; Bert, Colurado Bprlugs, Colo., 7-12; Ueno, 

Ncr.. 1440. - 
llOrUrd ft Howard. Orjdieum, Hon Frnu., Cal., 

7*I9- Oridieum, Txin Augelei, 21 l*#b. 2. 
Ilowurd, Harry ft May, Majestic, Cblcago. 7-12. 
Horto-u A La' Triaka, SlBtidard, Ht. l/uulu, 7-12 ; 

-.Empire ludlnoupolls, 14-10. 
Howard ft North, Savoy, Hamilton, Cuu.. 7-12. 
Howard ft Clw.dora. BIJuu, Norfolk, Vs., 7-12. 
Hojlimi ftJlolHster. Majestic, LIHto Uock, Ark., 

7-12 1 

-'742: Maler-ti". Dsllns, Tex., 14*10, 
Hofitnuba, r Cyclllii,*. Bllou, Fru«-p>.rt. III., 

BIJou, Kalatunxoo, Mlcb., M-IO. 
irnwntilH fMyslprlvusl. 0. 0. IL. PltlslMirg, 7-12, 
llu-lgex ft LHunchmere, Alluiitb: Uardeu, N. Y. 

0„ 7-1S. 
Hn-itoo A Dsllns. Orpbeum. .tending. 1'u-, 7-12. 
Ueug*-I Bros., CIrco 1'ubllloiirn, Havana, Cubs. 


Hursy. Mr. A Mrs. Goo. W.. Carbuudale, Pa., 7- 

Hungarian Boys' Bund, Alitsmbra, N. Y. 0.. 7-1Z. 
LIii«li.'H. Mr. ft Mn. Oeue, Poll's, Worcester, 

■Mass.. 742. 
Ifylindx f-'U, 0. U., Anderson, 8. 0.. 1440. 
Hyile. Bob ft Bertha. Benuelt's, utUwa, Can., 

"immeriBapbone." Tbe. Orpbeum, Alhmtowa, Pa., 

742; Beading, 1440. 
nigrum ft Crunln, Gem, Lynn, Mass., 7-12. 
lnoerfu ft Uyan, BIJuu. Adrlau, Mlcb., 7-12. 
iHtiTtiatkinal Mwleal Trio, Avenue. Detroit, 

Midi.. 7-12;. ItHlfaiiniwIis, (nil.. 1440. 
lumitu. . Win., A Of., O. Qb II , I'ltuburg. 742. 

Kuchle, Ciisa.. Pyret, Huvuna, Cubs. 7-Feb. 28. 
Kut-tlH ft lliissn, Gruml, Partland, ore., 7*12. 
La Tour Sisters, Empire, llolwkcn. N. J., 7-13. 
La Chili A Vest. MuJcHll.-. Biriulligiiam. Ala., 7- 

12:. Majestic, LKtlv Ilix-k, Ark.. Mil). 
1. 11 Rosef-, l«s, Kdtb'u, Boutoii, 742, 
liswrence, Lltiloi). I-tifayettc, Detroit, 7-13. 
La Golte, Olympic, Olilcijgo , 7-12. 
Ubnki-uis. fbf, Orpbeum. New Orleans, 14-19| 

orpbeum, Sin Fi'iin., Out.. 2N-Feb. 9. 
La Vulls, The, Uokgl. Hyde, ICng.. 742: Ktnkc, 

'NewliiRton, 1440; lluyal, St; Helens, 31-30. 
Lanrni-lor. Tom, Pantuges, Bellliigtiam, Wusb., 7- 

12; 1'uuttiges, Meallle, 14-19. 
La Mode Bros;' (HI. VaietiHi-e, Toledo, O., 7-13; 

G. O. II., Hyracuan-, N. Y.. 1440. 
Lawson A Naruon, lull's, llrldufport,- (i-iin., 7-12. 
Lasky-ltolfe gullitelte, Bennett's, London, Can., 
-7-12; Bennett's, Ottliwu; M40, 
Laknln, Harry, BIJuu. Atiilerson. lad.. 7-13. 
La Veen ft Cnist., 'Majestic, Llltlo Buck, Ark., 

7-12; Miilestic, MMm ,' Tex., 1449. 
La Vine, Ed., Star.- Upline, HI., T-12; I'tHtple's, 
. Cedar Rapids, la.. 14-19. - 
La Vlajhe, Al*, CrJslBl,. Detroit. '742. 
UTlnc-Uliiinroii Tfiu. G, fi, n. . Pittsburg. 7-12. 
Laclere. Fred, Jt-tfer*- Hagllinw, Mleh.. 7-12. 
Latoy Bros., IMuittiloij, WlUnliieg, Can.. 14-20. 
Langiry. Mrs.,, ft Co., C<)luinb|fi. St. IauIs, 7-12. 
l.a Croix. Punl, -fhrtlek, Wllmlngtwi. -DtL. 7-12. 
'-'",>. Prorldence. B. I., 7-13 1 

La. Belle Trio. Keith's 
■ Keith's. Boston, 1 44 

m Tell Brox., Family, Haxeltmi, Pa., 7 12. 

hawrerin- A IJarrltlgloii, (Jokinlal, Lawrence,,, 7-12. - ' ' 

1/a IteitiM (2). llelL Oakluml, Gal.. 7-12. 
Udgh, LIhIl> A Co,, K<-hlM-tt'M, lyuiidoo. Cau., 7*12. 
I^lgbtons i;n, tirpbcum, l.os Aligeies, Cal., 742; 

OiplK'iitii. liMiver, Colo,, 21-20. 
Lc Gray, lA-lllc, llllui). Buy Clly, Mlcb.. 742; 

Bljon. Adrian. 14-10. 
Isjwls, Dnvc. Howard,- BoMtoii, 742 

l-et.tiard ft , Ilastedii, Onihentn, MnusOehl, o., 7-12 
Orplieiim. CliIllMhr " ' 

gitteuiFt, M 
Leonard ft Drake. Empire. Des Moines, la., 7-12. 
le Witt ft Ashnwre, iiijcm, K iiatuaaoo, Midi;. 

7-12: THJiMi, Bollle Creek, 1140, 
lee Pltslmgh ft'Ecss.le, Orplimiui, Lima, u., 7*. 
• 13: Ornlu-um, Nowarii, 14-10. 
I-eonrird A f,ou.c, Family. Lafuyotte, Ind., 7-12. 
I*c, Iii«r«m, Uluim. Ht. l-oiils, 7-12. 
LeClalr, Harry. Orphsuin, Itesrlliig, Pa., 7-12, 
Leslie. Kddle. Illkui, La Crosse, Wis,, 7-13; 

U'll'iuo, Kuu'ClsliT. 14-10. 
Leonard, .Ins.- A Madia, Trent, Trenton, N. J., 7- 

l4-.Ur. Bert ft Co., Aotlltorlum, Lynn, Mass., 7- 

13; Hnlhaway's,. fSSm, 14-10. 
l/cniiou. Herbert Bert, Uitfipjc, Slieboygan, Wis., 

Ias Itrun ()[hth Trio. U. 6. II. , lu0lana»H>4la, T-12. 
U'TW-iit, Gre-ii, Bennett's. Ottawa, Can., 1-U; 

Itepnett's, guober, H-1P. 
I*erouels, (ten. I).,- YouMir'H, Baltlm-<re, Md., 748"; 

Manhatthn. Norfolk. Va., 14*19. 

f^rsllf ft Wllllanw. -JJnl'iue, V*q Claire, Wis.. 7 

12; UiiiuiK', Mlniiesi-olU, 14-10. 
Let*. Unity. Orplieiitit, Bkjn.. 7-12. 

f.llilwy ft Trny-jr, Bennett's. UtssjajaV, ont.. Can.,' 

.7-12. ■■■ • . 

Llnd, P.oll'a, WorwitWr, Md»s„ 7-12. 

Lludlvy A Hell . Euiulre,. Freeiwrl. HI.. 7-12. Shtayj, Uljou, Bay. City. Midi., 7-12; 

BIJou, JackHtm, 1 l-lii. 
Long ft Colton. Oiblipfiin. Ht. ,1'Miil. 7*12. 
l-opcz A 1m\#x, Crysliil, Detroit, 742. 
Ukim, JumiM. . BIJ-ju, OyjbkoKli. Wis., 7-12. 
Urlmer, Jack, Alliamura, N. Y. ().. 7-12. 
Liihrmsuu, Allele, ;t I.V., Gotham, Bkln,, 7-12. . 
Lukens (4), iif-plieum. Salt City, 7-13; Orpbeum, 

. Denrer, Cftlo/.i 1.449.' . 
Ltti-y ft Luclrr, Olyiuple. Chicago, 7-12; G. O. 

IL, Indlniiapnlls, 44-J9. 
Lu'-o A Luce, Family, Elnilra, N. Y.. 14 10; 

Pilstoi's. N. 'Y. p., 2I.2<I. 
Luekles 12), Hownfd. Dostou, 7-12. 
Liiejis, Jlmmle, f Or|KH*oi|i, Knu Fran., Cal., 7-10; 

Orpln-um, L'h Aiu'clCri, 21-l'eb. 2. ' 
I.utz Bros.. MsrvluiirL. Bulllmori'. 7-12. 
Lyster A Conke. Blwtrle. WiHeeloo, la,. 7*12. 
Lynn ft Knve, Oih-ir's, Wsslilngton, D. <)., 7-12, 
Lydla A All-lno, flavuy, Hnniilltrii, Can., 7-12; 

Un,)ii-iun. Ki'iiiHit^. Pi., lt-m. 
Lloyd. Hri'tHTi; Victoria. N. V. .(.., 7-12. 
.Msi-k A Dugs I. Peoiili-'s, t>dar Itsplds, la.. 7- 

12: nijrm. Oiilncy, III., 14-10. 
Mason -Kteli-r t!o., CohnilHl, N. Y. (*., 7-12, 
Matiobi Family. Crystal. Tohilo, 0., 742, 
.M.1J1 ImtlhJ. Mudf/X' ' P., , Auditorium. Lynn, Muss., Trm.. Crystal, . MlltvHUbi-e. 7 12; Ma- 
jestic. Minllf-vn. .rli, M-IO. 
Nairn ft l'o\. p«|1'h. Sp-ln^lleld, HajML, 742; 

P'-II'M. WoriVHlClV ll-lp. 
Murks <2i. ) rr 11b I tun. Neivurk, 0.. 742; BIJuu. 

Wfii-eting. W. Vni. 1149. 
M-iddoa A Melvls. OVldM-iiiji, St. I'oul. 7-12. 
Madden, FI Ixgerutd, A Co., PoU's.. Brldgeirorl. 

I>win.. 743. 
Mmhi'wu- ft Ashley. Shea's. Buffalo. S. Y.. 742. 
Miiitiiew,> ft Harris. Sheedy's, Fall Blver. Mss-t., 

Martini A M-i-iiulllInn, Hopkins'. Lonlsvllle. 7-12. 
MSruuU' j-oidea, Mjle., Poll's. SprlDgfteld, Mass., 

Muddertix, '.-Li-.-Mi-nbuttuii, Vs., 7*12. 
MursbalL J"fk. Novslly. nkln., 7-12. 
MstilatUn News boys' iQakl riol lc, BIJou, Muskeuuii, 

Midi.. 7r1». 
MiirtlmtHe A HrlvcMer. BIJou. Duuiur, HI., 743; 

Ljrlc, Tfirc Unijti',, -1440. - .-' , 


TM&s: W$W . ??{m& c^EPi^Bi; 


Majestic Trio, Doric, Voalu-r* N. y., 7-12; roll's, 

liriuwport, COflu.. iw* , ' '',''*'' 
•Union ttY. Ott.i.eurn.Kescllhg, P«„ Ml 
lukiua Quartette, Bchllit Palm Garten, MllWnn* 

iee, 7-Fen.'20; : 

Mo. Dell A CorNey, Unt«|iie, Minneapolis, 7-12; 

Bijou, Dnluibr 14*10.. '''.;_* 

Ma*oti'8 Chiclets, Armva. Bloghamton, N. J., 7* 

12.,' I ■ . ' ' • V*"' 

Marco Twins, 0. 0. H., ' Hyractue, N. I., 7-12; 

Mnr^HtM, Br.ltlrflwe, 14*10. 
Maatflclfl. A Wilbur, Harlem V. H., N. V. C. 7* 

Mack, tWtUe, OrDhenm, JBkln.. 7-12. t 
Muhoort Bros:, iiljou. Oyiocr, III., Ml. •; 
Mack k Dnsst. PeopleV Cfdflr Haplcts, la.. 7-12. 
Marty,, Joe, Tattillr, lUwUon, Pa., 7-12; Family, 

Csrbon&al-., 14-19. ' , , 

Macrioit.l'wlai, cnco.Bell, Mexico City, Mexico, 

7-31. A 
Mnriuwf, Piunkett & Co., Doric, fonkers, N. Y.. 

7-12: Keith's, Providence, ft. I., 14-1B. 
Maxweh> It). A. A S.,.Bo*ton. 7-12. 
Misqtirrlii Sktera (3). Bijou, Duluth. Minn., 7-12. 
Marqnes, -Musical, Olot*, St. Lout*. 7-12. 
Meson* <4h llowatfl, Boston, 7*1 2. „ m 

Ma** A Mac, Atbol, Mas*,, 7-12i Keetie, IS. H., 

McKlFwlck & 3b(iuney, Keeney's, Bkln., 7-12, 
MeOniltV rnlge, ittth «... N. Y. 0.. 7-12; Proc- 

WfjL Troy, & Y.. 14*11. . 
McCsIl Trio, Park; WorCeater. Mass., 7-12, 
MeDrnT, .lames. Bltou, HtTMtor, 111., 7-12; BIJou, 

Kankakee, 14-Hi. m . ...„„-,« 

McDonald. Sadie,. Atlantic Harden, N. Y. 0., MS. 
MaClalA. Billy, Kwplre Tour, England. 7-AnrIl 23. 
MrCn1 lough. Cart D.. Qrpheurn, Springfield, »►., 

7-12. ■•■'.. 

MeClellan, Jaa.. Bijou. Fulllib, Mlrn-., 7-12. 
MeMDhmi'*. Minstrel MoW», 0. 0. Mi, Intllaoopo- 

IN, 7-12 ; Columbia. Cincinnati, 14-19. 
\fc|>«nouglu Bthel, Bib' Ave:, X. Y. 0., 7-12. 
McMnhbti * Chap-a-lle. <L O: II., Indianapolis, «- 

12; Columbia. Cincinnati, 14-19. 
Mr-f'we. .Tnnfe 1 Co.. Haymarki't, Chicago, 7-12 1 

Columbia. St. .Louis. "- 10 - . „ - ., ,* 
MrOirtliy, Myles, ft' Co.. Howard, Boston. 14-19. 
MeJniyre A Bennett. Keith's, Fiilla., 7-12. 
MCCime & Grant, S!|»r'». Knkomo, Ind., .-12: 

Dowllng'i, r-oganaflort, 14-10. 
MeCren k Poole, Proctor's. Newark. N. J.. Ml 
Merrltt. Raymond, Empire, Lm Angelea, Cal., r* 

Melanl Trio, 8heedy*s, Pall RItot, Mass:, 713. 
.Merrltt Wsiers, Majestic.' San Antonio, Tea., 7- 

12; Majestic, Ft. Worth, 1419. 
UHW May Belle. family, Hcrnnlon. Pa., 7-12. 
.Merclith sinters. Proctor's, Albnny. N. Y., 7-12. 
Merrlam, PlytUR. Prenort. 111.. M2. 
Meneiekel, OtpE l W, l^w Angeles; Cal., 7-10; 

Orphenm, Denter. 21-20. 
Mrtnn'a DoB», I-aroyrtte, Detroit, 7-12. 
Metropolitan, Opera Trio, 2Ilrt Hi., N. Y. C, 7-12. 
MeVe'r ft Mawn, Howard. Boilon, 7*12. 
Milluan Trio, llaua. Hamluirg, Oetmany, 7-31; 

Tnolh, Kberfeid, Ho? 1 '15, 
Mlllliimn. Chan.. Panilly, Pottsyllle, Pa., 14-1D. 
Mitchell & Coin, Proctor's, Troy, N. Y.. 7-12. 
Miner Ht frlwiu<ln, Bljoti, Dtreaior, III., 7-12; 

Klite,. DaveniKirl. In.,' 14-19. 
Mlett'fl tVtiiH, CrjWal, MUvrauhee, 7-12; Sin- 

jMtlc, Madison, 14-10. 

Mllion ft KnlHer. Atlantic Garden, N. Y. C, 7-12. 
Mitchell. aW>1c, ft XVMMfH Student", Orjilieum. 
;ltkln>, 712.. f . ' ■ ' 

MKchell (.11,, G. o:, II., PUtflbunt, 7-12; Or- 

BMltti PL Pnul. Minn., 14-19. • 
Mllliari OCtelte, Cotoriiul, N. Y. C, 7-12; Or- 
. nbeiim, ftilh:,' 1-4-10.- 

Mlle* i', Xltraro.- Famllr. PottaTlUe, Pa., 7-12. 
lllllernlilp UUIera. • FOlly, Chicago, 7-12; Star, 

MllflAiiktc. 14-10 . ,, 
.\fbirlflntl. lleotvlce. .ft Co.. Sheedy'd, Fntl BlTer, 
■pJiaiiT,t*Jf.r. > ■ .. ' 

■K'flMB: l.rnii.' Mo* .. . 

i, Qermany, 7- 

ithtuhit. mMerVOm. .I.vmv Ma«».. 7-12, 

Morton ft Klllott.. llansn,- Hnmhuia, Qern 

',ai; , ;-.•'...- | v 

UMW.Oto,, Colonial.. S. V. C. 7-12. 

MOrton, JatDe5..1.;^Mitiyhnd, Billlmore, 7-12, 

Mowam (tU.-'yRen'N. Toti 
CleYMlthrt, 0..' 14-10.. 

Toronto, Can., 7-1'J; KcitU'i, 

Moaartu, a'lie. K.4 i'-t WMV ffl» K; * t -l'*12. 

Mrftrlp, 'JnmeK.BraileiiWirih'K, rbtla., 7-12. 

\16tilieraiitei'",..Prootor'n, TtBf, N. V.; 7'12. I 

siooatcba _pl Mmlc uVUl Circtid • VaHetlea, Copen- 
hagen, I>eowarki_-7-al." , 1 , ■.*.,.■. 

MoiUer, Iloiitfitoik & Mother, 'Kallh'a. Pblla.,'7>l2. 

Jlorrin ft Morrli. Beiioeti>. Jxiadpn. Can:, 7-12. 

"Motoring,'* Proctor's. Albany, N. Y„ 7-12. 

Morrlsorr ft Rich. Lyric, Mobile, Ala., 14-10. 

MorrhMey & l'roctnr, Uillqiie, l>an»llle, III., 7-12. 

Morion, Oe&vge, Nlpkrlotlenn, Fall Rlrer, Itiaibi 
7*12. ■ 

UtttU A- Kramer. No»elty, VallfJo, Cal.. 712; 
Actnr. Sacramento, 14-19,. 

Mori, I-. Jerome. MayaTllte, Ky., 7-12; HitDtlns* 
too, W. Vs., 14-10. 

Morris' Pony, Orpheum, Reading, Pa., 7« 


Perkid-v Kf a, Litlc L ncolo, Neb.. 7-12. 
PrtrrSlll*ta.- Union Maare. If.. Y. 0., 7-l2. 
Peloia.. The, Lyric, Altooha. Pa., 7-12; Coloulnl, 

U«*nt#. Mfl**t;, 14-19;' " 
Petera. Phil ft Nettle, Moncheater, Fngland, 7-12. 
r^QtuT, Prltjce; Globe, St. Lonia; 7-12. 
Feten ft BflniclL, (Jolbam, Bkln., 7-12. 
Pb1 llllir *■ Fa rlsrdean, Wonderland. Chicago. 7-12; 
. Ilida Park, Chicago, 14-19. . 
PhtUlpa, feale.-park, ■ Wofceater, Mima., 7-11 
Plcqtiayn, The, Maryland, 7*12. . - 
Piper. Franco, 0. O. II., Syracuse. K/T., 7-12. 
Piccolo Midgets (4), Poll's, Se* Hatcn, Conn., 

7-12; Poll's, Hartford, 14-19. 
Poirers ft Freed. M*J«tlc, Dallas, Ter., 7-12i 

Majeillc. Shreveport," La., 14-10. 
Potter ft Harris, Trent, Treotoo, N. J., 7*12; 

Pastor's., N. Y, C„ 14-19. 
Polly Pickle's Pert, Keith's, P»tIqwi«, 7-12. 
Polk, Collins ft Carmen Sister*, Keltb'd, Prorl- 

dence, 7-12. 
Priestly, Alma, G. 0. U„ Plttsbnrg, 7-12; Union 

squnre, N. X. C. 14-19. 
Price ft Mildred. Bljon, Muskegon, Mich.. 7-12. 
I'roTcunl'i. -riie, Columbua, o.. 14*19; Detroit, 

Mich., 21-20. 
Princes! Jolly, Globe. St. Lcols, 7-12. 
Price, Harry M„ p. «., Tltuatllle. Pa.. 7*12. 
Prior ft Norrli, Topic, Billlugs, Mont.. 7*12. 
l'i|Ucy!H Black Amerlcnus (M. Orphfutn. Utlca, 

>*. Y., 7-12; Orpheum, Itenllng, Pa., 14*19, 
1'iirci.Oln ft urtxjn, Grand. Reno. Ne*., 7-12. 
Quaker City Qiiurtetle, roll's, Bridgeport, Conn., 

Qnlnlnn ft Mack, Harlem O, II., M, Y. C, 7-12; 

f'roctor.'s, Albnny, 14*10. 
ag, Mackey & Nlrkerson, Bennett's, koodoo, 

.Can.. 7*12;, Valentine, Toledo, O.. 14-19. 
Ray. Fred, ft Co., F.mplre, Iloboken, N. J., 7-12; 

Victoria, N. Y. 0., 14-10. 
Raymond ft .Ciiirerly, Poli'a, Worcester, Moob., 

Uonillpn. V'ashlngton, Bun*4lo. N*. Y-, 7-12. 
Ramsdeir Hlslfrs, Proctor's, Troy, N. Y., 7-12. 
Hnm^.v itlaterfl, Standard. Cincinnati, 7-12; Hay* 

market. Chicago, 14-19. 
Rafayetto'd Dogx, Jlaymnrkft, Chicago. 7*12, 
Itnfllil'.s .Monkeys, .IStk hi,. N. Y. C, 7*12. 
Raviion 4 .lime, Arpbenm, Boston, 7-12. 
Riintiw & Ranks. I-'mnrrss, Rrhton, London, fiing., 

7*12; Palace, Waltharoslow, 14-10; City VarltTe, 

Leads, 2t*2(i. 
Rnnuft ft Arno, llathnwnv'a. Lowell, Mass., 7-12; 

Hothoway's, New Bcdrord, 14*19. 
RatcDHcroft, Charlotte, Etnplro, Paterson, N. 

J., 7-12. 
Randolph, Claitdlue, Andltorlum, Norfolk, Vi. r 7* 

Rnd> ft Bertram, Pbila., 7-12; Trent, Trenton, 

N. J.. 14-19. 
Radronl ft Valentine, Rnnacher's, Bndapest, Aus- 
tria, 7*31 ; Dsittscae's, Munich, Bavaria, Feb. 

M* , . -. ■ 

Raymond ft Clnrk. Jeffers, Rnglnaw. Mich., 7*12. 
Rawl-i ft Yon Kaufman, Poll's, New Haten, Conn., 

ftecda, Musical, Harlem 0. 11.. N. Y. 0., 7-L2. 
R>ld Shters, Orpheum, New Orleans, 7-12; Or- 

.pheiim, Han I'm-., Cal., 14-20, - 

Rene. Bessie,' Metropolitan, Dnliitli, 7-12; Dewey, 

MlnDennollo, 14-10. •••...■ 
RedfoM ft Wlnch»->ler, Shea's, Toronto, Can., 7- 

12; Temple, Detroit. 14-19. 
*"!R A May, HUr, 

.--.*, .iMIifttf. 1-1-1 f>. 

ltwrnonii. .Jitiiu', Polllh, Xpw Hare.n, Conn.; 7*12. 

nt-Hlck, Call P; ft Co., Temple of Mnalc, Dalbi, 
,' T«., 1 7t20. • ■ ,,.; 

Remingtob; ilnyrae,' Slion's, Toronto, Can., 7-12. 

Iterriahl, Kd. ,F., •OrJ>h>?«m, l^n Angeles, Cal., 7- 

10"; Oriilienm, Dcnrer, 2fl-Peb. 2: 
Jtentz. Gluts. K„ Afiue. NorAIK. Vn . 7-12. 

lt«KlnwYRecfcle''H,,Ariiland, Ky., 7-12; Akron, 0., 
, '-14-19. ■ ■ /- • ... ' 

IlliOde* i;.CoCter,:l.jric.- Alioonn.Pa., 7-12. 

HlW'-ft'' Winter ,-* HojlltuVs, ' LOulsrllle, Ky., 7-12: 
'M(tJfstlc,,lUrinliiBbani. Ala.. 1410. 

Rlc* -Bios., Vomiiy, Mahflney Ofty, Ph., 7-12: 
■ Pnmilr,\Si'aiLdkin,"14*10; •• „..' 

Rice- ft Pretoat, - Lafayetle, Detiolt,' 7-12. 

HHcIile, Altele. Bw Aye.. N, Y. C, ,7*ri. 

R«r o * WtlUanw, Empire, Cold.'. Springs, oil,, 

Rich-lino,. Family, N.,Y. 0.,'.7-12; Kamlly, Pis- 
. •: 1 p8ic,N.'.T..2i-io.-i.. ,,. ; . . 

MKhoayUI. PHnMLV Omaha, Ne-b. 1 ; 7-10; Or- 
.;|».ifltii^ i »t. , 'l's'm.:Hino...2l*M. . 
Rlce"&, Columbia,' St. Lot ' 
Hlple.r.'j-om. JiaJMtlOV Cblcngo, . _ 
Riley ft Morton, Cnloh Square, N. Y. 0.,'7*12: 

Smlih, Peter 4,, industrial, Uollne. HI., 7-19. 
Uotatr* * r U», Kan-ni City; Mo„ 7-12; At. 

LOtllB,' K-Tft. ■ 
Sonaaft irjioan, Kelih's, Boston, 7-1?. . 

SpllltrMnMcfil Bumiiers, Untplre, PIttjfleld, Maw,. 

7*12; Howard. UbsiuO, 14-10. 
Spertdrn A Iitti-on, orphetun, Lima, 0., 7-12; 01- 

plteum, Nt-wtrk. 14-19. 
etapWOB * Cbanev, injim, Lnnslng, Mlcli., 7-12; 

Wijcn. Bay City, 14*10. 
BtetT-S, &lwln, 6th Ave. N.Y. C 7*12. 
BWim, Artt-ur *- Kwley Sisters, Crystal, Bmt 

Island, HI.. 7-12. 
fltricWaiid, £. C, Lyric, Muskogee, I, %, 7-12. 
Htnuoiaii ft CraMTi-rd, Itljon. Bloomiiiiton; 111., 

7-12: Grand, Krevport, 14-19. 
8 telling. Fred G., Hchlltz's Palm Garden, M|l- 

whnke*, 7-Peb. 2*. 
Btark, Baby Toble, Lyric, SnclnsAeld. Mo.. 7 12. 
Biegi-e. Julius ft Co., Orpheum, St. Paul. 14-19. 
Stanley ft AI)e**n, Majestic, Madison, Wis., 7-12; 

Lyric. Danville, 111.. 21-2G.' 
Stereo 1 4 Keeley, Crystal, Eltfood, In.l., 7*12; 

- ji-j.-it-ncn. .--jiriiiftk'tii, U, t 14-ltl. 

Stpmu. ft l> Orhnge, Wolfe Ciiy, Tex., 7-12; 

DeiinL«on, 14-19. _ _ 

3f.' L«h- ft McCuslcki YaW. ' Kansas City, flic, 

7-12; fiachelder, tola, Kan., 14-19. 
Rf. Rltuo, Lw, : Brrtili-ntnirgh's, Phllri.. ,7*12, ' 
rtt. Unge Brof., (irpUrnm. Utlca, N. Y., 7*12. 
St. Jobn ft Le Petrc, Pamtly; Carbondaie, Pa., 

Safaiel ft Razclt, Jeffers, Saglna-e, Micb., 7-12; 

tiutM-ut, CiinniunUii, 111,, 14-1U. 
"Sunny Hou'th. The," Alhnmbra, K. Y. C, 7*12; 

Mohawk, Scbeneclady, N. Y., 14*19. 
Sweet, Chat. It.. Lafayette, Detroit, 7-12. 
Symondfl, Lottie West, Garrlcb, Batllnrton, la., 

T«rvlllM ti) t Auditorium, Norfolk, Vs., 7-12. 
Tale, Harry, Kelttt'n, Phlla., 7-12. 
Taylors, Henry ft Alice, Culon St-uare, N*. Y. C 

Tally-IIo Duo, Star, Muncle, Ind., 7-12. 
Taylor ft Wlum. Star, Jeanette, Pa., 7-12; 

Temple, Cleveland, u,, 14*10. 
Tnylor Twin Sisters, Main: St. Rln^, Ploe BlntT, 

Art., 7-12; Gate City Rink, Texarltana, 14-19. 
Terry ft Klnwr,. Howard, Boaton, 7*12. 
Temple City Quartette, Yale, Kamos, Mo., 7*12; 

BIJou. Lincoln. Neb.. 14Ht. 
Teoley, F.liuer. Proctor's, Troy. N. Y., 7-12. 
Ter.noy ft Hollls, Colonial, Lawrence, Maas., 7*12. 
TiMU/m Slaters, llayraarket, Ctlcago, 7-12; Ma- 
jestic, Chicago. 14-19, 
ThoraeV Mr. A Mrs. Harry, Star, Bkln., 7-12; 

tlaletv. Bkln., 14-19. 
Thome ft Cnrleton, Gotoam, Bkln., 7-12. 
Thornton. J times J., G. O. H-, Indianapolis, 7-12. 
"That Qnartetie." Novelty, Bitln., .7-12. 
Thornton A Thatcher, Auditorium, Grand Rapids, 

Mich.. 7-12. 
Thnrbw. Le*jua, ft Picks, Proctor's. Newark. N. J., 

Thomas ft Payne, Behnett's, Ottawa, Can., 7-12; 

Brunett's, Quebec, 14*11). , 
Thatcher ft Kruent, Gotham, Bkln., 7-12. 
Till, .'Ohn ft Mulnn. Electric, Wtiterloo, la., 7-12. 
Tnkl, Great, Gaiety, Wheeling. W. Va., 7-12, 
Tops ft Topsy, CIrcb Bell, "■Meilco City, Mexico, 

Toroklns, William. Slid St., N. Y. C„ 7-12. 
Toyt. Mnslcal, Grand. Jollet, ill., 7-12. 
Vramfttt, DJllon ft Burke, Ac-no, Norfolk, Tn., 

Trask, Olndd-n ft Bahh. Lyric, Cleveland, 0., 7* 
. .12;, Nohlps, Tlflln, 14-llT"- 
Trrmdadoiirs (21,' l.yilf. Terre Hotlte, Ind.; 7-12; 

.Vn In St., Peoria, III., 14-10. 
Trocadcro Qitnhette, ■' Lyric, Mobile, Ala:. 7-12. 
Tnjiy. May, ft Co., Poll's, Springfleld, Mass., 7* 

-12; Orpheum, New-, Poll's, - Worreatei-, Mass., ,7-12. 
Vilt'cer, Chrlce.'v S|iea's t - ;ToroijtQ^ Cob'., 7-12;- 
- Kelth'K, Oiev-dnnd, 0., 14*110 ■ ,' 
Valenteensx, - Fly Inrt. (3).. BIJon, Dnlnlli, Minn., 
* '7*l2; BIJou.. 'Wlunliieg^ CMu. " 

Yoitnar Buffalo, Monumrutal. Baltlaiore, 
BlJotl,,PlIIla;..^4.'19.■ .:. - ' : . 

Young.- Oitje: ft Pro.,. Orpheitm. St. Paul; Mlnn. ( 
14*19"; Orphean*.' Minneapolis, 21-2fl._, _ 


ft: JP^toe: J-^Bhlre, Newport. England, 14- 
— -fhim; 2D2C; Emblre, Not* 

Tniau, Ornhciun, Limn, O., 
.'irk,' 14-19. 

lffT lemvire; BIrnrtngti: 

ilngham,'25'Peb. 2* 
Yoiitijr A Broclrt, Keehcy's', Bkln,, 7-12. 
Ynll ft.Boyd, Orphnitn, Kans&a City, 7-12; Or- 

rum. New Orleans/ 14-19, _ ' 

Atthnr, 0. o. H.," Pittsburg, 7-12. 
Zanoraa, , 'Cycling,., Gaiety, Indlaaapolla. 7*12; 

Standard, Cincinnati, 1410. ;, 

IM ft Verhott, Olympic, Chicago, 7-12.' 
Zerio, Grrn;; Unlijile. Sheboygan. Wis., 7*12. 
Zimmerman. Willy, 28d St., N. Y. C. 7-12; Bth 

Ave.; N. Y. C,; 14-19. 
7Mti~ti BTIbg, Kelib'a", ProrldeifPt*. 7-l2. 
Zlcgarl Tronps, U. ft B., Bkln., 7-12. 
Zobadla. I'r-J. 0- 0. 8., Inillanapolla, 7-12; Or* 

pneinri'st. Pam.Minb,. 14-19: ' 
Zouboolnkl s. Qlym plc> Chica go-, 1-\Z. 


Snpi>Wmciit«l LUt—RecelTed Too Late 

for (.lusaltit-Btluu. 
Altiambrn Stock (Pbjl Levy, mgr.)— JOImln, N. V., 

MjT Altoona, Pa., 14-19. 
Aubrey Stock- ili. O. Ilitner, mgr.)—MarIl>oro, 

Mass., 7-12, Lynn 14*19. 
A very-strong (Monte Thompson, mgr.) — Lynn, 

Ms"«., 7-12, Salem 14-10. 
"At Cripple Cn.-ek," Eastern (Chai. L. Crane, 

mirr.i-v-filena Fall", N. Y., 7, Saratoga 8, 

Johnstown 9. QtoversvlUc 10. Utlca 11; Auburn 

12, Rochester 14-ifl, Lock-port 17, Niagara Falls 

IS, EHerPh.. 19.. 
"At the World's Mercy," Spencer & Aborn's— 

Allwny, N. Y., 19*12. 
"At Cripple Creek," Western, E. J. Carpenter's — 

Portland, Ore., 13-19. 
ivn,' Dlgby |D. V. Arthur, mgr.) — Toronto, Can., 

Blair, Knjenle— -Louisville, Ky., 7-12. 
Bonnott-Moullon (Ira I, Newball, mgr.) — Brock- 
ton, Muss., 7-12, New Bedford 14*19. 
Burton's Comedy t Wiley ft Klrby, nigra.)— Boone, 

la.. 7-l»? 
"Bedford's Hope" (Stair ft Nlcolnl, mgrs;> — N. 

Y. City 14-11^ 
"Break for Liberty" (International AmuBe. Co., 

roars.)— Garrett, Pa., 14, Connellsvllle 1*>, 

lA>n«conlng, Md„ 16. Hedmout, W, Va., 17, 

Oakland, Mil., 18, Elk Garden, W. Va., 19- 
"Boy Behind the Oun," C. E. ft U. C. Blaney's 

— Memphis, Tenn,, 14-19. 
"Burglar and Die Waif" (Sbow-Gnllngher, mors.) 

—Yankton, S- Dak., 18, Vermilion 19. 
Cli*mi|>lln »lock (Chas. It. Cbamplln, mgr.) — Trov, 

N. Y.. 7-12. 
"Convict's Daughter" (Edw. R. Bolter, -ngt.)— 

Tulnre. Cal., '?. Madera 8, Modt-elo 0, Loal 19, 

Folwm City 11, Placervllle 12, Saeramen-o 

it. Woodland 14, Orovlll« lfi, Auburn 10, No* 

vada City 17. Grass Valley 18, Truckee IB. 
'•Country Kid" (II. B. Whl'taker, mgr.) — Ope- 

Itka, Aln„ I'r-lIoganaTille, Go., 18, Covlngion 

D'Orsny, ' Lawrance (Daniel Frohroan, mcr.) — 

WllUcs-Barre. Pa., 11. York 10. 
Dim, Arthur—Omaha, Nehr., 17-19. 
Vg Rite' Bfoa." -Minstrels (Billy M'BM- mgr.)— 

Nen'ton.'.N. J. 10. Hackettstown 11, Brividerc 
"IB, ■ East 811-oiidstnir'g; Pa.. 14, Wnshtnston, 

Ni J., : ir.,' -IHglr llrlilgc 10, SomersvUle 17, 

OHiiton-IK.-Fleiplrtgton 1J>.''. , 
"Dnni'bCers'of, Men". Olfn'ry B. Rarrls. mgr.) — 

l.a'icri'ster. Pi., A, York- 10, Wbecllng, W. Vu., 
' U. 12. ; ■„■ '.. -,.' 
• Drunkard's. Dniighlcr" (fStlw. R,, Salter, mgr.)— 
-Gira*rd L 'Kaii.,',7, Paolo 8, Galena 9, Joplln. Mo., 
'10, CnffeyvlUe^Koh:, 11, lola 12, West Mineral 
.1!): Inrtei/chdeoct'14, Oswego 15, Vlnlta. Ind. 
J .'l>i , .,-llJ,'CrntviHore 17. -Tulsa' 18, Strond, Oklh., 

"Weary Willie Wnllter" .(H. C. Young, mgr.)— 

RerWlng, -Pn.. 1C, ' Bojarsfortl ilj VYtlmlagttin, 

DflA it, . poMstowb, Pi., w; .PUttoliTllFs in.- 

NortlsKwn'lU. Coateiville 17, Columbia I*. ."' 

Ye'Cdlbhlal Sibck (CT W, Bonner. mgr;>— Often'- ' 

flew; o..-7*it: ■■-■ '■ r - 

<*■■ ' <■ " ' 

tfRfS 'Chiiy, Colnrhbln, St. Lwti, 7-12. 
tsr ™, ..Majestic.- Cblcngo, 7-12. 
... 'fifth, Cnich Stjuare, N. \. ,., 
ItiiiMti Coinedy Qiuitette, Colonial, Lkwijum. 

Ms*s.. 2i-:tt. 
RlnU A'- Howard. Pastor's, N. Y. C. 7-12. 
Hll«y, Cliutdlne. i;nl[)»e, Danville, 111,, 7-12. 
Htickivsy £ Conway, Onieiy, gprlngtleld, 111., 7* 

IE) Olyrtiiilc, Chicago. 14-19. 
Rolfaon; MQVIe, lltjoii. Qnlncy, Ml.; 7-12. 
Roses (3i, Hlkm. Evansville. Ind., 7-12; Hop- 
Itlnh' Louisville, Ky., 14*19. 
Momnguft. Clyde, Manhattan, Norfolk, Va., 7-12. R*" WMffi, Bachelor, lola. Kan:. 7-12. 
MMbny. Nichols & Co., Hathaway*-, New Bed- Iggj mllla, Ufrnlieum, «M Fran., Cal., 7-12. 

rohl Mnvt*. 7il2v • •'■ . B-ww.' Jennie, Btjoo, Odilton, 0., 7*12. 

M«rj(i.y'i Mr. it Mrs.' Mark, .Shea's, Bnffalo, N. Y„ " ' 


Koaalcri, The, Gaiety, OnJeaburg, 111., 
*'T»i)p.e, PL Wayne, Ind.. 14*1»." 

Romalntt ft Gampbt-it, Fierck's, at. Paul, 7-12, 

BtJMNM (SJ.'BlBfl, Aim. Arbor. Mich.. 7-12. 

ItOMil-jyrti HlOHfnm, Crystal, Milwaukee', 7*12; 

J BIJuu, Knlanmsoo, Mlch.I 14-19. 
■y Claytou.ft Mrackman; Family, Mahoney Rwrs ft, Deely, t-oll'*,, sprlngflelrt, Maaa., 7-12. 
l». Pa.. 7-12; iVtdlly. Hbamokln. 14-19. H*mi*> OrH W**fti£ f C 'X 7 ' 1 -L 

Kogers, Will, Keith's, Ooliimbua; O.. 7*12. 

MAM* aisters. Bennett's. London. Can., 7*12. 

Hovol Musical Five, Clinue's, Washjngton, D. Q.. 

Mnik^tVis t'.l), Wfstnilhster, .Providence, R. L, 

lliirphy & Frances, Oook'O* ""' 

T*12; 0-0. H-. Syracuse, 
Mnrh ■ 

IftttU &;FrancM. Cook 0. Hv.Bochester, N. f. 
; ffi"©, H., Syracuse,' 14-lti." 

..._j, Clayton * lfrackman,< Fa 

City. Pa., 7-12; Fatally, Bbamokin, 14-19. 
MnrHia, Lillian, PUUIlpi, Blchtnohil, Ind,, 7*12; 

Siar, Muncle, 11-10. 
Murray *Lnne. Keith's, Mancliester, N. H„ 7-12. 
Murray Sisters, Armory, Hlngbatnton, N. Y., 7*12. 
Mtdlen ft Corel) I, O. O. H-, Syracuitc, N. Y., 7-12; 

i}bea'->. Hnffnlo, 14-19. 
N'atvn, 'I'om, ft Co., Aliiambra. N. Y. 0., 7*12. 
Saw. Viola. Bltou,- Haclne. WU., 7*12; Untmie, 

Stiebovjaii, 14-10, 
Nadjl. Mile.. Proctor's, Albany, N. Y.. 7*12. 
Naomi, Manhattan, Norfolk, Va.. 7*12. 
Nessen, Hunter ft Nessen, SUA St., N, Y. 0., 

Nelson' ComlmiM, I'ark, Worcrater, Mass., 7*12. 
' Newman, Harry. Bllnu. Mnahegop, Mich., 7-12; 
lilyoii. Bay Oily. 14*10, . . 
Niuer ft Nlner. Gaiety. Wheeling; W. Va., 7*12. 
Nltdo, i-.'v*>i. Armory. Blhghamton. N. Y„ 7*12. 
Nlchlons (4), K. ft P., Jersf*-/ Olty, N. J., 7*12. 
N'ltii* ft BordcnbK, Howard, Boston, 7*12, 
NIc-* mstera. Yofkvllle. N. Y. C, 14*10; Me- 
tropolis, \. Y. ;CL; 2I-2H. 
Nichols Sisters, f.tli Ave.. N. Y, C„ 7-12. 
Hlkm, Win.-, Orpheum. ltkln., 7-12. 
Norton A NIciwlNml, Ha] market, Chicago, 7-12; 

G. 0. II., IndlnminnllH. 14*19. 
N'orinn, Ned, Gtob,\ St. l-ouls, 7*12. 
Norih. Mnf, Victoria, N. Y. . 0„ 7*12. 
Nohlette ft AinrahQil, Main St., Peoria, III., 7-12. 
Norniaa, Mary, Olympic, Chicago, 7*12. 
Nnttth Itahl., 0, 0. II.. Graiiii lUplds, Mich.. 

7-1?. ■ 

NuIiIcn, Milir.n ft Daily. Poll'*.,' flprlngnel-l. Mail., 

7-J2; I'oll'a. New lluven; Conn.; 14*19. 
Nartforlh, |Mki Temple, Detroit, 7-12. 
Ndfient, Katlierine, <)r ( ihcmn, Los Angeles. Cal., 

7*12. v " 

Nudox, Famous (ft), Marlon, Marlon, 0., 7*12; 

Princes*. 'Kftiicsrille, 14*10. 
O'Urleit ft Hir.ti, umpire, Paicrson, N. J., 7-1S. 
ti'llrlen A Bucttley, tV<Uiam, Bkln., 7*12. 
ti'Day, Ida, Ivoltn's, "jlevcland. 0., 7-12; Tem- 
ple, Detroit; 14*19. 
OdMI ft Klnlsy, Prunr'B, N. Y. C, Mil Lytic, 

'Mobile; Ala.. 14-19. 
Odell. .Tommy. Orpheniii, Bldney, 0,, 7-12; Or- 

Piienui. spiliiudeM. 14*19. 
Ordt'ii, Helen, Jolitison, Waterloo, la., 7-12; Pal- 
ace, St. Cloud, Minn.. 1410. 
Olympic Qliartelte, Lufayflte, Detroit, 7-12 ; 

Avmor.v. Bitighamton, N. Y., 14-10. 
Olltftttl Tro'ulmdimrs, I'ro-'titr's, Newark, N. J.. 


fl.; indlajiiiiwlls, 14*10. 
rum, AOolfe Piiivls, IlAtliawny's, Lowell, Mais., 


Ottlaw Trlol 68th fU„ N. Y. 0.. 7*12. 
O'Nell, Polly, PrercliV. St. Paul, 7*12. 
D'Nelli'H Mijcstic MliiHltrls. Pnuilly, Bulte, Mon., 

14 -.2d. . 
nrriw ft Prank, Orpheum, Cthta. N. Y„ 7*12. 
O'llourhc ft' Gllliiun, O, 11. , Lewlttuii. Mc, 7-12; 

I), it., ItUhgol. 11*111. 

Rose. Julian, KelthV, Providence, 7-12. 
KoUeyts ft llQlston, Grand, Flnillay. 0., 7-19. 
Rnasell, Unh. Ornheuni, ML 'Pant, '7-13, 
Hitaaell ft Dfvis. Patally, l'ougnkf#nslf, N. Y., 7- 

12: family. Plttaton, Pa.. 14*10. 
RLissellrt. MoSlcoI. liljoii, Oantoii? O., 7*12: Star, 

Donora, Pa., 14-19. 
Baiiel & Held. Lyric, TerVe Hante; lnd„ 10*15. 
Hiutsei, Phil,* CuwIcOnlety, Wheeling, W. Va., 

ayan Jt RlchfleM; Mohawk, Schenectady, N. Y., 
_ 7*12; Artnory, BiaghamtOn, 14-19. 
Santos Tilly. Btti'lWbilrih'i, ' Willa,, 7*12. 
Sat<i. 0. K., Otptnjila. Parts, Prance, 7-^1. 
flantell, Qreat, . Qalett, Hprlnglleld, 111., 7*12: 

Stain flr.. Peoria' 14-10. 
Sawyer, fcldle, AudlloMnm, Oran.t Rapids, Mich., 

Saunders: ft CameroD, Oalrty, Wheellnc, \V. Va;, 

fiSlS-l (B).'Hajjnnrket, Chicago, 7*12. 

fobel; Josepliln<*, Monte' Carlo. Prance, Ml: 

Touring South Africa. Pen. I-Mny ill. 
sandenmii ft' Bowman, Majeatlc, ,Pt. Worth, Ter., 

Sundersoa. Julia.- Keeney's, Bkln.. 7*12. 
rtchepp'i Do«; Bell, Oakland, OaL, 7*12. 

laPl , uM&\Tw»' ««y <»B Mki, 7-12. 

flcott ft Wilson, K. ft p., Jersey city, N. J.. 7-12. 
Scolt -it Hownrd, A. A M..IIo*ion, 7*12. 
gnU ■ ft- WaalCy. Poll's. Wnlerbnry, Cmn„ 7-12. 
mMM0f> Orchestra,. BUM, Dulufh. Mlnw,, 7*12. 
fleyttWilr ft Km, tttb Ave., N. Y. C.. 7*U. 
seynihnr Sisters, Orunlum. Springfield, o., 7*12: 

Offliia, Uhmilton. 14-10. 
Sears. ■ Orpheum. Minneapolis, 7-12; Majestic, Cht- 

t'llptl. 14-1H, 
Seebiclu Mowanl, Ufstnn. 7-12. 
S*lninl ft.Grovlnl. nenneit'e, Quebec, Can., 7*1-2. 
Sliarpe, Chai., Ornlieiim, 8t. Paul. 7*12. 
sheau it Wsrren, Keith's, Columbus , 0., 7*12 1 

BbH'a, Biiirala,.N. Y., 14*19. ' 

Slierhtnn ft Dc Porest, Polls, Hartford, Conn., 7* 

Shlaiili ft Rbdgt.s, liljoii, Dtibuniie, In., 7-12; Or* 

Mitt, oinaha; Neil., u-iu. , 
Short -.& Shorty, .BIJon, >Yiic-ellng, W. Va., 7-12 1 

orjihliim, Mansfield; 0.. 1-1*10. • 

Shktt. *\llen f .l'oliiinhla, Si.'l^juls, 7*12; 0. 0. H., 

IntltsiiiipQlls, 14-19. 
f Inning C'dlcehH (4J. Onihoum, Rklu., T-lil. 
sinqtaTr, Mahel, Ketlh's. n(e»elanil, 0.. 712 1 

Shea's, BltfTiilo, n; Y., 14-10. 

" , Duinifi. : 

Vd4dfl£o;Tioun*..Jlmsle. H. .ft S., Bkln.; 7-12. 
Vai) Qofrc-ft CoUefy. Lead vllleT '.Col:. 7-12; ' 
Vi-i.Bergeri'-Mariin, Malm St., Peoria, llL, 7-12. 
Van, Blflv. [ToWo, O., 7a2-:.C«hudbaa. 14-19. 
Va:de4, MurvH. m-.. Pranlifort, Ky., 712i Iron- 
•*>n, 0., '14-19V ■-'..■• ■ -,. " 1 . ' ' ■ . 
Vitmar Girls, Orpheum, San Fran., . Cal.. 7*12. 
Viii.'«tddldfor'l, r Orrtce, Shea's, Buffalo, N. . Y., 
'■• 7*12." "- ■ , ■■■.-' ^ ?• , 

Van Alstyne ft Henry, Gtli Ave., N. Y. C. 7-12. 
Valadpus. The, Pastor'*, N. Y. 0.. 21-26. 
Vajnas. The. Pernle. British Columhla, 7-12; 
1 4 Celnbrook, B. C, 14-10. 
Vnne, Ethel. BIJou. Dnlutti, Minn., 7*12. 
Vernw. Temple. Detroit, 7-12; Cook 0. H.. Ro- 
chester, N. V., 11*19, 
Vermette ft Dlonne, Wnlhalla, Magrtebnrg, Oer- 

many, 7-1B; 
Viola. Otto, family. X. Y. C, ,7-12, 
VJMNM A Vrimtetir. Krhplre, Paterson, N. J., 7*12. 
Village Oholr. Keittl's, Columnus, O., 7-12. 
Viola ft Kngel, Fninlly, >'. Y. C. 7*12. 
VnIla;.KHlh's, Phlla^,: 7*12. '•'■ 
Warner, Cbaa.. Victoria, N. Y. 0.. 7-12. 
Wafeil tt Ourvrau, tlrnheum, iftlca, N. Y.. 7*12. 
WdEvrhtn Kio*<. aTenny, G..O. H,. Indianapolis. 
.-7-131 OnlnmMa, Cincinnati, 14-10. .. 

Wotyon, rtitlchliig-i ft Imrudl, Noveltyi Bkln., 

iW*'- ■ ■•■;■■ . 

Wfltsll. May, Olympic. Cincinnati, 7-12; Orpheum. 

*Jlcntorn, VtZ 1410. 
VlHt CbflH; B„ Lyric. Danville. III., 712. 
Watron's Penny aril. Colonial, Lnwrence, Masi., 
. 7*12 *, Moore's, Portland. Me., 14*10. . 
Wauher Bros.. Majestic. Toronto. Can., 7-19. 
Wnnld, Al„ CrjHtal, Logansport, Ind., 7*12; Crys- 
tal. KlKood. 14-19. . . 
Wayae & Christy,. G. 0. B., r.oi Angelea. Cal., 

Waldmsnn. Fdwnrd.AOo., Majestic. New Britain. 

,00m., 7*12: Keerey'a, Bkln., 14*10. 
Warren. Fdwln, Giiinrt. Marlon, lnil.. 7-12. 
WAlionr, Toe. Acme. Norfolk, Va., 7*12. 
Waldron, Anita, Andltorlum, Grand Raplda, Mich.. 

Vfatfton, Pred ft Morrlssey 8l8tera, Majestic, OIiI- 
■rAago, 7-12 

Wnjmcr, Great, Lyric, Joplln, Mo., 7-12. 
Wefctln, Great, G. O. 11., Grand Rapids. Mich,, 

Welch, JBen,. Columhli, Clnclnnrttl, 7-12. 

Welch. Janjcs ft Cello, BIJon, WliteUnc, W. Va., 

7-12 : ; Manrflehl,' O., 14*10. . 
Wet™ (<n. Cement City. Mich., 7-12. 
VWlon Clint, BUoit, Monlgoniery. Ala.. 7-11 
Went. John A,, La Salle. Keokuk, In,. 7*12: Oar- 

rick, ltitrllt.gKin.i4-H). 
Weaton, Willie: Benn-sipi.. London, Csn., 7*12. 
we*tt A Van Slcklen, AitdCorlum, Lynn, Maa>i., 

wer.tworth. .Walter, Brndenhtirg'a, Phfla., 7-12. 
Welwr. Chns. D., Oalcly, Indlnnnpolld, 7-12: 

StahdanL.jtrlricliinntL 14*10. 
Werden ft Glndlnh, '1*1*111, Trenton, N. 3„ 7-12. 
Welch. .Toe, Poll's; Bridgeport, Oonn,, 7-12. 
Wrtnpeleya, The, L'tllon Htluare, N. Y. 0„ 7*12. 
Wort ft Fowler, BIJou, Flint, Mich., 7-12. 
M'hlte, Finny, Frerejt'n.i St, Paul, 7-12. 
White, Hluart, -ft Co., 23d BL, N. Y. 0., 7-12. 
Wlinrion ft . Le Roy, BIJou. Knlamatoo, Mich., 

702; Iiljnu. Bottln Creek. 14-19, 
Wblioiuaa (ri), A Willie Roblnpon, Novelty, Bkln., 

WlilleUw, Arthur, Keith's. Bmiton. 7*12. 
WHlhple. Wnlrto. O. II., Biilrteford, Me.. 7*12. 
Whllnley A Bell, . Patnlly, Malianny City, Pi., 

l.lvier' Stock' {ti.'< Ki 'MoItHnni mgr-J—Bangor, Me,, 

■7-12; jWclertllle 14-10; Augf"' 
"fealy. Mamie iJtrftn ' 

.10, rftLrtS^VMi., _. 

TopehJ' 14. -LlWterfclh'M,: Wreaks ■ 19; Enid, 

., „unipta,.i7-19. 
Fealy. MaJMli (Jolm Cort. mgr' 

.io,*^jj^r.-ih , ,.Uoi,'-ii;jl*#a'> 


,-,„,. 1 ■ ■ouluiiii, Nebr., 
trf»v<>h*forth; Knn.V 12 

„GJtla. ( 17, OiUh;(e lj, Oklbboma^City 19. . 


.ll,'jIfliioihBj;12,. St. Chirlen 13, BrookDeld 14, 

Pmpumna, Bob- (J. . 
fvOtrtsiliha; ' Mo,. ■ 8. M^exlco.0, MoberlylO,' Macon 

Silver. Isailfte. Dltnu, Ditltith. Minn., 7-12. 
mm. WllUrd. JHitL'a, Phlla.. 7-12; Maryland, 

llflltlmore.'- 14-io. 
Srlriey. Lltlle,' Acme. Norfolk. Va., 7-18. 

0. It., Bangor 

irdway. Latu-u, llathawtir's, Lowell. Mots., 
OiVleVA Itbiulull. Siivoj, lliiiiilli'in. r-ui.. 7-ls. 
Paitll A WellB. Family. Lam-aster. Pa.. 7-lli. 
Pntrkc. OrL-heum, rtt. Paul, Mi, 
l'ulty BfOf., .Hopkins'. Memnlits, Teun., 7*10; 

Orplieiuii, Neu- Orleiins, i|l'2tl. 
t'llui-T St Gllhoil. ttrphcmii, Iten-lhig. Pa.. 7*12. 
Pariah. G. O. 11., Gnnid Mich., 712; 

.lclt'prs, Haglnnw, lfio. 
Paul. Clear, AlhnmliM, N. Y. C, 7-12. 
PflTlsIfiii Opera Trio. Lyric. Cleveland, 0,, 7*12. 
pjplnta. Mile.. Ornheiiiii. New Orleans, 7-19; Ma* 

Kilo. Chicago. 3S-t-elt. 4. 

IHiir,., mini , .iiiiii-, otfriui*. in,, t*l*. 
UiqH-Gnniiirr;<;o., Portland, Portluml, Me.. 7-12. 
Bltniisons. .MinJk'iil, Lnrayette. Detroit, 7*12. 
JHj JM lh . .The Pout-, G. 0. H., Syrnctihc, N. Y., 

|l^>H»«Ue. IHJciit. Farw, N. D.. 7*12; Dijou, 

Diinu '— 

siiiflun-tNtok 'J'rlo, People's, Cedar llaplila, la., 7* 

Ail MnhVHt.; Peoria. 111.. 14'10. 
9mm, Tlr. Coh.ulal, N. Y. C„ 7-12. 

Pern ft Wllaon, Otpbeum. Omaha, New., 7-12 

Dumltilnn, \V|iiul|ppa, "'nil.. 14-10. 
Pfkln Koiiaref. Hopkins', l.nitlntllle, Ky.. 14-1(1 

Hliter ft ■Clnuli. Ptih|ire. Dnnvlllo. tit., 7-12. 

riloiiHs. riic wnshliig;vii. unffnl*. .v. v.. 7*12, 

SU»rni. BlMich. Krfliey'Ei, llkin.. 7*12. 

(■MM JJj Wallace.- -Keeney's, Bklu.. 7*12. 

8uitrl ft Kfksiier, V<Miilg*r, Pier Atlantic City, N. 

■,l„ 7*12; Kmpfre. J%Tt>|M, 14-10. 
siriitus. Viatk^Ujwile. La .ilHlr, III.. 7 13; 

fltnltti ft Cnlnpl 
Smlili. Mr. ft 

Columbia, Olnclnhall, 21-20. 
Prndletons. The. Umpire. Dps Moines, In., 
Unique, Minneapolis, H-JO. 


Madison. Id., 14 IP. 
,ihttl. Proctor's. Albany. N. Y.. 7-1 *J. 
ft Mrs. .1. Mnrmv, BIJou, Flint. 

MlClt., 7>1S. 
Smith. P. II., Htodenhiirg'fi, Phil*.. 7-1*.'. 
ynydcr ft iluckley, :>«th St.. x. y. C. 7-12; 

Plflc tor's, Albany, N. V'., 14-19, 

Wlinlen A West, Pwclor's. Albany. N, y.. 14-10. 
Wlneherwan's Dcaie & Monkeys, Panlly. Lan* 

ckhtcr, Tfc, 7*12. 
Wills ft ILlMnn, ■ Hathaway'a, Lowell, Mass., 7* 

Willis Family, Proctor's, Troy. N. Y. t 7*12. 
Wtinn l»nw., HuymnrKet. L'lilcago. 7*12. 
Wi liihl, Clins., Bllnit, Hludwy trail. Wis., 7-13. 
Wl «tm, l.lMlc N.. >lnje»t!c, Hlnetepoit, La., 7* 

12! Mnji'lllc f'hkajav. 21-20,: 
WI Hon, .lack, ft Co.. Rlicn'f, Buffalo, N. Y.. 7*12. 
WI ten Br*-;, PoIPk, Brlagei»i-t, Conn., 7-12. 
Wljlcln. licrt, Stuildnnt. Oincltinatl. 7-t'J; Gaiety. 

; Ih-niiiiKtirLiu, Aln., 14*19. 
m [Mm Bm*>,'. Bliou. Norfolk. V*., 7*12. . 
W llniiiH ft Hcnly, Floin's, MgdlMiii, Wis., 7*13. 
Wliirtlirtv. Wvnne. Ohilienin. San Pran,, Oil., 7-12. 
wlU'in, Gitirge. Ki-nu'". Mnuchenler, N, It., 7- 

Whis'ton, Jnlk't. Kelth'c, MniK'hi-atcr, N. II,, 7- 

Wiirtleita, Kstcllc, .1 Co.. K. ft P., Jcrwv Oily, 

Ne J.. 7*12] Proctor's. Troy, N, Yi. 14. 10. 
WikMl Bros..V'lk-iiUt'll.'-*, rttliiwrt. Ciiu.. 7-12- 
W<>rld ft Klmf-toh. ■«. o. Hi, PittabMnl, 7-12; 

AHoorW.- 14*19. ' 

WotMI. 11.. J,y(eniii,.H|-r1li|fteJd, 0.. 7-12. 

Wrjbt vraneU. Majeatk', Hau. Antunlu, Tm„ 7- 
.12; Mtajfailc. Ft. Wdi-tlv. T 14-l9. ' '" 

WtfJJ. S«. \V,;'Prrtctr.r'». Albany. N. Y„ 7*12. 

WoW. Milt., o.o. It., IHtlalmrg, 7-12. 

WrBl, Ben. hUtW,' Norfolk.' Va..' 7*12. 

wt in, Bewle, WHliiV. Phlla., 7*12. 

JjH te's nogs. Ilarletn 0. It, N. V. C, 712. 

WyMrtlm Jfli'l) ft Nell. Washington. BiifTntd, N. 
Y. 712. , 

Yeoman, Genr»e. Kmplre. PMtslleld, Muss., 7-13: 
l.ll-nty, MetlOan, Conn., 14-19. 

■«r. Jekfflihvio; lfei- . 

GreePe Players (Ben Greet,', mgr.)*— Milwaukee, 
Vfl»., 7-12.' ' 

Qlnser; ' Vaughan— Parkers burg, W. Va,, 9, Marl- 
ett*. 0., To. 

Gago ■ stork (Frederic Gnge, mgr.) — Coboes, N. 
Y.. 7*12. Oneonta 14-19. 

Guy Bros-' Minstrels (G. H. Guy, mgr.) — Manns- 
tiuan. N. J., 9, Lakewood 10, 11, Toma Klvrr 
12. ' Vineland 14. 

"Governor's , Pnnlon" — Albany, N. Y.. 7*0, Spring- 
■ftelrt. -Mass.. ■ 10-12, Fall Klver 1*4-10. ' 

Hall. George P. (Frank W. Naaon, mgr.)-— Wind- 
Her. P«..; 14, Bialrsvilie 10, Vandergrlft Hi,' 
I^echlnirc 17, Butler 18, Benver Palls lit. 

HoVmnr Krbeiit (Geo. It. IlartU. mgr.)- -X. Y. 
City 14-19. 

Harvey Stock (K ', fi Hsrvcy. ht«r.l-— Pltchburg, 
Maas..- 1 -12, South Prsmln-fham 14-10. 

IIDIman. Mnltde.'(W, A. Dillon, mgr.)— LevrlH. 
ion, >|c., 7-12, Bangor 14-19. 

Hlmmeleln'H Imperial' Stock (K. F. Hlmmelelu, 
mgrt)—York, Pa.. 14-lor 

HllWftD. May UMltM Rchnnhel, mgr.) — Stnun- 
loTl, Va„ 14-19. Fredfrlckshurg 3f20. 

"HIS, Honor, the' Mayor" (Win. R. S(1L mar.)— - 
Wllto-H.Bnrrc. Pu.. 12, WllllamsnoM 17.. 

"In Nc»r York Towii," Hurttg & Beamou'a— -De* 
■ trnlt, llldii, fl-12. ' " ' 

Jarhe>, I,oi|ir* (Wallace Monro, gen. mgr. )---Waeo, 
Tex., 7, Austin's. San Antonio 0, Honslon 10, 
1). Galveston 12, Henumnnt 14. Shrevrport, 
Ln.i, 1(1, Monroe 10. '-Pine Bluff, Ark., 17, Hot 
Springs IS, Little Bock 10. . .! 

"Jesse Jamee" (Jewell Kclley, mgr.)— -Atlanta, 
Ga., 14*19, ,~ 

Kennedy. . JajBM (Splta ft Nnthaiwon, mgrs.)— - 
Newport. R. I., .7-12, Norwich, Conn., 14*10. 

KeJIey. rfioek. Hastern (Jewell Kelley, mgr.) — 
Bnltlmofe. Md., 14*10.. -* 

icedey stock, Southern (Jewell" Kelley, mgr.)— 
Dallas, Tex., 14*10. . * 

"Marrlagt ,ot Kitty" (Julea Mnrry, 'mgr.)— Ne* 
hraski City, Nebr.. 7, Lincoln fi. Grand Wand 
0. York 10. Hasting-. 11, Joplln. Mo.. 12. i.t, 
Plttshnrg, Kan.. 14. Chanule 15, Pojaohs 10, 
Inln:i7, Fort Scott: lfii 

'•Mummy ontl the Humming Blrrl" (.Titles Murry. 
iBtt)— Iloma. .N. Y., 7, WnierlOwn 8,. Ogdenn* 
tlifi-C 0, .Plflltalmrg 10, Glens Patla 11, Belie- 
nrvtady 12, Ileniiington, Vt.. 14. Brottlcboro Id, 
llelln-AM Pails 17. llutionil 18. Granville 10. 

"Minister's Son." Macnnley A Pntton'a, (K. R. 
Hutletlar*: mgr. i— Shnu'nen, Okla.. 7, Norman R, 
Pb'uIh Vnllpy, ind. Ter., 0, Arrlmore 10. Gaines- 
ville, Tex.. 11, McKinney III, Greenville 14. 
W« sol indi le 13, .Terrell. 1«, LOBIVHW 17, Palea- 
llhe IS. 
"Old lannca from the Bowery" (Chan. E. Blaney 

Amuse. Co.. mgr*-.)— Brooklyn, N, Y„ 14-10, 
Roe Stock (C, J, W. Roe, mgr.)— Augusta, Me., 

7*0. Hnekliintl 10-12, Blddefonl 14*10. 
"Ited Feather" (Jos. M. Gnltcs, mgr.)— Halt Lake 

City, t'., is. in. 

"Smiaw Man" (Ltcblei; ft Co,, ingra.)— Muako- 
irce, 1 iut. Ter., 0, Shawnee, Okla., 10, Okla- 
homa City II, IB, Dalian, .Tex., 14, 10, Port 
Worth IU, 17, Waco 18,. Hah Antonio 10, 90. 

"Surmn In HeriiPh of a Hnebattd" (Llebler A Co., 
mgrs.)— 1** Angelea, Dpi,, 7-12. Preaflo Id. 14, 
Stncktnn 1.1, Siiciamehto 10, 17, San Jose. IS, 

'Side Tracked"— Shenandoah, P»., 10, Aflhlniul 

l-»'-r;'-.,. INDIANA. ". : \.. 

Inillnnnoolla,— At Kogllsh's Opttt Hoitae 

(Ad. F.'; Miller, rtdnnger) Mme. Modjeskn; In 
"Mflrlo Sumrt, 1 * Jan. I, drew iwo Urge audi* 
trine 'Dustrn L Farnum, in "l'ho. Vlrftntah;" 
3, atopd them up. "The Prince ot India". 

■ Park (Dickspn St Talbott, managers).— 
"Th« Hcdemptlon of Davltl Cornoo," Dec. ^7- 
29, .atood them up, "New York. Town" had 
capacity . business 81* Jan. 2... "The iieantv 
Doctor' 1 3-5, "Lovers and , LunaHca". 7*1», 
Hobert Downing iu-12, Keliot- weeb of 14. 

OltANb -Opeoa iiorM- (Shhfer Zlegler, man- 
ager). — For week oC 7: Walter Jonea and 
Mb be I HIte, Le'Bma Trio. McMahon'gMln* 
str*!, Mnlds, Jatncs. Thorriton; WatefbUry 
Bros, and Tcnhy; McMhhOn dnd Campbell, 
Byron. and Langdon, ami. the bioscope. 

K.Mfiiii; tChns. Zimmerman, maanf-erK— 
Broddway 1 OnJety Girls. D«". 27*29, drew 
Ter*/ big business. Wfltsori's burlesque™, 
ai-Jan. '2, filled the bouse. Sam Dcvere'a 
Co. «-3, Jolly Grass Widows 7-9, Miss New 
York Jr.- XO-12. 

GAvntY (Kdwcrd Shayne, manage):). — the 
Trnns- Atlanta a did well Dec. 27.*ib. Vanity 
Fair Co. packed them to 1 lib doors twice a 
day ai-Jnn. 3. Clark's Runaway Clrts M, 
JaJin .-!,. Sulllran wns the extra attraction 
Inst week. Bchronn Show 7-0, Kentg-Sactlev 
10-12, Blue . Itlbboa Girls 14-1«, Bowery Bur* 
lesquers 17-10, 

Notes.— tittle Hip, the baby elephant from 
tin Hippodrome. New York, passed pro- 
gratninea at tho Grand Opera House, week of 
Dcf. 31, find got more space In the localpresn 
than' anything tlmt has appeared here for a' 
long time. ... .Mnny,of the musical numbers 
in the Trons-AtlnntlcR were written un-l 
ranged by LtMui 'Wealyn and Sophus Jergen- 
ecn, 1 of Indianapolis. Mr. Jergensen Is the 
musical director of the company, and Mr. 
Wealyn Is press representative of the Qrttud 
Opera' Hooae. 

■i- . ■ ' * ■ a ' ■ ' ' -■ 

Bwamajvllker.V-The Grand (Pedis? ft 
Burch; managers) has bad the last nerform- 
ances ot the Grand Stock Co., after a most 
successful season's run. The only reason 
given for a discontinuance Is that so many 
shows have been booked from now- oh. De 
Wolf: Hopper. In "Happylarid," tilled the 
house to s, R. O. Dec. 27, and gave gen- 
eral satisfaction. .The Standard Opera Co. 
ill, Jan'. 1. Tin- cast Included: l'aullne 
Perry, , Clara Hunt, Edwin Howard; Geo. 
NathBnson and Johann Bertbelsen. . ■„ . 

■I'LohLu's (Pedley ft Burch,' managera).— > 
Two bL- ct-bwds saw Robert ritsslmmons, In 
■A Fight for Love." 'ITie Strollers." Jon. 1, 
Included tlie .f olio wlnir' vaudeville acts: May 
D.e Housh, ■ "'Monn.' Lu Balleiner, the Great 
aunt SSellen'o, the Mystic ; Fred Eamshaus, 
lliulH.-iilii, and Loulso. Hess. 

Wi:i.!,s- Hutu* (Ainn Jenkins, manager).— 
Big. bojOVrn to see "The Umpire," • Dec. :#. 
" r rhe Denver Kxpress/' Jan. 1, 2. Mme.Mod- 
Jesltn .3. ■ ' -j n.-'r. r .' '■ 7FL '•' 
,: Buoi; . (Geo. Seilingei', manager )V— The 
new' * BIJou r Slock . Co.', ; formerly the Grand 
Stock Co.-., Is bended; by Rlehurd*L6ulB. Train 
artd ■ Violet-Barney. Week.- of Dec.' 30. 
"■Sapho". was. given,' 'i'b^. voddeVIlle'lncluded : 
'nw;Ql.-eat Powell, .CWtfti Bfowrilng; Nnb- 
lette and ManiLal, anlrihfe'blosc'ope. 
^.-■■i — . -a j a , . ■ ■ 

Lifuyetie.— At tfieOrond (Geo. Monder* 
back, munager) "Hooligan In. New York" drew 
two gWHl'housei-Owv 20. "The Isle of Bwlg 
Bong'VJan. 4, :'At the Old* Cross Hoods" -0, 
James -XC; Hbckntt 12; ".Tohhny 1 •Wise" 10, 
"Wonderland" 10. "My Wife's Family" 21. ' 

FamiLy (D. W. Maurice, manager).— -Bill 
for week of pec. 31 ; The Carters, Ktjna I ( y- 
mnn, Tom and Frank Austin, Sldonle Dlion, 
Felix' Rice: and the klnodvome. Fine buslnesn 
has hrcr the rule. 
■ Noth8.— ■ The Ave cent electric theatre han 
been christened the Happy Half Hour,' and 
buMnesl. is excellent. Tb>-people-oonnected 
with thlB housettre: 8.C. Lank, manager; 
Mrn,-.S. C. Lank, treasurer: Fred Htotit, 
electrlt-inn; RirtM' Hetrlck, pianist; JantW 
Itrlnkmnii, viollnUt ;. Majof Naugbton, barl- 
tone.v,ocaunL:a'tid, Ropcoe Sparrow^ elnger of 
llluntrnted tiongti, The moving plrturcH- anil 
songs ttrc changed twice a woek. . .v.Bit«In,e8B 
at: the La Pltrdette cnntlnttAH good, the pro- 
gramme being, chonged three Qraea a waek. 

*. The Coliseum --will have a dog and 

poultry show Jan."'2-a. - ' * ■ • 

— ' ... ■»» » .. . 


1 ouixviil*,-. At Macnittey's, the Rogers 
Bros., ate, 31. Jon. 1; drew packed houses, 
"The Umpire' 1 gave ttyo porformandei ■ •'£: 
Thfe' matinee wns delayed <m account, of the 
comimny arrlvlos on u belated train. Tlie 
Ben Greet 1'lnycrs. 8-0, attraclfd big housr.s. 
Nell Huroesa .7. "The Collie Widow" 8, 9, 
"The Magic Melody" 10-la. 
. M*.honic. — •■TexoB," last -week, drew Urge, 
audiences, Fol- week of 7. Eugenie Blair. 

Avp^.t'K.— "Across the l'oclrtc," last week, 
drew packed houses. "A Child of -the But* 
ment" 6-12. :™ . 

BockinqiIam. — The Broadway Grtlely 
Olrls, last week, gave a lirst cla^n perform- 
ance, to big houses. Hum Devi-re*:-, own Co, 

IfopKiNR'.— New peooleWeek of fl: Mar- 
Ma tmd; sta-thillllnn. ltollfili Trio, Arilnir 
DemlDff, Burton and Brooks, Hit* and r1l* 
HUM-, Dimat Bcdlnl, Dorrttiiy Kenton and the 
kltiodrome, ' • . 

■ as 4-a ^ - rii , f . i 


Wn«liInKt on. - At thf) NOW Noilbtia] ( W. 

II. Itiiptey, ilinilrij'nil, IIiIh wenk, 'I'}. 3. WU- 
Inrd. Uiht weelt, ltlclinid CaHe picked the 
house at advanced price.*-. John i)few Jan. 
14-1V. ' .. .; J . 

OiLtiJiniA (Luck-eft & Dwycr, uj'AdaMrs). 
— This week, Chiiuttcey Olcolfc. ' ln"'Eile«u 
Aathoio." Last week, Harry Bulger, Id "The 
Mnn from Now," did good business, Slafle 
C'aJilil 14-10* - * 

BUUHco (L. Stottdui'd Taylor, manager). 
— Thla jye^lc. Henry H. Dlxey, tit "The TWttn 
un the Box." Lai] week, Kddie Foy, In "The 

P and the Olrl," drew rait- business. David 
Wardeld. 14-11), .- , 

"'l^W^^jC. H. Kerr, MU^p (Jffifffi ^^aM^fe^ 

Kane 10. Tllnavlllc 11. New Oastlc'W: Abron ..ffin-i .ffl 7vS I,... "J ,1. T ihF, 0P ° ly 

n., li.lilfrla 15. l-onln lfl, Bowling r.recn it ""WHS!* ™'. ,c /-°^ *.* ou * •}&*& 

Limn lfl, FlndlAy 10. 
"TliottwgliHred Trntnit." Rimer Whltei-a' (OatJar 

.lonea, ingi.) --Toledo, 0.. 10*12, St. Tlwinaa, 

nut., Can., l-l, jftrmronl is, unit u\ u-nnii- 

ion;' 17. • 
'Ihm StT<\»tlioart" (A. Vllbilr, mijr.)— nr-nkln*"- 
' vllle. *>.. 0, nuswllvillo 10. Oallatln. Kan., 


"I'rtcle Tom's Csblti." Smith's— Wyoming, III., 

10, Tfliilr.n.ll, Cuiiilirlilsf 131 
AVPivdnilr, Dorn. rttovk {J. D,. Kllgore, iugr.1 — 

lir.isll luil,. 7-13. Clinton M*i». 
WrlvbtH. -The (Kllsa* K. WrlnUt. mar.)— Ilnddam, 

Kan., ;o-ia, WliHrtine.M,-.VerinlUoa IS, Cru- 

tmlla,*.*), .pranlifort. iMD. = 

iMATXHTic (O..U l.lsler. imindfter .— •Tkl* 
week,-. Dnh'l mill*. Irt "Tlie Mutch Maker." 
Ust week. Billy 8. OUtTord, In "A Jolly 
Heron," hnd fair hualilcsn. Al, H. Wllaon 
34-10, , r . .:..-.' 

liYCBLM < Ktieeite Keruon. mftniger).— 
Tills witck. tli-j Alrn*ni'.BOiiUtiAs. Met *wk 
(lit? Kentucky Holies Imit biff houaca High 
School. Olrls rtqkl;: .. : , : 

CtiA'su'v. (M|M ll.-MMliirretl'Tte' Wilt, nltln* 
nget), — This wi-.-'m 11. i-;. uniimm. Tom OH- 
len. Hitiu'M- AyMs rind romphiiv, Bailey uud 
Adstlli. Hoyai Mi|-,U'itl;Fuui\ Uybrt hiid Kayo 
and mo UArfctlkjC. ■ " '- ' '. ' r *■ . 

••";ri:n; totei 


TMt'i your prlvllCH it our XX Trugk isn't nil «e »n, IS l». Kmi .I'OUH. 



wiuiin dai, mc, 

W.U.r, of 

110 We.i «.|] Si , s.w fork. 

.■--^£i'1•;— i 

j£NTJA»Y42. < 



Clipper Post Off ice> 

In order to rivoid mistakes and to 
insure tke prompt delivery- «>i tbe 
le*t-tr« -ad* ertUc-il lit (Ms list, no 
«OTClOpO plfilnlj niUlrt-HBc-il must be 
•tilt lor each letter, and n written 
order for the letter, uijxned with the 
loll asm* and Address and the line 
of business foil Owed l»y the sender* 
mast nlso be enclosed. 

Pleaee juration the dote (or nam- 
her) of toe CLIPPKH In which the 
letters sent for were advertised. 

S«jft V. li". ..filnrit, twin R. Lockwan. . 
beach, Cyrus W (lo^wlns. The Q iHiMor S. 

Archer. Helen 

Allen. Hemic 
ADJJfA, MttP. 
Alunr, 'leic-de 
AuiiOt. Jits, 
AMrleh, JJuttel 
Auuen, Mis* F. 
Ainulil, XaoctU 
AHliiBoii, Obtlr 
Aubtcy, Helen 
A ik's, 31 ny 
Alpine, May 
Arnold, Bena 
Allium. Mabclle 
Amcnt Mri.W.D 
Anderson Frally 
Ablrnch Blancht 
Atlautle. Hulls 
Anderson lit lei i 
AlfHer, Did* M 
AflSbiS. Aliun. 11 
AJMtn MIsaL 

Alien; Violet 
Bessiey, l*** 1 * 

Hreslua, Mtuc. 
BlMBMfc • ■ 

Burgess, An 
Barnes MnFrm- 
Biondcl!, Lib- 

■ Die Arnold 
Barker Mai-jcrvi 
Buyer- Kthel 
Block, Vera' , 
Hii'nmrd. Mark 
Barker Bcntrl.' 
Bhlwcll, Helen 
Browne Edith I. 
Butler, Laura 

Ul'/U), BlaUChd 
l^'UPfC. Hose 
llnirl, Dorothy 

Howl], Doru 
Bruvrii, Mntwl 
Make MimO.V 
Dobiw, Elsie 
UtaUBKHit, Alma 
l ii : '■[.*■, Jessie 
Blink, Jessie 
Bcnloa Lmlivlno 


Burke, Lottie 
Burke, Helen 
Harbor, Oltbv 
Union, Dorothy 
Blandish, Ul-ir 
Bclasco, S£nxu 
lliilliiulii, Jcuu 
Boyle, Stuu- 

ler, Alma 

Mm. Win. J. 
Clarke, N nude J 
Cole-inm, Hub/ 

' Kunna D- 
(l.iuhaiii aisttra 
OiJIIuh, Llllluu 
(.'ftftwrJl, Hay 
Clinton. Kale- 
Cmlwell, Mary 
Ouvw, Mabel 
(I'lllim. Jlyrn 
Clu-ae Margaret 
Cosies, lfUls 



router, Wlll-ml Mcdruih Mis* M 
1-VrHs, Blanche MeCall, Mr*, K, 
Putier, Minnie Maynard Detnm 

Fh-raiug, Ktiiel [MUljiirn Grucvf, 
Field, I.UllAU Mfjruf. Hnv 
1 urrliigiou. IMsichette, Anna 
Nevada Meyers. Jennie 

Pitch. Alice 


Fisher. May 
Ford, Dora 

Mrs, Clio. 

MM. Harry 

Ollmdre, Oldilya 

" I Men 
jeheuo. Marat 

idodkvln Vlrjfliia 
Gladstone - , 

' Sisters (Tel) In Alberto 
Illnsereltl Till.' 
.tullnglter, Ada 
imam, Oik-ei, 
iurtlner Mw.K 
Itthtcn Mltu U. 
itirOon, Auiik 1 

oliUuiltli r.lllli 
,vK><lwln Alleen 
■ ■li^in. Fanny 

- Norn Boll. 
■ iv.iv, F!. !■.■>, i- 
Grnwy, Uftu 
Grlttttli. M:i''ol 
Gutfti), Hclk-n 
Golden, Mha B 
ii'uldcii, It.iy 
' Godilnrd. 
Mha r.-in ■ w 
CitKMl. ■ Morgutrt 
(ialland. Ifel-tlin 
ElQwit, Mlt'lml 
Uavivnnt. -U'Uhli' 
: lleetre, Qua .., 
Howard, Vivian 
llnrte, Itonlne 


Mrs. Tbo«. 
i Hunt Html May 

llsTtUr rVnncoH 

Iielena, Edltk 

\U'hn. race 
i hitv.i. Sadie 



Hardy, Allele 

ritlinn. Creatfle 

rjUWU Mm.Ncl 
. i looker t, BommIo 
i ilnwpll, Hvlen 

i r irclion niiui.'l 

llaytor Mm Wir. 


Hill j 

iTomer, Kr i 

U.-i'.. f.iHil'" 

Hume, t'riuu'l- A l- . I ■■ ■ 

,. Ilamllton tV'imo .,«„..„ 
cuiiijilwll. Kmmw ilnyivHHi. Mux . trOiltlj. Refli 
Cralii. Mrs. 0-0. BWtMW< ' iSmion,, Slmeu 
U>ltler, Mrxlell. Vlnnle Klunley, Vers 

Crawley, . MsUcl I tar unit) MU-tu. Slngov, . -., 
Cnnrbd, Kdltb Henry 0«W M h ■ Marifucrlto 
»Juiiilihi»ll Louise Hurt. Jewi'.- (Sewanl, I'oarl 
Cinmlntliam. ., llunilab. aftUHal Hlitelotr Evolyn 

. , . Madw Hiirt,- Mrs.MHVK-StevMta. Row 
c»i-liitlf. (i.vtlc Hull, ■ Viola \»tviw. Ocor«l*f 
tHayton Bubbete llnrrlMm, NiilllL, lIctHli' 

iniii-in- I. j J.a.1 «MI'jn»c Pwilih. Mi- Xcll 

Mnrroy, Agnen 
Miller Mnrffnrcl 
Mnrolilo, Dltli 

Murray, I!j-v 
Mpj'ers. I<onl»e 
Mltclol), Von 
Murroy, E'JjUi 

Carrie lietle 
Normrji. Ida 
Nulieis Hlstcrs 

NlChOlS, Ajjf k> 

.V-jMm, Mils D. 
Norton. Irjiu; 

Mrs. K. H, 
Osborne Mv ..l\v 
O'Dny, hla 

. Miirrel 
[•nit;, Carrie 
JTiirl, Jcnnlo 

Xlw, Fred 


J ui nn. Margie 

wiiitdan, Jollo 

Mm. iiillv FrIUl 
.(ope, Marie 
Jiothrrt, Otuce 
UibDt-ld Harriet 

, Mn.^EreriHt 
ItOCfi?. MlaaH.M 
Itaymond Mad^-e 

Itnaslter, Helen 
R(,nUldo. E*a 
I Ion en. Dora 

Itoydon Virginia 
UOBlyo, i MIhs 
head, HCMH 

.Vine! I u 
.iuyaor. Kit a 
Kebar, A-lrh-lti 
I'.iiMMoml, N'llll 


' Mumnvt 

Nmvl-'i ii /-In ■' 

Show glare 1 ,* 
S.lnioiiClani M 
Stnffonl Comeliu 
:-«riii. May 
Motion. Aftnce 
dinger. Mary 
Simpson, Allle 
Stewart Nellie 
Snnrord, Fannie 
hiiraln, Annie 
fcelicH La Bslto 

Seflon. Lllllin 
Mntlalr. Malilo 

. i Marguret 
Slewarl, Ltsila 

Courtney. Ilrvhuj, Oomlllo 

' . rnuiaei lrviii((, l«a 
Crawley, Mlm iJonex,- StMrfln 
CMffurd. I'enrl '.lermon. Jretw 
(lunniii, .!L'Mle|'t'nh/N.t Mori'lu-o 
t;«lef, Jennie Hriiufrflan, Ktttj 
Cnrft, E. Mahel IVtinfeily. .May 
bumoiit. D.ihy iKIbhy OhUlottu 
IM-.Veio- OJsMllyK, TteiiMivl. 
lie Vimil (Jlndy- Klmlle. Minnie 
lWiWk'Uni'. 'I*slle, l fl ;oieiii:e 

... ■ • Ntlfild I-awiencc. Mtic 
I>«ly, Vlulet il.tirlfet LouI»e 
IMtnen,', J'ltin |I.ecnnrd HuaanM 

pJemA, i>clyn htmtib Maael 

De Male, Mninl i l-iiuncltmere, . 
Howling,. .Bwt'h ' Mia* L. L. 
He l'cu, Mlnnlo I.lepKni MIbb U. 
Dreber. Mlnnl |U orllo, ... . 
t'e Vyne, Dollla : ; Uoanmoa-l 
Hnveuport Alice. I.uitttdon,. ■. . 
D;- Lisle, Mm- - KaUieiluc 

Dnvly, Dora 1 ■'■ XaWe Klttn-n 
IhIIiitcu, Bone llxickwood. 
Derrlll, I'Bidllw! Mnrgeiet 

iJuvls BtlJtHbeili Li'tt-nen* 
Delle, Enid i Irlcc ( 10c. ) 
Denv>s, Mary 15 T.traek Mtrfbm 

Dicre, Louio 
De fbnr ■■■ 

De Wolf. Virion 

De )' in ■•■!.. 
Mrs, \\\ .0. M 
DO Vew, Mutle 
l'li|«)lut. Muyme 
DiivIh, Jollo 
l'..i lie. pft 

Elliott, Lollle 
Elll'tlte, Olilr 

mwtri, Kitty 
MiU, i-.::hm 
i:iHi'ry, Maude 
Kiirle. Vera 
Kurw, ituhy 
Furl. Etbel 
Earte, Alice 
Fa rli*, tleorgla 

plitt iVifle 

Kurle. Jullrt 
IYr0ii«Dii fii-it't, 

FliiRiirlli'MtK. H 
Koraiterc Hcifrlil 
Flpldiuc; Pjullne 
I'i.i ri'Ht, Killth 
VnrrniNti, May 
FrunkUu Lillian 

Little. Brittle 
IrfKlle. 1'aullae 
Umaraur Mlaa') 
t^lgb, Lattloier 

Ml.L 11. II. 

Lovalne, Mre.W 
taiiBdon Hiinile 
l*e, Miimle 

Km in 1 1 


(.■■■ ,!>'i ■ Mil I 


Mrs. Klrner 
WnrKimii, lltne 
Morgan, Kitty 
Miitln-w. Cl-irs 

Hn* Hirry 

Mm. Philip 

Morrison, Belle 
Mitchell Com I. 

Mitchell. Ado 
Mure., nfMN 

MurkR. Malik- 

Mrs. n. L 
Mem-renn, Violet 
Mun to I Mi. 

* Jeanne ttc 
Mcmd, Alice 

Alpine Family 
Allen. I'. S. 
A hi. j. Max. 
Ad onto, Joe 
Alberto, Frluce 
Allen. C. II. 
AlliNonx, The 
Aafn. Taul 
Aldica Twins 
Adams. J. K. 
Alfoofto . 
All. Arnhnrk 
Alt, Jack 
Anttey, Al. 
Alh-ti. Archie 
Auleer. Ad. 
Anion & Co.. 


S!u- ui'.'. ' ];■. r.i 

Mlnger, Mia.) M. 
St.' Kluirl, 

;•■•*■ Ainu'ltp 
Stanley Urul.W 

■ Claries 
Taylor,.' Hat tie 
Ttiniibull Fanny 
Tinner. Gladys 
X rerun I ns. 

Tlmmpxoii, Mtsa 
Trout man Try 
Vedrier, Kadle 
Vdb TuMell, 

Vou AlfHtOt. 

Mrs. U. 
viuia. Mi''-, 
v. ii-i.'i. Delilde 
West. Ira 
Waldrop, las 
Whltakcr Helen 
WolfeM M'lmlsS 


Waters, Asm 

Wilton, Belle 
W4^ala mIbMI.L 
Worth, Irene 
white, Annie 
Wood, Olge 
Willis Mrs. 

Edward M. 
Wlfland, Clara 
Woaton, Cells 

Wriltdi Mrs Hob 
Went, Madeline 
West, Esiel ■ 
wVfi. I'bocbe 
Wright, Jestde 

— ',. Anna 
Weston Frsii*:es 


Will (man 


WHilllCC. Hi, in- 



Whtlney llerllm 
Vnrk, Oraco 
York, .tnitii 
Zetio, Mile. 

Benton 0, Mor.t- 
Ihirke. Walter 
browiilngH, 1'bo 
CysfN AJI'.-riimii 
Brown, Will 
Bn«nle*j ■ . 

Hooiloa, The 
LnrrltigMii Clinn 
lli'oonifciler I'm 
linnet t, K»Iwl« 

lUul.llnll, Whit 

Mil Bronia 

Ikwbardy. .. 

B . Uleplien 
B.iler. E, U. 
LMctier, Frsnk 
(Hinras, Val 

Aflams. pld.-F. 

.'.' . < In,!. 

Allen, J. Mi 
Adolphutt. Ik»b 
Armrnrt Teddy 

ArnoM. J. V. 

Jt&mt Puma. Ed. J. 

UfTMlt. .Will 

Brill <). Nelson 
■svrrbm ■ Ths 

Hentou Petco It. 
Itaiiard, V. U. 
Black. 8am 

AnderMtti UUtTA fhillaB. Gaj. 
AnHi-us. Billy iKI^rell, C. D. 
AVdo, Man Bnker. John T. 

Berry A Berry IBfirna. Mturlco 
Barlelli, Jot. „ Br'ban. Wm. " 

llolmont C:in^l_Ir 
Kelfratfe n.'fi. F 

Bojee. -T-ii'h 
Onley AM.nifon 
Piker. A. "*. 
Bouclrd Barney 

TtnlfPock, Ttieo, 
"Varer, wait ft, 
'lennett, 1. Moy 
nates, w. H, 

lllFtll tt CO, 

Byrni*. Miko 

BriidfordM. Tim 
Bvwman. I'mnk 
I<nker Troupe 
Burns, Jan. \Y. 
Hurtling, G. C. 
Brown. 0. Will 
i;-i--i , Geo. J. 
Ibisiiell, J, A. 
BronkH, Csn»vT 
Runker Irv, C. 
Bunnell, Geo. 
Beieyn, Then. 
Brooks, itrn'L" 
RrennaiiH, Mttalc 
Berginai. Henry 
Byers. Tbou. C. 
Bowman. KM 
Belcher Boyd C. 
hoyd, Archie 
netm, lien 
Butler. Kli:l::iDl 
Been or. W. S. 
liHKnl rank: 

nnrblr. Allie 
Bellmuit 1 

Bryant, At. 
Bower* Ch-w. II 
l-nrlow. Kuitt 
Bnlley. lies, 
IHdweii Clar. D 


U aster' iitiiwii 
, Co.. Mg*. 

Beyer,. 1km 
Cole 4 Com 
Oonqner, H, 


t.ii-M. K. 
Cirle ARi-i-voori 
Crafotd, E. 8. 
Cldey. Cluifii'O 
Chapman. A. D 
Cook, can w. 
ClHircb, Fred 
Couture Darle 
Ct-wby. J. F. 
Caldwell, jia. J, 
Collar, Itov 
Coffey, J. \V.. 
Connor, Jaa. J. 
Cresi-ey. W. M. 
Circe ALaYouna 
tbleionn, C. W. 
Cnnitnlni, Billy 
tuner. Cbas. H. 

ctore, c. .8. 

CnrltoD, Burt 
Cluxton, Tt. 
Cnrleton tk 

(^iifjOTr, Bruce 
Cot*. Bob 
Conlin. Jan. 
Clark, Harry 
Carl, Bert 
titartlan, Mr. 
Corhett, Vn, t 

Carrel], M. 0. 

IfMfJti liVuVtflu 

Oiillns, Monto 
Uqnrw *■ pbh 

Cole, Will 

(>jboera, Join 
Cuiien, Jas. II. 
cunning, Tbe . 

Jail Breaker 
(uiiiielii, Cbas. 
riutoD, ii. ii. 
conneiey. Jack 
Curlyle Joba 0. 
Cutler. KhodPs 
tiurk. Duncan 
Cnalloupe Frauii 
CiiMweil. A . . 

Carlton, Cbas. 
Curmody Jns.F. 
Connor, Jas. J, 

Cbas. K. 

Sotiroy, Put 
DJilnti AMertil 
Cartello, 0. "■ 
Cortes, II. 
Cnnley, Ous 
Carpenter. Bert 
i 'l it k. Geo. 
De l ,<'i, Cbin. 
Dnsblcll Wlllarrl 
Detnpsey, Jack 
Dowllmi, Tom F 
Depew, Totor 
DeSheiley. Win, 
Diiroond, O. H. 
l>rmlbJt Lawrenc 
Don, Arthur 

GrVlner, Arthur Mann, iiiimy 
iiebhart, Geo. McElroi-, K.I. 
• J cPhall, Bert 
MorrW, ].. It. o. 

Hratef, Chester McFhall. 
tiordpn. Jaa. 
Gore, Holme* 

OBfOOtlX, », K. 

Oracle ft 

Gordon Lawrt-u. 
Godley, .\*.<. V, 
Ullaserettt Chaa 
Greene, J. K-i. 
Gretson. CHom. 
OajiM, Itiipii J. 
llodgea Jn-i viol 
Hill Mnrr.iv K. 
Ilnugers. Tin.' 
Haske, Henule 
Harvey, Arm. 
Hatch Ur.-'. 
Huntley. I. H. 
HfiatlntD Hnrrv 
llnrrls, Bol-Uy 
Hskler, J. J. 
ftylnnii, -hn, J. 
Itanaon, A. n. 
llnrrlKnn, Jom.I 
iie'Tiifliin, Juc. 

tlckey. John \ 
Jump ton. Prof 
Harrison. H. 8- 

Kaeker, T. ii. 

lolder, 0, B. 

lnson Stock Co 
iiirili. Link 
ileward ABIomi 
Ilelnlman, Frod 
IMIn Bill Oj. 

Biw. Mar 

tlusbes Cliui.ll 
H'M'y, Jobnoy 
Miirdman. Will 
llnsty, Cliaa. 
tins. well. Mnurh 
Holmes, Jack 
Howe, Ben fl 

II'. wt'. 1'. II. 

Micks, Geo. 
Mawtboroo & 

Hume. Dick 

Hall, Alfred 
Knllsad. E. J. 
Hnruboro, — 

Haines, Geo. t' 
llnuna, J. 
Huuimoml. J.TI 

IFl-lHI-iNlCt l.n'.llr' 

I InrrltiRtnn. R. 

lltHOIIH, .Ilii;,', 

Harper, Harry 
House, Fred c. 
lllimiaoiiu A 


Hylands, Fred 
llowunl ALIndei 
HvdBV. Jack 
Ihtiulltoii, Willi 
Hohten, we, F 

Uays ft hnlght .tiiuhjou. Bert 
Deutoutle ft 'Hall, Harry J. 

Dlnamoro ItoBjiK'. P. M. 

Defly, Ben 
In: Melon], Jos. 
Dxvldsou. Obns. 
Duke, Amos Ed. 
I »• Route, W. 
Delo.vH Tbe ;I 
Dole, Albert 
Drake, Homer 
Dixon, Burt ft 

Harrow, Btuurt 
Itupree, Geo. 
Duwuey 4 

Vfvoo, Eddie 
Delpblno ft 

-i Delntoro 
DeVere. Bllty 
peTDMHti Harry 
lihiibsrH. The 4 
Dehtiar, Jutea 
linuglta ft Ford 
Dloua, Herniaau 
nun mi. Wm. 
Dawson, . 

Ualler J. 
Do Ormond Jno. 
Devoy ft Miller 
DeForest Ham 
Dillon, iof. H- 
i'-r, in, Nat' 
Druue. Waali 
Davenport, ' 

, Harry J. 
Dlsccly B. K. 
Dixon, i i. U. 
Dewey, Earl (j. 
1 ilinmim! ^ 

Howard. II. B 

l'.ii;:in ■■■. BrOWl 

Ihtrrlngtoii E./. 
Howe, .Sain 
Hurleys, The 
Hr-it.-ii ADalla- 
Howard, ft 


- Hurry, Wni.E. 

Dltnn iiowden, thflln 

llollsnd. 1- 

iin . inn '..ii ah-: 

Hi- i -■■in-! . I'l'-'l 

Howard ft Hlun.l 
lltiiniiioiid, t;iias 
HuHttllBH Cii'icv 
Hiimllii. Itl.1i:.rl 
hit<lee, U. Edwin 
Ingniin A Croiiui 
Irving A 

Jones, Wdller 
Jewell, Rnl-ert 
JcnnlUBB, Tack 
Johnston, ' 

C. Mason 

Jacobs ft Hunlrl 

McNHIi, 1-Ytnk 
Mcluiosb, Fred 
Mootea. O, T. 
Maria. J«e 9. 
Melfln, Jul B. 
Myers ft Mhimu 
McGlll. Dave 
Monroe. Ned 
Mealy, Rcgo 0, 
Mnrtnln, Harry 
Mucnini-er, F. A 
Montague. K. B. 
-MeCall. Trio 
Moore, Tom 
Mnmlctllle W.C 
Miller, Frod 
Miller, F. W. 

Ma. k, Ed. 
Mulloy. Dart 

Viivllii. Ed. S. 

Murteii, wm. 

IL-Knlglil An \-f 
Hello. Geo, E. 
Mn nil lng -ichtlle 
decker, Wm. 
diller Frank F. 
Mildred A 

»latthews, C. C. 
Msmetto. W.ii. 
duck ft Elliott 
tfvtirttti, R. U. 
Mordant Kdwiu 
Mlteiiell. Dick 
Mnnthall Geo. O 
Merickcl, BenF 
Morgan ft Crono 
Mason It, Lester 
Mlllette Albert 
Mnddox, Dick 
May, Arthur O. 
Merrltt, ClniB. 
MHcltell, lleibt 
Marroit, Jia. 
Millard, Robert 
Mlllarda. The 3 
Mullen, Ueu. It. 
Millard, Wm. 
Monroe, Ned 
Melrose Win. F. 
Monroe, Mack ft 
Mantcim, Jack 
Marlow, Jin. 
MatIoii, F Ward 
Man's -Broken 
, Promise Mar. 
MUOaey, If. I?. 
Macklc ft M.i.-k 
.Uocart, Fred 
Martin ft 

Le Valley 
Murphy, F. F. 
Mack, Oil]* 
.Murray ft Mock 
McGee, tajik 
Meybohm, Mr. 
May, I'nnie 

Albert II. 
Mlndruji, F. \V. 
Mack. A. It. 
'IuIimK CIihh. 
ialitey, Wnltcr 
\elNott, J. ,\. 
Nevaroi, Four 
Velio .11 ; - ;, Mi.-.. 
North. N. II. 
'^clt. Mr. 
iH T. Frank! rn 
UliUt In . 

Town, Mffr. 
Nlirgln, Heriit L 
Nasoti, F. W. 
O'Kourkc ft. 

J rati co, M. 
'Jlitiiiui PdwlnR 
n|.i'i, Henry 
MjStL S. 
iPNelPs, The 
Owens Mli-h. F. 
O'Donnell, T. II 
J'Neill. Thos. 
O'Brien \n». J. 
Omur, Beit 
Ott Bros, ft . 

• ■ Oarleton 
Farker, i;d. E. 
Paris, Lionel 
I'roveHiih. — 
Jonex. Ciirtln A. 1'lingle Johnnie 
Jeuklnj. U. W. i'oltor, II. B. . 
.roiiea.* II. J. , I'i-nlln.: J. ft. 
,l<ihiiHt.iiH- Ralph Pnrlilan . .. 
JohiiMon, I.OH Wi. opera Trio 
Jobuson. t'llgrlni. Job. 

Carroll J. rilHcheT. Fred 
Jnlinaoih, - .1' ■■(■..- i'l'lu.', 

ftlelllng, Geo. 
Snow, (loo, W 

Btiel, A. L. 

Bbbers, Emit 

Mat. ft ifi'Aa 
5avlt|n. Gus 

fmlth. Wm. 
Biuret). C C. 
hlim'nfelt Jos.C, 
Bauds, Tnul 
HHOndeni, Dill. 
Sutherland At id, 
ettlart, pbna.E. 
Cborke, wm. 
frmllb. rietober 
Utiihleaeld. Om. 
Straight, EdRrir 
Slews ft A 

Kntton, Jack 
FotiKri. Perrtn 
fearles, Arthur 
Boldlne. Mr. 
elrong, F. W. 
nMr. David F 
(*|iroBue. ThosF. 
Ht. Onge, Fred 
H.oiinoiii, Four 
hcott, Geo. 
Mmiler, Arthur 
fiiiher, Job. 
Stucket, Uow.M 
Si«<ok«e. TUoi. 
Klipyn, Al. 
SVWfll. A. W. 
frl'Hill-, Mr. 
Bll-Iey. Frank 
Stetuer. A). O. 
Bmlth, Morris 
hciitlieru. Burt 
Street, Jim 
fcnter, Henry 
»eott. M.AIusl; 
Scblll, Frank i 
Sweeney's Naah 
rllle Sludenti 
Bweuttnnii Wild 
Kage. I'. Allen 
Eolllvaii, T. i'. 
knrlug, Kd. 
Hhariiley*. Tho 
Stedmuii, ihii-iy 
Jfiiort. Wm. Ii. 

CHao. P 
Sheik Hadji 

Schuster, Milt. 
P.loones, Tho 
fun Frsncloisi 


umm Pried 

Smith LeeOri'Mii 
Sullltan, hit F 
ierrwnt BrtrQa 
otase Garpn;r 
Turbeh, KiHecy 
Tetfe, Wtllnrd 
Terrlll, F. K 

Herbert R 
Tivmey. Jas. 
Tracy, Joe 
Trevor, Edwin 
Ttioum Aitn O. 
Terrell FrnnkM 
Tiny. Harry J 

Tlinn. Arthur 
Temiile AMorton 
lui tier, O. Ii. 
Tnyktr, C. c. 
Tlt'iiunKtn, Ji-h'i 
Vhomsa AitonB. 
Teiiiiey, E. 
Tyler, Harry 
Tlnkkam, J C. 
Tliom«on. E.1.M' 
lumiil, HorryP 
Tlmony. John 
vrevalllon, F. 
Tyler, Bob 
Timlion, F.iii-.u 
Thoiiuisori N. II. 
Tool. Geo. M. 
Tllford, Lew 
Tlctjfnx. S. A. 
I'Msmoun llnui* 
Tantett, Jaek 
Tiilley, Guy 
Inrlor. Carter 

Parson, Mqr 
Vna Deburt, 

Van Camp, Mr. 
Vnlmtlne, 8. 
Vietorellla, B. 
Varo, Frank 
^■|ll*nteene Clin* 
Venice Clifford I 
■lo, E. M. 
Bergi'ii, A. 
Valentine, Dr. 
Van, I'li.i;. 

Wai. Cnrenee 

wiiite, wm 0. 

Wintrrs Sid R. 
WI «m. Rnlelgh 
WfiiH, Alvln 
White, 0. K. 
WalMi, J. <). 
Wall. Jimmy 
Whltlnir. Elirrv 
Wood, Owi. \. 
M'beeW, Bo« 

Walnllet Chus. 
Webb, Walter 
Ward, Bob 
Ws&e. rred 
Writ MlnatrelCo 
Winner. Kotihle 

White, b. o, 

WlnlethoiT, Carl 
Hi'ls. 0. II. 
Mlilltltr. 11. II. 
Wliltey ClrcdM 
Wert. Itoinnd 
wriidit. oohlle 
Wnedslde Wm,U 

wnponer, Jack 
WiitlUt, Charllo 

HuednVt k. 

Wiggln. II. V. 
Wlcond Edward C. E. 
Wrod Brothers 
Wood. Francis 
Waterbnry E.M. 
Wnirrbwrr O.N. 
Wen If y ft 

Mae Mnntell 
WalMt. Billy 
Wllry, tHcnr 
Wtlllnros, Oen. 
Wsitnn, Dut.ii 
Winner Lester A 
Weber, John 
Watldeil. LeoO. 

Wott, J. R. 
WIlllBina, Lew 
Weit. F ft Dot 
Woodwanl Fred 
Wnlfe. W. A. 
Wills, Arthur W 
Wnleli. Bon 
Wlinitles. D, K. 
Wlbwn, Geo. X. 
Webb. Blllir 
West ft 

Van Sid.' n 
Wills. Arth W. 
Wild. Wm. 0. 
Went De Forest 
Wiikhiimni, |«M. 
Walton. Hurt l\ 
Wltltuah AIM.V. 
Vniiiig ft Brooks 
luck ley ft 

Young, Tot. 
iBttM, Leon . 
Voider, Ed. 0. 
Yn'es, Auld-ey 
Xew, W. II. 
dimmer, Dave 
'/.ntum. Dick 
>':"-.' ft Klntt 
Jinrs ft 'Antix 

#■ ' » 


Doyle ft (Jrnn/er 
Etfl Dewltt.C. 

Flsfrldi Fi'liest 
Eyans, Cii'od. B. 

Bran w. ,F; 

Hpl Albert 
EVera. Gen. W. 
mna wsUsce 
Edwards, ; 
■■■I C. Kiruert 
, Kurle, Ira E, 
Mllott, Hllllo 
Edwards ft 

Evans. F. W. 
EnxTSon, W. D. 
I'.spev. Kil. 
Earl ft Bartlett 
Edward". A). 
Fay, Frank 
Fox, L; 

Fc.7,, CUstJ. :|. 
Faust, A. Jack 
Miigerald Wm. 
Frunka, Wllsoa 
Fox, M. 

I-'eutieHe. Harre 
1- ielda, Bobby 
Fiiher, Louis 
FnntaB, The 2 
Fields ft Ward 
roorman KUgur 

TEtt Agt. 

Fulton ft Larklr. 
Fiitrell, miiy 
Franc, Cbas. 11. 
l-'ui-lesutte, Oe<>. 
l'-ay, ll & Dado 
FleldB Norm. It. 
Fraukllii, H. r, 
i-'h i-i-.ini. Gain 
Fiiio,' ft Dniitiiir 
F.fiiklln. H. I. 
I'bulk, Arcble 
l'|ood. K A. 
, FrcdrlH, Alex. 
Ksrkoa, Muurlce 
Fuller, Oeo. 
prtMUR. W. T\ 
i- 1. iii:., Arnold 
Flunk ft Hcrinni: 
Fields, W. «. 

Fttshuih. n, II. 

rorn-strr. Hum 
Frank, Frr-l 
Iwffi Gw. I. 
Fnrrel!. BIBIo 

1 ' 1.- 1 1 1 r , 1 , . Milll' 

rtromllch,- '.'!ni>', 
Godfrey, Hal 
Griffin, GliaH. E. 
Oalettl, Cbas. 
Gagnlcr Harvey 
<ieorge, Edwin 

Judge, Will 
jittone, J. D. 
, , Johnson. U'ii. C. 
Uinltli jcajcs, Walter 

JuiMter Bi'on- 
Jeienlwi. M.L. 
Keneuly, .T. 
Kleemy, E. R. 

Kerslen, ' :.n-i i. 
Kelley, Jev/ell 
Kennedy, Win. 
tOllren, M. D. 
hellu, Sam 
Kohler. Geo. 
lietmetle, V. 
KondUs, .in. i. 
Milll. N, J., Ben 
Kiiii.i.-. J. E. 
Kennedy, S. A. 
Kennedy FrctlW 
Kelly, Cbas. j. 
Kcndfll, Leo 
i-imr (rent.) 
Hlng, Will 
Kerr, (J. H. 
Kennedy Coin. 

^Oo.. Itjaj. 
Kollltis, Stuavt 
Ki'.il. .'. Will. 
King, Ln wren ce 
Kelleiier , 
huultmuii. Ju- 

Klmt, win 

Ueni'llrk. '. L 
Kent. Edwin 
i« Foiie, Knnh 
ue. witiio M. 

Lucent a, 3, A, 
Levitt, Joe 
Luvly, J.tmi 
Link. Billy 


Uwrcncj ft 

r.'iinU'. Albert 
Lite. Prof. 
l.ftfAlnc, Wm. 
l.i'v.-.'llin. Geo. 
f.ont,'. Clsmle II 
l.enn*ili. Percys 
Lfclnir, J. E. 
Lelkty *i 

r.niiham, i Karl 
[jirkln. Dniiule 
l,.atg, Fre.l 
I^ee. J. W. 
LludJy ft Bell 
l.iindx, Kmll 
i.hviiv.'iit. Joim 
Lett, Ij/iiiIh F. 
\AiU\f, Aluudo, Boh 
LamontUB, The 
I. urine ft Crots 
(A'ttii, Barriumti 
. i.uRov M'ftMrh 
<:||.lrroT. A- B. ix-a, Frank 
fii^rgen, Joko lister. Whiter 
liny, Julia ■ l.ln.H-roaii, Geo. 

Co.. Mar. Uwresve, 

Hnnlnrr, Jis< • I .Stephen 

Gordon Frank O Uon. Kd. P. 
Gsrt. F. -Loyri, Hyrtney 

Griffith. Frank h*n>*e FABerll 

leirr, II 

let thing 


ilell, Ed. U. 'Boon, John 

Glrlfc Will Bo 
Glrls, Xgr 

frfllllmer* Atth 
dlroore'B Band 
GMgory. Ceo. L 
Gallagher. Kd.T 

I.MKllH. 11 - 

tJrnee. Billy 
Gill In m. 

Frank A 
GaQty, Tom 

J.uekeit. Jo*. V.. 
Lee, I. oi i bV 

Mr. a- Mrs 
legffjtt. Dick 

ll'lll' 1 . -I"--'! 

Lour Ir. W. M. 
I -eon. A. 
i.fliic Italph , 
f^onnrd. Oeo. 
U Msrr, Harry 

I'r I'm rosea. Man. 
. Barry 
;»g. Em II 
.. . „t, Eugene 

F I In if . ', 


Peru, Wilson 
Pike, Wet F. 
t'ollook ErneslE 
1'ateben ft 
1 Clifton 

Provost Autoiao 
i niiu.i, Frank 
I'artlck. Kirk 
I'lke, Wen F. 
Penfold Thou. 1. 
I'lielps Etin-neA. 
Price, Hurry n, 
I'aleu ftFL'iebcr 
I'tesion, « lev. 
Pautror, Geo. 
Penney O, Albt 
royne, -Wm* 
Gulllan Lawrcuo 
Oulnn, Con, 
unlgley, Oeo. 
(juiiui. Eugene 
Gliurrliuftuu J. 
hoach, Dun 
Bice, Jus. J. 
Roial, Harry 
Bad. J. J. 
Uttctdo Churtlo 
Renoes Dot ft 


stock On. 
Unrlck Arth. II. 
lteno, Wm. II. 
iiiuiL-iirre. c. j. 
l-aiseutliBl, Jako 
Rent f row's 

Jul I'dthUSL.lM 

ItiiKsell ft Darls 
Itltiel, J. W. 

1 1 .. v ft Co. Freil 

Ki.nn.ii.'i Claude 
Hnto. Denny 
Knhuid, I- 
Kultlilf Tltundrr 
Jtltter ft Foster 
Riley, Ed. 
Hose, Cliaa. id 
Itti.tcr, Kd. hi. 
ILiKe, Juuk 

Itohtuson HeiitF 
Helu. 'Alltert 
Heed. Percy 
Kill* ton, Ueo. 
Uoehtrl, Cliud. 
ItoNa, Frank 
Rleo, F, M. 
Hotel I, W. (1. 
Roche, w. ll. 
BaitiHdalo l^ule 
Ramsdell, V. 
Hay, Jo-j 

ltogen, Clyde 
Hlatioit. The -I 
Rllfy ft MlvhM 
RobltiKin. Ilfm 
RaHlelll. AH-'it 
MM Harry 3-:. 
llleh, C«rell A. 
Rice. II. C. 
Iiogerw ft Deotoy 
hbarpf. v.. N. 
fctater ft Vlnib 
fck-arnoii L*Otian- 
trnit A Rop-ra 
Fbeft. Th.w. T. 
tiweelland, .In*. 
Htahl: Geo. it. 
Kiod. laid k 

. . UUson 

Wnrtl nntl Murio ^ttirtrt. The rirpnrulnnd 
Bdrleaiiiieta hn«l lino ■■rowila Inst week. The 
Kentiirky W-m next. 

. . Lrn:i m (, tolitt (■. Jormott, ttmiirtrer).— 
Bryant Kxtiaviiu.iitJin Co.. Willi Tommy 
BttrtiH, the jnitcliiHt. its nn added fen Hire, 
t-X'A. 'Hto romPnrty'a rotter InrUtden; The 
ZaretkhyM. the aIIwMh. Mnrlun unit Thomjj- 
eon, Alien an- 1 Keeley. Dnrmmly, Btiati and 
Klllott nml llAhkn Newton. The Gay Man* 
quorndeM anvc n Mvoly show Inst week, and 
attracted llni* bouses. AL. Ilccvcs' Co. 14. (Ellda ft Kooning tnnunBrrs). — 
Itohle'B Knickerbockers week of T ilob 
Mnnchcntcr's Nlglit Owlo held forth to crowd- 
ed houses nil last week. Bono Sydfll Co. 

TunvAnitMn (Fred Wlllaon. mnnnBerl. — 
The Merry Mntldeiia weeh of 7, with inlent 
by Hnm Rice, the Fnrrel] Hrtin.. Putt I Car- 
ney, Johnson ,iiui jtiruo, Eriyrh Murray, HGr- 
ton and Burton, nml Ward Ilaynor. Wll- 
llnir.H' linperinls Ktnud them tin Inst week. 

Klkvcntii STnriKT Orau ItDBBB (I'rank 
rumnni. mnnnger). — Current: A hnrlesqun 
nf lloudlnl, rntltk-d "IIoo-IMnny; nr, IIoo* 
Done-U." nntl "liaptd Transit, Nit." In ad- 
dition to the flr?t part there nre sucelnltlca 
by Bennle Pranklln nntl Little Toodles, and 
Al. Utiyno'u bull doss. 

Ninth and Alien Mpbkcm (T. V. Hopkins, 
tnnnoBor).— In the theatre week of 7: War- 
ren L. Travis. In his aittomohllc net ; Harlem 
Brothers. Tilly B&ntoy. Mnrlc and Lnura 
DaviH, Fred Dtiprei, Iieo si, Elmo, and 
Luhln'» clnemntojf rupli. In the curio hall : 
Ornco Gilbert, kenrdod womtin ; Jntnes Morris, 
elastic f kin mpn ; Onrnct Boyd, mniilclnn ; 
Itaslte. sculntor : Mile. Clifford, sword shal- 
lower: v. 11 Bmlth, musician, and Walter 
wentwortb, contortionist, 

Notes. — Much (tympiUhy la bcliiR expressed 
over the nnfnrtunnte lilfarht of Charles J. 
(loodfell.iw, tlio pointlAv AaalRlttnt trcnniirer 
of the Chestnut flfrret Oporn lloiiHe, who, 
through fnliinc tyealglii, lins been obliged 
to rcnlirn. Mr. UondteUnw tins been In Ibo 
box office for inure Uinti twclvu yen re, and 
linn n hunt of friends: In nnd out of the pro- 
fession. He will In 1 tendered n inonalcr 
nenellt nt the Opera Home nftornoon of 
Jnn, 11. Mcmbcrn of "The' Mnn and the 

iMiiimiei'ihln. All tho talk concerning; 
Percy G. Wirilatoa* advent Into this territory 
v/an nettled last wn-k,. when the announce- 
merit was madu ttiat he had acquired from 
Nixon ft Zlmmermtui, tbe Icnxc! of (bo Cbost- 
hut Htreel Theatre, nt it reported nam 
rental of |4r»,0B0. Mr. WHIIaniH will ubtaln 
IiosBCRslon on Feb. 25, and reopen the houso 
us a vaudeville theatre on March 11. Tlie 
then I re will he operated by u corporation to 
lie known an the Chestnut Street Theatre Co., 
which will Uj composed of Mr. WllltnuiR und 
Olio iinii.r. of Brooklyn. The Clieiitnut Is 
owned by the Cochran estate, und ,a tun year 
leuBc watu algiied lnut Hummer by Nixon A 
Zimtnetinun, bo that tho lease has more than 
nine years lo run. This nIioiiIU Ihj a very 
l-roiltablc investment for that Arm, its the 
tormtt of tlielr lease. It is until, caIIh only for 
u.i'entul if;iu,ui)i> a year. The Chestnut waa 
built forty one years ago, with William 
WlioAtley aw Its that tiianngcr, und the open- 
ing i>iii witii "Vlrglulus," with Edwla For- 
rest In tin- leading role. For sotnc years It 
waa n f unions Htock house, und iinsned Into 
the pONResuloii of Nixon ft Zimmerman In 
1S8&. One of the reitHons for tlie firm giv- 
ing up MiIh house Ih, the fact Hint by next 
fo'HHOn the Edwin Forrest, now In the course 
of ronntructlon at Hrond und Walnut Streets, 

will l>e under their management The now 

bllln for Hi* 1 current week nt the down town 
h'HiNt'N mv: Nat C. GJondwIti, hi "What 
Would a Gcntlemnn I>o?" at tile Hrond: 
Html Williams, In "The Little Cherub," at 
tho Chestnut, and Kmum Cnrus, In "Too 
Near Home," nt the Walnut." 

ctiEKTSUT (Nixon & Zlmmerninn, niuna- 
Ki-i-Kj. iL'.itie Williams, Id "The- Little 
cherub, " lor a ■ three weeks' tngagemeut. 
opening 7, Lllllnii Uu->:eli. In "The Butter- 
fly," bud a fortnight of good business, end- 
log B. ■• * '■ • • 

lyric (MesBis Khubertr' managers) . — Lew 
Fields, lu "About ToMrTi. M -Htruck the popular 
fmii'v Jiud. week, nnd' drew crowded uouaos. 
Tin- engagement contlnuoa- until (),■■ '- 

Gapuick (Krauk Howe '.Tl'., hmnnger), — 
Wni. Fdverahnm. In' "The Squaw Man," bo- 

Shiri, 7, hi a third and tlhnl week. Lnut week's 
uslncua was big. Harry Bulger, 14, for two 

Broad (Nixon & SSlmmerqiau, managers). — 
Nut. C. Goodwin 7. Tbe current week will ho 
devoted to "Whet Would a Gentleman DoV 
while during the Until wuek, 14>1t>, be will 
bo Keen In sonio of his |irov1ous succcascs. 
K. s. Wlllard last week scored a big bucccsh, 
!'» fine hukiness. 

CHpKTNUT HTBBK.T Oi'hitA Hoi.hi: (Nixon ft 
Zimmerman, manngers). — "The Lion nnd tho 
Mouho" Is In Ita aTxth and (Inal weoh. Q«r- 
trude Coghlan and Arthur Byron contlnuo to 
share honors, Business continues highly 
profitable, George M. Cohan, In "George 
Washington Jr., 14. (Frank Howe Jr., manager).— 
1'htinm Cams 7, In "Too Near Homo," for a 
two weeks' Htay. Chaunuey Olcott. In '-Eileen 
Asthorc," enjoyed two weeks of profitable 

Hark (T. (i. Mxon-Nlrdllnger, manager). 
— (*eell Bnooncr, In "The Girl Raffles," 7-12. 
"As Ye How," after three profitable weeks, 
departed 5. "Hlnuplo Klmon Klinple" next. 

fJtiASi. Opkra Iiouhm (fl. A. Wcgefarlh, 
mnnnger). — Andrew Mack, In "Armh-Na- 
Pogue." 7. "The Wlsard of Qz" hnd un- 
usuully Mir buNltifHM last week. "Tom, Dick 
and Harry" 14. 

(jiitAiii* i Mlilor & Kaufman managers).— 
"tinder Hotithern Hklea" 7-12. Big crowds 
saw "Tbo Bye Witnorig". Just week. "Be- 
hind the Mask" follows. 

Piopi.k'k (F. (i. NIxon-NlrdllnRer, mnnn- 
ger).— "Old IsaacH from tbe Bowery" the 
rurrent week, following a big. week's huslnesH 
dotio by "VoiiiiR Hhffalo, King of tbe Wild 
Wert." "Kldnnpiied for Bevenge" 14. 

iii.AM;y'M (J, P, Bekhardt, mnnnger). — 
"A Hun- for Life - ' ihlu week. "Kidnapped 
fiir Reven(re" drew tho usual crowded houses, 
"David Ilarutn" follow*. 

National (.1 M. Kelly, mnneger>.— "A 
Marked Woman" 7-1'J. Charles T. Aldrleh, 
In ''Secret Scrvhe Hjmii," found fnror with 
crowded bouses last week. Lillian Mortimer 

Habt's f.Tolm W. Hart, manager). — Horry 
P. Carey, In "Monluna," 7-1L'. Relmn Her- 
man, In "Queen of the Convicts." did line 
business. Jon. Sullivan. In "Blackthorn," 14- 

I r-KKiAtviii's (Mltlor ft Kaufman, mana- 
ctsi.— BIHy K. Clifford, In "A Jolly Baron." 
7-1 *. Jessie Bonstellc, one of the old Fore- 
pkugh stneV favorites, was warmly welcomed 
by rrowried hmisas. In "Trooper Blllle," last 
Week. "The Girl relay" next. 

HiANiMait i Piu-.-y ft Hpeck. managers).— 
The stock, in "No Wedding Belts .for Her." 
the current week. "Fast Life In .New York" 
liftd large and welt pleased audiences last 
week. "Confessions of a Wife" 14. 

Kkitji'h (II. T, Jordan, mnneger):— Harrv 
Tate and Willnrd fltinma and civmpany, week 
of 7. Other* are. Burke end Dempsey. Ferry 
Corflrey, Besile Wynn. llomllton Hill. Mc* 
Intyre and Bennett. Voltn, Mosber. Hough- 
ton and Mother, nnd the kln'tiigrnplt, 

Huotr (Geo. W, Hife, manager). — Tha 
>mei , lcons i week of 7. Tlie olio ■TApiMj 
Gladys Clark, Bergman and Monabaa, Will 

.douse"' unit other pcrinmiorn will tnke pnrt. 

.Councils Inst week fnllcd in pnns tho 

ticket rcnlplng oritliiaiice. The vole waa 
40 to 211 In Mr fnvor, hut It failed 
to net the requisite (wo third* of tho 
menihcrs prcacut The reported con- 
tention of local members of (he Viunlevlllo 
Art lull' Union to strike for moro pny will 
not be made The players reached this de- 
cision lnrt week, after n meeting with tlio 
vaudeville ngcnfs, who agreed to sign tlio 
union scnie. Another meeting will Inko 
plnre Hhortly. when n eotupromlse solutlini 
of the difficulty will bo reached Mor- 
ris) f*. Schlesslnger. Charles K, Hlnney's 
traveling represent otlven was In town Inst 

week, visiting his family Apiillcntlnn 

has been made to the governor of New Jer- 
sey for a dinner for the Broad Street The- 
atre Co., with -i rnpltnl of flO.OOQ. Tho 
Incorporators nrc 8nmuel V. Nixon, -J. Fred 
Zlmmeitnnu nnd Thomns F. Love. . . .Fran- 
cis M. King, Into n member of Lottie Wil- 
liams' "Tom-Boy Girl" Co., was" mni'i'led on 
New Year's dny lo Howard J. HolihtHon, a 
former member of (he profession, nnd now 
mhnager of the Hotel Hurley, n well known 

professional hotel. In this city Tho 

Gcrmnp Theatre tttnrk Co. win produce "ibis 
Biuraenboot," week of 7 ..The Metropol- 
itan Opera Co, will be beard In "Lohengrin," 

n>t the Aendemy of Mualc, on Jnn, 8 

Wi D. Wegefnrth, business mnuflger of tho 
Grand Oporn House. Is faklnit n Wesiern 
trip, i ... .William Alexander hns, been en- 
gnged-to mnnnge the tour of Joseph F. Ilor- 
til,. In "Our Friend Frits." 

I'ltlnlmru. — At tlic Nlxotl, Hlrlinnl Mihik- 
fleld Jnn. 7-1'J. I- urn week. II, B. Irving and 
Pnrothen linlrd played to packed housos. 
Ilnviiiiiiid'ui k l i 11). 

lii:i,As<-i. (J. A. HfH'd. mnnnger).. — "Tbn 
Lgve K-tiite" 7-1 2. week. Leuu Ashwcll 
end Guy Btundlng, In "T|ip Hhulantlte" atld 
"Mrs, Dane's Hefen-ie," pricked the house. 
"The Hose of Alliaiithrn" 14-1 D. 

cii.imi illJiiry Davis, mnnnger). — This 
M'l.'i'k'M i»l|l Includes: t.rossy and I>nync. "A 
Nlghi lu English' Vaudeville,". Jean Heiiinl's 
Co., in their unique burletta : MystcrloiiH 
IIowoi-iIk. Wm. iniimu nnd compnuy, Hnsquo 
(Jiinrieti.-, T^ivlue-tMmnniu Three, World nnd 
Klrigntoii, Three Mltcliells, IbMider nnd Burl. 
Mitt M'ond, Howard nnd I(ntherronl t the 
FrenchelllB, Arthur Yule, And the cinemato- 
graph. {It. M. Gullck ft Co.. mnnnger*),— 
"The Old lloraertcftd" 7 12. lajutt week. "The 
Mayor of Toklo" played to gnod business. (It, M, iJnllek ft Co., mntingors), 
— WHIIaniH and Walker 7-12. Lnst week 
Hap Wnrd,- In "Not Yet, But Hoon," packed 
the houso. "Hbereta of the Bollte" 14*10. 

Bi.ANi:r'rt. Emjmiib (N. C- Wagner, tniina- 

ger).— -"The Cowboy Olr!" 7-12. Last week 
"How , Baxter Bulled In" played to good 
business, and pleased. Tom Waters, In "Tho 

Mni'or of Luughlnnd," 14-10. 

OAYKi-y (Jas, 10. On. manager). — The 
Bowery Burlcsquecs 7-12. Last -week the 
Bentz-nantley Co. gave u good show, and 
played to good business. " Irwtn'a Majesties, 
Willi Larry McCalc, 14-10. 

Acaotmv -of Mt-stc (W. W, Wlltlama Jrl, 
mnnngcrf.— The Tiger Lilies 7*12, featuring 
George 1'. Murphy, the funny German come- 
dlnn, Laat week High Br-huot Girls played 
to good luminous, and gave a good show. 
Broadway GUIs 14-10. 

two S. B. O. house* Jan. 1 "Onr Ncw.iila-, 
later" drew n ftllr bouse .1. "The ■Ginger- 
bread Mnn" pleitsed a big audience -i. Howe's 
plcttirei \ Kirk Brown Ptock Co. week of 7, 
Do Wolf Hopper lb, ' Ills Ilopor, the .Mayer," 
17: the Imperial Tet?quo Band. 17, *'A Nl|l»t 
In Town" 18, the (treat Lnfnyette 10. iHj 
1'AMlLV (Fred M. Luitiflde. mnnnger) will 
open wwk of 14. with Paul nnd Wells, Ln- 
wande Wilson Co., llnrrv Green, Franklyn 
and Evn Wallace, Kittle Sierllrtg, and Prof. 
C, Nelson ('amp 

. S . i ' ■■ ■ -■» 

Altoonii. — At the Kleveuth Avenue (I. 
C. Mlahler. mnnnger) "(Urls Will He Girls" 
had n good house Oec. St, Kvn Tnnguty 
drew Inrgo audiences Jan. 1, Tho AJcasor 
tfcnutlcH were well received 3. Rthel Barfy- 
more had u big house 4. Florence Bindley 
5. "As Ye Sow" 7. "A Fight to a FlitlalT 
8. "The Master Workmnn' r \\ High School 
Girls Burlesque Co. 10, Selmn Herman 11, 
Howe's pictures 12, 

Lvhic (L. M. Cool, mnnnger). — Week of 
>'r dogs, , m on keys 

- mm*m in.™ »>iu Cnrter, Harry and 

Hnlvers, Walter iMiitels, the I'elota, Kath* 

erluo Cell and Horr Jnnsen nuil company. ,. 

Aiapkmv or Mcaie, Tyrone. — "QtUney 
Adiitns Sawyer" 3. 

•*—••• • . .1 ii-.* j,-' 

Lnnenislvr. — At tho FilltOn Opera lloute 
(Cbas. A. Yecker. mnnnger) "A Nlgbt ;ln 
Town" hail a good house Jan. 1. Dljrov Bell 
ph-nsetl u large mull en re .'), The -AlCaier 
Ih'iMitieh did well 4. Daniel Sully had good 
business :.. Kminn Bitntlng and company/,!- 
12. except (', when "Tho Dnughters of Mrp" 
will appear. ■ i.. 

Famii.v iKd. Motnrt, mnnnger), — Currnhi: 
Wlnehermnn's bears nnd tnoiikoyR, tlio Wve 
aivIhm 1 '. tin- Klllpplno Maids, Fault and Welti. 
J nnies X, t'oughlln, Wltlteley and Bell, and 
Hie moving ph'tnn-H. ,;•• 

NoTB.-~Thi' People's Theatre Is ngaUi 
closed, nfl or n career of Jnst two weeks. The 
mnnnger, W. 41. Hncluuan. tins gone. 

B -I,; 

Siriiiitnn. — Al the Lyeeunj (A. J. Duffy, 
utnnauer) Dlgby Bell 7, i-yinnn llowe's mov- 
ing pictures H, "Ills Hnnnr, Hie MnVoiv" U ; 
HuriiM nntl O'ilrlcll light pictures ID. Rlel)- 
nrd Carle 11. Lawrence D'Orsny 12. "Simple 
Simon Simple" 1.1, ■ :■ 

Al'.U' (A. J. Huffy, mnnager). — "Ilu* 
man HenrlH" 7H. "The Bye wltneu" 12. 
'A Di'spnratetMiaiice" wns well rccolved il-fi. 

8t.\h (O. NcIhoii Tools, mntuiger),-— Bellly 
m wood* tllg Show 7-12. The Bohemian 
Itnriehi|iieii ixenrud 'nrge huuscs Inst week. 

FAMll.V HI. II. Smith, malinger),— Tlio bill 
for 7 nntl week Includes: Flo Irwlti,,Galvlp, 

Pint! nml reaches. Kolh nnd Marlowe. Cou- 
nt May 

. ,,, , l ,. , .,, , , I, ■ ,,, r, n'llll II II,, VIII.IU1.V, 

imii-h :mh1 Allien, Bell nnd Henry, and 
Belle M.ckei-, 

Krlis— At Ihe New Mnjeslle (John L, 

Gltson, good liitsllitss hns been ,t he 
order for the past week. Willi line nttrie- 
1 1 uni. It WDN (lie IrtMt week of vuurlevlHC 

nt- ihln hoiHe. wlileh will nsnln open, after 
otto week, whh high class ntlmctliiiis. 

UtJC Ut'i:tiA I" 

Itoom liny" drew |ood b-qelnese 2. "A Tp)p 
,to Kgypi" was well received :t. Vtttx llfthey, 
4, drew paying nudoeM, 

I'Aitu Upkra llocNii iJehn L, rillnnti. ntnn- 
itfirr).— Brothers Byrne. In "Bight Bejlr," 
iiiul large ntleudutiee .Inn, 1. "The Hit!) 
[toom liny-" drew guml bitaliiCHN 2. "A Trip 

NorrlNlDTVii.— At (lie (Iiiiiul Opera HOUM 
(Cburi. M, Stiuthwfll. inniuiger* "TUu Vohln* 
leer OrgnnlHi' did -;ood hunliiess Dec, .'20. 
"Tbe Uiii-nhig Iii'H" drew big biiHlnosA Jnn. 
I. "The Little Outcast" fared well. 2. Y*. M> 
,C. A, ffjtirse hnd eaput-lly II. '"The Girl from 
Ilrouilwny" hnd capacity 4. "'Side Truckful" 
ft. Irene Meyers' Bloek Co. 7-12, "Slinple 
Simon Simple" (returu iiigugeinent) 11, ' 

a ■» — 

( o\m;( hi t i. 

llrltlgceiMsrl. — At Smith's (Bdward, 0. 

Smith. iriiuniK"!-) MIhh 1'oyntor, lu "Una 
Blvurs," Dee, Til, did well. "Tlin Girl ond tha 
liiiiulilcl'," .Inn. I, plnvcd to Lhu caunclty. 
"Our I'rleiid Frits," H. did well. "Ills Honor, 
thn Mii'.n," 3, ployed to big hUHlness., "Cirtl- 
iiisshmsi of ii Hire" 4, .'., "Mnn und Supor- 
nuin" 7, "The Phantom Uoluctlvo" 8, 0,"Tho 
Curse of Drink" 1U, Guorgu M. Cohan, lh 
"Georgn WuHhltigton Jr.," 12. 

I'Hi.i'H (B. It Mitchell, luatiogui').— Big 
business last week. Booked week, of 7: Law- 
eon and Nuiuon, Hennlngs, Lewlg Midi f run- 
nings, l'ror. DuiioiH. Quukor city tjimrtrtte, 
Mnudon, l''ltxputi-luk and company, Joe Weloa,' 
nml Will on Bros, ., ,- -,- 

Sotm. — George Downing, who has. bemi it 
Sttlpliur Springs, Tex., wlUi John L. Sullivan. 

rotiirniiil houiu Jnn. 1 "Mtlli* Jack" Sltei 

(Mnn of John A. Slien), a lad crippled. in •& 
football game soiuu years ugo. and wi'H known 

tu tlio lliejililenl and Imsehull pi'ofetWloii, ti'cd 

niiddenly nt his home, oppo.iltu Smith s Thd- 
ati'd In this city, :i. Thu little fellow was a 
fuvuiiiu with tin- members of thu prnfcsalcih 
iitnl with the patrons of Smith's and Poll's, 
bolng a Mendy patron of both Iiousoh. Ho 
pnHm'HKi'd a line pony enrt niul hot'su, atld 
won many blue ribbons nt tho local fnlrs. ,.,.. 
John Turih', ptiHt president of (ho Bagles In 
(bis city, waa presented with a diamond ring, 

0, by the members of Hie ihtIp Mrs. 

George Wlddeil, who Is known to the pro- 
fesslonnl world as Florctico Konnuy, a vague* 
ville porformer, was called to tills elty 3, 
from l)cr home In Now York, by the 'death .of 
her father, Henry I'. Ki-nney, one. of the 
orgnnleers of tlio Knights of Columbus, and 
a member of Sun Salvudor Council, No, 1,- of 

N'UW lluvin. 

ncniilnK. — At tho Academy of Music 
(John D. Mlsbler, mnnager) "Tho BducntlOA 
of Mr. np-p" Jnn. 1, ''Uncle Josh Hpruco- 
by" 2, . "Tho Girl from Broadway" 8, "Our 
New Minister" 4. "A Night In Town" b. 

OnritKUM (Frnnk N, Hill, munngor).— 
Current altrnctlons nre: The Morels l'ony 
Circus, the Five Mnlork. Carter find Witters 
Co., Hui'iv Le Clnfr, Pnliner and Gilbert, 
Edylhe Olhlionir, nnd Htinton and Dallas. 

Orano Ol'RRA IlOtlKC (Nnthatt Appoll, 
mnnnger).— "Her First Fnlre Step" and ''Kor 
a Hnuinn Mfe" divided last week, to crowd- 
ed houses, 

Hutu: (Tlptlegrnff ft Brownell, mnnnircrn). 
Jnn. 2. Hnny Bryant's F,xtrnvaganza Co. 
—Bone Hill BngllHh Folly Co. drew well 31- 
■cored heavily 3-b. 

i ' S ' " ' 

ihislcion. — At (bo Grand Opera House 
(Geo. Albert Haley, manager) "Tlio Girl 
from Broadway." Dec. 31 , drew a good 
house. "The Gingerbread Mnn," Jan. 1, had 
two rnnicitv uudlonccs. Dantet Hrrily, In 
"The Matchmaker." 2, had fnlr business. 

Family rKnobinuch & Hendier, ninnn- 

Sari), — Week of 81: St. John nnd La Kevrs, 
Kin Bros., the Ileottlcn. Mr. nnd Mrs. Oeo. 
Hussey, Wrn. Hchulies, Bdgnr Foreman and 
Lllllnii Orr, mid klnetogrnnh. 

LIMA Dui'AM rW. L. IIoll, owner). — Lew 
WHIInms, dins. WniorhouRC, Mamlo Norton, 
Illusion and vltu<-rnj>h. 

■ - - — a i 

CttrTiondnle. — At theGl'Rnd Opera HOUSA, 
"The Glngerbresd Man" plaved to good hnsi- 
nesg Dec. 31. "On Ihe Bridge at. Midnight." 
New Year's Duy, had good business, "Simple 
Simon Simple" msdi: a hit 3, and did g<)nd 
buslncHR. Mamie Flemmtng's Slock Co. 7-12, 
"His Honor, the Mayor,"' 10. Knlekerhoeker 
Stock Co. 14-10. 

Fajoi.y (F. It. Blair, manager). — Week 
of Dec. 31 : Prof. V. tk. Jephcott. Arnnldo's 
troupe of beasts, Murray, Clayton nnd Brack- 
man, Welch and Webb, the Avolletts. Al. 
Bothner, In Illustrated songs, and klnato- 

- ■■•— '— n^ ■■ 

wiiiiuinsiinrt — At the Lycoming Opera 
House ft,. J. Flak, manager) Al. II. Wilson, 
Id "Mctz lu the Alps," drew and plcaacd 

llnrtford.— At rnrsojin' (1L C. Pnrsoin. 
mniKiger) "Us Honor, the Mnyor," Dec. 20, 
enmn to good houac^. Blslo Jnn Is, In "The 

Vnnderblli Cnn." Jnn. 

drew arejNte 

hiHtsPs. Bthcl Bnrryinorc, In "Alice Klt-tty- 
thc-Flio." Dec. 31, drew fair business. Annie 
lUisscll Jan. 7. 

UAit'rrniiti oi-kha Hoiihi: f n. II. Jennings, 
manngor). — "'Ihe Curse of Drink." HI- Jan. 
2, mine to gnnd business. ,los, W, Hortls, 
In "Our Friend Fritz," 8-JL drew fair btisl- 

I'om'h (f'Otils B. Kilhy, manager). — Weak 
of Den. 31: Mile. Marquis' ponies, Welch, 
Menlv nnrl Montrose. IhHtbeH Musical' Trio, 
llogeis and Dec ley, Mnceo nnd Fox, Braorsoa 
and Baldwin and elceircgrapb. 

,, ... — ..., I. «. i i ■■ — . 

Wnterlturr, — At Poll's. (Harry Parsons, 
man nger) Nnnce O'Nnll did good business 
Dee. 23. Grace Cauieron, 2(1, hnd fnlr re- 
turns. "His Honor, the Mayor," plonsed a 
8ood alxed house 27. "A Marked Woman" 
row fair return _*, 20, Ii'loreaca Bindley, 31, 
hud good houses. "By Bight of Kword, Jnn, 
1, camn to fair business. "The Vandcrbllt 
Cup." 3. hnd capacity. 

Jacqi;kh (Harry lloekjng, mnnngflr).— Bill 
last, week: May Tiilly nnd rompnny, -^'Mnfl," '■ 
the Prvors, Geo. W. Day, Lillian Tree, and 
tho Wiltons. 

» ■ u 


Little nock.- -At Hie Capital (Cbet, T. 
Taylor, manager) Jane Corcoran dlrj well 
ns*. 'jti. Arthur Dunn did good business 
20. Kilen' Bench Yaw had' fnlr- business 31. 
Paul (Hlinorv hod two. big bouses New Year's 
Dnv. Walker Whiteside Jnn. 2. "The.. Van- 
fVrhllt Cup"- a. 4, "The Girl nnd the Ban- 
White • Cups" 10, "The Banker's Daughter" 

Majestic fl'rcd B. Crow, manager).— Bill 
week of 7 : Wells nod Soils. Jessie CVmthoiil, 
La Veen and Cross, Carlton . end /Terre, 
n«tnu-s nnd Hotllngton. and Fyvle.Deueh. •- 

Niri-UA. — Both the Capital and Ihe Mnjes- 
Mr littd the S. II. O. sign out nu Now YenrV 
Dny, both afternoon nml evening, . . . . ./(-ho 
N"'*- T-yrtu 'Cbciitre (vaudeville ll), 20, 30) 
wilt, be opep bvtweco l'cb. 1 and 15, 

: ***: 



January 12 

Grease-Paint and Burnt 


It easily, quickly and, thoroughly removes, nil 
rrace of. gre«stJp»lm, burnt cork or ally other .,; 
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Send na your name and address, and we will 


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fiOTcnrk. — At the Newark (I^f Ottolen- 
gui, mnniwer) Forbes Robertson and Gert- 
rudo Elliott. In "CEessr and Cleopatra," Jan. 
7*22. Wright Lorlmer drew floe business 
and received hearty ■ approbation last week. 
"Forty-hive Minutes from Broadway" 14*10. 

Shubwit (fl. M. Hyams, manager).— -"The 
Earl and ,the Girl," with Eddie. Foy, tbla 
week.- Henry E-. Dltey drew good business 
tn'The Man. on the Box" last week. "Tne 
PTlnce Chap" 14-10. 

Pnocron't. (W. J. Stuart, manager). — 
Current bill : Cliff Berzac's Circus, Jane 
Courtbope and compnny, Kltaraura Japs, 
Ollvottl Tronbadouri,. 'w» Bully, Leona 
Thm-ber . and picks, Mr. and Mm. Cnl Stew- 
art, and McCrca and Poole. 

Cnn'siniA (M. J. Jacobs, manager). — 
"Too Cow Puncher" tbla week. "How 
Hearts Are Broken" enjoyed fairly good pa- 
trqnngo last week. "Lena Rivers ' 14-10. 

P.lanet'h (J. II. Bucken, manager 1 ) .—"A 
Man's Broken Promise" the current week. 
"The Four Corners of the Earth" played to 
good houses New Year's week. "Secret Ser- 
vice Sam" 14-10. . , 

■\Vam)MAt.n'8 (W. S. Clark, mannger).— 
The Itoie Hill Co. tbla week. Clark's Jersey 
Lilies were given ft rousing welcptpe nt home 
laat week, /the Nigh t Ow l a week of 14. 

Ent.R.1>e<l>.--At the Lyceum (Elroy & 
Drake, managers) "Big Hearted Jim" came 
Dec. ;n-.Jnn. 2, to fairly good business. "A 1 
Man's Broken Promise, iwt, pleased. "For 
a Human Life" 70. "Tho Fool House" 10-12, 
"Krtend Fritz" 14-1B, Knickerbocker But- 
icanuers 17-10. 

Jacobs'— "David Hnrum" r», "PUT! raff ! I 
Pouf 1 1 i" 7. "The War Correspondent*' l>. 

Note. — It la snld tliat G. W. Jacobs has 
,Jned'tlio burlesque wheel, and that Jacobs' 
Theatre will give burlesque shown three nights 
of cacb week, and the rent of week give regu- 
lar -productions, to commence In u few weeks. 

H i ■ — H i i -i-*| i 

Vntersnu.—Ai ihe-Jj!mplra (A. M. F,riig- 

Be'man, manager) week of Jon. 7: Vlnelle 
und VandcUIr the ltrntoiis, Fitzgerald and 
Glldny, Marv Dnpont and compnny,., Char- 
lotte Rttvenscroft, O'Brien and M)W Paul 
Barnes, Ned Wuyburn's Dancing Daisies nn'dJ 
i lie klntrtdgrnph. 

Tjtckoh (V. J. Gilbert, manager).— "A. 
Man's ' Broken rromlse" bad capacity Dec. 
:ti-Jnn. 2. , ."Big. Hearted Jim" received' lib- 
oral patronage a-R. "Queen of the Convicts" 
70. Lena Rivers JO-12., 
, Jacobs' ( Maurice Jncobs, mannger).— The 
Brlcndlcr Burlcsrmer* played to remarkably 
good business lust week. Jolly Girls, bended 
by Edmund naves, week of 7. Bohemian 
it ii r I esq ue is to fallow. . . 

Pnumrt's (John A. Mnck. manager).—- 
Largo bonnes greeted tho flotsam Stock Co. 
laat week. "Wicked London" week of 7. 
■■■■ i ■■» ■■■■' 

.Terse? city.— "Tom., Dick and Harry" 
had ft printable week nt the Academy, end- 
ing Jan. 0, Keith A Proctor's reaped n sub- 
stantial '-harvest. The Bon Ton, with the 
Merry Makera Exmivngansft Co., pleased 
good turnouts. 

• AcanuMY (l\ 10. Honderson, manager).— 
"The Wizard of Oa" V>i% "The King of lhe 
Wild West" 14-10. ' ■ ■ 

Kkitii ft Pnooron'R (Frank Burns, real- 
dent manager;.— Week m 7: Eatelle Wor. 
rietto nnd company, the Four Nlghtons, the 
itimplrit Comedy Four, -Scott nnd Wilson, 
Hawthorne nnd I-nrt,- pfamond nnd Smith 
and tho Moaa'rts. 

Bon Ton (T. W. Dlnklnn, manager). — 
The Brigad iers 7-12, the' Jolly O lrls 14-10. 

iiohokon.— At tho Lyric (11. P. Soulier, 
mnnngiM 1 ) the Four HuntiugH llllcd, Jnn, 3-0, 
u dnfe credited lo another uttritetlon by 
inlMlnku. "The Fool House," lu which they 
appear, was full of action and good singing. 
"How Hearts Are Broken" (Ml, "For a H»v 
nmn Lite" 10-12, "A Desperate Chance" 13- ' 
TO. '"Hie House of Mysle,ry" 17-10. 

EMPinB (A. M. Brnggemon, proprietor). 
— Wt'elt of 7 : Copt. Geo. Auger and coin pan v 
of Miagets. In "Jack, the Giant Killer; 1 ' 
Holcoml), Curtis nnd company, Holland Trio, 
Arlington . Coined v Four; Fitzgerald and Oil- 
day, Fred Rav and company, and the La 
Tour Sisters. 

week of Dec. 31 r Clnytop, Jasper -nnd Jen- 
kins, in "Two Coons and ft Miile ;" Docben- 
dorf Troupe, Memphis Kennedy, Francis 
Wood, hoop roller; GU Brown, nnd tbe ma- 

Notes -—Rucker's tent show entered on its 
sixth week to the eapdclty, Dec. 31. ""Woman 
Against Woman," f, Tbe Galley Slave," "A 
W)fe*a Pevll." "Life In New York," "Faust" 
arid "My Tennessee's Partner" w«re the at- 
tractions, with ft change of programme 
nightly: An electric theatre Is being con- 
structed at 410 Main Street, with an early 

date of opening At All Travis Street, 

n theatre la being constructed to put on mov- 
ing pictures. ■•; ■ 
' ■ , * 

Austin. — At the Hancock Opera House "A 
Race for n widow" played- to good houses 
Dec, 2». "The Devil's Auction" 31, Maxine 
Elliot Jan.. 2, "Checkers" 4. Harry. Beresford 
ft, Louis Jnnics ft, "Sins of tbe Father" 11, 
Frank Daniefs 14, Rogers Brothers 16, Ellen 
Beach Ynw 10, "Tbe On* Woman" 17,- Paul 
Gil more 10, 

Galveston. — At the Grand Opera House 
(Pave A. Wels, mannger) "The Laad of Nod" 
drew pood abed audiences Christmas matinee 
nnd night. Robert Edeson. In "Strongbeort," 
pleased n large house 27. "East Lynne" had 
a fairly good sired a,udlence 28. "A Race for 
a Widow drew fairly well 30, 31. "Checkers" 
Jan. 1, "The Devil's Auction" 2, Maxlne El; 
liott fi, Ham Beresford 7. 

LonAon.— ;At the Grand (J. R. Stewart, 
id an ager) tho Royal - - Scots Concert Co. 
pleased fairly good audiences Jan. 1. 

Bennett's [J. H. Aloz, manager). — Man- 
ager Aloz reports tbat the records for at- 
tendance was broken last week. Bill week 
ofO; Lisle Leigh and company, Qulgg, Mack- 
ay and Nlckcrson, Rooney Sisters, Llbbey 
and Trayer, Morris and Morris, WIUlo 
Weston. Cnrr oud Llnd, and Bennettogrnpb. 

N'orrs. — Manager Stewart n In New York. 

. ....'. .A report sayu that the Grand wilt piny 

vaudeville, the booking to be done by William 

Morris. Manager Bennett Is In New York. 

■ ii ' ' >' ■■■——■ — 

SC. .loini. — At, the Opera House (A. 0. 
Sklnnsr, manngerr the Robinson Opera Co, 
opened* Its necond and ' last week Dec. 81, 
pictentlnf "Xbe Two Vagabonds," 1 to fair 
i buslues^. The company was greeted by two 
Tfc-lt: O, bouses Jan, i, and hundreds .wera 
turned nwn.v: Tho company will return "here 
21, for a two we'-ks" engagement. American 
Vlfuigraph llt-10. . ,. 

Ki.iTU'u (It. J. Armstiong, manager).*— 
Adnlr nnd Dnhn, W. B. Mngaun, Fields and 
Hnnimn, D. F. Terklna and IK C. f>.ippln, 
riiorh'H and Fannie Van, travel views, the 
bioscope and Prof. Clarke's performing dogs 
and ponies furnished an atuacllvs bill for 
week of Dec. 31. The two performances 
Jan. 1 dre w-S h. 0, ■ 

Vurorito. — At the. Princess (O. IT: S hep- 
pard, , jnan.igerl .'"Tho'-'Cbuntpy Olrl".! bMd 
"The Clngnlee" did big InisineHs'last week. 
"Mrs. Wlggaof the Chbbage Patch" Jan. 7-12, 

(InANti (A- .1, Small, manager). -^- "Sun- 
day" had good ' bnnlness last week. '•The 
Mayor of Toklo" 7-12. * . •' 

Majehtic (A. J.' Small. mnrmgAr). — "A 
Rocky Rond to Dublin" last week. "While 
Frisco Burns" 7-12. 

Sura's i J. shea, mannger). --T-RI11 week 
of 7 : Arnohl Daly, John and Lewis Boiler, 
Six Mowntts, Redford and -Winchester, A'l. 
Carlton, Moyme Remington, and Three Hick- 
man Bran. , '., , 

Star (F, J.. Stair, manager) .-'-New Cen- 
tury Girls did big business lust week. Co- 
lonial Belles 7-12. ... T 

Mahhiv Hall (Howard Houston, raano- 

8er). — National chorus and N. Y.- Symphony 
•reheat ra 14-15. 

Trenton.— At the Taylor Opera House, 
Rlcbnrd -Cnrle Jan. 8. Grace George, -In 
"Clut.ies," I) i "WIT! raff 1 1 , Pmif Ml" lfj, 
"The Free I#ance" 10, Field's Minstrels 10. 

STArn 'StnHBjf (Frank Stalters, manager). 
-—"The Fool House" 7-11, "Queen of tlie Con- 
victs" 10, "NO- Mother to Guide Her" ll. 12. 

Tuhnt. — Bill for 7 anil week: Clulro 
Soup, Wurdeu nnd Uladdlsh, Murray K. 
Mill. .las. nnd Sadie ( Leonn'rd, l}orach;OQd 
R'uswll, Poller nnd llnrrls, D.imn-Rcdciiy 
Trotip>>, ami tb» biograplr 

4> > 

. Dnllits. — At the Dallas Opera Hoiiro (Geo. 
Amy, iiinnugcr) "The Devils Auction" cams 
to fair business Dec. 20. Shonnrd'ti moving 

fikturos drown fair house 27. W. U, Patton, 
n "Tho Slow Poke," 28, pleased u good sized 
house. Jut) Corcoran. In "Tho Freedom of 
Suznnna" nnd "A Doll's House," fnred well 
20. Harry Bcreaford, In "The Woman Hater," 
enjoyed good business 31. Charley Grapewln, 
In "Tho Awnkcniug of Mr. Plpp," scored a 
success Jan. 1, 2. Louis James 4, G, 

Matkbtic (11. 9. MuckenfuBs, manager). — 
In addition to tho regular bill, which Includes 
Hiitfliqr, Cbe-ivn nnd nnrnn. Musical Fofretls, 
Battoa and Sutton, Edward Ketlle, Fisher and 
jonuavn. Onitii, »nd trmn WlcbolT and com- 

J'auy, tho Majestic Is ottering as n special 
puturr Jos. Lelimnun company, supiiorted by 
Margnret France and H. M. Peterson, in their 
one net plnylet, entitled "A Fool's Wisdom." 
It la a comedy drama, by Mr. Lehmana, who 
Is n Dallas boy, and who has played recently 
In soma of the large Western circuits. Mlas ' 
France has been starring In the East, and 
Mr. Peterson was the treasurer of the Majes- 
tic 'ihentre laat season. The act hua scored 
quit*' n hit 

a.. . i ■ a) i ■■- ■ ,ii 

Houston.— At the Houston Theatre (M. 
C. Mlrbnels, manager) Robt. Edeson, In 
"Htrongheart," Dec. 23, delighted n big 
house. Dorn Asbton, in "East Lynne." 20, 
SO, hnil three fair houses, nt popular prices. 
"Tim Devil's Auction" had two big houses 
New Year's Dny. "Checkers," Jnn. 2, did 
f**'«*"1idly-nt both performances. Maxlne El- 
liot 4. 

Majestic (Frank Sturgls, manager).— 
BnnlncBi continues to capacity. People-for 

Iianillton — At the Gnind Opera House 
(A. R. Loudon, manager) "Tbe ilall Room 
Hoys," Dee. 28, Mil,, proved most, entertain- 
ing, and hnd large houses. "Reu llur," 111- 
Jan. 2, aurnrted Innneuse and delighted au- 
diences. "Human Henna." 3, did. good busi- 
ness. "Tbe Way of the TrnusgreNsoi'" 4, D, 
"Dorothy Vernon, of Haddon Halt,'' 7 ; Au- 
gust In- Daly .Musical Co., .in' "Thiv Court try 
Girl" nnd "The dogatee,'* 8, f); "Mr, Hop- 
kinaon" 10,-«McFaddeu , a Fists" 11, 12. 

Savoy (J..G. Applelou, inanngcrJ.-i-Week 
'of -7 :• Edward nionu.^l and company,' Owloy 
niHlltnridi.ll. May Walsh, Howard and North, 
Tom and Kdlth Almond, Cook and Stevens, 
Lydla. and Albino, nnd Maude Edwards, . 
, NoTn. — The Unique (Mr. Drlaioll, mpno- 
ger) .made a Una opening Dec. ; 20,' und did 
good business the fli-st week. 
.i • ■■ ' ' ■■— .' ■* ' " . 

: Si, Ciillierlnes.— At tbe. Grand; Opera 
House fClias, tU Wlltion. mnnogar) "Hu- 
man lli.-ti.-is" had fair buslnesn Dec. 31. 
"The Hull Room Hoys" had big tfoUsflu -mst- 
1u r e and night on N'aw >>nr's Dny. "Hie 
Way of tliff'Tr'aiisgreaBor 3, Cole nnd Job n- 
w*n, In "The Nhno-Fly Regiment,',' ttUow. 
"The .Country Girl" 7, "Mcradden's Plate" 
10. "Dorothy Vernon, of Haddon Hh)1.".12. 

dnvbee. — At the Auditorium, Kelth'.i 
Vnudevllle hSs- cuuglit tho town. The fol- 
lowing played to big, business week of Dec.. 
31 : Juggling Bannans, Rob and Berths Hyde, 
Wlllltim Cherry und Mac Bntns. MrXamee. 
Lisle Leigh and company, Chun, ivimlen and 
Carrie West, MorrlH nnd Morris, and Ulncto- 
graplt. , ■"■■ " 



tin ven iHiit,— At the Burtls Opera House 
(direction Chnmberlln. Kindt k Co.), "The 
Dlstriet Lender" ' cunio to a big houne Dec. 
25i" "The Duchess of Devonshire" 2d. "Tha 
County Fnlr" 27, "Peck's Bad Boy" 28, "The 
Rollicking Girl" 30, " A Crown of Thorns" 
Jam.- I,' Mildred Holland, In "A Paradise of 
Lies." S; "Forty-lire Minutes from Broad- 
way" 4. "On the Bridge at Midnight*'- 5, 
"The Jollv Amcrlenn Tramp" W, *Th the 
Blshop'B Carriage" 7, "The Typewriter Girl" 
S L Francis Wilson 0, s. Miller Kent, In 
"Itaiuea," 12; "Wonderland" 13, Amelia 
Bingham 15. 

Eliti:.— Business dnrlnir the holidays was 
unusually good. Hill week or lVc.-;jl : Dahl- 
green Slaters. Mnrcelles, Dessett and Scott, 
Mlddleton and Spellmclen and Lena Kline. 

Family (direction Mmtro 4 Oelkora).— 
Bill week of 31 : Allmrton; Harry nnd May 
Hownrd. Kstes Rrothers, -the- Four Luc(ers; 
Kathryn Martyn nnd the Woodworths. 

a — ■■■■ | i i , 

Cedar Rni.ldii.— At Greene's Opera House 
(Will S. CoMletv-iriailHRer)-HoHelle Knott. 

Dec. 28, pleased, "Peck's Bad Boy." 30, 
ainused a "top heavy house. "The»Plt," Jan^* 
1,' had two capacity crowds. - "Fainting the 
Town"-2, "In the Bishop's Carriage" .3, "The 
King of .Tramps" 6, "For Her, Soke" 0, 
"Forty- Ave Minutes from Broadway" 7, "The 
Moontftln - Climber" 8, "EgtphV' . 0, -10, 
"RAffltt" 11. "An AmeriMhTrarnp" 13. "The 
Lilac 'Room" 14, "It Happened In Nordland" 
17, "Hans and Nix" 20. : . ■.. _, - j , . 

PboM-k's' (Vie Hugo, manager). — Week of 
Dec/ 31 : Lottie West Symonds," the Musical 
Goolmnns, Leeds and Le Mar, In toy Bros., 
Ray W. Fiay, and tbe klnetoscope. - 

Note.— Bay W. Fay has -returned to me 
city undresumed his poslflon at, tho People's, 
to the grst Ideal Ion of his many friends and 
udmlrers, . ' ■ '• 

■ i . «■» . ■ ■ 

Nashville.-— At the Vendome Thealra 
(W.: A, Sheetz, mahatfer) -Rlchnrd Mnnsfleld, 
In *'Bean Bnimmell/' plnyed to capacity 
Dec., 28. Yale Glee Club pleased a large 
honse 20. Cbas. B. Hanford, two nights 
and mat! oee, 31, Jan. 1,' gave a good per- 
formnnce. to fair business. Viola ' Gillette 
Jan. 2, Rogers Bros. 3, Fred Mace, In "The 
Umpire," 4; Thoe. Jefferson, la '"Rip Van 
Winkle,"'?; "The Tenderfoot" 9. "The "Col- 
lege Widow" 10, "The Player Maid" 12. \ i 

Buot/ (Geo. H, Hickman, moonger). — 
"Across the Pucltic" plnyed to big business, 
and gnve general satisfaction week of Dec, 
1*4. "The Black Crook," n strong attraction, 
did good business week of ,11. Hownrd Hall, 
In. "The Millionaire Detective," week of Jan. 
7 ; "Me, Him nnd P'-week of 14, 

HirronnoME (Wm. Bordleser, manager). 
•-Mil--. Surnmerville ployed to tho bnnner 
week of the season, and was re-engaged tor 
week of pec. 31. 

Noths.— Al. W. Fremont Is spending a few 
days Id this elty, which Is bis homo, previous 
lo raking his company out for the rest of tbe 
sen son. 

— ■- ■ 1 1 ■ 

rChnt.anoofca. — At tbe Albert Opera 
House' fPnul.ll. Albert.. manager) the -Ben 
Greet' Playera, Dec. 21. 22, had good houses 
and pleased. "Parsifal" drew well 24. Paul 
Gil mom scored, a. hit In "At Yale." 35. 
'•Tracy, the Outlaw," ' 20. ■ canceled. The 
GUI and the Bandit" did well 20-31, and 
gave unusual satisfaction,' "A Message from 
Mars' drew well Jan, 1. Cans. B.. Hanford 
U. "The - Tenderfoot" . 8, Crestoft ClarkeJ4. 
Henrietta Crosmart 1!,, "Holty Tolty" • 10, 
"Checkers" 17, Lillian Russell 18, Magbie 
Rlllott 10. . .: :. , 

Bum* (Robt. L. Wayne, manager). — 
"When Knighthood Was In Flower, with 
Anns Dny In Ibe leading role, played to ca- 
pacity Dec. 24-21). "Me, Him and 1" week 
df 3), "Over Niagara Falls" week of Jon. 7, 
Flske O'llnra week of 14. ... • J? '>..: 

SiiwriBRT (Hnrry Stoops, manogerl.— "Dark 

until the middle of January, when the house 

will open, with stock Tor, the remainder of, tbe 

season. ■•.*.,. 

■ « i» 


ttons Week of 7: Gilbert's ,One Ring ClrcuS, 
Lopez and- Lopez | Camlllo and Fona,- Abeljiv 
Vlgne, Ansori Scltlrhart, and the'kinodrorae. 

< ■ » • 

Norfolk.— The Academy- of Munlc (Otto 
Wells, local manager)- escaped the usual de- 
pression attending the- holiday season, and 
business generally wns ■ very satisfactory. 
•.'It's All Your FauH" gave two perform- 
ances Dec. 20, to good business. "The Man 
from Now" played to well. filled houses 28, 
20.- "ZflMt" drew unuBtf oily * good ■ boslness 
Dec. 31, Jan.,1. "The Lion and the Mouse" 
14, Wright Lorlmer 17-10, "The Free -Lance." 
21,, "The Prince of PJlxen", 2?i 23, vSlm. 
Wl'ggs of. tbe Cabbage Patch" 2C, Robert 

B»MHfl 20. ■'.'. " 

■ilRASBi (Otto Wells, local manager).-r- 
"Gay New York, came to, big returns.- "The 
Nlrrrty-Tmd N(ne" ymtfVt-Tr—'r — " VT '." -i 

A'-mi: (Wllkerson & Mnn'/Ie, managers).— 
People for week of 7: Trnehnrf, Dlllotj nnd 
Bnrk. Milton Frflnkrordr'Chffii. R. Rentz, 
Oscar Brewer, the WnlloiiB, Little Sidney, 
Mamie Bnrcaw, NormleFIKgerold and Lewis 
and Bell. Win;' H. Trueharts Big Burlesoue . 
Co. wBI pi-educe "Military Malds' r week of 7. 
Business Is excellent. ..-,. . i ■". : ' i 

Buotr (Abb. Smith, manager). — Near peo- 
ple-for week of 7: Mildred Cleodora, Beatrice 
Clay, Williams Bros., Ben Wright, Howard 
nnd Cleodora, Angle Havlln, and Penman 
Sisters. Business is good. 

AuMTOiini.u (J. M. Barton, manager).— 
In, addition to the. regular stock, the Three 
Tarvllles und Clandin Randolph open here 
week of. 7. i ' ; .' . - ■ 

■ Manhattan' iCrlnhlon' Bros., managers). 
-^-People for- week of 7 : Irene Sullivan, 
Naomi. Trlxle Adams, Joe Downey, the Mad- 
derns, Clyde. .Alontague, and Arthur l.anei 

- ' ' ■»*»■ ' ^r- 


' TEFiL YOUR FORTCNK:Wlth cards. Bean 

tlfnlly illustrated book of inarritf rions. ftoc, . 
• , -. LOU .IRONS , Te rrs Haute, In d. 
AT libkiit v — operator, own- MachTnT 
3,000ft. flime. Wife, do bit?. Good wardrobe off 
and on. Sooer, reliable. ' Permanent house or 
rravellngco. Canrbaaags either. Sni»ryreasoL 
able. I expect U. Jgooh Frees, Gen; Del., BtUe. 
vllle, II). ' ' .- '-■■■ ■ 

WAWTBD-Vio lu, Plnno, Corqet, Olarionei 
Flttto, Trombone, It«s and Drums for Thearre' ' 
Long season. 10 shown. Open-shop. Pitrti.-nlsn,' 
reader, 24 Greshams^AtlaninAGiT, 

Baltimore.— At Ford's (C, E. Ford, 
manager) "The Man from Now" Jan. 7-12. 
Robert Munti'U'a , week of Shakespearean 
repertory, which closed 6, was a great uuc- 
ceas. ' .Chauncev Olcott : 14-10. 

-Nixon St /.immi.hmvn'.'i acadrmy (M. J. 
Lfthtnnyer, manager).^ — Wright Lorlmer, In 
"The Shepherd lung," opens 7. "The Wild 
Duck/'-ftt a special nuitluee, 10. Grace 
George -closed- a fair week In "Clothes," 5, 
E. S.WHlard- 14.10. i 

A(,iiai'oii'h , (Geo. Fawcett, manager>. — 
"Jane Eyre" 7-12, with Percy Haswell. "Leah 
Kleshna was fairly attended Inst week. 
"As You Like It" 14-10.- 

Maryland (J, L. Kernan, manager). — 
Tbe spfcial feature week of 7 la the uyuatlc 
act of the Flnneys, with Mr, , and Mrs. Gard- 
ner Oram 1 , James J. Murtou. the -Plcquayn, 
Lutts, Tom Edwards nnd Hedrlz and Prescott, 

Auditorium (J. >C Kernan, manager). — 
The Rays thin week, in "Down the Pike." 
"The war Correspondent" closed a good 
week ("p. "Tbe. County Chairman"' 14-19. 

- iIuluua v stiikct (Geo. W. Rife, mana- 
ger). — "Be-Kord's Hope" opens 7, following 
-"No -Mot her lo Guide Her, 1 ' which -close*! a 
prosperous week fi. "A 'Marked- Woman" 14- 

30. .... i ;,,... 

*" iJaLOtBt'll (Chns. 13. Blhaev,' maiuiger);^- 
"Kidnappod for lte«age";7 : li. -"Old Isaacs 
from the Bowery" closed 5. "Big Hearted 
Jim" 14-10. ■ ' ■ ' ■* .•■ • , ■ *J 

GAXKTY (W. h. Ballsuf. raannio'D.— 1 r- 
wln's New Majesties, with the Plcchlanuls 
Troupe of acrobats, 7-12. "The BowervBur- 
lesquci-s did big hilsluess week ending C.U'he 
Guv -Mnsqueraaerii,14-IO. 
■ •NKW MftNUMCM'M. (MM M. Dawson; tonn- 
ngoc)-. i— -.The Kentucky; llflies 7-12; 'Tne 
Merry Maidens cloned a good .week 5. The'' '*».— Charles F. Ford Jr., only son of 
Mannger. 1 Charles . K,' Ford; tiled from pnen- 
luoiiln, Dec. 31, ' 

.J '-'. <■ # ' • : 


i>. ti<iU. At iho DetrAlt Opera House 
(U C. Whltnev, nmnnver) Jumcn K, Hnckett, 
In "The Walls of Jericho," was well re- 
celvod, and attendance was good. Inst week. 
"■'Way Down East" week of 7 

LYCICU IK.. D, . Htplr, manager).— The 
Four Mortons, lu "Breaking. Into .Society," 
drew good sited bouses last -week, "In New 
York Town" week of 0. • 

Lafayrttb (H: H. Lofflkln. manager).— 
Last, week marked the successful .opening of 
ran new home of vnudsvllle, wlih Green nnd 
Werner the leading, bit of- a well .balanced 
bill. .Attendance was good afternoon and 
evening. BUI week of 7: Abdul Kader, Rica 
and Prevost. Chas. It. Sweet, Harry Anita 
and Linton Lawrence, the Olympin Quintette, 
Lnura Henneit, Meehan'H romedy dog*, Mu- 
f>lcnl Simpsons, and the American vltagraph. 

Whitney (h). D. Stair, manager).— "Secrets 
of tbe Police" pleased packed bouses. "Queen 
of the Highbinders" week of fl.. ■ 

TKMri.i: (J. H. Moore, mannger). — Bill 
week of 7 ; Trlste Frlgensft, John T. Kelly 
ami cotnpany, Valerie Bergere and company. 
Ihe Great Kverhart, Emma Francis, Jack 
Norworxb, Krcmka Brothers, Rlalto Comedy 
Four, and the klnetograph. 

flAYKTY (II. H. Hedges, manager).— Hyde's 
Bine Rihbon Girls hnd n numerous followlug 
Inst week. Parisian Widows week of d. 

' Av):si n (Drew & Cntnpbell, mnnagers),->- 
The -Jolly Grass .Widows., with the added 
feature, Al. Ackermnu, draw good houses last 
week. Williams' Ideal Burlesqnera .C-12;. 

CatsTAt, (J, J. Nash, manager).— -Attrae- 

Sprcial hiaiiiiiru fo.THR New York CMPPnn. 

San Fbancisco, Jan. 8. — At tbe Central 
'J'bentre, this Is the third week of the special 
3cason- of , LambardI Grand Italian Opera 
Co.',' the repertotV being as follows: Monday, 
Wednesday, Friday and Saturday evenlnga, 
"The Barber of Seville ;" Tuesday awning 
and Sunday rantjnee, "11 Trovntore:" Thurs- 
day and Sundny evenings and Saturday mat- 
inee, "Cavollerla Rustlcana" nnd "1* I'/igll- 

'Oihs-VTM Novrlty 'Piin.vTnn (ynder man. 
ugemeut of Gottlob, Marx A Co., of Columbia 
Theatre.).— Sunday, fl, began the necond and 
Inst week of Jamea O'Ncll and company, la 
"The Voice of. the Mighty," for the ml time 

Davis T»i:atre.— -TIiIh Is the third w«e.k 

of Kolh and Dill and company, In "Hankers 
nnd Brokers." 

CotoMii. Theatbb.— Frank Bacon and 
the stock company, In' "The BtitterflleH;" 7- 

"bni-iiixM -- Sundny (mutlnec). S, and 
week (at the Chutes) t The Vasadr Girls, 
.llmmle I. mas, Wynne Wlnslow," Howard and.. 
Hownrd, the Three Lelghtons, Emilia Rose, 
Edottiniiail Edwards and (lie klnorirome. 

Not^s.-^-J. J. Gottlob, accompanied by 
his wife, left, here Tuesday, Jan. i, for New 
York, 'fa 'arrange bookings for his new Van' 
Ness Avenue Theatre. .... ...Louis l.nnk, a 

Rloocer merchant of California, died at; his 
unic, J3.I- Guugb Street, at an. early hour 
on l>ee. 22. At- the end he had wlthhlni, 
his wife, whoin.he'-miirrled'ln lSfiS :*lil» two 
.-■on -. Harry J. and,Georgv K. Lask, : nnd his 
daughter* Frances' L'nsk. Mr-. Lank., who 
was clghty-fwo years or age at tbe time of 
his death, had been la.'broken. health since 
April. .At that time 1227 Pfno 
Street, and when the 'Qve approached bis 
home he refused to leave. Fireman- and 
relatives removed him gnntly from the scene 
of the devastation. Since tbat, turn, -be has 
been fnlllng In health: Louis Lask was born 
lo Germany, Sept. 12, 1824... In 1840, with 
his brother, Joseph, who died In 1894, Mr. 
LnBk came lo America and settled in New 
Orleans, where he was engaged in business 
with S, Rich, With toe discovery of. gold 
In.Callforola lie ami his brother came lo this 
State, arriving In May. 1840: Mr.. Lask was 
prominent In charitable and religions work 
in Mils .'city. He. was a charter member of 
tbe Congregation.' Temple Kmnnii-EI, and- a 
life' member of- the Society of California 
Pioneers.- Harry -X,--Laskv-«- MB It^jraml- 
neht.ln fraternal circles, and Gebrge nTlAsk 
Is well known as a theatrical manager, 

• -",'. . ' ■■»• • *" ■ ' '■ 


Join, (Uresis, colored actor, died on Oct. 
23. from dropsy, ot tbe heart, aged 'JS years. 
He was formerly a. member.of PT 8. Wi-lghfn 
Nashville Stiideots Co., remaining with that- 
organization for, several, War** while with 
that, company he met und married .(■ertrude ' 
Revels, and- then: formed a campauv of his own, 
which he t-ullediOwens' Colored Musical and 
Dritinntlc Co, It remained n successful attrac- 
tion for the pnBt live years, und did not close 
djirlng nil that lime. Mr. Owens Is survived 
by bin wife and a slater. 

Bad H«w*, mi old time circus, carnival 
and cxposltlon.mnn, wan burned to death in 
the Exposition (.rounds, Pipe Bench, Va., ou 
Dec. 24. .He was burned so badly that- It 

f.-tis almost. Impossible to rncognlzo htm. Mr. 
laws was working for the nelson Palntiag 
Co., of Chicago, which has large painting con- 
trai'fri nt the exposition. Nottilng Is known 
of. his family, except that ho hod a dnughtcr 
in Chicago. He was about ilfty-four years of 
aae. Interment was in the Jamestown Expo- 
sition Grounds, Va. Any one who knows of 
his relatives may write to J.'T.'Da Corum, 
Virginia Inn, Pine Bench, Va. 

Nell iLireiiee, nn actor, committed 
suicide on Dec. 30, in his room at 4ui West 
Twenty-third Street. New XoTk City, by In- 
haling gas. No explanation of the suicide 
could 'be given, except that his health bad 
not been good. .Mr. Florence waa forty-live 
years of age, He bad written several plava, 
nnd during. the past few. years 'be traveled 
through ihe Western Slates as manoger of a 
"Pecks Bod Boy" Co, . ' : ■ - 

, Fred Do 'Carlo, an nefcohnt, whose name 
In private life was Fred Hunt, .died on Dec 
27. at his home In Indianapolis, lhd„ from 
small pox, nged .twenry-fonr years. n e «sj 
of' the team De Carlo nnd Stokes, aerial hat- 
nrrformer.'rriind hnd' ;!nBt" closed. hlH third 
season- with the ; HellH-Floto>.' Show. He wss 
taken 111 'on his way ^omfe, .His mother 
faiuer und slKter survive him* I ' 

Til* I'l.inif.-Ns. OF ( hmrnrlv, profes- 

slonnlly known 1 as .Belle Bllr/ohV '6a Eoijllsh 
music hall singer, famous about h.generatlou 
ago. died nt Onrhaldy Payk,' County Gaiwsv 
Ireland, on Dec. »h Hef marriage to Lord 
Dunlo, lat4r the -Earl of.Clancaity, which 
occurred about seventeen years ago, created 
r. sensation at the -time.,' . .. *• 

Kmem HnslHitfs. the .actor, was In 
staidly killed on^Jnn. 2,.|Q-a wreck on the 
Union Paclilc, which, occurred at Brule Sta- 
Hon, twenly miles west, tF North Platte, 
Neb.- Mr. f tastings, who had ■•heeri working 
Jn- a stock, company lu Portland, Ore., wan 
on his .wny to New,Vork "City. ] lfla bum 
popular work was done In 1001, -fn Civic 
Fitch's nlny, "Lovers' Mine," \ n which he 
nppeared nt the Mnnhattab theatre. New 
\ork City. IItiMlu K s' mind became, unsettled 
In lOO.t, ufter n love affair^ and liewas sent 
lo if.saollnrlum. from - which he (ma dK- 
charged ns cured within ,n . few month*. 
I.rnesr Ilnsllngs was well known In rlih 
niy, being n member -of the Lambs' cim, 
tbe Playerp' Cliih nnd.lhe Aclbrs" Soeletv of 
America-; * His brother,, Cnyler Hastings,' the 
actor, survives him. ' , < " . 

.ThomaH Drown ( Whlstllne Tom Brown! 
J'rtw v "fdoeaday nlgrht. W.V at a hospi- 
tal in Yonkers, N. Y. He bad been nnfferiig 
for Homo time from iunjg trouble and a com- 
niirntlon of diseases. Mr. Brown, who was 
born in. Holyoke, Mass.. about thlrlv-flve 
years ngo. mnde his (Irs I great hit In Host's 
m i* p , t0 'CMnatowp/, 'as, ,,tbe .Whistling 
Walter. Later he played grolesnue comedy 
roles In several of George .W. LedCrer'a-prn. 
dnrtloha, and In one of the la re. A. EL Cbam- • 
lsTlyo's musical pieces. Afterward be went 
to Anstrnlla nnd rinBland, appearing with 
success In the music. halls.- Returning here, 
BO and, his W jf ef R Ta Wostcott, plaved In 
vmuicy e la. separate, arts, iiHuhlly on the 
same bill, Ills wife, who woHin attendnnrc 
upon him during his last .Illness, survives 

Tjenrr E. H«y(. tho-famous scenic artist, 
died on-Dee: 30/ in Philadelphia, l'a.. in UN 
sarefty-MCODd year, l Wr.l'Hoyfs first notke- 
able work wns ln.the.7Qiv when he creatwl 
the drop curUUi.^irriie.lXtf.of.Detos," for 
Mrs. John Drew, -at'^hft^d Arch Street 
Theatre, Philadelphia. Le.erbepnlated the 
scenerv for "The Danltes," produced by Mr- 
KM Itnnkln. Henry E.- Abbey peeured his 
services, and brought hlui-to N*"w York City, 
lie .remalnei! In this eltrYfof" u number of 
years.. painting nt. ihe .(frgnd Opera House. 
the old Metropolitan Opera House, nnd later 
on .at . the .new Metropolitan Opera House. 
Austin Daiy.ihea Hecured him. In IBM 
Mr. Hoyt became the president, oT the Ameri- 
can Society of. Secolc . Palbters. and re- 
mained such during Its- existence. 

Prof, Albert Wllln-lra Dero;, who was 
for -thirty yeai-s organist at the "Little 
Church Around the Corner," died on Jan. 2. 
ht bis home, 8M West- Twent-lelh Street, New 
fcOnp CHy. from heart disease and dropsv. 
E5?i "err was for a season toaestro o( Ihe 
q9» Opera Co.. lu Chambers Street, and 
drilled the singers Mae. Morgues! aod Mm*. 
Pico. Por half a century he was the musical 
fntte for the Ponds. Every- plcco tliey pub- 
lished was first submitted to him, He Is sur- 
vived by four children, one of whom, Llllle 
DAngplo Bere. |s n sjnger", ' 

t-harlem H. Mprphy. theatre manager, 
died on Dec. l»7, at' his home, State Line, 
AI.Mrw^.fter~ft*-4Hfiew-;»f--two- years. Mr. 
Murphy .was manager' for Dad' R, McGlnty, 
of the Park Theatre, Chicago;- and the Ameri- 
can. Theatre, of that city.." Ha -also 1 promoted 
Htreet- fairs through tha Wc'srand South. His 
mother, one sister nnd' one- brother, Dr. Jo- 
seph Murphy, survive him.- He was a mem- 

— it r 

mother, ouc sister nnd one- brother, Dr. Jo- 
seph Murpby, survive him.- He was a mem- 
ber of Chicago Xiodge/No,'*, B. P. O. Klks. 
interment trnjat Plrtsfleid, Mass. ' 

"ihomns Dquh, well kndwu ubotit a ile- 
ende ngo ns a clog darirer, dropped dead 
Ob-Dec. al; nt Xmtr*:Avemie'Aad Fifty-sec- 
ond Street, New York City, (row heart dis- 
ease. He was foi-i.y.sik; venra.'ftf age.-. Mr. 
Dunn ami George. Cniinltigrli'nm' were, part- 
ners nt. one. time, and Hie 'former retired 
from the stngu sev^rnl "veflrrja'gD.' ' 

Aiin-rt (. MoKier.'V-mrop 'cvcllsr, died 
nt Rpeer's'lloflpllal, .Dayton. Kv.. on Dec. 'M>, 
He performed nrn Irnmp 'cyclist, and while 
making his home la, Covington,: Kv.,. gave 
exhibitions on the otreet. . no recently, (rav- 
eled with the AHmun Dramatic Co., nnd had 
also iiven exhibitions In- Old Mexico. 

iNKvnrd j. Cornell, u'nlaalclnu, well 
known ns the American "Jap, "i died Jan. ■!• 
nt bis residence No. ai.'tft De Lnncev Htrcei, 
Phliadelphlsv.. .His fingngementH w*re nrtc- 
clpally with Y. • M. il . A.. Sunday school, 
church and Cbntanojua organ JzntiopH. ' 

Helen Conrtlandi known In private life 
as Mrs. C. V. Fisher, died .m Janr 1, at her 
Home, 22rtfl Woodstock Street. PUIladclphlu. 
from tnlrerculosis, nfter. nil Illness of a year. 
She. had retired from . trie <- triage olmit feii 
yen is ngo. Her slstec, .nrofesslonally Imowu 
as Lydla CotnUnnd/'flurylvesher. 

ISnKehe Cadlenx.rwho was for the pits* 
six yeir-H with the -.7. R. 'Sparrow Amusciuent 
Co,, ns treasurer, of Hie dlffercitt Louses, died 
in Montreal; Can., MWtnn typhoid 
feyer. ."*• 


And qclHicl-oaght any one tuemateainmk you can't ginmntee tor ot least 0,e jesri and »»«» 
'-.'.-• . . V1U be tolas btulaess for flftfiCD. 







l&in ATUTDC Everybody's singing CU8 EDWARD'S and W I BlLflW! ED. MADDENS great Irish ballad march song, 





Please send stamps and call. 

LEO EDWARDS, Prof. Pept.. 1612 Broadway, next door to Weotor's. Times So.. New York. 

j. - - TO BULL. 

Set Organ Chime,: it tlnadriinei Tubes, cheap. 

■ i , ORlU,3l3P.14thftt..NeTf Yorfc. 

; -films and bono blidrs— *),<Mofi. of 
tine stock, No worn oat film Oang-Nelgon Flrht, 
,ih!-Thai Llmharger, Rarebit Fiend, Wanted, a 
DM ; The wending. Drama In He Air. Otlier 
lame and email students, .ic. and up. Rave 
yoiraeen the Now Annotiniement Slide? Send 
2e. etamp for sample. I also buy Hlraa and 
s:ide», ir rood. a. ?. o allot, 

• ' *, g Chrleloplier St ■ N. T. 

WANTED- Partner to Invent $300 tor half 
inierent In Keperiolm Company. Experience 
unnecessary. Reference, exrhansed. Bear 
MtrlcWHt InvemlHiillon Address LADY STAB, 
men* Fnlle, S. Y. 


Pnlnaaa and'Leg-ree, Ban ror Haier, Band nod 

Orchestra People, Child for Eva. oilier Ueerul 

, Tom People, write or wire, .loin on wire. Manager 

' Smith Uncle Tom Cabin Co., Wyoming, III., Jan, 

10: Toulon, III, u; ceranrld ge. ill.. n. 


Sight Reader. Oap]Qlnatoti..e: permanent loca- 
tion or traveling, equally aallBfactory. (lire lull 
particulars nrntletter. 

Addtem ANNIE POWERS. Ottnmwa, la. 

WANTicD— A dood Top Mounter Acrolml. 

that can Ring and dance, mnat be light, good 

around tumbler or comedy acrobat, lor a bin 

3 people act Amateur will do It pooil. Adilreai 

1A0O U FKEiiS. P en. Del . llellerlllf. 1 11. 

H. M. HKATTI1C, lawyer. ConldcnUal cue, 
a specialty. Judgtnente and decrees obtained 
promptly. No notoriety Ooumel free. 2eo Clark 
SL, Chloago. 

The Fun Faclory-MadLnn'i, Hudgi-i I 

Hirk'f TT TBKATKK, tad St.. Weit ot Broadway. 
iMvn.r.1 1 n,'g, mis. thum. and sa, 
MR. HAUKF.TT Sole l,e»ce and Manager. 


(Management HKNRV B. HARRIS) 



lli]|uu»n THEATRE, .2d Hi, Kvg. ». 
JlllnNtW Mai. Toesiluv and Sal. al 1 


WANTBD-TtiP best people in the J|pdi«ia« 
Hr, Sketch Team, Sister Team, Singer*, DW 
«ren», and Novelty Acts n all Ues'rlptlonB. Mam 
change for one week. Medicine chow. State 
lowest Salary first tetter. Mn»t Join 8»t. Jan. 20, 
cipen as, I par board and transportation after 
Joining. Tickets If I know you Addre»s 
.1. o.YAQKR, 31* Washington St., Louisiana, Mo. 

JF*. 6.— Ralph Desmond, write m e. 

IT A ILK BOOKBR-Story teller and enter- 
talner, can be engaged' with assistant, for parlor?, 
. balls) churches and children's parties. Programme 
includesstorles, mnslc, "Kalry^'Tentrlloqiilsmancl 

?r&Dnoloiry. programmes furnished free. 
rot. Hawkins, 46 OeK oven Cour t. Brooklyn. N. i\ 

VVANT1BD-A Partner fo d<» Straight In a 
recognised Bicycle AM. HARRY FI8HKR (for- 
merly Fisher and Johnson). Write or wire. Jan. 7, 
Majestic, 8hrevepori.La.;14. Houston, Tex.; ill, 
Sail Antonio, Tex.; :'», Pi Worth, Tex ; Feb. 4, 
Lyric, Mobile, Ala. 

WANTED Tor Stevens A Mospman Go. No. 2, 
Piano Player, double bit*; Comet, double violin; 
Baritone, double stage or violin; Heavy aud 
Juvenile Man, Juvenire Woman. Ticket*? ¥»;, 
K we know you. State salary. We pay all. Add. 
Olarktoti. Mo. 

VVANTBl), AOKNT — legitimate substitute 

for slot machines, patented. Sells at night for $1. 
Farti culara. 01 B gAOpMPANY, Anderson, Ina 

WANTS for Season 1WW, Good Olrcuiand Viands- 
vllie Performers, those used to trouplng with 
Waaon Snow; accommodations the heat. Salary 
reasonable and sure. Afflicted ones don't write. 
Bejl Sliver. Mgr.. Crystal Mich. 

Kill mov Kxhli'HIon Model Moving Picture Ma- 
chine wltli lire magazines "lightly nsed. Nice MM 
with hingea. bandits, tioe.i.'.KHy.Cnmberlapd.Md. 

and Dutch Comedian, Buck and Wing Dancer. 
Don't ana. unless, you can deliver the hardware. 
No tickets. Salary always on hand. DR. W. II. 
BALL, Oamflrop, Mo. No Boozer. 

Every vaudeville artist who depends >m 
laughter to make his act a go should sew! 
for my famoun hook ot comedy, 

No. ID 

It contains. ')l great parodist, 
'« really funny moaoiogue.a, e 
Uae sket 'he<t for i males, and 
4 for male and female, 3 aplendld musical 
comedies and burlesques running uearly an 
hour each, new minstrel gagH, comic poema, 
tUdewalk palter, etc., 100 pagca In all. Price, 
only Si PER COPY. Money returned if 
dlxsaitstiett. Endowed by Marshall I'. Wilder, 
Fred Niblo. Reub Fax, Lydla Veatnan^ Tltns 
aud otlier loremont atara. Back laauea oat of 
print except uuuokts ;i, i uud a. Will 
send any 'J for $1.60, s ror U. or BUOOKTH 
:i, 7, a and li> for %-2M. 


Mill* of Mlflh-Madlaon'a Duilffei, 


Kvnga.fiio. Man. Salnnlny, 2.11. 


al 2.-J0 and 9.21. • • 



I IKRKTV tm 15 *™ ai m - ° r - "''Ay. kv., s.ifi 




AllKenaon In Repn rlolre at lid. Ihe mre. 

NEW AMSTERDAM ti'tisi?. 

Uvea., h.i:.. Mailmes, Wed. and Sat., iU 


Heat« selling 4 weeks nhead. Nothing hut Kun in 
TilOMPSON A DDNDY'S 1'rcnentAlioii of 

Wiium-d Aheld* lu BrtiWator'a Mllllnna. 

'I'll-' greniesr repreaeniatlon of a atorm al sea ever 
Hliownnn Ihe stage. 

To Bnlarge N«w York IUfnalrele. 
Wire. O. LOTB hii.vkk, ll.itt.-, Moni. 


Bonked anywhere for desirable attractions by 
responsible longest established Hooking Agent. 
Bent references, Terms reasonable. Quick, 
honest service. A. O. DORNBH. * 

Booking oiiice, Kulokerbocker Theatre Bid., N.Y- 

POH BALB-UandcuiT Act. Trunk Mystery, 
Second Sight Act, spirit Cabinet, Black Art out- 
fit., Leg Irons, Galatea, Aga, liaglclan'a outfit. 
and lOOoiher bargains. Circulars forSTAMP. 

flttO. A. BI0K, 4 Underwood Kt... Aiibnrn, N. Y. 

VOKUb'IU IN AM- BRANCHKS. Mnkesalary low. 
it is sure. I pay R, It. after Joining. Want pood 
M. D. and Advance Mm. Add. AUSTIN MINN, 
aeq. Del., Mgr. Oregon lnd. Med. Co. 

AT LIBBRTY— Or will Join reliable partner. 
COMRDIAN, Singer and Wooden Shoe Dancer 
with Specialties and Al Wardrobe. No objection 

earn of CMPPI.h. 

to rood one nlghter Co. Address 

and Dance Soutirette, and Novelty Acta; also Smal 
Male ttt Female or Family Band, and MnslcUns 
who double stage. OR. W. II. LOKC1, Plymouth 
HnLel, 2ST W..18lh St., N. Y. 


VBNTRILOQC1SM TAUGUT. For terms addreHa 
Krof. Ungerman. 706 N. oih St., Philadelphia. Pa. 


ICucrrtRhud), 8 different books, loo. All kinds act. 
ltTOJlPH&rsBOBOOUftaT N.iath St., PhUa,,Pa, 

DOltttliB TRAPHZM HIGOlif O ArranRed 
for foot whirls. Finest steel bar, one wi sieel 
hooka for same, circus crane with blocks and falls 
for centre pole, 8-Ntt Hghta. leoinrds and eattn 
trtihis. nnd trapeze box. All the above JOsM only 
one montn. $^ for the entlTc lot, so be quick. 
Dan Carra y, 1ft Perry St., Pittsburg, Pa. 

WANTED AT ONOB, Ciood silent perfor- 
mers, Al teoturer who play* jiianu and work In 
; nets. None loo good for this show. We handle 
the Clifton Ramedloi, nut up by the Cllftpn Co., 
oirard.-lll; "The Best fiver.'' Wire or write. No 
tiukeu. Address Joo St. Ohalr, IliiilM.iti, Mich., 
Jim. * io n; Alordtou, Ohio., .inn, li to it>. 



Say all quick. OKO, 1). NWEBT. 

Jan. 11, Abilene, Knns.; is, Junction i'-iiv, Kans.; 
14, llerrlnston, Kann.; 10, Strong City, Knns.; lit, 
Florence, Kaus. 

Owing; to change or munagomenr, all acts hooked 
ordesirlRKio playflie UNlUUK TllKAThK, Dan- 
ville, BIJOU, at Streator, Kankukee, 111., and 
BIJOU. Terre Haute, lnd., for time see 
WM. MORRIS, Ch cago Otllce. 

Respectfully, Uljoii Amusement Co 


Mgr. of Rep., Stock, or one piece, 

HAL. H. 


ilCUl VnDLf THEA., B'way, NO. Even. ».l(i 
nCll tUtta .Mate. Wnl A Sal. Il«»t Seals $1 


Al lOIHHlll.l 





With or without machine. Must TtMiKOuniiLY 
uhdtr--t;ind electricity AND CAS. Pr>-ft>r ma.n 
who can also art as luge manager. Hi urn lowi"i 
sainry, experience, reference*. InnK season. Win 
advance fare If reference* are right. Sti.t i alt 
or-r letter, no time for lung correspondence. 


OrSpcolalty whocan do turn in "one." Patftrte; 
must be reasonable, as iliey are sure, send 

PhutOM, notices. Win return uarefullj. Adflrc-ta 
Care Of Piulnl, 104 H. Hth St.. RICHM OND, V A. 




latalllgent Ladlas and eantlemaa ia All Lisas 

Who can act. Musi have line appearance, iali, 
ex<-.«iiem modern wardrohe.anrt nspahie of play- 
ing high ciasa sorloty pias«, 

Child wltl SpBtiailie?. 

Those ii-iing HpevlaiiiH** vrereTr**d. Ooe night 
sraii.ii. stock all Summer, mate all, very lowesr 
salary. Send pliotos and aerograms. 

TION neiLi open time. 

Address -i-un O STREET, Lincoln, Nehr. 




Slater Teams. Sketch Team and Souhreite. All 
must play parts and do Specialty. Aridr*** all 
letters to M. ALVIIKl, Mgr., Goo.'g Prairie Ave., 
Houston, Texa«. -' • ■' 




Rich A Howard, Big. Chefalo A Co., 

Crl., CiolgLton'. Rooatara, 

Se TarM Broa,, Tko VltatfropB, 


-Tun- Kaituthst. Udlea'Kat. Today 


Piirlftiine and Vaudeville. 
K.ratuSt. Ladleai Mat. To-day 

Koliemiaii Biirlesniiers 

3-n.. lllH St.reaptlron. Kl.ftili 
Carrying < a... roar •fln, firlre $4A 

a. haMK miTVlT a. No. I anal 
1,400 Fei-t or film 


SCOPE, 1000 (no<»ke-o|'l, Model B, 
OB. Onin, and "00 Keat of Film, 
alia Onyllyd. J.t ID! 

4. GINBOORAPII. I turn. BUelrle . 
aavl Calrtiint Kir. Maun- 
.Ine. IIMI l-'.fl 'if Film, US NHd*. 
■nille .i'a(,v) $97 


■ tni-i:. loon, Turn ten 


TBICiAS NBW),eo.l tlWt..... 



, IA 4 NF.W).. IIBO 

KllKlKS. HI l-IM.IKH, KTC, AT 11KKA f. 

-"Ask for 

k lV— 




•iHurWiiiH. Vaudeville Acts, 

- nkw I Mat, To-day. M:M.7helae presents 

CIRCLE Wine, Woman £ Song Co. 

B'way A eoih I Bonlta. Alex. Carr nod great ea.t 

Mlrtiltfuii Ave. unii Bulnard, 

011IIAI1O. It, M. II0I.WAY, Pro|l. 

...J strletly American Tlao. 10.00, »la- 

Kin: $W.O0, doulilc. Vaude ville pal mil age Invited. 



-'. .i in mid Overwmta, ^9.50 

Vitliii's up to $15. 
Suits and Overcoats, 
Values up to $22.50. 

Suits and Orcrcoate, 
Values up to $28. 

Suits and 0?ercoat», 
Values; lip to $33.60. 
Suits and Orercoata, 
Values up to $37.50. 

Suits and Overcoat,*, 
Values up to $40. 

Oct the Habit. 



I'alua Iqnar., . 4? ( St., 

SIOBraaaway, ia.tnat.Ji M Ara., 

. New VnkCltw, . . 

Heavier Oliar. Heavlee, .Iiiveallen, Ingenue* ami 

oranythlnffii.^iror. nomectiaraciei-e. 
Addrew Hal. II. PLUMB, llarnhiirf, Ark,, 10, 11, 
rj; Boyce, La., N, 1ft, Id. 


cap^cie oCpiavlug Juteullen Hii.ii.uir Ueuvy; 
COMKUIAN aud others who uau do specialties. 
Mike salary low. L«mg engagetnem. Sure 
money. M P. KRTOIIUM, Oadlllac, Mich., week 
of Jan. 7; Kvart, Mich., week or U, 


Eiperioiced Stock and Repurtolre People 
Lady. I IVlBsri. 

Laada, HeavTea ami Cha\rstc4ei , a.l'oaaiedy 
Fattture Hlaialug | ami 


War .... 
B— O-, Wabash Hotei 

Clan. Buxlnoit,. 

Wardrobe and Ability. 

jjgtfajt. Mich. 

Wanted, Lady Partner 

For Vaudeville Sketch. Mnst nave a good singing 
voice, attractive appearance and wardrobe. 
J(>UN VOUNOBR, caro of Kd. I'. Adams A Co., 
127 w . -mih SMeet, New York. 


Most be in Kuod condition and cheap. Explain 
ail tricks. Add. OB ANT MHOS., ahw >a . I City, Fa . 

Luldn'a Moving Picture Machine and gtereoptlcou 
combined; electric aud gas attachment. An good 
as new. Cost t!2j. Will sell tor aito caHh. Ouaruu- 
teed. DR. W- H. LONU, No. 'JM W. 401I1 St., N. V. 

All Kinds of Performers. Mnst have wardrobe 
nnd change. Long Job; money mre. 

KtJORNK UORDON. ciunberJnnd. Md. 


Have had two years' experience in theatre., 
Womd like position at one. M. A. IIKAHN, 
11*8 I'leasanl Ave., New fork CI17. 

Of HlBli Hn» Vnmlrvlllr Tliruirr.. 

M. MKYKIIIi'GI/D Jit., I'KHS. ; 


All Applleallona fin- Time Mutt Be Addressed 

13. mtAY, Booking Mnutijir. 
Majentle Theatre Building. Cblrniro. "" 


Huber's '." b Museum 



Addrets I. B. ANDERSON. Hrr., aa ahore. 



ArUsta want log European time write, stating open 
dm* and terms. Cable, "AtfONKV* LOiyooN. 


« W. nth ST., NEW YORE, 


"Tti. Lady Willi tbe Clarinet." 


Mnat be strictly first class, for small orclitHirn. 
nieady permanent- position 10 right mm. I'mnlst 
or Harnlsi must tie able to accompany high claas 
operaiicHlnger. Non-union Joti, ftnxy La Rurcn, 
harplai , wire. Dubs, leavs litis alone. Must Join 
at once. Address .IAMKH i|. DOLINO, 

'iwi Knclld Ave. Ulevol.nd, 0. 



Single Ladies. Sister Acts 
and Teams, 



HHtnflioo Ave., Alliaoy, N. Y„ nr our n/ent., 
TANNKK It CO . HlVi B'way, N. Y. Oily. 



HKKTOH TKAM, man sudwife. NtiHloal team 

6 referred, to put on sots and make iliem go. Also 
ingle Perroruiers that can change lor we«k. 
Those (totiblltig piano given preference. Must be 
sober and reliable at all tlmsH, If not, will doss 
without notice. Please statu all you do. Tioketalf 
1 know you. Address 

DR. HTKWART, Olinrter Oak, la. 


WANTED, AllraeliORS for Wlaohendoit, Mass. 


I'opulatiou 7.00U, FautorvTowu. House aeati noo. Mnnlcal Comedy, Karen domedr. Minstrel or 
Band Hhow. t;ood bnslbt'ss on that date. Let mti 
hear from yoit at once. Addrvsn J. is. hWAi' 
FORD, ManugrT L'u mlngsTheatrr*,rit'-hbiirg,Mass. 



Hanagoi' Imperial Players Company. 

Your cooiraot. Academy, llsgerstown, Mri.. Jnn. 
■Jt, la liereliy cnncwljeil. CllAH. W. Hot Kit, 



ADDRRSS THIS nyvir.v,. 


011 the Moznii circuit.- Jan. 7, l«ncam«r. 
Ailil. care ol C'UrTKK. 



Man aud woman. Preference given to thone win 
can sing and dance. Mustbeiiulok studies and 
well up in His boslneaa. Uuud wardrobe India- 
hie. 11. P. 1IULMEK, 

Myrtle Vinton Co.. Billings. Mom. 

penal lih 

AT LIBlCHi v, . ; 


Address CORA RAT, City llolel. Ilageratown. Mil 

iHteain Calliope, w»ft, R, Ton, fttnek Tent and bHby 

" 'n Al I'ttnn. mid il 


I'lsri'i. Must be In Al onn. nnd rh <>«)». 

""" Frtmoni, 0. 


Wsua-Ateci at Onee 

Aaaltcndatiis hi Htato Hospital: $i!i,.'.0|iarmoiiih 
aud -maiuteiiaitco. Address HAND MAHTBR, 
. Kings Park Htnre llosplial, Kings Park, N. V. 


Would like in engage wiih a rehahlo Manager for 
l.ttlance of season. KCOKNTRIO uilAKAil i;it, 
CUMKIfVorHLAVKY. Four ycoifl* stock expert- 
ence._Aiii rellnhlo. n:t W. usiifi hi., New Vorkuiiy 



With Successful Cutnudy rvhearelng mid Naif 
share. LAMONT. (IMfPKIt. 

99 €2 JES ISfl- 3S 3EC 1 

AND ALIiTIIKATIllUAI.uotllis. Senaery painted 
cheaply and quickly. Amal^-ure euiiplied. 
fllfAtl. K. IflLIJI. ,31 W. tut Ml.. Now Yorll City. 


Dv Ults in Acts, Week stands. Never olosu. a 
real Ghost every ftumlay. Address .iuiinkon 
KlNOCoURD¥CO.,Havanna l llf t > i , 

For a NrivHty uicycie Act. fMnsI IpVafc German), 
Addr««s W. B.csreof (JLIPl'KR. 



FUSS FROM 4a.-5c, Etc, PER FOOT. 




Fldlaon Paa.lan Hlav, l,«8H real, $er.i Paulan Play, I, ill) r««i. Sit, 
aaui.nal Pa..lun Play, -l.liv, real; 
l.'llrlea-Klta.lmuioaa FlKl.1. I.NOO r.el, 
tltr.1 Kaaat and Marguerite <Melle»)t 
Patlie nakluc iiihn ll r llrl.a.|'. Fltfl.1, 
IISU r.el. S40, Whole Dam Family, lid, 
Kir , Kir. . 





iJirgi'.Mi and mosL iiiihiuo I'olinotlon, ^« T *»** 
richly colored Kseh. 






new & Second Hand 

1 809 ALBERT ST. 




K«|i.orCn»Nlilit. Hand of t (ilrls, fmiu : to in, 

V'Miligu-tTroiiiljoIi" riHVi'rtlti IT. N. Add, 

FKf.ll rlyJvia^KKrin. 


To join a good reliable skHcli Isbubl h boy or ,i, io 
put In . In* IiusIiicms, rriiin mi old Ktiropeaii clrnts 
family. Mother must, be with boy nnd ciui lit* 
nnerul In speaking juris or with troupe of 
dancers, Addrern A. II. . rare of ULfPpKR fimr*. 


At Liberty After Jan. 14. 

ojieis snllcltcil from Rcsponslblo Uanagira only. 
nua nigiii. or Hop'. Tuo^ouglily re Utile, aliuslier. 
Opt tlio hiislniiSH. TluilV above all. Address 

I'l'.ANK I.UI.fMUASKOin II, Feriiiaiir-ni, AU'htffoii, 
Kurutii; Jrtu, 7 Lit N. MurloOrOIilii. 

Broadway Mislcal Comedf Producll»n far 

Hale. Costunifri, stieuery, arc spot 1 imps, ttunka, 
book, etc. Together or suparato. risrgaiti. 
* : ., Address caro of OLIPPKH,. 

A- crackajack. Htamp for partlcnlars, Addr'cJ 
(JKU. J. KALI), Middle River, Hallo Co., lid. 

50 IMS 

For Opfra, Mnplcal Companies, * VaiuIpvIiIc 

coached. Iniroduecd. Trial turns, city appesrsuces I Mid trial inrna arranged, 

arranged. Forrester, Hulte 30«, I2«i B'dway.N. f, m " 


Novelty Acta. Change for week standi. Its. 
liable performers nniy. MODKItN KRMKOY ('v., 
«■ FnlfMsde Ave., Vons ers. N. T. 


Or nil kinds, Inelndlng Hingers, t;iiy anpearauf m 
' "(IftltKriTKK. 

Apjilv to Fl 
rjui Kroadwny, hu n e :m, till u r. u . 



January 32* 


Keltll A l'roetor*« In ion So; a aire 

Thrairc (!■;. >*. Albw. general manager J,— 
The Mil* reck of .Inn. 7 was up to the ntB/iil- 
ani of thlB ijmisf. George Kvana, "The Honov 
Hoy." in the ft'th and fait week of htB star, 
was . still popular. Max Weasely and bis 
troupe of , mmri »1 Jugglers road* their first 
sppenmnce nt this house. nn<1 Were accorded 
much ■ ni>p..-inpc. Nira Allen and company, 
In a oiio act comedy, entitled "In Car Two — 
stateroom One," made a decided lilt, end 
gained well earned encore*. Others who 
added lo the enjoyable programme were : 
(.'arson and Wlilard. Mir--* funny German 

Keith A PrOctor'a Fifth Avenue 
Theatre.— Bdwin Stevens, assisted by Tina 
Marshall, appears liure ttili week, In "An 
Kvenlng with Dickens," and on Jan. 7 « 
KAod Mizecl nihtlnee audience gave hltn liberal 
retard for his .cleverness. He showed dis- 
tinct talent in ploying the various char- 
acters, and was given worths- aid by MIbb 
Marshall. Chns. Ouycr and Ida Criett, In 
the continued big winner, "Watch the Fin - 
\fb," were fcarumi on the. excellent bill. 
» Cfbrtl nrovcd a clever worker and a 
v.ii-.iflbir addition to the act. Others were: 
Adele Ritchie. In her flue songs: nthel Mc- 
Donough, "The Oirl behind tho Dtoni;" 
Kebert Van Alstvne and Louise . Henry, la 
tticlr clever RaI skinner comedy ; Jatnes Hnr 

. Keith * Proctor's . Piftr-clghth 

Street Theatre (1;. R Albpe, general rfljtii- 
sger).— A good bill. Is presented here ibJa 
week, nnd the house was Well lllied on Mori 
day, .Ian. 7. Hado and fiertrtian. In their 
flkit, "The New Oirl," offered some clever 
singing and acrobatic dancing, onlaw Trio 
held tho attention of the house by their ex- 
pert wire work. Auric Dogwell captivated 

Keith £ Proctor'. TweaWr-ttlra 
street THeatr* — This week a capital .bill 
Include Clayton Wblto and Mkrlc ; Stuart 
Co., in the well, played arid, bright sketch, 
"1'arln:" the Kaufman Troupe, remarkable 
bicycle tldcn : Crane Brothers, in their funny 
act, "The >ludtown Jail;"* Irving Jones, the 
clever colored entertainer; Willie Ztmmfer- 
tnahn, li' hlM entertaining and nrtlatlc im- 
-■ tho Four 

the audience by her sweet rendering of old person atlortl of music masters ; }ho Four nuon 

time ractodles. n* well &a by her person- Fords, wonderful dftnwra; Metropolitan story 

Mlty. Mian Ibimn'a monkeys 'were pleasing Grand Opera Trio: WUUnmTomklns, whose Rleai 

to' the younger part of the audience, cape- talk, '^fie Sense of Nonsense.'' M'flM « 

-;fcW 'fetetflS HeralM aqaaVre theSTro 
(&un-K. & Uc.Rhlibert(lnc) * JiA Field*, 

managers).— At ihlfl house,, on Monday nlghi. 
Dec.: Hi, occurred tha fll-st metro poll nth pro- 
duction of "The Road to VeaUrdaj}," a play 
In four acta, by Beulati M. Dlx.attd Evelyn 
Oreenleaf Sutherland, the work having jj«n 
originally presented Nov. 11, at the uaftfck 
Tawtre, Chicago. The play, which Is built 
novel lines, Leila a story with la a, 
-:ory. will Laveson. Matt-no. , (hie wife) atiil 
Dteanor (nla sletoi-) nrr> firm nellnfers Jn tho 
theory of rolnciitnntfnh. Elgpeth Tyreji, 

rood thlna'?, 1 well told! and NeWn. Hunter Malenn'a slfeter, la ^n A visit from Araeti 

riuan, the tmmp Juggler: Herr Oral*, with 

hi* renin rkatilv trained bnl>oonfl ; the Nichols 

comedians: Henry and fiheo Taylor, In _ 

ikivcI Hharp.ihootfng snd juggling act ; Cdlth 

Helena, remarkable nop'dno amglng; Boranl 

and Nevaro, in on original novelty, "Weary Blstersi Id their capital dct, and Hcrto 

Waggles, the Dandy Dude Tramp; Kugene and Rogers, in Ringing and dancing, i. 

Jolly, the famons French cornctllat; Itcllly motion plcturen ronunur' 

and Morgan, In a laughable playlet, "An t.'i;- 

ezpeeted Arrival :" John F. Clark, In a pleas 


_ younger part „ 

dally. Tudor Cftineron nnd Ikiward Flonu- k«-~ »« » &*m — « *"— sr,— -""vr" 

Kan mode ft hit with their act. "On and Off." arid Nwsen, remedy juffglem. The motion < MAJi qHC t ^^l¥^^JW^lS*I§W 

•rha Dnintv i.'mir a nunt-lcr of lUfhtA vouriff hlctttfei cuntlmlc. ' American style, HUe returns from one or her 

"men, ,'aV ?& <l»«"!l the,S" t«'™ °5 "'«*■ l&frgS, \ (^"J", /"& ■ l!2&J£HiF^F^J*f n'm, ^T 

fntor. the dnncltie bclne Mrllrtilnrlv nornl. manlljH-).— At th In Uouie, on Motility night, pcrtnadeil by Mnlcntl to toko n nap. ■ Bo- 

time In New York, Clyite llfch't new four wish tlitt. Father lime mlslit move Bhck 

Ueorge n, Hnytlor and Jlftrry Buckley 

[•leased In tliplr tnu.lca 1 act. Moater (Jllbrlel nme m ,.cwr .ur«. . vgpi. <n**s*m. *■"■! «ne " w "" ^^-^"•V-h.T"^.^^"'^^; 'ZT~ v ~Z£\~ 
[.re^nteVl At U-frt playlot, "A.untle'a «« eomedy, *tllW_»h« Tratl.,'Mn_whieh three^ gM Jf»™-„.»»1<M, C ., ?.*, JSSKi 

lag monologue ; the Three Perry Slaters, the 
frollcaom girlies: Fiwter snd hla educated 
dog, "Mikp :'• Connors' and Raymond* ilog- 
ers.nnrt Jflnc^ru, and the nlotlon pictures. 

tiorrlck Tnontre (Charles Probm&n, 
manager). — William Collier collected his just 
tariff of laughter and applause on Dec, 31, 
when be gave his new three act farce, 
'Caught In the Rain," it* first local bearing. 

Visit" Master Oobrle). as'B inter, being as- Clara Bloodgood is featured. The Pla» was trig lit re turn to the c Of tumc> and watofflMf 

Murray Hill Theatre (Sam Dessuwr. mm by Oeorge All, who divided honors, as rtrlgfnally nct-d Oct. Jo, 1906, at ttrt t-uelld that perlo . Norali «W^*H«nM 

manager) ltohle's KiiIckcrl>ockers were the tho dog, Vita Buster; Al. Lamar, as Thomas Avenue opera jMlM, Cleveland, 0. The maid, warijs her. thst it Is mldsutraper eve, 

attraction bete New Year's week, with sn Tucker: Victa Pcrrin, an Mary Tucker: Nan story in brief, tells how Becky. Warder dt»- 

excellent programme. Including "The Arrival Dodao-i. aa Aunt Matilda: Maurice Itagc- derrakesjq, affect a reconcllllatlon between 

.' 1i-i-.. r a _ .. ] i i ■ _ ,.-.-«— ^__» - . ... 1«. . Ad I 1 ., l . ,. » U'l, n j.... .^ ^, .t t- ,1 I « ,-, ^ ~ ■ 

of Prince HidJI." a lively flrst part, In which 
Hen Ncff, jib the bogus prince, and W. C, 
Cuibmarj. n bogus baron, cause considerable 
fun tn their uniMuftl surroundings In society. 
Wra. G. Clark, Jack Jennings, Robt. Jewell, 
played various characters. Clyde Harrow 
(Iressed nnd acted ■ well as Mrs. Aaterbilt, 

man, aa Count Whewte, nndlCd, Lamar, aa 
Hairy Ryder. The motion pictures were con- 

i Amerk-un Theatre (J..M. Ward, mapa* 
feer),— On Monday afternoon, Dec. 31, "The 
Phantom Detective," a melodrama, In four 
acts and tdz scones, by Lem Parker, was 

and proved enuallv successful as aurhor as J,?, 1 ! Fnnnle Wood, Louise St. Clair and Flo given Its first presentation here, bivlns pre- 
viously been produced ftt a Brooklyn theatre. 
She first scene Is laid In the home of General 
. r flrhurten, a wealthy old soldier, who Uvea 
with his two daughters, Clara Warlrarton 
and, his adopted daughter, Laura Leone. 
Laura is really tbc only daughter of the 
genpnil, and when a buby, w«s stolen by 
TfH-cr-iu.'a hypnotist, and after many ycara 
Clara was. returned In her place. Laura, 

hs was as actor. Me and Grant Stewart are F.lUott took. aood.crJc of their roles. The 
credited with the authorship of this plsce, chorus Included the Messrs. Goodwin, Taba- 
which' was originally produced at the Savoy L". l,lft * ' t(J " e , Culver, KtlltJi Culver. Kills, Julia 
Thentre, Atlantic City. N. 31 on Nov. I'L HV^tife ,!e Barrett. Doyle, White. Hayes, 
Mr, Collier struck the keynote of truth wacp S*2i Williams and Joyce. . Lbulsc Willis 
he said In bit. speech on the opening nigbt jnrrodured a clever toe dance, giving various 
that a friend had ktodly informed hfai that ■ "f M*; 1 flnrt cakewalk movements. "Phe qui* 
the play was not a great one, but nobody ex- 5 ical numbers. Included: "Hoclely," 'Tbc 

■**aa from Arlstma," "The Hweetest Little 

Fled and Gvs LUidon, who have separated, 
owing to Fred's falthleBfioe*! to. his marriage 
vows. In eplte of his faults Eve still loves 
her buabanu. who,' however, has tired of 

&ef. Fred becomes an ardent admirer of 
ccky. and they meet dally. B«8y, who, 
Re arc told, loves her husband, Tom. likes 
ic unconcealed admiration of. Fred, and all 
the While consoles uereelf With the thought 

and, a wish made on that eve will surely 
come true. The u-.i following acts repfe- 
aent the dream of Blspctb. The period la 
Itfoa. and the various characters of the ptav 
appear In the dream. ISIspe'tb refognlSe'i 
each one In turn, bat they do not recogoltc 
her, and after a thrilling experience, lit 
which her lover Is lushed and she la forced 
into an unwelcome marriage with Lord 
Stranirsvou. her dream (Or, more properly 
speaking, nlghtmure) ends. The Inst nrt 

that "she w"nt , "uitrmatery"bHng"Eve a«d"Tier •brfnga'^u back to mldfluttmer eve, 1TO3, 
husbahd together. Tom',. In the, meanwhile, War h6urs axter the action ofaet. one. Tni 

Is unaware of the tittle drama -that Is being 
acted under his very uose, and wheb hla eyes 


„ coWedy. fa 

arc finally opened bv Eve, bo asks -an ex- and It Is .icmarkably well wr|tten and cop 



the programmes,,., _ 
Fantasy It la, true enough, 

pinnatloo"of"ferjky."*Thi8"yoang Woman has strticted, and holds 
acquired frani her father a propensity for audience to .the end, 

Eft- f melodious offerlna, Idl by Louise however, Is found and adopted by the rich 

St. Clair: "Tlie North Pole," "Tin the old man, who aees a resemblance In her to 

i oon Lothario." sung in Irvely , style by his dead wife, but the real truth Is unknown 

lien Nnff, with suitable assistance from lo either. Clara la heir to hla fortune, biit 

e /■ompany: "Why Girla Ltatve Mr. Warburton swear* to. change his will 

pected a farce to be great, and when it fur- 
nishes a laugh to almost -every minute of 
its Action, as this performance doea* it 

Miroiv fuiililg lta mlsiilon. "Caught In the 

Ha hi " has Kevi-rai uovel scenes, some odd 

and very funny bits of stage business, and K 

noibe very bright lines, when these com- Home, a medley, by a quintette of the unless ahu gives up Morgan Teal, a young 

mendsble features arc linked to some spirited t-nrnedlnns : the Half and Half Sextette, in a man of shady reputation, and for whom thu 

action, tho result may readily be Imagined novelty costume, half full length skirts and phantom detective Is In search. Morgan and 

the other, half, UghW; "College Students," Clara decide to do awfiy with Laura In order 

Mbowlng colors of Fba..varioUB seats of learn- to gain the riches, and are Joined by TIs-br-re, 

lag with a novfcl march and the finale. - 

"Flirting." with the tableau, "Diving," poaed 

by MIbs DSrrow. The costumes througbout 

vara very showy, eHpeclslly the "dove" suits 

and the "North pole" effects. The olio was 

opened by Jack Jennings and Bob Jewell, 

comedians, In rang and talk, which caused 

ronsiderablc laughter; the Great Christie 

undoubtedly scoredhltu, and Mr. Collier found 
a role that gave him every scope for' bis quiet 
and unobtrusive methods of gaining laugh*. 
In, the iton wo are told that l>lck Crawford, 
modest yoiirjg hero and popular mine mana- 
ger. Is postcalied of a fear of fair women 
that amounts practically to a mania. >one 
of hla male friends can ever coax him to 
key his courage up 'to tbc point of being In* 
troduccd to a lady, but one day Dick is 
caught la a shower, and, under the, awning 
to which he flies for rescue Is, Muriel Ma- 
son, one of the fairest of the fair. Result: 
Dlclc falls with an awful tbud, and Muriel 
chains up his, heart. Hut later on his part- 
ner, graitpicg and merciless James Maxwell, 
cornea to hlin with the proposition tbat he 
(Dlckl marry. Muriel Mason in order to save 
her father from ruin. Dick, hot knowing 
that the girl of the awning episode, Is -Muriel, 
refuses, and when Muriel, who thinks that 
Dick knoWH .who she is, hears of the refusal, 
Ehc accepts Maxwell out of pique. This com- 

£llcatioh Is a bad one for Dick, but eventually 
e Hnda a way out of II, and wins the lady. 
Mr. Collier made Dick Crawford a very like- 
able fellow, and (he clever lines that fell to 
bis' lot were made to count to their full 
value, George Nash, as his partner, a West- 
erner, who never lets any obstacle stand In 
the. way of bis ambition, gave a legitimately 
drawn bit of character acting that proved 

followed with a floe oi Juggling with various 
comedy effects, both novel and clever. A 
number of mechanical dcvlcca were success- 
fully Introduced. Ills make-up forcibly sug- 
gested a tramp. Flo Elliott and lieu Neff 
handed out f some clever comedy httn, Mr. 
>'etT. being a performer of unique stylo, and 
Miss Kiliott looked, acted nnd sang well. 
The Five Pcsohkuff Troupe of Russian danc- 
ers gained admiration for their clever spe- 
cially, l'oschkoff gave an exhibition of lnur 

Who Is searching for his title to a foreign 
estate, ahd of which he MNtft General War. 
burton robbed him. The general Is taken III, 
and Laura procecdA to revive him with 
water which Tis-cr-rA bad drugged. lie then 
puts her under his hypnotic power and com- 
mands her to kill the general, but she romes 
out. of her stupor at th«- critical moment and 
refuses to do so, whereupon Tls-er-ra him- 
self murders tbc old man and escapes. Laura 

lying, to such an extent, tbat Bhe dnda it 
dldlcuK lo speak the truth under any clr- 
ctimslauceb.-:. When ehc, denies that, ehc has 
met Fred with unwarrantable frequency, Tom 
believes her, but 'finally, whep he discover* 
hef lb several lies, he doubts her. This 
doubt is strengthened by the repoit of the 
detectives cmrjlo.vcd by Eve to watch M? 
husband arid Becky. Tom leaves her, never 
to return,, and she goes to her father, who, 
when be {earns- -the cause of the separation, 
telegraphs to Tom that Becky is dying. This 
has the effect of bringing Tom to bis -wife, 
and upon her promise to try to speak the 
trntb. be takes her to his heart again. It 
will thus be seen that Mr. Fitch has used well 
worn material as a. boils of his play, not be 
has constructed the work with, als uairai 
titeverncsB. Witty lines iu abundance are put 
Into the mouths of the various player's, and 
the result Iu amusing. One fact, however, 

the interest of th* 
The flrat act ls„ of 
necessity, ri little long, and seenia talky, but 
once the curtain rises oh act 2, this defect 
la forgiven and forgotten, and thu action 
which follows fully atones for previous short- 
comings The characters in acts 2 ftn'd ", 
are. for the most part, tbc direct oppofcltes 
of those In acta l and 4, and not only are 
they well drawn by the authors, but On 
art; capitally sustained by the players. Each 
character in the two dream acts-Is a study, 
and It was In theselbat the various members 
of the excellent company did their 1 best work. 
Minnie Dupree gave a charming performance. 
Helen Ware'a portrayals of Malena Leveaon 
and Black Malena showed marked contrast, 
and proved her to be an actress of more than 
ordinary ability. The same may. he Bald of 
Julia Blanc and Alice Gale, whose work as 
Norah (iiilaw mid Mother (inlaw, and Har- 
riet Phelps and Goody Phelps, respectively, 
was decidedly excellent. Mr. Whittlesey, Mr. 

clever. A tambourine specialty was liberally 
applauded. "Lonesome Luke's Lurk.." with 
w..C Cushmap In tho title role, closed the 
rhow. with good comedy Incidental -to the 
wedding of an hclrcssto a tramp. The en- 
tire company were seen tp good advantage, 
led by Miss barrow as the heiress, "ttur- 
JnKuuc Queens," "Look Out for the Automo- 
bile," wing. by Mr. Cushman : "pick Up Your 
Hags and Uo," by Fannje Wood, and "The 
Dairy Mold aud Chauffeur." were successful 
u numbers. IjouIs Noble,- in ibis production. 

particularly' fine, -and Nanette Cotnstock *£ B "ustalncd his. reputation for hating good 

made Muriel Mason a < 

her to bis deli and keeps her from thi. 
clutches of, the law until tie can prove her 
Innocence. Tls-er»ra. however, steals her 
from Frank and takes her to his foreign 
Island, where he Intends lo make her one 
of his many -stave wives. Frank pursues, 

r. ~~zl ,-- —r.: with the assistance of Dewey Hafferty, his 

gig" 2KFI 'i 1 SMIS* *'"' var oua dlf " ebutn, and Maxlo Goldberg. Dewey's sweet- 
SE2! 9t f 9 &233EJ*2 g,rt . 8 . W€ro -* l . l ft VV . Z J heart. Frank and hln little band fall 

ITiMSSl^k^n^SSA^mSSl *&&■ l^elf uporiThe'audltor.which'i'athat; Dempster and Aflrlaul Nesblt also corltHbuted 

but it Jrntectcd bv FranETolSom who wkes altt'<»ush the play nmusea. It falls to Interest good work. Jhfl play was handaomcly staged 

i prniecica d.v ^ f ranis l-oispm, wno cases Af: „„»,,,„„ ,„' „,f V | nil i tw c ;„i,„^ ' n SLi, i£Z25 bv J. C. Hoffman, for tl^c Messrs. Shubert, 

At no time Is curiosity eicited to the extent 
of wonderlitg what will .happen next, and 
there Is not one of the characters that 
arouses a jot of synipathv. This, however, 
la priyy. of explanation. A play, like a house, 
If .built upon sand, will topple over. The 
weak, oha racier les* personality of the cen- 
tral figure forma u very unstable foundation 
on winch to hulld a play.- A chronic liar 
ever arouses a feellug of -abhorrence, and this 
feeling ' 

or tiits m 

and hence, sympathy \* Impotrslbie. . And 
thus, capital though Mr. Fltcb's writing in 
this, work Is. there seems -little probubllltv 
that It will meet with the wiccess which his 
cleverness Is entitled ta. Clara. Bloodgood, 

_ _ very charming young 
lady. Helena Collier Garrlck did some 
remarkably clever acting aa Mrs. Uerrl- 
'ikTi. a worldly-wise woman, who is not 
afraid of meeting all sorts of conditio™. 
Wallace Kddlngcr, Grant Stewart. Jane 
Laurel and Louise Drew were also worthy of 
Hppclal praise. Tbc caat : Dick Crawford, 
wllllam Collier: James Maxwell, Geo. Nash : 
Mr. Mason, John Savllle; Bob Livingston, 
Wallace- Eddlnger; Bryce Forrester, Grant 
Stewart: George Thompson, Joseph, Kauf- 
man: David Bertram, Alan Allen; Adam 
Lpngwaite, Thomas Beauregard : Jake, Taos. 
Martin , George Washington White. Cbarles 
I'oore; Mr, Sprlggs, Duncan Harris; Foot- 
man. John Adam ; rollceman. Thomas Lea- 
noa : Muriel Mason. Nanette , Comstock ; 
"Violet Mason, Jane Laurel : Mrs. Merrlden, 
Helena Col